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"Is this a dream?"

Like my brother told me, it is interesting that they are still making Dragon Ball games so many years after the end of the series. However, this turns out to be a game quite different from the ones we usually see, and that makes him an interesting game for all the fans worldwide...

As soon as you start playing this game you will be confronted with a young Son Goku, as he look in the beginning of the series. That's the Goku that you will controlling in the entire game, and you WON'T PLAY with the adult Goku that appeared in the end of this first series. Then, you will scroll across the levels and you will need to defeat hundreds of enemies, using your bare fists or using Goku's powerful magical stick. Seems good, right? But after a while those levels may become boring, as the game is only "going right, attacking, going right, attacking" and so on... However, this game can be split up in 3 different sections... The first is the one I already told you about, but there are also levels in which you will control Goku in his magical cloud and others which include you controlling Goku and you have to fight against stronger enemies. When you are playing on top of your magical clouds, sometimes you will need to defeat the enemies in a section before advancing to the next one, and as usual you will be able to use your stick and your powers (like the Kamehameha attack...) to do that task. As for the battles, you will just face a single opponent at a time, but he will be a lot more powerful than the ones that you usually face. Unfortunately, these levels are weird... I mean, you will need to attack an enemy until their defense bar reaches 0, and then you will be able to damage him. That wa you can send a kick that sends the opponent high into the sky, and then hit him and throw him into the ground for an extra damage, which... doesn't seem to occur! :-\ You can also perform special moves (like Goku's Kamehameha), which are REALLY more powerful and heavily damage the enemy. Finally, this game has a lot of extra modes, which enable you to replay some mini-games (for extra points, which may let you unlock more stuff, but I am not sure of that), fight against most of the characters from the game in a martial arts tournament (like in the series!), replay the game with other characters and many more things!

Did you ever watched the anime/manga? As you may imagine, this game is based in it, so (and as I already said...) you will be controlling a kid Goku, which joins a girl named Bulma in the quest for the 7 dragon balls, which are said to be able to grant a single wish to their owner. Will he be able to find them? That's what you will discover by yourself in this game!

Despite that the graphics are not perfect, they are among some of the best that I've seen in this console, except for a really bad bug... I mean, if you push an enemy into the wall, they will "go into it" (enter the wall without damaging it, as if they were a ghost), which looks really bad! As for the sound, I must that it really seems to be like the one hear in the anime, making you really feel like playing the story from the anime.

Play Time/Replayability
You may easily finish this game, if you are a good player and you know japanese (when writing this review, there isn't any date for an english release of this game) you may finish the game in less than 3 hours! And as for replay value, this game has lots of things to be unlocked. However, they become boring after a while, except for the tournament mode, which (at least to me!) seems to be always funny, as you can control some characters you usually don't get to play with in Dragon Ball games (like Taopaipai, King Piccolo or Goku's grandfather).

Final Recommendation
A quite nice game, mainly for those who liked the series who started the great saga named as Dragon Ball Z. However, in order to fully enjoy this game (and if a english version is never released...) you will need to know japanese...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/22/04

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