Good place 2 train lvl(40)+?

  1. Where should i train

    User Info: Brionic13

    Brionic13 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I havent beat the e4 n still n got 6 badges but need 2 train

    User Info: Brionic13

    Brionic13 - 7 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Uh, how 'bout Trainers like Gabby and Ty.

    User Info: mariam12345

    mariam12345 (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. :for manectric use a super rod, for blaziken some caves with lvl 30-40 rock or steel pokemon, for absol higher lvled place with no pokemon whom absol's attacks will be non-effctive, for crawdaunt some psycic because it's water and DARK which means not effective at all for their psyco attacks, for breloom rock so it's twice as much supereffective damage, and for lairon some people whom if he knows a rock type move should take massive damage from it. =) hope that helps a bit!!!!!

    User Info: Koda1127

    Koda1127 - 7 years ago 1 1
  2. I'm always training at the victory road till all my pokemon got to lvl 50. Hariyama and Lairon there could give plenty of exp, up to 1000+. Well, It needs time though.

    User Info: RioFird

    RioFird - 7 years ago 0 1

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