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    Legendary Catching Guide by NitemareDragon

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    1. Introduction

    By providing detailed information about legendary Pokémon and their locations, this walk-through serves as an excellent navigational and reference aid. With this guide, not only will you be able to capture the legendary Pokémon of the Hoenn region, but you will find in-depth information to help you capture them without wasting too many PokéBalls.

    A. Important Notes

    This is not a spoiler-free walk-through. Story-specific details are scarce, but sometimes necessary to provide information about the locations and availability of some Pokémon. Also keep in mind that legendary Pokémon are NOT easy to capture. They often break out of thrown PokéBalls, and they require a bit of skill to capture as a result. Time, patience, and in some cases, many PokéBalls are needed if you hope to capture any legendary Pokémon. Many will disappear forever if your battle ends for any reason other than victory by capture. That means if you knock out a legendary Pokémon, or it knocks you out, the Pokémon might disappear forever. That also applies if you run away from the enemy Pokémon. In short, that means all battles against legendaries are one-time-only final battles. There are exceptions to this rule, like Latias and Latios, and I will make note of that if it's possible to end a battle with a legendary without losing your chance at capture. Just to be safe, SAVE YOUR GAME before you battle a legendary Pokémon. That will be your best security if something goes wrong. That way, if you fail to capture the enemy, you can simply reset and try again without having to redo the puzzles.

    B. Navigating This Guide

    If you're looking for specific information in the guide, use the table of contents to navigate to it. Also, press the HOME key on your keyboard to return to the top of this guide.

    C. Guide Symbol Key

    This section describes the various symbols I use in this guide, and their meanings. In Pokémon section headers:

    EXAMPLE [E4/B/M]

    E4 This Pokémon requires you to defeat the Elite Four before you can access it.

    B This Pokémon is unrestricted, and can enter Battle Frontier challenges.

    M- This Pokémon normally was obtained through the Mystery Event function.

    D. Recommendations for Legendary Hunters

    Tips and tricks aspiring hunters should know before combat.

    D1. PokéBall Types and Usage

    There are many different types of PokéBalls to choose from, and a few have special abilities. Some are better suited for certain types of Pokémon, while others work best when certain conditions are met. Since this is a guide on catching legendary Pokémon, I feel it is necessary to teach you the best times to use different types of balls. Trust me, continuously tossing out Ultra Balls may seem like the best course of action, but it isn't the most efficient. By using your PokéBalls intelligently, you can not only save time and money, but help cut down on frustration. Well then, let's begin.

    PokéBall: This would be the most basic Ball type available. This is the Ball you used at the beginning of the game. This type is not efficient enough for catching legendary Pokémon.

    Premier Ball: A basic PokéBall with alternate coloration. Just as useless for legendaries as its older brother.

    Luxury Ball: A padded ball that makes the caught Pokémon like you a bit more right from capture. Has the same catch rate as a standard PokéBall, so it is just as useless for legendary Pokémon.

    Great Ball: Great for wild Pokémon, but not so great for legendaries.

    Ultra Ball: The overused standard for Pokémon catching. This is the best "normal" type ball to use against legendary Pokémon.

    Nest Ball: Works best on weak, low-level Pokémon.

    Net Ball: Most useful for Water and Bug type Pokémon.

    Dive Ball: High catch rate for all Pokémon found underwater.

    Repeat Ball: This Ball's power is tripled if you are facing a Pokémon that you have captured before.

    Timer Ball: This Pokéball's power is increased the longer the battle takes.

    Master Ball: Catches its target without fail.

    I recommend a large supply of PokéBalls before attempting to capture ANY legendary Pokémon. They are very difficult to contain, and will take as many as 200 or more PokéBalls to capture. I find a combination of Ultra Balls and Timer Balls are very effective, since Timer Balls climb to maximum strength after about 25 turns. If you try 50-70 Ultra Balls and still cannot capture your target, use a Type-Specific Ball such as Net or Dive Ball if you can. If that is not an option, or you run out of those, start throwing Timer Balls. The reason I suggest throwing so many Ultra Balls first, is due to the catch rate calculation done by the game. The more PokéBalls you throw at a single Pokémon, the easier it will be to capture. If you save your strongest PokéBalls for later (in this case, Timer Balls) you will have a higher success rate than one who continuously throws Ultra Balls.

    D2. Survival Supplies

    It is very important to remain stocked in healing, reviving, and status curing items. You may not think theyre important, but you will when you find yourself with one Pokémon left, staring down an annoyed and powerful legendary. By keeping these items with you at all times, you will ensure that such a problem will never happen.

    HP Recovery: Hyper Potion x25 - or- Max Potion x25 It is good to keep your Pokémon full of vitality to help them help you hold a defensive line while you fire a barrage of PokéBalls at your target. Holes in your defenses will lead to failure.

    Status Recovery: Full Heal x15 or Full Restore x30 Status Recovery is not always an issue when it comes to fighting legendary Pokémon unless it makes weakening your target difficult. It is generally a good idea to carry a lot of Full Restores, since they heal status effects AND HP at the same time.

    Revival: Revive x20 and/or- Bitter Root x20 When facing legendary Pokémon, there are times when the Pokémon defending you will fail to stand up to an attack. A good strategy is to revive the key Pokémon in your team that provide an excellent defense, and heal that Pokémon to full health while the legendary is preoccupied with a lesser part of your team. When the pawn is knocked out, send the primary defender back out and continue the assault of PokéBalls.

    Miscellaneous Items: PP Restore and/or Leppa Berries x15, Escape Rope x5, Super Repel x35+ Many legendary Pokémon have the ability known as PRESSURE, which causes you to burn Power Points (PP) much faster than normal. If you rely on a specific move to keep your target legendary at bay, be sure you have a way to restore lost Power Points in the middle of the battle. Escape Rope is useful for after you catch a Pokémon, or if you decide you need more supplies before facing one. Use it within a cave or dungeon and you find yourself back at the surface. Super Repel is a wonderful tool. All wild Pokémon weaker than the level of your party leader will leave you alone. I say Super Repel instead of Max Repel because you get more steps of Repel action for your money with Super than you would out of Max. Max Repel is overpriced and you would be wasting money by purchasing it over Super Repel.

    D3. Bring the Right Pokémon to the Fight

    An often overlooked part of preparation is your team. Obviously you want to ensure you have all the TMs and HMs you require to make it to the Legendary Pokémon, but you should also prepare your team for the Pokémon itself. Most of the time, it is obvious what type of Pokémon youre about to face (Regice being an Ice type, Groudon being a Ground type) and you should plan your defense according to what you will encounter. Think about type effectiveness, and bring Pokémon that are resistant to the types of attacks you will receive. In most situations, I supply Type 1 and Type 2 of each Pokémon, as well as the names of each attack it knows. This shall be a powerful tool if you follow the above advice and plan ahead.

    E. Frequently Asked Questions

    This section is a list of commonly asked questions about the guide and its contents. Reading through this section might help you find the information you're looking for without having to go through the trouble of emailing me.

    • Q: Where do I find the (Eon, Aurora) tickets?
      • A: These tickets are no longer available. They were prizes for Pokémon events that are no longer being held. Certain tickets may be found in eReader card form online.
    • Q: What are Pokémon Events?
      • A: Officially sanctioned real-life events that Nintendo organizes for the Pokémon community. Former events involved using a link cable to connect your game with a special cartridge that would upload tickets or similar event items through the Mystery Event feature. Tickets were special key items that allow travel to distant islands such as Birth Island and Navel Rock via the ferry. Modern events, however, such as those for Generation IV Pokémon games (the DS version games) use WiFi to either allow access to events through the internet or through local events using the DS Ad-Hoc WiFi connection. The Ad-Hoc method is similar to the old methods with game link cables, with the exception of downloading the special items through a wireless connection. Nintendo informed the community before the Rotom transformation event for Pokémon Platinum that GameBoy Advance events will no longer be held.


      ----  /  _ _ _   _/_ _    / )__/_ / '  _  / _   '_/_  ----
        -- (__(-(/(-/)(/(// (/ (__(//( /)//)(/ (__)(//(/(-  --
               _/           /              _/

    The Golem Trio [B]

    Regice, Regirock, and Registeel make up the Golem Trio, three Pokémon sealed away in separate chambers in different parts of Hoenn, waiting for someone to free them. To capture them all, you will need to go on a Pokémon hunt and travel all over Hoenn, solving a few puzzles along the way.

    The Sealed Chamber

    The Sealed Chamber is an underwater sanctuary in the middle of the Ocean Current between Pacifidlog and Slateport.



    -Pokémon: Wailord, Relicanth

    -PokéBalls: Ultra Ball & Dive Ball

    -Key Item: Super Rod

    To complete the Sealed Chamber, you must capture two Pokémon, Relicanth and Wailord, and use them to unlock the sanctuaries of the three Golems.

    Locating Relicanth

    Relicanth can only be found in the underwater channels beneath Routes 124 & 126 by searching in the seaweed. You will mostly encounter Clampearl and Chinchou in the seaweed. Relicanth is a fairly difficult Pokémon to find, bordering consideration as a rare Pokémon. If you need a bit of help capturing it, try some Dive Balls. They are designed specifically for Pokémon found on the sea floor. Dive Balls can be purchased from the Mossdeep City PokéMart.

    Locating Wailord

    You are left with two options for obtaining a Wailord. You can either capture a Wailmer (find one on any sea route by using a fishing rod) and raise it to LV.40 and obtain one through evolution or you can try to capture one directly on Route 129. Just remember that the chances of finding a Wailord even on that route are about as slim as your chances of finding a shiny Relicanth.

    Unlocking the Chamber

    After you obtain both Relicanth and Wailord, you will want to place Wailord in the first position in your party, and Relicanth as your last Pokémon. Teach DIG to one of your Pokémon and travel to Pacifidlog Town. Begin surfing west. Stay towards the southern edge of the route and enter the Ocean Current, which will carry you along the path. Eventually you will land on a slightly submerged table of rock shaped like this:

        |              | Key: - | =Floating Section,  0=Launching Point
       -               |
      |                |  Stand where the 0 is, face the water, and use SURF.  You
     -                 |  will soon land on a circle that looks like this:
    |                  |
    |                  |
    |                  |          -----
    |                  |         |     |
    |0                 |       -   00   -
    |                  |      |   0000   | Key: - | =Outer turbulence circle,
    |                 -       |  000000  |             0 =Dive spot area
    |                |        |   0000   |
    |               -          -   00   -
    |              |            |      |
     --------------              ------

    Stand in the middle of the other side of the rock and launch yourself forward to stop at a small circle with a dive spot in the center. Go underwater at that dive spot. Continue through the lighted doorway to the south and travel along this channel. Go around the slab of rock at the end of the channel until you reach a dead end. Activate the Visual Braille markings on the rock slab and use dive to go up. It is very important that you use dive directly in front of the Braille or else you will surface back at the dive spot. Now you find yourself in the Sealed Chamber. Continue to the back wall, where there is a slab of rock inscribed with Visual Braille. "DIG HERE" it says. Fulfill its request by using Dig directly in the front center of the slab. A hole will appear before you. Enter the inner chamber and walk to the back wall. Activate the Visual Braille here (make sure you have Relicanth and Wailord in the proper party positions I mentioned earlier) and then the cavern will shake, breaking the seal of three ancient Pokémon.


    You may capture the Golems in any order you want. Regice hides on a sea route above Dewford Town.


    -HM: SURF

    -PokéBalls: Ultra Ball (50+)

    -Other: Unlock The Sealed Chamber

    Locating Regice

    Travel to Dewford Town and enter Route 106, Surfing northwest to enter Route 105. Continue north until you reach a long sand bar with trees, land on it, then walk to the western side. Use Surf to continue north along the west side between the two sand bars. The rock walls will guide you to Regices cave. Inside the cave, walk to the braille on the wall, open the coded message it provides, and then run around the edge of the cave once, counterclockwise, staying against the wall without pausing or hitting anything. If you successfully complete the challenge, the door will open and allow you to face Regice (braille translation: Stay close to the wall. Run around one lap).


    Regirock is located in the sandstorm on Route 111.


    -PokéBalls: Ultra Ball (50+)

    -Key Item: GO-GOGGLES

    -Other: Unlock The Sealed Chamber

    Make your way to Route 111 (the closest city is Lavaridge, travel east from there), and head inside the Sandstorm. Travel south while within the Sandstorm until you reach Regirocks cave. Once inside, open the message in Braille at the back wall, then take two steps to the left, two steps down, and use Rock Smash (braille translation: Left, left, down, down, then, use rock smash). The door will open when you do. Continue through the doorway to face Regirock.


    -PokéBalls: Ultra Ball (50+)

    -Other: Unlock The Sealed Chamber

    Travel west from Lillycove City, passing through the maze of fences and the dock area, and continue west to Route 120. Continue as far west as you can, until you reach a cliff with a berry patch. To the north are steps that lead onto the cliff. Climb them, and push through the tall grass and continue up the next set of steps. This is the location of the Ancient Tomb housing Registeel. Once inside, open the message in braille, then walk to the middle of the cave and use Flash (braille translation: Those who inherit our will, shine in the middle). The door will open to allow entrance to Registeels home.


    RegiceICEClear BodyIsland Cave (Route 105)
    RegirockROCKClear BodyDesert Cave (Route 111)
    RegisteelSTEELClear BodyAncient Tomb (Route 120)

    Latias & Latios [E4/B/M]

    The psychic-dragon duo Latias and Latios can both be found in Emerald version. Finding them, however, is just as difficult as Ruby and Sapphire versions. To capture them, you need skill, luck, and knowledge. I can't do much for the skill or the luck, but I can at least give you the knowledge you need to capture these Pokémon. Below, I will provide a series of options for you to consider for your quest. It won't be easy, however.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    When you complete the Elite Four challenge, you find yourself in your room. As you walk downstairs, your mother stops you to inform you of a news flash on TV. It mentions a strange Pokémon of a BZZT color. Your mother asks you which color the TV said (blue or red). Pick Blue for Latios and Red for Latias.

    The Problem

    Latias and Latios flee during the first turn of battle. You can throw one PokéBall or (assuming your Pokémon's speed is higher) launch one attack before it escapes. For some that are willing to throw out their Master Ball, this might be your best time to use it. Otherwise, listen up, youre going to need these strategies.

    Strategy #1 - Pokémon Trapping Moves and Abilities:

    Our first strategy will take us to trapping moves and abilities. There are only a handful of moves that can be used for trapping flighty Pokémon. Out of those moves, some of them can only be learned by a small group of Pokémon. A few of the moves include Block and Mean Look. Some of the Pokémon that can learn these moves include Golbat, Duskull, and a few others. These moves require your Pokémon to have a higher speed than Latias or Latios to work; otherwise, theyll be able to escape on their first turn. The only problem with this strategy is that your Pokémon must not be knocked out or switched out. If you allow this to happen, Latias or Latios will be able to escape; in other words, escape blocking moves will only work as long as the Pokémon that used it is still in the battle. A good way to alleviate this problem is to use a Pokémon with an escape-blocking ability, such as Wobuffet. This Pokémon has the Shadow Tag ability, which also prevents opponents from switching out, but it lasts for as long as the Pokémon is in playeven if it is slower than the enemy. I believe the best use of this strategy is to combine escape-blocking moves with Pokémon that have escape-blocking abilities. This way, if the Pokémon with escape-blocking moves faints, then you can send out a Wobuffet as backup.

    Strategy #2 - Temporary Trapping Moves:

    A less effective strategy is to try to use temporary trapping moves to your advantage. Temporary trapping moves are moves like Fire Spin and Wrap that bind your opponent to the playing field temporarily. These moves usually only last for 3 to 5 turns, and afterwards, theyre no longer in effect. They may help in an emergency situation, but typically, against battles like this, these moves may not work very well for what you are trying to do.

    Strategy #3 - Status Effects:

    Status effects are commonly used to help capture unruly Pokémon. They are especially useful against legendary Pokémon, as it makes it easier to capture with PokéBalls. They are not particularly useful for preventing the escape of Pokémon however. Some status effects are temporary, like Sleep and Freezing, but they could help in emergencies. Status effects like Paralysis are great for slowing Pokémon down. Though Paralysis may stop its victims for a turn or two, it is controlled entirely by chance and must not be relied on for preventing escape.


    Overall, I believe that by combining all of the above strategies, you should be able to prevent most situations where Pokémon can escape from you. Combining status effects and trapping abilities should prove fairly useful when battling Latias or Latios. At this point, if you decide not to use your Master Ball, then hopefully my tips have been helpful to you. Good luck, and bring plenty of supplies.

    In the Event of a Failed Capture:

    If Latias or Latios manages to escape from you, hope is not lost. load up your PokéDex and check the location data for that Pokémon. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that the general location of the Pokémon is displayed. You can try to track it down to fight it again in a rematch. It won't be simple to chase Latias or Latios though, since every time you enter or exit a building, change routes, or use Fly, its position will change as well. For that reason, it's not easy to track it back down since its movement is completely random.

    Increasing the Likelyhood of Encounters:

    There are ways to increase the likelyhood of encountering these Pokémon. Since their location randomizes on area change, I recommend finding two routes with wild Pokémon that you can switch between quickly. Sea routes are the best choice. Surf to one route, check the location of Latias/Latios, and switch to the other route if it isn't nearby. Keep checking your PokéDex entry for its location as you switch between routes. Incidentally, Dive Balls preform very well if you happen to find Latias or Latios on a Sea Route.

    Southern Island

    The Southern Island allows you to capture the alter ego of the Lati you chose. If you picked Latias, then Latios will be waiting for you at Southern Island.


    -Key Items: EON TICKET

    -Other: Ferry Access, Defeat the E4

    You can only reach the island if you have the Key Item EON TICKET or if you use a cheat device. The Pokémon event used to get it is long over, so the only way to access it is through an e-Reader Card known as the EON TICKET. When you obtain this Key Item, you can use the Record Swap counter to transfer it between compatible versions of the game.

    Accessing the Island

    If you get the ticket, go to the port in Slateport or Lillycove cities and speak to the person standing in front of the ship. The sailor recognizes the ticket and transports you to the island.

    Capturing the Lati

    A sign at the entrance of the forest says, "Those whose memories fade seek to carve them in their hearts." At the end of the path, there is an oddly shaped green mound that "speaks" when you examine it: "Dreams are but another reality. Never forget. Then, suddenly, Latias or Latios appears for a battle. You must have captured the Lati that is loose in Hoenn first before the other one will appear at this island.


    PokémonType 1/2AbilityLocation

    NOTE: The Lati on Southern Island holds a SOUL DEW that powers up the SP.ATK and SP.DEF of Latias and Latios.

    Kyogre & Groudon [E4]

    Kyogre and Groudon are the centerpoint of Emerald's story. You will encounter them, but not have a chance to fight and capture them until later.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    During the story, Kyogre and Groudon clash in the middle of Sootopolis city, their raging battle threatening to destroy the world. After you intervene, Kyogre and Groudon disappear. They are inaccessible until you defeat the Elite Four.


    Upon defeating the Elite Four, travel to the Weather Institute near the top of Route 119, southwest of Fortree City. Speak to the head scientist there, and he will mention strange weather patterns appearing all over Hoenn. He will mention a drought surrounding a specific Route. The location is randomized for each gamesave, and will not appear until you speak to the scientist.

    Memorize the location he provides, and then locate Groudon. It will be inside a strangely placed rock formation, known as Terra Cave. Groudon will be inside.

    Ensure you bring over 250 Ultra Balls, and Pokémon resistant to Ground and Fire type attacks.


    After capturing Groudon, return to the Weather Institute, and speak to the scientist again. He will mention heavy rainfall along a specific Route. Memorize this location and travel there to find its underwater home known as Marine Cave.

    At least 250 Ultra Balls and about 30 Net and/or Dive Balls in reserve are recommended. Avoid using the Net and Dive balls until you have thrown 100 Ultra Balls without successful capture.

    KyogreWATERDrizzleMarine Cave
    GroudonGROUNDDroughtTerra Cave


    Rayquaza is a major character in Emerald Version. You will encounter it within the story, but not have a chance to capture it until later.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    During the story, you will encounter a battle between Kyogre and Groudon in the middle of Sootopolis City, and you must awaken Rayquaza to calm the raging Pokémon and restore balance to the world. After Kyogre and Groudon flee, Rayquaza returns to its home at Sky Pillar. At that point, you can return there and attempt to capture it.

    Due to Rayquaza's anger towards your presence, he collapsed most of the tower. You will need quick reflexes and a Mach Bike to reach the top of the tower to face Rayquaza.

    On the second floor of the pillar, you will encounter a collapsed section of the tower. The cracks in the floor prevent you from reaching the next floor on foot, so you must attempt to zip across them at high speed. Mount your Mach Bike and continue around all of the corners without crashing, slowing down, or reversing direction. If it sounds difficult, it is, and the worst part is yet to come.

    Continue to the fourth floor, where you encounter another collapsed section of the tower, this time considerably more difficult. To worsen the situation, youre supposed to fall through the cracks at a certain point, and you must be accurate with your timing or the opportunity will be missed completely. Veer around all of the corners, then near the end you must fall through a group of cracks near the end.

    Here is a diagram:
      X XX X0
    |         |    Key: - | =Sky Pillar barrier, 0=Rock barrier,  X=Cracks

    The two cracks in the middle are your target. If you go too far, you will fall through the crack at the very end by the barrier and miss the target. If you succeed, continue to the top of the Sky Pillar.

    Be very cautious with Rayquaza, it is powerful. Move set is Outrage, Fly, Extremespeed and Rest. If you manage to weaken Rayquaza, it will immediately attempt to use Rest to recover. Rest will also remove any status problems Rayquaza has as well. Plan ahead before the battle by selecting Pokémon that are resistant to Dragon, Flying, and Normal moves (Steel type Pokémon, if you need a hint) and perhaps a Pokémon that knows Sing or a similar move to put Rayquaza to sleep before he can recover with the same technique! Also, be cautious when Rayquaza uses Outrage, since it causes confusion after the move expires, which could result in accidental fainting if Rayquazas HP are in the red zone.

    PokémonType 1/2AbilityLocation
    RayquazaDRAGON/FLYINGAir LockSky Pillar

    Jirachi [E4/M]

    Jirachi, also known as the 'Wish Maker,' is the only Pokémon capable of learning Doom Desire through natural means.

    Jirachi was originally obtainable through a Pokémon Event, of course that has long passed. However, there is a bonus disc available for certain editions of "Pokémon Colosseum (NTSC)" that allow you to transfer Jirachi to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire versions when you unlock trade in the respective games. "Pokémon Channel (PAL)" also allows you to transfer a Jirachi to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire versions. After that, to get them in Emerald you are required to transfer Jirachi from Ruby or Sapphire.

    PokémonType 1/2Ability
    JirachiSTEEL/PSYCHICSerene Grace

    Celebi [E4/M]

    Celebi must be transferred from the "Pokémon Colosseum (NTSC-J)" Bonus disc to Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire version. Where the English NTSC version of the Bonus Disc houses Jirachi, the Japanese NTSC-J version contains Celebi.

    NameType 1/2Ability
    CelebiPsychic/GrassNatural Cure

    Deoxys [E4/M]

    This is yet another Legendary Pokémon hidden from view. Only a cheat device will allow you to get even close to this Pokémon, but some lucky people have an e-Reader Card that gives you the AURORATICKET through the Mystery Event feature.


    -Key Items: Auroraticket

    -Other: Ferry Access

    Birth Island

    This island is realistically located near the Sevii Islands in the Kanto Region, south of island six. To get here, you need an item called the AURORATICKET, spelled just like that. If you have the ticket, go to the ferry in either Slateport or Lillycove and select Birth Island from the list.

    Deoxys (Birth Island)

    If you get the ticket and you reach the island itself, you will notice some very odd things. The first thing you will notice is that there is no background music. Second, the island is shaped like a huge triangle. If that wasn't odd enough for you, Deoxys is shaped like a triangle too. Is it trying to blend in? You can stand against the triangle in four different locations; to the left, right, top, or bottom. To get Deoxys to transform into a form that you can actually catch, you need to walk up to Deoxys and press the A button in one of the four possible positions. If you do, Deoxys moves with some threatening beeping noises. Chase after it and stand against another side and it moves again. You will notice that sometimes it will move back to the center of the island. You need to press A against the four positions in a certain order. There are several "correct" orders, but the one I use, which I will show below, works for all of the GBA versions.

    LEFT /  \ RIGHT
    Use this sequence:

    Deoxys should get mad from that. Notice that each time you correctly input a "side press" Deoxys moves and slowly turns from black to red? Okay, so you have gotten Deoxys angry, now let's catch the fiend!

    Capturing Deoxys

    You should not have much trouble with this battle, as Deoxys is only LV30. Still, it is rare and (eventually) powerful. Its most powerful attack is "PSYCHO BOOST. Anyway, since it is level 30 it isn't very strong to start. Do not think that this means you can catch it easily, oh noit is still very rare. Weaken it, throw Ultra Balls or a Master Ball, and hope for the best. Avoid confusing it--this will cause some grief for you. It has the Pressure ability, so you use up your PP quickly. Bring some ETHER, ELIXER, or LEPPA BERRIES if possible.

    DeoxysPSYCHICPressureBirth Island

    Lugia [E4/M]

    Lugia was obtainable through a Pokémon Event which is no longer available. Now, it is possible to transfer it to Ruby or Sapphire versions with "Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness." When you finally purify enough Pokémon to ultimately purify Shadow Lugia, it is yours to transfer. Send it to Ruby or Sapphire version, then to Emerald.

    Ho-Oh [E4/M]

    This Pokémon normally was obtainable through mystery event, but has long since been discontinued. Ho-Oh is available through "Pokémon Colosseum." After the 100th challenge at Mt. Battle is complete, you can transfer Ho-Oh to Ruby or Sapphire versions and then send it to Emerald.

    Mew [E4/M]

    This Pokémon was originally obtained through an event which is no longer available. It was provided through the Mystery Event feature as a Key Item, known as Old Sea Map. Upon displaying this to a ferryman, he would take you to Faraway Island, where you could chase a level 30 Mew around the tall grass, attempting to intercept its path to fight it. There are no known (legal) methods of obtaining Mew in the GBA versions of Pokémon.


                              ___        __
       ----   )__/_ _ _/ _/  (_  '  _/  /__)  / _ _      ----
         --  /  /(// (/  /() /  //)(/  /   ()/((-//)()/) --

    A section devoted to Pokémon that are difficult or nearly impossible to find.

    Bagon [B]

    Bagon is difficult to find; it hides in a tiny little room in Meteor Falls where you find TM02 DRAGON CLAW. The benefits of capturing a Bagon are good; it will evolve into a Shelgon at LV30, then into Salamence at LV50. It will learn FLY right after it evolves. Salamence is the Hoenn equivalent of Dragonite, but with fewer TM move capabilities.



    -PokéBalls: Ultra Ball (30), Timer Ball (10)

    Locating Bagon

    Enter Meteor Falls from Route 114.


    1. From the start point, go west and down the steps below you. Continue west. Go up and SURF north along the body of water to the north. Use WATERFALL at the waterfall.
    2. At the top of the waterfall, continue north and go through the cavern on the strip of land. Go AROUND the body of water in front of you. Go down the ladder near the east wall. Head as west as possible, and then north as possible. Go up the ladder against the NORTH wall.
    3. Go around OLD COUPLE: JOHN & JAY and up the four flights of steps to the north. Pass DRAGON TAMER: NICHOLIS (he will battle you). Go down the puddle-filled ledges, keeping west as possible. Go ON FOOT so you can control your movements. While staying west, stop when you reach the last ledge on the west side. There should be more ledges to the east. Go west along the path and down the ladder. If you cannot go west, you went too far down. Try again.
    4. Go down the steps to the south and go east. You will reach a body of water. SURF north until you reach the strip of land to the north. Land there and go through the cavern to the north.
    5. You will find yourself in a small cavern with water ahead. SURF north along that water. You will see a small strip of land with an item ball containing TM02 DRAGON CLAW. Bagon is here in this room and in this room only. You will not find it anywhere else. Run around on the tiny strip of land from which you took the item ball. Bagon is considered "rare" so it may be a while before it will appear, and may be difficult to capture. Be persistent and don't give up.
    NameType 1/2AbilityLocationHeld Item
    BagonDRAGONRock HeadMeteor FallsDragon Scale
    ShelgonDRAGONRock HeadBagon LV30+N / A
    SalamenceDRAGON/FLYINGIntimidateShelgon LV50+N / A

    Feebas [B]

    Feebas is almost impossible to find. It is in Route 119, but only in specific parts of that route. I cannot give you the exact location of Feebas along that Route, as its location is different in each game save file. I can teach you HOW to find it, however. If you have patience enough (how much patience? Try at least a week of searching) read on. If you do not want to look for something that long, then skip this section; this isn't for you...



    -Pokémon Moves: Sweet Scent

    -PokéBalls: Net Ball (10+)

    -Key Items: Old Rod

    Locating Feebas

    Start at the very bottom of Route 119, at the first body of water. You need to fish in every single "step" through the water. There are a few hundred "steps" in the water to fish in, and Feebas will appear in six of those steps. Just work your way through all of the possible areas to fish, I guarantee you will find it if you are thorough. Here is a tip: if you use the OLD ROD to fish, it will be easier to check if there are any Feebas in that step. I recommend fishing in each step about three to five times before moving on to the next one.


    Be sure to write down where you found Feebas so that you can get more later; they make great trading Pokémon and you can evolve one of the Feebas and get a Milotic. You need to have a Feebas with one of four natures out of the many available to get it to evolve. I will teach you how to evolve it; read the section below.

    Evolving Feebas

    The methods of evolving this Pokémon are as twisted as the ways of finding it. Feebas needs to have a high beauty rating before it will evolve.


    -Pokémon: Feebas

    -Berries: DRY Attribute

    -Key Items: POKÉBLOCK CASE

    To raise the beauty rating of Feebas, follow these steps:

    • If you have a bunch of DRY berries, skip Step 1
    • If you have a POKÉBLOCK CASE, skip Step 2
    • If you have both conditions fulfilled, start at Step 3
    1. Pick berries until you have many DRY type berries. Check berries' attributes by pressing A over a berry and hitting "Check Tag. Try to obtain several "rare" or high-level DRY berries.
    2. Go to Slateport City and go inside the HYPER RANK Contest Hall. Receive the POKÉBLOCK CASE from the little girl to the left.
    3. Blend berries at the Berry Blender in Lillycove City Contest Hall. Blend until you have about 25 DRY PokéBlocks.
    4. Feed Feebas those DRY PokéBlocks only if it has a nature that likes DRY flavors:
    5. Once Feebas' BEAUTY rating is at maximum (will not go any higher) raise Feebas' level by one. You can use a RARE CANDY if you wish. If Feebas does not evolve immediately, you do not have the BEAUTY rating high enough.

    If you have competed in a Pokémon Contest, you can go to the POKÉMON FAN CLUB in Slateport City and talk to the Chairman sitting on the couch (Chairman on the couch? Hah!). Put Feebas in the lead position in your party and talk to the Chairman again. He will examine the condition of your Pokémon. If Feebas has a high enough BEAUTY rating, the Chairman will comment about it. He will give you an item, the BLUE SCARF (unless you have obtained one from him before). This means you have a Feebas with a high enough BEAUTY rating to evolve!

    FeebasWATERSwift SwimRoute 119 (Water)
    MiloticWATERMarvel ScaleFeebas (High BEAUTY)

    If you change the "Trendy Phrase" in Dewford Town, Feebas' location (even if you have not found it yet) will change. Likewise, if your friend has found a spot for Feebas, you cannot change the trendy phrase in your game to match your friend's and find Feebas in the same spot that your friend did; it does not work like that.


    This is a decoder for the 26 letter English alphabet, plus a COMMA and PERIOD. This works with all of the Pokémon games for the GBA.

      | A| B| C| D| E| F| G| H| I| J| K| L| M| N| O| P| Q| R| S| T| U| V|
    - |. |. |..|..|. |..|..|. | .| .|. |. |..|..|. |..|..|. | .| .|. |. | -
    - |  |. |  | .| .|. |..|..|. |..|  |. |  | .| .|. |..|..|. |..|  |. | -
    - |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |. |. |. |. |. |. |. |. |. |. |..|..| -
      | W| X| Y| Z| ,| .|          VISUAL BRAILLE-> ENGLISH             |
    - | .|..|..|. |  |  | The last two are COMMA and PERIOD.  These dots| -
    - |..|  | .| .|. |..| can be found in Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf| -
    - | .|..|..|..|  | .| Green, and Emerald Versions.                  | -


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