Which pokemon/types should i have in my team for the battle fronier?

  1. I have beaten the game, but i cant beat the brains.

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Accepted Answer

  1. It will depend upon the facility u are talking

    Battle tower: Win six consecutive times in the Battle Tower's Single Mode. On your seventh
    try, your final opponent will be Salon Maiden Anabel. Defeat her for the silver
    Ability Symbol.
    the pokemon used by her will be Alakazam, Snorlax, Entei for the first time
    Raikou, Latios, Snorlax for the second time(tenth try)

    Battle dome: At the end of your fourth tournament, you will face off against the Frontier
    Brain. Six more and you'll fight him again.

    Dome Ace Tucker

    Battle 1 Battle 2

    Swampert, Salamence, Charizard Swampert, Latias, Metagross

    Battle palace:
    Three total wins for silver symbol, seven for the gold.

    Palace Maven Spenser

    Battle 1 Battle 2

    Crobat, Slaking, Lapras Arcanine, Slaking, Suicune
    Keep in mind that Spenser's pokemon will appear _in that order._ Plan

    Battle arena:
    Win 4 times in a row (a total of 28 Trainers defeated), and you will be asked
    to battle the Arena Tycoon, whom you must defeat in order to earn the Silver
    Guts Symbol.

    Arena Tycoon Greta
    Battle 1 Battle 2 |

    Heracross, Umbreon, Shedinja Umbreon, Gengar, Breloom |

    Battle factory: this place is similar to the slateport battle tent
    It is completely random and there is no specific strategy
    Win three consecutive runs. On your fourth visit, your final opponent will be
    Factory Head Nolan. Defeat him for the silver Knowledge Symbol.

    Noland's team is completely random, so I can't really give you any tips...

    Win in the Battle Factory six total consecutive times. On your seventh visit,
    Noland will challenge you again. Good luck getting this far, as you will start
    seeing people use the birds and beasts... even Latios and Latias! Defeat Noland
    a second time for the gold Knowledge Symbol.

    Battle pike: Win twice in a row (a total of 14 large rooms entered) and the hint lady will
    tell you a horrible fate is to befall you, or whatever. She'll say she senses
    bad things from all three rooms. This is because in the next room you'll do
    battle against the Frontier Brain, but wait! In one of the doors, your Pokemon
    will be fully healed... and there's no way to tell which one. It's all luck.
    Clear 10 rooms to fight her the second time

    Pike Queen Lucy

    Battle 1| | Battle 2 |

    | Seviper, Shuckle, Milotic | | Seviper, Gyarados, Steelix |

    Battle Pyramid: It is the most hardest attraction in the battle frontier(really :-) )
    clear the pyramid 4 times and u will be challenged by brandon.
    He will let loose all the three regis upon u so if u picked torchic as ur starter just keep him in the lead.

    Make it to the top 10 times to be challenged again for the gold symbol,
    this time brandon has
    Articuno Zapdos Moltres. All three pack weaknesses to rock so plan ur team accordingly.
    also in the pyramid there is a lady by the pc who tells u what status inflictions await u in the pyramid(poison burn paralysis).
    u cannot use flash have moves with more pp and dont waste it on wild pokemon to increase ur field of vision.u r not timed so take ur time on each floor.
    Lead with ur fastest pokmeon coz speed is the only thing that matters. u probably wouldn't want to be caught leading with a shuckle and not being able to escape.

    Plan accordingly and u can win all the symbols in the battle frontier.
    Good luck :-)

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