Can i still catch Kyogre and Groudon on a dry internal battery?

  1. Or is that a time based event?

    User Info: SamusTheHedge

    SamusTheHedge - 4 years ago


  1. You should be able to catch them, assuming you haven't already caught them already.

    User Info: Kitazaki_san

    Kitazaki_san - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. yes SamusTheHedge it is possible to catch them if your internal battery has run dry, unlike plenty of other things that is not time based.
    once you beat the elite for you can talk to the weather institute and talk to the guy upstairs and he'll say about a flood or drought in a place. its only suppose to last one hour and i'm not sure if it does, however as i said at the start, you can.
    you can catch 7 of the possible 9 or 10 without having gone to a nintendo event..

    i'm currently playing Emerald on an emulator and have caught them both.

    User Info: Canadian_Ginger

    Canadian_Ginger - 4 years ago 0 0
  3. Yes you can. Just go to weather institute and talk to the scientist he will tell you about rainfall or drought in a particular route. Just go there and search for them.

    User Info: ghostpok

    ghostpok - 4 years ago 0 0
  4. Yes you can Samus. (Love the name btw) I am on the GBA version of emerald and I have currently all three of the Legendary pokemon (Kyogre, Rayquaza, and Groudon) Just do what everyone is saying.

    I don't know if it's random but he said there's a rain storm.
    (A little advice if you don't have a level 70 or higher pokemon. Get Rayquaza first. You will need to have a pokemon tank damage from the other 2 pokemon.)

    1. Beat the Elite Four and get Rayquaza. Or vise versa. I beat the Elite Four with Rayquaza by himself.

    2. Go to Fortree City. Since this is the way you have to go to get to route 119-which is where the weather Institute is- stop at the poke mart and buy some ultra balls( about 10-15 if you are lucky)and if you don't have the patience to run from every bastard pokemon that decides to get in your way buy some super repels (3 or 4 is all you will need because it's really a short trip.

    3. Go down route 119 and keep going. Stop when you see a bridge cross the bridge. You have arrived at the Weather Institute.

    4. Go inside and to the right to the staircase entryway door thing. Go threw it and go all the way to the left and talk to the workaholic creepy dude staring blankly at the computer monitor.

    5. He'll say 1 of 2 things. 1: There is a tremendous storm over Route 105... Could that mean.
    ..? Or 2: There's a terrible drought over Route 118.... Could that mean....? For me he started with the storm. (Storm = Kyogre, Drought = Groudon.)

    6. I'm going to start with Kyogre. Fly to PetalBurg City. After flying there run to the left and down to the beach. (This is where the Repels come in) Surf left and down. The screen should change and start raining pretty bad. If you keep going down you should come to a dark patch of water. Dive into it and follow the path to a cave entrance. (Btw if this is wrong I apologize I'm going strictly on memory and my pokenav) Enter the cave and you'll come to a small underwater room. Use dive again up to the surface. You should come to a sandy room. Jump onto the sand and walk to the door. Enter the door and you should come to a foggy room. Run down the path until you see a patch of water to either your left or right. STOP HERE! Save immediately. Once you save turn left or right until you suddenly stop. Kyogre approaches. This is where you need a lvl 70 or higher pokemon. (Preferably not a fire pokemon) When the battle starts throw ultra balls. If you run out of ultra balls or your higher levels faint, turn off your game boy and restart (That is why you saved!) If your lucky - like me- you won't have to restart.

    7. Groudon. This one is much easier to get to. Repeat 2- 4 (minus repels because you wont need them) Go to Mauville City. Put Kyogre at the front of you team because he's water and he's already lvl 70 when you catch him. Groudon 's fire so he'll be very weak against Kyogre. Once you put Kyogre at the front of your team go to the right from the poke center and stop when the screen gets brighter. You'll see a cave entrance which was never there previously. Go inside and (I think there's another door I can't really remember but if there is just go through it and continue following my instructions) go all the way until you see a patch of lava. STOP HERE! Save immediately. Once you have saved go to the right or left (which ever it is) until you stop. Groudon approaches. Since Kyogre is water you can use hydro pump on Groudon to lower his health for a better chance of catching him. This won't kill him unless you get a critical hit. You can use hydro pump but I don't recommend it because he with often rest and replenish his health so it's basically a waste of time. Keep throwing ultra balls at him (Reset if you run out of poke balls or Kyogre faints.)

    8. Enjoy your new pokemon! You can level them up and use them against Steve, I think his name is, he is the last boss and he's got level 74-76 pokemon and is difficult I haven't tried using K, G, and R but I have use R and mine is lvl 78 and they raped him. So he's really hard.

    User Info: drexcave

    drexcave - 2 years ago 0 0

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