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"The name describes the game"

WarioWare, a quite new series to hit the market, has just released its fourth installment. This new game is called WarioWare: Twisted. Don't be fooled by the title. Wario is not making another form of a drink that just has a different color to attract people. No, WarioWare: Twisted is also equipped with a great taste, to satisfy and thirst for fun.


WarioWare: Twisted never actually has a good or interesting storyline. Actually, it just isn't good at all. So why did I give it a 10 anyways? It's because it's funny. For this beginning, you see Wario on a couch, playing his Gameboy Advance. He gets to a spot he can't beat, and basicly, goes mad. He then breaks his poor Gameboy Advance. Knowing his good friend Dr. Crygor will help him, he hops on his 'hog' and drives over to the lab. In there, Dr. Crygor puts the demolished Gameboy into his new invention, the Gravitator. The Gameboy Advance pops out, but it has no buttons. He attempts to play his game, but he fails. Then, Dr. Crygor tells him to twist the gameboy, and he does so. Soon after, 9-Volt and Mona come in, and try it too. Everyone loves it, and that's when Wario decides to mass-produce it to make major profits.

Wario pulls off his graphics don't matter trick in his new game. The graphics fit the scenery perfectly, and I even saw some 3-D in there. Even though, some of the graphics that were supposed to look good, didn't turn out so well. Get it? Turn? As in twist? As in WarioWare: Twisted? Nevermind.

The most juicy part of any game, the gameplay. WarioWare: Twisted doesn't fall out here. With its built in gyro-sensor, you have to twist the game to play it. This may seem hard, but after about three minutes, you should get the hang of it. You don't just use the twist function though, you use the A button as well.

Going to the story mode, many things have been modified. Believe it or not, it will provide a challenge to you. It took me up to five tries on some of the people. One of the major changes in this game is, when you lose a life, you don't count that as a point. You just keep going, without even getting the point at all. That may seem bad, or confusing to understand, but the change is good, and gives the game its much-needed challenge.

Next up, souvenir. Or in this case, souvenirs. You don't get about 33 souvenirs like in WarioWare: Touched! (34, counting the Mona's Pizza video). You get a grand 140. They all aren't very useful, but there are some minigames that will last you awhile. Can you go wrong with the number 140?

Overall, the gameplay is astounding, and deserves the 10/10, every point of it.


First, play all the 180+ microgames for all the silver crowns. Then, play them all the required amount of times to get all the gold crowns. Then, collect 140 souvenirs. People, can you go wrong? WarioWare is known for its replay value, and this is no different. Find yourself staying up all night on this one.


Your not going to want to turn over the opportunity of getting this. Get it? Turn. Again? It's funnier the second time! Other than my lame jokes, this game is a must have for any fan, or newcomer. In my opinion, this is the best installment yet, and a 10/10 is the only fitting attire for this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/31/05

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