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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EXE759

    Version: 1.16 | Updated: 11/21/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                                                 ##            ## 
                                                                 ##           ### 
                ######     ########                             ##            ### 
                ######    ########  ###   #### ##  ###          ##            ##  
                 ####    ######## ######  ###  ##  ##  ### ## ###     #########   
                 ###    ######## ####### ###  ### ### ### ### ###    ##########   
                ####  ########  ###  ## #### ### ### #### ## ####    #########    
               ####  #### ##   ###     ## #  ### ##  # # ### ###           ###    
              ##### #### ##### ## ### ## ## ####### ## # # #####            ##    
             ## ## ##### #### ### ##  #  # ####### ## # ## #####            ##    
            ## ##### ## #### #### ## ####  # ## # ##### # ## ##            ###    
           ##  #### ## ##    ##  ## ##### ## ## # #  # ## #############    ###    
          ##  ###   ## ########### ##  # ## ## # #  ## #   ###########     ##     
        ### ###### ## ###########  ## ####  ## #           ###########    ###     
       ##   ###   ##  ####      #### ###                   ###    ####    ###     
      ##         ##                                        ###            ##      
    ####  ##  ###########  #####  #  ############# ## ###### #### ###  #####      
    ## # ################  #####  ## ############# ## #### #### ##### ######      
    #### ## ##  ## ##  ##   ##    #### ##   ## ## ## ## ## ## #### ##### ##       
    ###  #####  ## ##  ##   ###   #### ###  ## ## ## ## ## ## ###  ####  ##       
    # #### ##  ## ##  #######    ## # ##   ##  #######  ####### ## ## ## #        
    ###### ##  ## ##  #########  #  # #### ##  #######   ### ## ## ## ##          
            #########  ##   ## ##  #### ####  #### ###### ###  ## ## ###   #  #   
            ######### ##### #####  ## #### ## ## ########## ## ##### ##### ## #   
              ## ##   ## ## #####   #### #### ## ##  ##  ## ## ##### ## ## ####   
              ## ###  ##### # # #   ###  ###  ## ##  ##  ## ## # # # ##### ####   
             ## ##   ## ## ##  ##  ##   ## ## #####  ##  #######  #### ## ## #    
             ## #### ## ## ##  ##  ##   ## ##  ###   ##   ### ##  #### ## #  # 
    Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Protoman
    NA Release: 06/21/05
    JP Release: 12/09/04
    1.      Version History[HIST]
    2.      Controls[CTRL]
    3.      Chapter 1: Your mission, should you choose to accept it...[WKC1]
    4.      Chapter 2: Liberation of ACDC Area 3[WKC2]
    5.      Chapter 3: Down in the Pits[WKC3]
    6.      Chapter 4: Liberation of Oran Area 3[WKC4]
    7.      Chapter 5: Rain Rain, Go Away[WKC5]
    8.      Chapter 6: Liberation of SciLab Area 3[WKC6]
    9.      Chapter 7: Cruising through dark times[WKC7]
    10.     Chapter 8: Liberation of End Area 2[WKC8]
    11.     Chapter 9: Ninjas. Thousands of em.[WKC9]
    12.     Chapter 10: Liberation of End Area 5[WKC10]
    13.     Chapter 11: Revival of the Fittest[WKC11]
    14.     Chapter 12: Liberation of Undernet Area 4[WKC12]
    15.     Chapter 13: Hey, you stole my PET![WKC13]
    16.     Chapter 14: The beginning of the end[WKC14]
    17.     Chapter 15: Deep under the net[WKC15]
    18.     Chip Library[CHIPL]
    19.     Program Advance Library[PAL]
    20.     Powerup List (Incomplete) [POWL]
    21.     FAQs[QA]
    22.	Credits/Legal Information/Contact Info[CRED]
    | VERSION HISTORY                                                      [HIST] |
    Version 1.16: [11/21/05]
             Added a strategy by Goh Yutong in the Cloudman boss fight strategy.
    Version 1.15: [8/10/05]
             Added an incomplete powerup list, (Email me if you know the other
             locations)part of the Nebula area guide, fixed some PA descriptions,
             added locations for a couple chips and slightly changed the layout.
    Version 1.00: [8/8/05]
             Controls, main walkthrough, and chip/PA libraries complete.
    | CONTROLS                                                             [CTRL] |
    Out of battle:
    A                Checks objects/Talks to people
    B                Hold to run
    R                Jacks in/out
    L                Receive tips from Lan/Megaman
    Start            Brings up the start menu
    Select           None
    A                Selects option
    B                Back
    R                Page down in chip folder
    L                Page up in chip folder
    Start            Back
    Select           Orders chips in chip folder
    In battle:
    A                Use chip
    B                Use buster
    B(Hold)          Charge buster
    L/R              Bring up chip menu when custom gauge is full
    Start            Pause battle
    Select           Hide/Unhide chip menu while selecting chips
    | CHAPTER 1: Your mission, should you choose to accept it...           [WKC1] |
    At the opening of the game, you'll see a short cutscene involving two people of
    the 20th century. They'll talk about how they're done researching, and how
    they'll leave it to the next generation to finish their work. Fast forward to
    the 21st century. Lan is asleep (While doing homework, of course). He wakes up
    eventually because of Megaman.EXE's voice and, of course, that beeping noise.
    Lan picks up his PET and is about to jack in, but his mother interupts him.
    When you're able to control Lan, you'll get an email explaining jacking in,
    editing your folder, and using subchips. When you're done reading through it,
    go downstairs and talk to Lan's mother. She'll tell you to take "StewRec." to
    her friend's navi, who resides in KitchenComp. KitchenComp can be accessed
    through ACDC2. When she's done talking, go upstairs and press R next to your
    computer to jack in.
    Walk forward with Megaman a little and he'll run up to confront three Mettaurs.
    Just follow the instructions through the battles and you'll be fine, even if
    this is your first BN game. For those of you who haven't played BN4 yet,
    be sure to read through the third tutorial, as it explains counter and full
    synchro, two elements that weren't in the first three games. When you're done
    with the battles, run forward to ACDC1.
    Follow the green path past a blue square and a forking child path. There is a
    BMD containing the subchip MiniEnergy in the second blue square back on the
    parent path. Further on the path you'll see a security cube for Mayl's HP, a
    subchip dealer in another blue square, and Roll. Talking to her reveals that
    Gutsman and Glide are in ACDC2. There is another child path up ahead with a
    BMD containing 800 zenny. Continue down the path and through the portal to
    Continue down the green path. The first path going left you come to will lead
    to a PMD with BlkBomb R. You'll see a BMD containing CopyDmg * further ahead.
    Past Dex's security cube you'll see Gutsman and Glide trading chips. Take the
    blue path this time and continue southeast. You'll see a portal to KitchenComp.
    There is a pink navi in the center of the area, so talk to it. After she takes
    "StewRcp." from you, she'll jack out. You'll then receive an email from Lan's
    dad, telling him to round everyone up and bring them to the SciLabs. Megaman
    will jack out after this, and you'll have control of Lan.
    Walk downstairs and out of your house. Jack into the doghouse outside of Lan's
    house and look around for a RegUP2. Next door is Mayl's house, so go tell her
    about the trip to SciLabs. Dex's house is at the north of ACDC town. Jack into
    his computer for a RegUP1 and an HP Memory. There is also a battle BBS in his
    HP. Across the street from him is Yai's mansion, and there's a subchip dealer
    at the north end of the sidewalk. After you've talked to everyone, go to the
    Metroline station in the center of town, behind Mayl's house. Mayl and Yai
    will come walking down the street, and Dex joins the group a little later.
    After the Metro ride you'll be infront of the SciLab building. Go up the
    stairs, but before entering the building jack into the sculpture of a grey
    chip to the left. Inside you'll find a BMD containing an HP Memory that will
    increase your maximum HP by 20. Jack out and go to the entrance of the
    building. After everyone enters the building, the screen will pan down to a
    car. After you read through the text, you will be inside the SciLab building.
    Go up the stairs and jack into the terminal with a flashing screen to the left.
    At the south corner there is a BMD containing SeaSeed *. There is a BMD in the
    north corner with 1 BugFrag. Jack out of the terminal.
    Go to the top of the stairs and through the door to get to Dr. Hikari's lab.
    He will start to show you something, but an alarm sounds! A smoke grenade goes
    off in the room, and everyone falls unconscious. Odd-looking people in gas
    masks enter the room and Dr. Regal enters after them. They take the sleeping
    Dr. Hikari away and confiscate everyone else's PETs. They don't seem to notice
    Lan behind the wall, so they leave. Three days later...
    Lan wakes up in his room and jacks into his computer. The net is much darker
    than before. Follow the path the ACDC2. Follow the path until you see a purple
    navi. Talk to him and you'll fight two Mettaurs and a Bugtank. After this easy
    battle, the purple navi will run off through a door. You'll receive an email
    about the infiltrators in the SciLab mainframe. Megaman will jack out in order
    to go to the SciLab. Go downstairs and talk to Lan's mom. Then go outside and
    to the Metroline station. Mayl's in front of it, so talk to her. She'll give
    you the chip Roll R and the code to get through her security cube. I would
    advise putting the Roll chip in your folder, as it's always helpful.
    Inside the SciLab building a man will come out of the elevator running. Go up
    the stairs and through the door to Dr. Hikari's lab. Check the computer at
    the north side of the room to get "Dad's ID". Jack into the computer and go
    to the east corner to find a BMD with RegUp2. This increases your Regular
    Memory by 2MB, so you can set chips with 6MB to the regular chip now. There's
    also a PMD in the north corner, so if you purchased an unlocker subchip you
    can open it to receive BugFix H. Jack out and go to the door that the man ran
    out of. Jack into the main computer in the room.
    Follow the path until you come to a program. After you talk to him, you have
    to rearrange the data to "762". Switch the 2 and the 6, then the 7 and the 6.
    The blocks will fall into the floor. If you take more moves than allowed,
    you'll fight random viruses. Continue along the skinny path to a BMD containing
    Thunder P. Go back on the correct path and continue to another set of blocks.
    These must be arranged to "NAP". Put the P where the A is, put the A where the
    N is, and put the N where the P was. Continue along the path and get the
    visible BMD that contains another HP memory. Continue to an area with two sets
    of blocks. From left to right, they should read "OWL RAT". Take L and put it
    where R is, put R where O is, put O where T is, put T where A is, and put A in
    the empty spot. Go past "OWL" and step on the purple switch. Now that the door
    is open, head through there and to MainCom2.
    Continue down the path to get to yet another word scramble. This should read
    "DOCK HALL". Put D where A is, A where H is, H where C is, C where the left L
    is, and L where D was. Go past "HALL" and step on the purple switch. Past the
    opened door you'll come upon yet another passcoded area, this time with nine
    letters that you have to arrange into "HIP TOE ARM". Take H and put it where
    E is, put E where M is, put M where T is, put T where I is, put I where A is,
    and put A where H was. Step on the switches behind "HIP" and "ARM", then go
    through the unlocked doors. Go past the arrows on the floor for a moment and
    get the BMD with the FullEnergy subchip. When used it'll recover all of
    Megaman's HP. Go down two arrow rows and continue on the path. On your way to
    the next passcode area, you'll find a BMD with Spreader E. Upon entering the
    last passcode area, the program will tell you that it doesn't know the
    password, but it's written down somewhere Dr. Hikari could find it.
    Go back to Dr. Hikari's lab and look under the sofa in the south corner to
    get "WorkMemo". The passcode is "53214". Put 5 where 1 is, 1 where 4 is, 4 in
    the empty space, and switch 2 and 3. Save before going past the blocks, as
    the boss is ahead. Megaman will run up the hill, but there's nobody there. Oh
    well, I guess we'll just--Hey, wait! It's Protoman! After exchanging a few
    words, the battle will begin.
    --HP: 300--
    -Protoman will move to the tile in front of you or on an angle and use a
    Widesword. (Three vertical tiles)[20HP]
    -Protoman will move to his tile nearest you on the same row and use a
    Longsword. (Three horizontal tiles)[20HP]
    Protoman will constantly move from tile to tile. He will occasionally block
    an attack with his shield, but you should be able to get some buster shots in.
    You should never be on the leftmost column. You'll have a very hard time
    dodging his widesword attack, but if you aren't on the leftmost column then
    you can simply move back a tile. To dodge his Longsword, simply move up or
    down. The best time to attack is right after his sword slash is finished, so
    be ready to use your chips. I've found that a widesword works well, especially
    while he's using Longsword since you can attack before he's finished.
    --END BOSS--
    Once you defeat Protoman, you're told to jack out. In the real world, go
    through the previously-locked door to your right. Behind the desk is Eugene
    Chaud, Protoman's operator and an Official Netbattler. It seems that the
    infiltration of the SciLabs mainframe was just a test to see if you were good
    enough to join the team to end the evil organization Nebula (I guess saving
    the world five times, including Network Transmission, doesn't count, eh?). Go
    back to your house and go to bed...
    | CHAPTER 2: Liberation of ACDC Area 3                                 [WKC2] |
    When you wake up, you will receive a phone call from Chaud, who will tell you
    that you will be performing the day's mission by yourself, but he's sent
    Protoman to the area to help. After Lan jacks in, you'll receive an email from
    the newsmail group, informing you about Nebula and telling you to stay off the
    net. Follow the path the ACDC2 as usual, but take a quick stop at Mayl's HP to
    find a BMD with MiniEnergy and another with EnergBom P. Follow the path
    through ACDC2 until you get to where you fought the purple navi before. Talk
    to Protoman to start a cutscene where he'll break open the door. You'll need
    to edit your folders to your liking before continuing to ACDC3. You may also
    wish to head over to the netdealer near KitchenComp and pick up an HP Memory
    or two. Once you're done getting ready, head through the portal.
    Protoman will explain how to liberate an area. You first must press A next to
    a dark panel and select "Liberate". You will enter a battle with a virus. You
    may also use special attacks to liberate a larger area at once. These use up
    the points shown in the upper-right corner of the screen, although some Dark
    panels may contain points. Protoman tells you that if you liberate the map
    within 7 turns an official will give you a rare chip. However, we'll aim for 5
    to get an even rarer chip.
    First, I would advise switching to Protoman for the first battle (Press R).
    He's just like Megaman, but he can save during the liberation, his charged
    buster is a widesword, and he has a special attack, StepSwrd, selectable from
    the chip select screen. He can also block by pressing B+LeftThis is the attack
    range of StepSwrd:
    | | | | |*| |
    | |P| | |*| |  P=Protoman
    | | | | |*| |  *=Damaged area
    ---PLAYER PHASE 1---
    Anyways, run up to the panel between the three Dark panels. Save before you
    select liberate, incase you don't win the battle. Protoman will tell Lan that
    liberation battles are different from normal virus busting. You only have 3
    turns to win, and 1 turn will liberate all the panels around you. You can press
    L or R to turn around during battles. During the battle, you will only control
    the center two columns. Once you defeat the viruses, Protoman will tell you
    about DarkHoles. If you liberated all three Dark panels, continue with Megaman
    up to the next Dark panel. If you didn't, I highly advise resetting and trying
    again. This battle should be easier, since you aren't surrounded and control a
    column more than normal battles. When you're done with the battle, you should
    receive 500 zenny. 
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 1---
    After you move both characters, your turn will be over and the enemy's turn
    will begin. No enemies will move during this turn.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 2---
    Attack the Darkloid with Megaman. You'll fight BigBrute, a virus with 120 HP
    and who constantly moves. He will use a Burner chip, which will deal damage
    to either the tile you're on and one in every direction except diagonals, or
    the center tile and one to the left, right, etc. He doesn't seem to come to
    the column closest to you except when attacking. When he is defeated, bring
    Protoman to the former Dark panel and liberate the Dark Hole. Don't worry about
    beating this battle in one turn, when the Dark hole is liberated all
    surrounding panels will be as well.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 2---
    Again nothing moves, bringing you to your next turn.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 3---
    Bring Megaman up to the next Dark panel. Select LongSwrd instead of Liberate
    this time, so we can liberate both panels at once. Again it's unnecessary to
    win the battle in one turn. Protoman will tell Megaman about "Pass", where the
    navi forfeits a turn to recover some HP, and also about the Bonus panels, which
    give a random effect. Use Protoman to liberate the panel in front of the
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 3---
    Nothing happens.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 4---
    Use one of your navis to liberate the panel with the BigBrute, and the other to
    liberate the Dark Hole.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 4---
    Again, nothing happens.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 5---
    Pick the navi you're best with. Use the other one to liberate the panel in
    front of Blizzardman, then use the other to get the bonus panel (Hoping for
    invincibility) and try to defeat Blizzardman within the turn, or you won't get
    his SP chip.
    --HP: 400--
    -Blizzardman throws snowballs down two of the three rows[20HP]
    -Blizzardman will turn into a snowball and roll down the row at you. If he
    collides with the edge of the screen, two blobs of snow will fall onto random
    -Blizzardman will blow snow the same range as a longsword (Two panels in front
    of him)[20HP]
    Blizzardman will move up one panel at a time, on random panels of the column.
    I started the battle with Protoman. Whenever he comes next to your zone, use
    either a charged buster attack or a sword/widesword chip. Since this is a timed
    battle, when your three turns are up you'll have to continue the battle with
    Megaman. The strategy for him is slightly different. You'll still want to use
    sword chips, but when he's further away you can choose to use a ranged attack
    instead, although this will reset his movement towards your zone.
    ---END BOSS---
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 5---
    If you don't defeat him, Blizzardman will use an attack that will deal 40
    damage to all navis in the red zone (Shown only when he uses the attack).
    ---PLAYER PHASE 6---
    Defeat Blizzardman if you need to. You'll only get the normal Blizzardman chip.
    After defeating Blizzardman, and if you completed the liberation within 5
    turns, Protoman will give you the chip "BlizManSP B". After both navis jack
    out, there will be a cutscene involving Dr. Regal and his plan to control the
    net. Of course, nothing much is revealed this soon in the game, but you're told
    that preparations for his plan are ready.
    | CHAPTER 3: Down in the Pits                                          [WKC3] |
    Lan, Mayl, Yai, and Dex will be talking at the park. Eventually Yai decides for
    everyone that they'll go to an island and have fun at the beach, so everyone
    goes home to get ready. When everyone leaves you'll get a phone call from
    Chaud telling you about the patrol mission you've been assigned. You'll also
    receive an email telling you about darkchips. They're very strong, but they
    reduce your max HP by 1 permanently every time you use them. Jack into Lan's
    computer and follow the path to ACDC3. Go past where Blizzardman was and take
    a left. Talk to the program ahead to see the status of the restoration. Ah, it
    seems to be coming along as well as a defragged hard drive. Lan will call Chaud
    and tell him the good news, then gather his swimming things to meet the others.
    Read your mail to get "DexCode", which will allow you easier access to ACDC2.
    Go to the Metro station to get chided by Yai. Apparently you're going to the
    deserted island of Oran. Whoopee!
    Once on the island head to the stairs to initiate some conversation between Lan
    and Dex. Apparently they're going to work some changing magic, but they take so
    long that Mayl and Yai (Who has a duckie float on, how cute) are already
    changed and are waiting. So of course, someone's underwear snaps, but I dunno
    whose it is. Yai is going at the speed of sound on her jet-powered float, and
    then she whacks the hell out of Dex with a stick. Of course, Lan eggs her on...
    You'll receive an email with new orders from Chaud after Dex runs to get
    fishing supplies. It seems you're not allowed a day's rest from work...Oh well.
    After reading the mail (What a coincidence, you have to go to Oran1), go to the
    odd-looking speaker up the stairs and north of Dex. Inside Oran1, turn right
    (Screenwise) and go down the path for a Quake1 A. Go down the other path and
    go down the right path at the square. There is a hidden PMD (You can only see
    the shadow) under a bridge, containing Snake M.Continue along the greenish path
    and up the two ramps (The portal leads to ACDC3, which is now fully restored).
    There's a netdealer down the second red path from here, who has an HP Memory
    for 2500, so get it if you have enough zenny. At the end of the path you'll
    meet Protoman, and you'll both rush the large gun batteries in place. Neither
    of you can get through, so both navis will jack out.
    In the real world you'll need to find fishing supplies. Check the bamboo for a
    pole, go down the stairs next to it and across the small beach and check the
    wall for line and hook. Go down to where the others are and to the waterfall
    for bait. Talk to Dex, then go up the stairs and across the bridge to start
    fishing. 40 minutes later, Lan's line catches a big-ass fish. Now since we
    lost, Dex wants us to find some dry grass, a twig, and a board. Go immediately
    right and check the board on the ground for the board, go to the dead tree next
    to the jack-in port for twig, and go to where the fishing spot was for dry
    grass. Now that we're all done eating Dex's fish, it seems he wants to go into
    the forest. How fun. Check your email to receive this game's Navi Customizer.
    Follow the instructions to load the programs.
    Run up the stairs and follow the railroad track to find Dex and the others.
    They start to walk into the mine...But what's this? It seems the floor has
    collapsed. Don't worry, I'm sure they're quite alright. In the southern corner
    there's a RegUP1 in the wheelbarrow. Go through the door past the pit, and go
    up the ramp and jack into the old speaker. Talk to the navi and pay him 1000
    zenny for the MineKey. Dex will call and say that they're heading in the
    direction of wind. Go north to the elevator. Unlock the door at the top and
    check the crates to the right to find a HP Memory. Go through the door and
    into the next door over once you're outside. Walk over to the locked door
    (Yay, a met hat!) and try to unlock it to find out it's infected. Delete the
    viruses to unlock the door, but what's that noise? Another earthquake!
    Run through the doorway and up the ramp. Go forward and right at the fork to
    get to another locked door. When it's unlocked, there will be yet another
    earthquake. Dex will call, but it seems his SubPET isn't working. Once outside,
    go through the first door you see. There's a Tornado R at the north end of the
    air filter. Jack out and go up the ramp outside. Another locked door and some
    more viruses to deal with. When they're good and deleted, Dex will call and say
    that they'll run out of air soon. But what's this? It seems a rogue drill is
    coming down for them! Continue down the ramp and the elevator.
    Through the doorway, it seems a 29-year-old woman is operating the drill to
    relieve herself of stress. Lan will jack in, and you'll be tasked with stepping
    on the control switches. In this network, there will be rocks in your way. To
    eliminate them, press the control pad towards them and press A repeatedly. Once
    the first rock is out of your way, continue on the path to the right until you
    reach a conveyer belt. Run up it, destroying rocks as you go to get to a BMD
    with Invisibl *. There's another rock up ahead, and behind it lies a HP Memory.
    To the left there are a couple tiny conveyer belts. You'll need to time it
    right and run pas the rocks on them. Past the three adjacent rocks will be a
    longer conveyer belt. Run up it and get off at the path near where the rocks
    are coming from. Down the southern path is the drill control system. Jack
    Megaman into the next control box.
    On the next conveyer belt, time it so that you're faced with only a brown rock.
    Down past the rock is a BMD with the NaviCust block Charge+1. Put it in, making
    sure to follow the three rules. Upwards and past two smaller conveyer belts
    you'll come upon a large one. This conveyer belt will require you to break all
    the rocks you come by quickly. Get the BMD containing RockCube *, then go
    upwards and down another conveyer belt. Up this path you'll find the second
    drill control system. Activate it, then jack Megaman into the next control box.
    Go all the way up this conveyer belt for a BMD with the NaviCust HP+100. Go
    down another conveyer belt and you'll find a grey rock. Go past it for the time
    being and up the next conveyer belt. Talk to the program to get "Stopkey". Go
    back to that grey rock and break it. Break and pass a brown rock and you'll
    find FullEnrg. Go all the way up the conveyer belt to the right to find the
    conveyer control system. Go back to where the program is and continue to the
    control system. Activate it and plug into the last control box.
    Go forwards and all the way across the large conveyer belt area. Follow the
    path upwards past two more belts and get the HP Memory. Go down that last belt
    until you reach the other path. Follow it and you'll eventually come to another
    conveyer belt you'll cross over several times. There will be a BMD with
    LongSwrd S on the side of it. Use Stopkey on the belt control system to stop
    the rocks, then continue up the belt to where Magnetman is. It seems that this
    is Gauss's only daughter, Tesla.
    --HP: 500--
    -Turns some panels into magnet panels, which repel Megaman.
    -Holds Megaman in place while he fires a Magnet.
    -Magnetman fires a magnet that turns once before hitting Megaman[20HP]
    -Shoots a magnet sphere that goes forward slowly and stuns for a few seconds
    -Magnetman will make a double of himself and they will crush Megaman between
    At the beginning of the battle he will use MagnetPanel. MrkCan1's are very
    useful here, as you don't need to aim them. When you don't have chips to use,
    charge your buster and get some shots in there. Just try to avoid the stunning
    attacks and you'll have an easy time beating him. Overall this is easier than
    the Blizzardman battle, even though he has more HP.
    ---END BOSS---
    Run to the elevator in the next room. When you get to the door you'll jack in.
    Check the box in the middle to unlock the door. However, it seems that the
    security system was activated. Magnetman will run in front of Megaman to
    protect him from the large boulders coming from the--Er---Somewhere. When you
    jack out, everyone will leave, and then Chaud will call you. Lan will ask Tesla
    to borrow Magnetman for the following mission.
    | CHAPTER 4: Liberation of Oran Area 3                                 [WKC4] | 
    Jack into the speaker and go through Oran1 to the place with the gun batteries
    to meet Protoman. Magnetman will jack in and block Megaman and Protoman from
    the fire. Once they're destroyed by Protoman, edit your folder and continue to
    the liberation zone.
    You now have control of Magnetman. His special in-battle chip is NSTackle. It
    will make him ram to the right until he hits the edge. His charged buster will
    release a magnet that deals 40 damage. His special ability, MagnetBarrier, will
    block any out-of-battle damage to the team for a turn. During this battle,
    Shademan can attack any team member for 60HP.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 1---
    Use Megaman's Longsword to liberate the two side-by-side panels. Use Protoman
    to liberate the item panel. Use Magnetman to liberate the panel three up from
    the one Protoman liberated.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 1---
    Shademan should attack Magnetman. The Tinhawk will attack someone on the panels
    around it, which only Magnetman is in for 20HP damage.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 2---
    Use Magnetman to liberate the panel behind the one liberated last turn. Use
    your navi of choice to delete the BigBrute, then the other to liberate the Dark
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 2---
    Both Shademan and the Tinhawk will attack one of your characters.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 3---
    Get the BonusPanel with a character, then use Magnetman or Protoman to liberate
    one of the panels blocking the way. Use Megaman to Longsword the two adjacent
    panels up ahead.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 3---
    Shademan and a Tinhawk will attack one of your characters.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 4---
    If there is a BigBrute on the left panel up ahead, use Megaman to Longsword the
    right panels, then Protoman to Widesword the two panels behind the BigBrute,
    and use MagnetMan to liberate the Dark Hole. If the BigBrute is not on the left
    panel, Longsword the left panel with Megaman, then use whichever navi you want
    to liberate a panel adjacent to the Dark Hole, and then the Dark Hole. The
    BigBrute will be deleted along with the Dark Hole.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 4---
    Shademan will attack one of your characters.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 5---
    Get the BonusPanel with a character. Use either Megaman to Longsword or
    Protoman to Widesword to the Dark Hole, then liberate it with whichever navi.
    To defeat the Tinhawk, wait until it dives to the ground at you and use an
    attack. Wideswords work well against it. Use the remaining navi to liberate
    one of the tiles blocking your path.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 5---
    Nothing happened for me here.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 6---
    Pick out the navi you want to fight the first round with Shademan (My
    reccommendation is Megaman). Do not use him for any liberation this turn. Use
    one navi to liberate one of the panels blocking your way, and another to
    liberate the panel right before Shademan. Use the remaining character to attack
    --HP: 600--
    -Sends a bat forward at a medium speed to attack your navi. It can make one
    -Sends a wave to the yellow tiles that will stun your navi[40HP]
    -Slashes you if you're standing on the border column[40HP]
    -Shademan will teleport behind you and start absorbing your HP at 10HP per
    second. Repeated movements may break this[10HP/second]
    Starting with Megaman, weaken him atleast a couple hundred HP (I was able to
    get him down to about 200HP). Dodge or destroy the bats, but dodge the
    Supersonic Waves and don't stand on the border column unless you're using a
    sword on him. During his phase he'll heal 300HP. Finish him off in the next
    turn with your other navis.
    --END BOSS--
    Once Shademan is defeated, all the Dark panels will be deleted. You'll receive
    the chip "ShadeMnSP S" for defeating the battle in 7 turns, 2 less than the
    required 9. You'll also get Magnetsoul. In a cutscene afterwards, Dr. Regal is
    torturing Dr. Hikari for information.
    | CHAPTER 5: Rain rain, go away                                        [WKC5] |
    An odd man will approach you afterwards, wishing to see your technique. Lan
    will jack into the squirrel, and immediately upon entrance you'll receive an
    email from Chaud about DublSoul. You'll start a tutorial battle, in which
    Chaud will give you instructions.
    SquirrelCmp is a large maze, so just run through random portals until you get
    to SquirelCmp16. There is a BMD with FastBarr in SquirelCmp15, accessible from
    the east beginning portal. FastBarr starts you out every battle with a Barrier.
    In SquirrelCmp5 there is the NaviCust program Charge+1. GunDelS1 A is in
    SquirrelCmp6. There is also a RegUP1 in SquirelCmp13 and an HP Memory in
    SquirelComp8. The correct path is 9-10-11-14-16. Talk to the navi to end this
    There is a dealer with a Dark Chip behind Higsby's, if you're interested (I
    would advise NOT using this chip, as it will reduce your maximum HP by 1
    PERMANENTLY every time you use it!). Higsby's shop is also open now, so stop
    by if you want to buy a chip or if you have a lot of chips to put in the
    trader. Anyways, stop by Yai's house and jack into her computer to get a
    RegUP2. Talk to all the programs, as one will give you "YaiCode" and another
    will establish a link between Lan's HP and Yai's. The PMD contains CannBall C.
    There's also a chat BBS here, so it might have some useful tips. Head to the
    link from ACDC3 to Oran1. You'll get a call from Chaud telling you to find six
    Nebula agents in the three Oran areas.
    First go up the ramp and down the child path. Go through the portal to
    ElevatorComp, and get the RegUP1 in the south corner, and a HolyPanl * in the
    north corner. There are three Nebula navis in Oran3. One is straight ahead
    once you enter the area. Another is to the right at the fork. The last one is
    further up the path where Shademan was. Next to him is a Program dealer. In
    Oran1 there's one past the ramps and on the green path. The remaining navis are
    in Oran2. Follow the green path, picking Vulcan2 C up on the way, until you get
    to another purple navi. Go further down the path and up the ramps to get to the
    last Nebula navi.
    When you defeat all six Nebula navis, Megaman will call Chaud. You have to
    restore the network in Oran3 and scout the way to Scilab3. Go to Oran3 past
    where Shademan was. Run to the link and fight the purple navi that teleports
    in. When you get into SciLab1, take the right path and go up a bit for a BMD
    with NaviCust Custom1. Go back and take the left path and follow it, getting
    the PMD with Geyser M on the way. Go past the large interconnected section and
    forward onto the orange path. Continue through to SciLab2.
    There's a BMD in the south-western corner with an HP Memory. Past the small bit
    of orange path go left over another and get the BMD with NaviCust Shield. Go
    back to the first orange path and go northeast. Megaman will try to get through
    the clouds, but fails. Chaud calls and asks about the situation, which is
    described by Lan. A helicopter will come after they jack out, and it will turn
    into none other than Gyroman! Go back to your house and go to sleep.
    The next day Tesla will email you and ask you to come to Oran Isle to help her
    recover some of Magnetman's vital programs that were stolen by Gyroman. Use the
    Metro to get to Oran Isle, then go back to where the drill was. At the top of
    the mountain you'll see Mr. Famous, back with another navi to fight, Gridman.
    Fight him if you want, then continue to the drill. Tesla will tell you that the
    programs for four functions of Magnetman were stolen and hidden in the drill
    computers. All of the conveyer belts are turned off, which will make this area
    easier. They're all hidden at the control systems of the drill network.
    Once all four datacards are collected, Tesla will reboot Magnetman and
    Gyroman's operator will enter. He will say how he's been testing the team
    because he was bored, and then he'll leave. Take the Metro to SciLab and before
    entering talk to the boy next to the drink machine. The answers to his
    questions are:
    1. Speed
    2. Time
    3. 10
    4. 170
    5. Baseball
    For winning you'll get the dark chip "DarkThnd M". Once again, do NOT use this
    as it will permanently decrease your max HP by 1. Another dark chip,
    "DrkSword Z", can be purchased for 500 zenny to the right from an old man. Now
    go into the room you first met Chaud in. He'll tell you that the man was
    Charlie, an ex-copter pilot and his navi was Gyroman. The alarm went off! Hurry
    to Oran through ACDC Area.
    It seems Gyroman is at Oran, too. We have to chase after Gyroman in his copter
    form now. Talk to the program in front of the clouds and he'll give you a
    program to get rid of those clouds. Go past the first line of clouds, then turn
    onto the smaller yellow path and get the golden cloud. Get the white cloud a
    little further up the path, then go back to the program to clean it out and get
    the gold cloud. Go back to following the green path. When you get up far
    enough, you'll find Gyroman. Talk to the program up ahead to clean your vacuum
    out, then go to Oran2.
    Follow the green path, vacuuming clouds and getting golden clouds as you go.
    When you get to Cloudman, he'll start flying away again, to SciLab this time.
    Go back to Oran3 and head through the link to SciLab1. Take the left fork and
    continue to the large ring of clouds. First vacuum the top white cloud. Go
    south-east and vacuum the light grey cloud, then the next white one above.
    Vacuum the next white cloud and talk to the program to clean half of your
    vacuum out. Walk around the next clouds to the path behind them. You may have
    to backtrack to the first program here. When you approach Gyroman, he'll fly
    off to the last part of the chase.
    Vacuum the two clouds in front of you, then get the white cloud and talk to
    the program behind them. Vacuum a light grey cloud then go left and vacuum the
    white and gold clouds. The program will clean six of the slots in the VacuProg.
    Go back and vacuum the thunder cloud blocking your way, then go up and vacuum
    the gold cloud to find another program who will empty all your cloud energy,
    but only once. Go back to where the second program is and vacuum the thunder
    cloud and light grey cloud in between you and the orange path. Go left and talk
    to the program to clean your vacuum out. Continue across the orange path and
    on your way to Gyroman. You'll need to clean out your vacuum a few times. When
    you get to Gyroman, you'll fight him.
    --HP: 600--
    -Shoots a mini-gyro. It can turn once[30HP]
    -Gyroman will shoot a cyclone out of his buster three panels(Horizontal)[30HP]
    -Shoots a machine gun while in helicopter mode[10HP/bullet]
    -Flies over area while in helicopter mode and blankets the area with bombs
    Gyroman is Elec element, so use wood-based attacks on him. His propeller and
    cyclone attacks are fairly easy to dodge, but watch out for the bombs and
    machine gun attacks. He will move around a lot, so don't use Minibombs unless
    he's attacking. As always swords do well, especially after dodging a Cyclone
    --END BOSS--
    After you've defeated Gyroman, Protoman will jack in and explain about how
    Chaud invited Charlie over to join the team. Go back around to where those
    purple clouds are. He'll destroy them. Go forward to start the liberation
    | CHAPTER 6: Liberation of SciLab Area 3                               [WKC6] |
    Protoman will brief you on the mission. This area has BarrierPanels, which
    require a key to unlock them. We're going to be using Gyroman to find that key.
    He can fly over dark panels, but not Darkloids. Gyroman's special chip attack
    is AirForce, which flies him over stage and drops bombs on every panel in the
    row you're on dealing 50 damage each. His charge attack is the cyclone, and it
    does 40 damage. Out of battle his special ability is BombLiberation, which lets
    him liberate a panel while in helicopter mode. You don't have to fight a
    ---PLAYER PHASE 1---
    Liberate one of the three panels in front of your starting position with
    Magnetman. Use Megaman to Longsword the two panels in front of the Darkloid.
    Use Protoman or Gyroman to liberate the tile with the BigBrut2 on it. Use the
    other to liberate the Dark Hole.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 1---
    Various darkloids will move.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 2---
    Use Gyroman to fly up and around the barriers until he gets to one that he
    can't get by. Go to the right and liberate the item panel for "BarrierKey1".
    Use your three remaining characters to liberate three panels past the unlocked
    barrierpanels in an L shape, so you end up at the left of that big blob of
    dark panels.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 2---
    The Tinhawk will attack one of your characters.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 3---
    Using Gyroman, go all the way up to the top of the map and liberate the panel
    between the two item panels. Use Megaman to Longsword the tiles leading to the
    Dark Hole, then use either Protoman or Magnetman to destroy it. Use the
    remaining character to break a hole through the panels to get to the next Dark
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 3---
    The BigBrut2 will attack Gyroman and the Tinhawk will attack one of your other
    ---PLAYER PHASE 4---
    Use Gyroman to liberate the upper-right item panel to get BarrierKey2. Use one
    of your navis to go to the upper-left Dark Hole and liberate the first panel.
    Use your other two navis to get to and liberate the lower-right Dark Hole.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 4---
    The BigBrut2 will attack Gyroman again.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 5---
    Use whichever navis you want to defeat the BigBrut2 and the Dark Hole. Use the
    remaining two to liberate the panel in front of Cloudman and to start the
    attack on Cloudman.
    --HP: 700--
    -Sends a cloud that shoots lightning one square in all cardinal directions
    -Thunder clouds shoot a stunning sphere of lightning[40HP]
    Cloudman turns into a tower of clouds that moves around your area[60HP]
    Shoot the clouds with a buster when they first come up. Keep moving to avoid
    the lightning clouds. When he summons the cloud tower, just keep from letting
    yourself be crushed by it. You won't be able to use swords on him, so Protoman
    won't be much help. If you're Megaman, use charged buster shots when he is in
    the open. With Gyroman you'll have to use an AreaSteal to be able to use your
    charged attack on him. Magnetman should be fairly easy to use as long as there
    is an opening in his cloud cover, since his charged attacks home.
    -Tip from Goh Yutong: Use pulsars. When they hit a dark cloud, it emits an 
    ultrasonic wave, making it very easy to damage and kill Cloudman.
    --END BOSS--
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 5---
    Cloudman will recover 300HP and do an attack to one character in range, dealing
    40HP damage.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 6---
    Use the rest of your navis to delete Cloudman. If you delete him this turn,
    you'll get CloudMnSP C.
    When Cloudman is defeated, you'll get Gyroman's soul. The joy of victory is
    broken, however, when a Dark Cloud falls onto Megaman and engulfs him. We see
    Megaman on some sort of bed of torture and Roll, Gutsman, and Glide inside an
    electric fence. They seem to be infusing Megaman with a dark chip. This can't
    be good...
    | CHAPTER 7: Cruising through dark times                               [WKC7] |
    Lan misses a phone call from Chaud, telling him to go to the harbor at SciLab.
    We don't want to keep Chaud waiting, so go to SciLabs and to the right you'll
    find the harbor. He's standing around the first corner. Chaud will tell you
    that he's found a replacement navi and you'll use it or you're off the team.
    And then the unexpected happens: Lan punches Chaud! Chaud doesn't seem to do
    anything, and tells you to go to Mission Control if you want to stay on the
    team. If you want another Dark Chip (You're not using them, RIGHT!?), then go
    down the stairs to the right and buy "DarkMetr F" from the lady for 3000 zenny.
    Also, talk to the woman across from the stairs to take another quiz. Answers:
    1. A one-two punch
    2. 60
    3. Spicy
    4. Energy Drinks
    5. 4
    6. SciLab 2
    7. #7
    8. The right one
    9. A battlechip
    10. A virus
    You'll get another darkchip, "DrkLance W". Go back to SciLab mission control
    and talk to Chaud. Chaud will install the new navi into your PET. I doubt
    anybody expected Protoman here. Anyways, Chaud will tell you the next area
    slated for liberation is EndArea2, which is connected to Oran2. You'll first
    have to go to the SciLab area to get a key. You can jack into the computer to
    the left of Chaud for an easy link to the SciLab area. Go through here to
    Go up to where Cloudman was, taking a look at the Bugfrag trader on the way.
    Go through the link to SciLab4. Go straight forward past one path and then take
    a right. Go past the arrow and navigate to the top of the map. Talk to the navi
    to start a battle. The battle consists of three Handi's. They will be easy to
    delete using Protoman's charged widesword. The navi will give you "SciKey". Go
    back to Oran2 and go through the formerly-locked door. Unlock it and continue
    to End1.
    Down the first ramp and around behind it is a PMD with NaviCust Collect. Go
    back up the first ramp and down the second ramp and go down, left, then up to
    get to a third ramp. Before going up it, go left and get the BMD with RegUP2.
    Go up the ramp and around the corner to confront DarkMega. He'll jack out
    eventually, and...Twelve more navis will jack in...Wow. Go back to Chaud and
    he'll tell you to discontinue trying to get into End Area for the moment. You
    need to get on the Queen Bohemia (Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody...Heh.) However,
    we need to be invited, and to be invited we need to talk to an important
    business person. Hmm...Go to Oran Isle and talk to Tesla to get "Invite". Go to
    your house and go to sleep...
    Go behind SciLab and into the cruise boat. To the right, before the door, is a
    chip trader special. It will give you a rarer chip than the normal chip trader,
    but you have to put in 10 chips. Go on deck and talk to the man with blond hair
    in the middle of the deck. Choose to do the stamp event and he'll give you
    three clues:
    1. Spin it around for left and right!
    2. Where we sail, a maiden stares.
    3. It repels all light and always reflects me.
    Check the table to the right to get a lotto number "00798216". This will let
    you get a prize from Numberman's number trader. The first stamp is in the
    bridge, up the stairs on the other side of the deck. The second stamp is at the
    bow of the ship, right above the golden statue of a woman. Remember the mirror
    from where the suspicious man was? Check the sofa below it to get the last
    stamp. Go back to the man for 1000 zenny.
    It seems the netbattle is over, and FyreFox (Best. Browser. Evar.) has won,
    continuing his winning streak. Before you have a chance to netbattle him, the
    ship starts shaking. Before heading to the engine room, jack into the netbattle
    machine and get the NaviCust HP+50 in the south corner. Talk to the man with
    blond hair to get the clue "Double 1 & nine too tonight makes eleven". The
    passcode for the engine door is "11922911". You now have access to the engine
    Check the left engine computer. Jack into it, and go through the portals.
    You'll find a RegUP2 in ScrewComp. The navi's hiding in the fourth computer.
    Before you have a chance to fight him, however, the man from earlier will jack
    him out. When you have control of Lan, head the the previously-blocked Fiesta
    Room. Talk to everyone in the room, and the program is revealed. Only 100
    million zenny? That's such a bargain! The lights go out...And the program's
    stolen! Lan's convinced it's a trick, so we're going to look for clues. Oh yay.
    Check all three mirrors in the room, and select "It's the mirror!". Then select
    "The reflection!" Go back to the engine room and check the ladder at the far
    end. You'll appear at the top of the deck. Hurry to the bridge to confront
    FyreFox! Jack into the computer and you'll be in ShipComp. Talk to the program
    to the left to explain how the oxygen system works. Go around the corner and
    down the ropes to underwater. Follow the path around through one current.
    Before the next there will be some bubbles to restore your oxygen. This area is
    very confusing. The BMD with the key is directly below the locked door. When
    you get it, go into the portal next to it to be teleported up to the door.
    On the way to the next key you'll find a RegUP3 in a BMD. The shipkey is again
    below the door. In the next area, shipkey A is south of the bottom of the
    ropes. You'll have to go through the north path, too, to get Shipkey C. To the
    left, down a current corridor is a BMD with GrasSeed A. The remaining shipkey
    is across from the ropes at the starting point. Once you recover all three
    keys, continue to ShipComp3.
    You only need one key this time. There's an ExpMemry directly right once you
    step down the ropes. Wait for the current to stop or go against it. Your navi
    customizer is now one row larger. Let the current blow you down, then get blown
    back by one more current. Navigate up this path and go through more currents
    until you get to the key, which is directly north-west of the door. Open the
    door and fight NapalmMan.
    --HP: 800--
    -A gun emplacement pops up from the floor and shoots you three times. You can't
    move while it's shooting you[10HP/shot]
    -NapalmMan shoots two bombs at you that explode in a cross shape[40HP]
    -NapalmMan shoots a bomb that explodes in a 9*9 area[60HP]
    NapalmMan is not very difficult if you bring water-based attacks. The chip
    BlkBomb is also extremely useful, because you can throw it on his side and
    stand in a way that makes one of his Napalm attacks hit it, which will cause
    it to explode in his area. Because you're using Protoman you should set an
    areagrab to regular chip and use your charged buster whenever he steps in range
    of it. The Napalm bombs (Not the 3*3 ones) take a second to explode, and they
    don't hit the center panel. All in all this boss is easier than Cloudman.
    --END BOSS--
    The booster's safe and NapalmMan joins your team. Now we can delete all those
    navis blocking the way to EndArea2 easily. Before heading to EndArea2, however,
    go to the Numberman trader and enter the lotto number "00798216" from the ship
    to get an Unlocker subchip.
    | CHAPTER 8: Liberation of End Area 2                                  [WKC8] |
    Once back at the blocked part of EndArea1, NapalmMan will jack in and blow all
    the Nebula navis up. Yay. Go through the portal to start the next liberation
    mission. Now some information about NapalmMan. His in-battle special chip is
    Napalm, a fire-based attack that sends a Napalm bomb four panels forward that
    explodes in a 9*9 area. He does not have a charge attack, but a rapid-fire
    machine gun. His out of battle special ability liberates a cross-shaped area:
    O=Unhit panel
    X=Hit panel
    ---PLAYER PHASE 1---
    Use NapalmMan's Napalm attack to liberate the tiles to the left of the Darkloid
    and the Dark Hole. Use Protoman to liberate the panel two below the nearest
    Darkloid. Use Gyroman to fly east from where Protoman is and liberate the
    northmost item panel.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 1---
    The Darkloids will move, and the Dark Hole nearest Gyroman will spawn a
    ---PLAYER PHASE 2---
    Use Napalm on the panel to the right of the panel Protoman liberated. Use
    Magnetman or Protoman to liberate the Dark Hole. Use the other to liberate the
    one panel between you and the Dark Hole. Use Gyroman to liberate the panel next
    to the bottom item panel. If you get a one turn liberate, the item panel will
    be liberated along with the panel, so you'll get "BarrierKey2" this turn, and
    you can use next turn to heal Gyroman or start the assault on the Dark Hole.
    If not, we'll get it next turn.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 2---
    The two BigBrut2's near Gyroman will move towards him. The Bigbrute2 near your
    characters will attack one, and the Tinhawk will attack another.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 3---
    Use Gyroman to liberate the item panel with the BarrierKey2. If you already
    have it, then bomb liberate one of the panels adjacent to the Dark Hole. Your
    three other navis will be given one of these tasks: Liberate the Dark Hole,
    liberate the center panel in the next area, and liberate the panel behind the
    center panel. If you get a 1-turn liberation either or both of the second
    tasks, you'll be able to liberate the Dark Hole next turn. Also, the item panel
    next to it contains three order points.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 3---
    Various Darkloids will attack your team members.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 4---
    If you're able to, liberate the Dark Hole with Gyroman. If not, bomb liberate
    one of the adjacent panels. Use either Protoman or Magnetman to liberate the
    Dark Hole if it is open, if not clear the way to it. If you liberated it this
    turn, take the other navi to go down and liberate the panel in between you and
    the bonus panel. Use Napalm on the panels in front of DarkMega.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 4---
    ---PLAYER PHASE 5---
    You have two chances at getting an 1 turn invincible, the bonus panel you just
    uncovered and the bonus panel below DarkMega. After that, begin the attack...
    --HP: 800--
    -Shoots the quick-firing MegaBuster at you[1HP/shot]
    -Uses various chips ranging from Cannons to Roll, which all do the same
    damage the actual chip does[XXHP]
    If you managed to get the Invincibility, this battle will be very easy. I'm
    assuming for this strategy, however, you did not. He has all your attacks,
    including Roll. With Protoman, use an Areagrab and keep using your charged
    buster. He likes to stay on his original middle panel, so you'll usually be
    able to hit him. I was able to defeat him in the first battle with Protoman,
    but incase you're not able to, use Magnetman. His charged buster should be
    enough to lower his HP enough so that he's deleted, and if not continue the
    battle with NapalmMan, using his special chip and machine gun. If you truly do
    need to use Gyroman, then use him, but I personally don't like him.
    --END BOSS--
    For beating the battle in five turns, you'll get "FullCust *". Darn, no Megaman
    chip. After the battle, Megaman's dual-personalities will fight for control of
    his body. In the end Megaman wins, of course, and you'll get NapalmSoul. If the
    pattern keeps up, we'll be getting another navi for our team next chapter. Oh
    | CHAPTER 9: Ninjas. Thousands of em.                                  [WKC9] |
    Chaud will call all the team operators in, to meet each other and to introduce
    them to Raika, Searchman's operator. I guess we don't need to fight him. We
    get another mission, to liberate EndArea5. Check your mail to read about Gyro
    and Napalm souls, and about Chaos Unison. Unlike using the actual Dark Chip, a
    Chaos Unison will not reduce your max HP. To use the charge attack correctly,
    release A when the charged buster is at the purple stage.
    Talk to Chaud to get Folder2. Now you can customize two folders to your
    likings. You can jack into the computer to the left and make a link between
    Lan's HP and the SciLab HP. Go whichever way you want to EndArea2, the talk to
    the purple navi in the area before where DarkMega was for "DrkRecov H". This
    chip heals you for 1000 HP, but it will poison you after that. He'll then
    attack you. Go past where DarkMega was and turn left to get to EndArea3.
    Follow the path around, and when you're behind the ramp make sure you keep
    going straight, as this path leads to an HP Memory. Go back around to and up
    the ramp, and get off two stops later. Up another ramp and down the next and
    you'll see a large Japanese temple or something. Go down the left path and
    navigate north-east and go down one arrow panel if you have an unlocker, as up
    from here lies a RainyDay G in a PMD. Straight ahead from the interlinked paths
    is the portal to EndArea4.
    Go down the ramp. There's a VarSwrd V in a PMD at the left end of this path. Go
    up from here and around this large area. You'll come upon SpinYllw, which will
    allow you to spin Yellow NaviCust programs. Continue navigating this area until
    you come to another ramp. Go up it and take a left turn (Facing towards the
    arrow panel). Searchman will come to unlock the door, but gets called away to
    capture a Nebula navi. Go to Dr. Hikari's lab in the SciLab building. You'll
    see Raika walk away while you're heading up there. Check the supercomputer in
    the room...Oh darn, it seems we need Searchman's help. He's outside, down the
    first set of stairs and to the right. Go back to Dr. Hikari's lab and by the
    Searchman will hack the computer, and he'll find a letter from Tadashi Hikari
    to Yuichiro Hikari. There will be some corrupted data at the end, or so it
    seems. While you're here, check the lab coat to get the lotto number
    "90914896", which will give you a FullEnergy. Go inside Lan's house and to the
    large window in the main room. Check the doghouse and you'll find these words:
    "Gow is...cleans the air at the island coal mine...something in corner of
    floor..." It mentions an island coal mine, so let's go to Oran Isle.
    If you go up the ramp instead of in the first door, you can get a DarkTorn T
    for 500 zenny. Go back outside and in the first door. Go up to where Mr. Famous
    is, and go into the first door down the ramp. Jack into the air filtration
    system and check the east-most corner panel. We get another clue. "Gow loves
    fish...He can't let big fish out of his sight...". Go back to the boat/Metro
    thing and go to End City.
    End City seems to be a Japanese town. You can get to End Area 2 easily by
    jacking into the statue down the stairs. There's also a subchip dealer next to
    it. Go around the corner and talk to Raika. He'll just walk away again, after
    telling you to stop bugging him. "O-Okay...", as Megaman says. Talk to the man
    who Raika was standing next to to find out that the castle is closed because
    the communications system was hacked. Well, we can fix that. Jack into the net
    and navigate to that large Japanese castle in EndArea3.
    You see someone at the castle. It's...Searchman!? He'll jack out once you talk
    to him. Now jack out and talk to the man again. Inside the castle, you can jack
    into the second statue from the right. Get the NaviCust HP+100 in the left
    corner. Jack out, then check the last armor in the row to get a RegUP1. Jack
    into the leftmost helmet and get the RegUP2 in the right corner and the
    MegEnBom C in the left corner. That's all for the goodies in this room, so
    continue to the next.
    This room houses four katanas. Jack into the top-right one and get the HP
    Memory in the top corner. Jack out and go up the stairs. When you get the the
    intersection, continue forward. Jack into the wall right next to the stairs you
    just went up. There is an AirSpin2 B in the right corner. Go through the door
    and up to the rooftop. Check the fish statue. "3rd ACDC, 4th square. There find
    the way to Oran. Open its center!" Go across the roof and on the back side of
    the other fish to get another HP Memory. Go back to the room with the official,
    statue, and torch, and jack into the statue.
    Talk to the program to make a link between Lan's HP and this one. There's also
    an Official Battle BBS in here. Jack out. Before you leave endtown, check the
    dumpling shop right next to the Metro entrance. Jack in and get the MetaGel T
    across from the portal, then jack out and head back to ACDC town. Go through
    the net to ACDC3. Go past three of the small squares, but stop on the fourth,
    which has a purple and orange generic navi on it. Check the center panel facing
    the entrance to Oran1. You'll find a door. Save and do whatever else you need
    to do before entering, or just open the door.
    It seems that this is the past ACDC town. I wonder why it looks like the BN4/5
    town, and not the town of the previous games? Regardless, Megaman will talk to
    the first woman he sees, who will tell her about Dr. Hikari's newborn twins,
    Hub and Lan. There are still viruses here, and some battles will have Holy
    Panels, which cut damage received in half. You'll find Gow behind Lan's house,
    and Yai's house isn't built yet. There are three odd statues in place of the
    Metro, and Higsby's shop is owned by a woman. Once you talk to everyone, some
    Nebula navis will come in from the portal. Run to the Doctor to fight him, or
    rather some viruses.
    Defeat him and the other five navis. You'll get ready to go through the portal,
    but Searchman comes through first! It seems Raika and him are part of Nebula,
    so we'll have to delete them. But wait, he's running away again. Oh well. Jack
    out and go see Chaud at Mission Control. He'll tell you to go home and rest.
    The next day...
    Megaman is seen protecting a Nebula navi from Searchman. No, I don't get it
    either. When you wake up, go to EndArea3 and go back to that castle again.
    Check it and go up to the top of the real-world castle. Before you go in,
    however, check the desk where the man was before to get SubMemory, which will
    increase the number of subchips you can carry by one. There will be bars
    blocking you from going up the stairs. No problem. Jack into the top-left
    Katana and talk to the navi in the middle. Go back a room and jack into the
    second-from-right armor suit for ArmrData and the left helmet for HelmData.
    Go back to the hologram of the samurai.
    Now that the door's gone, go upstairs. Oh no! The Buddha statue is in the way.
    Go back to before the intersection and check the large statue. You'll get the
    WoodSword. Go to the center of the cross. You'll have to use B to swing the
    sword and knock the rolling dummies back. Once you get to 100, you'll win. The
    colors signify how fast they move, and make sure none hit you.
    Once you win, the Buddha statue will move back. Continue up to the roof. Jack
    into the back fish, and talk to the program. You'll need a ninja with a red
    mask for spear, a white mask for the ceiling trap, and a blue mask for the
    water trap. Get the red ninja from the left and continue up the right path.
    Go to the red switch, and the ninja will disarm the trap. In this next area,
    you'll need to take the white ninja while avoiding the other ninjas. After
    going past the blue ninja, there is a NaviCust Speed+1 at the end of the right
    Once the ceiling trap is disabled, talk to the next program, who will tell you
    that you can have three of the same color ninjas following you at one time.
    Get the ninja with the blue mask to follow you to the left by running around
    the circle a couple times. Continue to the water trap by running around in
    circles. Next trap is a spear, so we'll grab a red ninja. Use the side paths to
    manipulate the ninjas so that you have the red one following you to the trap.
    Take a left and get the HP Memory before going to the next area.
    You need two red ninja for this trap. First, go left and get the white ninja,
    then trade him for the red ninja. Go around and trade the red for blue, then go
    down the arrow panel. Take the right path and follow it all the way around
    until you see another red ninja. Before you go down there, however, continue
    on the path to get to a BMD with NaviCust HP+100. When you have the second red
    ninja, go down the arrow panel before you get to the white ninja. Go left and
    up to get to the first red ninja, then go back down the arrow panel and to the
    right again. When you get to the row with four arrow panels on one side, take
    the fourth from the left. Go around the white and blue ninja to get to the
    spear trap. Go past it and down to get to the next program.
    You need a white ninja and then two blue ninja. Follow the path, not getting
    any blue ninja and trading a white for a red and then for another white. When
    the ceiling trap is removed, get the HP Memory and the blue ninja. Follow the
    path back until you get to where the red and white ninja. Simply walk down the
    row, not going by the arrow panel, then take the rightmost fork and trade the
    white ninja with the red one, and go back around to get your blue ninja back.
    Go down the arrow between the two ninja and then backtrack to the water trap.
    Continue on to GargoylComp3.
    There will be three spear traps ahead, which means three red ninja. Go down the
    path to get a red ninja, then go back and through the arrow panel. You'll have
    to run around this ring one and a half times, then go down the arrow with your
    red ninja. Further up trade your red for white, that white for blue, and the
    blue for your red again. Run around this larger circle to claim your second
    ninja. Go down the next arrow panel, then run all the way to the end of this
    path to get your third red ninja. Disarm the trap and continue to the last
    You'll first need to get two white ninja to disarm a double ceiling trap. Go
    down the path, avoiding all ninja until you come to an area with two red ones.
    Go down the side path to get a white ninja, then go through the lower red
    ninja, but run around the circle and get your white one back. Go down the arrow
    panel that's next to the circle and keep your white through this area, getting
    it back by going around the circle. There's a Slasher R in the BMD down here.
    Go down the path, past the ceiling trap for the second white ninja, then
    disable the trap and get the blue ninja. Continue up the path, retaining your
    blue ninja, but after the third circle from the ceiling traps take a left turn
    to a slightly larger ring. Go up the left arrow and around to get a RegUP2.
    Keep running around here until you get two blue ninja at once. Once you get
    the third, go down the the beginning of that long row of arrows and go down it.
    The water trap is just ahead. Past here you'll find the server, and 
    --HP: 800--
    Searchman locks on and rapidly shoots three bullets at you[10HP/shot]
    -Searchman rolls three grenades down the floor, each one doing 40HP and
    exploding in an X shape[40HP]
    Tracking reticule goes up and down each row. When it's locked on, a satellite
    will shoot a laser[40HP]
    Searchman will move around a lot and occasionally use Invisible. Attacks that
    home, like Meteor or the MrkCan series do well against him, and if you have
    DrkMeter, put it in your folder to use for a Chaos Unison if you're able to
    use them well. His laser attack has splash damage, so make sure you're well
    away from that. His grenades won't hurt you if you stand adjacent to them.
    Other than that, this battle isn't very difficult.
    --END BOSS--
    After the battle, it seems that there were copies made of Megaman and
    Searchman, explaining the odd scene from earlier and why Searchman seemed to
    have gone over to Nebula. Megaman and Searchman will easily defeat them, as
    they're just normal navis after all.
    | CHAPTER 10: Liberation of End Area 5                                [WKC10] |
    Go to the locked door in End Area 4 again. Searchman will open it, and Protoman
    will order Gyroman to stay behind. Oh well. Now an overview of Searchman's
    abilities. His charged buster turns into that automatic rifle. His special chip
    attack is Satelity, which sends a targeting reticule up and down the rows
    several times. You have to press A to choose which panel is hit. Remember, it
    has splash damage. His out of battle special ability is PanelSearch, which
    searches through panels in range and liberates only the item panels.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 1---
    Use Napalm on the right panel out of the first two. NapalmMan will take 50
    damage from a trap after this battle. Use Megaman to liberate the Dark Hole.
    Use Protoman to liberate the panel one north and two west of where the Dark
    Hole was. If you get a one turn liberation, Protoman will take 40 damage. Using
    Magnetman, go up to where Protoman is and as far left as you can go. Face down
    and liberate that panel. Try to get a one turn liberation if possible. Use
    Searchman to liberate the panel next to the top item panel near Megaman (From
    the left, so that if you get a 1 turn liberation the trap won't hurt you).
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 1---
    A Darkloid will attack Magnetman. Others will move.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 2---
    Use all characters to get to the square past Magnetman. Save NapalmMan to use
    Napalm while standing on the corner panel, as he'll be able to get the key,
    which is in the back center item panel. If you have any characters left, use
    one to liberate the second item panel after where the barriers were. Do not get
    a one turn liberation, as the item panel to the left has a trap. If you have
    anymore characters left, use them to liberate a path to the Dark Hole. Again,
    don't get a one turn liberation, since there are two traps in range.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 2---
    Two of your characters should be attacked if you started liberating towards the
    next Dark Hole.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 3---
    NapalmMan should still be paralyzed from the trap. Use two of your characters
    to liberate the Dark Hole, still not getting a one turn liberation. Use another
    two to get to the second Dark Hole and liberate it if you have enough navis to
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 3---
    Nothing happens.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 4---
    NapalmMan should be recovered. Use Searchman's PanelSearch on the three item
    panels in front of the Barrier3. You will get three order points and the
    BarrierKey2. Use Napalm on the panel down two and right one from the left Dark
    Hole in the upper area. Use another character to liberate the exposed Dark
    Hole. You'll get two order points from an item panel. Continue up to the last
    Dark Hole. Using the bonus panel you can liberate it this turn.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 4---
    Cosmoman will do 80 damage to Searchman.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 5---
    BarrierKey3 is in the item panel closest to where the liberated Dark Hole was.
    It's also one down and two right from the northmost Bonus panel. When you
    unlock the Barrier, prepare for a fight with Cosmoman. Use one of your
    characters to try to get a one turn invincibility if there's an exposed Bonus
    panel. After that, liberate the panel in front of Cosmoman and fight him.
    --HP: 1000--
    -Cosmoman throws his ring onto your side, and it spins around the area quickly
    -One sphere with an orbiting ring goes down each row. The rings are destroyable
    -Cosmoman will turn into some sort of black hole and shoot pieces of junk at
    every row[80HP]
    The Ring Orbit attack only affects a 2*2 area, so when you see the yellow
    square move far enough away to not be hit. The Ringer is harder to dodge, as
    you'll need to be either at the top or bottom, since it affects two panels. If
    you got an invincibility, this battle will be easy of course, but if you
    didn't, make sure you dodge his attacks. Chips that home are again good here,
    and so are Magnetman's and Searchman's charge shots. You have three turns to
    defeat him if you start the attack in phase 5.
    --END BOSS--
    Once Cosmoman is destroyed, you'll get CosmoMnSP C if you defeated it in seven
    turns or less and CosmoMan C if you win in eight or nine turns. The net is now
    fully liberated, and all that's left is the Undernet. Speaking of the
    Undernet, it seems that a Dark Door is blocking it. You'll get SearchSoul,
    which activates with targetting chips (Like the MrkCan series). In a cutscene
    afterwards, Mayl asks Lan about the team. Everyone seems to be eavesdropping,
    including Jasmine, a random girl from down the street who wants to get into the
    Undernet. Ah well, I suppose everyone in town will know by the end of the
    | CHAPTER 11: Revival of the Fittest                                  [WKC11] |
    Chaud will call you and tell you to go to the SciLabs. You'll also receive an
    email about SearchSoul. Once at Mission Control, Chaud will tell you to look
    for the Hikari Report. Head back to the area in ACDC3 with the door. Once
    inside the VisionBurst, go to where Gow was. He's not there? Protoman will tell
    you to find out as much about the dog as you can. Well, let's ask Lan's mom.
    You'll get "GowPic" and the clue that the dog used to go somewhere with
    Tadashi, and they both came back covered in dust. Check your mail to get
    CasPCode, which will allow you in and out of EndArea3 easily.
    You can get a NebulaID now, which will allow you to open the purple doors with
    skulls for 3000 zenny at the OldMine. Go all the way down to where Dex and the
    others were trapped by the drill to find the Quiz King. His answers are:
    1. 8
    2. GridMan
    3. 8
    4. M-Cannon
    5. Red
    6. Third answer
    7. 33
    8. Delete
    9. Me
    10. Kyle
    11. DrilArm1
    12. Cancer
    13. 12
    14. Queen Bohemia
    15. Mayl's
    You'll get NaviCust Chivalry, which makes Megaman say weird things. Go back
    outside to the bottom of the mountain and go up the ramp. Talk to the old man
    and he'll tell you that he has something of Tadashi's. Go to the speaker that
    has the navi you bought the MineKey from. You'll get "OldPCode". Go to SciLab3,
    where Cloudman was. Past there and to the left there's a security cube that's
    unlocked by the PCode. Take the RegUP2 in front of the portal, then go through
    the portal to get to ACDC2.
    Talk to the navi. He says he's Dr. Hikari Sr.'s navi...Does that mean Tadashi?
    You'll get "Pastkey" and he'll say, "The 4th rock-crusher machine. A box that
    blocks the rocks marks the spot..." Go to Oran Isle and jack into DrillComp4.
    Go to the end, right before the drill control system and talk to the program.
    Select "Yes" and he'll tell you about how he saw a navi disappear a long time
    ago. Well, check the control panel over there (Not the drill control system,
    rather the one right next to the conveyer belt). You'll find another vision
    burst. Head through it...
    You'll see the past Oran Isle, when there were still people working in the
    mines. Talk to everyone on the island. You'll find a Nebula navi trying to
    abduct Gow. He'll attack you with a NinJoy and two HandiEX. Gow will run off
    again...Check the bamboo patch. He'll run away again, and get caught by
    Blizzardman. I thought we defeated him? He'll jack out with Gow, and you'll be
    called by a SciLab scientist. It seems their HP is under attack by Nebula.
    Go to Mission Control and jack into the SciLab HP. You and Protoman will
    confront Shademan and three Nebula navis. Shademan will jack out, leaving you
    with three navis each. Three battles later, all the navis are deleted and
    Megaman will tell Protoman about Gow. Chaud will tell you that our next mission
    is going to be the liberation of the Undernet, but first we need a new secret
    Mission Control. Somewhere big and secret...Hm...Before anything, check your
    email to receive a RollSP R chip from Mayl. Put it in your folder. I'm not sure
    how much damage it does.
    Go to Higsby's shop in ACDC town. Talk to him and he'll say he'll give you some
    space, but you have to recover a DataFile Numberman dropped while he was
    looking at something cool in EndArea3. Sounds like that castle in End3, eh? Go
    to your house. Mayl is tutoring Lan's mom, and she's staying at his
    house...And there's cookies! WHY DON'T I GET A COOKIE!? Er...Yeah. Once at the
    castle in EndArea3, check the back of it to get DataFile. Bring it back to
    Higsby. He'll kick everyone out of the shop, then show you the warehouse area.
    Wow, I'm sure he wouldn't see us grab one of these Giga chips here...Just
    kidding, of course.
    Once Chaud is nice and settled in, an alarm will go off. Someone's trying to
    get through the door to the Undernet! Both agree that it was the girl who was
    bugging Lan before. Before heading off, however, check the center computer to
    the right to get HP Memory and jack into the old computer behind a large stack
    of boxes for SpinPink and RegUP1. Head to the Undenet door.
    You'll find Meddy, Jasmine's navi trying to get through the door. Cloudman will
    destroy the door and come through. Protoman will easily defeat him, although
    he'll be back in a minute. He'll delete Protoman while he's blocking Meddy from
    the blast. Afterwards, Chaud will pick you for the new team leader. Go back to
    your home and rest.
    Ding dong! Jasmine is at your door for some reason. Oh, she'll ask if she can
    be on the team. When Lan refuses, she'll run off to get revenge herself.
    That's not good...Let's head on over to the Undernet.
    Once inside Undernet1, follow the path and either go past the first ramp and
    up the next for a subchip dealer or up the first ramp. Continue along the
    linear path until you get to a split with an arrow to a square area and a
    continuing path going north-east. Take the arrow panel for a BMD with SoulT+1,
    and continue all the way back to where you were, then take the other path. When
    you have the option of going up a ramp or down a ramp, go down it and up
    another ramp to get an HP Memory. Go back and take the upwards ramp to get to
    Continue down the path and take a left at the first fork. Go down from the
    portal panel to get to a BMD with RegUp3. Go up the path north of the portal
    and take a right at the split. Go through the first portal you come by to get
    the the UnderBBS, a PMD with NeoVari V, and a bugfrag trader (Who has the
    GigaChip BugCurse C). Go back through the portal and go down the right path to
    get to another portal. Go through it and follow the path (Don't go down any
    arrows) to get to Undernet3.
    Take the left set of arrow panels and continue along the path. At the first
    split, take the path that will lead you north and get the BMD with Attck+1.
    Continue along, going through the portal to get a RegUP3. Back in the Undernet
    there's a netdealer. Follow the path back to the beginning of this area, then
    take the single arrow panel on the right and two more bringing you to a path
    with a PMD containing ExpMemory at the south end. Take the north path at the
    split, then another north for a program dealer or south to get to a wide ramp.
    At the top of the ramp you'll encounter Meddy...
    --HP: 900--
    -Throws two yellow pills that explode in a seemingly-random way and cause
    confusion on a successful hit[40HP]
    -Throws two pink pills that explode in a seemingly-random way[70HP]
    -Throws two purple pills that explode in a seemingly-random way and cause
    blindness on a successful hit[20HP]
    -A red sphere and a blue sphere will appear in opposite corners. When they are
    both fully on the same panel, they will explode, damaging your whole area[60HP]
    -Shoots a slow-moving electrical sphere that absorbs your energy and heals her
    This battle isn't too hard, unless you're confused or blinded. Therefore try
    to stay away from the pills if you're not good at predicting where they'll
    explode. When she summons the two spheres, make sure to destroy the moving one
    before it touches the other. The healsphere is extremely easy to dodge, so
    don't worry about that. If Megaman gets confused, remember that the controls
    are reversed (Up is down, left is right, etc.).
    --END BOSS--
    Once Meddy is defeated, the rest of your team will jack in and convince you to
    let Meddy and Jasmine join the team. You'll see NapalmMan's failed attempt at
    opening the door, which Meddy opens by healing. Oookay...Anyways, Magnetman
    will stay outside to stand guard. Continue inside to start the liberation
    | CHAPTER 12: Liberation of Undernet Area 4                           [WKC12] |
    First things first, an overview of Meddy. She starts out with a measly 300 HP.
    Her charged buster attack throws a pink pill three squares ahead, exploding in
    a vertical line, one above and one below of where the pill lands, dealing 80
    damage. TwinLiberate requires another navi. First use Meddy on a panel facing
    a long, uninterupted line of dark panels. After liberating it with
    TwinLiberate, you use another navi (Usually Gyroman) and liberate the glowing
    green panel. Then all panels between the glowing ones are liberated. Meddy's
    special chip throws a pill three squares forward that explodes like her charge
    shot does and paralyzes the enemies it hits. Now on to the actual liberation...
    ---PLAYER PHASE 01---
    First have a navi of your choice, excluding Meddy and Gyroman, liberate the
    topmost panel you can reach. Use Meddy to TwinLiberate the panel just above
    (Screenwise) the one the navi liberated so it passes to the right of the Dark
    Hole. Use Gyroman to liberate the other glowing panel. He will take 50 damage
    from a trap. Use any navi to liberate the Dark Hole. Have your remaining
    character liberate the panel below the item panel almost directly north
    (Screenwise) from where the Dark Hole was.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 01---
    A BigBrut2 will attack Gyroman for 50 damage, and a TinHawk2 will move closer
    to your characters.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 02---
    Use Gyroman to bomb liberate the panel at the end of the row that's on the left
    of the Dark Hole (Next turn we'll use TwinLiberate to clear the whole row). Use
    any character to liberate the item panel you got to last turn for two order
    points. You should have 3 now. Use two of your characters to liberate a panel
    next to the BigBrut2 and to delete it. Have your remaining character liberate
    the panel in front of the item panel to the right of the next Dark Hole.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 02---
    One of the Bladia3s will attack Gyroman for 70 damage. The TinHawk2 will move
    closer to your characters. The Dark Hole will spawn a BigBrut2.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 03---
    Use Meddy's TwinLiberate and Gyroman to finish it on the row leading to the
    panel he Bomb Liberated last turn. Use Megaman or Searchman to liberate the
    Dark Hole. Use Napalm on the item panel below the panel Gyroman liberated.
    He'll be paralyzed by a trap. There should be an open space in front of the
    Dark Hole now, so use your last navi to liberate it.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 03---
    The TinHawk2 will attack Meddy for 40 damage. NapalmMan will take 70 damage
    from the Bladia3.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 04---
    Use Gyroman to liberate the north-most item panel on the map to get
    BarrierKey1. Use one of your remaining three navis to liberate the panel two
    up and one left of the Dark Hole, then your others to continue the path to it.
    If you get a 1-turn liberation either of the first two liberations, you'll be
    able to delete the Dark Hole this turn. If it's the second liberation you get
    a 1-turn liberation on you'll get 3 order points, so aim for that. If you have
    a navi remaining, liberate the Dark Hole.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 04---
    The Bladia3 will do 70 damage to NapalmMan.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 05---
    NapalmMan is usable again this turn. If you didn't liberate the Dark Hole last
    turn, use Gyroman, Meddy, or Searchman to do it this turn. Use Megaman to
    Longsword the item panel to the right of the Dark Hole (The southern one), but
    don't get a 1-turn liberate or he will be paralyzed. Now that the second set of
    barriers are unlocked, use Napalm on the center Dark panel that was behind
    them, so that another navi has direct access to the last Dark Hole. Use any
    navi to liberate it. Use two navis to liberate the panels leading up to
    Protoman. You may not have enough navis, but it doesn't matter.
    ---DARKLOID PHASE 05---
    70 damage will be done to Gyroman by the Bladia3.
    ---PLAYER PHASE 06---
    If there's still a panel in front of Protoman, use your least favorite navi to
    liberate it. Time for a boss fight, but first backtrack and try to get
    invincibility from the bonus panel.
    --HP: 1000--
    -Protoman will step in the row in front of you and use a Widesword[120HP]
    -Protoman will go on his left-most panel and use a Longsword that damages three
    horizontal panels[120HP]
    -A shadow of Protoman will use his Widesword[120HP]
    -A shadow of Protoman uses his Longsword[120HP]
    -A shadow of Protoman will swing his sword in a circle around him, damages
    every panel one away from him[80HP]
    -Protoman will teleport behind you and use a LifeSword when his HP is low
    Protoman's shadow will occasionally block attacks when he's just moving around.
    As long as you're quick enough to dodge his sword attacks you'll be fine. I
    found it easier to weaken him with Megaman, then finish him off with Searchman
    and NapalmMan.
    --END BOSS--
    When Protoman is defeated, you'll get the chip "Z Saver Z". Z...Saver...Capcom
    really needs to hire some better translators. Anyways, Protoman will be whisked
    away in some kind of portal, then you'll get MeddySoul. In a following
    cutscene Dr. Regal initiates his final plans for Soulnet. You'll see his ugly
    face opening and closing its mouth on TV after this. You'll get an Amulet from
    your mother before you leave. Go outside...
    | CHAPTER 13: Hey, you stole my PET!(That I stole from someone else)  [WKC13] |
    It seems that the world is degrading at a rapid pace. You'll see a woman chase
    a man who stole her stolen PET. Wow. Even kids are falling victim to it.
    You'll get an anonymous mail telling you about the microservers. Jack into one
    of the trees behind Mayl's house. Get the HP Memory in the right corner, then
    check the odd thing in the middle. You'll have to fight Searchman Alpha...
    --HP: 1000--
    -Rolls a grenade that explodes in an "X" shape[60HP]
    -Locks onto you and rapidly shoots you three times[20HP/shot]
    -Sends a cursor up and down your panels, if it touches you a satellite will hit
    that panel and every panel in a "+" shape[60HP]
    See Searchman.EXE strategy.
    --END BOSS--
    Once you defeat him, Searchman will jack out. Megaman will destroy the
    microserver, and ACDC will be peaceful once again. You'll receive an email
    from Chaud about MeddySoul. Speaking of Chaud, let's go give him a visit.
    He sends us to find the microservers in the other areas. First go to SciLab,
    and enter the building. Jack into the terminal and fight Magnetman Alpha...
    --HP: 800--
    -Magnetman shoots two magnets that turn once at you[60HP/magnet]
    -Magnetman shoots a slow-moving magnet sphere at you, which stuns you on
    -A magnetic hole appears on your panel, making it so you can't move
    -Magnetman creates a negative version and both smash into you[80HP]
    See Magnetman.EXE strategy.
    --END BOSS--
    The server is destroyed and everyone returns to normal in the SciLab area. Now
    go to the Queen Bohemia and go on the deck to where the netbattle machine is.
    Now to battle Fyrefox.
    --HP: 1000--
    -There will be a machine gun that constantly pops up and shoots you thrice
    -NapalmMan will throw two Napalm bombs that explode in a cross (+) shape[70HP]
    -A cursor will go up and down your panels, and NapalmMan will launch a bomb
    that explodes in a 3*3 area when the cursor touches you[80HP]
    See NapalmMan.EXE strategy
    --END BOSS--
    There's no server in Oran, so let's go to End Area. Jack into Gargoyle Computer
    at the top of the castle, and make your way to the end of the third area. This
    time it's Gyroman.
    --HP: 800--
    -Gyroman will use a tornado, damaging three horizontal squares three times
    -Gyroman will shoot a mini-gyro at you[60HP]
    -Gyroman will fly over your area, dropping bombs[80HP]
    -Gyroman will hover for a second and shoot you three times[15HP/shot]
    See Gyroman.EXE strategy.
    --END BOSS--
    It seems that Charlie was just pretending to be controlled by the Dark power,
    as Gyroman destroys the server himself...Oh well. Chaud will call you and tell
    you that all the servers were destroyed. Now it's time to head to the
    | CHAPTER 14: The Beginning of the End                                [WKC14] |
    Once at Undernet4, go to where Dark Protoman was and check the odd machine.
    The MegaBuster doesn't seem to damage it, and we're visited by an old friend,
    who will destroy the server. After he strikes Megaman down, he'll get hit by
    Meddy's Healing Pulse. Colonel will jack in and give a plan to Mega and Meddy.
    The plan works, and Protoman is freed of the Dark power. You'll get
    ProtomanSoul (Swords! YAY!) and everyone will jack out. Go to your house.
    Haruka will give you a datadisk containing text data. "Net, SciLab, 3, center,
    straight 27, turn and go 4. Turn again, go 4 and then check...Hikari data,
    reaction...". You'll receive an email about Protosoul. Jack in and go to Scilab
    From the SciLab3 entrance, go 27 tiles forward, 4 left, then 4 more and check
    the panel. You'll find another VisionBurst. It's the scene from the beginning
    of the game, but with more text. Tadashi is talking to Dr. Wily (Who is Regal's
    father!?) about SoulNet. You'll jack out. Go to sleep...
    Talk to Haruka, then meet the others in front of Higsby's. Chaud booked a
    helicopter to get to Mt. Belenus, where Nebula's base is. Before you go, Mayl,
    Dex, and Yai will come say goodbye. Now...GET TO DA CHOPPA! Charlie will go
    and scout the area out. He tells you about a back entrance, then drops his
    phone off the cliff or something. Follow the path, taking the right path before
    the stairs. Go up the stairs past the others and jack into the pipe to get an
    HP Memory. Go through the door and join the others.
    Chaud will give you command of everyone but him and Jasmine, and DeltaRay Z, a
    gigachip. Jack into the BBS around the corner, you'll find a link to Undernet3.
    Go through the first door and you'll see a glitter production machine or
    something. Jack into the machine producing the dark chips for a DarkCirc R. Go
    to the electro-gate and you'll jack in along with Magnetman. You can switch
    with him by pressing select. Watch out for the falling goo that'll give you 20
    Switch to Magnetman and take a right at the fork. Follow the path until you get
    to a turret. Step on the switch and the red door will open. Don't step off the
    switch or the door will close. Using Megaman, go through where the door was and
    take a right, getting the BMD with M-Cannon F. Go back and take the left fork,
    stepping on the button to open the blue door. Switch back to Magnetman. Go
    around to where the blue door was, then continue to the second red door where
    you found the M-Cannon. Follow the path and you'll get to a turret, which
    Magnetman will destroy. Now that the second red door is open, use Megaman to go
    through it. Take the left path and continue left for an HP Memory. If you go
    down the right path you'll find the second blue switch, so step on it. Using
    Magnetman, go to the last door and take a left, continuing to the last switch.
    Send Megaman past the final door to fight Blizzardman again.
    --HP: 1200--
    -Blizzardman rolls two snowballs[100HP]
    -Blizzardman blows ice horizontally two panels[100HP]
    -Blizzardman rolls into the end of your side, causing two gobs of snow to fall
    See Blizzardman strategy
    --END BOSS--
    Once Blizzardman has been defeated, Megaman will be pulled through a Dark
    Portal. Ohnoez! Don't worry, though, Magnetman's bulk will keep him from
    falling through, at the price of himself. You'll jack out, so continue to the
    second floor and a second barrier. A Nebula soldier will be on the other side.
    Charlie will come and beat him up, then jack into the other side.
    Once inside, switch to Gyroman. Send him down the right path and take a left at
    the fork. You'll see a Dark Cloud. Gyroman will destroy the key behind it, so
    step on the yellow button and switch to Megaman. Take a left and go down the
    path, getting the BMD with a RegUP3, and step on the blue switch. Go through
    the unlocked door with Gyroman and follow the path, getting OilBody on the way.
    There will be another Dark Cloud, and another switch. Have Megaman go past
    where the door was and follow the path right. You have to take a left at the
    first fork, then continue in a clockwise direction to the switch. Follow the
    path with Gyroman, down the stairs and go clockwise and up the stairs and
    remove the Dark Cloud. Have Megaman continue along to Shademan. Gyroman will
    come in, but he'll be absorbed by a Dark Portal.
    --HP: 1000--
    -Shademan sends a burst of sound in a sideways "T", either stunning or
    confusing Megaman[80HP]
    -Shademan sends two or three bats down the rows[80HP]
    -Shademan swipes three vertical panels with his claws, only when you're on your
    rightmost panels[100HP]
    -Grabs hold of Megaman and absorbs his HP[20HP/second]
    See Shademan strategy
    --END BOSS--
    Once Shademan is deleted, continue to the next electro-barrier. Check the
    actual lasers to start the next area, which has three navis to switch
    First use NapalmMan to break down the door to the right. Break the door behind
    it and step on the switch. Have Searchman open the locked door, then continue
    down the path to another door. Further down the path is one more door, then a
    switch. Go to where Searchman is with Megaman and get the HP Memory, then go
    through where the green door was. You'll find RedWave A in a BMD. Go back and
    take the right path, past the blue door and go up, stepping on the blue switch.
    Switch back to NapalmMan. Go back to where the green door was and destroy the
    door behind it. Step on the switch and get control of Megaman.
    Go past where the purple door was and step on the blue switch down the left
    path. Use Searchman and go through the unlocked blue door and down the path to
    get to another green switch behind a locked door. Switch to NapalmMan and go
    past the unlocked green door and destroy the door to get to another purple
    switch. Step on it and switch to Megaman to get to Cloudman Alpha.
    --HP: 900--
    -The clouds will send out a lightning bolt if you're right next to them[80HP]
    -Cloudman will turn into a large cloud tower and try to run you over[100HP]
    -A cloud will go next to your position and send out a lightning bold one square
    in a "+" shape[80HP]
    See Cloudman strategy.
    --END BOSS--
    Once Cloudman is deleted, Searchman and NapalmMan will be sucked into Dark
    Portals. Wow, that's more than half of the Anti-Nebula Corps deleted. Anyways,
    continue to the last barrier. Only one person left, unless Chaud and Jasmine
    show up, which they do, of course. One more of these switch-frenzies...
    Switch to Protoman first. Continue forward, past the stairs and get the BMD
    with Recov200. Head to the door like the one at the beginning of the game to
    get the the red switch. Use Meddy to step on the switch behind where the red
    door was, then switch to Protoman. Go the short distance to the next red
    switch, then use Meddy and open the Dark door and step on the switch. Continue
    to the next set of doors with Megaman, then switch to Protoman.
    Go back to where the ramp was, then go up it and down the other side. Continue
    like you're going to where Meddy is, but get the BMD with SubMemory and then
    go back to the door Protoman can open. Step on the switch and use Meddy. Do the
    same as you did for Protoman, just in the opposite direction. Open the Dark
    Door, step on the button and switch to Megaman. Have him step on the switch,
    then use Protoman to open his door, and the same for Meddy. Hey, it's Cosmoman!
    And he doesn't seem to like Megaman's company. Your entire team is dead. It's
    only you now. Well, you and Cosmoman.
    --HP: 1200--
    -A ring lands on a corner of your area and damages the three of your panels
    around it[100HP]
    -Cosmoman sends a sphere with a ring around it down each row. The rings can be
    -Summons a meteor that damages in a cross pattern and breaks the center panel
    -Turns into a black hole and flings small spheres at each row[100HP/sphere]
    See Cosmoman strategy.
    --END BOSS--
    Dr. Regal is about to start SoulNet, so let's stop him! In the next room, jack
    into the top display case for a PMD with MudWave D. Talk to the fallen navi in
    the middle. Check the center case. The rest of your team will come and meet
    you. After that, check the bottom case to get your friends' PETs. Be sure to
    save before you go through the door, since you can't save later.
    Regal starts up SoulNet, and it affects everyone but Lan because of the Amulet.
    You'll jack into SoulServComp. Follow the extremely-linear path. Once you get
    to a certain platform, the four Nebula navis you've defeated again and again
    will jack in. Haven't we fought them enough already? It seems your team, and
    your friends have the same thought in mind. Continue to the end of the area.
    All we have to fight is this flaming blue ball? Not too hard. Oh wait...We have
    to fight the child of the LifeVirus and Gospel. Damn.
    --FINAL BOSS--
    --HP: 2000--
    -A flame jumps out of a hole at you[80HP]
    -NebulaGray's head flies at the panel you're on, breaking every panel in a 3*3
    -Flames engulf several of your panels[100HP]
    -NebulaGray's body will disappear, and about ten hands will fly from where he
    was at all panels in your area[30HP/hand]
    Attacks:[DARK MEGA]
    -A sphere of electricity stuns you[100HP]
    In order to damage Nebula Gray, you have to attack the blue soul that will
    occasionally circle him. All other attacks will do no damage. His side is
    permanent; that is, you can't use an areagrab. Dark Mega will occasionally be
    summoned by a dark chip and use an attack, all of which do 100 damage. Some of
    his attacks are easily dodgeable, however some, like many of Dark Mega's
    attacks, are hard to avoid, so bring healing chips and invisibles. Protosoul is
    useless in this battle, since most sword attacks won't reach. NebulaGray will
    use the hand attack when its HP is about half gone.
    Congratulations, you've beaten the game! I'm not going to spoil the ending for
    you. You'll see your play time and chip library at the end.
    | CHAPTER 15: Deep under the net                                      [CHIPL] |
    So you've beaten Nebula Grey and saved the day. However, you're far from
    completing this game. Like every Battle Network game before it, this game has
    a secret area. However, you must first unlock it by defeating 5 Under navis
    scattered around the net. You'll fight advanced versions of the viruses you've
    fought before (SkellyEX, etc.). They're located at:
    1. ServerComp (Go to SciLab4 and proceed in a general counter-clockwise
                   direction until you reach the portal in the center)
    2. EndArea4 (Go through the portal on the top floor)
    3. Undernet2 (Across from the entrance to Undernet3)
    4. CraneComp (Oran2 top floor)
    5. Undernet1 (Go to EndArea1 and go down the second ramp and around until you
                  get to a dead end at the top of the lower area. There is an
                  invisible path to Undernet1 here)
    You can also get a DarkDril D in End1 by way of an invisible path near
    NapalmMan and a DarkPlus * in a BMD past a Nebula door near the fifth dark
    navi. You can also fight LarkMan near the fifth navi.
    --HP: 900/1200/1500--
    -Sends a bird left down a row and right down another[80/100/140HP]
    -Swoops and damages these panels:[120/140/180HP]
           | |*|*| |*| |
           | |M| |*| | |    M=Megaman/damaged panel
           | |*|*| |*| |    *=Damaged panel
    -Swoops down from the sky and hits the panel you're on and every one in front
     of you (On the same row)[80/100/140HP]
    His bird attack is easy enough to dodge, just stay on your front panel and
    dodge it twice when it comes back at you and goes back. For his second attack,
    just move out of the highlighted panels. His third attack is the hardest, as it
    comes quickly without much warning. Fast-firing chips are essential in this
    battle, as he's constantly moving around.
    --END BOSS--
    When you defeat him, you'll get LarkMan S, no matter what your busting level.
    You'll get the same chip for beating his alpha version. If you beat his beta
    with an S rank you'll get his DS chip.
    Once all five navis are defeated and you have 100 standard chips, go to
    Undernet3 and take the left path, circling around in a counter-clockwise
    direction to get to a secondary warp to Undernet2. Talk to the gold program at
    the end to open a portal into the Nebula areas. NOTE: From now on there will be
    stronger viruses in all areas. You can use this to get better chips, however
    if it becomes too much for you, speak to the gold program again and he'll
    close the door, returning the viruses to normal.
    Walk through the door to start...Another liberation mission!? You'll have
    control of Megaman, Protoman, Searchman, NapalmMan, and Magnetman. Your target
    is to liberate the area within 12 turns. There are 5 Dark Holes and 2
    barrier sets. You're fighting Shademan. Strategy coming soon.
    | CHIP LIBRARY                                                        [CHIPL] |
    Standard Chips:
    ID# |   NAME   | RARITY
    001 | Cannon   | *
    002 | HiCannon | **
    003 | M-Cannon | ***
    004 | AirShot  | **
    005 | Vulcan1  | *
    006 | Vulcan2  | **
    007 | Vulcan3  | ***
    008 | Spreader | **
    009 | MrkCan1  | *
    010 | MrkCan2  | **
    011 | MrkCan3  | ***
    012 | Pulsar1  | *
    013 | Pulsar2  | **
    014 | Pulsar3  | ***
    015 | TankCan1 | *
    016 | TankCan2 | **
    017 | TankCan3 | ***
    018 | WideSht1 | *
    019 | WideSht2 | **
    020 | WideSht3 | ***
    021 | ElcReel1 | *
    022 | ElcReel2 | **
    023 | ElcReel3 | ***
    024 | CactBal1 | *
    025 | CactBal2 | **
    026 | CactBal3 | ***
    027 | GunDelS1 | **
    028 | GunDelS2 | ***
    029 | GunDelS3 | ****
    030 | ElemRage | ***
    031 | Thunder  | ***
    032 | Tornado  | ***
    033 | Static   | ***
    034 | MiniBomb | *
    035 | EnergBom | *
    036 | MegEnBom | **
    037 | CrakBom  | *
    038 | ParaBom  | **
    039 | ResetBom | ***
    040 | Quake1   | *
    041 | Quake2   | **
    042 | Quake3   | ***
    043 | BugBomb  | ***
    044 | CannBall | ***
    045 | BlkBomb  | ****
    046 | Geyser   | ****
    047 | LavaSeed | **
    048 | SeaSeed  | **
    049 | IceSeed  | **
    050 | GrasSeed | **
    051 | Sword    | *
    052 | WideSwrd | **
    053 | LongSwrd | ***
    054 | WideBlde | ****
    055 | LongBlde | ****
    056 | CustSwrd | ***
    057 | VarSwrd  | ****
    058 | Slasher  | ***
    059 | WindRack | ***
    060 | MoonBld1 | *
    061 | MoonBld2 | **
    062 | MoonBld3 | ***
    063 | Katana1  | *
    064 | Katana2  | **
    065 | Katana3  | ***
    066 | YoYo     | ***
    067 | DrilArm1 | *
    068 | DrilArm2 | **
    069 | DrilArm3 | ***
    070 | AirHoc   | ***
    071 | Skully1  | *
    072 | Skully2  | **
    073 | Skully3  | ***
    074 | AqWhirl1 | *
    075 | AqWhirl2 | **
    076 | AqWhirl3 | ***
    077 | AirSpin1 | *
    078 | AirSpin2 | **
    079 | AirSpin3 | ***
    080 | FireHit1 | *
    081 | FireHit2 | **
    082 | FireHit3 | ***
    083 | HotBody1 | *
    084 | HotBody2 | **
    085 | HotBody3 | ***
    086 | SideBub1 | *
    087 | SideBub2 | **
    088 | SideBub3 | ***
    089 | CusVolt1 | **
    090 | CusVolt2 | ***
    091 | CusVolt3 | ****
    092 | Boomer   | ***
    093 | Astroid1 | *
    094 | Astroid2 | **
    095 | Astroid3 | ***
    096 | SpShake1 | *
    097 | SpShake2 | **
    098 | SpShake3 | ***
    099 | Voltz1   | *
    100 | Voltz2   | **
    101 | Voltz3   | ***
    102 | WoodNos1 | *
    103 | WoodNos2 | **
    104 | WoodNos3 | ***
    105 | Lance    | ****
    106 | WavePit  | **
    107 | RedWave  | ***
    108 | MudWave  | ****
    109 | RainyDay | ****
    110 | Snake    | ****
    111 | Magnum   | ***
    112 | CircGun  | ***
    113 | TimeBom1 | *
    114 | TimeBom2 | **
    115 | TimeBom3 | ***
    116 | BoyBomb1 | *
    117 | BoyBomb2 | **
    118 | BoyBomb3 | ***
    119 | Mine     | ***
    120 | RockCube | *
    121 | Wind     | **
    122 | Fan      | **
    123 | Fanfare  | **
    124 | Discord  | **
    125 | Timpani  | **
    126 | Silence  | **
    127 | RedFrut1 | *
    128 | RedFrut2 | **
    129 | RedFrut3 | ***
    130 | VDoll    | ****
    131 | Guard1   | *
    132 | Guard2   | **
    133 | Guard3   | ***
    134 | CrsShld1 | *
    135 | CrsShld2 | **
    136 | CrsShld3 | ***
    137 | CrakOut  | *
    138 | DublCrak | *
    139 | TripCrak | *
    140 | Recov10  | *
    141 | Recov30  | *
    142 | Recov50  | *
    143 | Recov80  | **
    144 | Recov120 | **
    145 | Recov150 | ***
    146 | Recov200 | ***
    147 | Recov300 | ****
    148 | PanlGrab | *
    149 | AreaGrab | **
    150 | MetaGel  | ****
    151 | GrabBnsh | ***
    152 | GrabRvng | ****
    153 | PnlRetrn | **
    154 | Geddon1  | ***
    155 | Geddon2  | ***
    156 | Geddon3  | ****
    157 | SloGauge | ***
    158 | FstGauge | ***
    159 | BusterUp | **
    160 | Blinder  | **
    161 | NrthWind | **
    162 | HolyPanl | **
    163 | Invisibl | ***
    164 | Barrier  | **
    165 | Barr100  | ***
    166 | Barr200  | ****
    167 | BblWrap  | ***
    168 | AntiFire | ***
    169 | AntiWatr | ***
    170 | AntiElec | ***
    171 | AntiWood | ***
    172 | AntiDmg  | ***
    173 | AntiSwrd | ***
    174 | AntiNavi | ****
    175 | AntiRecv | ***
    176 | CopyDmg  | **
    177 | LifeSync | **
    178 | Attck+10 | *
    179 | Navi+20  | ***
    180 | ColorPt  | **
    Mega Chips:
    ID |   Name    | Rarity | Location
    01 | SuprVulc  | ****   |
    02 | NeoVari   | *****  |
    03 | Meteors   | *****  |
    04 | NumbrBl   | ****   |
    05 | Guardian  | ****   |
    06 | Jealousy  | ****   |
    07 | Poltrgst  | ****   |
    08 | BugFix    | ****   |
    09 | FullCust  | ****   |
    10 | LifeAur   | *****  |
    11 | Snctuary  | ****   |
    12 | Attck+30  | ****   |
    13 | DblPoint  | ****   |
    14 | Muramasa  | *****  |
    15 | Anubis    | *****  |
    16 | BlakWing  | ****   |
    17 | JustcOne  | *****  |
    18 | Z Saver   | *****  |
    19 | Roll      | ***    |
    20 | RollSP    | ****   |
    21 | RollDS    | ****   | Purple navi in Undernet2(3000z)
    22 | ProtoMan  | ***    |
    23 | ProtoMnSP | ****   |
    24 | ProtoMnDS | ****   |
    25 | GyroMan   | ***    |
    26 | GyromanSP | ****   |
    27 | GyromanDS | ****   |
    28 | SerchMan  | ***    |
    29 | SerchMnSP | ****   |
    30 | SerchMnDS | ****   |
    31 | NapalmMn  | ***    |
    32 | NaplmMnSP | ****   |
    33 | NaplmMnDS | ****   |
    34 | MagnetMn  | ***    |
    35 | MagntMnSP | ****   |
    36 | MagntMnDS | ****   |
    37 | Meddy     | ***    |
    38 | MeddySP   | ****   |
    39 | MeddyDS   | ****   |
    40 | BlizMan   | ***    |
    41 | BlizManSP | ****   |
    42 | BlizManDS | ****   |
    43 | ShadeMan  | ***    |
    44 | ShadeMnSP | ****   |
    45 | ShadeMnDS | ****   |
    46 | CloudMan  | ***    |
    47 | CloudMnSP | ****   |
    48 | CloudMnDS | ****   |
    49 | CosmoMan  | ***    |
    50 | CosmoMnSP | ****   |
    51 | CosmoMnDS | ****   |
    52 | LarkMan   | ***    |
    53 | LarkManSP | ****   |
    54 | LarkManDS | ****   |
    55 | GridMan   | ***    |
    56 | GridManSP | ****   |
    57 | GridManDS | ****   |
    58 | Django    | ***    |
    59 | DjangoSP  | ****   |
    60 | DjangoDS  | ****   |
    Giga Chips:
    ID |   Name   | Rarity | Location
    01 | DeltaRay | *****  |
    02 | BigHook  | *****  |
    03 | Bass     | *****  |
    04 | HolyDrem | *****  |
    05 | BugCurse | *****  |
    06 | DethPhnx | *****  |
    Dark Chips:
    ID |   Name   | Rarity | Location
    01 | DrkSword | *****  |
    02 | DarkTorn | *****  |
    03 | DarkCirc | *****  |
    04 | DarkMetr | *****  |
    05 | DarkThnd | *****  |
    06 | DrkRecov | *****  |
    07 | DrkSonic | *****  |
    08 | DarkInvs | *****  |
    09 | DarkPlus | *****  |
    10 | DrkLance | *****  |
    11 | DarkDril | *****  | EndArea1-On an invisible path to the right of 
                             where NapalmMan is(3000z)
    12 | DarkWide | *****  | SciLab4 (1000z)
    | PROGRAM ADVANCE LIBRARY                                               [PAL] |
    1. GigaCan1  [400HP] [NEUT]                         
          Cannon that does 400 damage     Cannon A
                                          Cannon B
                                          Cannon C
    2. GigaCan2  [500HP] [NEUT]                         
          Cannon that does 400 damage     HiCannon D
                                          HiCannon E
                                          HiCannon F
    3. GigaCan3  [600HP] [NEUT]                          
          Cannon that does 600 damage     M-Cannon F
                                          M-Cannon G
                                          M-Cannon H
    4. InfVulc1  [20HP/shot] [NEUT]                         
          About 20 vulcan shots           Vulcan1 C
                                          Vulcan1 D
                                          Vulcan1 E
    5. InfVulc2  [20HP/shot] [NEUT]                         
          About 24 vulcan shots           Vulcan2 A
                                          Vulcan2 B
                                          Vulcan2 C
    6. InfVulc3  [20HP/shot] [NEUT]                         
          About 28 vulcan shots           Vulcan3 L
                                          Vulcan3 M
                                          Vulcan3 N
    7. Boxer1    [100HP/hit] [FIRE]                         
          10 hits are divided equally     FireHit1 O
          among all enemies               FireHit1 P
                                          FireHit1 Q
    8. Boxer2    [150HP/hit] [FIRE]
          10 hits are divided equally     FireHit2 H
          among all enemies               FireHit2 I
                                          FireHit2 J
    9. Boxer3    [200HP/hit] [FIRE]
          10 hits are divided equally     FireHit3 E
          among all enemies               FireHit3 F
                                          FireHit3 G
    10. SuprSpr1  [100HP/shot] [AQUA]                        
           Sends three shots forward,     WideSht1 L
           each is three panels tall      WideSht1 M
                                          WideSht1 N
    11. SuprSpr2  [120HP/shot] [AQUA]                        
           Sends three shots forward,     WideSht2 E
           each is three panels tall      WideSht2 F
                                          WideSht2 G
    12. SuprSpr3  [140HP/shot] [AQUA]                        
           Sends three shots forward,     WideSht3 S
           each is three panels tall      WideSht3 T
                                          WideSht3 U
    13. ShakPar1  [80HP/shot] [ELEC]                        
           Three of the satellite viruses SpShake1 G
           go up and down the panels,     SpShake1 H
           stunning whatever they touch   SpShake1 I
    14. ShakPar2  [110HP/shot] [ELEC]                        
           Three of the satellite viruses SpShake2 B
           go up and down the panels,     SpShake2 C
           stunning whatever they touch   SpShake2 D
    15. ShakPar3  [140HP/hit] [ELEC]                        
           Three of the satellite viruses SpShake3 S
           go up and down the panels,     SpShake3 T
           stunning whatever they touch   SpShake3 U
    16. CacDanc1  [30HP/hit] [WOOD]                         
           Ten cactii balls fall down     CactBal1 H
           and hit the enemies            CactBal1 I
                                          CactBal1 J
    17. CacDanc2  [40HP/hit] [WOOD]                        
           Ten cactii balls fall down     CactBal2 Q
           and hit the enemies            CactBal2 R
                                          CactBal2 S
    18. CacDanc3  [50HP/hit] [WOOD]                        
           Ten cactii balls fall down     CactBal3 L
           and hit the enemies            CactBal3 M
                                          CactBal3 N
    19. H-Burst  [50HP/hit] [NEUT]                         
           Hits every enemy around the    Spreader C
           enemy it hits several times    Spreader D
                                          Spreader E
    20. LifeSrd  [400HP] [NEUT]                          
           A 2*3 sword                    Sword    S        Sword    L
                                          WideSwrd S   OR   WideBlde L
                                          LongSwrd S        LongBlde L
    21. GreatYo  [100HP/second] [NEUT]                         
           Sends one YoYo down each row,  YoYo D
           damaging an enemy for each     YoYo E
           second it's hit                YoYo F
    22. PitHoky  [100HP] [NEUT]                         
           Sends a hockey puck around the AirHoc Q
           enemy area                     AirHoc R
                                          AirHoc S
    23. PoisPhar  [10HP/second] [NEUT]                        
           Creates a purple Pharoman      BugBomb A
           statue that does 10 poison     Geddon3 A
           damage per second until it's   Anubis  A
    24. CsmoPris  [60/hit] [NEUT]                       
           Cosmoman uses the attack where Astroid3 C        Astroid3 C
           he sends the small bits of     Astroid3 C   OR   Astroid3 C
           junk. All of them will hit     CosmMnSP C        CosmMnDS C
    25. WildBird  [200HP] [NEUT]                        
           Larkman comes in and attacks:  Katana1  S        Katana1  S
           _____________                  Katana1  S   OR   Katana1  S
           |*| |*|*| | |                  LarkMnSP S        LarkMnDS S
           | |M|*|*| | |    M=Megaman
           |*| |*|*| | |    *=Damaged panel
    26. Football  [180HP] [NEUT]                          
           Gridman kicks several          MrkCan2  F        MrkCan2  F
           footballs at the enemies       MrkCan2  F   OR   MrkCan2  F
                                          GridMnSP F        GridMnDS F
    27. BigNoise  [400HP] [NEUT]                        
           Shademan attacks panels:       Pulsar3  S        Pulsar3  S
           _____________                  Pulsar3  S   OR   Pulsar3  S
           | | | |*|*|*|                  ShadMnSP S        ShadMnDS S
           | |M|*|*|*|*|    M=Megaman
           | | | |*|*|*|    *=Damaged panel
    28. TimeBom+  [600HP] [NEUT]                        
           Sets off a large timebomb in   TimeBom1 H
           the enemy's area               TimeBom2 H
                                          TimeBom3 H
    29. BodyGrd  [70HP/shuriken] [NEUT]                         
           Ten shurikens fly at viruses   AntiDmg  M
           in real time                               AntiNavi M
                                          Muramasa M
    30. PileDrvr  [30HP/hit] [NEUT]                         
           A fan appears in front of      GunDelS3 D        GunDelS3 D
           and behind Megaman that shoot  GunDelS3 D   OR   GunDelS3 D
           light at the first enemy in    DjangoSP D        DjangoDS D
           front of him, 10 hits per
    | Powerup List (Incomplete)                                            [POWL] |
    HPMemory: (840HP)
    ACDC2 Netdealer (3)
    Oran1 Netdealer (3)
    EndArea1 Netdealer (3)
    Undernet3 Netdealer (4)
    CastleExt (On the backside of the top fish)
    CastleExt (Talk to the official on the top of End City Castle)
    Dex's HP
    FurnaceComp (Turn the furnace on in Yai's house and a portal will appear at the
                 end of ACDC3)
    Higsby's Base (Check one of the partially-built computers)
    MainCom1 (BMD after first word scramble)
    OldMine2 (Crates)
    Oran2 (Behind Nebula door)
    PipeComp (Outside of Nebula's base)
    SculptureComp (The statue of a grey chip in front of SciLabs)
    ServerComp (There's a warp in SciLab4)
    Undernet1 (BMD)
    ViewComp (In the ship's Fiesta Room)
    RegUP: (38MB)
    Dex's HP (1)
    ElevatorComp (1) (Oran1)
    FurnaceComp (1) (Turn the furnace on in Yai's house and a portal will appear at
                    the end of ACDC3)
    Higsby's Base (1) (Jack into the old computer behind the large stack of crates)
    Mum Room (1) (Check the last armor in the row)
    Oran Isle (1) (Wheelbarrow)
    SquirelCmp13 (1)
    CraneComp (2) (Oran2 top floor)
    Dad'sComp (2) (SciLabs)
    DoghouseComp (2)
    EndArea1 (2) (BMD)
    GargoylComp3 (2)
    HelmetComp (2)
    SciLab3 (2) (Unlock the security cube with OldPCode)
    ScrewComp (2) (Queen Bohemia)
    Yai's HP (2)
    FactoryComp2 (3) (BMD)
    ShipComp1 (3) (BMD)
    Undernet2 (3) (BMD)
    Undernet3 (3) (BMD)
    End City (On the desk outside the castle entrance)
    EngineComp (Last of the computers in the engine room)
    FactoryComp4 (BMD)
    | Frequently Asked Questions                                             [QA] |
    Q: Is there a way to make the navi customizer larger?
     A: There are two ExpMemories which make the navi customizer a 5*5 grid. One
        is in a BMD in ShipComp3, and the other is in a PMD in Undernet3.
    Q: If I use a dark chip, can I ever get my HP back?
     A: No, each time you use a dark chip your maximum HP will decrease by 1, until
        you get to 100 HP.
    | CREDITS                                                              [CRED] |
    Capcom, for another great MMBN game (Although they do need a new proofreader)
    CJayC, for hosting this guide
    KingSam2k5, for corrections on PAs 4-6, 10-12, 20, 23, 27, and 30
    Cipher, for correcting an error in Chapter 14 (Directions to the visionburst)
    Goh Yutong, for sending me a strategy for defeating Cloudman.
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. 
    Any unauthorized use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
    public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
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