What does Special attack do?

  1. I Don't know what it does. Thanks!!

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  1. The Pokemon's Special Attack determines the power of some of that Pokemon's attacks.

    Attacks that are influenced by the Special Attack stat are attacks that are of Fire, Water, Ice, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Dark, and Dragon types. The other 8 types use the Attack stat instead to calculate damage.

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  1. it all depends on the stats
    special attacks would be like flamethrower t-bolt or psychic E.t.c
    attak like thunder punch ice punch fire punch e.t.c
    any ways just mix and match the move set according to the stats
    for example a gyarados with surf wont to as much damage as a gyarados with waterfall because gyarados usually have higher attack then special attack because waterfall is a physical move and surf is a special
    same goes for defense and special defence
    the higher defence resists more to physical while higher special defence resists more to special attaks
    note:attacls is just like real life combat and special attack is like magic n such wich doesnt require u to touch the opponent hop this helps :)

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  2. Brionic in 3rd Gen the Special/Normal Stats Are determined strictly by attack type your example only applies to 4th and 5th Gen

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