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"Wario is back! But is he better?"

Ahh, Wario, how we love your "get rich quick schemes". From your outing on the GBA, when you first gave me ADD with your 3 second micro-games, to tickling you on the DS, and now back to the GBA for another new way to play your games and help your bottom line.

Wario is back and he is better than ever. In Wario Ware: Twisted! you control the action via a gyroscopic control device and the "A" button. What does the former mean? Well, in Nintendo's never-ending quest for innovation, you control the action by moving the GBA itself. This concept sounds weird and awkward, and, well, it is. But after you get into it, it works really well. With around 10 characters to unlock the main game isn't very long, but, FINALLY, Nintendo has realized this and added in many, many extras. After you complete the main game, which talks a normal 3-5 hours, you can then go back and play any character over again to unlock souvenirs. You get one souvenir for every boss you reach, you can even lose to the boss and still gain a souvenir as long as it isn't you last life. There is still the mode in which you try to beat every-micro game individually by scoring the appropriate amount of points. Oh yeah, there is a rumble feature! How amazing is it for Nintendo to put a rumble feature in a GBA game? This feature is not only really cool, but it helps you when you are twisting your system. Whether keeping in time with Wario Man's boss stage beats, or trying to get the right spin down for another micro-game. This feature is the best part of this new game.

Sound has been great and is great in this iteration of the Wario Ware franchise. Sound is especially noticeable when you play 9-Volt's classic NES games. From the Metroid theme to Super Mario Bros. 3, the sound in this game just rocks.

The graphics in Wario Ware continue with what came before. Having graphics that match whichever game you are playing is a very good way to go. No two games share the same graphical style.

This is another great game in the Wario Ware franchise, and maybe the best game. This is the first Wario Ware game to make me want to play it after I beat the main game. This is the best in the series and is the first Wario Ware game to warrant it's $35 price tag. This is the FIRST Wario Ware game to last longer than expected, and I was pleasantly surprised with how long it did last. Buy, don't rent this GBA gem.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/27/05

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