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    FAQ/Walkthrough (JIS) by kibbitz

    Version: 0.77b | Updated: 02/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Kibbitz
    E-mail: malifictus@yahoo.com
    Current Stage: Stage 33 finished, 34/34 skill points currently.
     1.  SEISHIN LIST  
     3.  PILOT LIST    
     4.  MEMORY HACKING        
     6.  UNIT DATA     
     10. WALKTHROUGH  
     11. SECRETS
     12. CREDITS
    1) I use 'units' and 'mecha' interchangeably. Mecha refers to anything that is
    piloted in the game, so battlecruisers, tanks and jetfighters are also be
    referred to as mecha for the purpose of this FAQ. Apologies if you get
    2) Romanization is a tricky business, and for the most part, I can only guess
    at names. Please take these with a pinch of salt. If you can prove that you
    ARE correct and I am wrong, please inform me so I can revise my FAQ and give
    you the credit you deserve.
    3) What I wrote about gameplay details are educated guesses stemming from
    results observed during the game. Should I be wrong, please feel free to
    correct me. It's better to leave stuff on the boards rather than e-mail in my
    4) With regards to terms and names, I'll probably swap most of the English
    terms with the Japanese ones someday once I can confirm everything and have
    everything translated. This is why the seishin list is completely in Japanese
    and while most of the other terms aren't. While it may make it more difficult
    initially for you, the reader, to remember the seishin, I felt that using
    literal translations for some things are too unpleasant. Sorry if you don't
    feel the same way.
    * 1. SEISHIN LIST        *
    熱血 てかげん 狙撃 ひらめき 努力
    応援  幸運  祝福  集中  必中
    感応  鉄壁  加速  覚醒  根性
    ド根性 気合  気迫  信頼  友情
    補給  再動  偵察  激励  期待
    突撃  直撃  愛   信念  祈り
    Nekketsu   Tekagen    Sogeki     Hirameki  Doryoku
    Ouen       Kouun      Shukufuku  Shuuchuu  Hicchuu
    Kannou     Teppeki    Kasoku     Kakusei   Konjou
    Dokonjou   Kiai       Kihaku     Shinrai   Yuujou
    Hokyuu     Saidou     Teisatsu   Gekirei   Kenshi
    Totsugeki  Chokugeki  Ai         Shinnen   Inori
    Row 1:
    Nekketsu : next attack executed does double damage, wasted if you miss with
      the attack. Doesn't work for Assist Attacks.
    Tekagen  : next attack executed will leave the enemy alive with 10 HP if the
      attack would have killed the enemy normally. Doesn't work if the pilot's
      Skill rating is lower than that of the target's, I think.
    Sogeki   : next attack has +2 to maximum range. Doesn't work on attacks of
      range 1.
    Hirameki : the next attack on the unit will be automatically dodged.
    Doryoku  : all EXP earned for the next attack will be doubled, wasted if you
      miss with the attack. Doesn't work for Assist Attacks.
    Row 2:
    Ouen      : Casts Doryoku on the selected target.
    Kouun     : all money earned for the next attack will be doubled, wasted if
      you miss with the attack. Doesn't work for Assist Attacks.
    Shukufuku : Casts Kouun on the selected target.
    Shuuchuu  : +30% to the unit's Accuracy and Evasion for one Turn.
    Hicchuu   : Gives the unit 100% hitrate regardless of enemy defenses for one
      Turn. Can only be avoided by Hirameki.
    Row 3:
    Kannou  : Casts Hicchuu on a target.
    Teppeki : The unit will only take 1/4th of any damage inflicted upon it for
       this turn.
    Kasoku  : The unit gets +3 to Movement for one move.
    Kakusei : The caster will be allowed another turn after taking the
       current turn. This means that the unit can execute a move and/or attack,
       and then be free to take another move and/or attack again. With sufficient
       SP, another Kakusei can be cast again before the second move and/or attack
       to allow a third move and/or attack, and the process repeats infinitely. Or
       would if your units actually had that much SP.
    Konjou  : The unit regains HP equal to 30% of its maximum HP.
    Row 4:
    Dokonjou : The unit regains all lost HP.
    Kiai     : All pilots in the unit gain 10 Morale.
    Kihaku   : All pilots in the unit gain 30 Morale.
    Shinrai  : The unit regains 2000 HP.
    Yuujou   : Casts Dokonjou on a selected target.
    Row 5:
    Hokyuu   : Resupplies a unit without loss of morale, unlike the Resupply
    Saidou   : Resets a unit that has moved, thus allowing it another turn.
       Basically Kakusei which cannot be cast on oneself for obvious reasons.
    Teisatsu : Allows the selected enemy unit's information to be viewed without
       having to attack it first.
    Gekirei  : Gives all directly adjacent units +10 Morale.
    Kenshi   : Gives each pilot in the selected unit +50 SP each.
    Row 6:
    Totsugeki : Allows non-P type weapons to be used after moving. Lasts for one
    Chokugeki : Bypasses special defenses guarding the enemy. This includes
       barriers and Assist Defends, although not Bunshin.
    Ai        : Casts Kasoku, Hicchuu, Hirameki, Nekketsu, Kiai, Kouun and Doryoku
      on the unit using it.
    Shinnen   : Prevents status effects from being inflicted on the unit for one
    Inori     : Removes negative status effects on a unit.
    Note that abilities with levels are indicated as x+y(z) with z being the level
    of ability currently possessed. Thus, an ability of 10+5x will cost the pilot
    10 PP to buy the first time, 10+5(1)=5 to upgrade it from level 1 to 2,
    10+5(2) = 20 from level 2 to 3 and so forth.
    攻撃系 Attack Systems
    連続攻撃 (Combo, from SRT D)
    This basically allows the pilot to hit multiple units in a straight line, with
    a weapon/attack marked with a (C). Besides having this skill, the pilot must
    be directly adjacent to the target, and the maximum number of targets that can
    be hit in the line is equal to 1+Combo level. Also, there must not be a gap in
    the line of enemy units, or your Combo will only extend that far. For example,
    if @ is your unit with the ability and appropriate attack, and X is the enemy,
    Case 1:
    No combo is possible, since @ is not directly adjacent to the enemy.
    Case 2:
      @X XXX
    No combo is possible, since there is a gap in the enemy lines.
    Case 3:
      @XXX X
    @ can hit up to 3 targets with Combo Lvl 2 or greater. The last one again
    cannot be hit even with Combo Lvl 4 because there is a gap.
    Combo maxes out at Level 4, costs15+10x PP to purchase.
    カウンター (Counter)
    Might trigger when attacked by an enemy. Allows your character to attack
    before the enemy attacks if triggered. Higher levels increase chance of
    triggering. Costs 20+5x PP to purchase.
    インファイト (Infight)
    Increases attack value of all melee-class weapons (possibly by 50 per level).
    Adds one to unit movement per 4 full levels of Infight possessed. Costs 20+5x
    PP to purchase.
    ガンファイト (Gunfight)
    Increases attack value of all projectile-class weapons (possibly by 50 per
    level). Adds one to range of projectile weapons per 4 full levels of Gunfight
    possessed. Costs 20+5x PP to purchase.
    アタッカー (Attacker)
    The pilot's unit does 20% extra damage on all attacks when his/her Morale
    reaches 130 or more. Costs 80 PP.
    レベンジ (Revenge)
    The pilot's unit does 20% extra damage on counterattacks. Costs 50 PP.
    ラッキー (Lucky)
    Triggers randomly, cannot be purchased. If it triggers, the unit automatically
    hits for a Critical, and automatically dodges any attack thrown at it.
    防御系 Defense Systems
    指揮官 (Commander)
    The pilot radiates an aura, and all friendlies in the area covered by the aura
    benefit from increased Hit and Evade rates. The aura is radial, with the
    radius equal to Leadership Lvl + 1. To see the actual area covered during a
    mission, leave your cursor over the unit carrying the pilot with the ability
    for a second or two. Costs 30+10x, maxes out at Level 4.
    ガード (Guard)
    When the pilot reaches 130 morale or greater, the pilot's Defense increases
    significantly. Costs 85 PP.
    見切り (Abandon)
    When the pilot reaches 130 morale or greater, the pilot's Accuracy and Evasion
    increases significantly. Costs 85 PP.
    念動力 (Psychic Power)
    The pilot's Accuracy and Evasion is improved, with the amount based on the
    pilot's Skill Level. It is also a requirement for the use of certain weapons.
    Cannot be purchased.
    予知 (Foresight)
    When the pilot reaches 130 morale or greater, the pilot's Evasion increases
    significantly. Costs 85 PP.
    補助系 (Assist Systems)
    援護攻撃 (Assist Attack)
    Allows the unit to do an attack in support of another attacking character.
    Damage is a fraction of normal. Costs 50+10x PP to purchase. Maxes out at
    Level 4.
    連携攻撃 (Cooperative Attack)
    Allows support attacks to be done at full damage. Costs 75 PP.
    援護防御 (Assist Defend)
    Allows the unit to substitute itself as the target of an attack against the
    unit being assisted. Damage suffered is a fraction of the damage that would be
    (since the unit which is Assist Defending is guarding.) Costs 50+10x PP to
    purchase. Maxes out at Level 4.
    SPアップ (SP Up)
    Increases SP by 4 per level of ability. Costs 30+5x PP.
    SP回復 (SP Recovery)
    The pilot regains 10 SP per turn. Costs 100 SP.
    集中力 (Focused Power)
    SP costs for seishin are reduced to 80% of normal. Costs 80 SP.
    天才 (Genius)
    The pilot's Accuracy, Evasion and Critical rates are improved. Cannot be
    強運 (Strong Luck)
    All kills made by the pilot provide 20% more money than normal.
    気力系 (Morale Systems)
    闘争心 (Fighting Heart)
    The pilot starts with +5 to Morale before the battle begins. Costs 50 SP.
    戦意高揚 (Rising Spirits)
    The pilot gains a +2 to Morale every turn, starting from the 2nd turn (s)he is
    deployed. Costs 60 PP.
    気力+(回避) (Morale + Evade)
    The pilot gains +1 to Morale for every attack evaded successfully. Costs 60
    気力+(命中) (Morale + Hit)
    The pilot gains +1 to Morale for every hit landed successfully. Costs 60 PP.
    気力+(ダメージ) (Morale + Damage)
    The pilot gains +2 to Morale for every time his/her unit takes damage. Costs
    60 PP.
    特殊系 (Special Systems)
    底力 (Potential)
    When the HP of the unit of the pilot is reduced to critical levels, the unit
    gains a bonus to Accuracy, Evasion, Armor and Critical rates. Size of bonus is
    determined by Level of Potential.
    ヒット&アウェイ (Hit & Away)
    The unit can move after attacking, assuming it has not moved yet. Costs 70 PP.
    Bセーブ (Bullet Save)
    All ammunition-based weapons on the current unit for the pilot has its
    ammunition increased by 50%. Costs 80 PP.
    Eセーブ (Energy Save)
    All EN-consuming attacks made by the unit used by this pilot only uses 70% of
    its usual cost. Costs 80 PP.
    修理技能  (Repair Capability)
    Repair commands executed by the current unit heals by 50% more than usual. The
    maximum amount of damage that can be healed with each command is based on the
    pilot level. Costs 65 PP.
    補給技能 (Resupply Capability)
    Resupply commands can be executed after moving.
    * 3. PILOT LIST          *
    Pilots are listed under the following stat block:
      <Pilot name in Japanese characters>
      <Pilot name, or an approximation if I can't figure it out>
      <List of pilot abilities possessed by the pilot naturally>
      <The pilot's Ace Bonus when the Ace rating is awarded for over 50 kills>
      <Seishin list in seishin name, level acquired, SP cost>
    There's some missing and incomplete seishin data will be be updated once I
    find time to reach the end and test-hack the entire crew. Most of the rest
    should be fine.
    Notes for Ace Bonuses:
    Apparently, Doryoku (x2 EXP) overrides all +EXP bonuses units will get from
    kills instead of stacking. I presume this will be the same for Kouun (x2
    SRX Team
    Aya Kobayashi
    Psychic Power
    Assist Defend
    Assist Attack
    Focused Power
    命中+10% SP+20
    Accuracy +10%, SP+20
    Hirameki 23/10
    Inori    23/15
    Shuuchuu 23/15
    Kannou   23/30
    Nekketsu 24/40
    Hokyuu   30+/
    Hit & Away
    最終命中 +10%
    最終回避 +10%
    possibly means that he gains +10% to hit critically wounded enemies and +10%
    to dodge attacks when critical, or perhaps it is literal and only attacks that
    would actually finish him off (or the enemy off, if he's attacking) will be
    Shuuchuu  09/15
    Kasoku    09/05
    Hicchuu   09/10
    Sogeki    18/20
    Nekketsu  23/40
    Chokugeki 27/20
    Ryuusei Date
    Psychic Power
    Damage for all Nendou-based (aka Psychic-based) attacks are increased by 10%
    Shuuchuu 09/15
    Hirameki 09/10
    Hicchuu  09/15
    Kouun    15/30
    Nekketsu 24/35
    Kakusei  32/70
    Mai Kobayashi
    Psychic Power
    SP Recovery
    Strong Luck
    Support Attack
    最終命中 +10%
    See Rai for explanation
    Hicchuu  23/10
    Shuuchuu 23/15
    Kannou   23/30
    Hirameki 23/10
    Nekketsu 26/40
    SRT A
    Lamia Loveless
    Ranged attacks + 10% to damage
    最終命中 +10%
    See Rai for explanation
    Hicchuu  04/10
    Teppeki  04/20
    Shuuchuu 13/10
    Nekketsu 22/40
    Hirameki 24/10
    Kakusei  30/63
    SRT Impact
    Kyousuke Nanbu
    Strong Luck
    +10% to trigger Counter, +10% to Melee-based damage
    Kasoku    05/05
    Shuchuu   05/15
    Totsugeki 05/15
    Hicchuu   11/20
    Nekketsu  22/40
    Hirameki  25/20
    Excellen Browning
    Hit & Away
    Assist Defend
    +10% (correction?) on all assist attacks and defence
    Hit & Away
    Support Defense L1
    Hirameki 05/10
    Shuchuu  05/15
    Sogeki   05/10
    Nekketsu 23/40
    Hicchuu  25/10
    Ai       33/65
    Assist Attack
    SP Recovery
    Assist Defend
    +10% (correction?) on all assist attacks and defence
    Kannou    55/05
    Kitai     55/50
    Gekirei   55/40
    Saidou    55/40
    Inori     55/10
    Ai        55/50
    SRT Alpha
    Brooklyn Luckfield (Bullet)
    Psychic Power
    命中+10% CT補正+10%
    +10% accuracy, +10% crit adjustment
    Psychic L1
    Infight L1
    Hirameki 05/10
    Hichuu   05/15
    Doryoku  07/20
    Shuchuu  12/15
    Nekketsu 21/35
    Kiai     35/35
    Irmgard Kasahara
    SP cost for Ai is 45
    Hicchuu  09/10
    Hirameki 09/10
    Kiai     11/35
    Nekketsu 15/40
    Shuuchuu 20/15
    Ai       32/60
    Leona Gashstein
    Psychic Power
    Hit & Away
    命中+10% 回避+10%
    +10% to Accuracy and Evasion
    Kasoku    12/05
    Shuuchuu  12/15
    Chokugeki 12/20
    Hichuu    14/15
    Nekketsu  25/40
    Hirameki  28/10
    Psychic Power
    Rising Spirits
    +10% to EXP and money earned
    Hirameki  16/10
    Doryoku   16/15
    Nekketsu  16/35
    Hicchuu   17/20
    Shuuchuu  22/15
    Kasoku    24/05
    Kusuha Mizuha
    Psychic Power
    Assist Defend
    Focused Power
    Hicchuu  15/15
    Teppeki  15/25
    Shuuchuu 17/15
    Nekketsu 25/45
    Kakusei  30/60
    Ai       32/65
    Ryouto Hikawa
    Psychic Power
    Assist Defend
    +5% to all damage inflicted, -5% damage from all damage received
    Tasuku Shinguuji
    Psychic Power
    Assist Defend
    ラッキー+10% 幸運のSP15
    +10% Lucky, Kouun costs 15 SP
    Hicchuu  12/20
    Kouun    12/25
    Kasoku   12/05
    Teppeki  15/25
    Nekketsu 22/35
    Ai       33/70
    Viletta Badeim
    Focused Power
    Assist Defend
    CT補正+20% SP+10
    +20% critical, +10 SP
    Teisatsu 17/01
    Shuuchuu 17/10
    Kasoku   17/05
    Hirameki 17/10
    Nekketsu 25/40
    Hicchuu  28/10
    SRT Alpha2:
    Arad Balanga
    Strong Luck
    Assist Defend
    +5% to all melee damage
    +10% to all money earned from kills
    Hirameki 17/10
    Hicchuu  17/15
    Dokonjou 17/20
    Shuuchuu 17/15
    Nekketsu 24/35
    Kiai     32/30
    Zeora Schubaisa
    Assist Attack
    Assist Defend
    Hit & Away
    射撃攻撃+5% 獲得EXP+10%
    +5% damage to projectile attacks, +10% to EXP earned
    Shuuchuu 32/15
    Teppeki  32/30
    Hicchuu  32/10
    Sogeki   32/10
    Nekketsu 32/10
    Ai       33+/60
    Ibis Douglas
    Assist Attack
    Assist Defend
    +1 to unit movement
    Hirameki 03/10
    Yujyou   03/30
    Doryoku  13/20
    Hicchuu  20/20
    Nekketsu 27/35
    Kasoku   32/05
    Note: Ibis apparent has her seishin set changed after she gets the Asterion.
    Shuuchuu 15/15
    Hicchuu  15/20
    Doryoku  15/10
    Hirameki 15/10
    Nekketsu 25/40
    Kasoku   33/05
    Kasoku   03/05
    Shuuchuu 03/15
    Hirameki 10/10
    Sogeki   17/20
    Nekketsu 23/30
    Hicchuu  26/20
    Zengar Zonbolt
    Melee-based attacks gain +10% damage
    Hicchuu  26/10
    Kihaku   26/45
    Teppeki  26/30
    Shinnen  26/10
    Nekketsu 27/40
    SRT OG:
    Kai Kitamura
    指揮効果+5% CT補正+10%
    Effectiveness of Commander ability +5%
    +10% Crit
    Shuuchuu 09/15
    Nekketsu 09/35
    Hicchuu  09/15
    Shinnen  18/10
    Teppeki  23/30
    Kihaku   30/55
    Hicchuu   10/20
    Teppeki   10/30
    Dokonjou  10/40
    Tekagen   15/10
    Chokugeki 26/30
    Nekketsu  32/45
    Tetsuya Onodera
    Assist Attack
    Assist Defend
    Takes less 10% damage from indirect attacks... meaning MAP and Support Guard?
    Shinrai   10/20
    Shuuchuu  10/20
    Ouen      10/25
    Yujyou    18/40
    Totsugeki 27/40
    Kiai      32/30
    Hicchuu   32/20
    Teppeki   32/25
    Dokonjou  32/35
    Sogeki    32/20
    Chokugeki 32/30
    Nekketsu  32/40
    Eita Nadaka
    +5% to Critical?
    Shinrai  32/20
    Shuuchuu 32/20
    Ouen     32/20
    Yujyou   32/35
    Kasoku   32/05
    Kiai     32/30
    Latouni Suuwota?
    Assist Attack
    Assist Defend
    +20% to all EXP earned
    Hirameki 08/10
    Shuuchuu 08/10
    Hicchuu  08/15
    Yujyou   15/40
    Nekketsu 25/45
    Saidou   32/70
    Refina Enfield
    Assist Attack
    Assist Defend
    Effectiveness of Commander ability +5%
    Hicchuu   12/15
    Doryoku   12/10
    Shinrai   12/20
    Shukufuku 18/45
    Gekirei   32/50
    Kitai     34/70
    Sean Webley
    +5% to Critical?
    Tekagen  12/10
    Konjou   12/15
    Kouun    12/40
    Teppeki  14/30
    Nekketsu 24/40
    Hirameki 30/10
    Katina Tarasuku
    命中+10% 被ダメージ-10%
    +10% to accuracy, -10% to damage taken?
    Hicchuu   12/20
    Nekketsu  12/30
    Totsugeki 12/15
    Kasoku    13/05
    Hirameki  22/10
    Kihaku    30/55
    Russell Bagman
    Assist Attack
    Assist Defend
    Takes 20% less damage in Assist Defends?
    Hicchuu 12/20
    Teppeki 12/15
    Shinrai 12/20
    Ouen    14/15
    Yujyou  23/30
    Gekirei 34/30
    Radha Bairaban
    SP Recovery
    Assist Defend
    回避+10% SP+20
    +10% Evasion, +20 SP
    Shuuchuu  16/10
    Hirameki  16/10
    Shukufuku 16/30
    Kannou    16/35
    Inori     20/10 *cures status effects on mecha*
    Saidou    32/80
    Rin Mao
    Assist Attack
    Hit & Away
    Focused Power
    +10% to Accuracy, Evasion, Critical
    Hicchuu   16/10
    Shuuchuu  16/12
    Hirameki  16/10
    Nekketsu  16/40
    Gekirei   29/50
    Saidou    32/70
    Focused Power
    Hit & Away
    Ranged attacks + 10% to damage
    Shuuchuu  17/10
    Hicchuu   17/10
    Hirameki  17/10
    Kasoku    17/05
    Nekketsu  25/40
    Chokugeki 28/15
    Shine Hauzen
    Strong Luck
    Focused Power
    Assist Attack
    +20% to all money earned from kills
    Hirameki  15/10
    Ouen      15/10
    Shuuchuu  15/10
    Shukufuku 17/50
    Nekketsu  26/40
    Hicchuu   29/15
    Rircarla Bourgnain (Carla)
    Psychic Power
    Strong Luck
    Assist Defend
    Assist Attack
    獲得資金+10% 命中+10%
    +10% to money earned, +10% to accuracy
    Totsugeki 30/25
    Shuuchuu  30/15
    Hicchuu   30/15
    Gekirei   30/40
    Nekketsu  30/35
    Ai        33/60
    Yuuki Jegnan
    Psychic Power
    Hit & Away
    Assist Attack
    Evade +10%, Crit adjustment +10%
    Shuuchuu  31/15
    Hicchuu   31/10
    Hirameki  31/10
    Kasoku    31/05
    Nekketsu  31/40
    Kihaku    31/45
    Masaki Andou
    +5% damage to all attacks dealt
    最終命中 +10%
    See Rai
    Shuuchuu 16/15
    Hirameki 16/10
    Kouun    16/40
    Nekketsu 23/35
    Kiai     25/35
    Hicchuu  27/10
    Ryuune Zoldark
    Assist Attack
    +10% damage to all attacks dealt
    Hicchuu  16/20
    Hirameki 16/10
    Shuuchuu 16/15
    Doryoku  16/15
    Nekketsu 22/35
    Kiai     28/35
    Guilliam Ega
    SP Recovery
    Hit & Away
    Assist Attack
    最終回避 +15%
    See Rai
    Shinnen  17/10
    Shuuchuu 17/10
    Hicchuu  17/10
    Nekketsu 25/40
    Hirameki 26/10
    Kakusei  32/55
    * 4. MEMORY HACKING      *
    All the cheats you should need are improved stats (which can be raised through
    an infinite PP cheat, but assuming you're lazy...), more than 50 kills for the
    Pilot Ace bonus, current PP, SP, morale, and possibly EXP. Increases in levels
    through the EXP cheat does give you access to the pilot's seishin list and
    increase their SP, but your stats do not improve, and more importantly, your
    Natural pilot skills don't as well, so unless you wish to rehack the value
    repeatedly (or until I manage/bother to discover how to set the Next Lvl EXP
    perpetually to 1), it's not meaningful to hack EXP.
    I trust you should know enough as to how to do use the cheat device in VBA, so
    I won't explain here. I have not figured out how to convert these to
    GameShark, nor do I have one, thus, I cannot help with regard to that. Further
    more, memory locations are tied to pilot slots and pilots are moved along the
    slots as you "unlock" more in the process of playing. The first pilot slot
    will always belong to Kyousuke it seems, at a particular base address. The
    rest follow a particular sequence. Using a friend's VBA save, this was
    obtained for the intermission before the last (secret) stage.
    02019764 Kyousuke
    0201979c Refina
    020197d4 Bullet
    0201980c Zengar
    02019844 Lamia
    0201987c Masaki
    020198b4 Ibis
    020198ec Kai
    02019924 Rai
    0201995c Alfimy
    02019994 Tetsuya
    020199cc Eita
    02019a04 Sean
    02019a3c Viletta
    02019a74 Irm
    02019aac Tasuku
    02019ae4 Russell
    02019b1c Kachina
    02019b54 Leona
    02019b8c Excellen
    02019bc4 Radha
    02019bfc Rin
    02019c34 Ryuusei
    02019c6c Arad
    02019ca4 Guilliam
    02019cdc Ryuune
    02019d14 Rio
    02019d4c Ryouto
    02019d84 Kusuha
    02019dbc Retzel
    02019df4 Shine
    02019e2c Aya
    02019e64 Mai
    02019e9c Yuuki
    02019ed4 Carla
    02019f0c Zeora
    02019f44 Latouni
    To compare, a savegame I had in the intermission before stage 30 had Latouni's
    EXP at 0201995c, which by my friend's save, is Alfimy's. Since I have not
    managed to figure out how the arrangements in terms of pilot slot order are
    done, if you must cheat, it's best to just search by memory and convert as
    To edit a pilot's stat, first, search for the memory location of their EXP as
    a 16-bit number. The offsets for the other stats are as follows:
    Morale   : -06
    SP       : -05
    PP       : -20
    Kills    : -22
    Melee    : -2E
    Missile  : -2C
    Accuracy : -2A
    Evasion  : -28
    Defense  : -26
    Skill    : -24
    Remember, this is hexadecimal subtraction, not decimal.
    War funds is just a 32-bit number at location 0201a908. Haven't messed with
    weapons or optional parts yet.
    * 5. UNIT ABILITIES      *
    <Under Construction>
    バリア (Barriers)
    ビームコート (Beam Coat)
    Blocks up to 900 points of Beam damage.
    ABフィールド (AB Field)
    Blocks up to 1200 points of Beam damage.
    Eフィールド (E Field)
    Kicks in at 120 Morale, blocks up to 1500 damage.
    G・テルトリー (G Territory)
    Kicks in at 120 Morale, blocks up to 1800 damage.
    念動フィールド (Nendou/Psychic Field)
    Kicks in at 110 Morale, blocks 200 damage per level of Psychic Power?
    特殊無効 (Special Nullifiers)
    EN系無効 (EN System Nullifiers)
    気力系無効 (Morale System Nullifiers)
    SP系無効 (SP System Nullifiers)
    ブレイカー無効 (Breaker System Nullifiers)
    Nullifiers generally prevent certain types of weapon systems from being used
    on the enemies. There is one that I've not encountered yet, but have heard of,
    which is basically a Beam Absorber that uses Beam damage to heal the unit.
    HP回復(小) [HP Recovery, Small]
    Unit recovers up to 10% of its maximum HP per Turn (after both player and
    enemy, I believe?)
    HP回復(中) [HP Recovery, Medium]
    Unit recovers up to 20% of its maximum HP per Turn (after both player and
    enemy, I believe?)
    HP回復(大) [HP Recovery, Large]
    Unit recovers up to 30% of its maximum HP per Turn (after both player and
    enemy, I believe?)
    EN回復(小) [EN Recovery, Small]
    Unit recovers up to 10% of its maximum EN per Turn (after both player and
    enemy, I believe?)
    EN回復(中) [EN Recovery, Medium]
    Unit recovers up to 20% of its maximum EN per Turn (after both player and
    enemy, I believe?)
    EN回復(大) [EN Recovery, Large]
    Unit recovers up to 30% of its maximum EN per Turn (after both player and
    enemy, I believe?)
    分身 [Bunshin]
    Once the pilot's morale reaches or exceeds 130, the unit will have a 50%
    chance of evading an attack directed at it should it be hit normally. The unit
    will not escape Hicchuu-aided attacks, for obvious reasons.
    ジャマー [Jammer]
    The unit has a 50% chance of automatically disabling all missiles (as in the
    weapon-type ミサイル) fired at it.
    その他 (Miscellaneous)
    修理 (Repair)
    Allows the unit to repair damage done to other units. EXP gained is based on
    the amount healed and the levels of the repairperson and the repaired, with
    more EXP for higher amounts of damage healed and with the repairperson being
    of a lower level than the pilot of the unit being repaired. The amount of
    damage that can be repaired is based on the repairperson's level, with higher
    levels allowing for larger damage repair capabilities.
    補給 (Resupply)
    Allows the unit to resupply EN and all weapon ammunition to a unit. May not be
    used after moving, unless the appropriate Pilot Ability is purchased.
    変形 (Transformation)
    Allows the unit to transform into another form.
    合体・分離 (Combination/Separation)
    The first allows the units to combine into a new form, the second for the
    combined unit to separate into its component units. Note that EXP, PP and
    kills are given to all the sub-pilots in the combined units.
    * 6. UNIT DATA           *
    When a unit is fully upgraded in terms of stats, you are given a choice of a
    bonus increase to your unit from the generic HP/EN/Mobility/Armor + 10% and a
    Special available to each unit. Here's a list of the uniques. Upgrades apply
    across all of the unit's forms, if applicable.
    Unique Upgrade Options:
    シロガネ                 +20% 装甲   
    Shirogane                 +20% armor
    クロガネ                 +20% 装甲    
    Kurogane                  +20% armor
    ヒリュウ改               武器の命中率+20%
    Hiryu Kai                 +20% accuracy
    SRX                       装備できる強化パーツ+1
    SRX                       Conformal Parts Slot +1
    ペルゼイン・リヒカイト    固定武器の地形適応S
    Perzain Rihicaid          All fixed weapons have their ratings set to S
    龍虎王/虎龍王             EN回復(小)装備 
    RyuuKouOu/KouRyuuOu       EN Recovery (Small)
    ギガンスクド・ドゥオ      装甲+10% EN+15%
    Giganscud Duo             +10% Armor, +15% EN
    ダイゼンガー              格闘武器攻撃力+200
    Daizengar                 Melee-based attacks +200 power
    アウセンザイダー          射撃武器攻撃力+200
    Ausenzaider               Missile-based attacks +200 power
    グルンガスト              全武器攻撃力+200
    Grungast                  All attacks +200 power
    グルンガスト弐式          念動フィールド+300
    Grungast Nishiki          Nendou Field +300
    アルトアイゼン・リーゼ    固定武器の地形適応S
    Alteisen Riese            All fixed weapons have their ratings set to S
    ランドグリーズ            Wゲ-ジ+30
    Landgriez                 W Gauge +30
    アンジュルグ       EN回復(小)装備
    Angelg                    EN Recovery (Small)
    ラーズアングリフ          Wゲ-ジ+50
    Laz Angriff               W Gauge +50
    ヴァルシオーネ            分身発生率+20%
    Valshione                 Bunshin activation rate +20%
    サイバスター              運動性+10% EN+15%
    Psybuster                 Mobility +10% EN +15%
    ゲシュペンスト Mk-II R    運動性+15% HP+20%
    Gespenst Mk-II R          Mobility +15% HP +20%
    ライン・ヴァイスリッタ    固定武器弾数+2
    Rein Weissritter          +2 to ammunition for all fixed weapons
    シュッツバルド            ABフィールド??
    Schutzwald                AB-Field?
    R-3パワード               念動フィールド+300
    R-3 Powered               Nendou Field +300
    ヒュケバインガンナー・L   装甲,EN+10%
    Huckebain Gunner L        Armor, EN +10%
    ゲシュペンスト Mk-II M    装甲,HP+15%
    Gespenst Mk-II M          Armor, HP +15%
    アステリオン              運動性+20%
    Asterion                  Mobility +20%
    AMガンナー                EN+15%
    AM Gunner                 EN+15%
    R-2パワード               射撃武器攻撃力+200
    R-2 Powered               Missile-based attacks +200 power
    ゲシュペンスト Mk-II M    装甲 +20%
    Gespenst Mk-II M          Armor +20%
    ビルドビルガー            運動性, 装甲 +15%
    Wild Wuerger              Mobility, Armor +15%
    Huckebain Mk-II           Wゲ-ジ+50
    Huckebain Mk-II           W Gauge +50
    Huckebain Mk-II M         Wゲ-ジ+30
    Huckebain Mk-II M         W Gauge +30
    ゲシュペンスト Mk-II M    機体地形適応空以外S
    Gespenst Mk-II M          All terrain types are set to S except
                                Air, and all .
    ヒュケバイン Mk-III L     装甲,EN+10%
    Huckebain Mk-III L        Armor, EN +10%
    ヒュケバイン Mk-III T     装甲,EN+10%
    Huckebain Mk-III T        Armor, EN +10%
    ヒュケバイン              Wゲ-ジ+40 EN+20%
    Huckebain                 W Gauge +40, EN +20%
    ガーリオン・カスタム      Wゲ-ジ+30 EN+10%
    Garion Custom             W Gauge +30, EN +10%
    ゲシュペンスト            固定武器弾数+4
    Gespenst                  +4 to ammunition for all fixed weapons
    ビルドファルケン          固定武器弾数+2
    Wild Falcon               +2 to ammunition for all fixed weapons
    R-1                       念動武器攻撃力+200
                              +200 to Nendou-based attacks
    R-Gunパワード             EN+20%
    R-Gun Powered             EN+20%
    アルブレード              Wゲ-ジ+30
    Alblade                   W Gauge
    F32Vシュヴェールド改      運動性+15%
    F32 Sillouhette Kai?      Mobility +15%
    フェアリオン・G/S         運動性+20%
    Faerion G/S               Mobility+20%
    ランページ・ゴースト (Rampage Ghost)
    Alteisen (Rieze), (Rein) Weissritter
    Morale 120 EN 35 Range 1~4
    フォーメーションR (Formation R)
    R-1, R-2 Powered, R-3 Powered
    Morale 110 EN 30 Range 1~3
    ツィン・バード・ストライク (Twin Bird Strike)
    Wild Wuerger, Wild Falcon
    Morale 115 EN 30 Range ???
    RHB (Royal Heart Breaker)
    Faerion G, Faerion S
    Morale 110 EN 25 Range 1~4
    竜卷斬艦刀 (Tatsumaki Zankantou)
    Daizengar, Ausenzaider
    Morale 130 EN 64 Range 1~3
    天上天下一撃必殺包 (Tenjo Tenka Ichigeki Hissatsu Hou)
    SRX, R-Gun
    Morale 140 EN 100
    * 8. PILOT ANALYSIS      *
    <Under Construction>
    * 9. UNIT ANALYSIS       *
    <Under Construction>
    * 10. WALKTHROUGH        *
    Each scenario is listed under the format:
        Stage xx
        P: <skill point conditions)
        <text block>
    where "P:" lists the conditions required for the scenario point. The text
    block will basically outline the important things you'll need to take note of
    on that scenario. As it is, the only exact known value of scenario points is
    for unlocking a hidden stage, presumably if you manage to stay on Hard
    difficulty all the way to the end. Currently, skill point conditions are based
    on a maxed skill point total, ie, Hard after say Stage 03 or 04, and every
    skill point earned. I have no idea if skill point conditions vary with
    different difficulty settings, so be warned.
    Enemy pilot stats seem to be raised to pretty incredible values in Hard. The
    more mobile units such as the Gespensts and the Huckebeins will actually have
    almost 10k HP, and can hit Daizengar (100 Morale, 2525 Armor, 154 Defense) for
    over 2000 damage, which is abt 1/5 of its total HP, and to hit them, you will
    usually have to employ Hicchuu, which I guess, is pretty why Hicchuu features
    in almost every pilot's seishin list, and why there's a lot of Kannou around
    this time. Of course, you only have that much SP, so for the average player or
    someone who wants to try for all the skill points, it will save you some pain
    if you actually finish the game a couple of times first to have some PP and
    funds to play around with. Assuming you have enough cash to burn, you can
    actually skimp on Evasion and spend on Accuracy. Add some targetter for that
    little boost, and life will become that much easier.
    Stage 01
    P: Clear the map in 4 turns.
    Kyousuke, Bullet and Excellens appear after Lamia takes her second turn
    ingame. The Rion-Fs on the NW side won't move, so you have to rush them.
    Stage 02
    P: Defeat all units except the Garion Custom by turn 4
    Have Ibis and Sley charge up with all their defensive seishin, attacking as
    much as possible. That should leave less targets for the rest of your squad
    when the come around at the start of turn 3.
    Stage 03
    P: Reduce the Rhinocerous' HP to 70% by turn 4.
    Stage 04
    P: Defeat all units except the Garion Customs by turn 4.
    Leave Rai to fight on his own, while Kai deals with Arad and the Barrelions.
    Kyousuke should be sent to support him with a Screw Module on his Alteisen,
    while the rest rush eastward or north, as you see fit.
    Stage 05
    P: Destroy all the Rion-Fs by turn 4.
    You still have only enough Screw Modules for one unit, so you still have
    little choice but to leave the other two behind to rush for the Ace Point.
    After all initial enemies are eliminated, a group of Barrelions will ambush
    the Shirogane. If you do not want them firing at the Shirogane, have two units
    positioned directly above and below the Shirogane. After 2 Barrelions are
    downed, an event will take place and the story will end.
    Stage 06
    P: Destroy all but those piloted by named pilots by turn 4, or defeat one of
    the named pilots rushing towards you.
    Enemies appear after u knock Irm's Grungast down to 70% HP. Thus, you can have
    this triggered in turn 1, albeit at high risk, since the Grungast is very
    capable of downing the Alblade in one hit. However, since you will be fighting
    with Irm's Grungast, I suggest you use the G-Revolver only to minimize damage
    dealt. Make use of Ryuusei's Combo attack (the Blade Tonfas) whenever possible
    to speed things up.
    Stage 07
    P: Defeat 4 enemies by turn 2 of the player phase.
    Your best bet is to charge westwards for the Rion-Fs. Turn 2 ends with new
    enemies appearing. These enemies have Beam Coats.
    Stage 08
    P: Defeat all units except those piloted by named characters by turn 4.
    Stage 09
    P: Destroy all but one unit, then reduce that one unit to 5% of its HP by Turn
    This mission is interesting in that it requires you to capture your enemies
    alive. There are two waves, so to make it easy, reserve 20 SP for Refina and
    Sean respectively in the Hiryu Kai for Hicchuu and Tekagen.
    For the first wave, just park Leona in her Garion Custom right in the midst of
    the enemies with Shuuchuu and spare one to be shot by the Hiryu Kai with
    Dealing with the first set of enemies brings out a 2nd wave. There is no Ace
    Point tied to this, but the enemies are generally too strong for the
    Gespensts, so it's best to let Tasuku and Leona deal with this. Again, spare
    one for the Hiryu Kai to Tekagen.
    This is the first path branch you'll encounter. The first option is to go to
    Ethiopia, and the other is for the Moon. Ryuusei and Excellen will head for
    the Moon, while the rest go to Ethiopia.
    Stage 10: Ethiopia
    P: Wipe out everything in 6 turns.
    Nothing special, just charge forward and assault their position. They'll move
    to intercept you, with the first three groups moving in turn one, and the rest
    in the next turn or presumably when you're near enough. Wiping out everyone
    brings yet a second group, with a set of Gespensts from the south and two
    boss units from the west. As usual, the bosses are pretty much unkillable, so
    there's no need to save your Kouun and Doryoku for them.
    Stage 10: Moon
    P: Defeat all the enemies within 3 turns.
    Stage 11: Ethiopia
    P: Wipe out everything in 3 turns.
    Nothing difficult here, though I'm not sure if evacuation of friendly forces
    is a must for this mission. Destroying the first batch will bring in Alfimy
    and another.
    Stage 11: Moon
    P: Defeat all the enemies within 5 turns.
    Stage 12: Ethiopia
    P: Clear the map in 10 turns.
    After wiping out the initial squad and 2 Rhinocerous', more reinforcements
    will arrive and approach to the attack. Deal with them accordingly.
    Stage 12: Moon
    P: All AI-controlled V-Lions must survive.
    Stage 13: Ethiopia
    P: Protect the Barrelions.
    Here, you play the other group, basically Excellen and Ryuusei who were
    supposed to rendezvous with Tasuku and co. Ryuusei is sortied in the R-1 this
    time. You lose if any enemies enter the base area, and thus, they will only
    attack you if they happen to be close enough on their way there.
    The enemy fighters are hard to hit and hit hard, so use Shuuchuu and cover as
    much as possible, with Excellen taking the left flank and Leona taking the
    right, with the rest in reserve. Leona and Excellen should keep pushing
    forward and taking out all the enemies possible, and by the time they get near
    the base.
    After wiping out the first wave, two squads (each consisting of 3 Rion-Fs and
    a Garion Custom), will appear. Leona and Excellen should be able to position
    themselves for maximum counterattack opportunities, and the rest will be just
    mop up.
    After that, a last ditch attempt will be made by your enemies and two sets of
    Barrelions will be thrown at your team. The other squad will appear and
    regroup with yours, and this is the end of the first path branch.
    Stage 13 : Moon
    P: Shoot down 9 enemies within 2 turns
    Stage 14:
    P: Defeat 15 or more enemies within 4 turns, boss mech excluded.
    One Rion-F, 3 enemy fighters. Retreat eastward. The cavalry appears in the
    form of your squad, but enemy reinforcements arrive on the scene as well.
    Ratouni and Rai will have Shuuchuu and Kasoku cast on them. Ideally, Ratouni
    would be in a decent mech and sent forward to weaken as much of the enemy as
    you can for the skill point. Rai will do fine in his R-2. Rest should be
    pretty okay, tactically. The situation is fairly dire, so don't try too hard
    to do anything else after the skill point is obtained.
    Stage 15
    P: Defeat 15 or more enemies within 4 turns
    Well, you have three skilled fighters, so send each to tackle one squad on
    their own with the Hiryu Kai in reserve. More enemies will pop out around the
    end of enemy turn 2 or so. One of the boss units has the ability to immobilize
    your mecha, so be extra careful. Kill as much as you can while retreating
    Apparently, if you can off the two lesser bosses first, then kill Mekiboss
    last, you get 3 great items and 2 great weapons.
    Stage 16
    P: Allow Ryouto to advance far enough without taking any hits.
    Radha in a Schutzwald, vs a group of enemies. Turn 2 has Arad appearing to
    assist. Between the both of them, it is possible for you to wipe out
    everything by the end of Enemy Turn 2.
    This brings in a new wave of enemies, as well as Rin, Rio and Ryouto in a
    Huckebain, the AM Gunner, and a ship. Ryouto will head out, and your mission
    is to protect him from getting killed. As with all AI, he will just charge
    forward to attempt an escape. As it is, I don't see how to do this skillfully.
    All you can do is to attempt to kill off as many enemies nearby to minimize
    the odds of Ryouto being hit. If he gets by unscathed by the end of Turn 4,
    the point will be yours due to an event on Turn 5. The boss is pretty hard to
    hit, so make full use of Radha's SP Regen and her Kannou.
    Stage 17
    P: Destroy all of the enemies by Player Turn 3.
    Grungast Nishiki and Garion vs a small group of enemies. Careful placement and
    use of Seishin should net you the skill point within the 2nd Enemy Phase
    itself, assuming nothing goes horribly wrong (which will usually be the
    Alterion getting nuked).
    After that is done, an enemy boss will charge towards the base, only to be
    intercepted by the man formerly known as Elzam (goes by Rehzel now?). This
    will bring up even more enemies, and all you get is Ibis and Rehzel in the
    Garion and Huckebein Tronbe. Even in the Tronboe, Rehzel is outmatched, and
    you have yet another stupid allied ship to safeguard. To add insult to injury,
    Ibis is fairly useless in this battle due to her currently available seishin
    set so it's best to be cautious. The battle will end as soon as the ship
    retreats to the specified area, so try to kill as much as possible before it
    Stage 18
    P: Clear the map of all Inspector units, in four turns from their appearance.
    Over here, Ibis had only like... 14% chance of hitting Sley, without Accuracy
    boosting parts. If you can win, you get EXP and PP, otherwise, life probably
    goes on.
    After more events, you'll be surrounded by Inspector units. Just send Kusuha
    to the east with Hicchuu and Teppeki, and Retzel to the west with Shuuchuu
    (and Hicchuu, if you like). Masaki Andou will appear in his Cybaster to the
    south to assist after a couple of enemies are downed.
    Stage 19
    P: Destroy every enemy except for Vindell's ZwaizerGain (will retreat in 3
    Arad and Lamia are sent out in their respective units. Zeora appears with a
    couple of Gespensts. After further events, more reinforcements appear.
    Zeora cannot be killed here, her HP will just reset. When Vindell appears, the
    rest will run away, so just kill as much as fast as possible. Focus on killing
    enemies till one other unit besides Vindell is left. Then, if you feel
    inclined to, save the game and take a couple of potshots at Vindell for the
    EXP before finishing off the last unit for the skill point.
    First sets you on the Abiano path, second sends you to Izu Base. For the
    first, you go off with Irm, Viletta, Radha, Ibis, Kai, Leona and Arad. The
    second path lets you use RyuKouOu earlier, while the first leads you to Arad's
    Wild Wuerger.
    Stage 20: Abiano
    P: Complete the objective by turn 4.
    The objective is to kill all ランドグリーズ (Landgreeze?) units by turn 5
    without entering the city . Just stick two agile units right outside the wall
    near each cluster of enemies, and they'll move towards you naturally.
    After these have been eliminated, a couple of events will take place and some
    enemy reinforcements will arrive. Deal with them normally.
    Stage 20: Izu Base
    P: Achieve Victory within 4 turns.
    Stage 21: Abiano
    P: Clear the map of all enemies in 8 turns.
    There are two Rhinocerous down, and you only have Lee in the Shirogane. Moving
    directly south by turn 3 will result in an ambush with the Shirogane removed
    from play and Ibis added in with the Asterion. Move Ibis forward, and don't
    bother dealing with Sley, just dodge her attacks. Eventually, a story event
    will take place, leading into more reinforcements for you.
    It helps to have a decently upgraded Asterion in terms of Mobility to weaken
    the enemies first before friendly reinforcements arrive. For once, the boss
    can be defeated, though she retreats at 11k HP or so.
    Stage 21: Izu Base
    P: Achieve Victory within 4 turns. (That is, get one of your units next to the
    Stage 22: Abiano
    P: Clear the map in 5 turns.
    You start off with Arad vs Zeora. He's in an unupgraded Rion-V, so it's not
    good odds for you. Use your seishin wisely, for you need to do enough damage
    on her unit to trigger the next event. The Rion-V can take only one hit from
    Zeora, so if you want to save SP, go forward with Hicchuu and take the first
    hit, to limit her options, use Hirameki/Hicchuu on round 2 and ONLY
    counterattack, and on round 3, take recast Hicchuu/Hirameki and attack on your
    turn to trigger the event and bring in the reinforcements. Attack with the
    Railgun for maximum damage.
    After friendly reinforcements arrive, Arad will still be enjoying the effects
    of the Hicchuu seishin you cast earlier. Take whatever advantage you can out
    of this, because this leaves you 3 more player turns inclusive of this (well,
    at least I got it done by Player Turn 3) to earn the skill point, and I assume
    that means finishing off Archibald and Zeora. Zeora will retreat after
    damaging her sufficiently, killing her results in a GAME OVER. Archibald will
    not retreat.
    Stage 22: Izu Base
    P: Clear the map within 10 turns.
    Stage 23: Abiano
    P: Reduce enemy forces to 15 units in 3 turns.
    After the enemy has been thinned down to 15 units, more reinforcements arrive.
    Eliminate everything, and Ouka is sent to deal with you. She's pretty mean,
    having Hirameki, Shuuchuu and Hicchuu cast on her every turn. Damage her
    enough, and she'll be pulled out, and you'll have to fight Surisaz, who
    benefits from the same auto-seishin set. Damage him enough, and the scenario
    is over.
    Stage 23: Izu Base
    P: Defeat Agiiha's Silverwind.
    Stage 24
    P: Within 7 Player Phase Turns, defeat all enemy units except for Alfimy's.
    You start out with Excellen alone and one Einst. Destroying the first brings
    out another four. After those are nuked, yet another four pop out. And after
    those are done, 3 pop out, but you get some reinforcements. After nuking those
    as well, 7 enemy units pop out with Alfimy. Kyousuke appears after Alfimy's
    unit is damaged sufficiently.
    Stage 25:
    P: Clear the map within 9 turns.
    After you kill enough enemies, reinforcements spawn, so do not waste time.
    There are about three or four waves. Eventually, after all the enemies are
    terminated, you'll be left with one boss. Lower its HP sufficiently to trigger
    the formation of SRX, and one more time to end the battle.
    Stage 26
    P: Within 3 Turns, destroy all enemies but the Laz Angriff and Sledgelmil
    Lamia ... dies? Oh well, straightforward advance and smash mission, though the
    time limit is quite tight. The Laz Angriff and Sledgemill will retreat after
    all enemies have been eliminated.
    Stage 27
    P: Reduce the number of enemies to less than 9 (Not counting the 3 bosses) in
    two turns from when the sub-objective is activated.
    Great. Mai decides to leave in an unupgraded Mass Production Huckebein Mk-II.
    After she gets hit once, Ouka appears and a major event takes place. After
    that, you're left with Mai, Ryuusei, Aya, Ratouni and Arad. Mai and Aya are
    totally immobilized.
    After another turn, our friendly forces come under heavy fire from enemy
    reinforcements, but Viletta and Rai appear in the R-Gun Powered and R-2
    Powered respectively and mow them down. One thing leads to another and the SRX
    team manage to employ Variable Formation to form SRX, and our forces regroup
    on one side of the island. More enemy reinforcements arrive.
    When enough enemies are killed (to fulfill the sub-objective), friendly
    reinforcements arrive. Too bad no extra enemies for you to deal with, and that
    submarine boss runs off too. Ouka retreats when damaged sufficiently and takes
    Zeora with her, so take out Zeora first, and then Ouka.
    Stage 28
    P: Shoot down 15 enemy units within 6 turns.
    Lamia returns in the Angelgoug (yay!). As it is, the Angelgoug has received
    +300 to all weapons power. For some reason though, the max stat upgrade is
    disabled, if you've upgraded it that much. You can still select it again once
    the battle is over, but it does mean that you won't benefit from it right now.
    The enemies won't take the offensive for now, so just keep dodging Axel's Soul
    Gain for two turns until the cavalry arrives.
    After downing 15 enemies, the enemy battleship warps out, and more enemy
    reinforcements warp in. Wipe them all out and put a large dent in Axel for the
    end to this stage.
    Stage 29
    P: Achieve the victory condition within 4 turns (Get Masaki or Ibis to the
    designated spot).
    Downing a Barrellion will lead into an event where you're ambushed by Rion-Vs.
    Sley swoops in to help and destroys them in one barrage. Regretably, she
    doesn't have her boss-class Carion anymore and she's a neutral unit (ie,
    friendly but unusable), but she does come in with good stats and at level 30.
    Once you reach the indicated location, friendly reinforcements will arrive and
    Sley will leave. After a battleship crosses a certain point, more enemy
    reinforcements arrive. You win either by moving both your battleships into the
    clear zone guarded by the Barrelions earlier, or by nuking all other enemies.
    Stage 30
    P: Achieve the victory condition within 4 turns. (Get Retzel to the designated
    You begin with the Tronbe and the Sanshiki. Rush them westwards ASAP and make
    use of the base terrain in front of the Barrelions for cover. Get there fast
    enough and focus both fire and counter-fire on the Barrelions which are
    directly blocking your path. After getting through, an event will take place
    and you'll only be left with Zengar, though he'll have Teppeki and Nekketsu
    cast on him for free. After a while, more stuff will happen, and Wotan Ymir
    will appear on the scene with his Sledgemir as a neutral. Zengar will be left
    for dead (pretty much so, with the Sanshiki totally immobilized and reduced to
    10% HP). One more turn, more events, and bam, the Daizengar! Unupgraded
    though. Shucks. And still immobilized. What to do but yet to pass another
    turn... to speed things up, let yourself get hit till the Daizengar is reduced
    to critical. After that, an event will take place where Wotan tosses Zengar
    his Zankantou and Zengar dishes out some major damage to Vigan. As if that
    wasn't enough, Retzel busts out in his Ausenzaider and together, they perform
    a really painful-looking combination attack on Vigan. After that, friendly
    reinforcements arrive. Oh, and the Daizengar will be magically upgraded once
    he gets his Zankantou :P Geez, reminds me of Disgaea... Anyway, the
    Ausenzaider is not upgraded, but on the right terrain, he should still be able
    to pull through unharmed for the most part. The boss has left after that
    massive thrashing, so just advance your forces and wipe out the rest.
    Stage 31
    P: Clear the map within 9 turns. (This will require you to defeat all of the
    enemies, and take down one of the bosses enough to make the pair retreat - I
    took down Shikarogu.  Then, you will have to get all of your units to the
    designated area.)
    Not a lot of fun here, if you're going for the skill point. Lots of enemies
    with high HP and good evasion, bleh. And to make matters worse, once you've
    advanced one of your battleships far enough, Shikarogu will ambush the Hagane,
    removing 1/2 its HP. Map weapons are very handy here, so bring a couple of
    units with these.
    Stage 32
    P: Within 5 turns, defeat all of the enemies except for the Garugau and the
    You start off with Yuuki and Carla in a Laz Angriff and Langriz respectively,
    and with you, four Rion-Vs and a Rhinocerous. As usual, you may only control
    Yuuki and Carla, so move them to the attack. Yuuki has Hit & Away, so it
    should help a little.
    By Turn 3, or possibly when all the Rion-Vs have been shot down, friendly
    reinforcements arrive. Quite a few of your top units will be sortied
    (Kyousuke, Excellens, Bullet/Kusuha, Zengar, Ryuune, Lamia, Guilliam). Anyway,
    this realistically means that you have only 3 turns to wipe out everything, so
    get to it.
    After everything has been wiped out (except the bosses), one thing leads to
    another and, well, more enemies appear for you to wipe out.
    Stage 33
    P: Within 4 turns, defeat all of the enemies except for the Wild Falcon.
    Excellen is taken away by Alfimy and the Einsts. Arad, Shine and Latouni
    arrive on the scene too late, but they still get a greeting from Zeora and her
    squad. The skill point is easy, though I basically left the stage for Shine to
    gain kills. Do not destroy Zeora's unit, it'll result in a Game Over. Reducing
    her unit to abt 1/3 HP will bring on the next set of events, which has Ouka
    appearing with reinforcements and shooting up everyone, which results in
    everyone being immobilized and underwater. You can shoot back, but that might
    not mean much. Hold off long enough, and reinforcements will arrive after a
    long event sequence.
    First sets you on the Earth Cradle path, second sends you to Space.
    Stage 34:  Earth Cradle Route
    P: Within 6 turns, achieve the Victory Condition (get the Kurogane to the
    designated area).
    Stage 34:  Space Route
    P: Destroy all enemies in 8 turns.
    After advancing the Hiryu Kwai past a certain point, an event will take place,
    and it will be surrounded by enemies. Sub-objective will be revealed at this
    point. After enough enemies are killed, even more will appear near the exit
    Stage 35: Earth Cradle Route
    P: Within 3 player phases, shoot down 11 enemies.
    Stage 36: Space Route
    Stage 36: Earth Cradle Route
    P: Within 5 turns, destroy Archibald's Rhinoacerous.
    Stage 37
    P: Within 5 turns, achieve the victory condition.  (Take the Rein Weiss Ritter
    down to 80% health.)
    Stage 38
    P: Destroy the Gureitaakin. (An event happens when he falls below a
    certain % - unsure of it exactly, as to yet.)
    Stage 39
    P: Within 5 turns, reduce the Soulgain's HP to 30%.
    Stage 40
    P: Kill 20 enemy units within 5 turns.
    Stage 41
    P: Destroy the Peruzein Rihikaito.
    * 11. SECRETS            *
    Some of these may have been mistranslated when I tried to read it off JP
    sites. The link is provided for those of you who are capable to read it
    1) Not much of a secret, but you get another stage to play with, and possibly
    some change in the ending, if you finish Stage 41 with 35 skill points, or
    2) Complete the game once to get access to EX Mode, which is much harder than
    your normal game. PP costs for all pilot improvements are doubled, and no
    weapon upgrades are possible. Complete it one more time for Special Mode?
    3) Shishiou Blade + G-Impact Stake + Hagane no Tamashii + High Performance AI
    + Yuusha no Akashi:
    Apparently, in Stage 15, you can get some nice equips and weapons if you
    manage to kill off both lesser boss units before killing Mekiboss.
    4) Wild Wuerger L:
    [From GameFAQs]
    --------------------------- start --------------------------------------------
    From: ShadowRift | Posted: 2/7/2005 8:33:42 PM | Message Detail
    Since there seems to be some confusion about getting this unit, this is what
    I've observed thus far about how to get it.
    1. You seem to need to pick the space route at the first split
    2. Second split doesn't matter
    3. Arad needs 50 kills by stage 27
    4. To keep the unit, Mai needs to get 5 kills with it in stage 27.
    I'm not 100% sure about whether you need to go space route at the first split,
    but the only playthrough I chose not to I didn't get the Wilger L. I know the
    second split doesn't matter, and Arad definitely needs 50 kills by stage 27.
    Just now, I played the stage and Mai got 4 kills, and afterwards the Wild
    Wilger L mysteriously vanished. I reloaded and got her 10 kills, and it
    remained after the stage. Thus, the crucial number may actually be 10, not 5.
    From: ampulator000 | Posted: 2/7/2005 8:41:35 PM | Message Detail
    Are you sure it's not just 5 kills, and not with the mecha?
    From: ShadowRift | Posted: 2/7/2005 8:45:02 PM | Message Detail
    Ah, yeah, that's entirely more likely. Mai probably just needs a certain kill
    count by the end of stage 27, either 5 or 10.
    [From a separate thread]
    From: tangowr | Posted: 2/14/2005 6:45:41 AM | Message Detail
    Stage 19 before meeting Zeora defeat 4+ enemy mech
    Before stage 26 end 50+ kill
    Mai in stage 27 cannot lose more than 40% HP, defeat 5 enemy mech
    --------------------------- end --------------------------------------------
    From http://ground2.moo.jp/srwog2/koneta.htm
    In stage 19, defeat four or more units with Arad's Alblade, and have him at
    Lvl 25 with 50 kills by Stage 23 by the Abiano path, or Lvl 19 with 44 kills
    by the other route. Mai will be sortied in the Wild Wuerger-L on Stage 27.
    5. A Special Mode is unlockable as well, though the specifics of the mode will
    be provided when I can bug my friend to translate, or gather enough energy to
    do it myself.
    6. Boost Hammer:
    From http://ground2.moo.jp/srwog2/koneta.htm
    The Boost Hammer weapon can be obtained on stage 16. Arad must kill everything
    on his own within the first 4 turns. Radha is allowed to help damage the
    units. There is no restriction as to how the kills need to be achieved,
    7. Gespenst Mk-II S
    From http://ground2.moo.jp/srwog2/koneta.htm
    Kai must have 55 kills and be at Level 35 by Stage 33. The unit will be
    provided midway during the Earth Cradle route, or at the end of the branch
    when both forces reunite.
    8. Neo Chakram Shooter + G-Impact Stake:
    From Mellow RG on GFAQs: "It's really easy to get these. Just make sure
    Daizengar doesn't any kill one single enemy during its debut in mission 30.
    You are free to kill anyone with Tronbe and Sanshiki, though. You will get
    these weapons after you choose the third route split. (after mission 33)"
    9. Graviton Launcher
    From http://ground2.moo.jp/srwog2/koneta.htm
    Killing all enemies with Viletta in her Huckebein Mk-II M in Stage 6 will
    provide you with the Graviton Launcher equipped on her unit in Stage 15.
    10. Huckebein Mk-III R + Boxer-R Frames
    From http://ground2.moo.jp/srwog2/koneta.htm
    Leona must have 55 kills and be at Level 35 by Stage 33. The unit will be
    provided midway during the Earth Cradle route, or at the end of the branch
    when both forces reunite.
    [From GameFAQs messageboards]
    --------------------------- start --------------------------------------------
    From: tangowr | Posted: 2/14/2005 6:45:41 AM | Message Detail
    Hukebine mk-III R
    @serie main character(Brit, Kusuha, Ryouto, Rio, Leona, Tasuku) Level 31+ and
    all get 50+kill(If they start with 10 kill, need to get 60, etc) before stage
    33 end
    From: FlamingHopps67 | Posted: 2/14/2005 9:12:42 AM | Message Detail
    Found the above link...
    The proceedure of acquiring the Huckebein Mk III-R is a little different than
    what's been listed.
    1.) Scenario 18 - Retsuel (?) has 35 kills by the end of the scenario.
    2.) Scenario 30 - Acquire the scenario's skill point. [Retsuel makes it to the
    indicated flashing square (Tesla Labs)]
    3.) Scenario 33 - The six Alpha archetypes [Rio, Ryouto, Leona, Tasuku, Brit,
    Kusuha] have combined experience levels add up to 185. [Roughly averaged to
    Level 31 for each character].
    4.) If all conditions are met...Leona is assigned to this unit instead of the
    Mk-III Trombe. [I think I read this sentence right.]
    ----------------------------- end --------------------------------------------
    11. SRX Morale Up Trick
    Equip two Neji Hachimakis (ねじハチマキ) on the R-1 for a total morale boost
    of +20. After you add in the Ace bonus, Ryuusei will start with a total of 125
    Morale in battle. This of course carries over when merging into SRX. Not
    something overtly special, but a nice trick that I didn't think of personally.
    12. Sound Test
    From http://ground2.moo.jp/srwog2/koneta.htm
    After the second replay(?), access Sound Test by inputting Down, Up, Left,
    Right, L, R from the System Menu.
    13. Vysaga and Ashsaber
    From the GameFAQ boards, tangowr provides the method and both him/her and ,
    NeoZeroX provides tips for Stage 19.
    --------------------------- start --------------------------------------------
    From: tangowr | Posted: 2/14/2005 6:05:02 AM | Message Detail
    Stage 10(Echiopia path) or Stage 13(Moon path)
    Defeat or make Ekidona retreat. Move Lamia to her spot.
    There will be no dialoge change, but important.
    Stage 19
    Lamia Fighting Axel(Starting after round two)
    once - Vysaga requirement met
    Twice - Ash Saber requirement met(Vysaga requriement cancel)
    Three time - Angelgu upgrade
    Before end of stage 24 Lamia killcount reach 55+
    From: NeoZeroX | Posted: 2/14/2005 6:32:44 AM | Message Detail
    Lamia Fighting Axel(Starting after round two)
    once - Vysaga requirement met
    Twice - Ash Saber requirement met(Vysaga requriement cancel)
    Three time - Angelgu upgrade
    Axel will target to Ramia so you don't needed to fight him to trigger the
    event. Axel will chase after Ramia.
    After the first conversation and battle with Axel, run as far as you can and
    hope you will out run Axel's range attack.(play chicken with Axel)
    From: NeoZeroX | Posted: 2/15/2005 12:45:36 AM | Message Detail
    Stage 19
    Lamia Fighting Axel(Starting after round two)
    once - Vysaga requirement met
    Twice - Ash Saber requirement met(Vysaga requriement cancel)
    Three time - Angelgu upgrade.
    Before end of stage 24 Lamia killcount reach 55+
    [More Specifics from another thread]
    After Arad reach Selina, re-enforcement will come(Axel).
    The number of battle between Lamia & Axel will be affected the future unit.
    ---During the first battle, Lamia and Axel will have one pre-battle
    concersation and a battle.(Battle Count: 1)
    You get Vysaga and Powered Angelgu.
    ---If you attack Axel or Axel fight you again(no conversation this time).
    (Battle Count: 2)
    You get Ash Saber and Powered Angelgu.
    ---If you fight him/he fight you again and repeat...(Battle count:
    3->4->5->6... and etc....)
    You only get Angelgu.
    Anyways, Axel will be homing to attack Lamia so no needed to chase and fight
    him. After the first battle, you have to flee like a chicken and keep escaping
    Axel's attack range. (movement booster items helps here a lot)
    Axel and Selina will flee when the 6 digit boss arrive.
    From: tangowr | Posted: 2/14/2005 6:34:43 AM | Message Detail
    Put on those item that allow you to move further...
    ---------------------------- end ---------------------------------------------
    14. Hagane no Tamashii + Yuusha no In:
    From Flaming Hoops:
    A second Yuusha no In [Hero's Seal] and Hagane no Kon [Spirits of Steel] are
    available after completing Scenario 33 [following 2nd playthrough]
    * 12. CREDITS            *
    A lot of thanks go out to:
    1. Banpresto for making such an excellent followup to OG (imo).
    2. Shocking Alberto for being a big fan and for being someone I can discuss
         this with actively. The information here for the other stages I've not
         taken or reached, was provided by him, as was other miscellany.
    3. transmobilesuit, for providing some quick translations.
    4. the makers of JWPce and JQuickTrans, for such well-made software.
    5. Thanks to the SRT community for discussing and sharing information
         regarding OG2, especially tangowr and NeoZeroX for sharing information
         on secrets.

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