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    BBS FAQ by dinobotmaximized

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/29/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *                                                                             *
    *                 ****     **** ********   ********      **                   *
    *                /**/**   **/**/**/////   **//////**    ****                  *
    *                /**//** ** /**/**       **      //    **//**                 *
    *                /** //***  /**/******* /**           **  //**                *
    *                /**  //*   /**/**////  /**    ***** **********               *
    *                /**   /    /**/**      //**  ////**/**//////**               *
    *                /**        /**/******** //******** /**     /**               *
    *                //         // ////////   ////////  //      //                *
    *                                                                             *
    *                     ****     ****     **     ****     **                    *
    *                    /**/**   **/**    ****   /**/**   /**                    *
    *                    /**//** ** /**   **//**  /**//**  /**                    *
    *                    /** //***  /**  **  //** /** //** /**                    *
    *                    /**  //*   /** **********/**  //**/**                    *
    *                    /**   /    /**/**//////**/**   //****                    *
    *                    /**        /**/**     /**/**    //***                    *
    *                   //         // //      // //      ///                      *
    *                                                                             *
    *          ******       **     ********** ********** **       ********        *
    *         /*////**     ****   /////**/// /////**/// /**      /**/////         *
    *         /*   /**    **//**      /**        /**    /**      /**              *
    *         /******    **  //**     /**        /**    /**      /*******         *
    *         /*//// ** **********    /**        /**    /**      /**////          *
    *         /*    /**/**//////**    /**        /**    /**      /**              *
    *         /******* /**     /**    /**        /**    /********/********        *
    *         ///////  //      //     //         //     //////// ////////         *
    *                                                                             *
    *  ****     ** ******** ********** **       **   *******   *******   **   **  *
    * /**/**   /**/**///// /////**/// /**      /**  **/////** /**////** /**  **   *
    * /**//**  /**/**          /**    /**   *  /** **     //**/**   /** /** **    *
    * /** //** /**/*******     /**    /**  *** /**/**      /**/*******  /****     *
    * /**  //**/**/**////      /**    /** **/**/**/**      /**/**///**  /**/**    *
    * /**   //****/**          /**    /**** //****//**     ** /**  //** /**//**   *
    * /**    //***/********    /**    /**/   ///** //*******  /**   //**/** //**  *
    * //      /// ////////     //     //       //   ///////   //     // //   //   *
    *                                                                             *
    *                                    ******                                   *
    *                                   /*////                                    *
    *                                   /*****                                    *
    *                                   ///// *                                   *
    *                                        /*                                   *
    *                                    *   /*                                   *
    *                                   / ****                                    *
    *                                    ////                                     *
    *                                                                             *
    *                            BBS FAQ Version 1.0                              *
    *            Copyright 2005 Chris Castiglione (dinobotmaximized)              *
    *               Email: dinobotmaximized (at) yahoo (dot) com                  *
    *                                                                             *
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Dex's BBS
    4. Yai's BBS
    5. SciLab BBS
    6. Gargoyle Castle BBS
    7. Undernet BBS
    8. Thanks and Credits
    9. Legal
    1. Introduction **************************************************************
    In this FAQ I have typed up the posts from the five bulletin boards found in 
    Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. 
    2. Version History ***********************************************************
    1.0 - July 29, 2005
    3. Dex's BBS *****************************************************************
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |WM Dex  |Welcome!    |                     |Yai     |Congrats!   |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Yo,guys! I'm your                           What's this talk
    webmaster,Dex!                              about the BBS being
    Tkx for comin' to my                        for "tough guys"?!
    site! Really!                               That better not mean
    This BBS is for you                         a lady like me is
    tough guys to talk                          not welcome!
    about battles!                              Well,anywayI need
    Write about virus                           some NetBattle tips
    busting and net                             right away.
    battles,willya?                             How do you beat that
    Or use the BBS to                           virus that fights
    challenge me to a                           like a boxer?
    duel!                                       When I try to attack
    But be ready to go                          it,warps right to me
    up against Dex and                          and punches me first
    GutsMan,                                    Even I'm at a loss
    the toughest Net                            this time!
    Battler team in
    ACDC Town!
    And I wanna see
    comments from Class
    6-A at ACDC School!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |WM Dex  |Champy's #! |                     |GutsMan |GutsMan!    |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Heh! Yeah,I shoulda                         Boom! Kaboom!
    said "tough guys and                        Give him the Guts-
    tough girls,too"!                           Punch he deserves!
    And that virus must                         Or the GutsMachine-
    be Champy! Well,I                           Gun!
    know what to do!                            Or the GutsHammer!
    When you line up                            Go get 'em!
    with him,he'll
    appear near you!
    When he does,move
    to another space and
    his punch will miss.
    That's when I send
    a GutsPunch right
    back at him!
    That's the trick for
    beating Champy!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Glide   |Cool,Dex!   |                     |Mayl    |Today's HW  |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Well,we don't use                           Did everybody decide
    GutsPunches...                              what to write
    but Dex's advice                            their report on?
    sure did help use                           My Navi Roll and I
    beat Champy.                                are going to write
    So,I'd like to                              about Elements!
    thank you on behalf
    of Ms.Yai.
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Koetsu  |RE:Tday's HW|                     |Chakkan |Big Secret! |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Hello! It's me,the                          I heard that some
    battle researcher                           chips merge during
    Koetsu!                                     battle.
    Elements,you say?                           Like cannons
    Excellent topic!                            merging to form a
    Have you heard the                          GigaCann.
    phrase "Elements                            I tried it,but they
    are everything"?                            didn't combine. But
    Well,it's true!                             don't tell anybody!
    There are four
    elements: Fire,Aqua
    Elec,and Wood.
    Double Attack with
    [Fire] on [Wood],
    [Wood] on [Elec],
    [Elec] on [Aqua], or
    [Aqua] on [Fire].
    Did I give away too
    much? Find out more
    on your own!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |WM Dex  |RE:Secret!  |                     |Chakkan |Thx!        |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    That's the Program                          Wow,P.A.mode...
    Advance mode,or P.A.                        Sounds difficult.
    mode for short.                             Thanks,Dex! I think
    Choose three chips                          I'm going to try
    with chip codes in                          this P.A.mode thing!
    order ABC...                                For my homework,
    Insert the chips in                         I'll find lots of
    order to activate                           P.A.mode combos!
    A P.A.mode chip is
    way more powerful
    than a normal chip!
    Even I've never used
    a P.A.mode chip.
    They're way hard.
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Yu      |Mystry data |                     |Mozukuza |Reglr Chips|
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Im Yu from ADCD                             I'm choosing Regular
    School Class 6-A,                           Chips.
    Student #4.                                 These are the chips
    Have you ever seen                          that always appear
    Mystery Data show up                        on the Custom Screen
    in battle? I did!                           Select your Regular
    I finished the                              Chips by going to 
    battle without                              the edit screen
    destroying it and...                        and pressing the
    Heh heh...The rest                          SELECT on
    is a secret!                                a chip.
    I decided to do my                          The yellow outline
    report on mystery                           shows that you've
    data!                                       selected the chip.
                                                Heh heh,how's that?
                                                Do I know my stuff
                                                or what?
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Koetsu  |RE:Reglr Ch |                     |Hirohiro  |NaviCust! |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Hello! Koetsu here.                         NaviCusts on sale
    Well,you =almost=                           for the new PET! I
    know your stuff!                            already got mine!
    You didn't mention                          I'm programming
    the all-important                           for the first time,
    "data size."                                so I was worried
    Data size is shown                          I might break
    on the right of each                        my Navi.
    chip.                                       But customizing is
    It's the size of the                        as easy as solving
    chip data.                                  a puzzle! And fun!
    You can't select a                          What kind of
    Regular Chip unless                         customizations did
    its size is less                            everybody else do?
    than that of the
    PET regular memory.
    You can increase
    your max memory
    with RegUP.
    Use Regular Chips
    And you'll overcome
    the mightiest of 
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Rick    |RE:NaviCust |                     |Tokitada|Using Nvcst |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    I'm a terrible                              I'm collecting Elec
    operator. My Navi                           chips to give my
    often gets deleted.                         folder extra voltage
    So I customized him                         So the "battery"
    into a buff Navi...                         program is very
    Using HP+200 and                            useful to me!
    AutonHeal.                                  Install Battery into
    You can buy these                           NaviCust to attract
    programs at the shop                        [Elec] viruses!
    in Oran Area3.                              Now you know: Navi-
    If you stop by to                           Cust does more than
    sightsee,be sure                            power up Navis!
    to try the shop!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Koetsu  |RE:Using NC |                     |Kochisu |Bug?!       |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Hello! Koetsu here                          A...bug?
    to talk about                               Actually,my Navi
    NaviCust!                                   leaves a trail of
    Tokitada is right.                          cracks when walking.
    NaviCust can do more                        When he left cracks
    than boost Navis.                           all over ACDC Area,
    The true NaviCust                           Mr.Prog got mad
    masters...                                  and said "Is this
    Know how to tweak                           some kind of prank?"
    their NaviCusts to                          I may have mis-
    meet specific needs.                        programmed the
    But you've got to be                        NaviCust.
    careful of bugs.                            Sorry,Mr.Prog!
    If your Navi is out
    of sorts,open the
    Emotion Window.
    If there's a bug,
    you should see
    a change.
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Inoppe  |Bug again?  |                     |Koetsu  |DarkChip!   |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Speaking of bugs,my                         Hello! Koetsu here.
    Navi seems rather                           ...I guess you must
    dark lately.                                have used
    My dad gave me a                            a DarkChip.
    black chip and I've                         DarkChips are very
    been using it...                            powerful chips.
    But I feel like my                          However...
    Navi has gotten                             Once you use one,
    kinda mean.                                 your Navi's heart
    And the other day,                          becomes tainted!
    he suddenly has a                           And some say that
    fit...                                      when a Navi is
    I wonder if this                            engulfed by dark...
    could be a NaviCust                         It becomes an
    bug,too?                                    inhabitant of the
                                                underground world.
                                                In any case,using
                                                DarkChips is a
                                                dangerous idea!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Wolf    |RE:DarkChip |                     |Tomosuke|Watch out!  |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Heh heh...I've used                         *gulp...*
    DarkChips before,                           DarkChips are really
    too.                                        scary...
    I put one in my                             Evil chips that
    folder out of morbid                        alter your Navi's
    curiosity.                                  heart...
    They always come up                         And take off one
    when my Navi is in                          point of its Max HP!
    a tough spot.                               Once you take that
    Heh heh...And I can                         road,there's no
    never refuse the                            turning back.
    temptation.                                 And with the
    My Navi's body                              internet occupied...
    turned black like                           It seems like Dark
    Inoppe's.                                   Chips have really
    And his Max HP is                           taken off...
    the strange number                          I wonder if it could
    99.                                         have something to
    Heh heh...but those                         do with Nebula?
    DarkChips are just 
    so inviting!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Nookie  |Sub virus   |                     |Nanako  |RE:Sub viru |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Anybody know how to                         The yellow submarine
    beat that yellow                            must be Marina.
    submarine virus?                            It's tough that you
    On aqua panels it                           can't be damaged
    only sticks its                             when it hides
    periscope out...                            on aqua panels
    and I can't damage it!                      But don't worry.
                                                When it hides in an
                                                aqua panel...
                                                Use an [Elec]
                                                [Elec] attacks will
                                                do double damage
                                                to viruses...
                                                even when they're
                                                hidden in aqua
                                                Stop by at Higsby's
                                                BattleChip shop for
                                                [Elec] chips.
                                                We also do special
                                                orders,so please
                                                stop by and try us!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Zacky   |Counters!   |                     |Mukkai  |Slashing    |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Net Battling is all                         I'm Mikkai. I work
    about counters!                             for SciLab.  
    And yet...                                  I've been posting on
    Kids these days rely                        all the battle
    on combos and                               bulletin boards.
    P.A.mode!                                   Recently we've seen
    Real NetBattlers hit                        a series of slashing
    viruses when they're                        incidents.
    open after an attack                        The perpertrator is
    It's called a                               a slashing samurai
    Counter,and it takes                        virus.
    guts!                                       If you encounter him
    To do a counter,you                         run away. Do not
    can't be flinching                          attempt to delete.
    at enemy attacks!                           Many NetBattlers
    Are any of you kids                         have already fallen
    willing to step up                          prey to him.
    to the challenge?
    To become the heir
    to my Zacky-style
    counter technique?!
    |Mosashi |RE:Slashing |
    Uh oh!
    That must be Zomon.
    Zomon charges at you
    and doea a double-
    And you don't know
    if he'll attack with
    his Wide or Long Swrd
    If you encounter him
    keep and eye on his
    He is a disgrace to
    the name of the
    It is my duty to
    dispose of him once
    and for all!
    4. Yai's BBS *****************************************************************
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Glide   |Welcome!    |                     |Mayl    |Congrats!   |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    This is Yai's site!                         Nice new site! The
    This is the BBS.                            goldfish are cute!
    Please post at your                         It reminds me of the
    leisure!                                    ACDC festival last
                                                year! What fun.
                                                We should all go
                                                again this year!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |GutsMan |Super!      |                     |Yai     |Thanks!     |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Super site,dude!                            Thanks,Mayl. I've
    And tks for trading                         the goldfish idea
    that nice chip!                             from the ACDC fair.
    Now Dex's folder                            Remember last time
    won't be just a                             when we scooped
    bunch of cannons!                           goldfish?
    I added a BBS to                            And tks,GutsMan,I
    Dex's site,too!                             checked out the
    It's all about                              site.
    battles. Hope to                            Tell Dex to take his
    see your comments!                          face off his site!
                                                It'll scare
                                                everybody away!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Tokumori |New PET!   |                     |Roll    |RE:New PET! |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Guess what I found                          I went to buy one
    at Higsby's shop                            with Mayl.
    in ACDC Town?!                              It's easier for our
    A new PET! It's                             Navis to get around
    called Progress PET.                        with the new version.
    I would've bought                           And it comes in lots
    one,but I was short                         of colors. Mayl got
    one Zenny...                                her PET in pink!
    Next time I go,I'll
    bring my whole
    piggy bank!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Tokumori |Oh,wow!    |                     |Mumu    |ACDC Area!  |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Wow,you got me                              Neb...u...la...
    curious! Sounds like
    quite a PET!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Payachi |Mumu?       |                     |Beltz   |ACDC free   |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    I haven't seen Mumu                         ACDC Area is free!
    since the last                              Now we can roam the
    post.                                       net without fear.
    Could something have                        Can you believe how
    happened? Surely he                         much we're affected
    didn't join Nebula?                         when the Net's down?
    Why would an                                It really shows how
    organization want to                        much we depend on
    take over the Net?                          our Navis.
    Wonder who's behind                         It makes me want to
    the Nebula group?                           take real good care
    How viciuos...like                          of mine!
    an internet
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Yai     |RE:ACDCfree |                     |Yosikawa|XtraFld     |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Beltz is right. We                          The other day I
    expect a lot from                           installed Xfolder
    our Navis.                                  in my Extra Folder.
    But we tend to take                         Now I'm using the
    them for granted.                           Mr.Famous Wannabe's
    We should treat them                        folder!
    with the respect                            Does that make me a
    they deserve.                               Wannabe wannabe?
                                                But I can't edit my
                                                Extra Folder.
                                                Wonder why?
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Koetsu  |RE:XtraFld  |                     |Takayan |Tips        |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Hey!                                        Wow! Ever wanted to
    This is Koetsu!                             get a better view
    Today let's learn                           of the field?
    about folders.                              Like when you're in
    You can add three                           battle with the
    folders to Progress                         Custom Screen on?
    PETs.                                       Well,you can close
    Folder1,Folder2,                            the Custom Screen by
    and Extra Folder.                           pressing SELECT!
    You can edit Folder1                        Press SELECT again
    and Folder2                                 to open the Custom
    yourself                                    Screen again!
    but you can't edit                          This way you won't
    Extra Folder. But                           miss a thing
    don't worry...                              in battle!
    You can install
    people's folders
    into Extra Folder.
    It can be fun to
    battle with other
    people's folders.
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Toppo   |Tips 2      |                     |Kentaro |Tip 3       |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Some people are just                        Heh heh! Have I got
    so long-winded,you                          some advice for you!
    know what I mean?                           Press SELECT during
    If you ever happen                          an event...
    to meet somebody                            To skip past it.
    like that...                                But be careful not
    Just press the                              to skip past
    B Button!                                   anything important!
    That'll teach those
    motor mouths to
    mince their words!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Gates   |Hello Yai   |                     |Dex     |Oran Isle   |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Hey,Yai!                                    Whoa,Dude! I went
    How r u doing?                              to Oran Isle,too!
    I took a vacation to                        It was a blast!
    Oran Isle,too!                              Great seafood!
    But I guess I                               Clear skies!
    must've missed you!                         That place rocks!
    Too bad cuz it would                        Don't miss the
    have been fun to                            OldMine tour!
    hang out!                                   Next time I wanna go
    Hope to see you at                          with GutsMan!
    a party!
    Tell Glide I said
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Yai     |RE:Oran Isl |                     |Dex     |Chip dsgnr! |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Gosh,Dex! Gates is                          Wow! Gates is a
    a world-famous                              real-live chip
    BattleChip designer.                        designer?!
    Can't you talk with                         I have an idea!!!
    a little more class?                        You should make a
    Hello Mr.Gates.                             DexSP GigaChip!
    I regret not meeting                        It would be the
    you on Oran Isle.                           toughest chip in all
    We're hosting a                             of ACDC Town!!!
    party at
    I hope that we can 
    see you there.
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Yai     |RE: dsg     |                     |Noah    |Chip Trader |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Are you kidding?                            I just can't stop
    If a chip were made                         playing Chip Trader.
    after you...                                It's a machine at
    It's be Fool's Gold,                        Higsby's.
    or maybe Hot Air.                           You put in 3 chips,
    People would avoid                          and out comes a new
    it like the plague!                         one.
    Just forget it,Dex!                         You get chips
                                                randomly,but that's
                                                part of the fun!
                                                The other day I put
                                                in three Cannon
                                                and out came a
                                                It's just so much
                                                fun I can't stop...
                                                Oh,by the way,when
                                                you use Chip Trader,
                                                It saves
                                                automatically,so be
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Joe     |RE:Chip Tra |                     |Ruta    |Qn Bohemia  |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Wow,I know just                             Today I went to the
    what you mean,Noah!                         dock near SciLab.
    You sacfafice three                         And there was a
    chips to fate...                            great big ship
    And you don't know                          moored there!
    what'll come of it!                         It's called Queen
    And when you get                            Bohemia.
    just the coolest                            I'd give an arm and
    chip...Oh,wow!                              a leg for a cruise
    Chip Trader is,                             on that ship!
    like,a way of life!                         I bet they'd have a
    A grand battle!                             banquet like you've
    And you know what?                          never seen...
    I heard about                               Whoa! I was just 
    a special trader...                         imagining myself on
    That accepts ten                            the gorgeous deck.
    chips!                                      Now,how do you
    Wow,I can't wait                            suppose I could get
    to try that one!                            invited?
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Bork    |Robbery!    |                     |Gigolo  |RE:Robbery! |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    I heard something                           Nebula probably
    happened on                                 wants to put an end
    Queen Bohemia.                              to the digital world
    The perpetrator                             They took over End
    tried to steal                              Area,and they can't
    the booster system                          send emails anymore.
    ...designed by a                            Nebula's going to
    Ubercorp.                                   bring back the
    Booster systems can                         homing pigeon!
    boost the power of                          Heck,I can't wait!
    Apparently Nebula
    was behind the theft
    First the internet,
    now booster systems.
    Just what is Nebula
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Chikachi|ACDC panic  |                     |Yai     |RE:ACDC pan |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    There must be                               I think of myself as
    something wrong                             calm,butI screamed
    with me.                                    my head off!
    I saw a broadcasrt by                       There's nothing
    Dr.Regal,and I've                           scarier than losing
    felt antsy since.                           control of yourself.
    It just isn't like                          I may as well be an
    me. I've finally                            Undernet dweller!
    calmed down,but...                          And I heard
    I heard it's put all                        it happened
    of ACDC Town in                             in places all
    a panic.                                    across Electopia!
    I'm worried sick to                         We mustn't let the
    think of what might                         underground world
    be in store for us.                         take over.
    |Dex     |I'm freaked | 
    Shoot,I don't
    remember a thing for
    that period.
    And memory ain't
    something I wanna
    This is big trouble.
    What the heck's
    gonna happen?
    5. SciLab BBS ****************************************************************
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Shimoter|SciLab BBS  |                     |Nekomama|Congrats!   |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    I'm Shimoter. I'm                           Congrats on
    in charge of the                            SciLab Area's 
    SciLab web page.                            liberation!
    SciLab Area was                             Now ACDC Area,Oran
    liberated recently.                         Area,and SciLab Area
    This has allowed                            have all been freed!
    SciLab Area to                              But who do we have
    reopen its web page.                        to thank for freeing
    This BBS is now                             the Net from Nebula?
    operating again.                            I wonder if it's the
    We hope everybody                           work of Officials?
    will be back to post
    their opinions!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Moroyon |Mr.Famous!  |                     |Donkun  |Gta b Chaud |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    No way,Nekomama,                            I think that it's
    it's gotta be                               the ace NetBattler
    Mr.Famous!                                  Chaud.
    He's a legend! He                           Chaud and his Navi
    won 69 consecutive                          ProtoMan are one of
    NetBattles!                                 best teams around.
    No NetBattler could                         Once I had the
    ever beat him!                              honor of being
    Nebula'd be a cinch                         rescued by him.
    for Mr.Famous!                              I'll never forget
    Well,probably...                            the incredible
                                                techniques he used.
                                                I don't think Chaud
                                                could ever lose
                                                a NetBattle.
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Komakki |Trans up?   |                     |Mizuppa |Bug!        |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    I don't care who it                         When I was
    is,I just want them                         programming my
    to free End Area!                           NaviCustomizer...
    We can't contact                            I accidentlly put
    Netopia...                                  parts of the same
    Our company's in big                        color in a row.
    trouble! We should                          It caused a bug and
    sue that Nebula!                            when I didn't take
                                                care of it...
                                                My Navi go angry
                                                with me,and said...
                                                "You need to check 
                                                the Emotion Window!
                                                I have a bug!"
                                                I guess bugs can be
                                                serious stuff for 
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Hassha  |RE:Bug!     |                     |Gussan  |Dr.Hikari   |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Mizuppa,your Navi                           Navi's hearts are
    must have quite a                           just like human
    developed heart.                            hearts.
    Is your Navi's                              My Navi feels happy,
    Sync high?                                  sad,and angry--
    I guess it must be.                         the whole gamut.
    My Navi's heart is                          Navis were invented 
    still underdeveloped.                       by Dr.Hikari.
    He hasn't even gone                         He's amazing!
    Full Sync yet.                              And his father,
    With a developed                            Dr.Tadashi Hikari...
    heart,the Emotion                           Invented PETs.
    Window turns red                            Come to think of it,
    in battle.                                  our entire
    It means your Navi                          lifestyle...
    is in a rage.                               Is dependent upon
    It can double your                          the inventions of
    attack power.                               the Hikari family!
    And your Navi won't
    lurch back from
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Yacchan |Hikari rlz! |                     |Nakamura|Mr.Quiz     |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    He's right!                                 Mr.Quiz?!
    Dr.Hikari is                                Who called Mr.Quiz?!
    totally awesome!                            If you hear these
    I'm studying like                           words,be on your 
    crazy to get into                           guard!
    SciLab myself!                              Any moments Mr.Quiz
    I heard that the                            could pounce on you
    Dr.'s son is                                with a quiz!
    quite a battler!                            When I was quizzed,
    He's famous for                             I missed the last
    defeating the WWW,                          question!
    a vicious band of...                        Shoot! I bet you get
    net crooks led by                           something if you
    the menacing Wily!                          answer correctly!
    If I can get into
    SciLab,I want to
    learn from Hikari!
    Then I'll become 
    just as famous as
    they are!
    If my studying goes
    well,that is! Err...
    Where's my books?
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Susan   |RE:Mr.Quiz  |                     |Kappepo |Odd numbers |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    I met Mr.Quiz,too!                          A guy who quizzes
    He came out and                             people at random?
    quizzed me!                                 Wow,there really
    By the way,I                                are some strange
    answered all the                            people in the world.
    questions right...                          Speaking of strange,
    And what did I get?                         did anybody see the
    Err...                                      8 digits written...
    *shiver shiver*                             on the back of the
    I can't bear to say                         blackboard at school
    it...It gives me the                        the other day?
    shivers!                                    The next day,they
                                                were gone...
                                                I'm sure curious
                                                what they were
                                                there for...
    |Goetsu  |Lotto no's! |
    Goetsu here! I can
    explain all
    this strangeness!
    The 8 digits were a
    lotto number.
    If you input a lotto
    into a special
    trader called a
    Number Trader...
    You can obtain chips
    and other items!
    So,get out there
    and search for those
    lotto numbers!
    Except...I forgot
    where the Number
    Trader is...
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |MdmAkino|Ms.Flora    |                     |Tatsuji |"Chivalry"  |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Mr dear Flora...                            Somebody must have
    Has suddenly started                        installed "Chivalry"
    talking like a guy!                         into your NaviCust.
    She's dead serious                          "Chivalry" is a 
    now...                                      special program
    I wonder what the                           developed
    matter is?                                  by Mr.Famous.
    Could it be a bug?                          When it's installed?
    But it's actually                           You guessed it!
    quite splendid!                             Your Navi will start
    Very suave!                                 acting like a
                                                regular Don Quixote!
                                                It's pretty amazing
                                                that it can change a
                                                Navi's personality.
                                                Definitely worth
                                                a try!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Shizuka |"Humor"     |                     |Bieri   |Elctop rlz! |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Personally I prefer                         Mt.Belenus! Geisha!
    another of                                  Samurai! Shogun!
    Mr.Famous' programs...                      Ninjas! Tempura!
    called "Humor."                             Fantastic fish-like
    It'll turn your Navi                        gargoyles on the
    into a stand-up                             rooftops,
    comic!                                      swimming through the
    A real motor-                               blue skies!
    mouth,but it's a                            My first time in
    blast!                                      Electopia,and I'm
    I live alone,so it                          awestruck!
    really keeps me                             I even bought a
    company!                                    samurai sword to
    Now I just wish                             take home!
    he'd shush up                               Take that!
    at bedtime...                               And that!
                                                If this is
                                                Electopian culture,
                                                I'm all over it!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Shimoter|RE:Elctprlz |                     |Iwamu   |Chk this!   |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Hello,I'm the                               Get a load of this!
    Administrator,                              I heard that a team
    Shimoter.                                   of Navis has been
    Bieri,thank you for                         freeing the Net!
    your kind comments                          Not just a rumor,
    on Electopian                               this time I heard it
    culture.                                    from a good source!
    I'm glad to see                             I mean,really
    you've had an                               reliable! I heard
    opportunity...                              about it from...
    to be exposed to                            Whoa! Sorry,can't
    Electopia.                                  tell you any more!
    May your interest
    continue to grow!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Kuroron |You mean...?|                     |Takano  |CyberLark!  |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Iwamu! If I may ask,                        About the Undernet:
    do you mean the                             The other day I saw
    undernet?                                   a CyberLark...
    The Net that's                              Flying toward the
    out of reach even                           Undernet.
    for officials?                              It was really quite
    Well,I know that                            magnificent. Maybe
    the Undernet has a                          it has a nest there?
    lot to offer...                             Maybe I'll go search
    But it's dangerous!                         for it sometime...
    Think about it! They
    use DarkChips all
    the time there!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Tanabe  |"Under" tlk |                     |Murray  |Hrggahh!    |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    We shouldn't be                             Hrggahh! I fight!
    talking about the                           I'll smash SciLab
    Undernet too much.                          into pieces!
    I heard about a                             Hrggraaahh!!!
    different bulletin                          You wanna try me?
    board...                                    I'll delete every
    where there was                             last one of ya!!!
    a big discussion                            Hrggh! Hrggahh!!!
    about the Undernet.
    And all the Navis
    there were deleted!
    Hey,Undernet agents
    could be observing
    us right now!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Jori    |I'm on edge |                     |Bauha   |AAIEEEE!!!  |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Are you kidding? A                          #$%%#"(($''LL+#AAJJE
    Navi bug?                                   PPI(#(#))====JE+##)
    I'll tell you what                          ###""""hhhh1h2hk;
    to do--                                     #%)!(%>><%#!!! #)
    just ignore it!                             J###   ))(="(%~
    Who cares about                             AAIIIIEEE!!!
    Navis?!                                     This is just the
    There's no time to                          kind of message this
    fix bugs!                                   BBS deserves!!!
    Leave the Navis                             AAIIIIEEE!!!
    to themselves!
    I don't need a PET!
    I'm free,I'm free!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Shimoter|Post rules  |                     |Piero   |W...wow...  |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Hrggrahh!!!                                 This BBS is really
    I'm Shimoter,the                            getting out of
    Administrator! Quit                         control.
    your cruddy posting!                        Even the Admin
    I've given you free                         Shimoter is going
    reign long enough!                          whacky.
    Do you have any idea                        I guess the effects
    how much trouble                            of that incident are
    you're causing me?                          still with us.
    I'm going to erase
    every last crummy
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Goda    |I'm worried |                     |Shimoter|Apology     |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    I agree. That really                        I'm Shimoter,the
    was quite a scare.                          Administrator!
    Before I knew it,I                          About those four
    was picking a fight                         problem postings...
    with my best friend.                        I wish to offer my
    I wonder what was                           sincerest apologies
    going on with me?                           for posting such
    I felt like I'd lost                        irresponsible
    control of myself.                          messages.
    I'm frightened that                         Officials and
    it might happen                             scientists are now
    again sometime.                             hard at work...
                                                trying to determine
                                                the cause of
                                                this incident.
                                                I understand your
                                                concerns about this
                                                occurring again...
                                                But I have to ask 
                                                for your patience on
                                                this matter.
    6. Gargoyle Castle BBS *******************************************************
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Webmastr|Offcl BBS!  |                     |Tatsuaki|No way!     |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Welcome!                                    Oh,wow! An Official
    This is the                                 Battle Bulletin
    GargCastleHP!                               Board!
    I'm the webmaster,                          I can't wait to talk
    Jagi.                                       to all the awesome
    This is the Official                        NetBattlers!
    Battle Bulletin                             I just know this is
    Board.                                      going to be
    The world is running                        a great BBS!
    scared from the
    threat of Nebula.
    Use this BBS to
    learn new busting
    so that you will be
    able to defend
    Looking forward to
    reading your
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Cartan  |CustSwrd    |                     |Mosashi |Mster's Swd |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Some chips are                              The CustSwrd? That's
    linked to your Cust                         a mighty sword you
    Gauge.                                      have,brave one.
    Take the Cust                               But it won't stand
    Swrd. The higher                            up to my VarSwrd.
    your Cust Gauge...                          The VarSwrd changes
    The more powerful                           attacks based on
    the attack but the                          command inputs.
    timing is difficult.                        I can adjust my
    You can use the                             attacks for any
    SloGauge to slow                            situation.
    the gauge...                                If you are wise,you
    Then it's easier to                         will listen to my
    hit with a more                             teachings.
    powerful attack.                            Hold A Button. Down/
    Chips with the                              Down-Right/Right for
    "Cust" designation                          LongSwrd. Up/Right/
    are inseperably...                          Down for WideSwrd.
    linked to the Cust                          Left/Down/Right for
    Gauge. Use it to                            FtrSword.
    your advantage!                             No samurai mastered
                                                his art in a day.
                                                Train yourself at
                                                your own pace for
                                                the other commands.
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Goetsu  |Orgnl Combo |                     |Goro    |Pls help!   |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Hello! It's your                            Wow,are you really
    favorite battle                             Koetsu,the "Cyber
    master,Goetsu!                              Sage"?
    Today we'll learn                           It figures you'd be
    combos using the                            here on the Official
    RockCube.                                   battle BBS!
    It's a cinch. Put                           Well,I feel very 
    the cubbe near                              fortunate! Could I
    enemy territory...                          ask a question?
    And fire a Pulsar                           How can I defeat 
    at it!                                      the Ninja Viruses?
    When the Pulsar hits                        They're always
    the cube...                                 infecting my web
    Supersonic waves                            page...
    emit from the cube                          They'll glare at me,
    for an area attack.                         then launch a
    And its stun effect                         throwing blade!
    will allow for                              When I attack back,
    repeat attacks!                             they disappear
    There are also other                        before I can hit!
    chips with special                          They've got people
    effects like Pulsar.                        so scared there's no
                                                traffic to my site!
                                                What can I do to
                                                delete them?
                                                Please help me 
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Koetsu  |RE:Pls help |                     |Chanpon |Gosu tech!  |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Hello! Koetsu here,                         Koetsu? Goetsu?
    on the Official                             Who's the real one?
    Battle BBS!                                 At any rate,you
    Goro,don't be                               both know some
    fooled! That message                        awesome techniques!
    wasn't me!                                  Oh,do you know how
    Take another look.                          to use the RedFrut
    It says "Goetsu"!                           chip correctly?
    So,allow me...                              When I use it,an
    To give the real                            apple just pops out
    answer in this                              onto the field!
    message.                                    What good does a
    The Ninja Viruses                           chip like that do?
    are called Genin.
    You can only hit
    these guys at just
    the right moment.
    Right after Genin
    attacks,there's a
    chance to hit!
    Stay calm,and time
    it just right to do
    For those of you
    with advanced
    You can slice with a
    sword the moment a
    Genin shows up!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Takeshi |Apples!     |                     |Ofcl Goh|Virus Distr |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    You little tykes                            A recent study
    don't even know how                         revealed that...
    to use RedFrut?                             viruses often have
    Just activating it                          preferences for
    is not enough.                              locations.
    You know that                               For example,[Aqua]
    number inside                               viruses are more
    the apple?                                  likely to appear...
    The number decreases                        in locations that
    each time the apple                         are related to
    moves.                                      water.
    Each version of                             By keeping this fact
    RedFrut has                                 in mind,
    a different effect.                         you can be ready to
    Break RedFrut before                        take on the local
    the number reaches                          viruses...
    zero to activate it.                        by filling your
    I don't care for                            folder with chips
    apples,but I'd have                         according to area.
    RedFrut any day!                            You have to be ready 
                                                to fight more than
                                                Nebula. Good luck!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Honmaru |Discovery   |                     |NO NAME |RE:Discover |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    I wanted to keep                            Uh,we already
    this a secret...                            knew that.
    But no longer! The
    firces of Justice
    need my help!
    Now,listen up...
    AreaGrab can damage 
    And furthermore,
    you can attack with
    Wow! Are those some
    incredible tips,
    or what!?
    Don't bother to
    thank me! It's for
    the good of all!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Webmastr|Netiquette  |                     |Koji    |Chip hits   |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    This is Jagi,the                            My Dad always uses
    webmaster.                                  DrilArm to dig
    The Official Battle                         holes.
    BBS is a free zone                          He said when he
    for your ideas.                             first uses AreaGrab
    However,please                              to expand the area,
    refrain from flaming                        then uses DrilArm
    and posting silly                           that he gets more
    messages.                                   hits than normal.
    And always be sure                          Now he always uses
    to include                                  AreaGrab before
    your name.                                  DrilArm.
    In other words,post                         There might be other
    with the proper                             chip combos that
    netiquette.                                 yield extra hits.
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Goetsu  |Neat chip   |                     |Nisshi  |Elements    |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Hello! Goetsu here.                         My name is Nisshi,
    Let's talk about a                          and this is my
    chip with a very                            first post.
    unusual effect.                             I read on another
    It's called ElcReel,                        BBS that "Elements
    an [Elec] chip with                         are everything,"
    a neat feature.                             so I wonder if there
    It doesn't work very                        isn't a combo that...
    well on single                              makes use of Element
    enemies.                                    panels.
    But,when fired at                           I couldn't figure
    crowds of foes...                           out any good chip
    EldReel hits an                             combos myself.
    enemy and                                   Could anybody give
    electricity flows...                        me any advice?
    to enemies on
    surrounding panels,
    damaging them all!
    Isn't that amazing?
    The key yo becoming
    a master NetBattler
    is knowing the
    characteristics of
    your chips!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Koetsu  |Elmt combos |                     |Goetsu  |Big brother |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Hello! Koetsu here.                         Hello! Goetsu here.
    Nisshi,I encourage                          I fugured out what
    you to continue                             direction you were
    developing combos.                          leading Nisshi in.
    That is one way to                          Koetsu,you're just
    improve your skill                          like a nice big
    as a NetBattler.                            brother!
    Now,about a combo                           I've always looked
    that makes use of                           up to your busting
    Element panels...                           technique.
    I recommend the                             But I don't think
    WavePit chips!                              I'll ever be able to
    There's WavePit and                         compare to you.
    RedWave. The first                          But I'll study up
    comes up on                                 and do my best!
    AquaPanels,the                              Nisshi,my clue for
    second comes up                             you is "seeds."
    on LavaPanels.                              Now,hurry up and
    Well,that should                            complete your
    get you started. Now                        new combo!
    you need to think...
    What chips would
    work well with
    WavePit chips?
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |Maechan |Shakey      |                     |Tokku   |RE:Shakey   |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    When the Shakey                             Maechan,I feel for
    virus rolls at me...                        you!
    I have a hard time                          Shakey gave me a lot
    dodging it.                                 of trouble,too,
    Can anybody tell me                         until one day...
    how to defeat it?                           I found Slasher,the
                                                perfect anti-Shakey
                                                Slasher is also
                                                great against other
                                                viruses...that invade
                                                your territory like
                                                Give it a try.
    7. Undernet BBS **************************************************************
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |DK Webmr|Our BBS     |                     |NO NAME |Nebula      |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    You need information                        Can you believe
    to survive in the                           Nebula's trying to
    underground.                                take over the Net?
    This underBBS                               I couldn't do that
    is for sharing                              if I wanted to. You
    useful secrets.                             gotta respect them.
    You share something                         I can't wait to see
    juicy,and I'll be                           how this dark world
    sure to do the same.                        of theirs turns out!
    You scratch my back,
    I'll scratch yours,
    ou got me?
    Deal? Now,start
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |NO NAME |RE:Nebula   |                     |NO NAME |RE:RE:Nebul |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    *wheeze wheeze*                             You rely on Nebula,
    Y...Yeah! Nebula is                         and call yourself
    sure to engulf the                          underground?
    world in darkness...                        You're a disgrace
    Then we can use as                          to the dwellers of
    many DarkChips as                           the Undernet.
    we want!                                    Me? I'll make my
    *wheeze wheeze...*                          very own world of
    Shoot,I'm running                           darkness.
    low on DarkChips...                         And Nebula? You
    C'mon,guys,                                 can't trust them.
    somebody spare me a                         They'll be back.
    DarkChip...C'mon!                           They've got
                                                something brewing,
                                                I guarantee it.
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |NO NAME |What's...?! |                     |NO NAME |RE:What's..?|
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Rrgh...There's                              Keh heh heh! That
    something wrong with                        means in a
    my body.                                    short while...
    Blast! I can hardly                         Your consciousness
    control my own arms                         will be swallowed by
    and legs!                                   the DarkSoul.
    And my memory's been                        And once that
    spotty at best.                             happens,you can
    Wait,could this be                          never escape!
    a side-effect from                          You'll be trapped in
    using DarkChips?                            darkness for the
    No,I don't want to                          rest of time. 
    disappear! Help me,                         Think you've got the
    please,help me!!!                           power to overcome
                                                the DarkSoul?
                                                Well,I doubt it!
                                                Keh heh heh!
                                                Have a good life!
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |NO NAME |Skarab      |                     |NO NAME |HIp!SP chps |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    I'll show you how to                        Shoot! I got a
    beat Skarab,that                            NaviChip SP...
    boney Virus...                              But I can't use it
    That even Undernet                          because of my
    dwellers have a hard                        tainted mind & body.
    time taking out.                            What a waste of my
    When you damage it                          time!
    with half-baked
    It crumbles and
    won't take further
    So whaddya do?
    Delete him instanlty
    with an awesome
    single strike!
    Of course,if you're
    a top-world chump,
    you'll have trouble!
    But we Undernet
    dwellers are hard-
    core,right guys?
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |NO NAME |DS chips    |                     |NO NAME |Confession  |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Hey,check this out.                         I'm responsible for
    We Undernet                                 many a crime...
    dwellers can't use                          But there's one
    SP NaviChips...                             secret that I've
    But we are the only                         never told anyone.
    ones who can use                            Arrrrggghh! I can't
    DS NaviChips.                               hold it in any
    They absord our dark                        longer! I...
    energy...                                   I just love Solor
    And focus it into                           Boy Django!
    a terrible attack                           C'mon everybody,
    force.                                      shout it out with
    There are also other                        me!
    chips of darkness                           Taiyohhhhhhh......!!!
    only we can use.
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |NO NAME |RE:Confess  |                     |NO NAME |Crazy world |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    ......                                      Hey,did you see
    You know what? I                            what's happening
    love Django,too...                          in top-world?
    No matter how much                          And you know the
    this place taints my                        reason things turn
    hard with blackness,                        out that way...
    The Django stories                          Is that they're
    never fail to                               always keeping their
    brighten things up.                         darkness in.
    There's no denying                          But who the heck is
    it. Solor Boy                               that Regal guy?
    Django is my hero.                          I sense a familiar
                                                darkness within his
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    |ExNebula|Softies     |                     |NO NAME |Dark world  |
    -----------------------                     -----------------------
    Regal is the leader                         Kee hee hee! Top-
    of Nebula.                                  world is in absolute
    With this plan                              chaos!
    underway,top-world                          You can get all the
    is finished.                                chips you want from
    I'll sit underground                        shops now.
    and relish the final                        The top-world freaks
    days of top-world.                          are letting their
                                                dark side take over.
                                                Nobody'll complain
                                                if you take a few
                                                chips on the side.
                                                Just what I wanted!
                                                A bleak world
                                                covered in darkness.
                                                The age of the 
                                                Undernet is here!
                                                Kee hee hee! What
                                                a blast!!!
    8. Thanks and Credits ********************************************************
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