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"Another WarioWare masterpiece!"

I loved the first WarioWare.Then Touched arrived and it was good, but it was nothing like the original. Does Twisted live up to the original? The answer is YES.

Story: 7/10
One morning, Wario wakes up and starts to play his Gameboy Advance. Shortly, he gets a Game over. Wario being himself, goes ballistic and throws his GBA on the ground and breaks it. Wario decides to go visit his good friend Dr.Crygor so he can fix it.

When he arrives at Crygor's lab, Crygor fixes it with his new invention, the Gravitator. Many GBAs pop out but, they are all controlled by motion! Wario gets another money-making scheme! He and his friends will make another batch of his famous micro-games!
Each character's stage has it's own story. I didn't find the stories as entertaining as the stories in Touched or the original, but they still have their moments.

Gameplay: 10/10

If you are new to the WarioWare series, it goes like this: You select a character's stage. In each stage, you play microgames: 5-second games where you have to do a simple objective. After so many games, there is a boss game. Boss games have no time limit and are quite hard. After you beat the boss game, you move on to the next character's stage. Lose 4 microgames in one stage and you lose.

Now each character stage has a different twist(pun intended). For one stage you might have to do big twists, while another you may have to twist and press the A button. Also, after you beat a stage once, you can play it non-stop. Every time you beat a boss stage, you receive a souvenir. These souvenirs are collectibles that have very fun or strange purposes. There are 120 souvenirs to collect.

About the Motion Sensor:Yes, you do use it to control movements in the game. It works great! When you move it, whatever you are controlling moves smoothly.

Graphics: 8/10

This game has a variety of graphics. Each microgame has a different style. Some that are great, some that aren't. They even threw in a bit of 3-D-ness! Sometimes the microgames come so fast, I fail to notice some effects!


Like the graphics, the sound is varied. Some funny little tunes and hilarious sound effects. Also, one category of the Souvenirs is Records. These records are tunes from the game. You can play them automaticly or spin them yourself. Some are great, some are a bit on the monotonous side.

Replay: 10/10

This is WarioWare's strong point:Replay. The 120 souveniers should take awhile to collect and entertain you even longer. You can also try to get high scores on each stage. You never know what microgame will come next!


Believe it or not, Nintendo also threw in a rumble pack in this game! The rumble feature can be turned off or on, and is quite helpful! It rumbles whenever the motion sensor detects motion. One complaint though: It drains your battery life.

Last word: This is a great game. A GBA classic. If you must, sell Touched for this. This game will last you a loooooooooong time!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/11/05

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