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Reviewed: 08/22/06

Dragon Ball done right

Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure is a side scrolling game for the GBA about the original Dragon Ball story, not the Dragon Ball Z story line which most games released these days are about. The surplus of DBZ games has caused a lot of gamers to avoid the DB/DBZ/DBGT universe however this game is original, fresh, and down right fun, even if you are not a DBZ fan boy.

Graphics 7/10

The graphics are decent, they are fluid, detailed, and there are a lot of them. A lot of areas and enemies do get recycled. Every sprite does show each character and are all based upon characters from the DB universe. The cut scenes are show with drawings of the characters that seem like they were taken directly from the DB anime, they are good so I'm no complaining. Nothing looks bad in DB:AA, its just nothing is amazing either, it is above average however.

7/10 Good but nothing worth yelling about.

Audio/Music 8/10

The music in this game is taken mostly from the anime, which as I said before, the anime was well done so I'm not complaining. The original sound tracks are also high in quality, and while you are not going to go out and buy the sound track for the game, they all work well. The audio in the gave is very diverse and will have fans of the show jumping for joy. Most of the combat and ki attacks have the same sounds as they do in the show, and all the characters that have sound bytes are taken directly from the show and all sound great.

8/10 the music is average and the audio is perfect.

Gameplay 10/10
The game is divided into two parts, side scrolling levels and 1 on 1 battles. The side scrolling sections of the game follow your typical formula. You start on the left side of the stage, and you need to get to the right side of the stage, occasionally stopping to fight a set bunch of enemies. The formula is tired and true but DB:AA gives you character a lot of options in how to defeat your foes, sometimes you may just want to mash the attack button, other times you may want to blast them with an energy attack, other times you may want to bounce off the walls and be difficult to hit. You do have to earn most of these abilities throughout the game but overall you will have a lot of fun after the first two stages which are slow and boring.

The one on one fighting sections of the game can be easily won though button mashing. However like most fighting games while all you need to do is button mash to beat the game on the normal difficulty, boost up to the higher levels and you will need to learn each characters combos, strengths, weaknesses, and so on. Each of the six of the eight playable characters must be unlocked but are each different and fun to fight with. I personally spent a lot more time with the one on one fighting sections then I did with the side scrolling aspects of the game. The game does also include a few mini games that are simple yet fun. One involves catching a cat, one involves breaking rocks, one involves surviving a time limit, and the last one requires you to beat all the games bosses in the fastest time.

10/10 all the aspects of the game add up to one amazing experience.

Story 5/10

The story is that of the DB story…mostly. The game does take a lot of short cuts and rewrites certain parts of the plot, overall the story is the same, but it is just the little things that change. Yamcha who was a main character makes an appearance as a boss in the third stage and never appears again; also Commander White was taken out by an android in the original, not by Goku. Also the Ma Jr. Plot line is not talked about at all, which is odd because that is how the DB story ended. Also the humor and innuendo that made DB classic is also cut from this game, which while I can see why it was cut it is sad for someone who was expecting to get the entire DB plot on the go.

5/10 Overall the plot and story is a shortened version of a much greater experience and was sadly cut for no reason.

Replay 10/10

The game gives you a lot to replay, once you beat the game with Goku a new story mode opens with Krillin, and while the story mode is exactly the same, playing with Krillin is a much different experience then playing with Goku. Also you will unlock extra mode which gives you access to every character in the game! This adds up to 30 playable characters, some of which have never been playable before. Finally the one on one fighting mode will keep you coming back for a long time, both with the survival mode and with the free matches.

10/10 there is a lot to do after the game is beaten.

Final Score
Graphics 7/10
Audio/Music 8/10
Gameplay 10/10
Story 5/10
Replay 10/10
Final Score 8/10

+Gameplay is amazing
+Tons and tons of replay
+It’s based upon DB and not DBZ

-Music is repetitive
-Story is hacked to pieces

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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