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"Long live the twist. - JP Ver. Review"

Mawaru - Made in Wario

Mawaru (Meaning to twist or circle.. Complications with 'meguru'), that pretty much sums up the game. The game-pak is a large white one with a motion sensor and features vibration. Mawaru is the sequel to 200(2's?) highly acclaimed/sleeper/uhm/weird/ game Made in Wario (Wario Ware Inc. - US). Much has changed since the first incantation of what is most definitely my favorite series. I have yet to find a use of the D-Pad, as navigation is controlled by tilting the GBA. The format is a much more bubbly, interesting layout, and is pretty easy to use. This game has 200 or so minigames, and all are totally now (Except a few, just played differently)

The first option (Sakan) is the library of games similar to the first one. This is where you can play the same game (Under 3 difficulty levels) over and over for practice or enjoyment (or both~) The thing is, there are 12 characters, and when you unlock new characters, all of the games in the library are unlocked. As the first game, the clear (x) thing is present, using a crown to signify you've cleared the minigame.

The second option (Ge-ma) is the normal character games mode. In the first game, each character had a different type of game, but in this one, they have a different type of playing. For example, Jimmy's games are games that are widely turned, Mona's are light turns, and Kat and Ana's games are A button only (Old-School). Some will combine tilting and pressing the A button, so it requires practice. The witty and fantastic intros are still in tact, as well as the endings. This will be the main mode of play.

The third option (Gatchya-Koron) is the extras. Gatchya Koron is the sound effects of a toy capsule machine, the turning of the handle, and the prize rolling down. If it's released in the states, I'd assume it'd be called Fun-Box or something of the like. You get Gatchya's by clearing bosses basically, and there are tons to collect. Action figures, music instruments, games, flags, people, etc. All of these are playable with, and are a good break from the normal game. By the way, this option is HUGE. There are 7 categories each with about 30 or + items. The fact that you want to play the game more for new prizes just adds onto it's addictiveness.

The fourth option (Opushyon) is the Options mode. Nothing much here. Clear your data, turn the rumble on and off,watch the epilogues, a controls switch (Use L and R buttons for the Start button o_O) and of course, return.

So now that you now about the game, what's so good about it?

It's fun

Plain and simple. It's quirky, it's fast, it's hilarious

And it's just so addictive and fun. The game is incredibly creative, and a true gem of it's kind. I imagine I'll log hours of my life onto my little gba, as I did with the first version.

Addictiveness 10/10 - All night long. (I play this)
Humor 10/10 (Screenshots)
Story 8/10 (Still fun, but it was a little hard for me to read ><
Graphics 9/10 (Outstanding on the GBA, ranging from stick figures to cel-shaded cellphones..Say that 3 times fast)
Gameplay 10/10 (Fun. Just. Fun.)
Sound 9/10 (Sound effects are nice and funny, and the music is.. Well there isn't much, but it's alright)
Japanese Language Factor - MOST of the game is pretty basic and self explanatory, but for some games you'll need to know Japanese words (Like elbow ) and be able to read hiragana. It wasn't a problem for me, but it might be for some importers.

Overall this game is simply amazing. There's nothing more I can say about it except that it's just... Superb. It's addictive, it's fast, it's fun, it turns, and it's Wario Ware.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/23/05

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