Any good training spots? (45+)

  1. Ok, so I defeated the elite four, and I'm trying to get my babies up to level 50 for the Battle Frontier...

    And it's difficult...

    I've been training in Victory Road, but not only is it slow, but it's nearly impossible to train my Beautifly and my Swalot on the whole 4 different types of pokemon there...

    I also battle Wally when I can, but his levels are a little higher than my pokemon's, so it's getting rather difficult...

    So, is there any place that's better for training than the Victory Road?

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    KlydeVividarium - 8 years ago

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  1. There are 5 ways i can tell you:
    1 is Rematches from trainers or Gabby and Ty
    2 is Beat the Elite Four again and again
    3 is Sky Pillar, I don't know if this is good
    4 is Gym Rematches.
    5 is Desert Underpass. Hope this helps.

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  1. well, there are a couple of good places, but the best place is where the TV interviewer is. She has a Magneton and an Exploud in a two-on-two battle. They are of relatively high level, and it's be a good place to start.

    But other than that, just rumble with various trainers in "re-matches".

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    fenwid - 8 years ago 1 1
  2. Training by defeating the Elite Four over and over again is a good strategy if you're confident.

    Also, try Meteor Falls, by using Surf/Waterfall to scale the waterfall and heading deeper in. The wild Pokemon levels will rise sharply, and there will be some tough trainers to fight as well(Note: You'll find Steven here, Don't fight him yet. His Pokemon's levels are in the high 70s, he'll cream you if you fight him now).

    Also, keep an eye on your Match Call menu, and beat any trainers that want a rematch. Since they've become stronger since your last encounter, they'll give some good EXP.

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  3. Try using the Pokemon breeders, and Sky Pillar when you're in your 50's. Trainers work also.

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  4. wow how do you defeat elite 4 with lvl 40+? I never attempted it until i was lvl 60. Anyways, the interviewer Gabby and Ty has very good exp about 1300 exp per go to 2 pokemon. The 2 repeatable trainers on the right side of Mauville has good exp. The 2 breeders on the left side of Mauville is also good.

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  5. You could go to the Dessert Underpass. You'll run into wild Poke'mon from levels 36-45. At least 45 is the highest - encountered anyway. Note that all you'll run into is Wishmur, Loudred, and Ditto. When you fight Ditto, let him use Transform. You'll gain more Experience in battle that way. Plus, you'll be able to retrieve the other fossil that you lost at Mirage Tower. Or you just battle the Elite Four again. I mean you gain an estimate of 51,000EXP for beating them all....oh in case you doon't know where Dessert Underpass's behind The Fossil Maniacs House. He finishes digging after you beat the Elite Four.

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  6. A god place to train would be sky pillar there you will find: claydoll lvl 36-38, sableye lvl.......i cant quiet remember,altaria lvl around 40, banette lvl29-35 i think,golbat lvl36-40 and at the to raqaza lvl 70

    hope this helps!

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  7. what i would do is give some of my pokemon to the old lady at the day care. also give one of my pokemon the EXP. SHARE.(experience share) Then I would go to Victory Road.If I were you, I wouldn't battle the Elite 4 yet if your pokemon aren't at least at lv 60. Make sure you have a mixture of pokemon, such as electrick, rock, fighting, and flying pokemon. most of the Elite 4's pokemon are water..........When I battled them, my highest lv pokemon was Blaziken at lv 76. not so good!!! *LOL* Also the sky pillar and desert underpass is good for leveling. Hope I helped a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Sky Pillar is crap, Victory Road is kinda crappy. But uh, if you ever need a good fight, see if you get a battle between you and Wally. After beating the Elite for, Wally's always at the exit of Victory Road. And the best part is that his pokemon gets stronger. Even I had a bit of a challenge when battling him. But of course, he won't always battle you.

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  9. I've gone through Victory Road, but haven't tried the Elite 4 yet. I'm afraid my Pokemon are not strong enough. My starter, Blaziken, has the highest level, Level 60. My HM slave is Level 40, but I don't plan to use it for battling, so I would switch Pokemon. The other 4 in my party have a variety of types, and are over Level 50. I have a few more in the PC that are Level 50, and I'm training a few more different types.

    I agree that it takes forever to level up. I mostly fight the reporters and match call trainers. I sometimes train in Sky Pillar and Victory Road.

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  10. Well, I like to do the Elite Four. It's also great to get more money. I'd suggest giving your most used Pokemon the amulet coin. The Pokemon there are pretty advanced. and if you have a wimpy Pokemon, give the exp share. Ot'll level up several times on 1 of your foes.

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  11. I finally did take on the Elite Four. I made a mistake in my last post. My Blaziken was actually Level 70, and others (except HM Slave) were above Level 60. I also used the chance to raise levels for a weaker Pokemon with the Experience Share.

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