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"Amazing Dragonball Sidescroller"

Years after the series ended another Dragonball game comes out, but this isn't the usual Dragonball Z game. It's Dragonball. That's right, finally, a Dragonball game comes out. This has nothing to do with Androids or Saiyans.

Story: Dragon Ball Advance Adventure is based off of the anime/manga made by Akira Toriyama. It is about a young boy named Goku who meets a girl named Bulma, who is searching for seven mystical orbs called Dragonballs. Once they are all collected they grant a single wish. Throughout the story Goku gets trained in the ways of Martial Arts, fights in World Martial Arts Tournaments, and battles against evil groups and aliens. For those of you that know the series, the game takes place from the beginning of Dragonball to the death of King Piccolo, leaving very little of the series left. Although the game doesn't always stay true to the anime/manga it does stay pretty close.

Gameplay: You play as Son Goku, when he was a kid, (and later, can play as Krillin as a kid) in a sidescroller. There are three different ways of playing it though. The first way is like most. Run in one direction, taking out as many enemies along the way, and getting to the end of the level. Most levels like these end off in a boss battle. The boss will either use a weapon, gun, or their fists. Basically you will jump over their attacks and then try to beat them down with physical attacks and later ki blasts. The second way of playing is a little similar. You fly on the Nimbus which is a yellow cloud that only the pure of heart can ride (Goku). The screen will keep moving unless you have to take out enemies like in a beat 'em up game. Their are only about two levels that play in this style, so if you like these levels, you'll have to replay them quite a lot. The final way is called one-on-one. You'll mostly use this way of fighting in world martial arts tournaments, and when you fight experienced martial artists. You will mostly use melee attacks until you get past your opponents guard. Then you will hit them into the air, followed up by more melee attacks. You can also use ki blasts and can teleport behind your opponent.

Sound: The sound is nice , and it sounds like something that would be put in the Dragonball anime if it were still running. The characters sound like their Japanese voice actors though, even though it's the English version of the game.

Graphics: The graphics are good for the Gameboy Advance, especially for a sidescroller, but I have seen better on other games.

Replay Value: Once you have beaten the main story line with Goku (which will take about 2:30- 3:00 hrs, you can replay the story mode with Krillin, except you won't have to read through the cutscenes. There are also three types of mini games. One is available from the beginning of the game and the other two you do in story mode and can play them for high scores once you finish story mode. There are also different unlockables, like Boss mode, Tournament mode, and more. The replay time is about 5-6 hrs, or more if you are a big fan of the Dragonball series.

Overall this game is great that Dragonball fans will love. People who don't like the series will probably like this game too.

Story: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
Graphics: 7/10
Replay Value: 9/10
Overall: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/05/07

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