How do I beat The Eighth Badge gym leader?

  1. So Juan's pokemon pretty easy... but then he takes out KINGDRA!
    Now I cannot beat Kingdra, thus I cannot move further in the game.
    Here is my team, tell me what I need to do to improve and beat Kingdra. But make sure your improvements don't hurt my Elite Four chances, (Note- I don't give a beep if it hurts my battle frontier chances). Also if I paralyze Kingdra and use Smellingsalt(hurts paralyzed pokemon bad) will it die? Or at least help?

    Sceptile(grass type): Level- 39
    Moves: Leaf Blade(grass), Screech(normal), Absorb(grass), Quick Attack(normal)

    Hariyama(fight type): Level- 39
    Moves: Strength(normal), Vital Throw(fight), Smellingsalt(normal), Arm Thrust(fight)

    Xatu(psychic, flying): Level- 39
    Moves: Future Sight(psychic), Wish(normal), Night Shade(ghost), Fly(flying)

    Blaziken(fire, fight) Level- 40
    Moves: Quick Attack(normal), Peck(flying), Ember(fire), Blaze Kick(fire)

    Magneton(electric, steel) Level- 40
    Moves: Thunderbolt(electric), Supersonic(normal), Lock-On(normal), Thunder Wave(electric)

    Sealeo(ice, water) Level-37
    Moves: Ice Ball(ice), Body Slam(normal), Aurora Beam(ice), Surf(water)

    Theres my pokemon, please post if you think I should change something to help.

    User Info: ab9003

    ab9003 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Train sceptile about to level 45 and try to teach it solarbeam. And send out magneton when he sends out kingdra and keep using thunderbolt. Your pokemon are good im at the 6th gym leader and i have a level 51 kadabra and my starter is a sceptile and its level 37 all my other pokemon are weak

    User Info: paperpiplup1234

    paperpiplup1234 - 7 years ago 0 0

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