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A local gamestore said this game was sold out of the nintendo warehouse in a matter of hours.06/17/051337Souljah
Pokemon, like a glass of fine wine....04/17/06astrangeone
Is Thunder Yellow next?03/29/05Bahamut001
Weeeee! Another Pokemon Game!!!! Is it Worth it????02/13/06Darth_Sideous6
No wonder this game was shining like a jewel when I took it out of the pack!!06/24/09DaZinga
Not just a kiddie game anymore05/09/05enacting
Good Game for it's time.03/07/08GaidenGuy123
Who says old... Isn't better?10/27/10HinaruHyzama
Whats new Pikachu?01/04/07idiotman7
A complete rehash. But a good one.08/26/05linksbabiigurl
While not for Ruby and Sapphire owners, a great remake nonetheless.12/16/05MetallicTreecko
A great game for some, and an okay for others.05/09/05methedemon
Nintendo got lazy?08/04/06Moonsummit
1 + 1 = 2, or not? Think...09/22/04Mykas0
Emerald version fixes many of the flaws that were present in Ruby and Sapphire.11/15/06ND9k
Even more valuable than an Emerald06/29/09PaladinCrusader
Two words. BATTLE FRONTIER.05/23/05PrinceofDDR
If your looking for a great game with replay value...keep looking07/20/05RicanMetroid
A very impressive remake that chained me to a wall05/04/05Ryock
-I picked this up, and life was a thing of the past.-01/04/10Sailorfan13
A list of some flaws.10/16/08SJF1980
Best Version So far!02/08/07Skull_pro
Now thats what I call a Pokemon game!05/05/05Smasher09
This game is truly a gem in your collection.12/19/05Super_Toadette
Pikachu can't do it and Suicune's in Johto. Looks like it's up to Rayquaza!05/02/05Sygma01
All these years later, Pokémon still works11/22/05T Prime
A game not to miss!05/17/05TPitch
Explore the all new Pokemon in the Hoenn Region...06/11/09vgmasterRicardo
What'll happen when Nintendo runs out of color/gem names? Hopefully, it won't die!06/19/05WaterMario222
The Pokemon Video Game franchise strikes back -- but will Emerald turn any heads?08/22/06Will630
Whats Next?09/06/05WWEKnight
Great game, even if it just has a few things better than R/S03/06/06zeldarooles

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