Review by Jigawatt

Reviewed: 07/29/05

One twisted game.

I like this game. It's very unique. In this game you turn your GBA side to side to do wacky microgames. This game is fun, funny, and intense at the same time. This game is a gamepack full of minigames. It's not as fun as WarioWare: Touched but it's good enough to buy for five bucks cheaper.There a TONS of microgames so you won't get bored. He are five important categorys for the game.

Storyline 9/10
Every character has their own story. After the story is over, you start playing the microgames. Of course, if you don't like the story you can always skip it. >_> They did some work making a story for everyone.

Sound 9/10
I like the music on this game. It actually sounds good! It has a nice and clear sound. The music pops up everytime you complete a microgame. They have a records section where you can hear some music. This has some great music! Not just some old beeps like the other WarioWare games.

Controls 9/10
The game is called WarioWare: Twisted. You just turn your GBA side to side. It'll tell you what to do. If you see "shake"shake your GBA madly. It's really simple. You even navigate the menus by simply turning the GBA. You don't ever press anything except the A button. It was pretty cool how they thought of that.

Gameplay 8/10
All you do is play some microgames and souviniers. As you progress through the game you unlock more characters and souvieniers. On this game you might me drawing a line with a pencil that keeps breaking. Remember, you do this by turning the GBA.

Replay Value 10/10
This is this game's best section. With all of the microgames, you'll never get bored of this game. They also have the fun little souvieniers to play with. It'll take a while to finish this game 100%.

Bottomline 8/10
Buy it. This is a great Game Boy Advance game that you shouldn't miss. With all of the microgames, you won't get bored and you'll want to play it again and again.

Buy Or Rent.

Buy! Buy! Buy! You'll never get tired of this game. It'll last you a long time.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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