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"Wow! A Game Boy Advance game better than its Nintendo DS counterpart!?!"

With WarioWare: Twisted! making its way through the GBA, Touched may seem frowned upon when compared with Twisted. Despite both games being equally interactive, Twisted came out as an awesome game, with replay value to almost infinite time. Let's break it down, shall we?

At first glance, Twisted may just seem like a regular WarioWare game on the Game Boy Advance (by the way, this IS compatible with the DS system), However, taking a closer look at the game cartridge, you can clearly see that it is "Gyro" enabled, enabling more hands-on gameplay with a wider range of user interactivity. In other words, the cartridge is big and bulky, so you have a rumble pack nicely fit inside, as well as gameplay that actually lets you twist your GBA/DS around to play the game.

Let's say for instance, there is a ball on the left side of the screen and you want to roll it to the right. All you would need to do is tilt your game system to the right! We've all seen some of those game where you need to roll around, but Twisted has a type of gameplay that is totally original and unique.

What does Twisted have that makes it a great game? How 'bout over 150 minigames and over 100 souvenirs?

It's another one of those cheesy story lines with horrible plot gaps and bad one-liners. Don't get this for the story, PLEASE!

The graphics aren't great, but they're not atrocious. Again, don't try this game out for the graphics, do it for the gameplay.

The sound is surprisingly great. In Twisted, you'll have numerous tracks of music that actually fit with the character you're playing with, and sometimes you'll get souvenirs with full songs from classics, like Super Mario Bros. and Balloon Fight.

~Replay Value~
After getting every character, one might ask why this was such an easy game. Well, I wouldn't say easy, considering there are still minigames for each character to unlock , then getting high scores for those minigames, and then unlocking all the souvenirs. There's a ton of stuff to do.


If you're the type of person that doesn't care about high scores, or getting 100% completion, don't consider buying this game, renting is fine for you. If you are opposite that, then the $30 is worth it...or you could just have a really nice friend lend it to you..........................for a long time...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/25/05

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