Review by knuclear200x

"I'm balled over"

This is so far the best DB game I've ever played, actually the only one I've ever played. Except the Legacy series which I lost interest in at the beginning.
Story: 10/10=5/5
The game adapts the storyline from the series, from Goku's birth to his confrontation with the Red Ribbon Army and so forth. And since this a direct adaptation there will be some spoilers.

Audio/Visual: 10/10=5/5
The music is nice and memorable, and the graphics are top-notch and are clear and smooth, and character/sprite design is completely accurate to its original form if I do say so myself.

Game play: 10/10=5/5
This a 2D sidescroll-beat 'em up and a little bit of fighter thrown in. You run, jump and beat up anything that moves or is a box or not food. Like many side-scrollers, make sure you don't fall into those bottomless pits or run into too many spike traps and try to break through those frequent ambushes. You have a wide range of attacks and collectible items that will enhance you and your moves. You have your B button, press it a lot for lots of punching and kicking, and a ki meter, which when R is held long enough, unleashes the DB trademark Kamehameha wave. And the All-out attack, press L in an ambush. The game includes a fighting mode, which plays a little more differently in strategy, play and button commands, though not as flashy or complicated as the other games, it being a mini-game and all. The level baddies are hardly a threat as you can simply run through the level, yet can be annoying when you hold still or fight in one place or in an ambush, the bosses are really tough too, as they have the ability to block but nothing a fully charged blue beam of power can't sometimes fix.The game is pretty long, and will keep you occupied for hours. With loads of unlockables like an extra story mode or additional characters for the fighting game.

Overall: 10/10=5/5 BUY!!
This is another triumph in a history of mediocre "based-on" line of games, and the best DBZ platforming game on the GBA, it's worthy purchase for fans or not.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/28/06

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