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    FAQ/Walkthrough by richid

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    Megaman Battle Network 5:Team of Protoman
    1) Controls
    2) Walkthrough
    3) Souls
    4) Nebula Hole
    5) V3 Navi Time Records
    6) FAQs/Questions
     Hi! This is my 1st Guide here in GameFaqs. If I'm wrong at some
    parts please contact me at blast_burn_flame@hotmail.com. Happy
    Version 1.0. Complete souls. Not complete with walkthrough and Nebula
    Version 1.2. Corrected some mistakes, more walkthrough, more info for
    Nebula Hole
    Version 1.3. More updates... Added V3 time records, and say hi to
    the souls of ToC
    1) Controls
    D-Pad: Moves Megaman/Lan
    A:Pick a chip/Talk/Inspect something
    START:Go to menu
    SELECT:Skip cutscenes
    L:Talk to Lan/Megaman
    2a)The Beginning......
    We began the game now... the hero, Lan..is asleep again(sure, he's a
    sleeper...). Megaman woke him up again. Start by taking the PET. A
    mail was sent. I dunno what is that. I could read Japanese but very
    little... go to your mom now. She gives you something. Send it to
    Akihara area 2 (ACDC area??). Well, Jack-in??? Now you'll start the
    VERRRY boring tutorial.
    Tutorial#1:Custom Window will be explained as well as chip codes.
    After that just smack the Mettaurs with 2 Cannons..
    Tutorial#2: Now it is support chips time..Heck, just take AreaGrab
    and WideSword and smack 2 Mettaurs, then the last one... just do it
    your own way..
    Tutorial#3:We'll learn about Emotion now. There is a normal megaman
    face near the custom screen right. that's normal emotion. If the face
    turns gloomy it's in the worried mode. You can't soul unison.And Full
    Synchro. It occurs when you counter an enemy. If you successfully
    counter the enemy, it'll freeze and your attack would be doubled.
    Okay ,just finish the Mettaurs.
    Follow the path to Akihara 2 and search for a zigzag path. There is a
    netdealer who sells
    HP Memory 1000Z
    HP Memory 3200Z
    Vulcan1 C 500Z
    Spreader* 3200Z
    HiCannon E 5000Z
    LongSword C 6000Z
    CustSword E 6800Z
    And find a portal. There, talk to the pink Navi. Then you Jack-out
    automatically. Then you get an E-Mail from your Dad (new pic???).
    Talk to your mom and  invite Dex, Mayl,and Yai. Then head to Scilab.
    Go to your dad's office. A cutscene will occur as our friends and us..
    go to Scilab a car appeared outside. After talking so much, a gas
    bomb appeared. All of the dudes colapsed. They're NEBULA GOONS!!! and
    look... who's familiar. REGAL!!! He will kidnap dad and all of your
    friend's PET. Good thing you are hidden...
    2b)Katakana Problem! We Have to Solve This!!!!
    Well, finally ya woke up with your mom beside you. Such a long
    conversation... Jack-in. Akihara looks weird eh.. Head to Akihara 2
    and fight the Heal Navi. Then head to SciLab. Before that, talk to
    Mayl to get Roll R and her P-Code. Go to your dad's Lab and get the
    ID card in his PC. Then go to the locked room. Jack-in to the big
    machine.Keep walking to a place that has a 3-digit letter of
    katakana..(I like spent many hours to do this....)The order is 762.
    Then... the second one I didn't really remember it because I made
    this a mess till I succeeded.., then the 3rd one... HELL!! 2
    segments.. hurray...EVIL CAPCOM... the order is from:
    1-2-3-4-5-6 to 4-2-5-3-6-1. Now click the purple thingy and head to
    the 2nd area. NOW THERE'S 8!!!!! ARRGH!!! The order is from         1-
    2-3-4-5-6-7-8 to 8-2-5-4-6-1-7-3. Proceed..Ohhh worse.. 3 sets with 3
    codes each..Why do they make it soooo complicated??? The order is
    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 to 7-4-3-9-5-1-2-8-6. Press the purple buttons and
    shove to the next area. Then after reaching the puzzle you'll talk to
    the robot. seems that he won't give a clue. Head to the coffee table
    in the Lab and you'll get the code. You'll use Megaman again. The
    order is 1-2-3-4-5 to 5-3-2-1-4. Head forward until you walk to a
    slope. The guy with the sword, Protoman came. FIGHT HIM!!!!!
    Hero Sword: Protoman will go forward and slash you with a very long
    ranged sword
    StepSword: Protoman will Step in to your area in front of you and do
    a WideSword
    Shield: Reflects your attack
    Strategy:.....Pathetic... just beat him. He's so weak that I didn't
    recieve any damage. Then go home and sleep.
    2c) Frosty Mission
      Done? then go to the other room. Chaud is waiting. We'll have a
    conversation how he wants to form the Team of Protoman. Go to Akihara
    2. There is the big gate there right, Protoman will just slash it and
    boom..... enter it. Protoman will explain how to liberate. i'll
    Liberating only can be done in 3 customs. You are wise if you bring
    Slowgauge* there.. You can be surrounded by 2 sides. So to turn left
    or right press L or R. Custom bar will appear automatically. All
    characters except megaman has it's NaviChips itself. Example:
    Magnetman's twin tackle attack his NaviChip attack. It will appear at
    the custom bar automattically. It's a special attack. The team's HP,
    charged shot,and the power of your special attack will increase in
    each Liberation Mission. Aim Phase is how many phases you should
    finish so you could get a special chip. If you finish a liberating
    boss exactly as your aim phase, like your aim phase is 4 and you
    finish it at 4 phases, you get the chip, if you don't succeed getting
    the aim phase you'll get money. Best of all, if you win it less
    phases from the aim phases, you'll get the SP chip. Example, you beat
    a liberation boss in 3 Phases even though your aim phase is 4. The
    dark squares are places you liberate. If you do 1 turn liberate it'll
    dissapear with some more dark squares. Dark holes are the thingies
    you have to liberate to unseal the squarey things surrounding the
    boss. Everytime you try to liberate a dark hole, you'll fight a
    miniboss:The boss that appear at a darksquare, like the beast thingie.
    You'll see. Mini bosses could attack you with it's special ability,
    so as bosses when you are on their special attack range. You also
    will have special attacks.
    Megabuster:attacks 2 sq forward
    Widesword: liberates 3 sq like widesword
    Charge: WideSword
    Special chip: StepSword
    1st Liberation Mission
    Aim phase:7
    Attacks:FlameCross:Fires an attack in a + shaped style
    Special Attack(in field, not in battle): Snowball 40dmg
    Snowball Kick: Kicks 2 snow balls
    SnowyBreath: In the most forward row, Blizzardman blows wind and the
    panel that get hit will turn to ice
    SnowRoll: Turns to a snowball and charges to 1 row,then will drop 2
    snows as obstacles
    Strategy: Beat him fast. If Darkloid Phase comes up he'll heal 300 HP.
    His Snowroll is annoying since he'll drop obstacles and block either
    the bottom or the upper row so you are more vulnerable towards his
    Snowball Kick. Use Protoman's StepSword wisely since it gives out
    plenty of damage.
    After beating this creep there's a cutscene. After it you'll get an
    E-Mail from Chaud. Then go to Akihara 3. The Golden Program lets you
    to do the Liberation Mission again. Go to the end of the place. Talk
    to the Prog. Watch the cutscene.
    2d)The ISLAND of MINES!!!
      Well, after a cutscene you'll get an E-Mail from Dex. You'll get
    his P-Code. Go to the Metroline. Everyone's waiting... Watch a long
    cutscene then... You'll get an E-Mail. Then Jack-in to the siren. Go
    to Oran Islands area 3. Wooah,Giant Magnums!!! Protoman and Megaman
    gets pushed back!!! Well, Jack-out... Now we'll fish... Inspect the
    Bamboo, then the waterfall, the wood near the stairs(There's 2 stairs
    right, go to the place that there's nobody, the wood on the
    place..)and trees(well, I forgot which one..) After that a cutscene
    began again. Then search for the weird thing in the upper part of the
    island and the dead tree. After the cutscene, we get.....NaviCust.
    Aaaah finally. Now remember the trail, there is a cart blocking right.
    Now is NOOO. Okay, head there. There will be a cutscene where Mayl,
    Yai, and Dex fell to a hole....... Go to a slope where there is a
    siren. Jack in and buy the key for 1000Z. Go to the elevator and
    unlock the door. In boxes, there is a HP Memory. Just keep unlocking
    doors. Beware there is viruses..... You'll reach the upper part of
    this cave and see a girl in a very HUGE Machine. After talking, Jack-
    in. Well.... Later, I bet you will feel annoying... Like in
    Castillo... Talk to the Prog to get the Punching Program to break
    rocks. Just advance till you find the switch to move the 1st machine
    off. Second one's the same. the third one has a prog to give you the
    key to turn the switch off and there is a place that many rocks fall.
    Now it stopped and press the 2nd switch. Last one... Find the
    switch...Turn it off. Now just head to the place with many rocks fall
    and continue to the top. Save your game.
    Magnet Shot: Like a ratton. Bends when it is near you.
    MagnetField: He uses a magnet field leaving our normal panels in a +
    MagnetGrab: Slowly makes a hole that paralyzes you
    Magnetball: A slow magnetic ball the paralyzes you.
    DualTackle: If his HP go low, 2 Magnetmans will try to Crunch you..
    Strategy: Use many grass chips like the Saboten ball. He's slow. But
    his HP is annoying.
    Well, she is Tesla Magnet...Daughter of Gauss. After talking,
    continue till you find a door. A cutscene appears. After that you are
    called by Chaud to go to Oran islands area 3 again. There, you;ll see
    Magnetman that will defend and Protoman uses his StepSword to blow
    these up
    Let's liberate!!!!
    Dark Holes:3
    Mini-Boss: Guardian Beast and Eagle
    Barrier: Prevent field attacks for a turn
    Charge: MagnetShot
    Special chip DualTackle
    Attacks: Sweep down: attacks you like diving
    You can't attack it while he's flying. Only when he attacks.
    Special Attack: Slash: Go to the closest player and slashes him 60
    Slash: WideSword... well, like that.
    NoiseCrash:Go to your area sometimes and uses supersonic waves in a
    [- shape and could either stun or confuse you.
    Bats: Summon 4 bats to attack you.
    Strategy: He's ALIVE AGAIN!!!!? He's quick you know(At least.. Not as
    annoying like MBN4.)Use swords when he tries to slash or NoiseCrash
    you. That is kinda slow.
      After some conversation you'll get a SOUL.
    2e)Fussy Clouds!
      After some cutscenes you'll learn soul thingies in squirrel. Like a
    maze, try to find Gyroman. Then after some conversation he Jacks out.
    After called by Chaud, go to Oran area 1 via Akihara. Find a Heal
    Navi, fight him and head to Oran area 3. You can fight Magnetman for
    his chip in Oran area 2. Well, the shop in area 2 has:
     HP Memory   2500Z
     HP Memory   6000Z
     AirWheel E  3400Z
     Recov80*    7800Z
     Cirgun C    8200Z
     Mine P      9900Z
     Guardian O  10500Z (sweet)
    There's a NCP salesman in Oran area 3. He sells:
    HP+50        1300Z
    SoulTime+1   3800Z
    MegaFldr 1   4700Z
    SelfBarrier  5500Z
    HP+200       6000Z
    SprArmor     7800Z
      Head to Area 1 now. Head to the other path(the when you go down you
    see a arrow. Like a shortcut...) Beat 2 Heal Navis. Well, go to the
    Oran area 3 and there you'll fight another Heal Navi. After beating
    em you go to the Scilab area 1. Go to area 2 and go to the clouds. A
    cutscene occurs and go to sleep now... Next day... Go to the island
    of Oran. Now you can fight Mr.Famous near the last caves
    Football Kick: Kicks a ball that bounces several times
    Football EXPLOSION!!: kicks a ball up high. Yellow signs wil appear
    where will it fall
    CHAAARGE!!: tackle??
    TOUCHDOWWWWWN!!!: well, he tries to touchdown. Very slow. But if he
    succeeds all your area=boom.
    Clones: 2 clones. Easy?
    Strategy: Easy. Well, I have no tactic here..
      Now, Magnetman lost all of his programs and hafta jack-in to the
    machines again. The conveyor belt stops. You just hafta take the
    programs at the end of the place. Simple??
      Well, now there is more cutscenes. I think Capt.Charlie, owner of
    Gyroman is behind this... Then head to Scilab. Talk to Chaud. after
    some Alarmic cutscenes lets head to Oran area 1 via you know what. At
    your arrival at oran, Gyroman is just in front of you and flies
    away... Find a prog near the brown path. Now you'll get a Vacuum Fan.
    It can suck clouds. If your vacuum is full there will be progs who'll
    empty it. There is 10 bars. Colors of clouds determine how many bars
    it fills:
    Gold-1 (like a GMD. Have either iitems or viruses)
      Now keep chasing him till Scilab area 2.
    GyroBoomerang: Like MagnetShoot but can go diagonally.
    SpinTornado: Shoots wind 3 sq ahead. More near to him=less dmg.
    Farther=more dmg
    GyroBombs: Turns to a helicopter and shoots bombs
    GyroMachineGun: Turns to a helicopter and shoots bullets
     Strategy: He's slow. He is pathetic, and easy. KILL HIM!! THAT'S
      After this there will be a cutscene where Gyroman dissipates the
    clouds. Now let's liberate the clouds!!!!!
    New feature to Liberating. Barriers. Find keys on Darksquares that
    has a square.
    Aim Phase:9
    Dark Holes:4
    Bombs Away!!!: Destroys a Darksquare
    Charge: SpinTornado
    Special chip Gyrobombs
     Thank God Gyroman can fly over darkpanels..
    CloudBarrier: Clouds protect Cloudman
    Thunder Plus: A cloud appears at your area and sends a + shaped shock
    ThunderTornado:Turns to a storm and spin several times
      Strategy: Annoying. You may use Dark Lance if you have one(Borrow
    from someone!!)
      After defeating em you'll get the GyroSoul. Then ya get hit by a
    cloud!!! da whole team tried to help ya, but no avail..
    2f) Darkside..
      After watching sum cutscenes where Mega has been captured, go to
    Scilab, talk to Chaud. You get Protoman. Then go to The BIG gate on
    Oran 2. Now go to Scilab 3. There is a pink Navi that sells things:
    Autorun         8BF
    Fuujin Racket B 12BF
    Millionare      22BF
    Lava Seed P      26BF
    AirShoes        40BF
    Poltergeist P   60BF
      Go to Area 4. Fight a Navi. you'll get a key. Go back to the Oran
    area 2's big gate. We need to go to the 2nd End area. But were in the
    1st. The netdealer here sells:
    Vulcan 3 L   5800Z
    M-Cannon G   7600Z
    Barr100 P    8800Z
    WideBlade V  10000Z
    Jealousy J   12000Z
      Near the exit, a cutscene takes place. Megaman DS? after some
    talking the real Megaman says Protoman has to Jack-out. then he
    jacked out. Talk to Chaud, go to Oran and talk to Tesla and go to
     2h) PIRATED!!!
     Go to Scilab docks and go to the ship. After the cutscene go out and
    talk to the blond man. Pick yes. Inspect the steering wheel of the
    ship, then the very front of the ship, and lastly, go to the pink
    chair in the near the entrance. Go back to the blond man. see a
    cutscene. Get 1000Z. After cutscene, head to the locked door earlier
    that you would see. The code is 11922911. Jack-in to the last machine.
    Then you'll see a Heal Navi, he ran away. To every portal thre's a
    virus guarding. After you reach the Heal Navi the operator jacks out.
    We also. THen go to the stage. A cutscene appears again. After
    talking about a loss of a Booster System that costs 300,000,000Z.
    Then talk to everyone. Then inspect the mirror. THere will be choices.
    I dunno, just pick anything.. Then go to the engine room. Inspect the
    ladder. You will be in the Control room. Jack in to one of the
    machines. In area one there's 3 gates. Every gate has a lock. So go
    and find it. There is also water gauge here. Don't get hit by the
    whirlpools. To restore the gauge, take bubbles. Next area would be
    more complicated with winds but still the same. Area 3 is hard. Find
    3 damn keys to unlock it. Head to Area 4. Find a key. Unlock the gate
    and fight NAPALMMAN??
    Machine gun: guns appears, trying to shoot you
    NapalmBomb: Throws 2 bomb the will explode in a + sign
    SuperHugeNapalmBomb: Throws a bomb that will explode. The yellow
    signs tells you where it explodes
      Strategy: Kinda fun using Protoman eh?? wait till he goes to the
    front row or use a couple of area grabs and slash em.
      Now, Nenji, Napalmman's operator  returns the booster system. Head
    to End Area 1 and Napalmman will smash the HealNavis. Time to
    Dark Holes:5
    Aim Phases:10
    Napalm Bomb
    No Charge Attacks: Vulcan
    Special chip SuperHugeNapalmBomb: Throws 4 sq forward. Explodes 3X3
    if doesn't hit anything
    Boss: Megaman DS
    MegaBuster: Stupid...
    Sword: What else???
    Mark Cannon: What else???
      Strategy: DS guy keeps pelting stupid buster shots ya know. He's
    easy, just fast.If you win the aim phases, you'll have AntiNavi M
    (crap!!). In the cutscene, Megaman will break the spell of DS. And of
    course, get a soul. Day end..
    2i.) The END (Area??)
      After some chatting with the team, plus Raika, head to end area 4.
    Nebula, of course rules here.... go to the huge purple thing in the
    pops in, including Searchman. Jack-out everyone... Go to the coffee bar
    in Scilab. Raika is there but doesn't notice. Go to pops office and
    inspect the BIG computer. Lan will take sumthing. Go to the place near
    the docks. Talk to Raika. Go to pops office. After some talking with
    Raika, go home, talk to mom, and inspect the window that has the
    doghouse. Go to the Oran island mines. Go where Mr. Famous was. There's
    an empty room with only a machine right, Jack-in, then go to the upper
    right corner and keep mashing A. You'll find something. Oh good, a new
    place pops in. End city. Go there. Inspect the man's table near the
    pagoda and get submemory if not mistaken. Talk to Raika, then talk to
    the man near the pagoda with a table that you got the submemory. Go to
    the pagoda. Go to the roof and inspect the left fish on the behind and
    get HP memory. Inspect also the eye of the right fish. Go home, Jack-in
    to Akihara 3. Search where an official navi resides im a 3X3 square.
    Talk to it and inspect the middle row's 3rd panel. You will find a
    Go inside. WELCOME. YOU ARE IN THE PAST OF ACDC. Talk to everyone. Also
    the dog but talk to the dog first. You'll also can be attacked buy
    viruses. Then 6 Heal Navis appear. Beat'em all. Now go to Chaud and..
    go to sleep. A cutscene will appear where a Heal Navi and MEGAMAN???
    Attacks Searchman. HEY, WE'RE ASLEEP YA KNOW!!! Go to End City. Jack-in
    to the horse. Go to End Area 3 and inspect the back of the pagoda near
    the End area 3 exit. Go to the pagoda. Talk to the holographic man.
    Jack-in to one of the katanas and battle a green navi, then go to one
    of the armor and fight the green navi again. Jack-in again to the
    helmet, fight the green navi, and then go to the holographic man again.
    The locked door opened. Inspect the golden statue and pick yes. Go to
    the place with 4 paths. A hard like hell mini-game. Beat out 100 karate
    fighters. The controls are used diagonally. That what makes the game
    EVEN harder. Press B to attack. Go to the left fish and Jack-in to the
    fish. We must find Ninja Progs to pass the trap. Here's a list of
    ninjas so you can get past the trap.
    Area 1
    1 red ninja
    1 silver ninja
    1 blue ninja
    1 red ninja
    Area 2
    1 Silver ninja
    1 red ninja
    1 blue ninja
    1 silver ninja
    2 red ninjas
    Area 3
    2 red ninjas
    1 silver
    1 blue
    Area 4
    3 red ninjas
    2 silver ninjas
    3 blue ninjas
    After that tiring thing let's go on to smack Searchman. He blames YOU
    cuz you attacked him last night.
    HP: 800
    SeekBomb: Rolls a bomb that explodes in a X like style
    HomingSniper: Homes on you and shoot you 3 times
    Mole: Disappears for awhile
    Command Satellite: Try to shoot you with a satellite. When you step on
    the homing mark, it'll shoot in a + sign. Cracking the homed panel.
      Strategy: He is easy. I beat him in 15 seconds with my ProtoDeck.
    After the battle, another Megaman and Searchman appears. Apparently
    they're Heal Navis in disguise. Searchman will do what I call BOOMING
    them. Go to the big purple thing in End Area 4. Searchman will
    dismantle it. Time to Liberate.
    NOTE: No Gyroman. Many item panels (squared Darksq), 3 barrier keys. Oh
    Aim Phases: 9
    Dark Holes: 5
    Lock and Search
    Chg Sht: HomingSniper
    Special Chip: Satellite Ray (Too bad the navi chip is like MBN4..)
    Cosmo Ring: Aims to your panel and spins several times
    Planetary Assault: Uses several big satellites to hit you.
    Ultimate Planet Shower: Opens a dark hole and shoots many meteors
    (remember Drillman? But this one is harder to evade)
      Strategy: 1000 HP vs. 5 Navis??? Who do you think will win??
    Well, after some conversation everyone Jacked-out except Searchman and
    you. Of course. Get a Soul!!!
    2j) All because of a Meddling Kid!!!
    After a conversation of Mayl and Lan and also meeting Jasmine, an
    operator, go to Chaud and talk to him. Go to the door in Akihara 3. Go
    where the dog is. Protoman will appear and a conversation begins again.
    Jack-out and talk to mom. Then go to the mines. Don't go to the caves.
    Instead find an old guy to the slope. Talk to him.
    To be continued
    3) Souls
    Magnet Soul
    Abilities: Magnet Field doesn't affect him.
    Press B and back to stun opponents in the same row
    Charges Elec Chips
    Chg Sht: MagnetPull: Pulls your opponent to the front row. You must
    be in the most forward row to succeed
    Gyro Soul
    Abilities: Fields doesn't affect him
    Can step on cracked or empty panels
    Doubles wind attack after using a wind chip
    Chg Sht: SpinTornado: Uses a tornado 3 sq ahead. The enemy in front
    of him will get damaged once, and the farther the opponent's place is,
    more multiple damage will be formed
    Napalm Soul
    Abilities: Can step on Lava panels
    Charged Fire chip will turn to a SuperHugeNapalmBomb
    Chg Sht: Vulcan: Shoots 3 Vulcan shots.
    Search Soul
    Abilities: Can hit enemies with Invis or chips who make opponents
    Shuffle chips every custom bar until 3 times
    Chg Sht: HomingSniper: Homes on opponent then shoot em 5 times
    Meddy Soul
    Abilities: Can use fusion chips(Napalmman with a stun capsule:
    opponent that gets hit would be stunned)
     Chg Sht: Pill Bomber: Throw a pill 3 sq ahead and explodes like widesword.
    If it hits the opponent it won't explode
    Proto Soul
    Abilities: Raises Shield by pressing B and back to reflect attacks
    like Guard.
    Charges Sword chips to launch a step attack with the charged sword
    Chg Sht: Wide Sword: Launch a Wide Sword
    Knight Soul
    Abilities: Unknown
    Chg Sht: Royal Wrecking Ball: Similar to a Kunai,eh??
    Shadow Soul
    Abilities: Increased speed, doesn't get affected by panels
    Chg Sht: Unknown
    Tomahawk Soul
    Abilities: Heals on Grass panel
    Chg Sht: Tomahawk Axe: Launches a LifeSwrd
    Number Soul
    Abilities: I dunno since I don't play Blue Moon
    Chg Sht: DiceBomb: Throws a dice 3 sq ahead then explodes 3X3 square
    If it hits an opponent it won't explode. The attack result is
    determined from the number of the dice thrown.
    Toad Soul
    Abilities: Hides on Aqua Panels
    Chg Sht: Unknown
    Colonel Soul
    Abilities: Turns any normal chip to a charged shot (Fusion Chip like
    Meddy Soul) Aaaah Oober goodness.. Guardian, SuperVulcan, and non-
    elemental chip turns to our charged shot...
    Chg Sht: Turns obstacles to minions (Unconfirmed)
    Notes: To soul unison you must sacrifice a corresponding chip type:
    Magnet Soul: Elec Chips
    Gyro Soul: Wind Chips
    Napalm Soul: Fire Chips
    Search Soul: Homing Chips
    Meddy Soul: Healing Chips
    Proto Soul: Sword Chips
    Knight Soul: GuardBreaking Chips
    Shadow Soul: Invisible Chips
    Tomahawk Soul: Grass Chips
    Number Soul: Min/Plus Chips
    Toad Soul: Aqua Chips
    Colonel Soul: Obstacle Chips
    Chaos Soul Unison
    Gives you chance to use DarkChips without HP minus 1
    Must Unite with DarkChips
    Have correct timing or Megaman DS will join your opponent
    Green: Charging
    Red: Release now
    Too late: Go Megaman DS!!!
    4) Nebula Hole
     In Undernet 3, find another path to Undernet 2. Talk to the gold
    prog. (You must have 100 standard chips and ended the game). All I
    know is there is Liberation Missions vs V3 Nebula Goons. After beating
    Shademan V3 at a super hard liberation mission( wonder if we fight
    dominerd2 with 200HP, Bark with 250HP , And a miniboss of 300 hp and
    finish it in 3 turns in the last darkhole...) we'll get Duo's Fist or
    whatever it is. A MegaChip with a whooping 280 attack, guardbreaker,
    hits all enemy, cracks all panels. How more valuable could it be. You
    can find it also at nebula hole area 2 at a GMD battle. The netdealer
    here sells HP Memory,BugBomb, Static, V-Doll,and Darkwing. Forgot the
    codes and the price. To get to Nebula hole 3 you must have 140 standard
    5) V3 Navi Time Record
      Just a little extra for my guide. Please mail your record if you have
    the time record faster than me.
    Shademan: 25:59 secs
    Magnetman: 22:28 secs
    Searchman: 13:58 secs (in the guide, it's the V2)
    Footman: 15:73 secs
    Swallowman: 16:93 secs
    6) FAQs
    1. Q: Where do we get this game??
       A: Japan,duh
    2. Q: Where to get Bass Soul???
       A: I dunno
    3. Q: How to get to the Nebula Hole 6?
       A: Beat all SP navis in S Rank

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