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"Wario's Twisting it up one more time."

WarioWare: Twisted! is just like the other games in the series, 5 second minigames, crazy storylines, and tons of unlockables. However, like Touched, which was unique with the Touch Screen, Twisted is different from the rest because it incorporates gyro techonology that allows the game pack to read which way you are turning your Game Boy Advance. Thus the mini-games are brand new, and not dull and repetitive like you'd think a series like this would become. But, even though the minigames are all new and great, it seems like all three of these games could have been combined into one big super game, because even though 150 mini-games is a lot, they're all 5 seconds each, and you could probably play every single one of them in three or four hours, but if you combined them all into one game (if there was a way to incorporate the Touch Screen and a Gyro sensor onto one system) you'd have a huge game, which you probably expect from Nintendo.

Graphics: 8/10
It's really hard to rate graphics for WarioWare games, because a lot of them are supposed to look stupid and ugly for a lot of the mini-games, so I gave this game 8/10 because it's graphical style is funny, and incorporates enough style in terms of the story sequences and such. Still, there isn't really a clear way to judge these games graphically.

Game Play: 10/10
Simply put, this game is fun. Simple, obscure fun. It's also addicting, in fact, it's so addicting, you'll probably play it until you've finished, which unfortunately, is shorter then it should be. But I'm not going to take points off for shortness in this category, as that doesn't make it less fun, it just makes it fun for a shorter amount of time. If you didn't already know, this game is about mindless mini-games, which in this case, incorporate the gyro feature of the cartridge. You'll enjoy this game thoroughly, and it has serious replay value, and I personally think it's great for passing around with your friends everytime you finish a minigame, kind of like those Bop It toys. You can even decide who gets to decide something by whoever is the last one not to lose at a minigame. Great fun, and there are a lot of unlockable things as well, which is very nice, and will definitely make this game replayable, especially for those who want to have the highest scores.

Sound/Audio: 8/10
Not really much to say, this music is fitting for this game, the sound effects like the graphics are supposed to be annoyingly funny in most instances, and they really fit the game. That's really all there is to it.

Story: 8/10
They story is different between all the characters, but each one is pretty funny, a lot of slap stick humor. But it's not like Cartoon Network where only the kids who think it's funny, this game while kid appropriate while even have adults giggling at it's idiotic style.

Overall: 8/10
The game is very fun, and funny. But the shortness of the game really was my only issue, and made me take down the score. Still, if your the type of person who can play the same game for ages, this is for you. But if your the type who finishes a game and then trades it in, this game may not be for you, wait until the GBA life span is over, when it'll be cheap or something. Great game, but there really needs to be more to it next time.

Buy or Rent: Rent
Well, I know Blockbuster does not carry Game Boy games in their stock, but perhaps a local movie store does, and if so, this is a definite rent. If not though, see if short but re-playable games are you thing, and if not, wait for a price drop, where there will be no excuse not to get it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/01/05

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