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    Extra Stage FAQ by Bluecomet

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    Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 Extra Stage Final Boss FAQ
    By: Blue Comet
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Preparation
    3. Early Battle (Will Boost)
    4. Early-Mid Battle (MAP Attack Drain)
    5. Mid Battle (Energy Drain)
    6. Late Battle (The Final Blow)
    7. Other Useful Tips
    8. Guide Epilouge and Credits
    9. Legal Stuff
    1. Introduction
    This is my first attempt at a guide here at GameFAQs and since there are 
    already more than enough guides for this game here, I figured I would write one
    about the hardest stage this game has to offer, The final boss of the extra
    stage for attaining at least 39 of the 41 battle masteries throughout the game,
    Stern Regisseur.
    This is a strategy I came up with during my first play through of this game. 
    I had completely screwed up in leveling up Ryusei enough during the most 
    crucial stages so I had no choice but to leave out SRX for this final battle. 
    But I knew that if the team I had chosen could get me this far, then there was
    no way I was going to give in. Though it did take me a few tries, I eventually
    came up with a strategy to beat down Stern Regisseur without the help of SRX 
    using the experiences I had with many other OG bosses in the past. 
    (Which I will be referring to throughout this guide).
    NOTE: This was on a Normal play through so if your playing on an EX Hard game, 
    this strategy may not work and SRX may have been your only option. 
    However I have yet to try this on EX Hard so you could try it if you want. 
    Just make sure your pilots are top notch though!
    ANOTHER NOTE: I have only played the North American Version of this game so 
    throughout this guide I will use the terms, character names and mecha names of 
    that version only.
    2. Preperation:
    First my Roster for the final battle:
    Giganscudo Duro - Kai
    Ryukooh/Koryuoh - Kusuha/Bullet
    Dygenguard - Sanger
    Grungust Type 2 - Russel
    Alteisen Riese - Kyosuke
    Angelg - Lamia
    Ausenseiter - Ratsel
    Randgrith - Yuuki
    Valsione - Lune
    Cybuster - Masaki
    Huckebein Boxer×L - Ryoto
    Rein Weiss Ritter - Excellen
    R-Gun Powered - Aya (Supply)
    Gespenst - Gilliam
    Astelion - Ibis
    Huckebein MkIII×Trombe - Rai
    Huckebein MkII×M - Radha (Supply)
    Huckebein - Leona
    R-Blade - Ring
    Lickeit - Alfimi (mandatory)
    As you may have noticed I have switched a few of my pilots around in different
    mechs, (including Aya and Rai from SRX). This is simply for the purpose of 
    getting the most of my pilot’s abilities by using mechs that complement their 
    skills well. For example I used Kai in the Gigan since he had very high defense
    and melee skill as well as some good spirits to go with it where as I found Rai 
    to be better suited to his brother’s former Huckebein since it was a far 
    superior machine compared to his R-2 Powered (plus he was still one of my 
    better pilots so I couldn’t really exclude him). I would have used Aya in the 
    AM gunner for a supply unit but my R-Gun was faster so I went with that.
    You don’t need to follow my roster exactly if at all. Just make sure you are 
    using what has worked best for you so far. It’s just little stuff like that 
    that could make or break your chances at defeating Stern Regisseur. Choose your 
    pilots and mechs wisely and make sure you have spent every last dollar and 
    pilot point making your team ready for this. Also make sure you have 2 units 
    with the Alert spirit for repair and supply as you WILL need them. Now that the
    easy part’s over, it’s time to make Regisseur pay!
    3. Early Battle (Will Booster)
    Now that your forces have been deployed, its time to get your units Will up as 
    quick as possible. The best way to do to this is to use the spirit Rouse which 
    raises the Will of any unit adjacent to the one using this spirit so have your 
    best units surround Lickeit and Hiryu Custom since you are given these units 
    anyway and Alfimi and Lefina both have this skill. Since they are only two 
    spaces away from each other, try to have your best two units (most likely two 
    that use a combination attack) adjacent to both Lickeit and Hiryu Custom so 
    that they get benefits from both uses of Rouse. Doing this for two turns should 
    be enough. Also if you have any other units that have Rouse, they can help some 
    of your other units for a Will boost as well (Ring was good here). 
    Now begin moving your units to Stern Regisseur. Make sure you have 4 fast mechs 
    leading the pack (preferably with Focus but Alert works alright too). I will 
    explain why later. If your still short on Will for some of your attacks, take 
    out some of the weaker grunts on along the way. Make sure you finish them with 
    the units you want the Will boosts for as this will net you more Will for them. 
    Do NOT try taking on the Einst Regisseurs as they have too many hit points and 
    are far too heavily armored to try and take out for such a small morale boost. 
    Also I recommend you don’t kill more than 8 grunts as this will result in the 
    Einsts calling in more reinforcements which will usually include one or two 
    more Einst Regisseurs to the field and there are already enough of those out 
    there already. Remember 8 is your cut off point.
    One last thing, as I mentioned in the preparation your supply units should have
    the spirit Alert. Use this right away as this will draw the enemy’s attention 
    away from them for a while since it still works until they are attacked.
    4. Early-Mid Battle (MAP Attack Drain)
    This part of the strategy is similar to something I remember from fighting 
    Wendolo. Since both he and Stern Regisseur have deadly MAP attacks, this little 
    piece of nostalgia came in handy.
    As I said before, make sure you have 4 fast units closing in on Stern 
    Regisseur. Having Focus and/or Alert with these units will help you to dodge 
    the many attacks the grunt units will throw at them so be ready with those. I 
    find Focus usually works better since it lasts for the whole turn where as 
    Alert only works until the unit is attacked.
    Now surround him by getting one of those four units on each side of Stern 
    Regisseur as this will do two things to help you:
    A. He can’t move so he can’t get closer to Earth which would be an automatic 
    loss if he did.
    B. If he has enough Will, it will force him to start using his map attack.
    Now make sure the rest of your force is close to Stern Regisseur, just not 
    within range of his map attack which has a 1-5 range on it. So besides the four 
    surrounding units, just keep the rest of your units back at least 5 spaces away 
    from him and you should be fine.
    Once he has been surrounded, MAKE SURE you save your progress. Now just keep 
    evading attacks from the grunts and once he uses his MAP Attack, make sure that 
    all four of your units survive. In other words don’t keep playing if you lost 
    one, just load your progress from before and try again. 
    Once it’s your turn again, and you still have your four surrounding units, heal
    any of those four units that need it with pilots that have Trust and save your 
    progress again. You will have to keep doing this until he runs out of ammo for 
    his MAP attack which is 5 times so be prepared to keep loading your progress if 
    he manages to get some lucky hits on your units. 
    This is a bit tedious but trust me, it’s much better doing it this way than 
    having a majority of your units take a hit from that MAP attack at any given 
    5. Mid Battle (Energy Drain)
    Alright so now that his last MAP attack has been exhausted, save your progress 
    yet again. Now this next part of the battle is something taken directly from my 
    battle with R-Gun Rivale back in OG1 and is a very crucial part of this guide 
    that separates the bitter taste of defeat from the sweet, sweet taste of 
    ultimate victory. 
    Now that you are safe from the threat of any MAP attacks in the future, its 
    time to move the bulk of your forces up close and personal to the big bad boss.
    Now normally you would probably think it would be a good time to absolutely 
    crush him with everything you’ve got right? 
    Well I hate to say it, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is NOT
    the time to hit him hard because of the very same trait that he shares with my 
    old friend R-Gun Rivale and that is the Warp Field. This nasty little shield he 
    has absorbs a considerable amount of damage from even your most powerful 
    attacks. I tried hitting him hard with his Warp Field still working once and 
    even though I did come somewhat close to killing him, I was still a good 30 or 
    40 thousand hit points short.
    Now if this were R-Gun Rivale you were fighting, I would tell you to just use 
    Energy Drain weapons on him since in both games, this shield requires energy to 
    work. But there is a considerable difference between R-Gun Rivale and Stern 
    Regisseur and that is the latter has a Special Weapons Block which prevents the 
    use of such weapons on him. So that means you will have to drain him of energy 
    the old fashioned way, one attack at a time.
    Now each attack you use on him will take away 10 of his Energy whether it’s a 
    powerful hit or a measly vulcan attack. So instead of wasting your best attacks 
    on him now, just use your weakest attacks on him. But trust me with an Energy 
    count of 650 and each attack taking only 10 EN each, that’s no easy feat. And 
    also he regains 185 Energy each turn! 
    Sounds impossible right? Well even though your attacks only take 10 away, his 
    most powerful Erbsunde attack he uses to try and counter you takes away another 
    10. Plus having units with support attacks will tick off another 10 so keep 
    your units close together to make good on those attacks. Do this enough and his 
    Energy Regeneration won’t be able to keep up. Without Energy, his Warp Field 
    will be rendered useless and then you will be able to REALLY hurt him. Also he 
    now has no Energy for his Erbsunde attack and even though he still could attack 
    you, he won’t which means when your hitting him with your best attacks, your 
    completely free from a counter-attack. Talk about a good deal!
    One thing about his Erbsunde attack though is that it has a minimum range of 2 
    so your four surrounding units will be counter-attacked with one of his other 
    attacks which don’t use any energy. Instead of keeping him directly surrounded 
    with those four, just move them one space away while keeping the rest of your 
    units around him and he will then start wasting energy using Erbsunde on them. 
    He’ll be able to move around but as long as he doesn’t break your "mecha net" 
    anywhere, he still won’t be able to get any closer to Earth.
    FINAL NOTE ABOUT THIS SECTION: Try not to let any of your guys and gals die as 
    this could severely hurt your chances in the future. Save after every 
    successful (no dying) "energy draining turn".
    Now we move on to the final part of this guide...
    6. Late Battle (The Final Blow)
    Before we start this part of the guide I must tell you, if on the turn you 
    drain Regisseur completely of his energy and you still have units that haven’t 
    moved yet, just save your progress and end your turn. It is much better to have 
    your full team ready while Stern Regisseur is at his weakest before you launch 
    your massive attack.
    All right now that that’s out of the way, its time to get down to business. 
    Stern will have 185 EN now thanks to his regeneration so start off with your 
    weaker units and support attackers peppering him with some light fire to bring 
    his EN back down to nothing. Make sure you keep your strongest units available 
    as well as units that can use the spirit Enable until after his EN has been 
    Once your guys have cleaned out his remaining EN, it’s time to unleash absolute 
    carnage! Get your power hitters using Valor with their biggest attacks and as 
    long as your units are not directly adjacent to him, don’t worry about getting 
    Start with your absolute best mechs since Stern has Lvl 9 Prevail skill which 
    gives him better armor and dodge rates as you pound on him more and more. Have 
    your support attackers use their best possible moves as well, every little bit 
    of damage counts now. Once you’ve used your best guys, use the pilots with the 
    Enable skill to let them hit Regisseur again and again. 
    Once you’ve done that use all of your guys best attacks with the Valor spirit 
    and just keep hammering away at him. Don’t forget to save after every 
    hard-hitting turn neither. 
    On a fresh turn, use your weaker guys or some of your mechs who have completely 
    exhausted their best attacks on a previous turn for the EN draining process. 
    Get your supply units in there with fresh Energy or Ammo Cartridges for your 
    exhausted mechs as needed. Make sure that if they get attacked, you use Alert 
    again to keep the enemies attention away from them (though they’ll most likely 
    be gunning for them pretty hard now). You DON’T want your supply units getting 
    shot down because you will need them to keep your best guys power attacks 
    Don’t forget to heal any guys that really need it too (preferably with 
    Trust/Faith as opposed to using your supply units). Those grunts will still be 
    firing at you so don’t let up on the evade and defend commands when it’s the 
    enemy’s turn. 
    In the later turns of this slugfest, you’ll probably want to start using the 
    Strike/Attune spirits for some of your more inaccurate pilots since Regisseur’s 
    Prevail skill makes him more evasive later on. 
    Aside from your supply units, if a few of your weaker guys get shot down at 
    this point, you can decide whether or not you should keep playing but I’ll 
    leave that to your discretion. Depending on how much you’ve hurt him already, 
    it may or may not make the difference.
    Just keep this up and eventually the big bad Einst will have his funky purple 
    brains splattered all over space and you’ll have earned that triumphant taste 
    of victory you worked so hard to achieve. 
    Congratulations! Now just sit back and enjoy the ending cut scene.
    7. Other useful tips
    -If you have a lot of big defensive units with good armor in your squad, you 
    could probably use a few of them instead of having all fast guys for the MAP 
    Attack process. Using Guard here would work really well for them.
    -Good Defensive Support pilots should be in units like Gigan and Grungust if 
    you plan on using them. They can really help in protecting your ships, your 
    power units or for simply drawing enemy fire away from some of your more frail 
    units since they are usually much more tempting targets.
    -Have units with the Co-operative Attack skill be your main support units as 
    they can do just as much damage with a support attack as they could with a main 
    attack. Surround them with your own units to maximize this potential damage. 
    Ibis is the only one I know of who has this skill by default but anyone else 
    you have works well too.
    -During Preparation once you have all the main skills your pilots need, spend 
    the rest in sharpening their best abilities. Spend a few extra points giving 
    Ratsel a Range attack boost or for anyone you have piloting Gigan with a few 
    Melee or Defense points. I had my Sanger with almost 260 melee points! Leave no 
    pilot point unturned!
    -If you are using SRX but are still reading this guide for help, then I suggest 
    that during either the Energy Drain or the Final Blow phase, you separate SRX 
    and use R-2 Powered and R-3 Powered as well. This will give you two extra 
    attackers and you can still use SRX since R-1 can reform them and still fight 
    in the same turn.
    8. Guide Epilouge and Credits
    Well that’s the end of my little strategy to beating one the toughest SRW 
    bosses that I’ve had to face. I hope you had as much fun killing him as I did 
    because I enjoyed it a lot!
    Thanks to this guide also go to a few people that helped along the way:
    -gundamtotoro for basically the whole Will Boost part as well as a few other 
    stages I had trouble with when I played. They worked wonders for me!
    -sinclairius for a few of the secret weapons I found that helped me out big 
    -Atlus for bringing this great game to us westerners.
    -Banpresto for making what I believe to be the greatest strategy game series of 
    all time!
    7. Legal Stuff
    Unpublished work Copyright 2007 Blue Comet
    "Super Robot Wars," and all related characters and names are property of 
    This guide may not be edited or sold. 
    This guide may not be hosted outside of GameFAQs without permission of the 
    This guide may be used outside of GameFAQs only with permission of the author. 

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