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"Truly incredible!"

The first Warioware was released in 2002, and it was an instant success. Though the microgames in the game were so simple a newborn could do them, it was how the games were tied together at a breakneck speed, and presented in such a charming fashion. This is Warioware's fourth game made in America, and because of it's unique and extremely frantic game-play, it comes out being the best in the series.

If this is your first time hearing about Warioware, this game is unlike anything you'll ever play. How the game works is you have these little tiny simple games that are called micro-games. These games only last about 5 seconds, and are the main part of the game. Take about 200 of these, tie them all together and you've got yourself a Warioware game. The games are presented in a way that really makes it unlike anything else on the market.

Warioware: Twisted uses a gyro-sensor, a device that forces the player to twist his or her GBA in order to play. This works out perfectly for Warioware, because of all the variety in the game, mixed with twisting the GBA forces yourself to move fast and it gets your blood racing, and tests how far you can go. Plus, each micro-game will give you one word instructions to complete the mini-game, so it really tests how fast you can think as well. The game forces you to think fast, move fast, and keep your cool, and it makes it a real fun experience. You'll find yourself laughing your head off when you're turning your GBA in all different directions. You'll even be holding your GBA upside-down in Dr.Crygor's boss-stage, which is helping a robot walk on the moon.
There are about 14 stages inside the game, and each one has its own category of micro-games, depending on what you are supposed to do in the micro-games in that stage. For example, Jimmy's micro-games are titled Big Tilt, which means that his micro-games involve large spins to your GBA. In each stage you'll encounter, you will have four lives, and once all of them run out, the game is over, and you have to start over on the stage. Also during the stage, eventually the screen will flash “Faster!”, and the speed of the micro-games coming at you will increase, and you will have a shorter amount of time to complete each micro-game. Soon, the pace will be at a breakneck speed and it will be hard to keep up. There even a Boss Stage, which is a big mini-game that involves the involves doing whatever the stage's main action is, like for Jimmy's Big Tilt stage, you'll be spinning your GBA to make a elf climb up a winding stair case will being careful not to fall off.

Each micro-game has it's own look and no two look alike. You could be looking at a very crisp picture of a man eating a banana, and 6 seconds later, be looking at a stick figure pole vaulting. Instead of all this looking like a big mess, it really makes the game very attractive. You'll never be looking at the same person or the same background, you'll be seeing a different thing every few seconds, and it really does make the game unique and special in its own way.

The game's sound is awesome, and somewhat weird at times. Like the graphics, you'll be hearing different music, and different sound effects every time you enter another micro-game, and it definitely makes the game more enjoyable to play, do to hearing a micro-game's music helps you find out what is going on in the micro-game, so you can execute the correct move in order to win it. Also, some stages like Mona's have a full song playing over all the micro-game's your playing. The music also helps you keep up with the pace. Perhaps the music is playing very quickly, you'll then know that you have not a lot of time to complete the micro-game. Plus, there are even some toys in the game that allow you to listen to some music played in the game, like Jimmy T's theme song.

The game has a huge amount of unlockables, making it's replay value go through the roof. Though the adventure mode won't take you more than about 3 hours, unlocking everything will take you at least a couple months. There are over 130 souvenirs to unlock, which are little toys to play with using the gyro censor. That ought to keep you busy for most of the time, and there still is so much more to do after that.

Warioware: Twisted turns out to be one of the best titles ever to come out on the GBA to date. The best in the series? You bet. Twisting has never been more fun, and never more perfect for a franchise such as this. It's a must-have for the GBA, whether you're a fan of the series or not. This game is just too good to pass down. Go give it a spin.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/20/05

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