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    Secrets FAQ by sinclarius

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     Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 Secrets Guide
    Version Final
    Author: A.J.
    --Table of Contents-------------
    001.	Introduction
    002.	Updates
    003.	Secrets
    004.	Guides For Newbies
    005.	Extra Info
    007.	Credits
    008.	Copyright
    	This is my first attempt in making a guide, so I am still 
    quite new in this business. My reasons in making this guide is to 
    reveal the secrets in the game in detail and how to unlock them.
    	I will not provide any strategy in [003.Secrets] because I 
    merely reveal the secrets available in this great game, If you have 
    problem fulfilling the requirements to unlock the secrets, I also 
    provided [004.Guides For Newbies] for those who are really bad with 
    the game.
    - Started this FAQ
    - Updated [004.Guides For Newbies] section.
    - Updated [004.Guides For Newbies] section.
    - Updated [02.Shishio Blade(s)] section
    - Updated [004.Guide for Newbies]
    - Included difficulty for each secrets in [004.Guide for Newbies]
    - Updated [03.Ash Saver] and include the stats for Ash Saver.
    - Update on [008.Wild Wuerger L]
    - Changed [005.FAQ] section to [005.Extra Info]
    - Added [06.Great Items in Scenario 15] in [003.Secrets] and 
      [004.Guides for Newbies].
    - Slight Makeover of the guide.
    - Added Vysaga stats in [11.Vysaga]
    - Added Gespenst MK-II.S stats in [08.Gespenst MK-II.S]
    	I will not provide any strategy in this section as I assume 
    most people want to beat this game on their own. This is where you can 
    confirm the secrets available in the game, however if you need extra 
    assistance, please check [004.Guides For Newbies]. 
    --01.Extra Stage------------------------------------------------------
    Extra Stage...so you can bring more money or PP for the replay mode.
    **How to Unlock**
    Get at least 38 Skill Points before scenario 42, do not 
    miss more than 3 skill points.
    **Important Notes**
    -Whenever you gain skill points, difficulty increased, you'll gain less
     money from killing an enemy unit, enemies will have higher stats, 
     I heard you will have more enemies in HARD mode, I'm not sure cause
     I never played EASY/NORMAL mode.
    -You will not get any skill points in scenario 42.
    --02.Shishio Blade(s)--------------------------------------------------
    Base Attack 4600, Range 1, Terrain All S, Type Meele, no EN or Ammo 
    **How to Unlock**
    There are Two ways of getting Shishio Blade(s):
    1.)	Bullet must have at least 45 kills and achieved at least level
     	18 before Scenario 14. You will receive the Shishio Blade after
     	Scenario 17.
    2.)	Kill Shikalog(Dolkin), Agiha(Silverwind) and Megiboz(Gredakin)
     	in Scenario 15 to get the 2nd Shishio Blade.
    **Important Notes**
    -Bullet is the blonde hair dude who pilots the black mecha called 
     Huckebine MK-II.
    -There's more than 1 Shishio Blade in the game.
    --03.Ash Saver--------------------------------------------------------
    A small blue Mecha, you can equip it with other weapons.
    **How to Unlock**
    There are 3 steps to unlock this mecha:
    1a.) 	If you chose the Earth Route: In Scenario 10, Move Lamia to the
     	square where Echidna was when she retreated.
    1b.) 	If you chose the Moon Route: In Scenario 13, Move Lamia to the
     	square where Echidna was when she retreated.
    2.)	On Scenario 19, have Lamia to have 2 battle encounters with
    3.)	Lamia needs to have at least 55 kills before the end of
     	Scenario 24.
    4.)	You will receive the Ash Saver in Scenario 28.
    **Important Notes**
    -Lamia must have 2 battle encounters to get Ash Saver, ONLY 2. If you 
     get more or less than 2  battle encounters you will not get Ash Saver.
    -Lamia is the green hair chick.
    -Echidna is the short white hair lady
    -Axel is the red hair with red eyes guy wearing white jacket.
    -Lamia is not available in Moon Route and Abiano Route.
    -Ash Saver's Stats-
    Air  :A
    Land :S
    	Initial		Max
    HP	 3800		5130
    EN	 180*		323
    Mobility 115*		162
    Armor	 1200		1740
    -Special Ability-
    Beam Coat
    -Signature Attack-
    Sword Breaker
    Minimum Damage  :4900*		
    Maximum Damage  :6500
    Ammo		:6/6
    Animation	:It's like the Hi-Nu Gundam's Fin Funnel.
    Range		:2~8
    Air  :S
    Land :S
    *Not too sure what is the minimum damage ..I upgraded it.
    --04.Graviton Launcher------------------------------------------------
    Base Attack 5000, Range 2~8, Terrain All S, Consume 50EN, Shooting 
    **How to unlock**
    In Scenario 6, Have Viletta to kill all the enemy units except Seolla, 
    Yuuki and Carla. You will find Graviton Launcher in Villeta's Gespenst 
    MK-II.R in Scenario 15.
    **Important Notes**
    -Villeta is the blue-purple hair chick, 
    -Ryusei or Irm must not kill any of the enemy units but anyone can kill
     Seolla, Yuuki or Carla.
    --05.Boosted Hammer---------------------------------------------------
    Base Attack 4300, Consume 5 EN, Range 1~4, Type Meele, Terrain All S
    **How to unlock**
    1.)	In Scenario 16, Have Arad to kill all the initial Gunsockets 
    	(9 in totals) before enemy reinforcements or ..within 4 turns.
    2.)	"You officially received the Boosted Hammer in you inventory" 
    	Message will appear after you finish Scenario 16.
    **Important Notes**
    -Arad is the pink-purple hair guy.
    -Rada MUST NOT kill any Gunsockets.
    --06.Great Items in Scenario 15------------------------------------
    Receive the G-impact Stake, Shishio Blade, Iron Soul, Hero Emblem &
    High Performance AI
    **How to unlock**
    In Scenario 15, Kill Shikalog(Dolkin), Agiha(Silverwind) and 
    **Important Notes**
    -Each of them has more than 99999 HP but none has HP regeneration.
    -Shikalog is the guy with no hair in his portrait.
    -Megiboz is the blonde hair guy
    -Agiha is the blue hair girl.
    -You will receive all 5 items after you killed the last Ace, in my case
     it was Megiboz. 
    --07.Huckebine Mk-III R------------------------------------------------
    Another Variation of Huckebine Mk-III L., yeap another Huckebine MK-III
    that can combine with Boxer Frame and capable to combine with AM Gunner.
    **How to Unlock**
    There are 3 steps to unlock mecha:
    1.)	Retsuel must have at least 35 kills before the end of
    	Scenario 18.
    2.)	Acquire Scenario 30's Skill Point 
    3.)	Bullet, Kusuha, Ryoto, Rio, Task, and Leona must have at least 
    	a combined level total of 185 or more before the end of Scenario
    **Important Notes**
    -Retsuel is that blonde hair guy wearing goggles pilots the Huckebine 
     Mk-III Trombe later on pilots the Ausienritter.
    -Bullet is the Blonde hair guy, initial pilot of Huckebine Mk-II.
     later on pilots the Tiger-Dragon King. 
    -Kusuha is that blue hair chick, initial pilot of Gungrust Nishiki, 
     the yellow super robots that can transform to G-Hawk and later on 
     pilots Dragon-Tiger King. 
    -Ryoto is that Brown hair guy who pilots the Huckebine Mk-III.L that can 
     combine with AM Gunner then pilot the Huckebine Boxer Mk-III.L. 
    -Rio is the Chinese black hair chick who pilots the AM Gunner that can 
     combine with Huckebine Mk-III.L. 
    -Task is the Blue-Black hair happy looking guy who pilots Giganscudo 
     Doro, that big red mecha with 2 oversized Claw.
    -Leona is the long blonde hair chick, which is initial pilot of 
     Guarlion Custom, later pilots Huckebine, Hyukebine MK-III Trombe and
     Finally the Hyukebine MK-III.R (Young Mistress of an mansion)
    -You can only have one Huckebine Boxer and one Huckebine Gunner, 
     there's only one Boxer Frame and AM Gunner.
    --08.Gespenst Mk II.S-------------------------------------------------
    variation of a Gespenst.
    **How to unlock**
    Kai must have at least 55 kills and achieved at least level 33 before 
    the end of scenario 33, and you will receive Gespenst Mk-II S in 
    scenario 34 (Space Route) and Scenario 37 (Earth Cradle Route).
    **Important Notes**
    Kai is the guy with moustache...
    Gespenst's Stats-
    Air  :A
    Land :S
    	Initial		Max
    HP	 4400		6600
    EN	 200		400
    Mobility 105		147
    Armor	 1700		2550
    -Special Ability-
    AB Field
    -Signature Attack-
    Unleash! Gespenst's Kick (C)
    Minimum Damage  :5000		
    Maximum Damage  :6900
    Consume EN	:30EN
    Animation	:just like SRX's Kick and able to kick enemies in a row
    Range		:1~2
    Air  :S
    Land :S
    --09.Wild Wuerger L---------------------------------------------------
    An Extra Mecha, the Red Wild Wuerger, HP,EN, Mobility and Armor Limit 
    are incraeased to the MAX and you can equip more weapon.
    **How to unlock**
    1.)	On Scenario 19, Arad have to destroy at least 4 Gespensts
     	before letting Arad and Seolla meet in point blank.  
    2.)	Arad must have at least 55 kills before the end of
     	Scenario 26.
    3.)  	On Scenario 27, Mai have to defeat 5 enemies before the player
    	reinforcements arrive. An event will occur after you've killed
    	the 5th enemies.
    **Important Notes**
    - If 1.) and 2.) is not done, Mai will appear with Huckebine Mk. II M
      instead of Wild Wuerger L.
    -Wild Wuerger L CANNOT Perform Double Team Attack with Wild Falken.
    --10.G-Impact Stake & Neo Chakram Shooter-----------------------------
    G-Impact Stake- base Attack 4900, range 1~3, terrain all S, 6 Ammo,
    type melee.
    Neo Chakram Shooter - base attack 4300, range 1~7, terrain all S,
    consume 15 EN, type melee.
    **How to unlock**
    1.)	In Scenario 15, Kill Shikalog(Dolkin), Agiha(Silverwind) and 
    	Megiboz(Gredakin) in Scenario 15 to get the hard-to-get 
    	G-Impact Stake.
    2.)	In Scenario 30, do not let Zengar to kill any enemy unit after 
    	he got the Daizengar. You'll receive both G-Impact Stake & 
    	Neo Chakram Shooter before scenario 34 along with Huckebine 
    	MK-III.R or Gespenst MK-II.S.
    **Important Notes**
    -Zengar Zambolt is the pilot of Gungrust Sanshiki in Scenario 30, 
     after some event he'll switch to Daizengar, Zengar can kill as many 
     enemy units when he's in Gungrust Sanshiki but do not kill any enemy
     unit after he switched to Daizengar.
    A sword swinging mecha, you can't equip any weapons on this mecha
    **How to Unlock**
    There are 3 steps to unlock this mecha 
    1.)	You must complete the first game.
    2a.) 	If you chose Earth Route: On Scenario 10, Move Lamia to the
     	square where Echidna was when she retreated.
    2b.) 	If you chose Moon Route: On Scenario 13, Move Lamia to the square
     	where Echidna was when she retreated.
    3.)	On Scenario 19, have Lamia to have 1 battle encounters with Axel,
    	ONLY 1, if you had 2 then you'll get Ash Saver instead of Vysaga.
    4.)	Lamia needs to have at least 55 kills before the end of 
    	Scenario 24.
    5.)	You will receive Vysaga at scenario 28.
    **Important Notes**
    -Lamia must have 1 battle encounter to get Vysaga, ONLY 1. If you 
     have 2 you will not get Vysaga but Ash Saver, If you have more than 2
     battle encounters, you get neither Vysaga nor Ash Saver.
    -Lamia is the green hair chick
    -Echidna is the short white hair lady.
    -Axel is the red hair with red eyes guy wearing white jacket.
    -Only Lamia can pilot Vysaga
    -Vysaga Stats-
    Air  :S
    Land :S
    	Initial		Max
    HP	 7000		9100
    EN	 250		 400
    Mobility 120		 180
    Armor	 1900		2470
    -Special Ability-
    AB Field
    After Image/Bunshin
    Nulify Special Weapon's Side Effect
    -Signature Attack-
    Flash of The Lighting Blade
    Minimum Damage  :6000		
    Maximum Damage  :7600
    EN Consumption	:40
    Animation	:Himura Kenshin's One Step Counter Principle x 3.  
    Range		:1~4
    Air  :S
    Land :S
    ==004.Guides For Newbies===============================================
    	Honestly, you don't need to read this. If you are facing 
    serious problem fulfilling the requirements for the secrets then go 
    ahead and read them... 
    --01.Extra Stage------------------------------------------------------
    	hmm...as I said earlier ...those who read this section are 
    newbies. I don't recommend you newbies to get all skill points, just 
    get whatever skill points that you are capable of. If you pushed 
    yourself, you might never finish the game and you can't play replay
    	Miss 3 skill points and you will not get any extra stage and 
    this extra stage is hard and annoying.
    --02.Shishio Blade(s)--------------------------------------------------
    	Bullet will learn Concentrate (+30% to Evasion and Hit 
    Accuracy) and Hardworking (2x EXP points), never let him be the center 
    of the crowd before he learn Concentrate, Upgrade his mecha evasion 
    and G-Impact Cannon (the strongest weapon for Hyukebine MK-II) and let 
    him kill weaken enemies. Use Hardworking Spells wisely. 
    	Before Scenario 10, Choose Earth Route because Bullet won't 
    be available in Moon Route and you'll be most likely miss your chance 
    to get Shishio Blade, The First thing you should spend you PP on is SP 
    recovery so he can constantly use Concentrate to whack enemies in 
    Scenario 10,11,12,13 and 14, because by this time he'll be able dodge 
    any attacks from normal enemy units.
    	 To get the 2nd Shishio Blade, Check 06.Great items in 
    Scenario 15.
    	Not really that hard if you upgraded Huckebine Mk-II and 
    Bullet properly and chose the Earth Route over Moon Route.
    --03.Ash Saver--------------------------------------------------------
    	For 1a.) And 1b.) Requirements, always kill Echidna first or 
    make her retreat first so you have the chance to move Lamia there 
    then handle Ouka.
    	Lamia must have 2 battle encounters with Axel. Lamia must 
    Attack Axel first then Axel will hit her during enemy phase, that's 2 
    battle encounters, stop hitting Axel and Run as far as you can so 
    Axel can't hit you to trigger the 3rd battle encounter. Remember 
    Iron Wall and Lock-On Spells.
    Choose Earth Route or Edo Route so you have more time to deal with 
    Lamia Kills.
    	Not hard at all, the waiting is miserable.
    --04. Graviton Launcher-----------------------------------------------
    	Land Viletta and move her to the terrain with +25% defense and
    evasion just next to her on the left because you can't have terrain 
    bonus if you're in the air. Have her cast concentrate and wait there 
    to let the enemies to attack her. Move Ryusei and Irm to North and let
    them watch Viletta wreck havoc the whole enemy units.
    	Very easy, no comment.
    --05.Boosted Hammer---------------------------------------------------
    	Let Arad to use the Boosted Hammer to kill all the initial 
    gunsocketa and Rada should just watch Arad Kill them
    	Very easy, just abuse the "Temporary Boosted Hammer" to make 
    it "Parmanent Boosted Hammer"
    --06.Great Items in Scenario 15----------------------------------------
    	Patience, luck and reset your game when RNG screws is the key. 
    Go to Nabeam the artificial Planet, it offers +30 Defense, +30 Evasion, 
    +30% HP and +30% EN regeneration. Make sure you place your offensive 
    unit at the right edge of the Nabeam so the enemies will attack outside 
    Nabeam and you get the terrain bonus as well.(in my case I only use 
    Hiryu Kai and Villeta, the other 2 were burden to me)
    Agiha and Megiboz has good accuracy and evasion but Shikalog has bad 
    evasion but good accuracy.
    It's advisable to get the Graviton Launcher, even if you have 30% 
    chances of hitting, do not use concentrate, because Agiha has Potential 
    Power LV5 and Megiboz has Potential Power LV6, you would reset for days 
    if you hope to twist 6% to hit an enemy and 80% to evade an attack when 
    Megiboz HP is around 10K.
    	It took me 60 turns and a few hours of reset to kill them, for 
    these 5 items I think it's worth it.
    --07.Huckebine Mk-III R------------------------------------------------
    	Retsuel first appear in scenario 17, Let enemy attack him and 
    retaliate every attack you receive, except attacks from that guy with 
    ????? HP, Ibis has Support Attack ability and Friendship spells that 
    heals 100% of an ally HP which you can figure out yourself what it's 
    	In scenario 18, take your time destroying Srai with Ibis alone,
    if you happen to have the Iron Soul, Hero crest and High Performance 
    AI, give it all to Ibis or just sacrifice Ibis which will NOT resulting 
    GAME OVER. Retsuel and Kusuha will appear after Ibis is destroyed and 
    18 enemies will appear.
    	There's no rush if you're not for the skill point in this 
    scenario but anyway, Retsuel cast Concentrate and Accelerate and handle 
    the enemies in the SOUTH and Kusuha should cast Lock on and move to the
    	To get the Skill Point in scenario 30 which is required to get 
    the desired Huckebine MK-III.R, Retsuel must cast accelerate and rush 
    to the enemies. There will be Barellions to block you from marked area 
    you should reach, Attack a Barellion, either the North or South one 
    because the others can support each other. (OK I know Retsuel has 
    Direct Attack Spells, but we have to save our SP for to kill one of 
    the Barellion within 4 turns SMARTY-PANTS). After doing that, cast 
    Hot-Blood and do not attack any enemy and pass that phase. During 
    enemies' Phase, do not counter any unit until the marked-wounded 
    Barrelion come and attack you then you blast him with your strongest 
    	Make Sure Ryoto, Rio, Kusuha, Bullet, Leona and Task reached 
    Level 31 before the end of Scenario 33.
    	Annoying requirements, Retsuel will come with 20 kills 
    you have to get at least 15 kills in scenario 17 and 18.
    --08.Gespents Mk II.S-------------------------------------------------
    	Use him constantly, cast "receive 2x EXP" spells on him when 
    needed, if you don't want to upgrade his default Gespenst, then you
    should let him pilot the Grungust Nishiki.
    	Kai has to be your Top 5 Pilot to get Level 33 before the end 
    of scenario 33.
    --09.Wild Wuerger L---------------------------------------------------
    	You should equip some better weapon and items for R-Blade 
    before Scenario 19. (R-blade can Equip 4 ITEMS, most recommended 
    is that items that increase evasion, movements, attack range and make 
    R-blade fly), equip the Hi Performance AI if you have one and must
    equip the Boosted Hammer.
    	Move Arad in Seolla's attack range so she will not move to
    point blank which automatically disqualify you from getting the 
    Wild Wuerger L.
    	Arad Must kill at least 4 Gespensts, oh well kill 5 if you want 
    to. Things will be very easy if you have the Boosted Hammer or 
    G-Impact Stake, forget about Shishio Blade, that thing has terrible 
    attack range and does not receive the attack range bonus from item 
    like Hyper Jammer or High Performance AI. If you don't have any of 
    those weapon then Lamia should weaken the Gespents then Arad move in 
    for the kill.
    	Arad must have 55 kills, so you might want to go to Abiano Route
    to spend more time dealing with Arad Kills. 
    	If Mai Appears in Wild Wuerger L. in scenario 27, congratulate 
    yourself and now Mai must destroy at least 5 enemy units before player 
    reinforcement arrive to keep the Wild Wuerger L.
    	It's important to make preparation to make things easier.
    --10.G-Impact Stake & Neo Chakram Shooter-----------------------------
    	Don't let Zengar kill any unit after he switch to Daizengar, 
    if you're not clear yet. You can kill any unit with his initial mecha, 
    the Grungust Sanshiki but do not kill any enemy after he got the new 
    mecha in scenario 30.
    	To get the early and hard-to-get G-Impact Stake, Check 
    06.Great Items in Scenario 15.
    	I wanted to put 0 but I honored some people who can't resist 
    Daizengar's battle animation in scenario 30.
    	Finish the game first and then play replay mode.	
    	For 1a.) And 1b.) Requirements, always kill Echidna first or 
    make her retreat first so you have the chance to move Lamia there then 
    handle Ouka.
    	Lamia must have 1 battle encounters with Axel. Move Lamia 
    within Axel's attack range, more than 5 spaces away from Axel is 
    recommended then wait and pass the player phase, Axel will attack 
    Lamia in Enemy Phase and that makes 1 battle encounter, flee as far as 
    you can and wait for reinforcements. If you happen to have 2 battle 
    encounters, you will not get Vysaga but you'll get the Ash Saver.
    If you have 3 battle encounter you will receive neither Ash Saver 
    nor Vysaga.
    Choose Earth Route or Edo Route so you have more time to deal with 
    Lamia Kills.
    	it's not really that hard, but completing the game is hard.
    ==005.Extra Info=======================================================
    a)In a mission, Open up the option menu and choose the 2nd last 
      which will open up another 4 sub-option, choose the 3rd 
      sub-option and you can set different BGM for your characters. 
    b)Replay mode will not carry over upgrades, however you will carry
    over 50% of total PP regardless what you spent on and 150% of your money.
    c)Finish the game and open up the option menu and go to the 2nd last
      option like a), then press down, up, left, right, L, R. and you are 
      now in the BGM test section.
    d)Characters with Nendou L?~9 (Ryuoto,Ryusei,Task..etc) will have better 
     evasion than characters without Nendou (Ratsuel,Arad,Excellen..etc) 
     even with the same evasion stats.
    e)Only default pilot can use Double Team Attack.
    f)To play replay mode, save after credit rolls then load that savefile.
    -CJayC for created gamefaqs.com for the gamers around the world.
    -Banpresto for created this game.
    -People on the boards for confirming my concerning doubts and reveals 
    some of the requirements for secrets.
    -My sister for translating the Japanese characters.
    ==007.Copyright Stuff==================================================
    Unpublished Work Copyright 2005 A.J.
    This guide may not be edited or sold.
    This guide may not be hosted outside of GameFAQs without permission 
    of the author.
    This guide may be used outside of GameFAQs only with permission of 
    the author.

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