Review by Culex82

"Just as hard as ever...."

It's been....uhhh...Not sure how many years but Castlevania is back and now it's on the GBA. Yippee...if only they had made more features to it. Other than the save mode it's still the same old hard game we've all seen before.

Story: 4/10
We've all seen this before. Your Simon Belmont, you go out to kill Dracula. Same old story.

Controls: 1/10
The controls are VERY hard to master. The controls are what make the game so hard. The controls are very inaccurate and sometimes unresponsive.

Sound: 10/10
It's Castlevania! What would you expect? The sound is some of the best music I've heard in a video game.

Graphics: 7/10
The Graphics are sorta mixed up but they still look good. The backgrounds are what caught my attention.

Gameplay: 5/10
The Gameplay hasn't changed a bit. There is a save option however. So if you die on a stage you can continue and get so mad at the stage all over again that you will most likely be throwing the game at the wall.

Difficulty: 9/10
This is still one of the Hardest games on the NES. In fact this one the hardest games PERIOD in the history of games. Also when you beat it you get to play.....HARD MODE???? Oh great. This game hates everyone. No doubt about it Castlevania is HARD! I almost punched a wall when I lost on the same stage over and over again. DO NOT play this game if you get frustrated easily. I also think that it is near impossible to beat the game. Due to the bad level design and the boss's attacks.

Replay value: 1/10
I have an extremely difficult time seeing you play the same frustrating game over again. If even think about playing this game on hard mode......Good luck.You'll need it to even take five steps into the fourth level.

Overall: 6/10
The only good part of this game was the Graphics and the sound. The rest is still the same stuff we saw when the game came out for the NES.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/18/06

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