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"While not for Ruby and Sapphire owners, a great remake nonetheless."

This game, is basically just a simple remake of Pokemon Ruby Version and Pokemon Sapphire Version. The game's mascot, or the Pokemon that's on the box, is Rayquaza. The Pokemon RPGs that have been coming out for about a decade all have the same goal. You start out with one simple Pokemon. You have a choice of either a grass type, a fire type, or a water type. Then, you take little red and white balls called Pokeballs,which are used to catch wild Pokemon. And you travel the world. You collect Pokemon from all over, and you use them to take on the Gym Leaders of eight towns. They are strong trainers, and you defeat them to earn badges. Collect eight badges, and you can face the Elite Four. They are way stronger, and could eat Gym Leaders for breakfast. Defeat them, and you're the Champion. That's the goal of Pokemon. To be the best of the best.

Story 3/10

The story isn't really good. In fact, the story for this game is pretty much the same for all games. Except that other games have different regions, and different Pokemon. So for some, if you've played one Pokemon game, you've played them all. But, you can play other versions to collect Pokemon. If two versions are released at the same time, they have several Pokemon that are exclusive to that game. For example, you can find the Moon Pokemon Lunatone in Pokemon Sapphire, but not Pokemon Ruby. And in Pokemon Ruby, you can find the Sun Pokemon Solrock, but you can't find it in Pokemon Sapphire.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics are pretty good for a 2-D game. The people could use a little more detail. In battle however, the people you face are closer, and they look better. The different attacks also can look pretty cool. They look way better on the GameCube though. Also, when you zoom in on a Pokemon, they do a little movement while they do their cry. The first time that was seen was in Pokemon Crystal Version for the Game Boy Color. The graphics exceed the expectations of many. And the Battle Frontier looks great.

Music 6/10

The music isn't really that impressive, but the crys of the Pokemon sound great. The ones like Lugia and Electabuzz are ones that haven't been heard in a long time. Many towns have the same music, and the routes to each town also sound pretty much the same. The sound effects are better than the music in my own opinion though.

Difficulty 9/10

The game is harder than Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, making a great game for seasoned Pokemon fans that don't own either. If you own one of the above, the game will just be monotonous. Repeating all that was in the two previous games. The Battle Frontier is a great challenge. Sometimes, it gets you so mad, you want to chuck your hand held out the window. You work so hard to get to the heads, and they beat the pants off you. That's what's really frustrating about this game. As well as collecting more than three hundred kinds of Pokemon to complete your Pokedex.

Overall 10/10

Despite the Story and Music scores, the game is great. And if you don't own Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire, you should buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/16/05

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