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"An awesome pokemon with some new story twists"

First off I would like to say that this game is great. There are new battle styles since the old gold and silver games, and there is a new and improved story to go along with the new look of the Pokemon series.

Game play review. The game play in each Pokemon game has come a long way. It started out as you walking around, training and catching new Pokemon. Even though the classic games were good, there was always room for improvement. It then evolved, with new moves, and more ways to travel, like using a Pokemon to ride up a waterfall, or stopping a whirlpool to get to a new area. Now, the game play has undergone yet another transportation. There are now two different bicycles, for different riding styles. You can move through sandstorms, or travel up to the top of a mountain and collect ashes for glass items. The battle system has also undergone a change from the earlier games. There are now two-on-two battles, where there are two enemies challenging you, and you control two Pokemon. There is even a time when you team up with another trainer and fight off enemies. There are now more than just gyms in cities. There are battle tents, where you use rented Pokemon in a tournament, and there is even a trainers mountain, where you fight your way up to the top. In certain area's of the game you can even travel on the sea floor. There are tons of new Pokemon, but you can't get a lot of the originals. That was the only problem I had with the game play. Even with the Pokemon problem, I give game play in the game a 10 out of 10.

Single player review. The single player in the game is great. There are new ways to play, and more Pokemon to catch, evolve, and train into the ultimate fighter. You don't like to fight, and only want to love and care for your new Pokemon? Just create a hideout, and get furniture, and make items to give to your Pokemon, ensuring that they love you with all of their hearts. In this game, the battles aren't the only thing to do, you can collect and trade items, go treasure hunting on the sea floor, and explore caverns for rare items. There was nothing that I could find wrong with the single player in this game. I give single player a 10 out of 10.

Multi player review. The multi player in emerald is a great experience that also requires some single player skill. First, you must train your Pokemon. Then, you can plug in a link cable, and fight to the death with your friends, or people that you want to get back at. You can trade Pokemon to other players, and can give your Pokemon mail, and have the other player read it. There is a new feature in emerald. One of the best parts of the game is that there are specially marked chat areas. If you have a wireless link for you game boy, you can talk to multiple people at once. The only thing wrong is that you need to buy special equipment to play with others. I give the multi player in emerald an 9 out of 10.

Graphics review. The graphics in the third series of Pokemon games are great. The battles look a lot better, with new animations, and you can even watch battles in certain areas of the game. There are spots that are snowy. At the base of volcanoes there are ashes that fall, and sandstorms rage in deserts. The cut scene in the beginning of the game looks even better than the other games. The Pokemon even do motions before battle, which was adopted from crystal. I play the game on my new game boy micro, and the smaller screen makes the game look a lot better. There are loads of colors in the game, and are all placed well. No area looks too serious, or too childish, making the game good for adults who like the series, or children who like colors and bright objects. I give the graphics a 10 out of 10.

Story review. The story in the game is better than the other two stories. Nintendo decided to let us all take a break from the old Team Rocket, and pits us against teams Magma, and Aqua. Yes, in Emerald you fight both Aqua and Magma. In Sapphire and Ruby, you only need to fight one of the two. Anyway, you find out that the two teams are out to change the world, and the only thing in their way is you, well, you and the other team. Team Magma wants to make more land mass, for the Pokemon of the land to have more breeding grounds. Where as team Aqua wants to make more water in the world. You fight them, and learn their plans, and soon that they are out to unleash legendary Pokemon. One, is a land Pokemon, and Magma wants to control it, and use its powers to destroy team Aqua, and create more land mass. The other Pokemon is targeted by Team Aqua. They want to use it to crush team Magma, and make more water, for the Pokemon of the sea. You try to stop them, but are just a bit too late. They unleash both Pokemon, but lose control of them. The Pokemon go out to kill each other, and then the third legendary Pokemon comes. This one is the Pokemon of the ski. It tries to balance the power, but needs your help. The rest, you have to figure out. I give the story a 10 out of 10.

This game is great. You should defiantly buy it. And if you've never played a Pokemon game, then buy the others. You will enjoy them a lot.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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