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    FAQ/Walkthrough by masa7su

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/09/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ||Super Robot Taisen OG 2(GBA)||
    Super Robot Taisen OG 2 FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version 1.1
    February 3, 2005 - October 9, 2005
    Unpublished work (c) 2005 by masa7su
    E-Mail : masa7su@hotmail.com
    I.    Introduction
    II.   E-Mail Guidelines
    III.  Gameplay: A. Intermission Menu
                    B. Pilot Point
                    C. Battle Menu
                    D. Combo System
                    E. Weapon Equip
                    F. Ace Pilot System
                    G. Upgrading Unit
    IV.   Walkthrough
    V.    Synchro Attack
    VI.   Secret
    VII.  FAQ
    VIII. Forbidden Section
    IX.   Credit
    X.    Copyright
    The 2nd series of the original, well we can hope A LOT OF ANIMATION
    action like the previous OG, which in my opinion this sequel're much
    better. The Dramatic attack aren't static anymore^-^, whatever...... 
    (don't want to be rude to the newbs but i can't help it, already
    waited more than 4 month for this game then,let it ROLL, just read
    the guide, and when u finish it, u'll become one of us :)
    VERSION 1.1
    October 9, 2005
    Some one asking for the code at my inbox... well i thought i'll update
    a little on secret, faqs and forbidden section... i misss J T-T
    VERSION 1.0
    February 10, 2005 - February 13, 2005
    Almost finished the game and last night i have a nightmare Ingram on
    his R-GUN Rivale team up with Vindel Zwei Zargein kicking my butt on
    the last stageO_O!!! gladly i'm not dying there^-^, the Walkthrough
    are still on progress grammatical and spelling error're still 
    everywhere(as if i care^-^")anyway need to get breakfast now, haven't
    eat regularly since i got the game :P then ITADAKIMASU!!!
    VERSION 0.0
    February 3, 2005 - February 10, 2005
    .... Well because there's a noisy couple that i being a fans since MX 
    ^_^(Sorry for Kyousuke and Excellen fans) i give my priority for Arad 
    Balanga and Seola Schweizer route thought there's a chance i'll 
    missed Rein WeiBriter on my 1st play BUT heck... i can bear it^-^ as 
    long as those two birds keep noisy and asking for gun shoot on their 
    head lol.
    ASK anything that u want to know about this game, and please don't 
    make me repeat myself(I HATE IF THOSE THING HAPEN), and don't use 
    Strange font/color/anything strange, and put the Subject "SRW OG2" or 
    sort of.
    If my reply already answer your question, please don't Reply me w any
    gratitude or sort of it(u read my crap is more than enough^_^), my 
    inbox re Overloaded 2 times in less than 3 day for those stuff and 
    thing, so please understand me on this Condition ok? ONEGAISIMASU^-^".
    I would highly appreciate any help with the FAQ though, any 
    clarification, corrections, & any additional Information would be 
    very much appreciated and credit will be given.
    plus, dont ask:
    *.   Why Excellen mech named WeiBritter on my Faq
    **.  Why Zengar piloting "Dygenguar", not "Great Zengar"
    ***. STUPID THINK(which is obvious, unless u're newbs)
    Give me a break OK^^", this is my FAQ i can even made Kyousuke named 
    "Hello Kitty", since the translation got mess around and every people 
    got their reference, the only think obvious is the mech serial number 
    and i don't have plan to change every reader of mine into mech nerds
    (me :), anyway i'll make this faq as clear as possible, even for the 
    ||III. GAMEPLAY ||
    A. Intermission Menu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Talk for it self, u'll access this menu between battle to arrange 
    everything for the next battle, here i'll translate the option.
    1. Unit : A. View Status
              B. Upgrade Unit
              C. Customization
    2. Weaponry : A. Equip Weapon
                  B. Upgrade Weapon
    3. Pilot : A. View Status
               B. Distribute PP
               C. Exchange Unit
    4. Conformal Parts : A. Equip Conformal Parts to Unit
                         B. Sell Conformal Parts for Credit
    5. Data : A. Save
              B. Load
    6. Proceed to next stage 
    B. Pilot Point >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Well an unique feature the OG and few other SRT series has, is to 
    customize Pilot Skill and Status that i like it very much^-^, u gain 
    PP by simply Destroying enemy mech, harder enemy usually give bigger 
    PP well that's the basis. Let's talk How to distribute PP ok^-^
    U can only use PP on "Intermission Screen" by choosing 3rd option and 
    then the 2nd option choose Pilot and then u got another 3 option
    1st Use PP to get More Pilot Ability
    2nd Use PP to Increase Pilot Stat
    3rd Use PP to get Better Terrain Rating
    Explanation :
    Pilot Ability
    When U access this option, u'll get more confusing option when 
    choosing the empty slot(don't worry, this is the worst XD) but very 
    VITAL in Improving your pilot performance
    1st Attack Skill :
        A. Combo +1  : Allow the Pilot to use Combo Attack with (C) 
                       type weapon.
        B. Counter +1: Allow the Pilot to have the 1st Initiative on 
                       Counter Attack.
        c. In Fight +1: Increase Melee Attack weapon damage by 50 point at
                        certain Lvl will also increase Mecha Movement 
                        range by max 2 square.
        D. Gun Fight +1 : Increase Ranged Attack weapon damage by 50 point
                          at certain Lvl will also increase Weapon Range
                          by max 2 square.
        E. Attacker : Increase Attack Status of the Pilot by 1.2x when the
                      pilot morale reach 130 point.
                      (A MUST HAVE for all attackers).
        F. Revenge : Counter Attack will be 1.2x more damaging than normal
    2nd Defensive Skill :
        A. Commander Aura: Give the pilot leadership ability that increase
                           surrounding friendly unit extra HIT & DODGE
        B. Guard : Allow the pilot to do Auto Guard that reduce damage 
                   when pilot morale reach 130.
        C. Visible Cut Off : Increase the Pilot Hit and Evasion rate when
                             the pilot morale reach 130.
    3rd Support Skill :
        A. Assist Attack : Allow the Pilot to give friendly unit extra 
                           Attack while attacking.
        b. ?
        C. Assist Defense : Allow the Pilot to cover friendly unit in 
                             defense position while counter attacking.
        d. SP Up +1 : Increase SP Capacity by 4 point/skill Lvl
        E. SP Kaifuku : Recover 10 Point of SP/turn(it must have and 
                        extremely useful on long term battle)
        F. Concentration : SP cost for Pilot seishin only cost 80%/use
    4th Pilot Potential Skill :
        A. ?
        B. ?
        C. ?
        D. ?
        E. ?
    5th Mecha Proficient :
        A. Potential : Increase Accuracy, Evasion and Defense on Critical
        B. Hit & Away : Attack -> Scram ^-^
        c. B Save : Allow the Pilot to bring 1.5x more ammo for mecha 
        D. E Save : EN usage for Weapon only cost 70% than normal
        E. Repair Expert : Repairing will become 1.5x more effective than 
        F. Ressuplly Expert : Ressuply Command can be use after moving
    Pilot Stat
    As the name inscribe the use for this menu is increasing your pilot 
    status BUT i hardly recommend u do this the last after u get all the 
    best skill first after that upgrade your pilot terrain rating to 
    increase it efficiency in the battle. To upgrade your stat, u'll need 
    4PP/point(which is very expensive in my opinion)
    The stat:
    1. Melee Combat : Increase the Pilot damage when using melee attack
    2. Ranged Combat: obvious :P
    3. Accuracy     : Increase the percentage to hit when attacking enemy
    4. Reflex       : Reduce the percentage being hit by enemy attack
    5. Defense      : Reduce the damage taken when being hit by enemy
    6. Skill        : ... As far as i know the higher the number the more
                      critical attack will occur(300 will makes 90% chance
                      critical on each attack :P)
    Terrain Rating
    As i said above, this section will increase your Pilot efficiency on 
    Battling in specific terrain
    The Terrain:
    1. Sky
    2. Land
    3. Sea
    4. Space
    C. Battle Menu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    D. Combo System >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    (Edit it a little from my last FAQ on D :P)
    Well i call this as "Assist Defense Counter System" when u use Combo 
    attack the enemy cannot use assist defense on it ally(the same also 
    work for u), combo attack're marked w (C) symbol, so not all attack're
    combo able and also to use Combo, your pilot must have Combo ability
    (at least Combo level 1 if they didn't have it, teach them via PP).
    The combo attack're always a melee weapon and must be executed as 1 
    ranged weapon(thought not all Combo attack're 1 ranged weapon, for eg:
    Blade Kick)here's how it work:
    @    : Your unit
    1,2,3: Enemy unit
    Let's we pretend if "@" is "SRX", it Combo attack is "Blade Kick" and 
    it's 1~3 ranged weapon, if u execute the attack on no 1, no 2'll also 
    receive Damage ever since Ryuusei'll lose his brake if he has Combo 
    Ability Lv 1 and if Ryuusei has Combo Ability Lv 2, the attack'll 
    also pass to no 3(and so on...), then 3 attack for the price of 1 u 
    can also consider this as Mini map Attack, + the seishin effect like 
    Hot Blood/Direct Hit/etc're still on effect for the 2nd, 3rd,... hit 
    of combo attack that can cause a serious damage if u can use this kind
    of attack every time u got a chance.
    E. Weapon Equip >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
         The Original system in SRW OG is  "Equip Weapon" 
         here how it works, if u choose Equip Weapon there's a list of 
         Unit that u can equip with extra weapon.
         After u choosing the unit the screen will turn up like this
         |-----------                  ----------     *~*      +**    |
         |-----------                  ----------     *~*      +**    |
         |-----------                  ----------     *~*      +**    |
         |-----------                  ----------     *~*      +**    |
         |-----------                  ----------     *~*      +**    |
         | Morale Need                      | Ammo                    |
         | EN Consumption                   | Weapon type             |
         | Weapon Weight                    | Skill type              |
         | Weapon Effectiveness             | Critical Rate       +** |
         -. Morale Need          -> Minimum morale need to use the weapon
         -. EN Consumption       -> EN use/attack
         -. Weapon Weight        -> Minimum weight to load up the weapon 
         -. Weapon effectiveness -> Land, Air, Sea, Space
         -. Ammo                 -> The ammunition obviously
         -. Weapon Type          -> Like Missile, Beam, Gun, Sword, etc
         -. Skill type           -> it's like Fist symbol and (+) symbol
                                    type of attack. But now they didn't 
                                    use fist and (+), it's KANJI!!>_<.
         -. Critical Rate        -> Chance of critical hit/attack +**%
         The weapon that u can equip/unequip re colored by white, the
         Grey're indicated, it original weapon that exclusive just for
         that unit, there's also an empty slot that u can attach a weapon
         if u have enough empty weight, if u choose them, the screen will
         turn out like this
         |PAGE NUMBER| WEAPON EQUIP | UNIT NAME                       |
         | SLOT USED                                                  |
         |Empty Slot          | Damage Rate                           |
         |Weapon1            $| Range                                 |
         |Weapon2            $| Accuracy                              |
         |Weapon3            $| Ammo                                  |
         |Weapon4            $| Critical Rate                         |
         |--------------------| Morale Need                           |
         | Weapon Weight    --| EN Consumption                        |
         | Unit Capacity   #/*| Weapon Effectiveness                  |
         -. Slot Used -> Describe if it empty slot/available weapon on
                         that slot that u want to change.
         -. $         -> Available Weapon
         -. #         -> Used Weight
         -. *         -> Maximum unit capacity
         I think this information're more than enough for u to modify your
    F. Ace Pilot System >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Ace Pilot is a status when your pilot have destroy at least 50 enemy 
    unit the advantage of being an Ace is, the pilot will start every 
    mission with 105 morale
    and there's also new system implemented in OG 2, That's "Ace Bonus" 
    that vary between each pilot, here's some list of Ace Bonus ability
    Kyousuke Nanbu : 1. Counter +10%
                     2. Melee Attack +10%
    Excellen Browning : Defense & Skill Bonus +10%
    Lamia Loveless : 1. Ranged Combat +5%
                     2. Accuracy +10%
    Seola Schweizer : 1. Ranged Combat +10%
                      2. EXP gain +10%
    Arad Balanga : 1. Melee Attack +5%
                   2. ?
    Zengar Zombolt : Melee Attack +10%
    Roesel Feinshumaxkar : Ranged Combat +10%
    Ryuusei Date : 1. ?
                   2. All Damage +10%
    Raydish F Franshutein : 1. Accuracy +10%
                            2. Evasion +10%
    Aya Kobayashi : 1. Accuracy +10%
                    2. SP + 20
    Vieleta Badam : 1. Critical Rate +20%
                    2. SP +10
    Kusuha Mizuha : 1. Defense +10%
                    2. EXP Gain +10
    Leona Gerstein : 1. Accuracy +10%
                     2. Evasion +10%
    Tasuku Shinguji : 1. Lucky +10%
                      2. Lucky seishin only cost 15 SP
    Masaki Ando : 1. All Damage +5%
                  2. Accuracy +10% 
    Ratouni Shuvota : EXP Gain +20%
    G. Upgrading Unit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    THIS FAQ is heavily loaded with enemy tactic and the right formation 
    to resolve the skill point objective(there's no stuff on easy mode 
    tought:P) that'll spoil every surprise Attack on each stage(but i'll 
    not spoil the storyline even a bit and will not tell who join who in 
    the end of battle) read at your OWN RISK!!! U have been warned^-^.
    STAGE 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Angelgu
    Enemy Unit : 1. Lion F (Hp 4200) x8
    Friendlly Reinforcement(Defeat 2 enemy): 1. Alteisen
                                             2. WeiBritter
                                             3. Huckebein Mk-II
    Skill Point Objective :
    Defeat All enemy in 4 Turn
    Note :
    I can say the 1st stage on OG 1're much more challenging than this, 
    all we need is just rush in with Lamia Angelgu and the reinforcement 
    will appear on turn 2 enemy phase. I can finish this stage on 3 full 
    turn only using Reckless attack because Angelgu "Phantom Phoenix" and 
    Alteisen "Revolving Stake" equal to instant kill against Lion.
    STAGE 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Kalion(Sleigh)
                    2. Kalion(Ivys)
    Enemy Unit : 1. Lion F         (Hp 4200) x4
                 2. Garlion        (fake)    x4
                 3. Garlion Custom (Hp 16000)
    Enemy Reinforcement(Turn 2 enemy phase): 1. Lion (Hp 4200) x5
    Friendly Reinforcement(Turn 3) : 1. Angelgu
                                     2. Alteisen
                                     3. WeiBritter
                                     4. Huckebein Mk-II
    Skill Point Objective :
    All enemy except Garlion Custom "MUST BE DESTROYED" before turn 4 end
    Note :
    Well I can't said this stage was hard at first both Kalion have decent
    chance against the lion, just cast "Accelerate" and "Concentration" at
    Sleigh and give them all u got.
    The enemy reinforcement actually replacing the fake Garlion that 
    guarded Garlion Custom and when your reinforcement arrive, GIVE THEM 
    ALL U GOT and just make sure Alteisen will not be a sitting duck on 
    your formation because the unit have the worst weapon range, and all 
    the Lion have 6 square effective Atk range. 
    Battle Bonus Item:
    -. Repair Kit
    -. Propellant Tank
    -. Screw Module
    -. Chaff Grenade
    STAGE 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Shirogane
                    2. Angelgu
                    3. Alteisen
                    4. WeiBritter
                    5. Huckebein Mk-II
    Enemy Unit : 1. Sol Pressa          (Hp 3700)  x5
                 2. Fhulgia             (Hp 4200)  x5
                 3. Lion F              (Hp 4200)  x5
                 4. Garlion Custom Yuuki(Hp 16800)
                 5. Garlion Custom Carla(Hp 16000) 
                 6. Rhinoceros          (Hp 32000)
    Skill Point Objective :
    Reduce Rhinoceros Hp below 70% within 4 turn
    Note :
    Ok i HATE!!! the terrain on this stage>_< those mountain and forest 
    area slow down ground unit, i board Alteisen and Huckebein to 
    Shirogane and have the unit advance forward guarded only by Angelgu 
    and WeiBritter(always have Lamia cast "Lock On" and Excellen cast 
    "Concentrate") after killing a few enemy, both unit will be able to 
    use it most powerful atk(Phantom Phoenix and Okstan Launcher W Mode) 
    and i believe u can take down Rhinoceros in no time and when your unit
    being attacked by Garlion Custom, just defend or evade the atk, their 
    atk really hurt>.< 1 more thing, don't forget to take advantage of 
    Shirogane Command Area.
    Bonus for accomplish the skill point objective: 5200 Credit
    STAGE 4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Huckebein Mk-II.M
                    2. Wild Falken
                    3. Ghespenst Mk-II.M
    Enemy Unit : 1. Lion V              (Hp 5400) x2
                 2. Lion F              (Hp 4200) x6
                 3. Bare Lion           (Hp 7200) x2
                 4. Garlion Custom Yuuki(Hp 17600)
                 5. Garlion Custom Carla(Hp 16000)
    Friendly Reinforcement(attack Garlion Custom): 1. Shirogane
                                                   2. Angelgu
                                                   3. Alteisen
                                                   4. WeiBritter
                                                   5. Huckebein Mk-II
    Important Item : 1. Turbo Motor -> Lion V Arad
    Skill Point Objective :
    All enemy except Garlion Custom "MUST BE DESTROYED" before turn 4 end
    Note :
    Ok in this stage all u need to do is, move Kai unit(Ghespenst) toward 
    Garlion Custom as fast as possible so the reinforcement will appear 
    faster and i hardly advice u to equip "Screw Module" that u got 
    earlier on Alteisen, so the unit will have better movement rate in 
    the water, conserve your Sp to fight Garlion Custom later on after u 
    finish the Skill Point Objective, they have amazing evasion rate and 
    hit hard u must give it your best shoot to deal with'em, take 
    advantage of Shirogane command area(i just can't stress it enough^-^).
    Battle Bonus Item :
    1. F32VShuvelt Kai
    2. Repair Module
    3. Ressuplly Module
    STAGE 5 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Shirogane
                    2. 7 more Unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Sol Pressa       (Hp 3700) x5
                 2. F32V Shuverlt Kai(Hp 3600) x5
                 3. Lion F           (Hp 4200) x5
    Enemy Reinforcement(All enemy destroyed) : 1. bare Lion (Hp 7800)x 8
    Skill Point Objective :
    Defeat All enemy in 4 turn
    Note :
    Simple stage just advance as fast as possible and give them all u got,
    the enemy reinforcement will appear surround Shirogane BUT don't worry 
    just receive every attack that Bare Lion deliver to Shirogane, when it 
    Hp reach about 50%, Hagane will appear and destroy all the enemy 
    STAGE 6 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Arbalest
                    2. Huckebein Mk-II.M
    Enemy Unit : 1. Grngust(Hp 7500)
    Enemy Reinforcement(Reduce Grngust Hp below 70%) :
                 1. Lion F     (Hp 4200)                 x3
                 2. Sol Pressa (Hp 3700)                 x7
                 2. Land Glezz (Seola, Hp 8500)
                 3. Land Glezz (Yuuki & Carla, Hp 18000) x2
    Neutral Reinforcement(Reduce Grngust Hp below 70%) :
                 1. Lion V (Arad)
    Friendly Reinforcement(Reduce Grngust Hp below 70%) :
                 1. Grngust
    Important Item : 1. Booster -> Land Gleez Seola
    Skill Point Objective:
    Alternative 1:
    Destroy any of Yuuki(retreat if hp goes below 70%)/Carla
    (same as Yuuki)/Seola(retreat if hp goes below 30%) Unit
    Alternative 2:
    Destroy All enemy except Yuuki/Carla/Seola Unit
    Alternative 3:
    Do both by destroying all enemy first(u got 1 Skill Point tough :P)
    Note :
    I'm get sick with Ilm(Grngust pilot) hit rate when he become foes, 
    have Ryuusei Cast "Concentration" and "Flash" as necessary and attack 
    using G.Rail Gun and G.Revolver to bring down Grngust hp below 70%
    (don't over do it on this practice he'll save his remaining hp for the
    next real enemy >.<)When the enemy came, move your unit toward the 
    base that add 30% accuracy and evasion rate + 20% Hp & En regeneration
    /turn when u're being targeted by Yuuki/Carla Land Glezz just block or
    evade it(there's no way u can bring them down on this stage without 
    assist Atk unless u're replaying the game or worst using cheat :P) 
    just focus the atk to Seola unit and bring down her hp as close to 
    2650 point and then u can give her finishing blow with Arbalest 
    "Blade Tonfa" or Grngust "Final Beam" Or if u have enough confidence 
    with your formation, try to grab credit as much as possible, 
    "Blade Tonfa" is Combo atk and can instant kill to most of the enemy
    in this stage(take advantage of it^-^).
    Battle Bonus Item :
    1. R2 Powered
    2. Chobamb Armor
    3. Dual Sensor
    4. M950 Machine Gun
    5. Mega Beam Riffle
    STAGE 7 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Hagane
                    2. WeiBritter
                    3. R2 Powered
                    4. 7 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Lion F   (Hp 4200) x4
                 2. Bare Lion(Hp 7800) x4
                 3. Land Gleez         x3
                 4. Galion Custom      
    enemy Reinforcement(turn 2 enemy Phase):
                 1. Einst Grieto   (Hp 6800) x  6
                 2. Einst Knockhan (Hp 5000) x 12
    Skill Point Objective :
    Destroy 4 enemy in 2 turn
    Note :
    Ok for the skill objective i have all my grounded unit board to Hagane
    and moving as fast as possible toward the Lion(they're the closest and
    our best chance to accomplish the skill point objective) and attack or
    counter attack like mad man when the reinforcement arrive, the 
    remaining starting enemy will flee the battlefield and the 
    reinforcement appear at... EVERYWHERE -_-" jeez. BUT if u use 
    "Concentration" wisely and Refilling Hp as necessary i believe u can 
    survive this stage easily, most of them will die in 2 hits and 
    probably u can use the 1st combination move "Rampage Ghost" that 
    Alteisen and WeiBritter has which is more flashy than before ^o^
    STAGE 8 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Hagane
                    2. Huckebein Mk-II.M(Ratouni)
                    3. 6 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Fhulgia    (Hp 4200) x6
                 2. Bare Lion  (Hp 7800) x13
                 3. Land Gleez (Hp 20700) x3
    Important Item : 1. Dual Sensor -> Bare Lion on center formation
    Skill Point Objective :
    "Destroy All Enemy" except Seola, Yuuki and Carla unit in 4 turn.
    Note :
    As usual Fastrack Stage, i use the same tactic as before, to load up 
    all grounded unit to Hagane and advance as fast as possible, formation
    arrangement is very important here, so u can attack and counter attack
    every time u got a chance use "Concentration" etc wisely and make 
    sure u didn't give the small fries all u got because on turn 3 Seola 
    will go mad and attacking like there's no tomorrow... umm there's no 
    tomorrow for your real Robot unit actually because with 150 morale, 
    she will instant kill your real robot in a single attack >.< just 
    evade or block her attack and finish the skill point objective after 
    that, take as many turn as needed to bring down her Hp drop to 10% to 
    clear the stage(or get Yuuki/Carla unit hp drop to 50%).
    STAGE 9 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Hiryuu Kai
                    2. Garlion Custom
                    3. Geshpenst Mk-II.M(Katsina, Red)
                    4. Geshpenst Mk-II.M(Russel, Green)
                    5. Giganskuld.Douro
    Enemy Unit : 1. Megirooto Kai (Hp 3000)x10 
    Enemy Reinforcement (All Megirooto defeated/flee the battlefield):
                 1. Megirooto Kai    (Hp 3000) x4
                 2. SF-29VRanzen Kai (Hp 3700) x8
                 3. Huckebein Mk-II.M(Hp 5800) x8
    Important Item :
    1. Energy Take -> Megirooto on starting enemy 
    2. Thruster Module -> SF-29VRanzen Kai
    Skill Point Objective:
    Defeat 9 Megirooto Kai and left 1 Megirooto Kai with 5% of hp within 2
    Note :
    For the skill point objective, just rush the Megirooto Kai and attack 
    one of them with Garlion Custom "Buster Rail Gun"(2nd stronggest atk) 
    that usually almost kill Megirooto Kai, after u finish with the 
    Megirooto, the reinforcement came and the objective is defeat all 
    enemy except 1 Huckebein that damaged till it only has 10% of Hp i 
    suggest to finish it with Hiiryu Kai strongest weapon with Refina 
    "Lock On" and Sean(Hiryuu Kai Sub Commander)"Mercy"(10 sp cost) spell
    casted to make thing easy and if any of the Geshpenst unit get 
    destroyed, it's GAME OVER.
    Battle Bonus Item :
    -. A Adapter
    -. Booster
    -. Repair Module
    -. Ressuply Module
    After Intermission Screen there's a Split
    1st is Ethiopia Route
    2nd is Moon Route
    STAGE 10 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Hagane
                    2. Angelgu
                    3. Huckebein Mk-II.M
                    4. 5 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Ghespenst Mk-II.M (Hp 6900)x17
    Enemy Reinforcement (All the Ghespenst Destroyed) :
                 1. Ghespenst Mk-II.M (Hp 6900) x5
                 2. Aile Einz.M(Hp 32000) x2
    Important Item :
    1. Turbo Motor -> Ghespenst on starting enemy
    2. Dual Sensor -> Aile Einz(Ekidona)
    3. Booster     -> Aile Einz(Ouka)
    Skill Point Objective :
    Destroy all starting enemy in 6 turn
    Note :
    In this mission, again i use classic method boarding all my unit to 
    hagane, and made it to destroy all the Geshpenst in 4 turn but i 
    hardly advice u to conserve your pilot SP, ever since Aile Einz Hit 
    VERY HARD! and have amazing evasion rate that'll force any attack to 
    miss without "Lock On" casted :P, the Ghespenst at reinforcement will 
    appear at south side of the map while Aile Einz in far west i suggest 
    u focus the attack on the one that have assist Attack/defense(Ekidona
    unit), both unit will flee if their HP goes Below 40%
    Starting Unit : 1. Hiryuu Kai
                    2. WeiBritter
                    3. 5 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Einst Grieto(Hp 6800)x 12
    Enemy Reinforcement(all starting enemy is defeated) :
                 1. Einst Knokhan(Hp 5000) x 9
    Enemy Reinforcement 2nd(All enemy is defeated):
                 1. Plzein Rijkard(Hp ?????)
    Important Item :
    1. Energy Drain -> Einst Knokhan
    Skill Point Objective:
    Destroy all starting enemy in 3 turn
    Simple stage, just rush in and arrange your formation, so u can
    counter every enemy attack(just give them everything u got), when the
    1st reinforcement arrive, i believe u can take them much more easily
    than the starting enemy BUT when Alfimi comes, try your best not to be
    blown away and because i believe she has around 120000 hp and HP
    kaifuku(small) it's something to big to swallow by your team right now
    she'll retreat after 3~4 turn.
    STAGE 11 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Hagane
                    2. Alteisen
                    3. 6 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Einst Grieto   (Hp 6800) x 4
                 2. Einst Knockhan (Hp 5000) x 7
    Friendly Npc : 1. F32 Shuuverlt x 3
                   2. Lion F        x 3
    Enemy Reinforcement(all starting enemy defeated):
                    1. Einst Knockhan (Hp 5000)x 6
                    2. Plzein Rijkard (HP ?????)
    Important Item :
    1. Energy Drain -> Einst Knockhan at enemy reinforcement
    Skill Point Objective :
    Destroy All starting enemy in 3 Turn
    Note :
    Ok i can say the skill point on this stage isn't as hard as before 
    just rush in and smash them hard but don't use any Seishin skill just 
    yet, just use Repair Module after u complete the skill point objective
    when the reinforcement came at south east area of map, GIVE THEM ALL U
    GOT!!! i believe, Plzein Rijkard has at least 120.000 HP all u need is 
    reduce it hp drop to about 90%(don't be happy just yet, it wasn't a 
    good news X( ) but it will be VERY TOUGH!!! her single attack = 
    Instant Kill to Real Robot cast "Flash" and "Lock On" every time u 
    attempt to shoot her and her mech have ability HP Kaifuku(Big) i 
    suggest u take her down in a single turn. Just pray u got better Fire 
    Power than mine, my G-Impact Cannon damage won't exceed 4000 point>.< 
    and i'm to afraid using Alteisen "Square Claymore" or "End Salute" 
    because it's game over if Kyousuke get blasted.
    Battle Bonus Item :
    1. Dust Proofing
    2. Cartridge
    3. Repair Kit
    4. Propellant Tank
    5. M950 Machine Gun
    6. Spirit Take
    7. Chaff Grenade
    Starting Unit : 1. Hiryuu Kai
                    2. R-1
                    3. 5 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Lion F(Hp 4800)x 13
    Enemy Reinforcement(all starting enemy is defeated):
                 1. Bare Lion(Hp 8400)x 14
    Friendly Reinforcement(All starting enemy is defeated):
                 1. Huckebein Mk-II.M
                 2. Schutzwald
    Enemy Reinforcement 2nd(there's only 9 enemy left on the map):
                 1. Garlion(Hp 6200)x 4
    Neutral Reinforcement(there's only 9 enemy left on the map):
                 1. Wild falken.L
    Enemy Reinforcement 3nd(All enemy's defeated):
                 1. Galgau(Hp ?????)
    Important Item:
    1. Turbo Motor -> Lion F
    2. Apogee Motor -> Bare Lion V
    Skill Point Objective :
    Defeat all starting enemy within 5 turn
    Well at first just rush in to the enemy garison, the reinforcement
    will arrive at North east area of the map, while the second will
    arrive at South west area and i suggest to send 1 unit guarding the
    north west area of the map, because i doubt Arad on his Red Wild
    Falken able to fight those 4 Garion alone(all the enemy at this point
    are forbidden to enter the designated area, or will cause Game Over)
    When Galgau arrive, take advantage of every assist attack available
    and save your pilot SP to fight this monster, eversince u need to
    reduce his HP drop to 80% to clear the stage.
    Bonus of clearing the stage:
    1. Cartridge
    2. Repair Kit
    3. Propelant Tank
    4. M950 Machine Gun
    5. Spirit Take
    6. Chaff Grenade
    STAGE 12 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Hagane
                    2. Huckebein Mk-II
                    3. Angelgu
                    4. 5 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Fhulgia    (Hp 4200) x4
                 2. Sol Pressa (Hp 3700) x4
                 3. Land Gleez (Hp 8500) x5
                 4. Rhinoceros (Hp 32000)x3
    Enemy Reinforcement(Destroy 1 Rhinoceros)
                 1. Ghespenst Mk-II.M(Hp 7590) x 10
                 2. Aile Einz        (Hp 33600)x  2
                 3. Land Gleez       (Hp 44000)
    Important Item :
    1. Chobahm Armor -> Rhinoceros
    Skill Point Objective:
    Clear the stage in 10 turn
    Note :
    Hard stage!, trust me, the terrain're bad for any grounded unit, my 
    tactic here is focus all attack to Rhinoceros the enemy reinforcement 
    will arrive at west side of map and hard to dealing with(high evasion
    rate) after  destroying several Ghespenst and event occur, Bullett 
    smashing Carla Aile Einz after that, Yuuki will move toward Bullett 
    trying to smash his Huckebein down(his fate lie in your hand now :P), 
    the Aile Einz and Land Gleez have been powered up ever since our last 
    encounter, that mean the battle will be harder than before>.<, Yuuki 
    and Ekidona will Flee the battlefield when their unit hp reach 40%
    (i guess i'll start upgrading and grab those damn assist attack 
    ability from now on>_< JEEZ!!!)
    Starting Unit : 1. Shirogane
    Friendly NPC : 1. Lion V x 4
    Enemy Unit: 1. Sol Pressa (Hp 4070) x 6
                2. Land Gleez (Hp 8500) x 7
                3. Fhulgia x 3
                4. 71Shiki Val'Dong x 5
                5. Rhinoceras x 1
    Unfinished route... XD
    STAGE 13 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Shirogane
                    2. WeiBritter
                    3. R-1
                    4. Giganskuld.Douro
                    5. Ghespenst Mk-II.M(Katsina & Russel) x2
                    6. Garlion Custom
    Friendly Npc : 1. Bare Lion x4
    Enemy Unit : 1. Sol Pressa (Hp 3885)x 4
                 2. Sol Pressa (Hp 3700)x 2
    Enemy Reinforcement(All starting enemy destroyed) :
                 1. Lion V (Hp 5400)x 6
                 2. Garlion(Hp 5720)x 2
    Enemy Reinforcement 2(All enemy destroyed):
                 1. Bare Lion (Hp 8820)x 9
    Friendly Reinforcement(1 turn after 2nd enemy reinforcement arrive)
                 1. Hagane
                 2. All remaining unit
    Important Item :
    1. Turbo Motor -> Garlion in Enemy reinforcement
    Skill Point Objective:
    ALL friendly NPC Bare Lion MUST SURVIVE.
    Well the main objective is to protect the base and don't let any of 
    enemy unit to enter. 
    At first just rush to the south and split into 2 attack Group(i 
    recommend WeiBritter with R-1 & Garlion Custom with the Ghespenst) 
    always use their most powerful attack when it goes crit, it'll 
    instant kill when the 1st enemy reinforcement arrive at south west & 
    south east side of map, just block their way to slow down their 
    movement and always attack or counter with their most powerful attack
    , when the 2nd reinforcement arrive, have Tasuku cast "Accelerate" and
    head North always attack/counter when u got a chance. Your 
    reinforcement will arrive at West side of the map. Just rush in and 
    Kill as many enemy Bare Lion as u can.
    (there's no turn limit on this stage BUT the skill point objective 
    force you to kill all enemy unit as fast as possible>.<) 
    Battle Bonus Item :
    1. Chobahm Armor
    2. Apogee Motor
    STAGE 14 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Lion F
    Enemy Unit : 1. Sol Pressa(Hp 3700)x 3
    Friendly Reinforcenment(Turn 2) : 1. Hagane
                                      2. R-2
                                      3. Huckebein Mk-II.M
                                      4. 11 more unit
    Enemy Reinforcement(Turn 2) : 1. Lion F   (Hp 4200) x  6
                                  2. Garlion  (Hp 6200) x  2
                                  3. Garlion  (Hp 5800) x  4 
                                  3. Bare Lion(Hp 7800) x 12
                                  4. Aile Einz(Hp 40000)
    Important Item:
    1. Spider Net -> Garlion(Hp 6200)
    Skill Point Objective :
    Destroy At least 15 enemy in 4 turn other than Aile Einz
    Note :
    Bad Stage and even worst objective, your main power will start at turn
    2 and really don't have time to load all grounded unit to Hagane, the 
    Lion will start at North west side of map, i suggest u moving toward 
    south east where your main army will appear(the lion only have 1680 hp
    , i suggest healing him first with the pilot seishin and evade all 
    the attack targeted to him) equip all the booster u have and always 
    cast "Accelerate" and "Concentration" on your Ace in this  battle(i 
    use Leona Garlion Custom to rush in and have extremely good result,
    her unit can counter every attack and does serious damage to the enemy
    unit while almost being killed with Garlion "Buster Rail Gun" critical
    ^-^), i guess if u're lucky and trigger many critical hit, the skill 
    point objective isn't to hard XD, and 1 more thing DON'T EVER ENTER 
    the one that i recommend to use it. The Stage will be over when u 
    destroy all enemy except Aile Einz or Reduce Aile Einz Hp below 24000
    Or move Hagane toward Lion F.
    STAGE 15 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Hiryuu Kai
                    2. Valcione
                    3. Ghespenst Mk-II.R
                    4. Ghespenst
    Friendly Npc : 1. Peregurin(Hp 35000)x 4
                   2. Albatros (Hp 50000)x 2
    Enemy Unit : 1. Peregurin        (Hp 35000)x 2
                 2. Megirooto Kai    (Hp 3300) x 6
                 3. Huckebein Mk-II.M(Hp 6670) x 6
                 4. SF-29V Ranzen Kai(Hp 4255) x 6
    Enemy Reinforcement(Destroy 5 enemy):
                 1. Gold Gruyter(Hp ?????)
                 2. Silver Wind (Hp ?????)
                 3. Gold Drew   (Hp ?????)
    Important Item :
    1. Chobahm Armor -> Huckebein Mk-II.M
    Skill Point Objective :
    Destroy at least 15 enemy in 4 turn
    .... For the skill point,.... TO EASY, move Vieletta Ghespenst to the 
    south enemy, Gilliam to South East and Ryuune Valcione to the east 
    enemy, cast "Concentrate" as necessary.... i finish it in 2 turn :P 
    BUT!!!! when the reinforcement arrive >.< ALWAYS!!! cast "Concentrate"
    & "Flash" and evade their attack, ever since single hit to any of the
    3 = Game Over, if the enemy targeting Hiryuu Kai, just Block the 
    attack and use Refina healing spell as necessary or if needed, have 
    Sean cast "Iron Wall"(30 sp)to reduce the damage done to Hiryuu Kai,
    the objective here is to have all the unit flee the map to east side
    .... WHAT'RE U WAITING FOR?!!!SCRAM!!!! >.<
    STAGE 16 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Schutzwalt
    Enemy Unit : 1. Gansekuto(Hp 4000) x6
    Friendly Reinforcement(Turn 2):
                 1. Huckebein Mk-II.M
    Enemy Reinforcement(All enemy Defeated):
                 1. Huckebein Mk-II.M(Hp 5800)x 15
    Friendly Reinforcement 2(All enemy defeated):
                 1. Huckebein
                 2. AM Gunner
    Neutral NPC(All enemy defeated):
                 1. Tuzent Fassler
    Enemy Reinforcement 2(Tuzent Fassler move for the 3rd times):
                 1. Gold Gruyter(Hp ?????)
    Important Item :
    1. Turbo Motor -> Huckebein Mk-II.M
    Skill Point Objective:
    Tuzent Fassler MUSN'T RECEIVE ANY DAMAGE before the enemy 
    reinforcement 2 arrive
    Note :
    To be honest, for the skill point on this stage, I CAN'T FIND ANY 
    effective tactics ever since the mass product enemy Huckebein have
    1~7 effective sniping range>.< i play this stage by saving and
    resetting if something doesn't go as my plan(Critical HIT!!! with 
    Arad "Boost Hammer" that'll instantly kill for any normal enemy on
    this stage).
    That's all for the skill point objective, the enemy 1st reinforcement
    will arrive at south side of map, i suggest to rush in and destroy 
    anything come close to Tuzent Fassler, while the 2nd reinforcement 
    will arrive near Tuzent Fassler, u need to hold him for a few turn 
    till some event take place(thought the mission objective is to 
    demolish all the enemy but! Gold Gruyter 150000 hp and single hit to 
    any of your unit = Game Over is something too big to eat by those 
    STAGE 17 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Kalion(Sleigh)
                    2. Grngust Nishiki
    Enemy Unit : 1. Gansekuto(Hp 4000)x 12
    Friendly Reinforcement(All starting enemy defeated) : 
                 1. Huckebein Mk-III.T
                 2. Kalion(Ivys)
    Friendly Npc(All starting enemy defeated) :
                 1. Tuzent Fassler
    enemy Reinforcement(all starting enemy defeated):
                  1. Galgau           (Hp ?????)
                  2. Bare Lion        (Hp 8400)x 4
                  3. Huckebein Mk-II.M(Hp 5800)x 6
                  4. F32 Shuvelt      (Hp 3500)x 4
                  5. Gansekuto        (Hp 4000)x 4
                  6. 71Shiki Val'Dong (Hp 2900)x 4
    Skill Point Objective:
    Defeat all starting enemy in 3 turn
    Note :
    The skill point in this stage is easy to get, just rush in to north 
    east. If Kalion "Sonic Breaker" goes Crit, it'll instant kill for 
    gansekuto. The enemy reinforcement will appear surround the base and 
    your reinforcement will appear at south side of the base, the 
    objective is having Tuzent Fassler to escape the map to the south east
    , if his HP got critical, have Ivys use "Full Heal"(30 sp cost)on the 
    unit. it's Game Over if any of your unit/Tuzent Fassler get destroyed.
    Battle Bonus Item :
    1. Big Generator
    2. Solar Panel
    3. Hybrid Armor
    4. Tesla Drive
    5. Rectangle Launcher
    6. M13 Shotgun
    7. Mind Blast
    STAGE 18 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Kalion(Ivys)
    Enemy Unit : 1. Kalion(Sleigh)
    Friendly Reinforcement(Ivys Kalion is destroyed):
                 1. Tuzent Fassler
                 2. Huckebein Mk-III.T
                 3. Grngust Nishiki
    Enemy Reinforcement(Ivys Kalion is destroyed):
                 1. Garlion          (Hp 5460)x 9
                 2. F32V Shuuvelt Kai(Hp 3900)x 9
    Friendly Reinforcement 2(destroy 6 enemy):
                 1. Cybuster
    Skill Point Objective:
    Destroy all enemy in 4 turn
    Note :
    .... Just rush in and destroy your unit by attacking Sleigh Kalion, 
    afterward all the reinforcement arrive, i suggest the Huckebein take 
    the enemy at the south side of map while Grngust eat the enemy on the 
    west side of map and make sure "Concentrate"/"Lock On"/"Iron Wall" 
    always being casted, there's no more surprise on this stage, so give 
    them all u got^-^.
    STAGE 19 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Angelgu
                    2. Arbalest
    Enemy Unit : 1. Gheshpenst Mk-II.M(Hp 8280) x5
                 2. Wild Falken       (Hp 34000)
    Enemy Reinforcement(Attack/Counter Attack Wild Falken):
                 1. Ghespenst Mk-II.M (Hp 6900)x 12
                 2. Aile Einz         (Hp 7600)x 12
                 3. Land Gleez       (Hp 44000)
    Friendly Reinforcement(Turn 5/have lamia attack Axel Land Gleez):
                 1. Hagane
                 2. Shirogane
                 3. Hiryuu Kai
                 4. Alteisen
                 5. WeiBritter
                 6. 10 more unit
    Enemy Reinforcement(Turn 5/have lamia attack Axel Land Gleez):
                 1. Zwei Zargein(Hp ?????)
    Important Item :
    1. Dual Sensor -> Ghespenst Mk-II.M(on startting enemy unit)
    Skill Point Objective:
    Destroy all enemy EXCEPT "Zwei Zargein"
    Hmm u start with Lamia and Arad, have both cast seishin spell as 
    When your reinforcement arrive have all unit to rush in and destroying
    every enemy mech that they encounter as fast as possible cast all the 
    seishin spell to increase their performance and don't even bother with
    Zwei Zargein! when his morale reach 150, his attack is instant kill to
    most mech that u have at this point just block his attack or evade it
    if u want to gamble(but, his accuracy're nuts!!!).
    After the Intermission Screen there's another split.
    1st Hagane Route
    2nd Hiryuu Kai Route
    ps: i've hard time translating the kanji, give me a break ok?^-^"
    STAGE 20 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    HAGANE Route
    Starting Unit : 1. Hagane
                    2. 7 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Bare Lion V (Hp 8600) x  3
                 2. Sol Pressa  (Hp 4400) x  3
                 3. Land Gleez  (Hp 9350) x 10
                 4. Lion V      (Hp 5400) x  2
                 5. Fhulgia     (Hp 4830) x  4
                 5. Rhinoceros  (Hp 32000)x  3
                 6. Killer Whale(Hp 32000)
                 7. Aile Einz   (Hp 32000)x  2
                 8. Rhinoceros  (Archibald, Hp 42000)
    Friendly Reinforcement(All the Land Gleez is destroyed):
                 1. R-1
                 2. R-2 Powered
                 3. Fair Lion S
                 4. Fair Lion G
    Enemy Reinforcement(All the Land Gleez is destroyed):
                 1. Aile Einz x 7
                 2. Bare Lion V x 2
    Skill Point Objective :
    Destroy All Land Gleez that located inside the castle in 4 turn
    Note :
    On This stage i use the usual tactic to load up all grounded unit to 
    Hagane and advance toward the castle as fast as possible(just block 
    all the enemy attack ok^_^") but do not rush in, it's Game Over if any
    of your unit infiltrate the palace the Land Gleez have 1~7 effective 
    sniping range, just make sure your unit were equipped with long range 
    riffle or cannon, i believe u can take them down in full 4 turn after 
    that, your reinforcement will arrive at north west area of map and i 
    believe, they can swept all the enemy reinforcement including dealing
    with Yuuki/Carla Aile Einz and Archibald Rhinoceros, because they 
    start with 140 morale^-^.
    Battle Bonus Item:
    1. Hachimaki
    2. Busted Riffle
    3. 20000 Credit
    STAGE 21 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Shirogane
    Enemy Unit : 1. Rhinoceros(Hp 32000) x 2
    Enemy Reinforcement(Shirogane is 7 square away from Rhinoceros):
                 1. Land Gleez       (Hp 10200)x 5
                 2. Sol Pressa       (Hp 4400) x 2
                 3. Fhulgia          (Hp 5040) x 2
                 4. Ghespenst Mk-II.M(Hp 8510) x 6
                 5. Aile Einz.M      (Hp 8360) x 5
                 6. Kalion           (Sleigh, Hp 20000)
                 7. Laz Anggrif      (Ekidona, Hp 44000)
    Friendly reinforcement(Shirogane is 7 square away from Rhinoceros):
                 1. Astelion
    Friendly Reinforcement 2(Sleigh Hp goes critical)
                 2. Hagane
                 3. 10 more unit
    Important Item :
    1. Bio Sensor -> Laz Anggrif(retreat if Hp goes below 30%)
    Skill Point Objective :
    Destroy/force retreat Ekidona Laz Anggrif in 8 turn
    Note :
    Ok, the skill point objective on this stage're really pain in the ass 
    just move Shirogane as fast as possible toward the Rhinoceros(i 
    believe u'll need 3 turn) then do the same with Ivys Astelion, move 
    toward Sleigh Kalion and finish her off as soon as possible cast 
    "Lock On" if necessary after that your 2nd reinforcement arrive at 
    starting point, just load up all grounded unit to Hagane and rush into
    enemy spot as fast as possible and focus all attack to Laz Anggrif. 
    She and the other remaining enemy will retreat if her Hp drop below 
    30%. In order to destroy her u need a very powerful attack 
    "Hot Blood" pumped and assist attack(i have Ilm Grngust equiped with 
    Screw Module and manage to damage her for over 12000 point on 136 
    morale and his most powerful Ougi on lv 3 upgrade :P)
    STAGE 22 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Lion F
    Enemy Unit : 1. Wild Falken(Hp 34000)
    Enemy Reinforcement(Wild Falken Hp reduced to 90%): 
                 1. Garlion   (Hp 6200) x 4
                 2. Sol Pressa(Hp 4440) x 5
                 3. Land Gleez(Hp 10200)x 5
                 4. bare Lion (Hp 8400) x 4
                 5. Aile Einz (Hp 38400)
    Friendly Reinforcement(Wild Falken Hp reduced to 90%):
                 1. Hagane
                 2. R-1
                 3. R-2 Powered
                 4. Astelion
                 5. Fair Lion S
                 6. Fair Lion G
                 7. Wild Wurger 
                 8. 5 more unit
    Important Item :
    1. High Performance Radar -> Aile Einz
    Skill point Objective:
    Clear the stage in 5 turn!!!>.<
    Note :
    U will start an extremely difficult stage. 1st always have Arad cast 
    "Flash" and "Lock On" and always Attack and Counterattack Wild Falken,
    so your reinforcement and the enemy will appear faster. After that i 
    suggest u to focus all attack to the main enemy force(watch out with 
    Arad Wild Wurger and Ratouni Fair Lion S, it's game over if any of 
    them get destroyed>.<) when targeting Aile Einz/Wild falken, always 
    have "Lock On" casted, their evasion rate is horrible>.<.
    To be honest i don't know any good tactic to handle this situation 
    other than already have decent upgrade on your unit, otherwise u will
    feel this stage, HARD LIKE HELL.
    STAGE 23 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Hagane
                    2. Wild Wurger
                    3. Fair Lion S
                    4. 8 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Bare Lion V     (Hp 9900) x 8
                 2. Land Gleez      (Hp 9350) x 8
                 3. 71Shiki Val'Dong(Hp 3480) x 6
                 4. Garlion         (Hp 6820) x 4
                 5. Rhinoceros      (Hp 32000)x 3
    Enemy Reinforcement(Destroy 15 enemy):
                 1. Bare Lion(Hp 9660) x 4
                 2. Garlion(Hp 7130) x 2
                 3. Land Gleez(Hp 10200) x 4
                 4. Fhulgia (Hp 5040)x 4
    Enemy Reinforcement 2(All enemy defeated):
                 1. Lapierserj(Hp +/- 125000)
    Enemy Reinforcement 3(Reduce Hp Lapierserj to 70%):
                 1. Bergermil(HP 110000)
    Skill Point Objective:
    Destroy at least 15 enemy in 3 turn
    Ok, at first this stage still looks like classic rush and destroy like
    most of previous, BUT! CONSERVE your SP in the 1st quarter of this 
    stage. Just equip all your unit with decent long range weapon(at this 
    point most of my Ace have learn SP Kaifuku that very useful on long 
    term battle) and split into 2 group, 1 heading north and the other 
    heading south, when enemy reinforcement arrive, TAKE YOUR TIME as much
    as needed to Repairing or Ressuplying your unit and Conserve your 
    pilot SP, Ouka on her Lapierserj will appear at north side near the
    Rhinoceros location. 
    The Bad news is, she ALWAYS cast "Lock On", "Concentration" and 
    "Flash" every turn (as if it doesn't enough, even without Flash all my 
    pilot still have 0% chance to hit her without "Lock On" >.<), from now
    on always cast "Lock On" and "Flash" before attacking her for those 
    who doesn't have "Lock On" have Raada cast it on them(she has a spell 
    who allow Lock On casted to another pilot that cost 35 Sp), another 
    thing to remember, Ouka "O.O Launcher" is Instant Kill even if your 
    Real Robot unit blocking the attack, their hp will go critical.
    When Fighting Surisas Bergermil still do the same tactic as before but
    u only need to reduce his HP drop to 80% to end this stage(there's a 
    chance u'll blow up 1 or 2 of your real robot. i block with R-1 and 
    his attack reach 6000!!! O_o bye bye RyuuseiT-T).
    Battle Bonus Item:
    1. Big Generator
    2. Apogee Motor
    3. Mega Booster
    4. Armor Breaker
    After the battle u'll regroup with the other team.
    STAGE 24 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. WeiBritter
    Enemy Unit : 1. Einst Knokhan(Hp 5000)
    Enemy Reinforcement(Starting enemy unit is destroyed):
                 1. Eisnt Knokhan (Hp 5000)x 4
    Enemy Reinforcement 2(All enemy Destroyed):
                 1. Einst Grieto(Hp 6800)x 4
    Enemy Reinforcement 3(All enemy destroyed):
                 1. Einst Gemyuuto(Hp 10000)x 4
    Enemy Reinforcement 4(All enemy destroyed):
                 1. Einst Eisen   (Hp 9000)  x 7
                 2. Plzein Rijkard(Hp 125000)
    Friendly Reinforcement(2 turn after enemy reinforcemen 4 appear):
                 1. Alteisen
                 2. Astelion
                 3. Cybuster
                 4. Valcione
    Skill Point Objective:
    Destroy All Einst Eisen in 7 Turn
    Important Item :
    1. Weapon Breaker -> Einst Gemyuuto
    Hard stage, because not much tactic variation can be done here BUT 
    that's makes things simple all the enemy reinforcement will appear 
    near your team then, dish them as fast as possible, cast 
    "Concentration" as necessary but conserve your pilot SP because u 
    need to reduce Alfimi Plzein Rijkard hp drop below 60% to end the 
    For skill point objective, take advantage of Cybuster "Deus Cutter" 
    Combo skill or if u have enough morale Cybuster and Valcione Map 
    attack will come in handy^-^, if any of your unit get destroyed, it is
    game over and as usual major enemy, Alfimi HIT HARD!!! XD.
    STAGE 25 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Hagane
                    2. Hiryuu Kai
                    3. R-1
                    4. R-2 Powered
                    5. R-3 Powered
                    6. Huckebein Boxer
                    7. 9 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Einst Eisen(Hp 9000)x 14
                 2. Einst Gemyuuto(Hp 10000) x 5
                 3. Einst Grieto(Hp 7480) x 5
                 4. Einst Knokhan(Hp 5500) x 5
    Enemy Reinforcement(Destroy 12 enemy):
                 1. Einst Knokhan(Hp 5000)x 5
                 2. Einst Grieto (Hp 6800)x 6
    Enemy Reinforcement 2(There's only 17 enemy left on the map):
                 1. Einst Knokhan(Hp 5000)x 5
                 2. Einst Grieto (Hp 6800)x 6
    Enemy Reinforcement 3(There's only 17 enemy left on the map):
                 1. Einst Eisen x 3
                 2. Einst Gemyuuto x 3
    Enemy Reinforcement 4(All enemy're defeated):
                 1. Einst Rejiseia(Hp +/-200000) 
                    -> use full heal when hp lower than 75%
    Friendlly Reinforcement 1(Einst Rejiseia Hp reduced by 25%):
                 1. SRX
    Friendlly Reinforecement 2
    (einst Rejiseia Hp reduced by 25% for the 2nd time):
                 1. R-GUN Powered
    Skill Point Objective :
    Clear the stage in 9 turn
    Note :
    At first, your team will be trapped in the middle by the Einst, i 
    suggest to split into 2 attack team, the main force rush to the north
    while, the 2nd who have decent Fire Power go to the south, most of 
    enemy reinforcement will apear at north area and the middle of the map
    (in short, everywhere XD), take them down as soon as possible, take 
    advantage of EVERY Combo attack and Map weapon available BUT don't 
    give'em all u got just yet, the big one will arrive near the end of 
    stage, take advantage of Hagane and Hiryuu Kai Command area, Einst 
    Rejiseia hit very hard but the difficulty rating fighting him isn't 
    as hard as Fighting Ouka in her Lapierserj on previous mission. he'll 
    use "Full Heal" every time u reduce his hp by 25% but when R-Gun
    Arrive, that mean, u already won the stage.
    So... give him all u got eversince he's arrive. 
    Battle Bonus Item:
    1. Hybrid Armor
    2. Multi Sensor
    3. AB Field
    4. Hyper Beam Cannon
    5. Rectangle Launcher
    6. Energy Take+
    7. Energy Drain+
    8. 80000 Credit
    STAGE 26 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Hagane
                    2. Hiryuu Kai
                    3. Alteisen
                    4. WeiBritter
                    5. 13 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Land Gleez       (Hp 9350)x 8
                 2. Ghespenst Mk-II.M(Hp 7935)x 8
                 3. Aile Einz        (Hp 8360)x 8
                 4. Laz Anggrif      (Hp 44000)
                 5. Sledgermil       (Hp ?????)
    Skill Point Objective:
    Destroy ALL enemy except Sledgermil and Laz Anggrif in 3 Turn
    Ok, the enemy're located quite far from your starting point and the 
    terrain're bad for any mech u have right now(except Ryu Jinki, but 
    she's useless unless she have 120+++ morale >.<) i already have 
    decent upgrade on most of my unit right now and rushing all the way 
    toward the enemy frontline and give'em all i got. Just watch out with 
    Sledgermil and Laz Anggrif attack, they may instant kill any of your 
    real robot mech right now and always cast "Concentrate" or "Lock On" 
    when Fighting Aile Einz^-^".
    STAGE 27 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Huckebein Mk-II.M/Wild Wurger.L
    Enemy Unit : 1. Garlion     (Hp 6200)x 10
                 2. Killer Whale(Hp 32000)
    Enemy Reinforcement(Destroy 5 garlion/Mai unit goes critical/Turn 5):
                 1. Lapierserj(Hp 120000)
    Friendly Reinforcement
    (Destroy 5 Garlion/Mai unit goes critical/Turn 5):
                 1. R-1
                 2. R-3 Powered
                 3. Wild Wurger
                 4. Fair Lion S
    Friendly Reinforcement 2nd(Destroy All the Garlion):
                 1. SRX
                 2. R-GUN Powered
    Enemy Reinforcement 2nd(Destroy All the Garlion):
                 1. Bare Lion V(Hp 10350)x 8
                 2. Garlion    (Hp 7130) x 8
                 3. Wild Falken(Hp 34000)-> retreat if hp goes 
                                            lower than 30%
    Friendly Reinforcement 3rd(Destroy 9 enemy):
                 1. Hagane
                 2. Hiryuu Kai
                 3. 9 more unit
    Important Item :
    1. High Performance Radar -> Wild Falken
    Skill Point Objective:
    Destroy 9 enemy except Killer Whale, Wild Falken & Lapierserj in 2 
    turn when your 2nd reinforcement arrive.
    Note :
    OK, u only have Mai on Mass product Huckebein to start the stage and 
    destroy 5 enemy Garlion(thing will come worse than this, trust me XD),
    always have her cast "Concentration" and evade an attack that have 50%
    chance to hit her after a while she'll gain 150 morale and everything 
    will become much easier, when the enemy reinforcement arrive... well 
    we will start real battle now always cast "Concentration" & 
    "Accelerate"(if they has it) on all of your unit and evade unnecessary 
    encounter with Wild Falken/Lapierserj(their attack HURTS!!!) have All
    your unit to rush in and SRX as the front line, ALWAYS!!! counter each
    enemy attack. If SRX eat them with "Dominion Ball", it'll kill any of 
    them on Critical hit and always use "Heaven and Hell Sword Ougi" when
    attacking Bare Lion V to allow single hit kill, watch out with Wild 
    Wurger, the unit have the worst weapon range and Bare Lion V tend to 
    shoot him down like a sitting duck(unless u equip him with a decent 
    long ranged weapon that i hardly recommend it), after the Skill Point
    Objective're finished have all your Repairing and Ressuplying unit to 
    repair and load up the ammo of your 1st frontline, then deal with Ouka
    Lapierserj and Seola Wild Falken.
    The Stage will end when u reduce Lapierserj Hp down to 50%, then i 
    suggest to deal with Wild Falken 1st, bring her Hp down to about 
    10200 point, then destroy her with "Hot Blood","Lock On" casted and 
    assist attack. 
    Battle Bonus Item :
    *. Wild Wurger.L(if all the condition meet)
    1. Repair Kit
    2. Super Repair Kit
    3. SP Drink
    STAGE 28 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Angelgu/Vysaga
    Enemy Unit : 1. Ghespenst Mk-II.M(Hp 7590) x 6
                 2. Aile Einz.M      (Hp 8360) x 5
                 3. Fhulgia          (Hp 4830) x 5
                 4. Rhinoceros       (Hp 42000)
                 5. Shirogane        (Hp ?????)
                 6. Soul Gain        (Hp 150000)
    Friendly Reinforcement(Turn 3):
                 1. Ghespenst 
                 2. Huckebein Mk-III.T
                 3. Grngust Sanshiki
    Enemy Reinforcement(15 enemy has been destroyed):
                 1. Aile Einz.M(Hp 8360)x 18
    Friendly Reinforcement(Turn 7):
                 1. Hagane
                 2. Hiryuu Kai
                 3. Alteisen
                 4. 12 more unit
    Important Item :
    1. Bio Sensor -> Aile Einz.M(on enemy reinforcement)
    2. High Performance Thruster -> Rhinoceros
    Skill Point Objective :
    In the end of turn 6, destroy at least 15 unit
    Note :
    Well 1st i suggest u move Lamia Angelgu(glad that she didn't actually 
    dead^-^) toward the base that add Defense, Evasion by 30% and Hp/En 
    regen by 20%/Turn and start shooting the Ghespenst/Aile Einz. 
    When your first reinforcement arrive, just rush in and destroy as many
    enemy as fast as possible but conserve your pilot SP, the hardest are
    yet to come. After u finish the objective go into defensive tactic and
    try not to accidentally destroy any of your unit, after your
    reinforcement arrive just make a clearance first with the Aile Einz 
    and deal with Axel Soul Gain afterward(by now he alreaddy have 150 
    morale i believe and can instant kill Zengar Grngust Sanshiki). 
    The unit have HP & SP Kaifuku(Big) that'll recover 30% of his HP/EN 
    every turn and to end the stage u need to reduce his hp below 50% i 
    suggest to do it in a single turn because of Soul Gain HP recover is
    @#$%!!!! and don't let any of Lamia, Giliam, Roesel, Zengar and 
    Kyousuke unit get destroyed or game over.
    STAGE 29 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Cybuster
                    2. Astelion
                    3. Valcione
                    4. R-3 Powered
    Enemy unit : 1. F32V Shuvelt Kai (Hp 8500)x 6
                 2. Garlion          (Hp 7130)x 3
                 3. Huckebein Mk-II.M(Hp 4500)x 9
                 4. Bare Lion V      (Hp 9900)x 6
    Neutral Reinforcement(Destroy 1 Bare Lion V):
                 1. Kalion Sleigh
    Friendly Reinforcement(Masaki/Ivys reach the designated point):
                 1. Hagane
                 2. Hiryuu Kai
                 3. 14 more unit
    Enemy Reinforcement
    (Hagane/Hiryuu Kai position is 9 square away from designated point):
                 1. Lion V       (Hp 7200)x 10
                 2. Megirooto Kai(Hp 3900)x  8
    Skill Point Objective:
    Reach the destination point with Masaki Cybuster/Ivys Astelion in 4
    turn or less
    Another simple stage all u need is to advance north with Cybuster/
    Astelion as(transform Cybuster into Cybird to move faster or equip all
    the Booster unit u have on it)fast as possible and i hope u already 
    have decent upgrade of both unit to makes thing easier, the barelion 
    guarding the destination point have assist defense BUT u can take 
    them down easily with Cybuster "Deus Cutter" combo attack. 
    Cast Concentration as necessary and there's not many surprise on this
    stage just bring Hagane/Hiryuu Kai into the designated point or defeat
    all the enemy to clear the stage.
    STAGE 30 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Huckebein Mk-III.T
                    2. Grngust Sanshiki
    Enemy Unit : 1. Gansekuto        (Hp 5200) x 4
                 2. Huckebein Mk-II.M(Hp 8160) x 6
                 3. Bare Lion V      (Hp 9900) x 6
                 4. bare Lion V      (Hp 10350)x 2
    Enemy Reinforcement(Any of your unit reach the designated point):
                 1. Megirooto Kai    (Hp 3900)x 3
                 2. Garlion          (Hp 7440)x 4
                 3. Huckebein Mk-II.M(Hp 8160)x 6
                 4. Gargau 
    Neutral Reinforcement(Zengar Hp reduced by 50%/turn 7):
                 1. Sledgermil
    Friendly Reinforcement(next turn after neutral reinforcement arrive):
                 1. Dygenguar
    Friendly Reinforcement 2(2 turn after Dygenguar apear):
                 1. Aussen Seiter
                 2. Hagane
                 3. Hiryuu Kai
                 4. 15 other unit
    Skill Point Objective:
    Reach the designated point in 4 turn or less with any of your unit.
    Ok u have a very decent unit to start the stage just rush in and cast
    "Concentrate" or "Iron Wall" as necessary and always have Roesel to 
    cast "Accelerate" to move faster, when your unit counter the Bare Lion
    that guarded the designated point i suggest u to focus the attack on 
    northern most Bare Lion which didn't have any assist partner and if 
    needed cast "HOT BLOOD" >.< because the area which the Bare Lion make
    stand will recover 20% of it's Hp and En.
    After u complete the skill point objective, just do anything u like>.<
    , because the neutral actually fighting for your sake. 
    When your last reinforcement arrive then u start taking control of 
    the game again, STILL with 150 morale and awfully STRONG new unit
    (not to mention Zengar and Roesel is a VEEEEERY!!! GOOD pilot), i 
    don't think any of u need more spoilers here :P
    Battle Bonus Item :
    1.  One Hit Kill Technique
    2.  Nejiri Hachimaki
    3.  Dust Proofing
    3.  Tesla Drive S
    4.  Mega Generator
    5.  G-Wall
    6.  Repair Kit
    7.  Propellant Tank
    8.  Cartridge
    9.  Super Repair Kit
    10. SP Drink
    STAGE 31 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Hagane
                    2. Hiryuu Kai
                    3. Cybuster
                    4. 16 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Megirooto Kai    (Hp 3900) x 4
                 2. Killer Whale     (Hp 32000)x 2
                 3. Huckebein Mk-II.M(Hp 8500) x 5
                 4. Land Gleez       (Hp 18000)x 7
                 5. Rhinoceros       (Hp 42000)x 4
                 6. Aile Einz        (Hp 32000)x 4
                 7. Silver Wind      (Hp 110000)
    Enemy Reinforcement(Attack/Counter Attack Silver Wind 2x):
                 1. Gold Drew(Hp 190000)
    Important Item :
    High Efficiency Targeter -> Silver Wind
    Skill Point Objective:
    Destroy ALL enemy and all unit must escape the map due south east 
    in 9 turn
    The Skill Point in this stage is OVERKILL!!! jeez 9 turn!!! i barely 
    made it by giving all i got since the beginning and pure luck, i save
    my allowance and already have full status(i left the weapon because 
    short of fund :P) upgrade for both Dygenguar and Aussen Seiter and
    have both Pilot learn SP kaifuku, equipping Dygenguar with Mega 
    Generator and Aussen Seiter with Tesla Drive S that we get on previous
    stage then have Zengar cast "Motivate"(45 sp cost. add 30 to pilot 
    morale), Roesel cast "Accelerate" and "Concentration" and rushing 
    into enemy frontline since the beginning of the game, While both unit
    rampage the enemy supported by few flying unit, i route both Hagane 
    and Hiryuu Kai to south east area of the map(with a few non flying 
    unit in it) after manage to land safelly, i use blitzkrieg tactic
    (it's reckless attack and we may destroy 2~3 our Real Robot unit with
    poor upgrade if we're not lucky enough>.<) the enemy reinforcement 
    will arrive near your Mothership and will attack both mothership into
    critical Hp, i suggest putting 1 Repairing unit near your mothership 
    after that CHOOSE which one between Silver Wind or Gold Drew that u 
    want to fight till they have only 30% of their HP to flee the battle, 
    both unit have a skill that allow them to absorb any Beam type of 
    attack to refill their HP, Silver Wind has better accuracy than 
    Gold Drew and his evasion rate is horrible + Bunshin/After Image 
    Ability on 130 morale >.< .
    While Gold Drew are Heavily Armored and have Hp almost twice as much
    as Silver Wind :P.
    And, if Masaki Cybuster get destroyed,... it's Game Over :P
    STAGE 32 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Lion V x 4
                    2. Rhinoceros
                    3. Laz Anggrif(Yuuki)
                    4. Land Gleez(Carla)
    Enemy Unit : 1. Bare Lion        (Hp 8400) x 4
                 2. Ghespenst Mk-II.M(Hp 9250) x 6
                 3. Aile Einz.M      (Hp 9500) x 6
                 4. Bare Lion V      (Hp 10800)x 3
                 5. Galgau           (Hp ?????)
                 6. Gold Gruyter     (Hp ?????)
    Friendly Reinforcement(Turn 3):
                 1.  Hiryuu Kai
                 2.  Hagane
                 3.  Alteisen
                 4.  WeiBritter
                 5.  Angelgu
                 6.  Valcione
                 7.  Ko Ryuu Ou(Tiger Dragon King)
                 8.  Dygenguar
                 9.  Ghespenst
                 10. 9 more unit
    Enemy reinforcement(All starting enemy except Galgau & Gold Gruyter 
    is defeated):1. Ash Saber.M (Hp 9680) x 11
                 2. Ash Saber   (Hp ?????)
                 3. Laz Anggrif (Hp 48400)
                 4. Sladegermil (Hp ?????)
                 5. Soul Gain   (Hp ?????)
                 6. Shirogane   (Hp ?????)
    Important Item:
    1. High Eficiency Radar -> Laz Anggrif
    Skill Point Objective:
    All starting enemy except Galgau and Gold Gruyter must be destroyed
    within 5 Turn
    Strange stage, in one way, it's incredibly difficult and the other
    Way incredibly simple :P, i suggest to give the enemy all u got from 
    When your reinforcement arrive, cast all the "Accelerate",
    "Concentration", "Lock On" or "Flash" spell available and rush in 
    destroying all the small fries. 
    As usual Aile Einz evasion rate're horrible without Lock On most of
    the pilot u have right now will miss the attack, after u finish the 
    skill point objective then we will enter the real battle and because
    of the skill point objective i believe your formation is quite a mess
    and caused the enemy reinforcement looks to appear everywhere and 
    because of some event, all your unit will loss 75% of it remaining HP
    ..... I know it's bad with those loads of enemy reinforcement, we're 
    fight loosing battle here :P BUT don't worry, if u're lucky enough
    (I SAID "IF..." probably u'll replay the stage a few times before
    actually manage to finish it) and have several strong unit that still
    active, i recommend u to cast all the "Lock On", "Flash" and 
    "Hot Blood" Spell and focus all attack to Ekidona Laz Anggrif, the 
    stage will be over when she loss 50% of her full Hp.
    And if any of Yuuki/Carla/Bullett/Kusuha/Kyousuke/Excellen/Lamia/
    Zengar unit get destroyed, it's GAME OVER.  
    STAGE 33 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Wild Wurger
                    2. Fair Lion S
                    3. Fair Lion G
    Enemy Unit : 1. Ghespenst Mk-II.M(Hp 7400) x 6
                 2. Aile Einz.M      (Hp 7600) x 5
                 3. Wild Falken      (Hp 34000)
    Enemy Reinforcement(Wild Falken Hp reduced to 30%):
                 1. Aile Einz.M       (Hp 9120)  x 15
                 2. Bergermil Surisas (Hp 110000) 
                 3. Bergermil Ansas   (Hp ??????)
                 4. Lapierserj
    Friendly Reinforcement(3 turn after enemy reinforcement arrive):
                 1. Wild Falken
                 2. Hiryuu Kai
                 3. 15 more unit
    Important Item:
    1. Big Generator -> North Most Aile Einz on enemy reinforcement
    Skill Point Objective:
    Destroy all enemy except Wild Falken within 4 turn
    TO BE HONEST i can't tell much about this stage because i already have
    full upgrade(including their main weapon) on Wild Wurger, and both 
    Fair Lion :P, and even, Arad and Ratouni already became Ace pilot
    (Ok maybe u'll ask what kind of person who abandon WeiBritter upgrade
    and upgrading weird mech with cute pilot in it? lolita complex? NO!!! 
    god damn it i've my own reason later on, in the FAQ section >.<) all i
    did is casting "Concentration"/"Lock On" as necessary(i already told u
    how useful "SP Kaifuku" is^-^)and rush into enemy. All of them will
    die in 2 hit :P that makes 4 turn is to much for me+_+, after that
    deal with Falken, take advantage of Ratouni/Shine Assist ability i 
    believe u'll take her down(to 30% of her full HP make sure u're not 
    destroy her:P)in no time.
    After that the enemy reinforcement will arrive. Just try not to
    destroy any of your unit by this point ok^-^. 
    When your reinforcement arrive, i suggest u move all the 4 unit
    (Wurger, Falken and both fair Lion) to regroup with the main force and
    smash any 1 of Surisas/Ansas Bergermil to 50% of their full HP so they
    will flee the battle and makes sure "Lock On" and "Flash" always being
    casted, both unit have Bunshin/After Image ability that become real 
    pain in the ass if they manage to reach 130 morale. 
    After that destroy all the remaining enemy to clear the stage.
    Ps: I already have plan to make both Fair Lion as my permanent 
        Repairing/Ressuplly unit, That makes Repair Module and Healing
        module is a must have :P......
        And take a look at that Chibi Okstan Riffle Falken has^-^ it's 
        REEEEEEEALY Cute^_^" 
    Battle Bonus Item :
    1. Thruster Module
    2. Orihalconium
    3. Super Repair Kit
    4. Repair Kit
    5. SP Drink
    6. Spirit Take +
    7. Spirit Drain
    8. Armor Breaker
    *. Hero Symbol ->available on replay games
    *. Metal Soul  ->available on replay games
    After the intermission screen, there's another split
    1st Earth Cradle Route
    2nd Space Route
    STAGE 34 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Kurogane
                    2. Laz Anggrif
                    3. Land Gleez
                    4. 14 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Land Gleez(Hp 10625) x 4
                 2. Fhulgia(Hp 5250) x 3
                 3. Bare Lion V(Hp 11250) x 6
                 4. Rhinoceros(Hp 48300)
    Neutral Enemy : 1. Einst Grieto x 3
                    2. Einst Knokhan (Hp 5500) x 3
                    3. Einst Gemyuuto(Hp 10000)x 3 
    Neutral Reinforcement(Kurogane location is 10 square away from 
    designated point, and there's at least 1 enemy unit on the map):
                    1. Einst Eisen   (Hp 9000) x 8 
                    2. Einst Gemyuuto(Hp 10000)x 4
    Neutral Reinforcement 2(Destroy 2 unit on 1st neutral reinforcement)
                    1. Einst Eisen   (Hp 9000) x 6 
                    2. Einst Gemyuuto(Hp 10000)x 6
                    3. Einst Grieto  (Hp 6800) x 6
    Skill Point Objective:
    Reach the designated point in 6 turn with Kurogane
    OK, this is another insanely hard skill point objective. 
    Kurogane need exactly 6 turn to reach the designated point SO MAKE
    SURE there's no unit blocking his path. 
    In the beginning of the stage, just rush in and cast "Concentration"/
    "Lock On" as needed(CONSERVE your SP!!!) the 1st neutral reinforcement
    will appear surround Kurogane, at this point immediately destroy 2 
    unit of it(which is incredibly hard because all they do is guard your
    attack and focusing attack on Kurogane) after that the second neutral
    reinforcement will arrive at the designated point. 
    By this time rush all your Mech that equipped with Map weapon cast 
    "Hot Blood","Concentration", etc and NUKE them as hard as possible
    (makes sure you didn't blow your own unit)Map weapon is the only way
    for your unit to make clearance of the neutral in 2 turn ever since my
    Dygenguar only do 5000~6000 damage with "ZanKanTou Light Ougi" and 
    it's my most powerful unit>.<
    BUT have i said this is one good stage to do "Game Over" Tactic if u
    didn't manage to get the skill point, just wait till turn 8 and 
    tadaa^-^...(The Rhinoceros and other heavy armored unit give decent 
    credit here) 
    STAGE 35 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Kurogane
                    2. Dygenguar
                    3. Aussen Seiter
                    4. 14 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Aile Einz.M(Hp 9120) x 2
                 2. Garlion    (Hp 7440) x 3
                 3. Bare Lion V(Hp 10320)x 7
                 4. Land Gleez (Hp 10200)x 6
                 5. Rhinoceros (Hp 42000)x 3
    Neutral Unit : 1. Einst Gemyuuto(Hp 12000)x 2
                   2. Einst Grieto(Hp 8160) x 2
                   3. Einst Eisen(Hp 10800) x 3
    Enemy Reinforcement(destroy 11 unit):
                   1. Sladegearmil(Hp 160000)
    Important Item:
    1. Hybrid Armor -> East Rhinoceros 
    2. Bio Sensor   -> West Rhinoceros
    Skill Point Objective :
    Destroy at least 11 neutral/enemy unit in 3 turn(must do it with your
    own hand)
    Ok, as usual, just rush in and destroy the nearest unit to get the 
    skill point the enemy and the neutral tend to shoot each other(which 
    is a good news)the bad news is u must clear the stage within 10 turn
    and Sladegearmil will appear at the designated point(replacing all
    those Bare Lion V) from when u encounter him, SAVE and try to reduce
    his hp as fast as possible to 60%(do it in 1 turn because he have
    HP/EN kaifuku that can ruin our plan)... it's not over yet after that
    smash him with your strongest attack "Hot Blooded"(preferable 
    strongest Synchro Attack) and assist attack(makes sure it's not
    Dygenguar Tatsumaki ZanKanTou and the unit still active) after that 
    there's some event Dygenguar attacking Sladegearmil and when u see 
    Sladegearmill hp is only 50~54k let's continue if not reset and 
    continue from your last save point and repeat the procedure :P After
    this Zengar decided to do single duel with Wolfgang Sladegearmil, u 
    need to destroy him in 3 turn(if u not made it, the story still
    continue) here's my Status, i have my Zengar at lv 35 with addition
    "SP Kaifuku", "Attacker" ability and zero upgrade on weaponry :P
    here is my sure win tactic:
    round 1: Cast Lock On,Flash,Hot Blood after that end turn and Counter
             Sladegearmill attack(by this point even tough i have full
             upgrade on Dygenguar status and equiping Orihalconium, 
             Sladegearmil ZanKanTou still do 10000+ damage on it>.< i
             barely survive the attack) with Dygenguar strongest attack
             and BOOM 24000++ damage
    Round 2: Cast Lock On, Flash end turn and counter his attack again and
             boom 10000++(normal)~13000(Critical) damage
    round 3: SAVE cast "Lock On" and "Hot Blood" and attack Sladegearmill
             and if he is activated his "Counter" ability, throw your gba 
             away,........ just kidding^-^ reset and continue and attack
             him again till u get the 1st initiate attack and BOOM he's
    STAGE 36 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Kurogane
                    2. Aussen Seiter
                    3. Wild Wurger
                    4. Wild Falken
                    5. R-2 Powered
                    6. Schutzwald
                    7. Fair Lion S
                    8. 9 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Fhulgia(Hp 5250)     x 3
                 2. Land Gleez (Hp 10625)x 9
                 3. Aile Einz.M(Hp 9500) x 6
                 4. Rhinoceros(Hp 42000)
    Enemy Reinforcement(Rhinoceros is defeated):
                 1. Ash Saber.M(Hp 8800)  x 12 
                 2. Ash Saber  (Hp 115000)
                 3. Lapierserj (Hp ?????)
    Enemy Reinforcement 2(Convince Ouka in lapierserj using Ratouni/reduce
    more HP of Archibald Ash Saber unit):
                 1. Surisas Bergermil(Hp 110000)
                 2. Ansas Bergermil  (Hp 125000)
                 3. Laz Anggrif      (Hp 44000)
                 4. Rhinoceros       (Hp 42000)
    Friendly Reinforcement(Reduce Archibald Ash Saber HP to 40%):
                 1. Lapierserj
    Important Item:
    1. Mega Generator -> Rhinoceros
    2. solar Panel    -> Ash Saber
    3. Hyper Jammer   -> Surisas Bergermil
    4. T-Link Sensor  -> Rhinoceros on enemy reinforcement
    5. S-Adapter      -> Ansas Bergermil
    Skill point Objective:
    Destroy the Rhinoceros within 5 turn
    I would expect harder skill point objective after i finished last
    mission (BUT what to came is going to be bloody hell^-^)as usual i
    rush in with Aussen Seiter and attacking/counter attack every time i
    got a chance, the Aile Einz have assist attack and defense, but it
    won't be a big problem with SRX "Blade Kick" combo attack^-^", when
    the Ash Saber and Lapierserj come i suggest u dealing with the mass
    product first, casting "Concentration"/"Lock On"/"Flash" as necessary
    then reduce Ash Saber Hp, drop to 80% to disable Lapierserj and then
    have Ratouni to use "Convince"(new command that she got when his unit
    is side by side with Lapierserj) on lapierserj. 
    When the enemy reinforcement came, i suggest dealing with Ash Saber
    1st after that Surisas Bergermil that come toward u BUT conserve your
    sp and, there's still 1 Behemoth to take care off >.<(use "Armor 
    Breaker" to make more significant damage on Bergermil before starting
    a round). Both Bergermil have Bunshin/After Image ability also 
    annoying HP(medium, 20%/turn) and EN(Big, 30%/turn) Kaifuku that can
    make the battle extremely long BUT as long as u have 2 Repair/
    Ressuply unit and most of your Ace already learn SP Kaifuku, i believe
    u can take care of them after a while, and Bergermil "Six Slave"
    Attack is sure kill for every Real Robot u have here.
    Battle Bonus Item:
    1. Alteisen Riese 
    STAGE 37 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit: 1. Kurogane
                   2. Hiryuu Kai
                   3. Alteisen Riese
    Enemy unit : 1. Einst Eisen    (Hp 9000)  x 8
                 2. Rein WeiBritter(Hp 140000)
    Enemy Reinforcement(Rein WeiBritter Hp're reduced below 80%):
                 1. Einst Grieto  (Hp 7820)  x 6
                 2. Einst Knokhan (Hp 5000)  x 4
                 3. Einst Gemyuuto(Hp 11500) x 9
                 4. Plzein Rijkard(HP 135000) ->Retreat if hp goes lower
                                                than 20%
    Friendly Reinforcement(Rein WeiBritter Hp're reduced below 80%):
                 1. Ryu Jinki
                 2. Angelgu
                 3. 16 more unit
    Important Item :
    1. High Performance Thruster -> Plzein Rijkard
    Skill Point Objective:
    Reduce rein WeiBritter hp below 80% within 5 turn
    Well at first have Alteisen Riese Equip all the Mega Booster u have, 
    and Rush to Rein WeiBritter directly cast "Concentration" and
    "Lock On" as necessary and always attack and counter Rein WeiBritter
    attack(maybe u'll need a "Hot Blood" with "Aerial Claymore" to makes
    thing faster and to save Alteisen ammo :P). When the reinforcement
    came just rush all your unit to clear the small fries and gain some
    Watch out with Alfimi and Excellen attack they always focus their
    attack to Alteisen just block or evade their attack. When dealling 
    with Plzein Rijkard... well she didn't have heavy armor and max morale
    :P but her unit Bunshin/After Image ability is annoying>.<.
    If u want to grab the High Performance Thruster that she have i
    suggest u use "Hot Blooded" Synchro Attack with assist when her Hp
    near critical(my Tatsumaki ZanKanTou only do 26000+ damage and she
    will flee when her hp lower than 27000>.<), when fighting Rein 
    WeiBritter, do the same tactic as u fighting Alfimi BUT makes sure u
    DIDN'T KILL her, just reduce her Hp below 5% to end the stage.
    Last thing... Take advantage of Kurogane and Hiryuu Kai Command 
    STAGE 38 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Kurogane
                    2. Hiryuu Kai
                    3. Cybuster
                    4. Grngust
                    5. Huckebein
                    6. 16 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Megirooto   (Hp 3300)  x 6
                 2. Garlion     (Hp 6820)  x 4
                 3. Garlion     (Hp 7130)  x 3
                 4. Bare Lion V (Hp 9000)  x 4
                 5. Bare Lion V (Hp 10350) x 3
                 6. Albatros    (Hp 50000) x 2
                 7. Gold Gruyter(Hp 150000) -> retreat will all remaining 
                                               enemy if hp goes lower
                                               than 20%
    Enemy Reinforcement(There's only 8 enemy unit on the map):
                 1. Aile Einz.M(Hp 9120)x 8
                 2. Huckebein.M(Hp 6960)x 7 
    Enemy Reinforcement 2(Destroy 1 albatros):
                 1. Ash Saber.M(Hp 8800)x 12
    Important Item:
    1. Bio Sensor -> Albatros(west)
    2. G.Teritory -> Gold Gruyter
    Skill Point Objective:
    Destroy Gold Gruyter
    Note :
    At first, just rush in and destroy everything insight, when the 1st 
    and 2nd reinforcement arrive, they have decent accuracy and evasion
    rate, just cast "Lock On"/"Concentration" as needed, when u finish
    with the small fries, then fight Gold Gruyter as usual way fighting
    major enemy, just watch out with his map attack(it may be tickles for
    super robot unit such as Dygenguar etc but it may instant kill poorly
    upgrade real robot such as Astelion)reduce his HP as close to 30000 
    point and destroy him with your stronggest Synchro Attack 
    "Hot Blooded" + assist attack(i believe it's Tatsumaki ZanKanTou or 
    Heaven and Earth Mega Cannon :P)Gold Gruyter have "Beam Absorb" that
    will absorb every beam type attack to recover his HP(that makes almost
    all Rein WeiBritter weapon useless except for Howling Launcher mode B
    and Rampage Ghost :P).  
    STAGE 39 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Kurogane
                    2. Hiryuu Kai
                    3. Alteisen Riese
                    4. Rein WeiBritter
                    5. Angelgu
                    7. 17 other unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Ghespenst Mk-II.M(Hp 8880) x 3
                 2. Aile Einz.M(Hp 9120)  x 3
                 3. Peregurin  (Hp 45000) x 4
                 4. Albatros   (Hp 50000) x 2
                 5. Ash Saber  (Hp 9680)  x 3
                 6. Soul Gain  (Hp 150000)
                 7. Laz Anggrif(Hp 57200)
                 8. Shirogane  (Hp 120000)
    Neutral Unit : 1. Einst Knokhan(Hp 5750) x 2
                   2. Einst Knokhan(Hp 5000) x 2
                   3. Einst Grieto (Hp 6800) x 2
                   4. Einst Grieto (Hp 7820) x 2
                   5. Einst Eisen  (Hp 10350)x 2
    Neutral Reinforcement(Soul Gain Hp're reduced bellow 30%):
                   1. Einst Knokhan (Hp 6250)  x 5
                   2. Einst Grieto  (Hp 8500)  x 5
                   3. Einst Gemyuuto(Hp 12500) x 4
                   4. Einst Eisen   (Hp 11250) x 4
                   5. Plzein Rijkard(Hp 135000)
    Important Item :
    1. Multi Sensor -> Albatros(north)
    2. Mega Booster -> Plzein Rijkard
    3. Orihalconium -> Shirogane
    Skill Point Objective:
    Take Down Soul Gain Hp drop bellow 30% within 5 turn
    Note :
    Well i can said the skill point on this stage quite tough all we can 
    do just rush toward Soul Gain directly and attack him with everything
    u got because the unit has HP(Big, 30%/turn)/EN(Big, 30%/turn)Kaifuku
    and "Armor Breaker" won't work with him :P smash him with assist 
    formation and/or maybe some Hot Blooded Synchro Attack... shortly 
    FOCUS ALL ATTACK on him i made it in 4 turn :P with lots of Synchro
    and assist attack BUT do not give him everything u got just yet.
    There's still 1 monster available to take care off >.< when Fighting
    Alfimi, this time she isn't going to hold back, she start with 150
    morale and those annoying Bunshin/After Image ability, watch out with
    her Map/Combo Attack, just fight her as usual and i believe u can take
    her down in 1 turn.
    STAGE 40 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Kurogane
                    2. Hiryuu Kai
                    3. Alteisen Riese
                    4. Ghespenst
                    5. Angelgu
                    6. Cybuster
                    7. Valcione
                    8. 15 more unit
    Enemy unit : 1. Megirooto Kai    (Hp 3450) x 3
                 2. Land Gleez       (Hp 9350) x 3
                 3. Gansekuto        (Hp 4600) x 4
                 4. garlion          (Hp 6820) x 3
                 5. Huckebein Mk-II.M(Hp 6380) x 1
                 6. Huckebein Mk-II.M(Hp 7480) x 2
                 6. Aile Einz.M      (Hp 8360) x 1
                 8. Aile Einz.M      (Hp 35200)x 2
    Enemy Reinforcement(7 enemy left on the map):
                 1. Bare Lion V(Hp 9030)x 12
    Enemy Reinforcement 2(Move any unit pass the Bare Lion line):
                 1. Ash Saber(Hp 10120) x 8
                 2. Soul Gain(Hp 150000)
    Enemy Reinforcement 3(Soul Gain is destroyed):
                 1. Silver Wind(Hp 110000)
                 2. Gold Drew  (Hp 190000)
    Enemy Reinforcement 4(Silver Wind and Gold Drew is destroyed):
                 1. Di Castes(Hp 300000 WTF!!!)
    Neutral Reinforcement(Di Castes Hp're reduced bellow 50%):
                 1. Gold Gruyter(Hp 150000)
    Important Item :
    1. High Performance Thruster -> Soul Gain
    2. High Performance Targeter -> Silver Wind
    3. Nejiri Hachimaki -> Gold Drew
    4. Z.O Armor -> Di Castes
    Skill Point Objective:
    Destroy at least 20 enemy within 5 turn
    Note :
    This is going to be a hell tough stage!!!(i hope u follow my advice
    to have SP Kaifuku for all of your pilot, if not... well good luck 
    ^-^") at first just rush in and destroy as many enemy u can, watch out
    with the enemy attack, the Electric Shock can disable your unit 
    movement for 1 turn>.<, try not getting hit with any attack ok :P the
    Bare Lion arrive in a very neat assist formation. SUCK!!? not at all
    nuke them with every map/combo attack that u have :) that's for the
    skill point.
    And Before u pass the Bare Lion Line, i suggest u to take as many turn
    needed to repair/ressuply your unit and rearrange formation. Because 
    Soul Gain will appear at small gap on west side in assist formation
    and again nuke them destroy the Ash Sabers first then deal with Soul
    Gain, always cast "Lock On" and "Flash" because, he hit hard. Take 
    advantage of your mothership command area and before u finish him off,
    u see those 2 Energy Tank square on North West area near your team 
    that recover 20% HP/EN each turn? have any unit to occupy the spot so
    the next enemy reinforcement that will arrive there wouldn't have 
    those 20% HP/EN regen which is very big for their size :P and again
    when fighting Silver Wind, always cast "Lock On" and "Flash" he have
    Bunshin/After Image ability that we hate so much^-^, and when fighting
    Gold Drew thought the unit have lots of hp and armor but his accuracy
    and evasion rate is VEEEEEERY bad ^-^, take it easy on him.
    After that..... (jeez>.<) there's still 1 more Behemoth which is 
    VEEEEERY BIG luckily he will stand still on his ground, take as many
    turn as needed to repair and ressuplly your unit and tell him what we
    are made off Wendrow will start with 100 morale by this time, his map
    attack tickles for your full fledged pilot, BUT when he reach 130+++,
    we're talking big trouble here, with 1~7 radius, it's all you team>.<
    who will get hit when attacking him, always cast Flash and the unit
    have G-Territory, HP Kaifuku(Small), EN Kaifuku(Big), the neutral
    were actually helping you BUT not for long. Wendrow will instant kill
    Meki Boss when his HP reach 30% :P
    last note : i hardly recommend u to use any seishin spell other
                that "Concentrate"/"Flash"/"Lock On" because of the length
                of battle, every point COUNT!
    STAGE 41 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Kurogane
                    2. Hiryuu Kai
                    3. Alteisen Riese
                    4. Rein WeiBritter
                    5. Ghespenst
                    6. Ryuu Jinki
                    7. Angelgu
                    8. 15 more unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Einst Grieto   (Hp 8160)  x 7
                 2. Einst Eisen    (Hp 10800) x 7
                 3. Plzein Rijkard (Hp 135000) -> retreat if hp goes lower
                                                  than 20%
                 4. Einst Rejiseia (Hp 250000)
    Enemy Reinforcement(Einst Rejiseia Hp reduced below 40%)
                 1. Ash Saber.M (Hp 10560) x 18
                 2. Laz Anggrif (Hp 44000) x  4
                 3. Ash Saber   (Hp 115000)
                 4. Zwei Zargein(Hp 320000)
    Important Item:
    1. High Performance Thruster -> Plzein Rijkard
    2. Giga Generator -> Einst Rejiseia
    3. S-Adapter -> Ash Saber
    4. High Efficiency ****XD(move+2, Speed+25, Weapon Range+1, Hit+20%)
       -> Zwei Zargein
    Skill Point Objective:
    Destroy Alfimi unit
    Note :
    Well this will become another @#$%!!! mission(i drain up all my ammo
    here and it's the first time ever :P) at first there's not much enemy
    that u'll need for morale boost in order to destroy Alfimi>_<, i 
    suggest to deal with the minor einst to gain some morale but becareful
    with Plzein Rijkard map attack and combo attack after that deal with 
    Alfimi 1st, the unit have HP Kaifuku(small), EN Kaifuku(big) and
    Bunshin/After image Ability, conserve your sp with "Flash"/"Lock On"
    as needed and finish him with single Hot Blooded attack & assist
    (the most powerfull that u can afford, i did it with Alteisen "Aerial
    Claymore" and Astelion "Sonic Breaker" thought :P) after that deal
    with Einst Rejiseia which is much more easy to handle, when the enemy
    reinforcement arrive at your starting point, keep focusing all your
    attack to Einst Rejiseia when it's done, then deal with the mass 
    produce Ash Sabers using "Lock On" and MAP attack to conserve your
    pilot SP>.< after all the minor enemy is defeated, deal with Lemon
    Ash Sabers 1st(u fight well enough against all the einst and those 
    mass product Ash Sabers & Laz Anggrif i doubt if 1 Ash Saber can
    actually finish u off :P) but becarefull with Zwei zargein Map attack
    (my ass! it only do 0 damage on my Giganskuld Dourou and 1300 on 
    non upgraded Kurogane with Tetsuya on Lv 25 and Vindel Lv is at 48 :)
    BUT!!! watch out with his other single and combo attack the Giganskuld
    that i proud most for his heavy armor take for over 7000+ in a single
    attack non critical >.< and Zwei Zargein have HP Kaifuku(small),
    EN Kaifuku(Big) and that annoying Bunshin/After Image ability >.<
    but i can say his accuracy are bad ^-^, just take advantage with 
    your mothership "Commander Aura" some assist formation with "Lock On"
    always casted and quick save before u start a round, i believe u can
    take him down in.... 3 turn maybe :)(i can't afford for round 4 T-T).
    STAGE 42 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Starting Unit : 1. Kurogane
                    2. Hiryuu Kai
                    3. 19 other unit
    Enemy Unit : 1. Einst Rejiseia(Hp 120000)x 11
                 2. Plzein Rijkard(Hp 135000)
    Enemy Reinforcement(Plzein Rijkard is destroyed):
                 1. Noi Rejiseia
    Friendly Reinforcement:
                 1. Plzein Rijkard
    There is 2 way to to finish the stage 1st is the Hard working type and
    the 2nd is Muscle Brain(idiot way and the way that i use :P).
    1st way:
    Be very patient and destroy every Eisnt Rejiseia 1 by 1 to gain some
    morale because Alfimi will stand on her ground not moving at all^_^
    2nd :
    Rush straight to Plzein Rijkard as if u're Superman(the idiot one i
    believe ^_^")
    the advantage of doing the 1st is:
    1. U gain some morale before fighting the BIG one
    2. Extra credit and PP're always welcome^_^"
    the disadvantage :
    1. The battle'll be very long and there's a little EN and Ammo problem
    the advantage of doing the 2nd:
    1. Barely NONE!!! XD
    the disadvantage:
    1. Low morale when fighting the boss
    2. 7 Einst Rejiseia will keep smashing your butt while u dealling with
       Noi Rejiseia XD(my butt get cramped for 2 hours after finishing
       the stage, no kidding XD)
    Then,... decide your style :), when dealling with Plzein Rijkard,
    always have your pilot cast "Lock On" and watch out with her map
    attack, when dealling with the Noi Rejiseia(the 4 Rejiseia in the
    center will merge to form Noi Rejiseia) i suggest u to hit him hard
    with Assisst formation and EN Take/drain to reduce his EN when it hit
    0 smash him with every Hot Blooded attack u can afford, if he's still
    survive your rampage, repeat the procedure, IF he still survive>.<
    repeat once again, IF HE.... smash your gba to the wall or anything
    hard, and go outside play soccer etc to cool down your nerve if the
    weather is rainy, turn on the TV and watch National Geographic :P....
    kidding^-^ restart the stage, because i believe it's imposible to
    fight him longer than 4 turn and still winning the game(if any one
    ever manage it 4 thumbs up to u :).
    .... To be continued(if i have a time XD)
    (Alteisen + WeiBritter/Alteisen Riese + Rein WeiBritter)
    Morale needed : 120 
    Base Attack   : 5670
    EN usage/mech : 35
    Range         : 1~4/1~5(powered version)
    Attack Rating : Sky   -> A
                    Land  -> A
                    Sea   -> A
                    Space -> A
    Alteisen and WeiBritter All Open Attack!!!
    "R"oyal."H"eart."B"reaker (P)(Fair Lion S + G)
    Morale needed : 110
    Base Attack   : 5460
    EN usage/mech : 25
    Range         : 1~4
    Attack Rating : Sky   -> S
                    Land  -> S
                    Sea   -> A
                    Space -> S
    Description :
    Twin Sonic Driver and more(i mean it^-^)Flashy than normal Sonic 
    FORMATION R (P)(R-1 + R-2 Powered + R-3 Powered)
    Morale needed : 110
    Base Attack   : 5646
    EN usage/mech : 30
    Range         : 1~3
    Attack Rating : Sky   -> A
                    Land  -> A
                    Sea   -> A
                    Space -> A
    Description :
    R-Unit team up Attack that even more dynamic than the last OG^-^.
    Available at Stage 27
    Morale needed : 130
    Base Attack   : 8362
    EN usage/mech : 100
    Range         : 1~7
    Attack Rating : Sky   -> S
                    Land  -> S
                    Sea   -> A
                    Space -> S
    Description :
    R-GUN Powered mega cannon attack charged with SRX full drive 
    Tronium engine.
    Tatsumaki ZanKanTou(P)(Dygenguar + Aussen Seiter)
    Morale needed : 130
    Base Attack   : 8032(with Zengar & Roesel Infight/Gunfight Bonus :P)
    EN usage/mech : 65
    Range         : 1~4
    Attack Rating : Sky   -> S
                    Land  -> S
                    Sea   -> A
                    Space -> S
    Description :
    Very similar to God Gundam "God Finger" on Fuun Saiki.
    TWIN BIRD STRIKE(P)(Wild Wurger + Wild Falken)
    Morale needed : 115
    Base Attack   : -(8062.already have full upgrade on Wild Wurger>.<)
    En Usage/mech : 30
    Range         : 1~6
    Attack Rating : Sky   -> A
                    Land  -> A
                    Sea   -> B
                    Space -> A
    Description :
    Arad Version:
    Arad   : Ikuze Seola!(let's go Seola!)
    Seola  : ee!(yes!)
    Arad   : Jacket Armor, PURGE!
    Seola  : BOOST!
    Arad   : EINS! (ONE!)
    Seola  : ZWEI! (TWO!)
    Arad   : TREI!!(THREE!!)
    Seola  : Tsuide Kimeru wayo, ARAD!(decide next, ARAD!)
    Arad   : AA!!(YAAH!!)
    Seola  : TWIN BIRD!
    Arad   : STRRIIIIKE!!
    Seola Version:
    Seola  : Chanto tsuite rainaiyo!(PERFECT CHANCE!)
    Arad   : Omeekoso, Okuren janeezo!
    Arad   : Wing Tenkai! Drive Zenkai(Wing EXPAND! Drive FULL THROTTLE!)
    Seola  : Falken, TBS mode!
    Arad   : Toramaeta! Egekite, SEOLA!!(GOT U!, ATTACK, SEOLA!!)
    Seola  : SyuuuuuuTO!!(SHOOOOOT!!)
    Arad   : missing >.<(to hard to translate :P)
    Seola  : SPIRAL TURN!!
    Arad   : Koitsude kimete yaruu!!(Lets Finish this person!!)
    Seola  : TWIN BIRD!
    Arad   : STRRIIIIKE!!
    just feel like to translate the dialogue :P
    .... Wild Wurger & Falken all open attack
    (though they didn't have as many weapon like Alteisen and WeiBritter 
    ||VI. SECRET  ||
    GRAVITON LAUNCHER(Ranged Weapon)
    Base Attack : 5000
    Range       : 2~8
    Accuracy    : +20
    Critical    : +10
    Morale need : 120
    EN Use      :  40
    Weight      :  60
    Rating      : Sky   -> S
                  Land  -> S
                  Sea   -> S
                  Space -> S
    On Stage 6 have Vieletta to KILL all(ALL without exception) the minor
    enemy(it's not gonna be easy thought always cast concentration on her
    >.<) and then u'll receive this weapon on Stage 15 in her Ghespenst
    BOOST HAMMER(Melee Weapon)
    Base Attack : 4300
    Range       : 1~4
    Accuracy    : +40
    Critical    : +70
    Morale need :   -
    EN Use      :   5
    Weight      :  50
    Rating      : Sky   -> S
                  Land  -> S
                  Sea   -> S
                  Space -> S
    On Stage 16 Arad must kill ALL the starting Gansekuto with his own
    hand, have Radaa reduce their hp and let Arad do the finishing blow,
    u'll receive the weapon when the stage is over.
    Shishiou Blade(Melee Weapon)
    Base Attack : 4600
    Range       : 1
    Accuracy    : +50
    Critical    : +40
    Weight      : 60
    Rating      : Sky   -> S
                  Land  -> S
                  Sea   -> S
                  Space -> S
    Before the end of stage 14 Bullett need to have at least 45 kills and
    be at Lvl 18 or more, the requirement're easier to get if u pick
    Ethiopia route on the 1st split.
    Wild Wurger.L(RED)
    Base Stats:
    HP     : 4200
    EN     : 150
    Sped   : 120
    Armor  : 1600
    Mov    : 6
    Rating : Sky   -> A
             Land  -> A
             Sea   -> B
             Space -> A
    Extra Weapon Weight : 140
    Limit :
    HP,EN,Speed, Armor : 10
    Special Upgrade Bonus : Speed, Armor +15%
    Weapon :
    |no|Name                     |Dmg |Rng|Acc|Crt|EN|Amo|Mrl|  Rnk  |
    |1 |Stun Shock               |1800|1~6|+70| +0| -| 1 | - |A A A A|
    |2 |3 Join Gattling Cannon   |2900|1~4|+35|+10| -|20 | - |A A B A|
    |3 |M90 Assault Machinegun(P)|3400|1~4|+35|+35| -|15 | - |A A B A|
    |4 |Colt Metal Knife(P)      |3500|1~2|+40|+40| -| - | - |A A B A|
    |5 |Stagbettle Cruncher(P)   |4000| 1 |+30|+45| 5| - | - |A A B A|
    |6 |Victim Vik(P)            |4700|1~3|+25|+55|35| - |120|A A B A|
    1. On Stage 19, destroy 4 Ghespenst before Seola encounter Arad
       (i sugest u have Arad, play cat and mouse with her^_^")
    2. Before Stage 26 end, Arad must have at least 50 kills
       (Hmm... have him do mass killing of the einst in stage 25 :P)
    3. At stage 27 Mai will start the stage solo in it, and to keep the
       unit, She need to destroy at least 5 enemy before friendlly 
       Reinforcement arrive
    Base Stats:
    HP     : 7000
    EN     : 250
    Sped   : 120
    Armor  : 1900
    Mov    : 7
    Rating : Sky   -> S
             Land  -> S
             Sea   -> A
             Space -> S
    1. AB Field
    2. Bunshin/After Image
    3. Immune to Effect Weapon
    Limit :
    HP    :  6
    EN    :  6
    Speed : 10
    Armor :  6
    Special Upgrade Bonus : Bunshin activation +20% 
    Weapon :
    |no|Name                       |Dmg |Rng|Acc|Crt|EN|Amo|Mrl|  Rnk  |
    |1 |Raging Fire Blade(P)       |3500|2~5|+45| +5| -| 8 | - |S S A S|
    |2 |Water Current Fang(P)(C)   |3700| 1 |+40|+25| -| - | - |S S S S|
    |3 |?                          |3900|2~7|+15|+30|10| - | - |S S A S|
    |4 |Wind Sword Flash(P)        |4500|1~3|+35|+45|20| - |110|S S S S|
    |5 |Secret Light Sword Flash(P)|6000|1~4|+20|+50|40| - |130|S S S S|
    1. Rekka HA
    2. Suiryuu Souga
    3. ? :P
    4. Kaze Ha Sen
    5. Ougi Hikari Ha Sen
    1. On Stage 10 Earth route/13 Moon Route, Destroy/force retreat
       Ekidona and move Lamia unit to her last position
    2. On Stage 19 have Lamia to get 1!!!(no more, no less) battle 
       encounter with Axel
    3. Makes sure Lamia have at least 55 or more kills before stage 24 end
    If all the requirement is completed, Lamia'll start Stage 28 with the
    Neo.Chakram Shooter & G.Impact Stake(P)(Melee Weapon)
    "Neo.Chakram Shooter"
    Base Attack : 4300
    Range       : 1~7
    Accuracy    : +45
    Critical    : +25
    EN Use      : 15
    Weight      : 50
    Rating      : Sky   -> S
                  Land  -> S
                  Sea   -> S
                  Space -> S
    "G.Impact Stake"
    Base Attack : 4900
    Range       : 1~3
    Accuracy    : +35
    Critical    : +70
    Ammo        : 6
    Weight      : 60
    Rating      : Sky   -> S
                  Land  -> S
                  Sea   -> S
                  Space -> S
    To get booth weapon, on scenario 30 do not let Zengar do any kills
    while on Dygenguar :P, u'll receive the weapon before u start Stage 34
    Ghespenst Mk-II.S
    Base Stats:
    HP     : 4400
    EN     : 200
    Sped   : 105
    Armor  : 1700
    Mov    : 8
    Rating : Sky   -> S
             Land  -> S
             Sea   -> A
             Space -> S
    Extra Weapon Weight : 170
    1. AB Field
    Limit :
    HP    : 10
    EN    : 10
    Speed :  8
    Armor : 10
    Special Upgrade Bonus : HP+20%, EN+15%
    Weapon :
    |no|Name                         |Dmg |Rng|Acc|Crt|EN|Amo|Mrl|  Rnk  |
    |1 |Spread Missile               |3000|1~6|+45|+30|- | 20| - |B A A A|
    |2 |Mega Blaster Cannon(P)       |4750|1~4|+40|+20|25| - | - |S S A S|
    |3 |Ultimate!Ghespenst Kick(C)(P)|5350|1~2|+35|+65|30| - | - |S S A S|
    Before the end of stage 33, Kai need to be at level 33 and kills at
    least 55 enemy u'll receive the unit at the starting of stage 34
    Space route or at the end of stage 36, earth route.
    ||VII. FAQ  ||
    Q: Why do u like Seola THAT MUCH? -_-"
    A: FALKEN KAKKOI desu ^_^ and like Tasuku said... She got better Racks
       than Lamia san... wtf i'm talking about that supposed to be secret
    Q: Why Fair Lion? XD
    A: I hate the Ghespenst... and i run out of good mech(it's personal
       opinion, u may hate me i don't care <3)
    A: Dude, on the 1st place i wasn't a writer and don't make money from
       writing this crap... it's just a hobby from a fans(ME) to make note
       and having fun playing the game and hoping this faqs can be a
       little help for those who read it ^-^"
    Q: Can i have your faqs on my site? plzzz ^-^
    A: NAH.... sry dude i have my own reason ^-^"
    Q: U SUCK!!! 
    A: i'm not against that ~_~
    Q: .... (-_-")
    PP Modifier when attacking enemy(turn it off when enemy phase):
    Kill Modifier:
    Lamia Loveless            :02019822
    Kyousuke Nanbu            :02019742
    Excellen Browning         :0201977a
    Ryuusei Date              :020199e2
    Ray F Franshutein         :02019902
    Aya Kobayashi             :020197ea
    Mai Kobayashi             :02019e0a
    Vileta Badam              :02019a1a
    Ilmguld Kazahara          :02019a52
    Arad Balanga              :02019c82
    Seola Schweizer           :02019eea
    Brooklyn Racfield(Bullett):020197b2
    Kusuha Mizuha             :02019d62
    Zengar Zombolt            :02019d9a
    Roesel Feishumaxkar       :02019e42
    Ivys Douglas              :02019892
    Sleigh Presti             : +_+ the bit changed everytime we have
                                control on her
    Masaki Andou              :0201985a
    Shine Houzen              :02019dd2
    Ratouni Zuvota            :1. 0201993a(work at the beginning)
                               2. 02019f22(work when piloting Fair Lion)
    Refina Enfield            :02019ac2
    Sean Webley               :02019a8a
    Tasuku Shinguji           :02019ba2
    Leona Gerstein            :02019b6a
    Rin Mao                   :02019c12
    Katsina Tarasuku          :02019afa
    Raada Bairaban            :02019bda
    Russel Bergman            :02019b32
    Tetsuya Onodera           :02019972
    Kai Kitamura              :020198ca
    Lee Linshun               :020197ea
    Daitetsu Minaze           :020199aa 
    ||IX. CREDIT  ||
    -. to Gundam Totoro, for the copyright section and LOTS OF THING^-^
    -. My real life "Paula Cis" for :
       * being so supportive to all my stupid ness
       * Cheering me up when i feel down
       * being "YOU"
       * one last thing "STOP BITTING ME! IT'S HURT, DON'T YOU KNOW THAT?"
         thought it can keep me conscious.
    -. to "Bright Noah" for :
       * Kamiyu/Cammile thing
       * Being such a pal as the same Gundam "Freak"!
         (hope our friendship last forever, "VIVA GUNDAM!")
       * one last thing "Mission accomplish sir! The Hyper 
         Bazooka already hit the Center of Zeon Empire
         that cause unrepairable Damage!".
    -. My Brother for :
       * Didn't give a damn to what've i write
       * Said my walkthrough was piece of S**T(censored) and useless
       * Follow my advice to buy Deathschyte HC model kit.
    -. Gamefaqs Message Board for :
       * I can say everything on the secret section because u guys ROCKS!!
    -. "You" for reading my Faq/walkthrough ARIGATOU GOZAIMASTA ^^
    Unpublished work Copyright 2002 masa7su
    This document is protected by US Copyright Law.  It is meant for 
    private use only.  This FAQ may not be referenced or altered without 
    permission from myself.  This FAQ is a GAMEFAQS Exclusive and may not 
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    Alteration of this Copyright is punishable under Title 17 Chapter 5 
    Section 506(d) of US Copyright Law for a fine of up to $2,500. 
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     Generation 2" and all related names and character're Copyright of
    All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are
    not specifically mentioned herein.  

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