Review by SuperShadowman

Reviewed: 09/15/05

This game will last for a lifetime!

After making only Dragon Ball Z games for almost 8 years, a Dragon Ball game has been made! And what a game! Side scrolling adventures have never been this fun!

Game play

You start out as Son-Goku, a small child with great strength and a powerful staff. You fight a lot of enemies on each stage, punching them away and kicking them 20 feet into the air, only to finish the whole thing off with an combo. You can also run past your enemies, unless you are in an ! area. There you must defeat all of the enemies before you can pass. After fighting and advancing forward for a while you will encounter a boss. The bosses act almost the same as they do in the series. They didn`t leave out a single attack! Ninja purple even disguises himself as an rock, Yamucha has his Wolf Fang Fist and Oolong transforms himself into a rocket. You can fight these enemies in many ways, not just be kicking them and punching them. You can deflect shots, kick back larger projectiles or use your ki attack, like the Kamehameha. There are limitless combos that can be made, kick the enemy into the air and follow with an Dodonpa, trip them and punch them away or throw them away. Only your imagination puts a stop to it.

Game modes

There are a lot of modes in this game. The first is the Story mode, where you travel as Son-Goku to defeat the various enemies. This goes up to the end of the Piccolo Daimaou saga. After completing it, you will receive a new character, Kuririn. Kuririn can do a lot of neat things, like jumping high and jumping twice. He has the Kamehameha and the Taiyoken as well. After that you play an unlock mode, where you find items and upgrades and unlock more characters. Then you unlock the boss mode, mini game mode, sound test, survival mode... there are so many things to unlock! And all of them add a new way of playing.

Different game play

After fighting in an side scrolling environment for a while, you will encounter a powerful enemy. These will not be fought in a sidescrolling platform way, but in a 2-D fighting game way. There you will fight on the ground and in the air. There are 8 unlockable characters in this mode, each one having their own pros and cons. For example, Kuririn is the fastest, but Jackie Chun can use his powerful electric hold. TenShinHan can fly in the air and he can also use the hyper powerful Kikoho, but his combos are a little short.
There is yet another way of playing. By riding the flying cloud, Kintoun. There the world will automaticly scroll and you have to jump around, fight the enemies. A very nice thing here is that when you jump, Kintoun will disappear. However, it will reappear when you are about to land again. You can also move it in any direction, and even hitch a ride on one of the enemies airplanes! There are only 2 playable characters in this mode.

You might be wondering how many characters are playable in the side scrolling mode. There are 29 of them, including ALL OF THE BOSSES. And unlike the Budokai games, there is an big difference between the characters here. The differences are so many that they are practically impossible to list, so you will just have to see for yourself when you play it. You even get to play as Sergeant Metallic and Chao-Zu. How cool is that?

Fun Factor

29 different characters + 10 different modes = A very long lasting game. And if you ever do get tired of this game, just play with someone else. That is right, you can play against another player as well. I have been playing this game for 6 months and I am far from tired of it. There is always something new to do.


This game has the second best soundtrack that I have ever heard (the first being Final Fantasy VIII). I don`t know if all of the songs are there in the EU version, though. All of the great songs from the Anime is there, and a few new ones that surely rank in the same class. In other words, the music is incredible.

My opinion

I usually regret buying a game, no matter how good it is. However, this game was worth it. I would say that you should try it if you do not like Dragon Ball, and buy it as soon as possible if you like Dragon Ball. An incredible game that will last for a lifetime.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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