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    Boss FAQ by SearchBomber

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    Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Protoman
    Navi FAQ
    2005 by SearchBomber
    Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Protoman and 
    all related objects are copyrights of Capcom.
    Table of Contents
    1. Intro[INT]
    2. FAQ Layout[LAY]
    3. Boss Behavior[BVR]
    4. Version-Specific Navis[VSN]
    5. Non-Version-Specific Navis[VNN]
    6. FAQs [FAQ]
    7. Version Update[VER]
    8. Legal and Contact[LEG]
    9. Thank-you's [THK]
    1. Intro [INT]
    Megaman Battle Network 5, while not the greatest MMBN game, still delivers the
    same frantic action/card-battling action as the previous ones. The Navis here
    range from fun and inventive to just plain stupid (coughcoughMeddycoughcough).
    Let's get started, shall we?
    2. FAQ Layout [LAY]
    Navi Name (V1 HP/V2 HP/V3 HP/SP HP/DS HP)
    Difficulty: 1-5
    General Strategy
    Counter Opportunity
    Good chip to use against Navi
    Bad chip to use against Navi
    Attack1 Name/Effect
    Attack2 Name/Effect
    Useless Fact
    Diagram Key:
    First letter in enemy's name=Enemy (E is used if name starts with M)
    X=Damage area, plus the panel Megaman is on.
    -About DS Navis-
    DS Navis' HP and attack strength are determined by your DarkSoul Level (DSLV).
    The DSLV is 1% of Megaman's base HP (or the first number). The number isn't
    Other things to know:
    <Primary>: A Navi's main attack.
    <Finisher>: An attack only used when a boss's HP is low.
    3. Boss Behavior [BVR]
    -Bosses generally move four to five spaces before executing a primary attack.
    They will usually go through this one or two times, then perform a different
    attack. They will only use their finisher attack if their HP is below half.
    -When bosses are confused or blinded, they move much slower and usually miss
    when attacking.
    -Once a boss uses their desperation attack, it is rare that they will do it
    again in the same battle.
    4. Version-Specific Navis [VSN]
    [Protoman] (300/1000/1600/1800/600+(100xDSLV))
    Difficulty: 4
    Location: Storyline/Liberate Mission 6/Undernet 3/Undernet 3/Nebula 6
    Protoman starts out pretty weak, but will return to his StepSword-crazy self
    later in the game. The strategy is the exact same as other games, I don't 
    believe that he's gained anything since BN4.
    -Counter!: Before he slashes with his sword.
    -Good chip: Slasher
    -Bad chip: Quake
    -Protoshield: He will occasionally block a projectile attack.
    -StepSword<Primary>: He jumps into your field and does a WideSword. Slashers 
    are your friends.
    -FighterSword: He jumps into his front panel a does a three-panel LongSword.
    -SurpriseSword: StepSword, only from behind.
    -DeltaRay<Finisher>: His ultimate move, three slashes that will do a total of 
    300 damage at full power. Stay out of the middle panel if you want to avoid 
    activating it.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    -ShadowSlash(Dark): SupriseSword, only with MoonBlade.
    -DarkEdge(Dark)<Finisher>: He speeds up, then slashes twice with LifeSword 
    Part 1
    Part 2
    (Useless Fact): Protoman was Megaman's brother in the classic series. In MMBN,
    he is the only Navi you can battle in every game, other than Bass.
    [Magnetman] (500/800/1800/2000/800+(100xDSLV))
    Difficulty: 3
    Location: Storyline/Oran 1/ACDC 1/ACDC 1/Nebula 6
    Magnetman isn't all that hard, if you learn to avoid his paralyzing attacks.
    Since he is electric, Wood-types help immensely. Beware, as he has SuperArmor,
    meaning that multi-hitters will get you killed. Use the Magnet panels to your
    advantage, but if you can't, Wood-types should defeat the panels.
    -Counter!: Before he fires the MagnetMissle.
    -Good chip: Woodnose
    -Bad chip: Vulcan (including SuperVulcan)
    -MagnetStage: He transforms the corner panels to Magnet panels.
    [P][_][P][P][_][P] P=Panel
    -MagMissle<Primary>: He fires a magnet missle that turns in a L-shape to 
    try and home in on you.
    -MagBall: Magnetman fires a slow-moving ball that will home in and paralyze
    you. I suggest moving to the bottom-middle panel until the ball gets close, 
    then move to the left. Hold up when you hit the first Magnet panel, hold right
    when you hit the second, and soon you should be home free.
    -MagnetFreeze: He holds his hand out and you get stuck on your panel, sort of
    like the side effect of BN2's MagBombs.
    -North-South Tackle<Finisher>: Magnetman attacks from both sides. He does this 
    twice in succession, so be ready to constantly move verically. If you get hit
    by it...I'm sorry.
    (Useless Fact): Magnetman first appeared in MMBN2, under the operation of 
    Gauss Magnus. All of his attacks from BN2 has been preserved.
    [Gyroman] (600/800/1400/1800/600+(100xDSLV))
    Difficulty: 2
    Location: Storyline/SciLab 2/Oran 1/Oran 1/Nebula 6
    Gyroman is pretty easy, nothing to worry about. He's pretty hard to pin down 
    for a good hit or two, however. Whenever he's in Gyro Mode, he can't be hurt.
    -Counter!: Before firing GyroCutter.
    -Good chip: MarkCannon
    -Bad chip: TimeBomb
    -TornadoArm: He fires a 3-panel tornado at you. It does more damage the 
    farther you are away.
    <Number of hits x 10/20/40/60/5xDSLV>
    -GyroCutter: He fires a propeller at you. It will bend towards you when it
    has enough spaces to turn and hit.
    -GyroCounter: Goes into Gyro Mode and fires at you three times if you abuse 
    the Megabuster. If you can dodge Searchman's ScopeGun, you can dodge this.
    <Number of hits x 5/10/30/50/5xDSLV>
    -Gyro Airforce<Finisher>: Gyroman goes into Gyro Mode and flies down the row, 
    bombing random panels on your side.
    (Useless Fact): N/A
    [Napalmman] (800/1000/1600/2000/700+(100xDSLV))
    Difficulty: 4
    Location: Storyline/End 1/SciLab 4/SciLab 4/Nebula 6
    It's really hard to hit Napalmman, since his NapalmGuns not only block off 
    shot-type attacks, but they prevent full AreaGrabs, as well. He's Fire-type,
    so use that to your advantage. His attacks also do above-average damage, so
    watch out. He's much harder than in BN2.
    -Counter!: Before firing off a bomb.
    -Good chip: RainyDay (w/SeaSeed)
    -Bad chip: Swords (except CustomSword or LifeSword)
    -VulcanArm<Primary>: A gun randomly appears on his side, targets you, and 
    fires. Capcom changed it to a Vulcan-type attack, striking thrice.
    <Number of hits x 10/20/30/50/5xDSLV>
    -Firebomb: Fires 2 bombs at you. They now explode in a +-shape, with a delay 
    between the middle explosion and the ones surrounding it. Later versions crack
    the target panel.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    -NapalmBomb<Finisher>: Remember this one? A giant reticule scans the area 
    until it finds you, then Napalmman fires a 3x3 bomb.
    (Useless Fact): Napalmman first appeared in the extra area in MMBN2. He had no
    [Searchman] (800/1000/1700/2000/700+(100xDSLV))
    Difficulty: 2
    Location: Storyline/End 5/End 3/End 3/Nebula 6
    Ah, Searchman. It seems that he's lost the rocks this time, and PopUp. He
    still is pretty weak, though. And he still makes idiots of the players who 
    stand still. None of his moves stand out of the crowd damage-wise.
    -Counter!: When preparing to roll a SearchGrenade.
    -Good chip: MarkCannon
    -Bad chip: Twister
    -SearchGrenade<Primary>: His old grenade attack, slightly tweaked. He no 
    longer uses them in PopUp, but makes up for it by rolling the bombs, which 
    explode in an X-shape.
    -Invisible: Instead of PopUp, Searchman now uses the Invisibl chip! Don't 
    stress out too much, though. He can still be hit.
    -ScopeGun: Searchman's signature attack. A crosshair locks on Mega, and then
    you get hit 3 times. Might want to play the game with the volume up to hear
    the "ding!" before the attack executes.
    <Number of hits x 10/20/40/60/5xDSLV>
    -SatelliteRay<Finisher>: Yep, it's back. He targets you, then fires a +-shaped
    laser. The targeted panel is cracked.
    [_][X][_][_][_][_] C=Cracked Panel
    (Useless Fact): Searchman first appeared in MMBN4. In the classic series, he
    has two heads. Very strange.
    [Meddy] (900/1100/1500/1800/700+(100xDSLV))
    Difficulty: 1
    Location: Storyline/Undernet 3/End 4/End 4/Nebula 6
    Well, I've decided to cut Meddy some slack and edit what I had originally 
    said. Meddy relies on freaking you out with the status effects tied to her
    capsules, but it's really nothing to worry about. She can't toss capsules into
    any columns that you've stolen, and she can't destroy any obsticles you place
    into her side of the field. Her attacks all do below-average damage as well.
    -Counter!: Before tossing a MeddyCapsule.
    -Good chip: TimeBomb
    -Bad chip: ColorPoint
    -MeddyCapsule<Primary>: Tosses two capsules. One explodes horizontally, one 
    explodes vertically. They have status effects tied to them, so beware.
    -ChemicalFlash: Create two capsules that slowly move toward each other. If 
    they connect, your entire area is hit. Try to destroy the moving capsule.
    -HealingBall<Finisher>: A ball that homes in on you and steals your HP to give
    to Meddy. Easy to dodge.
    (Useless Fact): Meddy is only the second female that you can battle in the 
    regular MMBN games. (The English versions, anyway, since Serenade is a girl in
    5. Non-Version-Specific Navis [VNN]
    [Blizzardman] (400/1200/1600/2000)
    Difficulty: 2
    Location: Liberate Mission 1/Storyline/ACDC 3/ACDC 3
    Blizzardman, the first Darkloid. If you're paying attention, fighting him
    shouldn't be too hard, even with two columns. He's Aqua-type, so zap his later
    -Counter!: As soon as he kicks a Snowball at you (Snow Rolling).
    -Good chip: MagnetmanSP
    -Bad chip: HotBody?
    -SnowRolling<Primary>: He kicks two snowballs at you. Easy to dodge.
    -BlizzardBreath: If you're on the front row, he'll jump up and breathe on you.
    -RollingSlider: Blizzardman rolls down the row until he hits the back of the
    field. Several snow drifts will fall, blocking access to those panels. Later
    versions roll twice before dropping the snow drifts.
    (Useless Fact): N/A
    [Shademan] (600/1000/1200/1500)
    Difficulty: 3
    Location: Liberate Mission 2/Storyline/Oran 3/Oran 3
    Straight from the reccuring villain generator, it's Shademan. He doesn't have 
    the DarkPower or the bat tranforming thingy, so he's a whole lot easier than
    in BN4. He also loves to jump in your field a lot, so watch out for that.
    -Counter!:When he raises his wings for NoiseCrush.
    -Good chip: Slasher
    -Bad chip: TankCannon
    -RedWing<Primary>: He summons a few bats that home in on you in a sort of an 
    L-shape. Easy to dodge.
    -NoiseCrush: The same T-shaped attack from BN4. It should be noted that the 
    delay between the attack striking the panel in front of him and it attacking
    the three panels beyond that has been eleminated. Causes paralysis or 
    confusion if it connects, pierces Invis.
    -BlackClaw: The attack he uses during Liberation Missions. He flies up next 
    to you and slashes in a WideSword range. Move back a panel to avoid it. This
    is his strongest attack.
    -ShadeDrain<Finisher>: A rare move, only uses when he's in danger of deletion.
    He jumps in front of you, then bites you. Time freezes as some of your HP is 
    absorbed into him. It's hard to see coming, but there is a fatal flaw: it 
    doesn't interrupt attacks, meaning that if your Navi was in the animation for 
    LifeSwrd and he does ShadeDrain, LifeSword would execute and connect when he 
    <Number of times HP is deducted (up to 6) x 10/20/30/40>
    (Useless Fact): Shademan first appeared in MMBN4, where he played a big part 
    in the story.
    [Cloudman] (700/900/1300/1500)
    Difficulty: 5
    Location: Liberate Mission 3/Storyline/SciLab 3/SciLab 3
    Cloudman, aka "Grrrrraaaaagh!". He is the single most annoying Navi in all of 
    BN5, due to the fact that he uses clouds to make it neigh impossible to hit
    him, and his ultimate attack uses up one whole turn. Your best bet is to go 
    with target chips such as MarkCannon during early battles, and go with wood
    chips, even DarkLance, for later encounters. You'd better get the whole three
    columns during the Liberation Mission, too, since AreaGrabbing is often 
    blocked by one of those stupid clouds.
    -No Counter
    -Good chip: DarkLance
    -Bad chip: Swords of ANY kind
    -GoroThunder<Primary>: Fires a Thunder ball straight towards you. Stuns upon 
    -CrossSpark: He creates a cloud that shocks in a +-shape, like BN2
    [_][X][_][_][_][_] C=Cloud
    -ElecStorm: He turns into a giant stormcloud that roams your side of the 
    field. Cannot be damaged, and wastes one turn under normal conditions.
    [EDIT]: Actually, if you simply shoot all of the clouds with the MegaBuster,
    he will reappear.
    (Useless Fact): N/A
    [Cosmoman] (1000/1200/1500/1800)
    Difficulty: 3
    Location: Liberate Mission 5/Storyline/Undernet 4/Undernet 4
    Cosmoman isn't all that hard. Don't try dropping obsticles, though. He tends
    to keep the screen flooded with meteors, and most of his attacks block yours.
    His attacks all do above-average damage.
    -Counter!: Before firing the CosmoRing.
    -Good chip: ...not sure.
    -Bad chip: TimeBomb
    -CosmoRing: Fires a ring at you, 2x2 damage area.
    -CosmoBuster: Fires 3 satellites forward. Shoot the middle to destroy the
    ring around it.
    Before HP is depleted:
    -CosmoGate: Blocks a Megabuster shot, then fires a meteor that hits in a 
    -CosmoPlanet<Finisher>: Fires many meteors at you. Somewhere between Junkman's
    (BN4) attack and old Bass's Explosion.
    (Useless Fact): Cosmoman was selected in a Create-A-Navi contest.
    [Gridman(Footman)] (700/1000/1600/2000)
    Difficulty: 3
    Location: Mr. Famous/Mr. Famous/Mr. Famous/Oran 2
    Set, hike! Gridman isn't all that hard, but he does try to have a lot of stuff
    going on at one time to try to confuse you. You're gonna have to get past his
    clones, too, if you wanna score a quarterback sack.
    -Counter!: Before he leaves his panel when he uses HellTackle.
    -Good chip: MarkCannon
    -Bad chip: Asteroid
    -BoundThrow: He spikes the ball, it bounces around on random panels. Dance, 
    -HellTackle<Primary>: Gridman, or his clones, will charge if you line up with 
    them. Most people compare this to the Moloko(BN4), but I actually see more 
    resemblance to the Fishy(BN1-3).
    -MagnumKick: Gridman kicks a ball into the air, and it will soon come down, 
    striking a 2x2 area. The exact same as Duo's(BN4) JusticeFist.
    -DeathTouchdown<Primary>: A goalpost appears, and Gridman begins to run in a 
    zig-zag motion. If he is allowed to touch the goalpost, he'll blow up your 
    (Useless Fact): Gridman was selected from the Create-A-Navi contest.
    [Larkman(Swallowman)] (900/1200/1500/1900)
    Difficulty: 3
    Location: Undernet 1(via End 1)/Undernet 1/Undernet 1/Undernet 2
    "Annoying bird! I am the great..." Nevermind...
    Anyway, Larkman is pretty quick, but nothing that you shouldn't be able to
    handle. Try to keep him still; you can't attack while he's moving.
    -Counter!: Before firing a LarkCutter.
    -Good chip: MarkCannon
    -Bad chip: TimeBomb
    -LarkCutter<Primary>: He tosses a bird at you. Works sort of like a better 
    -LarkDrive: Most of the field lights up, and then Larkman flies at all of the
    panels with superspeed. To avoid, check the panels that light up. Speed is
    -AirDive<Finisher>: Larkman swoops down on your row. This is supposed to break
    chips, but I've honestly never been hit by it.
    (Useless Fact): Larkman was created for the Create-A-Navi contest.
    [DarkMega] (800/2000)
    Difficulty: Depends
    Location: Liberate Mission 4/King of Chaos (2 minutes or less)
    Rah, the return of MegamanDS! As usual, he's all speed and no execution. Your
    success depends on what chips you've used in the past. For example, if you
    have used a LifeAura, he can use it, too. (I found this out the hard way.)
    -Counter!: Before using Cannon, and the usual counter times on other chips.
    -Good chip: Depends
    -Bad chip: Depends
    -Megabuster: Fires the Megabuster at you. Fires fast, and in multiples. It
    doesn't do hardly any damage, though.
    <1/Your Attack rating>
    -Cannon: Same as chip.
    -Quake: Same as chip.
    -DarkSword: Same as chip.
    -FolderMemory: Any and all chips you have used in the past can be used against
    you. The more the chip was used, the higher the chance that he'll use it.
    (Useless Fact): DarkMega was first introduced in MMBN4 as Megaman Dark Soul. 
    MegamanDS shared your HP and NaviCust programs.
    [Bass] (3000/3500/4000)
    Difficulty: 5
    Location: King of Chaos(2:01-4:00)/Nebula 6/Nebula 6 (E-Reader ONLY)
    Bass is pretty much the same, neigh impossible boss as he was in BN4. Only 
    extreme luck can save you from his attacks, but you can counterattack only
    when he performs a move. Other than that, you're toast.
    -Counter!: Right before he uses Shooting Buster.
    -Good chip: JusticeOne?
    -Bad chip: TankCannon, MarkCannon, and most non-precise chips.
    -ShootingBuster: He fires on random panels.
    -DarkArmBlade: He slashes at you. Sometimes he will follow up with two more
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    -Hells Rolling: He fires two wheels at you that attempt to home in on your 
    position. Obsticles or holes stop them.
    -DarknessOverload: He leaps to the third column and fires a huge 2x3 blast. 
    Super-piercing, cracks panels.
    -ChaosNightmare<Finisher>: He leaps in the air, charges a Darkness Overload, 
    and then tosses it at you. Super-piercing, cracks panels.
    (Useless Fact): Bass has been in every major MMBN game. In classic series, he
    played the role of a rival to Megaman.
    [NebulaGray] (2000/2500/3000/4000)
    Difficulty: 5
    Location: Final Boss/King of Chaos (1st time)/King of Chaos (over 4:00)/Final
    Boss with the 7 marks.
    NebulaGray is, of course, the final boss. Like Duo, you're on a 4-column
    field. Unlike Duo, though, that 4th column is un-Grabable. Say goodbye to most
    of your Sword chips. Its body cannot be attacked, only the blue spirit. That
    spirit slowly rotates around. His spirit is off the normal field dimensions
    most of the time, so chips that target certain panels (like Lance) are hard to
    hit with. Chips that REQUIRE panels (like CircleGun) do absolutely squat.
    There IS good news, though. He usually only does Black Prominence until his
    spirit returns to its position in front of him, when he uses one of his other
    7 attacks. Also, he has no double-damage signature move like most Navis, so
    that's good. AirShoes are suggested, since Hellflame Serpent will eat up most
    of your field. And if you mess up a Chaos Unison, DarkMega will NOT appear.
    -No counter
    -Good chip: Anything that stuns
    -Bad chip: CircleGun/DarkCircle, Swords, multi-hitters
    -Black Prominence<Primary>: A DarkHole appears beside Mega, firing a flame at 
    Megaman's panel. Is stopped by holes.
    [_][_][_][_] NG NG  H=Hole 
    [H][X][_][_] NG NG
    [_][_][_][_] NG NG
    -GraveFire: Spits a fireball that always targets Megaman's panel.
    -DarkChip: Summons DarkMega, who uses a DarkChip.
    [_][X][X][_] NG NG  D=DarkMega
    [_][X][X][D] NG NG
    [_][X][X][_] NG NG
    [X][_][_][_] NG NG 
    [X][_][_][D] NG NG
    [X][_][_][_] NG NG
    -Hellflame Serpent: Possibly his most dangerous move, he turns into a snake,
    targets Mega, and jumps at him, striking all panels around him. Struck panels
    are cracked.
    [X][X][X][_] NG NG T=Targeted Panel
    [X][T][X][_] NG NG
    [X][X][X][_] NG NG
    -Thousand Death Hand<Finisher>: Nebula Gray's desperation attack. Gray floods 
    the field with his hands, and if one grabs Mega, it drains his HP and gives it
    to NG. Shake like mad to get the hand off, since it causes paralysis and will 
    do multiple hits if left alone.
    (Useless Fact): NebulaGray is the first final boss in Megaman history that 
    you battle without first dealing with a sub-boss. 
    6. FAQs [FAQ]
    Q. Why do I only get 2 columns when fighting Darkloids in Liberate Missions?
    A. If you have ANY panels beside you, you'll only get two columns. An easy way
    to avoid this is to have Protoman WideSword the panel in front of the Darkloid
    first, then attack next turn.
    Q. Why haven't you written a Team Colonel FAQ?
    A. Somebody beat me to it. Go read their FAQ, it rocks. 
    7. Version Update [VER]
    Version 2.0(7/19/05): Changed some stuff, added a real strategy for Meddy, new
    e-mail address.
    Version 1.5(7/6/05): Added attack damage and counter timing.
    Version 1.2(6/24/05): Changed the attack names, and added DS HP.
    Version 1(6/22/05): First Version
    8. Legal and Contact [LEG]
    This FAQ is copyright 2005 SearchBomber. I don't care if 
    you message boards or whatnot use it, but the only major 
    sites I want this on is GameFAQs and Neoseeker. I don't care if you take 
    this and say that you made it; may your own guilt destroy 
    If you can help me with ANYTHING, email me at 
    searchbomber@yahoo.com, or call for me on the message boards. You will get
    my eternal gratitude. 
    (Not to mention your name in this FAQ)
    9. Thank-you's [THK]
    CJayC, cause without you and your site, I wouldn't be the 
    MMBN NetBattler I am today.
    Nintendo, you're my heroes!!!
    Capcom, for keeping out of dangerous places, like outside. 
    Bradygames' Strategy Guide, for the DSLV and attack names.

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