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Reviewed: 08/04/06

Nintendo got lazy?

Being someone who has played a lot of games, I think it is fair to say I know what I'm talking about even if it's about Pokemon. Me myself am NOT a fan of Pokemon at all. The cartoons, the toys, and everything else to do with Pokemon I absolutely hate beyond belief. But if you stereotype games to the extent that as long as it has the title "Pokemon" you hate it, then let me tell you my friend, you are missing out on a lot of amazing games up to date. Even after saying I hate Pokemon as a subject, the games since the Game Boy have been legendary. (With a few exceptions. *cough cough Gamecube*)

What is this game like?

I'm sure you have all playing Pokemon before, or at least heard of it before. Basically you are a boy/girl who sets out on an adventure to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world. Yeah, it sounds a bit cheesy, but it doesn't sound as bad as it implies. The game consists of about 360 different species of Pokemon, each being vastly different from one another. You battle other Pokemon trainers with your Pokemon, and you level them up as you win. There are also some side missions you can do to capture the legendary Pokemon or anything along those lines. Also, the maximum level is 100, so it should keep you going for long enough.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics are only 10/10 because it is a GBA game. Obviously being compared to the PSP or the Xbox 360 it will look like stickmen with a Pokeball in their hand. The graphics on this game beats any other GBA game I have played. So, you definitely won't ve disappointed. No, the graphics are not 3D. They are 2D, but nevertheless, they won't keep you from playing this game. They haven't really improved it by that much since the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire versions. They reduced the size of your character this time to suit Pokemon Red and Blue. It was a good idea I think, I didn't like playing with larger characters.

Gameplay: 9/10

When you are in the wild areas, the battles you encounter are totally random. When fighting, you take turns for your Pokemon to attack depending on it's agility stat. Pokemon trainers are everywhere, when you get your cellphone, you will be able to re-battle trainers you have fought in the past unlike the older Pokemon games. They haven't edited the gameplay much. except they did add a few more new skills.

Storyline: 7/10

The storyline is supposed to be one of the best parts about Pokemon. But it doesn't suit me. It could keep a 6 year old entertained, but I'm too old to be amused by evil Pokemon fiends trying to take over the world with evil tactics. The storyline isn't too bad if you force yourself to play along with it.

Music: 8/10

Rarely any environmental music around, mostly sound tracks from the old Pokemon games but improved. It is hard to describe music in words, but the music definitely suits the game but can be improved. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Replay Value: 10/10

This is the best part about Pokemon games. Although you will likely complete the storyline after a mere 25 hours of playing, you will be able to go back and unlock new things which were not there before. If you are bothered, you can level your Pokemon to level 100 and battle your friends. Maybe attempt to catch all the Pokemon and be a true Pokemon Master! ...hell no.


A solid title indeed. It till keep you playing for a long time as long as you let down that "I'm not a loser" guard. Honestly, this game is worth buying as long as you own a GBA. I would have given this higher, but there is no way I can let Nintendo get away with remaking a game, adding a few bits in which hardly improves the game, and calling it a totally different title.

*Long lifespan
*Good graphics
*Fairly good music
*Indepth game

*Can get repetitive
*Random battles can get on your nerves

Peace~ Moonsummit AKA Ink Eyes

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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