"Twisting is good."

This was probably Nintendo's second attempt to make the built-in Tilt-Sensor device popular to regular players. And because of the mixed thoughts I had with Yoshi's Topsy-Turvy, I didn't really expected much from this title. And boy was I surprised. Nintendo didn't change the device one bit, but the good part about it is that they took advantage of its loose controls to make the game fun.

Warioware: Twisted! is a brand new game just released around the bend in America in 5/23/05. It specializes in very original and very hilarious "microgames" as its backbone for the entire game. But along with those microgames, there are also extra stuff you can play with in advance of the game's "storyline". Those things you play with while you're not bothered with the microgames are actually fun to play.

But enough about the extra features. Is this game really as good as Warioware Inc. Mega Microgame$? Absolutely! This game is still subjected to a fresh hoard of hilarity, fast-paced action, and of course, tilting your GBA.

The microgames are once again separated by theme. And I really liked how creative they are with the themes they used: it involves tilting at certain degrees such as all the way instead of the normal left-and -right movements you're used to. And each genre also gives you different ways of playing this game; some examples include tilting small tilts and just pressing A. Now that's creativity to the max!

And the microgames themselves? Good as advertised: they come with some of the best control responses for the GBA, along with a huge dose of fresh humor. And they include some of the best ideas ever! My favorite one was that egg one where you cannot move a muscle! It's just so simple as to just screw up, you actually get a very hilarious reaction when you do it wrong! And that's where some of the fun of the game comes from.

Like I said before, there are capsules you can obtain throughout the game! Some of them are as hilarious as the microgames, some I'm not so amused about and a couple that are really useful in the future. They're fun to collect over and over again just for the sake of filling up your entire collection.

And let's not forget the graphics and the sound! The graphics are just as good as the original Warioware game first released on the GameBoy Advance. The characters are very well-modeled and the textures really made the cut. And there are some so good that it was part of the laughing factor of the game! The music selection, unfortunately, have a broad selection that seem undercomposed, mostly. But there are a couple of tunes that are actually good and gets better when it goes faster. And it, too, is part of the fun factor of the entire game.

Going through this entire game (from collecting every capsule to playing every microgame once) takes around 8 hours to complete. While you don't get a huge congratulations just like the previous installment, the microgames almost never lost their luster when it comes to replaying them again and again! And that's why I still play this game at least 30 minutes a day just enjoying its microgames and, occasionally, play a capsule game I like.

Warioware: Twisted! takes the approach of heavy doses of hilarity, along with the fact that the controls, though a little loose, were very easy to use and master and its overall playability was fantastic! With those reasons along, I'm saying that you should buy it now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/03/10

Game Release: WarioWare: Twisted! (US, 05/23/05)

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