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"A fair review about G-Revolution"

So far goes the time my mother bought me this game, and I still play it up until today, it is entertaining, but there seems to be a lot of pessimism about this game around.

Beyblade is an anime/manga where people around the world play the popular game of Beyblade, a "sport" (or so the Anime says) where two competitors face with their powerful spin tops called Beyblades, and try to make the opponent's Beyblade stop spinning, throw out of the ring, or completely destroy the opponent's blade, special characters tops also have what is called a Bit Beast, a powerful creature that gives the Beyblade awesome abilities. In Beyblade G-Revolution, the plot, although a bit rushed though, was taken from the third season of the Anime. You play as Tyson, the main character of the show, and take on the world with your Beyblades, or Spin Tops, as you prefer. You can buy lots of new beyblades, or get them through battles with other NPCs around the world of the game, later you attend at the World Beyblade Championship to attain the title of World Champion.

But why the pessimism around the game? Well, opinions differ from person to person, I have seen in other sites people that gave it high scores, others say it was rushed and doesn't meet the anime and the manga standards, others say it was an improvement over the past games, but it's up to you to decide, maybe this review can give you an idea.

The Gameplay:
Once you start up the game you are greeted with a lot of logos of other companies, which take a good while for each one to change, there are 6 in total. Then you can select the language, English, Spanish, Italian or Deutsch. Then you can start a New Game, load up your save, or access the options, which are only Music and SFX control.

You start with your grandpa waking you up for kendo practice, when you get up, your adventure starts!

In idea, the gameplay is the same in all the games, to take your opponent out by ramming them with your blade, throw them out of the ring, or totally destroy their blades (A mean way mind you). In Beyblade G-Revolution, you can also explore the world around you, talk to other NPCs, or battle against them, although some NPCs don't battle at all. You can also make other actions like exploring items of interest around you, pick up scattered items like Beyblade parts, Beyblades, money (BBA Credits), apples (these rise your strength), launchers and ripcords. This can all be done by pressing "A".

By pressing "B" you can run faster, by pressing "R" you can access a menu which allows you to see your inventory, although you only get anything for it a while later in the game, you can access your Beyblade, Launcher, Rip Cord and Bit Chip collections, open up a nice-looking workshop where you can customize your beyblades with with other Beyparts you have found or got off other blades, and finally, you can access a database-like menu where you can see which Beybladers you have challenged, their experience, their beyblade and the bit chip they use, the START button opens up another menu, in this Menu you can simply: Continue your game, save your game (it takes a bit of time to save in G-Revolution), adjust the menu color, speed of the text speech, turn the weather (if it rains) on or off, turn beyblade tips that other people give you after battles on or off, SFX and Music volume, and finally Exit Game, which takes you back to the "New Game/Load Game/Options screen.

I have been reading on other reviews that this game is really hard in the beginning and heck easy after. Well, I don't know if this is because I have played the game a lot or something, but I find the game overall terribly easy. People complain that you are presented to a 100 times stronger opponent than you, if they are talking about Ray, then let's face it, it's an optional battle, and the other guy at his door is much easier if you customize your initial blade with the parts you can get from somewhere.

Still, it's a bit hard to catch up with the Beybattle concept, especially when you launch your blade, be extremely careful, because if you launch your blade too soon or too late, if you have another one, you will lose the one you where using and ALL THE PARTS that where with it, so be careful. Should you try to make boosts by pressing the "A" button twice in the launching sequence, holding it to get a good boost, which will give you an edge in the battle.

After you get all the gaming basics, the game turns a lot easier, and can get a lot fun, untill you get to the World Tournament, that is...

The controls answer quite well, although to activate the Engine Gear is a bit hard, but it's the only downgrade on them. In world game you use the arrows to walk around, "A" to talk and explore, B to run, simple. In battles you use the arrows to move the blade, the "A" button to attack (hold for stronger attacks, but don't do it for long, or you will lose the attack and probably get slammed back), "B" to defend (same as attack), "L" jumps and "R" dodges, "Up"+"Down"+"A" for a powerful combo, "START" freezes the battle, press again to unfreeze. Simple GBA button style.

Fun Factor:
Now this couldn't be missing on game, could it? ;) This game can be really fun when you have the right Beyblade, high strength, and lots of money to buy more Blades, it's always fun to try them all in battle. It's always great to customize them in the workshop and make them total killing machines.

And it can be fun to completely slice through your opponents with your customized Driger, giving them a taste of their own medicine, this all being helped with the sounds of the Blades clashing.

This is all until you realize that all you do is blade, blade and more blade... there are no puzzles in this game, despite the exploring nature it has, and it gets a bit tiring of all those battles. Tired of those battles already? Yeah? Then get prepared to 3-Round battles! That's right! There are "special" zones in the game where the Beybladers there all battle in out-of-three battles, and some of them have so high RPM that it gets tiring, even more so that you are obligated to defeat them all to after being challenged by a well-known character of the series. And you still haven't arrived at the World Championship just yet!

The Story:
The game burrows plot aspects from the third season of the anime, from the same name as the game, although the beginning relates to the Dragon on the sword of Tyson's Grandpa's dojo, from the first season, although nor Tyson is challenged by Kai to get help from Dragoon after, nor does Dragoon actually give you any help, it's just a faceless bit chip on your blade. Speaking about faceless bit chips, random NPCs ACTUALLY use the blades of the Anime characters, a random kid on the road using Dranzer from such awesome character as Kai? And what is Driger doing with that kid over there? WTF? So disloyal to the story... what was Atari thinking?

When you arrive at the Championships, you have... let's see... 12 battles per country, with 6 countries in total, which makes 72 battles in total!! A real torture, even more so, every single battle is incredibly long. This all with the championship missing the exciting plot of the G-Revolution anime, disloyal to the story of the Anime, where you just battle your enemies, without them battling each other. Also, these are totally faceless characters, without their great characteristics of the anime. They just come to you for the battle and that's all for them... Ray? Say something please? I'm your old teammate here!

The only NPC that actually talks on the championship is Jazzman announcing the battles, Hiro when he gives you launchers and rip cords (always the same line), when you are on the plane to another country, and Mr. Dickenson on the end of the Championship.

Also, the game doesn't take on to the BEGA-part of the story of the Anime. All these facts together almost brought the Fun Factor down... (For story is dead already, sorry).

This time, the game has exploration on it, so you can walk around on the various places of the game, such as a swimming pool (but you can't swim), a forest, Tyson's house (too bad it ain't as big as in the Anime...), etc. The sprites of the world are bright and colorful, but they aren't much detailed, but still make it up to the decent, many people complain that the characters sprites look squeezed on a large background, but I actually find them cute. Now the battles are what makes the game's graphics; They are decent, the beyblades' clashing effects, the spins, etc., the only thing that feels rushed is the sprites of the blades when they fully stop.

When you activate the Engine Gear, your blades gets a simplistic style of a flare, like if there is fire under them or something, looks simplistic, but good... When you charge your attacks, some flare-type of graphic appears under your blade, it goes from blue to green and then red, blue being the weakest attack and red the strongest. When your defending, your Beyblade sparks, a bit like when summoning the bit-beast in the anime, the sparks going from blue to green, then a ring of red on the critical defense. When you make a combo, the blade animation looks a lot like when a bit beast is summoned in the anime. When you summon your bit beast, the background (sometimes) gets blue, your beyblade in flames, circling the enemy some times before giving it furious hits, how long it stays attacking the enemy depending on how much you charge it by doing multiple combos on your opponents.

Another downgrade is that the ring background (or battle background) stays always the same, no traps or other stuff like in the anime, too bad...

No much to say here, all I can say is that the world musics are a bit boring and over repetitive, although they kinda fit the mood, but could be better if each place in the game had a fit music, but the music changes every time you change area, if you are on an area, and go to another, and then come back, the music is different, so you could have an happy music in places that don't fit it, weird.

The music in battle behaves a bit better, but still being repetitive. These are rock-like clips that repeat over and over, but that can fit the battle. I liked when the main theme sounded in battles.

If it wasn't for the championship, this game would be completed in three hours minimum, six in maximum. But like the championship is there, it can take you DAYS in finishing the game in boredom, that is if you still want to do it.

Too bad the plot from the Anime isn't here, it could help the game in it's replayability, but when you finish the tournament, that is if you finish it, you can walk around, collect the blades that are missing, and battle the people around until you are bored of the game, decide to make New Game, or when they get so powerful that you simply can't get over them (this never happened to me though), same goes for the Tournament, but since it is so big, I don't think you will want to replay a single country of it, but if you do, Daichi's and Kenny's blades will slowly get trashed and be destroyed, I don't know what happens after this though.

Final Recommendation:
This isn't any Golden Sun game, but it ain't Big Rigs eithe- oh wait, Big Rigs is the best game ever (obvious sarcasm in here), so yeah, it ain't Drake of the 99 Dragons either, but it is a average to solid title, that's for sure.

If the game had been more loyal to the Anime, with people with their own blades instead of using the characters ones, and if the championship was more alive, it would had definitely been a great game, if not a classic, but this was definite loop over the other games from what I have saw, so we should still have hopes on a good Beyblade game... if any comes out...

To Buy, Rent, or BURN?
Rent it first, believe me, you might like it, and if you are a fan of the series, then I really recommend you to give G-Revolution a shot, go for it! If you HATE the series then stay away.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/09/09

Game Release: Beyblade G-Revolution (US, 11/18/04)

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