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    Telephone FAQ by extremejon

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 11/13/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                \____/ Ware: Twisted!
    Telophone Number FAQ 
    Version 1.2 (Last updated June 6 2005
    By Extremejon (Extremejon09@yahoo.com)
    Table of Contents
         01. Introduction
         02. Numbers
         03. Messages
         04. Wraping it up.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~01: Introduction~~~~~~~~~
    Hmmm... this is my first FAQ ive submitted, and its 
    about the telphone souvenir in the "Other" Section. 
    Or rather, the numbers that you can put into it to hear 
    often hillarious messages. You can find the phone by 
    beating Dribble and Spitzs' stage. I will add the 
    numbers as I find them. Or, if you find some that I 
    don't have on here, feel free to email them to me. 
    Ok, let's get this train wreak-a-rollin.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~01: Numbers~~~~~~~~~
    In this part I'll have the numbers, along with a 
    short Description. In order to prevent 
    spoiling the surprise, I'll put what they 
    actully say later.
    Number| Description     |
    3341  |Depressing       |
    4949  |Pizza Dinosaur   |
    3939  |Mona Pizza       |
    4123  |helpful Hint Guy |
    8472  |Don't Sweat      |
    7171  |Hang Up!         |
    9646  |Not Interested   |
    8888  |Wahahaha....     |
    7450  |Thanks           |
    5071  |Fortune teller   |
    1203  |Fronk            |
    1153  |Freindly         |
    0881  |Paranoid         |
    0099  |Creep!           |
    8324  |Chain Number1    |
    7946  |Chain Number2    |
    2569  |Chain Number3    |
    0222  |Cat              |
    5963  |Take Breaks      |
    1234  |Dumped           |
    6741  |Useless          |                 
    4111  |Helpful hint 2   |
    4906  |Late             |
    1212  |Dice             | 
    5963  |Break            |
    2999  |Kid              |  
    1111  |Rain             |
    4649  |Psychic          |
    4122  |Helpful hint 3   |
    2525  |Mona             |
    4141  |Helpful hint 4   |
    0883  |Reception        |
    4182  |Helpful hint 5   |
    6967  |Earlier          | 
    9467  |Mistake          | 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~03: Messages~~~~~~~~~         
    Here is a list of the messages that Appear 
    after you type in the numbers. 
    Some of them apparently have branch to have several 
    different messages. I will post them each also.
    3341: Alone... So alone... I'm all alone... 
          Won't someone play with me?
    4949: 1.Wassup! Pizza D Here! During my last delivery, 
            I slipped on something and bit it Hard! 
            Consequently I've closed up the shop for the 
            day...try again tomorrow. Sorry!
          2.Hello, Pizza Dinosaur here. Mona Pizza's closed 
            today. I heard they are going to be closed though 
            next year. We here at pizza dinosaur never close, 
            so tell us what you want, when you want it! And 
            we'll bring you something you didnít order in a 
            couple days.
          3.You've reached Pizza dinosaur, where our motto 
            is CRUSH THE COMPETIONTION. our special Today 
            is the T-rex set. But don't worry It's not 
            Like we used lizard meat or anything...we 
            would never do- wait! Hello? Did you hang up?
    3939: Buon Giro! Mona Pizza! 
           1.My name is Joe! I'm the Manager of this joint! 
           2.Joe Speaking
          Who? Mona? 
           1.She just left for school. 
           2.She's on a date.
           3.She's out delivering Pies.
          Enough about that, Though. Did I tell you my name 
          is Joe? I'm the manager. 
           1.And I'm a dog. My mom is so proud! You see, all 
             the other dogs in my family became just pets. 
             I'm really the only working dog in my family 
             except for that one cousin who work for the 
           2.Belive it or not, I'm a dog. 
             2.1.I like how they trust me not to eat the pizzas. 
                 That's how I got to became the manager! Plus, 
                 I look pretty debonair in this cheifs hat. 
                 Don't you think?             
             2.2.You wouldnít think I'd be able to work my way 
                 up to manager, huh? On account of the lack of 
                 thumbs and lips and all...
          What's that? Oh yeah...your order...
    4123: Hello I'm the helpful hint guy! Did you know you can 
          make the messages at the bottom of the screen scroll 
          faster by pressing L? What? you already knew that? 
          Never mind then...
    8472: I think this kind of thing happens all the time, don't 
          sweat the small stuff!
    7171: Hey! You must hang up now! Quickly!  If you don't 
          hang up now, there'll be trouble! What? You don't 
          know how to? Press A. Press A to hang up, I said! 
          Why are you still there? I said, Hang up! 
          Do it! Now! please! hang up! Oh yeah, I guess 
          I could just hang up on you. CLICK
    9646: Listen, Pal. I already told you I'm not interested in 
          whatever your selling, not stop calling during dinner!
    8888: Whahhahaha...hyahahaha...heeheeheehee
    7456: Oh...Hey, thanks for yesterday. I had a great time. 
          We should do it again soon. Thanks for calling. 
          I'll talk to you later.
    5071: Your fortune today is-
           1.I'm sorry to say- TERRIBLE! You might want 
             to go back to bed
           2.Pretty good! It might be a good idea to try 
             something new.
           3.Pure joy! Everything will go the way you want 
             it to! Yippy Skippy!
    1203: Fronk here. 
           1.You want to know the meaning to life? How
             fortunate you have the leisure to ponder 
             such things, some people have these things 
             called JOBS! 
           2.You keep asking me the meaning of life, and all I 
             can say is I DONT KNOW. for all know there IS NO 
             MEANING! Aw, quit being so glum. Have a piece of candy.
           3.What can I do for you? The meaning of life is what you 
             seek? I don't know why you think I have the answer? OK. 
             Here's a platitude for you: Change your perspective, 
             Maybe you'll find your answer. Satisfied?
           4.WHAT? You're seeking the meaning of life? 
             The meaning of life might be to find the meaning 
             of life. Deep, I know.
           5.Whatcha want? I see... The meaning of life is what you 
             seek. This is a question for less important people then 
             those who plague me.
    1153: Hey! Long time no talk! How've you been? I'm so happy you 
          called! We've gotten all settled in and are almost ready 
          for guests. When are you coming?
    0881: I told you not to call me at this number! my line is 
          tapped! There following me! Oh, No! They found me! 
          Save yourse-Beep....beep....
    0099: Ew! You creep! Why are you calling me at this hour? 
    8324: You scared me! My phone never rings! I'm going to give 
          you a number, so you call it ok? Its 7946.
    7946: Hey! where'd you get this number? Doesn't matter! I'm 
          going to give you a number, and you need to call it. 
          It's 2569. Got it?
    2569: Hey! where'd you get this number? Doesn't matter! I'm 
          going to give you a number, and you need to call it. 
          It's 8324. Got it?
    0222: Meeeeeeoooooow...Mew?
    5963: You're working hard. Shaking your system can take a 
          lot outta you, so make sure you take breaks, 'k? 
          Don't work yourself too hard!
    1234: Hey! Remember me? The guy you sent the Dear John Letter 
          to today? The guy YOU DUMPED? Just wanted to say GOOD 
    6741: ..........................Useless.
    4111: Helpful hint guy says, "Never leave home without 
          a helmet"
    4906: Helloo! What can I do ya for? Oh, You're right! I'm 
          going to be late! Thanks for the call!
    1212: This is the dice phone, when you need a number give 
          me a call And here is your rol...You get a (1-6)!
    5963: You 're working hard. Shaking your system can take alot 
          out of you so make sure you take breaks, k"? Don't work 
          yourself too hard!
    2999: Hello. Are you being a good kid? I'm sorry I'm always 
          coming home so late. I'm going to hurry up and finish 
          here, so I can come home. Don't hate me ok? I'll be 
          home soon.
    1111: 1.This is the weather report. Next years forecast is 
            rain. Typical.
          2.Todays report is rain. But you should know that, cause 
            your phone is pouring!
          3.This is the weather report. Tomorrow's forecast calls                 
            for...rain! Surprise, surprise!  
    4649: You've reached the Warioware psychic hotline. Oooooh! 
          Just for twenty dollars a minute, I will slowly reveal 
          the secret meestreies from beyond the unknown. I 
          will give you clarity and lightness of wallet. Ohoo!!!!
    4122: Hello. I'm the helpful hint guy! if your game doesnít  
          seem to be working correctly, you might want to try 
          giving it a break. try pausing it for a bit. It 
          should be fine when you come back to it.
    2525: 1.Hi there! Youíve reached Mona. I've just popped out 
            for a bit, so try me again later!
          2.Hello! this is Mona! I'm just a little busy right now, 
            would you please try me again later?
          3.Hello. Oh, did you want to talk to Mona? she was just 
            here. She probably  went to the pizza shop.
    4141: Hello. Im the Helpful hint guy! Ever been playing 
          "Warioware: Twisted!" and accidentally pressed start 
           and paused the game? change the pause settings in 
           the options menu.
    0883: Hello! I'm getting bad reception here, but when do you 
          think you'll be able to join us? What am I saying? 
          We'll wait for you as long as we need to, so don't rush. 
          See you later!
    4182: Hello. I'm the Helpful hint guy! you know how you collect 
          games in the spindex? Once you have collected all the 
          games you collect a secret game. oooh, mysterious.
    6967: Did you call me eariler? What? you didnít? This is a 
          wrong number?! What's going on?!
    9467: Oops, I made a mistake! 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~04:Wraping it up~~~~~~~~~ 
    3:41 PM 11/13/2005 Version 1.4: Added a single new number. 
    Thanks to Dan Giammalvo.
    12:01 AM 6/10/2005: Version 1.3, Added a Lota new numbers. 
    Thanks to everyone for finding numbers that I dident have. 
    This should be the final version.  
    2:41 AM 6/7/2005 Updated to Version 1.2: Added 7 more numbers 
    and spellchecked
    Ok, This whole dang thing is copyright by Extremejon 2005. 
    The game itself is copyright nintendo. I'm not making money 
    off this, or at least I don't think I am. Don't use this guide 
    anywhere without my permission, all right? I put my blood, 
    sweat and tears into this guide. Well, maybe not my blood. But 
    I did cry a few times.
    This file is for gamefaqs.com only.
    © Copyright 2005  Extremejon

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