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"One of the best 2-D scrollers for the GBA"

Games on the GBA lately have a habit of being hit or miss. The Dragonball series has been on the latter end of that unfortunately. But, what you have in Dragonball Advance Adventure (DAA) is a game that was worthy of being mentioned as a GBA Game of the Year candidate in 2006.

Graphics 9/10
This game is gorgeous. The designers did an excellent job in creating a cartoon look. The models and backgrounds are big and beautiful and the game runs smoothly. Goku and Krillin look great and move smoothly, in fact all the characters look good, however some of the other characters are very limited in motion. You'll notice this when you get to use them. Tien and other character, for example will always be in a crouch position unless they are flying (if they can), jumping or running. It's the only reason I could not give this category a 10.

Game Play and Controls 8/10
DAA main mode of play, Adventure mode, is a 2-D scrolling adventure that offers different paths, depending on the stage, but you'll end up in the same spot in the end. The only reason to go back is to collect all the items in the game. Once you beat the game, you can go back and play as Krillin. There is no obvious difference between using Goku or Krillin, however they are different enough to go back through a second time. Goku primarily has more range, while Krillin has a double jump and a kick that will launch most characters (except bosses of course).

Due to the GBA limitations, you're not going to get a large move set, however what you have is perfect for the game. It's pretty much your basic attack and jump buttons, with the L and R buttons used to charge and launch your ki for a charged shot or a special attack, but that's all you need. The controls are very responsive and should be mastered in about 5 minutes (they shouldn't take that long).

Game Modes 8/10
The game features a versus mode that comes down to who's the fastest button masher. I wish I could say something good about it, but there is no thought into fighting except who can mash buttons faster. The only difference between the characters is height. The taller you are, the bigger the advantage. You can unlock some of the bosses and play them in versus mode, but there's no difference on who you choose to use. Versus mode, when it comes down to it, is a mindless, non-strategic mode that gets boring after a while. Get use to it though, because you'll be required to use this strategy in Adventure mode (as well as beat the game.

The game also features a Minigame and Extra mode. Extra game opens up the red doors in Adventure mode and you can hunt for Dragonballs. It would be a worthless mode except that it also allows you to play as the many secret characters the game has. You're no longer just tied to Goku or Krillin, but now you can play as anyone! Going through this mode makes you realize how expansive this game is as now you'll have access to areas previous unobtainable using Goku or Krillin. Things can get really interesting depending on who you choose to be as now whomever you choose you gain there abilities.

Sound 8/10
There's not much dialogue in the game outside of the typical "KA-MAY-HA-MAY-HA!" and other grunts, but the music is good. Good if you like your typical Dragonball theme music. Seriously, it's nice and it fits the game. Because it's a GBA game, hearing the games dialogue is not such a big deal unless you have the earphones.

Rent or Buy
I must say that this game starts off slow and repetitive, but it gets much better toward the end. You'll also want to bump the level of difficulty up because it can get really easy. Nevertheless, this game is solid. Not just solid, it's good. This is a must have for those that not only for love Dragonball, but anyone that just enjoys 2-D scrollers.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/10/07

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