What is the best strategy for EV Training for Speed, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Attack, and Defense??

  1. I need to get my team Battle Frontier ready, but I cant pinpoint EV Training hotspots for specific stats. Anyone know any good spots?

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  1. In Emerald :
    HP : Wurmple (Route 102) -> the most difficult because Wurmple is quite rare
    Attack : Shuppet (Mt. Pyre inside)
    Defend : Geodude/Aron (Granite Cave) OR Geodude/Graveler/Torkoal (Magma Base at Jagged Pass)
    Sp. Atk : Spinda (Route 113 while collecting ashes)
    Sp. Def : Tentacool (any water, surfing)
    Speed : Zubat (Meteor Cave)

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  1. You mean for leveling-up? If so either battle E4 NON-STOP. (Thats how I got ALL my Pokemon to LV. 100s) Or you could train in "Victory Road" or "Sky Pillar". Also if you just want your EV to go up, buy Protien, Calcium ect.

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  2. Use the tags on the top of the following page to find the pokemon that gives you the best EVs in that Stat


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  3. EV Hot Spots are as followed:

    HP: Whismur. There is a cave in Vurdanturf town, and inside, all you can find are Whismur. Very low leveled, too.
    Attack: Machop, Shuppet, or Poochyena. Pooch is in the first route, Shuppet is in Mount Pyre, and Machop is in the route to the left of the desert, on the bottom (heading up to Groudon's volcano)
    Defense: Geodude, Nosepass, Aron, Seedot, or Nincada. Use your pokedex to find locations.
    Special Attack: Spinda, Numel, or Ralts. Spinda is recommended because it's the most common in the route you find it in.
    Special Defense: Tentacool. Anywhere you can surf.
    Speed: Zubat, Zigzagoon, Wingull, or Tailow. I recommend Zubat if you haven't used Mystery Gift, because Zubat is all you find in the Altering Cave if you haven't used Mystery Gift.

    Also, remember, the Macho Brace doubles your EVs you gain, cutting the time in half. And a woman in the Slateport Market will give your Pokemon a ribbon if it has maxed out it's EVs, so that's a nice way of knowing if you're finished training or not. Save often though, and count your missed attacks. If any attacks miss, write down how many, tally them up, and make up for them the next time you heal. Then go heal again, and you'll be back up to speed.

    (I'm sorry if I spelled anything wrong or if I gave any wrong locations, I haven't played my Emerald Version in a while)
    Hope I helped.

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