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    Battle Frontier Guide by Ultima Sabre

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 08/09/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Guide to Pokemon Emerald's Battle Frontier (VERSION: 0.9)
    ***Battle Frontier Guide***
    This Guide is to help players who are having difficulty with anything 
    concerning the Battle Frontier, whether this is actually getting there to 
    fighting the actual Frontier Leaders. This guide is mainly written from 
    personal experience or information I have picked up. I hope this guide is a 
    help to anyone who is having difficulties with the game.
    *Version History*
    06/18/05-Version 0.10 Finished FAQ, Battle Frontier descriptions and Frontier 
    prizes and Move Tutors
    06/19/05-Version 0.30 Gave guide a better structure, added in Frontier Brain 
    info, other places of Interest and Credits.
    07/04/05-Version 0.80 Rewrote some of the information as well as largely 
    expanding on the Frontier attractions.
    07/21/05-Version 0.81 Corrected spelling mistakes and rewrote several parts 
    of different sections. Also added new information as well as adding the 
    Apprentice section to the Battle Tower.
    08/09/05-Version 0.90 Large Update to Frontier Brains Silver rounds. Gave 
    movesets and items as well as more in depth info on the battle. Also expanded 
    the Section on Other places of interest.
    Contents Page (More as it comes)
    Section 1: FAQ and general info.
    Section 2: Battle Frontier in Depth
    Section 3: Other places of interest in the Frontier
    Section 4: Frontier Prizes and Move Tutors
    Section 5: Credits
    SECTION 1: FAQ and General Info
    *How do you get to the Battle Frontier?*
    After you have finished the main game quest and beaten the Elite Four, when 
    you continue your saved game you will be in your room. If you go downstairs 
    your Dad will give you the S.S Tidal ticket. Soon after this you will receive 
    a call from Scott to meet you on the ship. Go to Lilycove or Slateport docks 
    and go on the ship. Here you will meet Scott who will tell you about the 
    Battle Frontier before leaving. After you finish your ship journey you will 
    have access to choose to sail to the Battle Frontier.
    *What is the Battle Frontier?*
    The Battle Frontier is the biggest edition to Pokemon Emerald and adds a lot 
    more to what you can do here. It is similar to a theme park in the way it 
    looks but it is based around battling. The Frontier is huge and it really 
    increases the large replay value of the game. The main aims of the Battle 
    Frontier challenge are to clear each attraction enough times to battle the 
    Frontier Brains. Also as you fight you receive BP (Battle Points) depending 
    on how well you do in each attraction. This can be used later on to collect 
    prizes such as Items, Move Tutoring or even giant plush dolls.
    *Who are the Frontier Brains?*
    The Frontier Brains are the 'gym leaders' of the Frontier. After a certain 
    amount of successful completions of their attraction they challenge you. If 
    you win you get the attractions symbol. The first time you beat a Frontier 
    Brain you will receive a Silver symbol, you will then have to continue 
    battling through the attraction several more times before they challenge you 
    to a rematch. The second match you fight them they will have a different set 
    of Pokemon and if you win this time you will receive a gold badge for that 
    attraction. Collect all the silver and all the gold badges for a prize from 
    ***Frontier Rules***
    These are the rules in general for the Battle Frontier, although their may be 
    occasional exceptions, these rules are generally enforced.
    -Species Clause-
    You're only allowed to use one Pokemon of each species meaning you can't use 
    more than one of a Pokemon. (E.g. you're not allowed to use more than one 
    Alakazam in a challenge) This shouldn't be a problem as you are more than 
    likely to have a team of 6 different Pokemon for a balanced team.
    -Item Clause-
    Attractions in which you put items on your Pokemon before hand may not have 
    two Pokemon using the same item. (E.g. you can't have two Pokemon holding 
    Leftovers) This is more likely to be a problem for many people as competitive 
    battlers are probably used to having almost whole teams holding leftovers. 
    For many cases you will have to improvise and use less useful items.
    -Powerful Legend (Uber) Clause-
    This rule basically means that certain legends are not allowed due to their 
    overpowered stats, to keep balance in the Frontier. All legendary Pokemon who 
    are not on the list (e.g. Suicune) are allowed to participate.
    Here is a list of banned Pokemon:
    -Egg Clause-
    Eggs are not allowed to participate.
    -Level 50 and Open Level-
    Every attraction has the choice of either of these options. Level 50 permits 
    only the use of Pokemon up to level 50 and will probably be the first option 
    you take. Open Level allows any Pokemon level, all opponents Pokemon will be 
    at least your highest level. Note that none of the opponents Pokemon will be 
    ever under level 60.
    -Three Pokemon per Round-
    In every attraction you will fight with a team of three Pokemon instead of 
    the usual number of six. This obviously makes it harder to balance your team 
    so make sure you keep this in mind as you take the Frontier challenge.
    SECTION 2: Battle Frontier in Depth
    Here I will try to go into detail about each of the battle Frontier sections. 
    -Battle Factory-
    Frontier Brain: Factory Head Noland
    7 battles per round
    Silver Symbol: 3 rounds
    Gold Symbol: 6 rounds
    In the Factory you are given a selection of six Pokemon at the start of each 
    round. You will be able to look up their stats and pick three Pokemon based 
    on what you would believe is a balanced team. A Factory worker will give you 
    information on your opponents such as the type they are using or the general 
    battle style they use making it easier to choose your Pokemon. Here is what 
    each of the styles mean. (Thanks to Serebii's creator for most of this info)
    Based on total perception: Uses moves to boost stats (e.g. Swords Dance)
    Depend on the battles flow: Makes move combinations (e.g. Endure + Reversal)
    Flexibility and adaptability to the situation: Uses weather moves (e.g. Sunny 
    Free spirited and unrestrained: No general pattern
    High risk, high return: Moves that damage both combatants (e.g. Double-Edge)
    Impossible to Predict: Uses a variety of moves
    One of Endurance: Defensive and healing moves (e.g. Rest)
    Slow and Steady: Status infliction moves (e.g. Toxic)
    Weaken foes from the start: Statistic infliction moves (e.g. Scary Face)
    The battles themselves are straightforward, except for the fact that you must 
    adapt your battle style to use Pokemon you are unfamiliar with. Should you 
    win your battle you will have the option of trading in one of your Pokemon 
    for one of your opponents defeated ones. On your final match you will be not 
    be given the choice to trade and when you take your next challenge you will 
    use different rental Pokemon.
    -General Tips for Factory-
    -When you first pick your first three Pokemon do not take them at face value. 
    Look at their personality, stats and attacks. Keep in mind that many of these 
    Pokemon are not at their full potential (e.g. Special sweeping Gyarados)
    -Knowing standard sets makes choosing the right Pokemon a lot easier. If you 
    don't know them learn them so you'll be able to tell decent Pokemon from poor 
    ones. Tend to go for tried and tested standards such as Breloom with Spore 
    and Focus Punch or a Snorlax with Curse. Many of the Pokemon you encounter 
    will have near standard moves.
    -Before you trade Pokemon with your opponent make sure it put up a decent 
    fight. You will not be able to look at its stats until you actually have it 
    in your position (meaning you find out too late if you make a bad decision). 
    You shouldn't really be trading if you're not sure.
    -Every trade you make will actually improve the rental Pokemon you will 
    receive each round, however you need to make a large amount of trades before 
    any real effect is made so don't just trade for the sake of trading
    -Make sure to balance your team out instead of having three good Pokemon all 
    with the same weakness.
    -Good Pokemon to use-
    -Ghost types (useful for avoiding many different attacks including explosion)
    -Near standard Pokemon
    -Good items (this is one of few challenges that allows teams of leftovers)
    *Although it's not always possible to control this, these are what you should 
    be aiming for.
    -Silver Symbol Battle-
    Factory Head Noland:
    Random Pokemon
    Random Pokemon
    Random Pokemon
    Strategy: Since you are given no clues about what Pokemon Noland is going to 
    use it is difficult to formulate an effective means of actually taking this 
    guy down. The only way you can actually prepare is by getting a balanced team 
    and hope you get lucky with what Pokemon you get. Just remember not to have 
    teams with any glaring weaknesses and expect the unexpected (that may be 
    cliched but the Factory can be very random). Noland will more than likely to 
    be using the most effective sets and will probably be using standards and he 
    will know how to use them. Make sure you have your own balanced team of 
    standards or at least a balanced team.
    -Battle Arena-
    Frontier Brain: Arena Captain Greta
    7 battle per round
    Silver Symbol: 4 rounds
    Gold Symbol: 8 rounds
    I find this to be one of the more fun attractions at the Frontier if not at 
    first a little difficult to come to terms with. The Arena is a lot stricter 
    for battling and will also judge on how you battle rather than just winning 
    and losing. As well as this you aren't actually allowed to switch making 
    things a lot more difficult. This also means moves such as Baton Pass are not 
    usable in this challenge.
    After you have picked the team you will use you will fight seven battles per 
    round. When each trainer sends out their Pokemon the battle will be 
    announced. This match must last only three turns and if one has yet to be 
    KO'd they will be judged on the following.
    Mind: This score is decided by how much your Pokemon attacked. If your 
    opponent attacks aggressively twice and use one defence move while you just 
    attack three times you will win in this section. Keep in mind this is scored 
    by percentage rather than the number of attacks you made. For example, if you 
    caused your opponent to flinch twice with Rockslide and then used a non 
    attack move, and your opponent attacked that turn your opponent would win in 
    this section. (You attacked 2/3 = 66%, opponent attacked 1/1 = 100%)
    Skill: This score is decided by how well your Pokemon attacked. If your 
    Pokemon's attacks are successful they are more likely to get points in this 
    area so if your attacks miss you do worse in this score. This section also 
    takes into account how effective the moves were. You will do better in this 
    section if you hit with super effective moves and do worse if you hit with 
    ineffective moves.
    Body: This score is decided by how much health your Pokemon has at the 
    beginning of the 3 turns in comparison to how much health it had at the end. 
    This is score is based on the percentage difference between the beginning HP 
    and the end HP. Recovery moves often help to tip this in your favour so keep 
    it in mind when you think of Movesets for Arena Pokemon. 
    If both Pokemon are standing at the end of three turns each of these areas of 
    battle will be judged. You will be given 2 points for a win, 1 point for a 
    draw and 0 points for a loss. The Pokemon who gets the lowest score losses 
    even if the other Pokemon would have been considered to be 'winning' in a 
    conventional battle. If it is a tie both Pokemon will faint at the judge's 
    decision. When the defeated Pokemon are replaced the three turns will begin 
    again. This will continue until a trainer's team has been eliminated.
    -General Tips for Arena-
    -Think carefully about the order of your Pokemon. As you wont be able to 
    switch you may often find yourself being trapped and unable to prevent your 
    Pokemon's defeat. Make sure the first Pokemon you send out will be able to 
    cover almost anything that is thrown their way. The second Pokemon should be 
    chosen to take out whatever can beat the first Pokemon and the third Pokemon 
    should be able to beat something that can beat the second Pokemon. The Arena 
    will really take you to the cleaners if you have a large weakness to a 
    certain type.
    -If you hate having to be judged or find yourself always losing to the 
    Judge's decision finish each Pokemon quickly. Use speedy and strong sweepers 
    to take out most opponents in one or two turns so you wont have to be judged 
    much at all.
    -Do not use Pokemon that have bad accuracy on their moves or they will fail 
    their judgement. Also do not use Slaking in this event as it will only have 
    two turns to attack. It may be strong but it is very risky to use, especially 
    as many of your opponents will use Fake Out making you already miss a turn.
    -Do not use Pokemon that take a long time to set up (e.g. SubReversal) as 
    they will not have enough time to set themselves up. They will only be able 
    to do this if they last for more than one judgement, so it is a generally bad 
    idea to use a Pokemon like this.
    -Pokemon with moves such as Fake Out are invaluable for this challenge. 
    Although it only works once it makes your opponent skip a turn and every turn 
    is vital in this challenge. Moves that make opponents flinch or skip turns 
    are also great for the Arena.
    -Good Pokemon to Use-
    -Sweepers (If you don't want to be judged, also good for 'Mind')
    -Tanks (If you have problems with the 'Body' score)
    -Pokemon with fake out (Great for making your opponent miss a vital turn)
    -Silver Symbol Battle-
    Arena Captain Greta:
    Heracross: Salac Berry
    Rock Tomb
    Umbreon: Leftovers
    Confuse Ray
    Body Slam
    Faint Attack
    Shedinja: Bright Powder
    Aerial Ace
    Shadow Ball
    Confuse Ray
    Greta's Pokemon are pretty strong and Umbreon and Shedinja are made to last 
    making you face judgement as you are still fighting in Arena conditions. This 
    battle will obviously be made harder by the fact this is the only Frontier 
    Brain you can't switch against. It's probably a good idea to take out her 
    Heracross quickly as it can do a great deal of damage with Megahorn and will 
    make a nuisance of itself with its Rock Tomb attack. Keep in mind that it has 
    a 4 times weakness towards flying attacks and try to take it out as quickly 
    as you can.
         Umbreon should be a lot more difficult to deal with as not only has it 
    got a great defensive front, it can also use Confuse Ray and Body Slam to 
    confuse and paralyse you making it difficult to even make a move when both 
    are in effect. A physical sweeper may be able to take Umbreon out, but it is 
    generally a better idea to defeat Umbreon through judging. Make sure to 
    attack three times and do more damage then it does to you and you should win 
    if you are judged. Alternatively, the move Substitute often stops Umbreon in 
    its place as it wont be able to inflict any status inflictions and Umbreon 
    has poor attack stats and may need a couple of turns to break the substitute. 
         Shedinja's ability allows only super effective hits, damaging weather 
    and status inflictions to damage it. However it only has 1 HP meaning just 
    one attack will finish it. Although this is quite a handicap to Shedinja, it 
    is the last Pokemon for a reason, if you've already used up Pokemon that can 
    beat Shedinja you will end up being helpless to do anything about it. To 
    avoid this make sure that the last Pokemon in your group has at least one 
    move capable of dealing with Shedinja.
    -Battle Pyramid-
    Frontier Brain: Pyramid King Brandon
    7 floors per round
    Silver Symbol: 3 rounds
    Gold Symbol: 10 rounds
    This attraction is a test of endurance for you and your three Pokemon as you 
    must stumble blindly around a maze for an exit. For this challenge you will 
    not be able to attach items to your Pokemon before hand as all of your items 
    are taken from you. When you first enter you will be given a battle bag 
    containing a few items to help you through the Pyramid. You walk around with 
    very little vision similar to a cave or Dewford's Gym. As you wander around 
    you will fight wild Pokemon and trainers holding only one Pokemon, every 
    battle you win the light will grow slightly larger. This will help you find 
    the Blue Tile to exit the floor.
         As you wander each floor you will find items to use on your Pokemon or 
    rarely, hold items to attach to your Pokemon. These items will be kept until 
    they are used and can be used in future challenges. That means you will keep 
    your current bag until you lose and therefore makes this challenge somewhat 
    easier. When you beat trainers they will also be a great help to you by 
    saying how many trainers are left, the number of items left on the floor or 
    even the direction of the exit. Wild Pokemon will try to inflict status 
    inflictions on you and will whittle down your health if you're not careful.
    -General Tips for the Pyramid-
    -Don't forget to restore your PP as well as your health. Often if you carry 
    on one hit KOing Pokemon you will ignore the fact that your PP is running 
    low. Make sure to use all of your attacks to conserve PP and keep in mind how 
    valuable items like Ethers are.
    -Given the choice, fight trainers more than you fight wild Pokemon. Trainers 
    give you vital information on the floor, while beating wild Pokemon will do 
    nothing but get in your way.
    -If you want to avoid battling wild Pokemon more put a fast Pokemon first in 
    your group. You will often find that you will be able to run away just like 
    you would in a normal wild Pokemon environment.
    -Conserve your items when necessary and don't heal up for the sake of it even 
    when you are on the last floor. Keep in mind that items are carried over from 
    challenge to challenge and you shouldn't waste an item that you could really 
    need in the future.
    -As soon as you get a hold item make your Pokemon hold it. It may sound 
    obvious but when you're far into the Pyramid and frustration sets in you may 
    just be rushing to get around without paying attention.
    -Another obvious but important point. As you search, make sure to do it in a 
    structured way instead of charging around madly, otherwise you will find 
    yourself missing the exit that is just out of your line of vision.
    -Good Pokemon to Use-
    -Pick Up Pokemon (Not really good for battling but very useful for picking up 
    a few extra items.
    -Fast Pokemon (Good for running from wild Pokemon)
    -Heal Bell Pokemon (Very useful if your team is suffering and you want to 
    conserve items)
    -Wish Pokemon (Useful for healing and item conservation)
    -Rest Pokemon and anything that can heal itself
    -Silver Symbol Battle-
    Pyramid King Brandon:
    Regirock: Quick Claw
    Super Power
    Ancient Power
    Regice: Chesto Berry
    Ice Beam
    Registeel: Leftovers
    Iron Defence
    Metal Claw
    Although you are probably weathered from the previous 7 floors, you will have 
    a chance to use items on your Pokemon before fighting this guy. Another thing 
    to point out is the fact that you are actually permitted the use of items in 
    this battle, take advantage of this as this is the only Frontier Brain you 
    can do this against, but at the same time don't be wasteful. Although he uses 
    three legendaries that are very good for tanking, they do all share similar 
    physical weaknesses. All are weak to fighting attacks and Regirock and 
    Registeel are both weak to ground attacks. This makes them sitting ducks for 
    most special sweepers. 
         Regirock's main strength is in its defence, meaning a physical attack 
    would have to be strong to do some damage. The smarter route would be to 
    attack it with water moves or other special attacks. However be cautious as 
    Regirock does know Explosion, it may be handy to use a ghost Pokemon or a 
    Substitute to avoid it. 
          Regice is the opposite defence wise having a large resistance to 
    special attacks and also knows Amnesia to boost this further. A strong 
    fighting or rock move should be enough to get rid of it reasonably quickly 
    before it rests off its damage. It also attacks with Thunder and Ice Beam, so 
    keep this in mind while picking what Pokemon to use. 
         Registeel has balanced defences and are both very high. Luckily steel 
    has several weaknesses so you should be able to find an appropriate attacking 
    route. I'd recommend Special attack if you can as it is able to use Iron 
    Defence making its defence rise quickly.
         Overall, make sure this is a quick fight and do not drag it out as it 
    will give Brandon an advantage. A Reversal Pokemon could work if you prepare 
    it early enough, Choice Band Pokemon are also a good choice for quick damage. 
    If you have a fighting type and are lucky enough to have found a Choice Band 
    this fight will be over very quickly as long as it doesn't perish to 
    Regirock's Explosion.
    -Battle Tower-
    Frontier Brain: Salon Maiden Anabel
    7 battles per round
    Silver Symbol: 5 rounds
    Gold Badge: 10 rounds
    The original Battle Tower from Ruby and Sapphire returns but obviously this 
    time with pretty much any Pokemon appearing as appose to Ruby and Sapphire 
    ones only. The rules for this attraction are the most basic as you just play 
    out normal 3 on 3 matches with no handicaps. Keep in mind that just like the 
    other attractions the further in you go the higher levelled the Pokemon are, 
    and further up you will come into contact with non-uber legends as well as 
    powerful fully evolved Pokemon.
    -General Tips for Tower-
    -Make sure to balance out your team as you will be stuck with them for the 
    next 7 battles. Also make sure the first Pokemon on your list will be able to 
    deal with most things to save early switching in the game.
    -Don't expect standard sets with standard items in here otherwise you could 
    find yourself taking a bad fall. Keep in mind Pokemon use Items such as Focus 
    Band and Quick Claw and these can really activate at the worst times so 
    remain cautious.
    -Be especially wary of the moves Counter and Mirror Coat as they often appear 
    on Pokemon often unexpectedly. Keep in mind that these moves can often turn 
    your strongest Pokemon into a fainted Pokemon in just one turn so don't take 
    risks unless you have to.
    -Good Pokemon to Use-
    -Anything goes as long as it can battle well
    Silver Symbol Battle
    Salon Maiden Anabel
    Alakazam: Bright Powder
    Ice Punch
    Fire Punch
    Thunder Punch
    Entei: Lum Berry
    Calm Mind
    Fire Blast
    Snorlax: Quick Claw
    Belly Drum
    Body Slam
    Shadow Ball
    This is in my opinion the easiest of the Frontier Brain battles as Anabel's 
    Pokemon are not really being used to their potential. Although Alakazam has 
    good coverage, it will be helpless against a Pokemon with great special 
    defence and will also go down very quickly to a physical attack. Entei is the 
    weakest of the three legendary dogs so don't be intimidated by the fact it is 
    a legendary Pokemon. Entei's defences aren't that great so just attack with 
    one of his weakness, also keep in mind that against a rock type Entei will 
    not be able to do much damage at all. Snorlax could be a problem if you let 
    it Belly Drum and with Quick Claw it could take out your whole team. Special 
    attacks are not a good idea but a physical assault will yield very good 
    results and he won't last long. I swept this match with a Tyranitar as 
    Anabel's team does not cover types well, just watch out for her Snorlax which 
    could take you by surprise. 
    -Battle Tower Apprentices-
    The Battle Tower has another interesting new edition to it. On the far left 
    of the Tower's inside you will see a random trainer. This trainer will be 
    your apprentice if you allow it and will ask you a question everyday on how 
    to change their team. They will ask you:
    -What Pokemon to use (out of a choice of two)
    -What Moves to use (out of a choice of two)
    -What items to use (Show them one of your own items)
    -For what Pokemon to use first
    -For a winning taunt
    After you have answered all of these questions they will leave the Tower and 
    the next day you will find a new apprentice beginning the process again. 
    After you have helped out each apprentice you will encounter them in the 
    Battle Tower. This may be as an opponent or as a Team Mate in the Battle 
    Salon, so keeping in mind what advice you gave them will come in useful on 
    both counts.
    -Battle Dome-
    Frontier Brain: Dome Superstar Tucker
    4 battles per round
    Silver Symbol: 5 rounds
    Gold Badge: 10 rounds
    Here is a tournament styled attraction in which you battle through the ranks 
    before you win at the finals. The rules for this attraction are simple, 
    before each tournament you must pick three Pokemon you want to take into the 
    tournament. Before each match you may view your opponent's data such as their 
    Pokemon, their strongest stats and the moves they used to beat previous 
    opponents. Use this information to formulate a battle strategy for each 
    battle. You may only pick two Pokemon to bring into battle with you meaning 
    your going to have to pick two that not only cover the opponent's weaknesses 
    but also cover your own Pokemon's weaknesses. The battles here are much 
    quicker and it is therefore much easier to advance in a small space of time, 
    however it is a lot easier to lose at the same time.
    -General Tips for Dome-
    -Make sure to look at what your opponent uses and keep in mind that they will 
    pick a team based on your team. You should also check what moves they used to 
    finish off your opponent as quite often it gives away their movesets giving 
    foresight to what you can expect.
    -Picking Pokemon that cover each other well is the main difficulty of the 
    Dome. Having Pokemon with decent defence is very useful in case you need to 
    switch Pokemon, make sure you don't end up wasting a Pokemon so you end up 
    taking on two Pokemon with just one of your own, so make sure you choose 
    -Good Pokemon To use-
    -Pokemon with little to no type weaknesses
    -Pokemon that can take out many types
    Silver Badge Battle
    Dome Super Star Tucker:
    Swampert: Focus Band
    Ice Beam
    Salamence: Lum Berry
    Aerial Ace
    Brick Break
    Dragon Claw
    Charizard: White Herb
    Arial Ace
    Rock Slide
    This battle is made so much harder by the fact you can only use two of your 
    own Pokemon. His Charizard and Salamence although aren't too sturdy are great 
    for fast sweeping while the Swampert is the slower sweeper that can also take 
    a good number of hits. The most likely choice he will make is Swampert with 
    either Charizard or Salamence depending on your team's weaknesses. 
    Unfortunately either way the Pokemon he chooses make a good combination 
    making it hard to counter. For my own battle I picked a Pokemon that could 
    deal with two of the Pokemon as well as a Pokemon that could deal with the 
    remaining one. For instance my Blastoise was able to take out Salamence with 
    Ice Beam and Charizard with Surf while I would save Heracross to deal with 
    Swampert. This is an effective way of making sure that you will be able to 
    cover all of the Pokemon. I would recommend a sturdy water type as pretty 
    much all of them can learn Surf and Ice Beam to cover his two speedy sweepers 
    while keep a Pokemon to handle Swampert. Keep in mind Swampert has a four 
    times weakness to grass attacks but it is the only weakness he has so be wary 
    of it.
    -Battle Palace-
    Frontier Brain: Palace Maven Spenser
    7 battles per round
    Silver Symbol: 3 rounds
    Gold Symbol: 6 rounds
    This is perhaps the strangest area of battle at the Frontier, in which you do 
    not decide how your Pokemon act. Here your Pokemon will attack based on their 
    nature, for instance an Adamant nature will cause it to like to attack 
    aggressively while not be so effective at using other moves. Aside from this 
    the battles take place just like many of the other area's of battle in the 
    Frontier. The focus for this attraction is mainly in the preparation and the 
    switching so you can have as much control as you can get.
    -General Tips for Palace-
    -One of the best ways of getting a more likely win is to use Pokemon that 
    have very high stats. Although this may sound obvious, it is probably more 
    vital in this challenge than anywhere else. Using Pokemon who can survive a 
    few turns and still deal out major damage are great. These include Pokemon 
    such as Slaking, Tyranitar and Exeggutor.
    -If you are unsure about personality try your Pokemon out at the Palace 
    before you intend to seriously make a challenge and take note of what moves 
    they tend to use more and the ones they totally ignore. That way you will 
    know who you can use and who would be ineffective.
    -Pokemon that have complicated strategies to be effective are generally not 
    the best Pokemon to use. Substitute and Focus Punching and simple combos like 
    that can sometimes be used here but sometimes Pokemon will continue using the 
    same move so don't rely to heavily on them (e.g. a Pokemon with a weather 
    move may continue using it instead of the moves that benefit from it.)
    -Remember that you can still switch Pokemon so you will have some control 
    other the proceedings of the battle. If you effectively switch in the Palace 
    it could really start winning you a lot more battles rather than waiting for 
    your Pokemon to attack.
    -Good Pokemon to use-
    -Choice Band Pokemon will really benefit you if they use the right move. 
    Switch them out if you don't like the move they use, keep them in if you do 
    like the move.
    -Pokemon with high stats are the easiest to use. Just make sure they have 
    mainly attack moves that don't require too much setting up and they should be 
    -Silver Symbol Battle-
    Palace Maven Spenser
    Crobat: Bright Powder
    Double Team
    Confuse Ray
    Slaking: Scope Lense
    Brick Break
    Shadow Ball
    Lapras: Quick Claw
    Ice Beam
    Confuse Ray
    Horn Drill
    This could be one of the hardest fights you've had as you can feel very 
    defenceless against Spenser if your Pokemon seems quite refusal to use any of 
    the appropriate moves. Try to get his Crobat taken out quickly as it will 
    attack your Pokemon with Toxic and Confuse Ray before attempting to evade any 
    further attacks by using Double Team. To avoid Slaking dealing vast amounts 
    of damage it is probably a good idea to switch in a Pokemon that can resist 
    its attacks. As it attacks only once every two turns and even then may not 
    make a smart move. Take advantage of this and try to get in as many attacks 
    before it can do anything worthwhile against you. If you're having 
    difficulty, make sure to target Slaking's weak Special Defence or 
    alternatively use a fighting type. Lapras should be difficult to take out as 
    it has a large amount of HP as well as confuse Ray and Protect making taking 
    it down a real challenge. Not only that but keep in mind that it has a Quick 
    Claw as well as Horn Drill that will cause one hit KO's if it should hit. Try 
    and take it out as quickly as possible, it may be a good idea to use Pokemon 
    that know fighting moves or rock moves and it wouldn't be a bad idea to use a 
    Pokemon that blocks one hit KO moves.
    -Battle Pike-
    Frontier Brain: Pike Queen Lucy
    14 rooms per round
    Silver Symbol: 2 rounds
    Gold Symbol: 10 rounds
    The Battle Pike is a test of endurance that is mainly based on luck, however 
    bad luck can quickly end your challenge as one or two bad rooms in a row 
    could spell disaster. You bring three Pokemon with you as you are brought 
    into rooms with three doors. You will have to make it through 14 doors before 
    you finish the round. Their will be an attendant near the doors who will be 
    able to give you a hint about one of the doors. It is very difficult to know 
    where to go as everything in here is based on chance therefore it can feel 
    very harsh when you run into several bad rooms in a row. Here is what each of 
    the messages mean (Thanks to Serebii's creator for most of this info)
    -A Trainer? I sense the presence of people...-
    75% = Fight a normal trainer
    25% = Your Pokemon are fully Healed
    -I seem to have heard something... perhaps whispering.-
    80% = Nothing happens
    20% = Fight a two on two battle
    -Distinct Aroma of Pokemon wafting around it-
    75% = Wild Pokemon room
    25% = Fight a strong trainer and have your health fully restored afterwards
    -I felt a wave of nostalgia coming from it-
    50% = One or more Pokemon are fully healed
    50% = One or more Pokemon are inflicted with status condition
    -A terrifying event, yes a horrible one, is about to befall you...-
    Signals arrival of Pike Queen Lucy, pick the correct door and your Pokemon 
    will be fully healed before the battle.
    -Silver Badge Battle-
    Pike Queen Lucy:
    Seviper: Quick Claw
    Poison Fang
    Giga Drain
    Shuckle: Chesto Berry
    Milotic: Leftovers
    Ice Beam
    Mirror Coat
    This battle is a lot easier if you have fully healed Pokemon before hand, if 
    not it could be a real slog depending on your current conditions. Lucy's 
    Seviper has a quick claw so make sure you don't rely heavily on your Pokemon 
    acting first. Seviper is pretty delicate so hopefully you will be able to 
    beat it quickly and efficiently before it becomes a hassle. Although Lucy's 
    Shuckle has extremely high defences but its low hp means it can be taken out 
    by strong moves that are super effective such as rock slide. It uses moves 
    such as toxic before resting to whittle down your health slowly. If you are 
    having trouble with Shuckle remember that it doesn't have any moves to defeat 
    a Substitute or a Steel type and will be useless to do anything but stall. 
    Lucy's Milotic is probably her strongest Pokemon having both great defensive 
    and offensive capabilities. There are several ways of taking down Milotic. 
    Since Milotic's defence is smaller than its special defence it would be a 
    good idea to exploit it, just make sure you are doing more than half damage 
    or else recover and leftovers will erase any damage done. You could attack 
    with its weaknesses; just keep in mind it does have high special defence and 
    as well as that it has Mirror Coat to reflect the damage back towards you 
    double, so just be careful when using this tactic. Using a move like Toxic is 
    effective as it has no way of recovering status inflictions, although 
    Milotic's defence will double due to its Marvel Scale it will eventually 
    fall. Another thing to note is that Milotic can't actually really deal with 
    water types, a water type with Toxic will soon end Milotic without incident.
    SECTION 3: Other Places of Interest in the Frontier 
    *Information Centre*
    This will be the first thing you actually visit in the Frontier as it also 
    acts as the main entrance. Inside you will receive your Trainer Card Update 
    and will also be able to receive information on various aspects of the Battle 
    Frontier. Here you can find out about the facilities and rules.
    The Trainer Card update gives you several new functions which include,
    What Symbols you've earned
    A Battle Record which allows you to record and view a battle
    BP number
    Frontier Map
    *Battle Frontier Ranking Hall*
    In the area surrounded by the Battle Tower, Arena and Pyramid you will find 
    the ranking hall. Here your greatest battle Tower Exploits will be recorded 
    from all the different attractions. If you exchange records with your friends 
    their scores will also appear in here. Keep in mind only the top three scores 
    will make it onto the leader boards. Here is a list of the possible places to 
    score on:
    Battle Tower Single LV.50
    Battle Tower Single OPEN LEVEL
    Battle Tower Double LV.50
    Battle Tower Double OPEN LEVEL
    Battle Tower Multi LV.50
    Battle Tower Multi OPEN LEVEL
    Battle Tower Link LV.50
    Battle Tower Link OPEN LEVEL
    Battle Pike LV.50
    Battle Pike OPEN LEVEL
    Battle Dome Single LV.50
    Battle Dome Single OPEN LEVEL
    Battle Factory Single LV.50
    Battle Factory Single OPEN LEVEL
    Battle Arena LV.50
    Battle Arena OPEN LEVEL
    Battle Pyramid LV.50
    Battle Pyramid OPEN LEVEL
    Battle Palace Single LV.50
    Battle Palace Single OPEN LEVEL
    *Scott's House*
    In case you were wondering where Scott hangs out when he's not looking for 
    trainers you will find him right at the far north of the Battle Frontier just 
    west of the Battle Tower. When you first talk to him he will give you a few 
    BP to get started. He will also give you prizes if you clear certain Battle 
    Frontier conditions.
    50 Battles in a row at Battle Tower: Silver Shield
    100 Battles in a row at Battle Tower: Gold Shield
    All Silver Emblems: Lansat Berry
    All Gold Emblems: Starf Berry
    *Wild Sudowoodo*
    Just outside the Battle Palace there is water, Surf along to the right or 
    walk around to a section near an odd looking tree. Players of G/S/C will 
    recognise this 'tree' as Sudowoodo. Water it with your Wailmer Pail and it 
    attacks. It is level 40 and you will only have one chance to catch it so make 
    sure you -SAVE- before you water it. Obviously just use the normal methods of 
    catching by inflicting it with a status condition, whittling down its health 
    and throwing balls at it. Just make sure you take some of your weaker Pokemon 
    to catch it as you don't want to take a team of level 100's to knock it out 
    before you catch it.
    *Artisan Cave*
    If you have beaten/captured Sudowoodo, you will find that you can now access 
    the area behind it. Surf down the waterfall and head to the far left and you 
    will see a cave. In this cave you will find many wild Smeargle (hence the 
    name of the cave). These Pokemon are valuable for breeding moves as well as 
    interesting to battle (it can learn any move with its attack Sketch). At the 
    end of the cave you will find yourself just right of the Battle Tower, making 
    for an interesting detour around the Frontier.
    After you have won 3 of the 14 frontier badges you will have access to a man 
    in a house to the south of the Battle Pyramid that will let you bet on the 
    challenges. Every day he will tell you which attraction you can bet on. You 
    will be able to bet 5, 10 or 15 Battle Points each visit. If you win you will 
    collect twice what you bet. To be honest you do not get a great deal of 
    Battle Points when and you have to be winning a great deal more than losing 
    before you really start earning anything. It's also probably not a good idea 
    to be betting too much when you get into higher levels of each of the 
    Frontier attractions otherwise you'll find yourself cursing and not only 
    losing the challenge but a decent number of Battle Points too.
    *IV (Individual Value) Man*
    As you may or may not know, each Pokemon has an IV for each of its stats. 
    This number will be from 0-31. This number will affect a Pokemon's growth in 
    each particular stat (For instance two Abra's have HP IV's of 13 and 25, the 
    Abra with the higher IV, in this case the one with 25, will have higher HP 
    due to this.  Usually the easiest way to find these is through IV calculators 
    found online, however the IV man found just north of the Pokemon Center will 
    give you brief but informative information on each of your Pokemon and will 
    give you this information:
    Its overall ability (e.g. outstanding)
    Its best aspect (e.g. Speed)
    How good its best aspect is (e.g. Flawless)
    For more detailed information concerning IV's consult other guides.
    *Palace Girl*
    If you are having difficulties finding which Pokemon to use in the Battle 
    Palace look for a house east of the Pokemon Center, inside will be a little 
    girl who will be able to tell how the personality will affect how it battle's 
    and what it will do when it is low on HP.
    SECTION 4: Frontier Prizes and Move Tutors
    *Battle Prizes*
    As you battle through the Frontier you will soon gain amounts of BP (Battle 
    Points) depending on how well you do. You can use these to trade in at 
    various places at the battle frontier for different prizes (similar to 
    amusement arcades but actually more worthwhile). Here is a list of the items 
    you can trade for from left to right.
    First Stall (This stall contains many new items to use to decorate your room 
    and your base.)
    Kiss Poster.....16BP
    Kiss Cushion.....32BP
    Smoochum Doll.....32BP
    Togepi Doll.....48BP
    Meowth Doll.....48BP
    Clefairy Doll.....48BP
    Ditto Doll.....48BP
    Cydaquil Doll.....80BP
    Chikoria Doll.....80BP
    Totodile Doll.....80BP
    Second Stall (This stall has more new dolls in a large variety as reflected 
    by the price.)
    Lapras Doll.....128BP
    Snorlax Doll.....128BP
    Venusaur Doll.....256BP
    Charizard Doll.....256BP
    Blastoise Doll.....256BP
    Third Stall (This stall contains cheap medicines used to help boost your 
    Pokemon's stats; this is very useful if you are low on money.)
    HP Up.....1BP
    Fourth Stall (This stall contains some of the more useful items for the 
    Battle Frontier; use these to really help your strongest Pokemon reach their 
    White Herb.....48BP
    Quick Claw.....48BP
    Mental Herb.....48BP
    Bright Powder.....64BP
    Choice Band.....64BP
    Kings Rock.....64BP
    Focus Band.....64BP
    Scope Lens.....64BP
    *Move Tutors*
    Most recently seen in Fire Red and Leaf Green Move Tutors make an appearance 
    in Pokemon Emerald and the Battle Frontier. Here you can trade your BP for 
    the move tutors services. The difference in the Battle Frontier is that as 
    long as you are willing to pay you can get this move as much as you want, 
    this is ideal for people who want perfect movesets. (Yet for some strange 
    reason Substitute isn't included... yet we find moves like Softboiled... nice 
    one Nintendo...)The move tutors are listed from left to right.
    First Tutor (I find most of these moves to not be as good as the second 
    tutors, but I'm glad the elemental punches are back)
    Defence Curl.....16BP
    Mud Slap.....24BP
    Icy Wind.....24BP
    Psych up.....48BP
    Ice Punch.....48BP
    Thunder Punch.....48BP
    Fire Punch.....48BP
    Second Tutor (These moves are more valuable in my opinion, although some of 
    them are kind of useless)
    Seismic Toss.....24BP
    Dream Eater.....24BP
    Mega Punch.....24BP
    Mega Kick.....24BP
    Body Slam.....48BP
    Rock Slide.....48BP
    Thunder Wave.....48BP
    Swords Dance.....48BP
    SECTION 5: Credits
    Thanks to the owner of Serebii.net for certain info on the Battle Frontier
    ...And that's all for now!
    Note to all those who email me:
    I am more than likely to respond to your emails as I am very interested to 
    hear your comments and hear constructive criticism. If I do not respond it is 
    more than likely to be a computer error rather than anything else. Also to 
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    on a topic outside of this guide unless I get swamped. Keep in mind you are 
    much more likely to receive a response to something directly about this guide 
    as those are the emails I prefer.
         It is also worth noting that I am not accepting contributions for this 
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