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"Mario likes Mushrooms! Wario likes be turned around a lot!"

Warioware Twisted, is the third game in this wacky series. This game is a lot different from the other games though. You have to turn your Game Boy Advance around, and around to play the Mini-Games. The Mini-Games result in tons of fun, and are hilarious, and will keep you occupied for hours, laughing on the floor because of the wacky Mini-Games. Now what your here for, the Review!

Game Play 10/10
The Game Play is very good. You get to twist, and turn your Game Boy around a lot, and that should result in fun. There are some hilarious Mini-Games, such as Picking someones nose, Walk the Dog, or a famous crossword puzzle! There is over 200 Mini-Games you can choose from. The game is lots of fun, and you will have a twisting time with this one!

Graphics 8/10
The graphics aren't bad, but aren't that good either. Even if sometimes they can be bad, I usually don't notice them, because of the fun I'm having. The colour brings out the graphics to higher levels. Everything looks well designed, and always doesn't really look bad at all. Like I said, the Graphics aren't really bad, and you will barely notice them if you don't like them, because of the fun you'll be having.

Sound 9/10
The Sound is something better. There is good music from the Wario Land games, and from games Wario has been in. There is some wacky tunes, that fit this wacky game perfectly. They bring in new tunes, and have some remixed old tunes.

Replayability 10/10
This game will last a lng time. The Mini-Games are always fun to play over and over. Some levels, can be challenging, and exciting to play. If your up to the challenge, to beat every single Mini-Game it will take awhile. There is even other Mini-Games you can unlock, and play in a different mode.

Overall 9/10
It's a good game, but doesn't come without its flaws. It's fun and will keep you occupied for hours, and you will be laughing on the floor sometimes, because of the Mini-Games. Rent or Buy? You should buy it. If your new to the series, you should rent it first, but if you know the series well, it's a must buy for any gamer who wants a game that will last. Well hope you enjoyed the review, and happy twisting!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/30/06

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