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    Pro Action Replay Codes by Microfox1

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    / Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Colonel and Team Protoman PAR V3 FAQ \
    Copyright 2005 by Alec Gohl. Copying of any portion of this FAQ without
    permission is prohibited. Contact me at Akgamewiz1@yahoo.com.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Disclaimer: All codes are given with the understanding that you use them at
    your own risk! Patch codes are known to corrupt game data and/or crash
    the game. The author and all code contributors hold no liability if negative
    results are achieved while using the below codes. In addition, all codes are in
    "Action Replay V3" format. Using them with another cheating device could also
    produce negative results. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
    Currently the only hoster of this FAQ is Gamefaqs.com. If this FAQ is hosted or
    hot-linked from anywhere else, it is in violation of copyright at this time.
    8-9-05 (V1.0): Finished writing first version of guide.
    Currently listening to System of a Down, Metallica and Green Day
    8-19-05 (V2.0): Major E-Reader section overhaul thanks to contributions
    from VidgamerX. Currently listening to My Chemical Romance.
    8-20-05 (V2.5): Minor adjustments and code additions provided by Gator Shark.
    Still listening to My Chemical Romance.
    8-28-05 (V3.0): Major additions thanks to contributions from Gator Shark.
    Yet again listening to My Chemical Romance.
    10-7-05 (V3.1): Some changes provided by Gator Shark.
    Listening to Viva La Bands.
    **Future Updates**
    -Glossary of abilities gained by E-Reader cards (Anyone want to help?)
    **Table of Contents**
    *Intro* (into1)
    *M Codes* (mstr2)
    *Money and Frags* (mnfg3)
    *In Battle* (nbtt4)
    *Liberation Missions* (lbms5)
    *Play as Navi and Souls* (pnas6)
    *E-Reader Cards* (rdcd7)
    *Mystery Data* (mstd8)
    *Chips in Folder Modifiers* (cfmd9)
    *Chips in Pack Modifiers*  (cpmd10)
    *Chips, Folder, Programs and Memory* (cfpm11)
    *Miscellaneous* (misc12)
    **Intro** (into1)
    Now, with the formalities over, welcome to the first ever MMBN5 Codes FAQ!
    I began this project after wading through endless posts of codes requests and
    code lists on the GameFAQs message boards. I decided to begin an archive of
    codes that could be put in one place and stop the endless nagging of noobs on
    the boards. All of these codes are the result of intensive work by dedicated
    hackers. In order to give proper credits to the creators, each code title will
    have an abbreviation next to it to represent the author:
    (TS)-Tsunami EXE
    (GS)-Gator Shark
    So, let's begin!
    **M Codes** (mstr2)
    Team Protoman (TS):
    a1722b2e 3f1b0039
    1a32537e 0de825eb
    Team Colonel (TS):
    a1722b2e 3f1b0039
    96695b7f 873db9ae
    Gator Shark's Note- The Save Protection disables all codes when saving. It
    seems very effective for those codes that 'erase your gamesave if you save
    with them on'. This may not prevent all data loss, but it will cut down
    on a lot of it.
    Team Protoman (TS): (Modified with Gator Shark's SaveProtection)
    a1722b2e 3f1b0039
    1a32537e 0de825eb
    d97efd72 f8f35ad9
    Team Colonel (TS): (Modified with Gator Shark's SaveProtection)
    a1722b2e 3f1b0039
    96695b7f 873db9ae
    d97efd72 f8f35ad9
    **Money and Frags** (mnfg3)
    Have 999999 Zenny (TS)
    Debugged by Hikarinetto:
    059C2B84 7F14B23C
    4464B0B5 D6AECA25
    3DD6EC67 02FFBE91
    Have 999999 Bug Frags (TS)
    Debugged by Marik1234:
    1B48CF61 AB094724
    1C82AD6F FC7811C5
    9D5CF9FA 68A08764
    **In Battle** (nbtt4)
    No Random Battle
    Gator Shark's Note- Compatible with Instant Battle (GS):
    367B2BD6 9343D718
    16D98BD1 C2A7162D
    95B5D0E2 EDD79242
    Instant Battle [Press Select] (GS):
    17C7799F DB2B1678
    2627222E DE699440
    ED3A2939 00431EE2
    Always Full Synchro (TS):
    53B6CDBD 1C63C809
    Always Angry Emotion (GS):
    AA91E684 6F32863A
    Always have Invis on (TS):
    9EED1A4E A291B5ED
    Invincible (green) (GS):
    5513B6F9 B6CF9B56
    974FEA12 2533B168
    Always Dark Megaman Beserk Mode (GS):
    F76743F4 87C4BA40
    Always Dark Megaman in battle (TS):
    1ABE72B1 8C236529
    Enemies Start with 1 HP (TS):
    EB52F07C 764E8C8E
    46A9183C E92B7CF8
    DAD52A3E B58B0988
    Chips do 5000 Damage (GS):
    5E1C2348 53751B8E
    8 Chips on Custom screen (GS):
    016DE040 69435A27
    Always S Rank (TS)
    Author's Note- Don't Use any other codes with this!:
    2024C29B 1CC8BA05
    Repeat Last Chips (GS):
    39E461FC C25649DB
    B7424E06 E3F3D187
    Note: Select only OK on CustScreen to get all
    the chips you had last time.
    Any Chip Combo (GS):
    089A77EB 53ECCCAB
    529CBCFC 3CEB88A4
    F19F0D9E AA7855D5
    Note: Every chip is selectable
    Quick Buster Charge (GS):
    A2B7E03A 551CE791
    92B37196 65ECFBBE
    FFF8138B A3AF81B9
    A127F5B2 0E139F83
    **Gator Shark's Note-Use either Full[Press Sel] & AR button=Empty,
    or Empty[Press Sel] & AR button=Full.**
    Full Custom Gauge [Press Select] (GS):
    8C6E776E 0CF9C63C
    BDDF27B7 2C0E45D1
    AR Button for Empty Custom Gauge (GS):
    9FC4C35F 20D1804C
    A05A144C 078B0074
    80984BB5 4081065F
    96FEE192 A0270A4A
    AR Button for Full Custom Gauge (GS):
    9FC4C35F 20D1804C
    1A3B437D 5909E383
    Empty Custom Gauge [Press Select] (GS):
    EB652011 15D5DE03
    47224C2D 247750F7
    96FEE192 A0270A4A
    Inf. Soul time (TS):
    473EE300 88AA96A9
    No DarkChip HP drain or Karma loss (TS):
    F016EA9C BB30DEA7
    C25BE1DC 943EA99F
    Enemies die as soon as you enter battle (TS):
    07DF8897 3CE681FE
    EC5DA5A8 1B672BAA
    290A732F 9666E47B
    Buster Attacks (Modifiers)
    Author's Note-Use one at a time! (All TS):
    DE6413F7 187979D7
    7B88902A 241E96CF
    Dark Meteor
    749A4B31 0B430920
    Bass Another’s Hell Roller (TS and Rin)
    2192CE0F 0123D99A
    553DE6D2 74C87A79
    CCE51680 FAE1FAC7
    AE26F34C 9C7D6772
    1ACC33AF 24F8ED29
    99BE21AD 2BD06D96
    5BAFC560 9A60566F
    BB624E3A 1E2B2DD8
    35D45621 3A629064
    15198619 24A163AF
    6EAA4186 23CAA5D4
    **Liberation Missions** (lbms5)
    Always have full order points (TS):
    D470A484 2835CFAF
    One-Turn Liberate (GS):
    A59B8BCE 60564EE8
    80C7B1EA B6DA2995
    Target Phases = 99 Phases (GS):
    1BF5B366 F82E5107
    Actual Phases Taken = 1 Phase (GS):
    4AF3439F 473EBA04
    Invincible in Liberation Mission (glowing green) (GS):
    8B32742A DF1D8012
    5D4B024D 2C380A9F
    974FEA12 2533B168
    **Play As Navi and Souls** (pnas6)
    Have all souls (TS):
    57C73023 4D1E2441
    Play as Navi (TS):
    MegaMan: A2B42FEA 078DBD48
    Protoman: 1E798116 F4BB6A1B
    Gyroman: 520D410E 30656F47
    Searchman: 8D321CE9 D2013FE0
    Napalmman: F677D028 A3E1F295
    Magnetman: 46ACF59C 19A64823
    Medi: 44636E88 FA39BEBB
    Colonel: 54261C46 0FB6784C
    Shadowman: 35F813C8 A93224A5
    Numberman: 9073C586 D31EB17C
    Tomahawkman: 73EF955E 2B9566C1
    Knightman: 78DB88F5 8AA106D0
    Toadman: 2F2581CF EFF2BAA4
    Play as Soul (TS):
    MegaMan: 3B39FAA9 2A09A3BD
    Protoman: D4F4E78D EE877503
    Gyroman: 73BAD724 B5E41484
    Searchman: EE481927 B78387DD
    Napalmman: 293A1A23 36C21ACB
    Magnetman: CC4891F9 35E86C8D
    Medi: DB0278DF DEB9C974
    Colonel: 07FF0DF6 EEBBFD25
    Shadowman: 74F3271E 7F160DC7
    Numberman: 5EBE4C43 951D87EE
    Tomahawkman: 7E0E83DD 1D62EFF2
    Knightman: 5DA01255 8F03A97C
    Toadman: 10C0D4F9 A99FFE7B
    Bass Cross Megaman Codes (TS & Rin):
    Author's Note- They only change Megaman's appearance and buster. NOTHING ELSE!
    Gold: 73290FFC 06D0F5ED
    Silver: 5FA645F5 021D297A
    **E-Reader Cards** (rdcd7)
    /          \
    |          |
    Ok, here it is. The E-Reader code section. This has been brought to you by
    a joint venture between VidgamerX and myself. ALL E-Reader code have been
    hacked by VidgamerX himself. ALL credit goes to him.
    Instructions- Always have the M code above on. First imput the enabler for your
    verson of the game. Then, use the Amount of Cards code that is EQUAL to the
    amount of card codes you are using. Lastly, pick ONE card from each slot section
    and put them together as one code under one title. Then start your game with the
    M, enabler, amount of cards and card codes on. Go to the MegaMan screen and
    scroll right until you see a new screen. TURN OFF YOUR ACTION REPLAY
    (FLIP THE SWITCH)! Select the On/Off option. You should see a list of the
    cards you imputed. If things worked right, insure the Action Replay is
    turned off. You may now save your game.
    VidgamerX's Note-
    Very important to know, that it is quite easy to lose your gamesave when using
    these codes.  I know as I've lost numerous game saves while trying them.
    I have found a way to prevent the loss of your gamesave when using these codes
    I am not 100% sure if this works, but I haven't lost a gamesave since doing
    When using codes, DO NOT save the game while the Action Replay is turned ON.
    If you do, you will almost guaranteed lose your save the next time you turn
    on your game unless the same exact codes are enabled as they were when you
    Instead, start the game with the codes you want.  As soon as you have what you
    wanted, TURN OFF THE AR using the switch on the top.  Then save the game.
    The next time you start up your game, the save should still be there along with
    whatever codes you had used.
    Enable E-reader menu:
    Provided By Gator Shark
    991123C6 FB9F47EC - Enabler (Team Protoman)
    ADF7CAE5 D9180717
    991123C6 FB9F47EC - Enabler (Team Colonel)
    4EF00B91 A3A125D3
    Amount of Cards:
    Provided By Gator Shark
    Author's Note- Use the code that matches the amount of card you are using.
    9ACF8B53 01ED50E8 = 0
    5DF8DAAD 236076BF = 1
    269FC990 E1B1228A = 2
    CD05533F D9E8B6BE = 3
    B80672A8 54534714 = 4
    D01C708D BC6B82AA = 5
    8F5A3F79 C1A4E5CB = 6
    2DD95891 76A11215 = 7
    42494CD4 4494F521 = 8
    1123C2A3 7C3493C6 = 9
    3F2F705D DDE752A9 = 10
    40A92D06 B368D7F8 = 11
    FB7DFD18 D986D583 = 12
    15D56FC1 EBEF67B1 = 13
    A31D0F34 947CE9E1 = 14
    BA72ED98 BB97899E = 15
    827DC9BC 2C987655 = 16
    EDA53FC4 8DF2ABC2 = 17
    E0E89EBA D127B3FB = 18
    918DF15B F9FD75B1 = 19
    2C7C9719 11D96A58 = 20
    6560ED7C 4B3A418E = 21
    240D375A 56E37211 = 22
    2FE0B47F A72649CA = 23
    42334450 B478689E = 24
    FB5A6ED7 5CB6A8AC = 25
    0987304B DF9B4153 = 26
    9317B9E1 ED2DE0AA = 27
    7A878A80 C88805E1 = 28
    5E280FA7 E0463025 = 29
    C25D6947 96D65153 = 30
    75D644EB 369478AB = 31
    A19E1104 AB5E021D = 32
    Card Codes Hacked by ***VIDGAMERX***
    Author's Note- Use ONE code from each slot ONLY!
    Slot 1 Card Codes
    8B95D588 61DA1110 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    534A50B0 A207B62F - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    0CB4B20C FA9E96F9 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    7916FE5E A85C02CD - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    BDE218CD F0BC1FCB - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    55164CBB C68BECAC - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    09A30D2D 23B8141B - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    E5AC5F0E 19A7D6AF - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    3BA1AD44 7A8C29F5 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    D690E8D1 EA97BF20 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    8571FA82 0192B75C - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    A5150115 2430746E - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    3EC1E253 54CD9E38 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    F6A647F1 75BAF90C - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    AE0A1D07 4D9630D2 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    F2F74A77 B940F03C - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    8A5134C4 717A8910 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    8CA549D2 41A21C03 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    F24C1E43 ECF68DF9 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    608DBA5B 4A928ACA - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    316B4862 17B1ED36 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    4A374DB7 28A29B40 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    D133022F D70BFC6A - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    78CF1314 DE192900 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    9534F6C6 8908CDE4 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    411D99F3 7A3AB616 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    A41E3A31 A9517B2B - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    7577F6D0 0EF6BB7B - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    1860B95D 20F464BD - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    DC7D8B70 9FDB58F8 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    E49DDDEC E658D1F3 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    D526FDA9 9930CB6C - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    5BE99ACF 44B14961 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    CF38D332 03B87C95 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    6C10CBC7 96A891A1 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    F57AA9D3 3C994023 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    6182E24D 221DA8D1 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    867B4027 296367AD - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    2D6CD232 82FE1293 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    EA330758 72B87967 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    79A6E083 DEB7B554 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    2449C57E 4E84BAD3 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    B1930912 5CE9F001 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    6659AE3D 5106ECA6 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    047E09CD F0E59EDE - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    0DAC3146 58AB0817 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    5990FF02 5B5350E9 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    FCEA2B46 649ABC1B - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    494715FA 5FD27F1C - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    711A8F15 A7C2BFE3 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    977DDDAB DAEC520D - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    04F59DAC 2C2F2268 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    C713233F F98032F3 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    52582DD6 63CD1442 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    105D473A BB98627A - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    C1467EF9 6A2BC713 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    950E41BA F98BDE89 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    ED99A16B ECF2107E - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    4B29A1B9 79399527 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    EBCF8AF4 2015368D - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    F821CD73 6F831228 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    9BA8253A 62513265 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    1F0C25AE 17AC32FB - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    EB86DECE 8D160670 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    52771626 130D1F81 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    0D44455E D8C42523 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    B0C1B0D0 05B2BDCB - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    A603C481 C64EEBB1 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    6E5DB019 FD632223 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    A55AC996 190F90BA - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    94E11AAB 35612620 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    08039CA6 E5CB044B - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    9A4E9684 CFE4A6DA - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    45E6548C 5408F693 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    24D0F6D8 5FEA01F2 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    8A1B76B7 FE23A06D - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    2B185807 E7F96B66 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    5C721177 8F40AB9A - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    2DCF57E1 07DE86BD - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    CE0D0B76 737D53D3 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    411892A4 7E4B0AD0 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    EB82E6CD 03BBFE8D - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    9BE58EED 18A2FBE6 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    78DA7C5D 1388FB9C - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    D3798FED 8D41EFB5 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    DC926A96 B3C50FFF - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    785CE21E 1B4A9E5A - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    71321888 99FCAC06 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    DB02760B CBA2814E - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    7A657D90 43156329 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    E351C89A 8A938D4A - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    E79B8FA8 6B3DEA46 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    D1A0134C DC420DD6 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    82F697EE F7669A29 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    FB748276 6AD5BD38 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    B6C3693A 9C3009CD - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    65AE1C99 52C55288 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    9B6B9100 7CE7C6C0 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    77B6F51C 31F2EBE2 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    90053E8E 415CBAEC - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    A3F0142E 4261C6EA - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    512B5B8E 2C462ECF - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    937E60B4 1833DAAA - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    F85730B8 1BCB50D7 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    3377B620 ED847E11 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    91F947A1 909F3221 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    57CF8581 E8E57E80 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    FECA6EC2 235BF6EF - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    B374FE69 F689E0CF - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    035B6F2C C77441C4 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    D4D48CB8 43326F3B - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 2 Card Codes
    44E52F7C 51542689 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    1701E563 FA9C1963 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    EA88E311 36E120AB - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    D095EDFF 353487F2 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    AA113917 F3D8FE0C - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    C71C4AEF C6089508 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    48F5DD35 13D28546 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    68044AAF 6BF59F89 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    43EA4337 5C32C3D7 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    4AEA750A 5577D8C7 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    5BE5AA64 F0516EE4 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    C22D9900 AD44595B - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    022A7BA9 05D8FC2E - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    0754388B 7303FD1E - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    2ACD62D4 360A87A7 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    AE5580E4 DEC389C2 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    00E652F7 E7C5C70E - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    B38C607B F2BFF71F - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    004AEBD5 466C352C - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    0455765F B71C3C9E - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    3C1158D9 E20704AC - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    C330B5F2 26C0A39C - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    96CEDE57 6D043491 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    375466E5 A915F842 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    C3C55E93 DFCC1694 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    F70A9DC2 2A6F3B5B - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    9D6A185B 740B3BA8 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    5AE6C9CF DBC7A792 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    78805846 39081352 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    45C3C665 54D72610 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    EAD57789 6ABA5002 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    7AED29AC 9F808559 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    9EBC34EE 015408FE - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    27B443C1 B68DA669 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    1087BEC2 BA2FDA5D - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    4D61324D D164B114 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    C0BA4DD3 52F7C01E - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    A6AB01C4 D239F4C4 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    B345AEA8 2B6663F3 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    9F5EDB8A 8ED516C4 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    1E8DB5DF CED02AB5 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    FCB3ED72 872BDB49 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    90A46293 4F0153E6 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    60FFDBE1 7AD58C29 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    4539AB68 F6B853D0 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    611C5D3D A67A59C7 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    370A7082 23153BDB - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    F4BEB874 649FEBFB - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    2D5DCB6C 885892E9 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    0A6B062D 8B9A4F2A - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    4FDC9708 11F9627C - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    2EDA7496 5C47473A - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    E56E7BE0 292E1FCC - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    922C8DE0 F7E56F1E - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    3723B8E8 1C8DCC34 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    837A7605 84B72277 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    BDD609FD BC391B0F - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    EB82D8FE 28519A11 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    F26664CE 79A10E64 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    4246107D 9F9CB0A0 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    1E30956E B7FC87B5 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    1341874B 61BB1098 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    537A8984 79ABD319 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    36EA53C9 1A60FD6D - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    3E39DD8C D2DE557F - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    A62D9AD1 EEE4E65F - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    691C1A62 3B250479 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    9C1F691B BCB3AA82 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    415ADE57 98DC586B - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    168CFA03 76E70E85 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    51B671A9 6B912E3E - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    02B99A74 A870D3EE - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    C1F92F00 45FEC9DC - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    C870C75D 38C0A646 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    B4FA7177 0C95DDCD - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    E0089125 2EB728BD - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    B722DA7C 363D92AF - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    AFE272EA FD90D8CF - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    6FC0E8FA 7ADE1322 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    45F22446 1ECA2AC5 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    DCDFCD46 244C4D36 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    DFE97063 0DB75E8F - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    6EEF84EA 2D4C4401 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    B1712BB6 A4540393 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    D3C0902A 8BC8DEEE - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    62C7958E FA9D3B21 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    3D109682 BC00492D - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    29570785 18A69F9C - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    AC0A01B1 9112D0CC - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    6907800F 5A221CB9 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    EA814A09 CBF8C669 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    CE8728B2 5DD3598B - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    52C81B7D 8EB1DC2D - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    D3C723BA 2DF6068A - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    47996A8D 1402F763 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    4DF40B02 6B860596 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    982A3F09 9BE66FE6 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    069BB586 3983337F - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    A570AB67 5BAAA9B9 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    DE24A511 87D3A9A9 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    10511AC9 B8B8A3D8 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    B36E9018 0E05C5BA - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    EB32C2FB 12EAA2C3 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    35310705 1E99C33F - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    26EC6231 97E77386 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    C9AEE1EF D34F29B5 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    62EC07F9 AA8FACF3 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    E7EC4B99 51BED105 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    4B05516C 41AEB998 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    566774C4 9C01A1A8 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    B4AE32A5 EFDD6E09 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 3 Card Codes
    076EBD16 660F52E2 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    3BD3104B 737189E2 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    605199AB 9842639B - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    C7F7E7DA C4AA3EBB - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    1797FE22 F8734181 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    A477F883 2F08422B - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    BB69F03B FF02D7B1 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    5D18C235 619568C8 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    2150B18A C26F1240 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    9F1FD74F 54153EFE - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    B0F27EAA 918C550A - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    BE57096F 9A680CB0 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    8971422F 55BF9A45 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    8D5C02F9 043310F5 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    4429E1E7 3F05A597 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    620BC5A3 74B617D3 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    E3B569B6 E4CD6383 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    91B77596 2F64B826 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    5BC8CF88 922B82C2 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    311DEDB4 61CD809A - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    CBE094BD 6F91200E - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    C1C341EE 77F8F685 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    EAFF069E E49C933F - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    B5280F30 05893EEF - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    8D322F20 DE5C374D - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    A667A4D2 8ABD0874 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    CD9F1562 FCD73CFE - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    73988BD4 8CD7B763 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    B8979DF1 35B8A616 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    36DF1B96 45BD94CB - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    F033E446 18CDF8E9 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    6C97CD78 78EDB44A - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    957283C8 D1A6B3F3 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    531BC85F 0AC6CCD3 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    43407C3E 8A6EA1ED - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    1A634E8E 495AFB08 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    3B81CD61 7D5633C6 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    C4B2EDE4 18D2395B - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    EBA9EB28 11B8D715 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    729CAE3F A8E06A93 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    8A599DA8 C3CB1680 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    9484B4BD E275C5ED - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    4EB18C17 CAE00294 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    AFDAD085 599A1FD6 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    8251B001 370D8D8E - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    6FCE9BC7 5557C01B - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    A2F13727 7BBC8F3D - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    EBE42FD7 B6087B7D - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    CE005E84 AF397674 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    27DD9928 530088DF - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    5A0E0874 A1AC8E93 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    E9FA04C4 0D0303AD - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    1F5CBB1E 8668F130 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    97F6C9C8 CCD4708A - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    6D9BBC42 F3A0CF8D - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    90F46812 7F9AFF3A - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    7315F02B 9B9218A0 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    73855FB6 46E92536 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    53851BE2 64F31C48 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    053AFD12 F6BC0CC9 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    3432E421 700CDB99 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    00A9665B 7E055AA7 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    2C500EA8 B00D6278 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    FBAEFD36 1B8258E1 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    1EEF0F7B 5D58ECE3 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    BD5345D5 5F5F848C - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    378B85D7 61B509EF - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    FE307E2B 01AE096D - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    789697AF 71E2CA8D - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    A880F1BB 08CC5566 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    3108B081 2C2CEF67 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    DAD3A171 93F0C993 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    987A434E 38AE2750 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    8DF0D7B1 91C65497 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    1DDBB432 5764FCBB - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    1372A8D1 4331AEED - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    BF8E1492 A926A311 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    5D22FB27 A2B66705 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    3B6CEE08 B3A17C9E - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    B685F49E 70E95868 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    C0791AE1 F80AD0E8 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    6D3B52B2 D0C92CAC - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    3FAB17CB 86961A6F - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    6E6CCB9A E11DABF8 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    EC922DC7 CF635C5F - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    CC48C2D0 D8CB1E23 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    CA29FAFB ED2B5B35 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    185375A9 FD806D15 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    2EAB517A 9B42ABC5 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    FF857785 822402D6 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    F98AD5B1 5A3F4147 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    F009D531 EE062346 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    CA6CD815 13445A0A - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    15B312EA 7A06AFB5 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    27A3678A 1FE0F9A4 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    D92CDC2E 51C6A4D4 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    D127B609 1A51115B - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    C5A7CB9E 95ED5828 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    1BABA594 482ACB5F - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    A875E9A8 00E2FA8C - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    F5BB2EBC 05BAF2BC - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    DA9765FD BCF62B07 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    623840CC EF3CF549 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    995573A7 B8672976 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    D94E8D3B 37F30E61 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    A23C091F BDACEAD7 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    B916998F F81C186A - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    6D0642E3 8A089355 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    5B8EF45D 0151F36D - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    ABC04821 4C8C0920 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    6359511D 649EB82B - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 4 Card Codes
    3C99AE07 ABE9DF05 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    D9B12A38 55328228 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    4DDC9303 D18BB944 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    47ED9259 ED5B4E38 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    9B26EE6C 497AF0CA - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    B4F5D73C 74AF31D4 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    E53A71A9 312F9868 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    5F422002 6D2B90C2 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    F83BB313 7A7FD4FB - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    4F79AEF1 E2417443 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    9927E0C5 10703192 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    B8866C0F C69CD887 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    D0D6A274 F0C4A42E - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    233F722F 54D82D7B - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    0499FCDE 2D006282 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    B46EC5D1 81724243 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    DCF39F33 AB617952 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    1D4BCD2A 9A371ED4 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    1E8A1B93 ECC43EFB - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    EC24FE60 9655BC08 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    EB9972D3 E4BF7D10 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    298E922C 7B7BFB8E - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    AD5C67EA 29FCFD5A - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    EB079881 CC3F8414 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    9CA3A4ED E153E9A0 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    536D485F 60B86FB6 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    C633094E A9327DE2 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    211891F9 391EBA2A - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    ECA36FC5 0B89348B - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    AEBB33AF CF698900 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    60037DC9 F638D1E5 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    BB1A7E19 7FADDD4E - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    077A3D55 914C1C8F - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    CE8CCBEE C7418453 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    31ECDEF1 C8D3819B - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    E65C91A3 8CB5BE59 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    1B1E96D9 ACC31080 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    93D96F15 B12DD8AE - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    E02207B6 F8F4D4E6 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    79817E94 E815CB57 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    3EC63558 6F9C82D5 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    60B21871 972545AD - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    E72DBC81 3D9BFE50 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    8583C7DB D0903143 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    382AB227 59C407C2 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    FD51A6A6 483F1330 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    D1A5A43F A7C7D64B - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    6F59767D AFD39833 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    9D7CF847 F1F237FC - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    3C530C88 3A0B08B9 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    504168F8 63BA10E7 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    712BFF4F 95F571F6 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    77D35F9A 26E8B428 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    B075F9CD D8E68B72 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    A335FAF1 EB46E156 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    408A44A3 932E3ADF - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    402331ED ABD8E9A1 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    798B2BA7 AA34B25E - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    25034AFB 393C8C1C - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    2DAC2F31 9960094C - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    F28C676B 042F1A83 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    063A6463 86929028 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    639B1880 6699B7D8 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    90597072 4D9A583D - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    B552B230 63636B59 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    B3313CAF DFA417E9 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    B5E9E11F AA4472B4 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    7FD823FC E60FE23C - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    628A35FC 7157418F - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    1925E38D D1EC008D - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    200B888D 067B76BE - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    1E023013 05446FFE - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    1B0D4F1A 3D5CEE41 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    53EABB04 548CFD5F - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    847C61CE BEC270D1 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    4D148F43 80B8C1AE - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    C115AED5 12F50D01 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    1912C01D 28E8B685 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    8A87E9D5 FC2A27EF - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    1BDB4D1F 29C42015 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    BBCBED25 9A0281AF - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    A67C9604 9BA15ED7 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    326DFEF4 F8767DCD - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    994B5082 9ECE8B62 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    AA4EE8C2 058D73EB - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    7432631B 9FE7D31E - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    B8FB46D6 B0D144B6 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    4A3B733E 5AFFDE08 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    4F2AB9AA 91619A41 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    BA2163F5 B48DC64C - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    D6A99D5A 7D8284C2 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    75A434AB A85D534F - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    5B0208C9 BB90BBED - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    23AA8025 2C4EA3B3 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    2AD905C4 EBACC51D - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    766687C6 3149AB5D - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    D1DA5ECD 383702EB - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    41834F31 39C15EF1 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    BA682E76 05D790F2 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    7905F091 BEF3299A - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    95390805 901CD4C1 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    DE1E06C0 0C9266E5 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    9F228E4B B75A4003 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    796950B1 0A1C87AF - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    73F1CC0E 8B9B90E9 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    8B97135B 192F737C - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    DE88F847 A77F3CDA - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    690C436C 2A998409 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    A9AEE3D1 8DD51E3C - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    0E3DF1A4 EC847BE8 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    FB07EBC9 E73C1A8D - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 5 Card Codes
    23EBD55F 27ED2B5B - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    3172B7C6 2163C1FB - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    341CEDEB BA7CCD9B - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    56C55C38 A851AC41 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    EF3F6604 AE45FD35 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    82DA72A4 A4860FB3 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    51F78887 0AF10187 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    87F4E874 4234E86C - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    D616720B 4B5D72AA - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    C6A38C4B 56935CFB - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    9C0FC6AD FE4170E0 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    933A45BF F40E89D7 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    7C4A3ECE CBBA600E - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    D2411E68 4572A18C - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    1D6BB505 8B93F29A - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    15D01055 C6209ACA - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    78846C15 DB98281D - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    4454FE6E FA6AF160 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    540E2514 FE062198 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    1D2E3427 95C87806 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    05B10C71 9E59B016 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    8B24620C F28DF9B3 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    A88B0E8A DE4ADB5B - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    D042B17D EA1D807F - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    E48CA257 F62AF9DE - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    0097A162 8A0EC392 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    1F76E256 CF1F0B8A - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    34B73A65 DBE36E84 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    8ADD230C 6DE84029 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    C2BA3D8E 67229B0D - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    F9FAB2FD 49B4D8B7 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    D20D267F 6D5B0F60 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    4BA49BE6 DA5C5911 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    084A9169 710EC84D - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    9AB6A496 2ED4D255 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    12989461 DCCAB5E2 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    F3862C6B DD4FC96A - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    11816F06 731DEAC9 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    54E585E4 5A080502 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    935DA13F 8E7ED84B - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    23C4F2B5 F1EBB7CE - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    C97E545B E173C66D - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    11E2A64D D4E65586 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    DB300F67 FC6491CB - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    00455EAB 79B480B4 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    8503F1DF 2D1F1C94 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    68D29226 EA55F6EF - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    D0637008 4AC9E126 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    4FB2AB12 2E4CF452 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    BE810858 C245AAE4 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    E7C97BB2 D6676E5D - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    1C62CFBA B346E463 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    7A272574 B5FB8DC2 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    47499C59 8DAC8FB2 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    DD66DCC7 27916ACC - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    223A2865 9F9CC97C - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    B1121CBE B138A2F7 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    74D772B9 2CFF7C22 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    A57A47BD 46A5F4AF - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    C127634E 83062D12 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    1CD88570 D66FBB76 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    61038668 85AC0A74 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    89568C21 0013C47E - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    FF8F92EF A5A16374 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    55CEABA1 7106A0E4 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    EDAC012C 5152FDDD - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    1A0DEFD3 EA40292E - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    4A7FAD83 7E6DA2A0 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    79AF8BDB FF07F50C - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    241F616A 41E8FACD - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    B3D2D982 C8AAE7DF - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    BA9E1CAC F18947DB - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    518DDE09 267DD230 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    4816283D C7772C11 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    601BC11F 30AB497C - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    54E736B6 E17C1A9B - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    44AA429D 1CB53C11 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    18C62DDE 491A39AB - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    863125FA 16049DE1 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    FF3DEDC5 CC2D22FC - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    B08652C9 C22ADCB7 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    C4497155 5AFE7C7E - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    27E0EE40 50E926A6 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    386A52C9 99B7EB30 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    D8D38A3F AF8B6D53 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    8FB95E31 C3CA34A3 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    F9B31263 3A2542CB - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    5BF31DD2 5BE0663B - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    32CE12F4 C7743522 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    6A7E76E6 E2B4F68E - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    97328CA9 B2DEC28A - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    C2773683 48AA8576 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    287634EE CF686EF0 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    BFD808B2 46A0E567 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    0F0A997D B3DC35D6 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    3D240EC9 98C00D87 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    D57D174A E7806A6C - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    C61BD7C0 85EC2631 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    66D0B749 58EE7979 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    4AD2849F ADBF45B3 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    F649EEE4 4D262EB7 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    08CB776C EEA73716 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    AF7D6C2B B7A90279 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    11F994EC D852FB43 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    CA8FFFF3 2263F496 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    99C1C447 C56CB0E2 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    5D3A7DCA D1AF85F1 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    530A5F9B 82A2D14D - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    4B26344D 8FE00490 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    0DA8DD23 9B1658BA - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    5AC661BF 433B6331 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 6 Card Codes
    9DFF7D8C 948D17F7 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    358138F1 74DD6F09 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    CD56D34A 4E007B49 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    86A11119 C2D9FF03 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    0AB9D32F 62610F03 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    DD5D26B7 2AAD5C92 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    8DFA2B6E 68578713 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    9CC33561 52F2923F - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    2047905C E1EF00B7 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    9C53E7D8 28AE68FA - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    0AE32401 721B9D5E - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    416053BC 488AE7D8 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    F78B1D13 DD84195C - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    8F8C3C5B EE7F4CFC - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    926B39BE 0BE2D850 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    18CBFBC4 C396EA29 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    20B25E2F 3DA064FC - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    9CBF60DC 5917894E - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    AB198643 803F7B1D - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    5C76C4A6 F6D9F050 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    F01CB654 A2FA1F45 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    8E618406 C6155125 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    4EFEF76E A9668C95 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    4C3128F8 DCCE1658 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    EEC749DE 279D36D8 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    7D6DB21D 1AA1E9E8 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    2A2FCAF5 9C82B668 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    9D84BA5D E109D29A - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    4CD3B013 2DFF4FD0 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    D77950AB 104F4058 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    A47DD184 5AC0A212 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    4CD40904 DACCDCCF - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    1635A12E C71C26E3 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    C9E33AAD AC0C57CC - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    CC8251C6 EEDB1172 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    120B17F2 2E98EF5F - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    EF500D1A 562A4468 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    01F8FB19 DC3AAA8D - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    D504F09A DE25BC89 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    636A9A45 10555D3C - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    DDD701E2 A9323690 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    D3FD89F9 C62BCD2C - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    21F80E7D 9F6DA915 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    86E1EE3F CAAA7539 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    4FA95015 B3976E9F - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    D5F8D1C2 18F1389A - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    8E95DAEF 554515A5 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    3DE20563 8000336A - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    A92623DD D36D13CA - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    80F27443 DB197890 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    AE9A710E 0A7A4586 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    B30974E3 36F57B38 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    1F431576 F536F30A - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    67147F1F B22F0C2D - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    2030E6DC 3B909616 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    E836F452 643F3A30 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    0415F344 4E9CCC91 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    8EA4B353 2D78CDC6 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    5DEBA09C 937BD2C0 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    75732301 2B08E280 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    25B8B375 BF68545B - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    4FADDEB4 53274D3A - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    369097F4 39301B19 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    7C3A0E3D 061263FD - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    EC73DD49 CDEB55BB - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    BCE52796 E74FCD0E - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    5B1FEC32 9807AF36 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    D2EF3A3D BF771FF0 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    2B4F126E 7F8F619F - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    2FF30819 1C2C0177 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    87DC9C71 7B7FA3BA - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    EC0AD28C 1BF93993 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    6DE6E88F EA7DB571 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    DADBAE36 4903F4B5 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    C8FC314D ACC5AD0D - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    08239FE3 06944992 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    D043E849 983A9D2D - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    C90DE205 4DDFC6CC - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    DE951D95 27B94839 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    C58B9EFA 6746CABB - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    E534070B AE946A77 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    5A9A4A28 62F33C69 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    79819754 3688E789 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    118CDD25 ABAD1A09 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    22CC6373 C6EED119 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    2EB96ED0 1B658DF5 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    FFB4FD8D 02040742 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    C50C7B8C 6BAF4CDC - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    1009E92C C8AABC8F - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    33877E9A 1255BD5B - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    FB7FF300 048B804E - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    90D63B00 16225C9F - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    95226494 57DE1383 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    8C767166 6F63F833 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    28B184B3 5A71D5DB - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    9A34F4ED 5F7D14D4 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    791E97BA 4EDDB468 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    C4A01D5A 42AA1840 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    ED1FDB31 D138E7F1 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    88FFD07D 4FF73A33 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    8CD66CB4 38D1E291 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    4D5D1C78 52E2AD2C - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    C72FE3C3 90FDB543 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    8E0E0B6A 0A0E72EE - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    35B173F6 8C96F721 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    01F3E363 037FE0F2 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    BD2C1E54 7C1505CA - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    5D0F762A 9DE000C0 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    E61ECE68 E2133F50 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    5FDAC2D6 47701776 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    31F92AB3 E44E38BD - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 7 Card Codes
    E1832CE4 281F26D4 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    66FFD0AB 422A80C9 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    9155B4C5 09C511DB - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    C8332525 2FADF4CA - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    9BADD592 21AEC30A - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    7C344233 86A82E1D - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    73D0E3C2 1DC7E6D2 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    6E343124 DA7868AA - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    A87E4CB1 D34C65E8 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    0409169A DD329722 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    0C7F6F0B ACD9A3B6 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    C8E91081 BB2CE7C6 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    3B5BAFE0 21ECC90F - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    CB913064 EC34D8BF - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    43F79A56 4C49EE53 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    0611B48D A3B11DA3 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    7CC46514 2095D7F5 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    63FBA2A4 FFBFC313 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    F4D7633C 800C53EE - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    D4EE529B DD41ED1D - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    6AE6E04D 034C6B55 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    01AE02B2 52B7F370 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    82AF2B17 1B240269 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    2C47EB25 A83CBF4A - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    4F59F61A EA37B21A - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    E8974444 C9AC85B9 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    48D0A5CD 0A99132B - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    5A672FD7 F2B53CD6 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    F6DFF1D0 79A3303C - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    4B75108C DDD08723 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    8A2DA468 06057FAB - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    08F57DD6 8FE63DE2 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    D3A69380 37027C2B - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    648BFC3A 5E139B69 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    2086DFC0 9032D059 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    028AB618 F8F5020C - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    FF93C884 DDC32D61 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    816630C5 ACB6E447 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    0810D0DF E203A516 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    8968CDCD 6F9E1D7A - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    F47DAF88 5A95D4F8 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    F1491CA7 532BC258 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    B8B80063 D50364CF - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    0A709248 20FFDF65 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    A92C7A29 606103BB - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    12286B2D B4124D76 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    FA5DB64F 81B769CB - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    BCD1E8D2 9E0BD5A2 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    1DAFD976 02D48A2F - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    72ABCABE E72320BE - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    0EA7A8DD 35051DBC - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    4FA9A8B1 CF994795 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    E0D52070 3DC49E0C - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    18D03379 60ED48B4 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    74B70F39 741607E5 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    F24008F1 C074D0A9 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    D1B20BF0 9D80F5EC - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    DD3FB4BD C2076C96 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    277E7EAB 101BAA57 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    751BF31F 5157D537 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    451A1C6B FE8197FF - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    41C1D976 84A03EB3 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    BFF5C242 85743414 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    841A5A16 073318F3 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    4F1BF603 3EA2C6AB - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    B2172750 330FDE8B - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    7D20FD7D D7A592AC - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    FB2105C8 F9A7F70E - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    0C120C7B 9B10AB94 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    DE765E4F 5018D6BB - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    5E97E66D 33EB6673 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    12A666DD E71F779E - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    ADBBEB82 F5C6411E - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    8C9D5A24 71B5B44A - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    CD0276F0 3F750C23 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    8B3B1BA2 828313C5 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    C96F8F28 A30FFED9 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    4E44B713 2A009080 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    3B91B136 5F85BB48 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    DAF3B1F9 A30ED576 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    26F6BA00 94CF53DF - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    42264D97 12BBCE10 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    2032BF7E D7D81398 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    A2C2B23B 3050DCDA - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    A5E9F4FB DB42FFEA - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    AB015F98 46F00A0F - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    39177718 E324336D - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    4C84A607 DEAF5996 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    DA4B5538 FC771D50 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    33FC7355 BF09B8C1 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    4E26670F 1EA332A5 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    5F177235 F2F68092 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    3038D282 29CE72A0 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    017488BF B97C5C21 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    4C249F0F 990653A9 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    9C7D741C E8ABEEE4 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    95FBF090 14BFE7B8 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    F7BEAB37 6525BFCF - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    6BE9508F 76590D29 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    2731F1A2 5F96F66E - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    BDB5B25D 9435BC6D - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    2F7DA8AF A19DB9EE - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    07124ABD 78B6B6B1 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    865944B8 4E5032AB - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    450321EA 2ECB702A - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    C8AC18D0 0A9D6793 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    8855A290 E3847A97 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    2C2C27B6 E28D962B - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    F91E2FB4 93C49CC3 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    38020742 56B20C60 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    18260447 14CE64E4 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 8 Card Codes
    77D39B30 CA0FE225 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    9E8B18D8 EF454666 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    B79E5943 6BDA99B8 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    6C45FA1F A104F1CD - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    8005E128 DB86EC49 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    6D23E8DE 46D2C890 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    A21F5721 20975026 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    1AE1AC36 7ABE84D7 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    01E47CD4 D6EBE4DF - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    56C9FB7A A0E355E3 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    B14D5E06 6EFB103C - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    6BE110CD 7018F436 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    895CB02A 3717DD61 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    CC456E6F 4EC0E359 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    22EB56CD C11757ED - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    2E805D2D 6E3DF88C - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    95EC1488 B393507C - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    B2B733BA C4F9E5D0 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    654B9E3F D5C72DFC - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    074742FA ABEC9E66 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    F8FCB2E8 55E68216 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    993D846B 07276381 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    0AEBB771 DA2A591E - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    46DC7649 6B898A94 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    BAA6177A F13D4AD2 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    A6A9E331 74641CC6 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    E30799FD 58DC2AE7 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    1CE36E45 6033256A - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    2A3E93E0 EC446F42 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    AC9BABC6 09BA58BC - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    3BA0F3EC 604F385F - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    85C79D8B E7F53CB7 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    4482C6BE 211B6650 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    9AECE923 AC207C7C - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    B99F9317 A7CF2E35 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    FECBE314 F6401100 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    28F23FA6 F40FC65A - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    E1B89AC8 F2AFA66D - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    5E2B8DBE 4826711F - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    1C9D205E 186DDFDB - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    BB17CAF7 96028AE7 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    9BEC9E41 F7FB7EEC - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    70F63D5C 26107291 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    E5F1DB17 AD3A9BB9 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    48A0D171 AB67DF38 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    5168AFF2 4FCD1795 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    636E0E1C 970BA1FF - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    17DDD178 CC38E9AE - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    DB4765E3 417E5527 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    50AAF5F2 6FF0FE33 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    190AC0CE 6ED9A750 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    608250A1 D7C5C2D9 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    2C742FEA E24A56CA - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    C1BD6913 E19EE69A - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    4470D8E3 C0180E02 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    31F02C6D 126A0061 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    600505FE 1A10A2F6 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    514D0B2F 7004D309 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    AF536E92 17B467DD - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    64C6A1E7 D2D1D14D - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    4929A750 5BAEF4CA - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    5B0E557D A2E8E7C8 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    CBF60392 AF2FF41D - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    DAAE061F F2A0F31C - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    7B79DA40 D880D50E - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    207D178A 71FB3271 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    F54DBAF0 DD84A8A5 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    1D1D2CB7 AD417D7D - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    548412B6 DE741D7A - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    DF9C71A5 111AF426 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    6E6D4660 D865ED2E - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    FB5482A7 C358CE67 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    B2099CC4 E5A4ECEF - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    467E75F4 5B74815F - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    303D7FDE D3549B64 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    257F7B36 720F4346 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    D1D249FC 4EDE0F90 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    A554213F 9CAD1467 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    540F35C0 030CE34F - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    18980BF6 DD2A5790 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    C0747D3B 6560C56E - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    92263EA1 14127FAE - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    31168CC5 4A016B91 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    975732FF EEAE387E - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    F3897FF6 BFDA45E7 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    BF99EC14 979FC256 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    15DC43B8 96E2DF5F - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    9D4BEBF6 9E9AF49A - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    23076630 77A99DA4 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    B37AB543 7B62B81E - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    AA105FB3 1FCC9DAF - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    598B0EAD E3FF40FF - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    630C4AD8 5A483D69 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    B5C58E53 CB25AF7A - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    935C52EE 955B6FC5 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    09C640E5 C5A04E32 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    816FA46A 0D0E9630 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    BB0E3C2A EA5C6BC5 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    F90DA117 421AEB91 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    31AC2B82 F1D83BB7 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    22EB400A E2181908 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    FF0035B2 D9B3DF61 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    DFDA8038 486A2D37 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    0859B31C 6BEEA6D4 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    E30271D2 EF6D3DE6 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    524A59A8 E6657B85 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    E8F46976 BC546C44 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    5860DB6D C60EEA15 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    5DE216D3 21995887 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    3D61AB02 6E0C10C9 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    23EA5682 951904D4 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 9 Card Codes
    8B05A1C4 3AA18523 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    06E99634 6930123B - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    79C8FA3D 91F98E9F - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    DE80C177 90825F88 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    612D2F81 96124D50 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    9D6D2A27 4C00E822 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    4F7408CB F984617B - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    45F94568 B4F50B99 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    2B2007DB B46C420E - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    1D615556 05F7F8DC - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    29E519EF 4BB49959 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    435B6E5F 49367518 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    516E0ABC FFF6A741 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    7C144119 21866208 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    9FF7CE3C F89E5B37 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    80032EC7 0F02685D - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    2014EC7F 42DF1C01 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    C35AD4D5 57E095F8 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    8D0A74F9 EDC5C216 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    B37F4F49 38B9F27E - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    36B8E892 189468F9 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    5E307A91 F4D895CA - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    B2E56615 F9AF6101 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    74426287 46400F5F - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    E5DF8E71 C5AC6BB5 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    B2D5A71C 6863B902 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    42096A2E 5C73E4F1 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    CB5FB75C FBD677B8 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    F54FA75D 379E6523 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    2161251A 75D9B923 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    77BE5A84 C223E43E - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    572819BF 653ADB10 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    94D5DDB0 48AF4CB4 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    0C2059AA 85C42847 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    BB2F178A 0507A9C1 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    4DC93873 C9DF4B07 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    C4385F61 09B6F485 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    FE336C1A 3FBF298D - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    F6302616 1D35CABE - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    BB629250 B79B2E54 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    A382E7AA 41CB5B37 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    5DE0192D 76010F7A - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    02941538 6FDDCA3A - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    EF0570D4 BEC55B68 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    93C1A18B 451E08F6 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    B452145E EB01FAF3 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    7EA0D064 D83985BB - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    3DB5F9EB 179906CF - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    E1881AAA 55FA7E32 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    8BCE9DA9 117B433E - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    3DB03455 74A0C025 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    B0CD85F3 74530476 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    6FFB5B41 412AB1A5 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    E7C9038A DD86AE96 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    DF64358B 5B401FB7 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    B23DD14C A8F7C2F0 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    1F1B47A7 8AB65173 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    8FB12EC9 C1FADC90 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    29E83495 2E47B696 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    16AAD566 0A07850B - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    CD928E21 89D430AF - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    4AD75C41 355ED307 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    D377B367 CCB8F0BD - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    3E1CB603 83DA751E - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    54D98164 65461867 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    18C54C50 39577467 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    779B4485 D5280769 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    36F271A0 D9AA1D17 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    3E9D69A4 9D3DA162 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    AAAD22D2 88A8CC6C - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    7761B0BA BA813E28 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    361FAA2F E34A6227 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    C4E6D964 EC29BBDC - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    3AA75B2A 4D8C4C0F - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    11D97A5B A90B97E6 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    5393680E EAC4024A - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    FDD2D872 3F3262EA - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    2A7E3504 3252A42E - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    70C413A8 7E0E2881 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    E702F9FC B840DAC3 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    2CD306BC FC348960 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    99837B9B 5389C8B7 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    2495059D 2757CBA2 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    45717C04 E05C2240 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    9A261DBF 1D8A453D - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    D3BF717A AAA9878A - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    F019D8FF 5CFFDE3D - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    E146C888 14E5397A - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    B9845727 CB2BD589 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    D33D1EA8 5024B099 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    A0EF45D2 F772C961 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    7872CF91 26BCF698 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    7424C758 01191DD0 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    8BE32CBC C31000C3 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    EE8EE679 19AA1DE4 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    F3F83E28 CFC27777 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    14F41D06 92953BD7 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    8D57C638 75A04049 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    F9E35D7F 807481FC - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    C620B111 7438D327 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    80AF7FF5 CA68E07D - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    88191FD9 6FBAB326 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    E41CECB2 0C75627C - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    B61A3EC8 653E54D3 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    E60FB645 5D815DE2 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    264607F9 396AEAC6 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    D964A2F7 9856DC44 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    44F88A31 E617A23C - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    BA38DF00 98F45DEE - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    07970EB3 A526C4C8 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    2CEFDB10 33BE77BE - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 10 Card Codes
    F1D0B8AD 560EC1D8 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    A4C44E0F E1FC287D - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    D3482B04 294FA964 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    FC64FD88 74777442 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    081DB52F 146B0B1A - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    5D4C737D 01F0760A - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    FA6BA83D 3BF06A1B - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    892493A3 FA1ACEFD - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    7771D6E5 5522F9A9 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    108AA1E7 4892C7DB - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    1DBDB588 2A2F5735 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    36946BEF C98E1C9D - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    0F460ECA 9DAB9F2E - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    8283B01A 72B50E69 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    E971632D F6A739D8 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    3FA8C6DC 586D23B5 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    9349D502 40DA7896 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    2048F4B9 7E6DC6F5 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    FE8393BF 48886C8C - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    8AAFB6B5 0D576A13 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    1366D911 59AC89E8 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    8577DC8E 7E936724 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    D4488D1E 86A7E306 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    EA5C4C47 F993FBFA - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    74C0531C 61D16FD4 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    CED5D447 FBBEC415 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    CD19B72A 978CD346 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    8AABAE97 390F707A - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    75E38B17 398A4F1C - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    D3889A89 425618F5 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    996A1591 F2E782A7 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    0CC0651A A240B025 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    9C1CE40B B3DE727E - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    A144C78E 729343C0 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    2C615FCA E43E60E5 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    0AA2FEF1 C0AA4F33 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    8A0F11D3 D6736E98 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    F7A09A68 65856091 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    CFB3851A BE7D0084 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    FE8830C2 43784899 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    70CE9719 B7B336BA - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    92244973 12A7A2E6 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    EC48AA7B C9AD282F - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    C87EACA6 37823F0E - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    868481AF ED8BE2F5 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    4A12FC1E ED7B84D8 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    72A07196 7632AA18 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    6C722E6F 6969AC19 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    57A56423 0A357A75 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    6A2AA6B3 C1AB1A30 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    095383E3 C8E38BBE - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    91C109C5 62D1ACEE - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    1CF4F123 450B67EF - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    A824DBFD 5E6D2C38 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    57C73A7F 2F18AAC0 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    DAC5DA5D D099686E - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    FB18941E C317B181 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    ECDF13C9 B41A3764 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    1BBB3436 4A571045 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    4FB38C3B 3006E90D - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    E003AB7D BBF1C3E5 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    C0FAFDEB 1A3D2E98 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    638E8F52 76C7A0CD - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    0E47A6E0 B6711156 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    2B2E712D 11157E83 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    506C0796 F1A98F0A - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    F4110B0E 3B32B3CF - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    58970A7A 2960229F - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    F2FF3447 D7B41B1E - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    EAEBA6AF 92C504B0 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    43C337DE 44A9BCA9 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    52336CF1 4FE546C9 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    874C725C 1E0C00DE - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    26E14E5B 26CA9CB6 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    3DE78D00 AFCBFF66 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    D4D5CA47 E43E643B - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    193C58A9 718BB547 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    BADDD62A D761669F - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    3EAA1F68 9426FF33 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    82EA474D D81B751D - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    C00200EE 7BF047D0 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    C5DF24E1 880A34AF - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    C9ABDF78 94CAAE7C - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    EAFFC8CC DDD17C4A - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    AC85C611 9C12AF35 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    6A419983 9B081840 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    E2BBFB07 1225A980 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    A78DA3EC 3D5C6417 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    6E19E56C 5C82E04C - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    C2A1AF08 332968FA - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    C43C1D89 BA1BF4E8 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    59119E94 DD315204 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    812C15CF A9E8F84E - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    2C3DEF29 DD6E95D6 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    DB54F9CF 4620DBA6 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    F3E5410B A2996F8F - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    90DE8AF4 0B4B55F5 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    310991A5 388390EE - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    EE3DAC32 CDBFB826 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    4D6083E5 96339129 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    4DDF9C44 207C395B - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    33266906 8B5A1F5E - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    0AC91CF9 D381D49C - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    2AEFF370 A3B61E68 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    AFC1C9DC D156E26B - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    859EB09D F8F7DD41 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    A088A374 C56FA2EA - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    1169FB22 5631663B - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    7E8465C2 2C1DCCEC - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    189706B9 96958E93 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    DD9F308B A334E705 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 11 Card Codes
    3D41F99E 8715BEEF - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    ED27AC64 64CFDA84 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    C1EC40EE 3ABCDF1A - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    CA20792A 661334B8 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    C9CA0451 2EC0B88E - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    FED2EB7E 662D3518 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    DF51F53C E5A059A4 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    A8F9C507 1916BFC6 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    FE422DAD 81DA22A4 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    A244A49F D6DAE161 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    977C65D7 D39D4C1C - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    D1E144F2 4B8FAC83 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    025C5999 A7129B95 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    0CFA49A1 2A9E836F - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    A0CDE42C 4169D50C - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    AADD4400 FC0412E5 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    8F47DB23 47C03798 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    239157A6 271DF015 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    99B9C704 6F619A0F - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    8ADD47AD 6777A154 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    24341CBC A9A278F3 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    7C565D9D A88475D0 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    9E4DCA01 CE1BD963 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    598A3295 FD4F4057 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    5BF27A8D C9C3388C - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    572AFA27 5291AE72 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    582175DE 9AFBD39E - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    77716ED6 D224D3D0 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    36F37B26 A08BF17A - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    94506C57 E468C203 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    3C544F92 C4B9EE21 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    4EC96925 D2E6138A - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    7B8F1C71 57D88D44 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    04C63C17 AFAE6502 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    7E2EEA45 21054F81 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    4673E261 504EC67D - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    AB2CA01A 7B0C8F24 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    A9B93476 189EE2B2 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    5538CBC5 64C5C788 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    C456F0EB CAD74B99 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    F4E7D517 BE2D8BDF - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    6D4E60A0 AF29B6A5 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    650FB344 66B5E72D - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    9313B9F4 62C0FEF1 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    E262C379 28E69E17 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    23C2C99C C52DFA92 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    1B1C05B4 1131E1DD - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    1BD4B3F6 C4B7D26A - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    B6CD2030 29EE7123 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    81AC95E6 939BD462 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    8A6C72FA 02C6491D - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    D336AAF9 D420B200 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    D5E1A70B E5FD683B - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    E472DD29 1E668516 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    642C44EE 517D3260 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    EC37644D 94BAC321 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    8EEE6FCE 6B1853D4 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    A13E8C00 618C0544 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    3FB71E44 9F2D93D9 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    9612319E 6A1B663F - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    7DB1C241 2F5A47CE - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    968759E9 1389C9BB - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    51CB657D 8BF2108C - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    44B2D7C1 E2642274 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    E3CC33B9 79DE02A6 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    2AE19615 A6503E40 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    BD4B1DA1 522C9E6D - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    BCA84664 F6D89F8D - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    EE3CEF57 76FD63CF - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    D0BFED16 03DA9D11 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    5B7C088B 32D06D25 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    4E38E261 E1FCBC9E - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    32ED1594 DFF728D4 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    9DCD162E CEA0CCE5 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    4DC0B2EB CB32D71D - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    C1DE87FF 32E9B409 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    22D99DD0 B510E41F - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    5485E478 A2441476 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    CE881648 9B2CF2FF - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    B680B9EA 59348FA4 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    86FACE41 A921D8AF - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    16286592 B34C097E - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    EA5B6DFB 3D2FE642 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    5D75651C CDC71946 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    13E3AAB2 6DEB51E3 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    4E15EED1 290CE047 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    B462ACF9 75C1C66B - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    A99916C8 FF0AFAE0 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    10AAA242 83D8216A - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    6B252CCF 9A592569 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    109B2BE8 77951123 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    1BE99967 0DE96BE0 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    96316D46 2EFDDC3A - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    55BDCEAA A784780B - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    7CE21749 D84585CA - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    304B62B9 2AE74341 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    FD053BE7 08C86349 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    AC9C3D92 ED09AE74 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    ECFBD2DB 41E54FAC - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    7A6318FF C4698218 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    C5E8CC5F B7CB3F8C - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    D0D0B780 28CF9FA2 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    11E00B7C 11406569 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    A930DD68 767A64BF - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    39B90863 B4DD90E5 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    D21F3674 B2F1EA8C - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    31B5A601 7E3F4CE4 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    495EB36D B38E4D73 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    431C4344 5EF4BEE3 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    8FC9B8F9 027D48E0 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    9A89DACA 91D8F501 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 12 Card Codes
    5114A934 874E2BE9 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    1193A3DE E3F988C0 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    F8DB1C8E 5EF3C8CF - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    6DCD47F2 8CA565F8 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    E0C47C38 3A2CD80B - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    D4976F1A F51EBF50 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    573EA2E1 04401D20 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    9ACF2FF4 24C10A2C - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    0526ADBE 68648D76 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    903CBD41 BB48B7CE - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    7E95C363 33D4909C - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    DABFC2D3 A0FF66E8 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    58CAC647 DEE95553 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    7A003AAB 8E6DC48C - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    BE9679CC BFAF63DC - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    A9D6CFE6 9CA82820 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    13D4E761 F1CA9273 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    1D2E8FB3 8D057236 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    B9C1E388 B54A1DD8 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    A9216867 7ABDEDEB - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    C34F615C D4DFB605 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    A24DB968 6A32AC4E - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    1AADDA4B 7A3E9B21 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    7BF0E51B 582E6981 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    D51D6507 DACACE16 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    DBE10249 CBD8F493 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    EDBA3208 6CE6F7EF - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    3B5A19B4 5AEEA129 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    23E55BE7 6D762B63 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    3DEF23C7 A1647199 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    EAC606A9 5CC74387 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    9C2E965A 38B90A0D - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    953412E2 6AE0986B - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    88A24237 A8E06776 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    FA340B10 7AA0D032 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    2FE26F28 67C96CD5 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    EE4A06D8 2B389EC3 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    27EA7A76 B7910AAA - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    182C4160 280382CA - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    28854D79 E8E6D2B0 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    FE27AB1C D064B415 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    BDFA11A9 34A5D3E0 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    EDB70A52 EBD0FB8B - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    F3E541D3 EC81D952 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    DD562F6A B915EBBE - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    BD706FF9 9AE4FE7F - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    165424B0 365E0087 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    FB198474 EFB51AE2 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    5A0D5ED9 94837B2D - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    C17EC50A 2FE5235B - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    F0F906A4 AA7E10F6 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    79491115 D8625596 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    4CAFB566 0E4C5EF0 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    630C749F D5079F24 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    587F0608 4D8EA670 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    BF7B63C4 81545424 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    EAE0E669 F49BC4CB - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    6222AE13 BAE26129 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    D47FB718 87FC7EBB - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    5020C0E7 E5F341D4 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    4A96B542 ED378EAC - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    7AEE3020 76C57E1E - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    3AB970FC D7712481 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    75314CF0 A38CF0E3 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    28DA8A7B 86B0BFCA - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    E6371E69 5F277F25 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    5276B006 8969FAEE - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    733301F8 7E2B435A - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    BAACB481 A26BC37A - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    0416BD40 7CB8F87E - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    165E1A59 13AF4EC4 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    4129B50A 468D2E68 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    C6D0DB45 132CF81C - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    2D073365 4B1810A9 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    50DA84BA 99B09E93 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    BB4D8C28 D9CA002B - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    52968912 8286CCA4 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    33F5C66E 497F178E - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    B838731A A186A388 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    4DBA72A0 80F68E3E - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    0496EB02 527E50BF - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    16E5D1A5 3E98FD64 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    3DAE361D 03334095 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    EDC8DCD0 B52E80C7 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    4D59D475 22EB342D - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    60D92C4C 5C571A25 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    0A5D7C33 AA4367A4 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    7539C69B 6DFECCEB - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    33625FEF 244467FE - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    27DC9ED0 38EBFE1E - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    9071B749 99D455E1 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    B6F44C66 AD497C09 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    68DE08B0 81D00066 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    EB147F70 BDEAADA7 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    9BCEAEEB 89D089D6 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    CC28ADC4 97AFDB09 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    5B1D035F F88D5E59 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    31678DF8 C6F69692 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    436343B5 3BDAB8E2 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    9269CBC4 5CC71622 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    D70D6D7B 6AF23808 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    34EB33FE 0E7EF295 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    55D94B39 17C7A552 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    9FA29427 2EBE0D6C - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    8844A377 1FE52328 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    7EB9A3E0 3796D9B7 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    31FED88D 3D269460 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    F74C7220 299727A5 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    E324CD22 21942DC9 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    9BD75511 770B8FA4 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    B4B276A4 71071770 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 13 Card Codes
    ED696035 07F7F407 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    1E49006D 9853B0BF - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    6B8D7F58 F0772B5E - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    6B526D94 EBF58298 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    3DF703BD 52ABD880 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    2C27AB2F 2C801D17 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    7201824A 46D867E3 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    D22599B0 C58E4B64 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    7F02EE8A 5D948C75 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    3F3FA6D8 74868AF3 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    9AA32D2D FC2B7394 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    C06299D7 C6E0AF82 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    414F5139 5E7A6EFF - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    6ED0132A 6D82EDBB - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    A182DDE7 384FB726 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    7702BD46 8998CDC7 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    29C57563 7E85C65D - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    3D50A137 39ADA1E8 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    3ED4DE3D D5A03C8A - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    7667531C BF085042 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    845B9B70 1BDCC5E6 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    F2BCFA40 5BD900CE - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    DE26E003 74FB853E - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    8AB15480 B278FD24 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    D70FB760 64193ACE - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    50FB91D1 E459212F - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    92A365DB C5E68A2B - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    C53E287E 8F692E26 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    0A31BC1D 7582CBC9 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    E25ACF02 425EAC83 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    56F31A73 FD9825B3 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    D5705847 92881D72 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    E36885F7 22A55898 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    897B60C2 7588E261 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    321AB861 89B7BE43 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    6BBFD7F8 39FBFAF7 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    35A0A1CB F04526D9 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    4CEB5FE3 F14FEA53 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    9B0B0752 A4BDFD13 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    1DACFF4B 81014BD9 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    EF23D22E B5B3D658 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    5DD86ECB 2AFF82EE - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    DDD19A34 42A45B49 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    2A1C8EC7 1D5D2EE5 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    2DC0856E A4AD5387 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    AF2EE3FF DE79C8A0 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    58AE3A02 FD0778B9 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    57BAF298 B61AE500 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    822FCA99 449E36CA - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    06601D0D 073C1D84 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    769B9724 2426F9D1 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    4E10F11A B18097D2 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    816B2DC4 5A047E94 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    7F658AA5 3F4B0DD4 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    C5754CB9 07DC4E77 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    414AC15F 77032062 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    00254FDE 3E10137F - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    AB634759 D59AFD89 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    7532B7AC 1ED6217C - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    D35AD52B 9A75F59F - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    488F532C F8C36C9E - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    560CDB9D 56546E9E - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    BA880FC7 1E960933 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    BDC2D12A CF184503 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    AAF1FEB8 43FD722A - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    58B358EB 3813D51D - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    65F88300 330570D7 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    21E7A2DE D4DEC8C5 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    B4C185F1 59BB982A - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    148ED5A6 3233E897 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    D8887DB1 18AEFB66 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    862D0354 74C0C47F - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    5709FB38 E3F065B3 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    87222581 AD665337 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    B69C090D CFCF21B4 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    7786110A 0D76DAF8 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    FBE1DA7F D29612BF - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    D581C752 99B92E6F - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    C8C23615 4A43DCF8 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    0A903D6F 89A702EC - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    DF4EE4EF 3360E201 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    4157555D 89C43F5B - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    9F9EDF37 F53E58C5 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    705AE948 237F1060 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    11AB3E70 1D1D1047 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    3B33AE11 706020B5 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    4B7F9B37 507D2EAE - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    55D5A082 6F3BC070 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    FB59617A C17E1C6E - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    62D7D50A 1F7453BE - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    5BAA0318 A78B47FA - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    E82113A8 8998BD99 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    628F23D5 3B3A529D - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    A42A80ED C7654272 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    5CAFF599 28735944 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    763CEFC3 DA001379 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    BDCC6820 67E3F917 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    4DF4EE90 56F1CD26 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    C5584356 AA228ADE - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    56D82B6D 3E427BBD - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    0897B08E 109ACDAC - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    1C1D0BF3 59F9219D - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    9635FF72 3C2174D5 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    186C6656 91AF1872 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    218F2635 2537C4A9 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    21C70316 BCE06E5E - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    4E46EA12 AF8A2F30 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    CFCBFC6A 6A8C0B7E - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    0CFC5D16 833FB17F - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    F15D4A1E 36FEA07A - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    9FF5BEB8 8E0995EE - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 14 Card Codes
    D8CACB7A 8D40B0D2 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    846FF8A3 FCE8BDA4 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    B95FBE73 D6F8A3C8 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    223229E6 5696BF1C - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    6600B2AE B90F0476 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    262F213E 228CCC49 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    6F0EADD1 5F98158A - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    99F67B93 083252CB - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    3451CE41 7B957482 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    2703D80F 6E33B756 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    7EC01BD6 58C1E86D - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    56616D1E A7BAF2F5 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    BCDC8D73 29EFA455 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    62B42333 3BEBE21D - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    E73AEAB6 1E56241F - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    78788CC4 6CAB78AE - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    44F8CD53 8AA47B57 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    3D37231C 7BCB72E9 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    DFBF1054 FC25E15F - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    94D463FD C9A85FEC - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    9AB63F2B EA6AE497 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    9CEEF192 F90C540E - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    ACFA7EF6 C57BDE21 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    8E3EB03C 40FCFD1E - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    EDDCC42A FCDB5A3B - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    DF457161 C9E5640A - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    566CA016 36E4BE2B - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    631503F0 D630F8B9 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    54D962BB B42AB2B5 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    BCE0B6CC 8E39D8CC - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    D936775E 33CE522A - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    726E51A2 103189D4 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    BAFF32FC 23C33509 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    2601FB0D 75019EEE - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    898FF38E 89B4EF1B - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    0E350345 80CB7A99 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    11B97586 17BCB170 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    05C1AE10 4AE5D683 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    558675DB AEC712D9 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    BFD955ED 205DB88C - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    FA4E8350 0B62E20A - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    6E734268 C2C4C658 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    FD35A505 AC159504 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    811F5D70 990878B3 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    8DC6137F 725BFECD - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    DFCC755D EF41B106 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    9E0310B4 83DBE7A5 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    E73F56AD 7D433CE2 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    51E8F4B2 E31DFFC8 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    711CD1E5 0C655DD9 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    C57DF992 CD576A41 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    F7CB5B77 0B225903 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    59A6470E DF293FE7 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    B6CACD44 5D15AE8E - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    D3331AFB 9243E8A2 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    59AAF1BE 7C52DF97 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    8962B6B1 FCBEFE4C - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    48321429 9FD6845B - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    E1D88F60 BF8C9F3D - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    FDCF22DB 66FA45B2 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    6406A0B8 D2D7730A - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    F98D20AD 65AB1955 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    405A4B91 1B20BA15 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    53958808 E3D2FE0E - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    4B0B85F2 EEE89AEE - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    F4323BF3 9216093C - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    576A6505 DE9B467B - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    BFB14C3B 44600C09 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    C8F6EC8A B4F6A8F2 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    D8533F50 D3CFEF51 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    C12FE2BA 2B1C7B5E - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    D87E4592 D95455A6 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    6D3CD57D ABD05FD8 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    FD141395 B5766F31 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    9A673C94 282E11FE - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    6B37FF79 2688F78A - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    6435DCD7 0AAB5B21 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    7D12E7F9 CA1923FB - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    AE6C18BB FD75B884 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    74644F39 A1942089 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    3FE3C489 B58DC3DB - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    52A5D99F FA664783 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    EF115677 923D152A - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    25F8D964 D38CE5A0 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    71DAB953 3F63DD4F - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    4AFF3772 A725A9ED - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    2C705ABD 8CEC71A8 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    449EDD5A 8D60DEAC - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    65D7F1CD AFD74D19 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    DC0CA0E4 00745F7C - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    AB83E60A 0E671960 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    3F8C0F3D 0796841F - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    CC691C72 E03967CF - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    D068BE4A 952A95F7 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    0DF95FFF 0FEDE06B - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    40070423 17E7BA67 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    802E1736 9BABD047 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    A5C72138 5AEAD22D - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    F2AFB5B5 35498C52 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    3D6175BA 1161991A - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    6B56C310 3AC750B9 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    836ED166 EC9CD55B - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    D07E2BA2 11FAFB76 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    23BFED95 DEB1C3B0 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    B0CE399C 3F6DA427 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    C8CD04AA E162558A - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    4DF1342E 12F73C40 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    EDFAD8EC A4941E20 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    2686B948 FF6F4490 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    A33E1D5A 73E8426A - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    6819F354 09B34653 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 15 Card Codes
    56116BD8 3E94020A - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    1FF5DBD7 FFCA2DCA - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    B96AC153 C2F3E839 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    7FB1B6F6 D0A1FE45 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    A198DA04 CD40FA74 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    84317B25 6A592EA3 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    289A66D4 F4851C75 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    BCB91A03 9C63BA4F - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    94958AC4 176C4D34 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    D7B5DF74 8C333FA5 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    A075D67E 24484DC2 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    F24FC947 2C27A255 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    0BB8AB80 9E029CD9 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    E020494A AA7B3B73 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    C8619B36 D4522160 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    31F26F07 BFB997CF - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    037F69B0 BDE22278 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    CFD9F071 04B7BCC6 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    A07AD5F7 97D3811E - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    98B0FE64 2FF2E9C1 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    53D2B11A 93AF2F37 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    A98CC2B6 A3844B40 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    77511A47 F5CA777B - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    00EB787E 6DB98ACF - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    D5AFF4AE 444C0897 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    69E18F44 923935F4 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    ACDA0250 24123469 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    259C5A6F 921364E5 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    8F51868C DBEE2157 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    0B44F598 549DC7D1 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    673410E7 62DDEAA3 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    093FA42E 11F2F0ED - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    B16E8B41 811CF2A7 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    DC5C49F3 85D68602 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    4BF4106F B2144D7C - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    28290015 ABEAA34F - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    5979A768 58FC023D - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    8DFF68A6 63A90921 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    DB28CC38 EB18249C - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    243B46B2 3A95574C - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    B39D104C 7A908767 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    6FE772C4 A88420AC - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    1393AB0D 57660D05 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    E8B5BC24 997E1CE9 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    BEC985BB 61FF887C - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    EEE50567 4B8F5F4A - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    76F241FC ECBA2B3B - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    178D8470 957354CF - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    D247EE8E C2AF03A9 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    E076B94E 4A432BDA - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    A7D1FE0C EF2D29E2 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    23E61209 C17F7BAA - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    33AF075E 4CD5A986 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    79F8151F 0C58805A - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    6643E720 FB1C5C95 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    E91E43FF 117A581C - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    E9AB5CE1 5D390B8C - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    44F57462 E4771D58 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    4DE5B6BC E983D952 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    652E2F7F B1705D71 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    1074CE3F C95175CF - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    9FF638E7 581304B4 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    AD27969B F6E172C1 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    B317EF18 080E330F - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    33BD9EED 5EA4621A - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    25293806 FD81F8A7 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    F553DB33 48ABD88A - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    80B2F82A 6DA3062D - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    981EAAD1 A6D6D5A1 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    F1EE4D18 BC0CA550 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    BF2ED66D E983140E - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    C0784AC7 0ECB802E - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    D311D2B8 79E6370E - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    9992F742 0A5E3BD7 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    B2892E29 391FD76E - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    C1285B74 9D2A3CB8 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    FF446213 F54BA7CA - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    F1E0D62C 5D10FC84 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    556D33AE 176E1B97 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    5AFDD5DC 760D340A - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    CECC8EA4 8A14A030 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    9DB1808C 2367C95A - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    142ECE07 2E417545 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    047F3673 981E36C3 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    BC40F216 F81B6188 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    4B7A3C2C 6D970F74 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    63DD1FD9 6279F65E - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    BAF948C3 4D1F750B - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    CD0FC62E 7772C088 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    AED80309 AA15D457 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    C8E6E3D0 E125385A - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    F2E97592 65F2FE08 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    76C0CACF 18C3CC14 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    C99F216B 49C8C38C - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    833650E1 758A2481 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    CF235BB8 281FDFD2 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    8814AD4B 388AEF3B - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    6D7AF8D5 4856413C - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    B1CF5D4C B6BDB565 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    9323F442 08244D04 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    3FCE49C2 F9092233 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    C4E3826E 86ABFE5E - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    2C157127 D8CDE734 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    6E96E6D9 10A46036 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    85A460BB 7992CB71 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    ECEF43BB C01E9238 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    9F18517F D865ADCF - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    0A8505C0 0EB2C81D - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    D2480EBB ACF34D38 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    53D0F184 71D21A74 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    B35D30A7 FA882D60 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 16 Card Codes
    E431EB5E 711862CE - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    F23B707D ACF54441 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    05735774 9C8AE034 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    4FACE5B5 D9FCC639 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    6A841D2C 33C617B4 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    5E75C35A 45C7C978 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    505F7AC9 C708B831 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    E4D7A67E BEA0E1EA - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    89D1A94E 4BAA5502 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    00FA3881 16984733 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    5CC53AFC ACEA6D2F - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    91943CA5 648B6135 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    78BB9C60 CCAA07D3 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    4798E95C 403F547F - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    EC294903 074FA4D9 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    09568142 13589EB6 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    5840EAD8 F3EDFC1A - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    7A0E1E81 10510250 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    699CAD3A AE7D8A1A - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    82122D51 87EB7382 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    65D24E27 8B2C865D - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    EF0585CB ED243096 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    65761B17 429DCF64 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    7BBE0624 6B2A2D7A - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    7B7C9DAC 65377435 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    37F4F481 AB4D5606 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    E7742604 50632D70 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    F24F9C97 52B55D4E - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    F435391E B1B7F4BC - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    7B02C5ED 10354D83 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    C1B243BF 92691615 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    5E246258 1F24EFE7 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    A85BE329 79FDAF26 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    95CA3026 DF1A53C2 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    D3C44DBD 266AE31C - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    CCB5884C 42793005 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    0360D7D9 4FA4BA3D - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    17EE91DE D249C289 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    4A72CF76 333CC0B8 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    5D8C7481 F7441DF5 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    DA488FCF E8D75A57 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    B06C0FC1 06C59C7F - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    A5B649D8 CDA0F629 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    F8348438 F468EFEA - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    0A0D531B 6F38B927 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    3D95D729 C29AC611 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    5D9C186F 675551B2 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    89B9A5EB 42A300E3 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    7113759B BC729DDC - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    92A56470 F10009B3 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    7443A445 9CAF20F4 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    B274E998 ABDCA254 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    C0D8D955 468A2EF2 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    E8CF1823 F07C7E5F - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    2471BAC7 C500F8B2 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    D2E1F7E7 6905D6DF - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    110C8207 93774CB7 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    73BB150B 3C1878FD - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    053EA0D8 19170D6C - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    952F6F36 87EF06E5 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    52F61EFE 4BFE77C2 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    5787A950 61B970C4 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    9A13F32A F00BA9B8 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    356D153B 8E2FADB3 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    FAA6CA8F 68A0D9BC - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    B572DF5B AE930602 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    3395CD2A 030148B7 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    B03BB784 27334C5C - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    3D893C4E 8D4175B4 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    A614DBF8 CECAE18D - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    C3C9657E 00C9B96F - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    B33726E3 1583C9DC - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    B2A29925 5F27E8A1 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    FBF38E51 3702A996 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    64EE9D61 4006D434 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    C82CE44F 8B7933FC - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    D4C86306 1EF63D04 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    A598EBD3 D47906E8 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    0DA6E500 A2588B38 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    77EE76F3 988D9154 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    83B09DF5 F6080AB8 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    AE352E92 17B6467D - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    25AD8D7A 2F3B0461 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    5AF51730 E6FA36FE - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    2021DD5F D5D6A4B2 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    A750F393 07444C64 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    804F1E5C 02CA3D8C - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    1E581F08 9169FE30 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    30C1F8E8 EB679F4E - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    43BB0DB8 29E729C8 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    DCE6E83A 7892A776 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    45E34920 4D90721E - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    B417136C 1543FE9D - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    0C373071 5384DE5B - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    38FC3D1C 58234C57 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    139436C7 11091AD9 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    5D567013 1ACF0E6A - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    18C13392 DDE59E97 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    42DC189F 6E9DC08D - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    521A7B6B D14AC641 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    AD3CEC21 CB705264 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    48CD371E FEC008A4 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    07BE5EF1 D9A8F149 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    498BB82C 46008614 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    508C5375 BB14D530 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    8F28C81B 0501588B - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    1DB5DE95 5E690456 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    BCFA18FA 5AF2AC65 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    EB65A64F D3D29EF2 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    A111D073 842BA527 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    F0291E2C 5854395B - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 17 Card Codes
    5CFAD479 7163962D - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    38FE1257 D8208E6D - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    7C766957 02784346 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    3ED96FE5 91F585B0 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    43CAAE3C D6AA78D7 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    077CD28C D94DF552 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    62EF1C67 A3D50981 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    E2D3E867 5A6B42AD - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    49E68F56 71C2E33C - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    36BA2D83 79C38F36 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    FA648017 0C12CA12 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    EB7092B2 30F5BD7A - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    7007C585 9A0BD1DC - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    8F79651C 12696DE6 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    E159D08C 7DDAE165 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    405DAFD7 19F5876F - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    4ED9F4FE DCF49E03 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    FE2E755A CD0D6FEE - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    60545CBA FCE106D6 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    DC9146E4 CD202A38 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    C2E71FAF 72C52B00 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    2A2A1CB7 13E6F605 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    CC7F6D9A 5454EF4E - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    78D1B24F C057491F - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    DD471873 13364EBF - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    42857C57 89E7FA44 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    760E0D56 843055E3 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    E2733BB3 F5A2FABB - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    E7CAC593 96A728FE - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    CE80802C E4238E39 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    506A0D64 7943C22D - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    6B603035 FD4C6978 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    FA6552A5 8793F2C7 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    BC869F25 B8F53ADE - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    D2B9AC00 055DAA1E - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    CD25B324 50F4F5B3 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    E40BA13A FCB25D27 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    92E798B8 A839C08C - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    5F1CAE0D 97458E28 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    E7C97776 78D406BD - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    84FA65F2 64D6FFD8 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    5655A427 B55EF684 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    33FE5376 9408C42E - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    08645993 D983170D - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    025DB21A BA7241A4 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    3E734EC2 EED18220 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    2E788AF9 DA038332 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    767B20CE CFC00415 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    78F1A024 F3EF3E14 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    8E5B8375 51640824 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    AA0A34F2 4AA5DBBD - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    95F3379E 84F97124 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    36BB5EF8 A8F01CF2 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    8BDDE35B C6615257 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    4F39FE14 83C4441E - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    93DC2F7F C584F10B - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    28981ECD D0F383F8 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    2B3FD333 65CCB011 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    DA6191A9 6B62F0ED - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    D37ADA8D B66763A6 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    A19CDF0E 9D6EED88 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    CA319128 B095D6DB - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    1FECD521 62347B34 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    B80F6FEB 3FF58601 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    7F84B73C 357B1A6E - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    694796DE BB57155D - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    083138B1 62660BFF - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    DB7E138F AA987A78 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    255AD56D 89B1C920 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    40499CE8 6830A533 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    D83F907D 1BD83619 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    6E82CE26 191D5EC0 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    0D29AC06 0C18D030 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    8E84606D 1D819FC8 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    A2459FDC 08F7F0CB - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    8391C92B A7BAE3CC - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    928BF1A1 3ADD99A7 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    D442ADF9 E9DC7510 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    47E83C38 02C69CC8 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    6D42BE72 8C6B6974 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    4D51F8CE 819303FA - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    254C937A B87F9ADF - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    F0D55886 1ED93CAB - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    674868A7 D28233B6 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    0376AF72 FB69582D - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    CB39F513 7CE0CF6A - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    9EB671B9 87484D6F - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    50202E4A 95B3C4B5 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    071A656C 882E9785 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    5CC99628 1AC3639C - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    104274C6 8C9889F0 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    891F6C7A 4D32D413 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    8D867E23 B3DE5EA6 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    26FCBC63 245BE9EA - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    3627173F 87F8B441 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    1A218F21 05768F17 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    288027F4 72C92AEF - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    DD80C789 6DA5A76E - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    8A604564 B8DE9ED4 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    581A4369 466ABE90 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    7E7A4737 9DD8E1EE - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    0472C5F1 D226366C - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    97CCE379 194E91BF - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    6FDE160C 3B6A7B56 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    8762908E D941D9AD - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    62F83622 3D3322E5 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    A994FD5C DE66B9DF - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    7FF74B50 9DC2229B - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    F1DE3504 25828CD5 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    DBF53FF9 1C396B84 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    E43C9FDD 28BE5D71 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 18 Card Codes
    D746669C 67809D47 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    C60E7CBF 9CA25819 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    01795055 181517DD - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    682A03F7 1C9CC543 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    F0950E9E C4363738 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    9630DCD5 1491F766 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    C921B123 30CB0E05 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    E8C1833E CD1889EB - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    CE5953EC 568210C3 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    40E87BBD DDA80F6A - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    D70B4454 3866B221 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    348F3E06 3036D335 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    F9BCF599 C8F96759 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    DB41F536 C9A344BB - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    F0E367EF 64ED6FDE - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    237D2613 727E1123 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    E0984A43 95348660 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    8E1574E1 0BB2409B - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    702A7710 7C440D8F - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    470E6B97 A6820A39 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    22FB739E F02DD32D - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    1C4F90FE AE6912F2 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    E94405A1 2496F6BB - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    343F1F76 5B2D8D4C - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    D2900D96 3F9F491A - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    927F4E35 A82DD553 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    29340970 34195910 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    30AFAFE9 7E5195FB - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    08F44447 66E97223 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    3B830D78 72B70828 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    0AB53FE2 94046F85 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    F271E988 8E6931F2 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    A0534638 A4D50179 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    B1180180 9569E4D7 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    8CCC6CC2 A9917F20 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    4CD33D79 8FCBA795 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    1A135DA6 A6B5460A - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    8F4D375D A2AFB141 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    3CAAA647 73CCDAE4 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    4A11E467 1892007A - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    FD846CFA 07B8B1AE - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    8474BFB8 C715BCF1 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    7B884DA0 ABCF6C9A - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    996E9584 BADF972A - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    8CCEDD4E CB535D2E - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    BFA9C849 E1792ECC - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    91D4B25B F00DAB3F - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    4C7A78C7 5C5FFB66 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    8F2FDF9D A32B89BE - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    A9711CAC 5D4D3C41 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    C88B1FBA 26E96F4E - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    3B665EAA A2440CE8 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    108F1AA5 166D6114 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    386425A0 63126AE0 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    83BD7E83 1BB3E055 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    34E5D447 0541325F - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    26AEDB9E 33400088 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    B9C06C1A BE8E6F67 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    8725FA65 D6E09571 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    45AB5A93 40C2FAF5 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    EB8103F1 6C3F6A19 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    39B2BDE5 58B7A974 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    A0385C74 0F41EBC7 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    69D0AB26 422D91FC - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    A0B3B2C4 35D39BA5 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    0D3B6F52 34193C3E - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    8EE4BDEA DB46D980 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    CCD3EFC0 17FB5339 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    FC96569E 98C7F3E0 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    D0B76C0A FD8C2FBD - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    48E79E41 FD8353F5 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    6128833D 2530C329 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    39652745 A021A04D - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    EA5CE18F EB6154CE - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    D05BF8B6 2DDD1763 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    F0BF7005 7BF96516 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    5986504B 40E50B7C - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    01EEEA19 067B5167 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    0D930234 5C0E7F57 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    34C2AE07 CACDDB51 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    30540F84 34B7D091 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    AE13D3C8 8CB14162 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    A8A186C3 82565F93 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    D5290D0F B5D27C63 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    A6A7E1C1 EF60D370 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    CDCCDBFD 4E1DCD31 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    F1B213AD 4A619388 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    10A0FFD4 1B53EEDB - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    25E0A0AE 5602E01A - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    82D72FCA 44643578 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    F80F1C4C 919BD05E - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    9C335E00 7409B10E - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    06FA63A5 2348F79A - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    5E20CC9B 4A115F51 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    CA487628 57DD9DC8 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    2C8EEB80 CDC50D23 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    EC82F9F7 5FA13A60 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    62E110BA BCCD669E - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    0030690F B5474C00 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    F6623EB7 CB456930 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    30ABE53F BC630DD7 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    20CFAF66 C8A6E450 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    4BB04F09 E49C2877 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    20CAB8F7 0507D9D0 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    F8FCC472 889AF1BB - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    E7ABC5D0 F3CAEF1F - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    13DC06DD B7D492BD - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    FAE74839 2B578F7E - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    BF0F2EAB FB290DD9 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    F60804CE 7E5BC102 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    E53BF3DC 30BA2BD3 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 19 Card Codes
    42C28CD6 CFB8EF79 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    F64005F1 DA87645A - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    C9F78F3E 7AF15467 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    DB8F5FEC C1A4D8C0 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    21DD7491 98401F6F - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    D41A28FB 83CFCF52 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    4DDCA5B8 DBFF994E - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    526DF931 5784E1E0 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    4FCF32BA 522AE260 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    8F7D0A82 401C27B3 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    E49BBF34 31AFD0DF - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    A789CD71 12B5C070 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    6A16D06B 11C25CC1 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    3759D3F0 ABE80C52 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    D1695FDE 941F6FB4 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    4C1C29E9 D7BC24F3 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    825151AB F337D8A8 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    6D057966 8C08A713 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    F39C61D8 E9BCACF7 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    6A7E3DFD DCA06411 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    98083CC6 093280D2 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    CFEB8C76 60703368 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    B2DFA81A C3A52020 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    EE92BBE5 2977DE1E - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    B3EF6B0D 416D7536 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    1C9C95AF 1B28BBC4 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    E30F4D7C FE60F5AE - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    A39D711F 70E24F87 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    6D755AB1 A10EA897 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    F18392DD E1F354CD - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    E51B81C7 C6543C26 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    C08F101D A5820372 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    C3240093 43D19807 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    DF34E803 F6BF904E - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    08CBF998 C5D5F8C9 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    66917C8F E74434BD - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    BCC1E6C8 59EFA230 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    B92B668B 1405A334 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    8D729306 ECAFEDFE - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    FE24482C 29AE05A2 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    3067B759 AE3E54D3 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    3454F1D5 EC0FAB17 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    C7ADABE1 9B415A76 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    DA0A0B85 FBC426A0 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    8D10C478 E9AF52CE - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    2E1CE05C A6655F6C - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    EBE6E0B8 A4193762 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    C5A11F94 5F483266 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    C604F8C8 F9A64466 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    382A6DC0 85ECCEEA - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    97B49188 9DF6F445 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    A163C614 3B547F9A - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    7FD45AFC A743FD91 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    DD3FAB98 DAFD8FA3 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    758C441A CB2ABF59 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    E6FCD990 6AAA5C78 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    DD0BF9B8 189726FA - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    09F9587B 32720ABE - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    D89E54F7 899B3855 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    9E8CAE0F A7B72915 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    E72D7EA6 4797352A - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    9CC53490 09B2232C - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    0F6843AE 6FFB5449 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    B0C51F12 99E0816C - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    EFAD8300 FFD153DA - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    2804B5A2 F29D33D7 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    DB4F4798 5CDE4A33 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    9FE94A73 9155736A - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    891FAFA5 09D6586C - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    633F1C5A BACD44B7 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    01D3C4AA E97CF10A - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    934CB5ED 1F61E4F5 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    FF9DA5A8 7ECA97D3 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    0CBDBC21 B05B5F2A - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    EAE6887E 8DDE6431 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    7E278A4B EB605631 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    091E7925 2A4ADD41 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    5B9313F6 9876C31A - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    FF8C970F BAD9F383 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    2D5C2BF2 FA0568D9 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    11B63476 89770743 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    150D11DB 7CA451F6 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    7AF7930C 17466AF7 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    F6B5CC9B B0BC57C9 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    5AF822AB B73B814B - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    72D6A17C AE95F261 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    F9BD65A0 1C68A161 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    9939EA32 C409A0E1 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    C7780FD9 9D37FCCB - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    DAEF1ED4 34588E93 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    B94DCE68 46DEEE0F - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    4DD539DC 6B1C1DE9 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    C11A0A3F D91AB740 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    5B74F5BF 4B55AF30 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    685C8900 F8756E24 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    2C0E2E92 A16C4659 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    AC344443 67EA6354 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    7E005FE8 8BF7878D - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    9DDCE537 28FD45B4 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    A75C3E51 0EEBB9B9 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    AB4FC9DB D7ECA69A - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    2FFFF39A 7918FB58 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    4ACBB5E1 C6CB9CBA - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    DB40AF0B CBC7DCDC - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    28BA178B 677919CF - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    32944F77 E82C79BB - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    A1A38E81 ABED6E3F - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    B57A0C11 6421B506 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    A107C2AD CB06DC43 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    BCB4F043 52575B3A - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    3050D503 22689157 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 20 Card Codes
    EFE917BC FDC9E31C - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    117912C5 0D004F1D - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    A9693D83 C21D1D4B - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    4F684AF2 F965DF33 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    1DB72744 6DFD8AC6 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    BC04F001 4C5653FF - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    686844BB 7B0BEC7D - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    C7F59C8D A2A320A7 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    32E9FA30 BC434B90 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    08856DA5 17E879F9 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    0F51BF34 1C4395B4 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    7EE23460 A7439F58 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    8B802272 37A69F25 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    A4638D53 FD0DF349 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    7AB38111 9DCBD95B - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    A1EEC3C0 F28DAFE3 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    180FE19F 0F2FF207 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    8EC23CA4 9342F517 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    F5522442 8EE49032 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    C00DACAC 25ADDBB3 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    4BE746A3 23E3C4E5 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    9DA906C9 8F86C660 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    50CEE2D4 7A7922FD - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    A60AF17F 871D9E35 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    E8F610E5 CECCDE39 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    D2488013 AD17E35F - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    FDD1F5C1 FF90DCBD - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    5843888B 3694C78F - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    711A5127 B0D0A223 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    D981628E FD4188CD - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    5B071273 7EE838E3 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    A2DE3D5C 5316D5B9 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    B957D0BC 37DE9B51 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    670EC540 46CDC94C - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    A6FAC401 ABC9CC19 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    4983F38C 479EADBB - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    58A9729E 0B9E217B - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    49F336DF 78733033 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    11452539 10AC2B52 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    136DE136 B7AB3277 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    80D783B3 3D4928B5 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    336A7425 2E915E08 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    06B1A292 5EA1AB95 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    96C822A9 277BB0AA - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    D2004A4F 452CAC0D - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    4911656F 8942E228 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    C5C6251A C564F657 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    7095D049 87849DE9 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    945BAC97 23E2853E - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    1E897ED9 078AE659 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    1C64FC1C 06997485 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    3DC986B1 9AD63331 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    BA9F2B6A 7FF7C837 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    ED9F16B2 ACF1EB3A - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    A8012086 8D493DD8 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    7AD62F6D 9D5791D2 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    315C2EAA B2A7DAF9 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    9681E0C3 CAB06D6D - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    79514DB4 2A385D66 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    8E97C2F6 566E1193 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    C826DCC0 F814DE3C - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    2BA00762 D9A7970A - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    B87C3564 CA59EE23 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    42DE75AC DD870552 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    7A0A0815 F787C8FD - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    0612B89E B8B98DF8 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    8228EB66 0748FC9A - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    2CE825A3 D8B3B76E - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    FB5D5A72 AA39EE54 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    1CA5F7A7 DFEAC250 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    BCD978C8 E98BFCF7 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    362C1337 2ECF4980 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    C5456A54 EA51E4E0 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    B32FEAF1 884E208B - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    72C3F499 212F1E46 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    E52BA2F4 46F06731 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    45D6DB37 B825AC4F - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    66EB1FE9 87BA5334 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    803F2250 D5D5A4FB - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    33158E24 E56DEC55 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    F7F5F78C 2B191EDA - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    95D53108 E867C97C - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    25F8CC86 D4D17904 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    F48DE104 5E4600B4 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    430D4BB8 9F7FB7D2 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    5BDF7B36 C6AF2ADA - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    D5C61121 F44740DD - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    66AA4D35 33C78EA9 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    9247C186 8BA76D6B - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    BADFBEE1 30057203 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    00FAE725 8CADB720 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    85C92328 EFF41DF1 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    314689A0 8192D8EC - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    3AD4E3B8 5EF6CCD1 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    46270691 F723396F - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    939D2FC4 F6EB8BD9 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    E8346174 89C042D2 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    65D85571 804E3F5D - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    5987ED79 57F57155 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    424D5B9D 8F10BC97 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    E97EAA54 31CBAFCA - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    3929D2E4 2D957A1A - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    A24115F8 BBF60886 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    47F1473B C2127AD0 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    9CAE6EF3 1A2A4456 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    4926FF06 3249427F - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    8A4A23A3 2182E4FB - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    E597C387 FD98AE45 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    D398E753 BA0654D3 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    75758092 6A55BD50 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    FDEE7955 AED507A3 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 21 Card Codes
    97D0CEBC DA370ECD - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    EA027D3C 17065504 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    D853B0AB 5ED4DC1B - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    6F81AC04 91CBA97F - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    446BBE78 D5EDAA38 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    93B24AFD 1528F87C - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    E076F2D0 CEB68637 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    CA9CF7FF EAC5545E - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    37F332AD E643B668 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    6108E29C 98F71DBE - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    D16A4608 A817D479 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    A347FE57 CAD104D3 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    9969A5A3 5B8BEC69 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    9DE7F26F 4A56C949 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    9FCD907C A63BFC15 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    CEB6E2A0 524727BA - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    9D6D2D4A B59D1B19 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    D9BC1D08 617CD370 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    CF1FFA7E 1D234D45 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    CEC683DA A0369571 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    91CC43BE 1567CACE - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    A7006525 4B9E5C5F - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    29F8AA07 3689296E - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    199F5D87 0F953425 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    4913433A 35BFF376 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    2B83DFE0 4C452349 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    5694C0EE 10368EC9 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    519F6A66 7A556000 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    99D7EC75 D232D42C - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    D6C3469D 278193FD - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    47BCA2A1 97DC2FA4 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    C1B2FF3C 047CA353 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    6ED5AE9D ADCBB91B - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    D94DE104 8544181D - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    0722C0BD 70588A30 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    C52046F9 8F4A4994 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    6E9F4DBB 33B12628 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    9DAF7079 4D76B566 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    B075DA83 8FB37EC6 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    90B83860 DC446D2B - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    5CB189C4 EE33993A - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    DFE5CD9D BFFA1955 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    4CF79415 D161408E - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    444577D1 5B32881C - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    964CE27A 9B46FB33 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    E6AA460B CDA6648B - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    7992DEB0 8513E40B - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    52FBEB6B 97C1F71E - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    2F459283 4F597091 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    CB644183 6EE958A4 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    3230B01F E394CC97 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    C2EE3383 58608953 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    B5358AA8 6B3EF1B2 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    5511F7B9 7AA948BA - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    A4455D9E 7ABF5753 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    7D17F192 482F11F6 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    5BC0A57F 705925DE - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    8242DA7A 651E7416 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    2936635F 500E5E6B - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    A730B009 91C2E0A0 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    7E2F2C29 5F0C8B38 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    1082745B 1DDF8346 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    4BFD99AA 868979B7 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    B49CAC7A 8CDBDDC3 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    675B3C0B B9C24141 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    24FD5033 F4CA4EF0 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    9CC92C1D 4C9ADCF0 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    8802263C E619191B - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    7792F6D9 EB7B187E - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    8836072F 2CD25517 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    129FACBC 08D7E8CB - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    FFAD63B0 74B455AC - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    C5EFC236 3CF78246 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    C3B5AD16 C11617CE - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    51AE395C C1735C0A - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    A7A08443 9B1DDCEE - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    F1B9FE15 ED388825 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    02B46072 37F4A02A - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    30367C73 B26216E9 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    ACBD2D37 CDE562CA - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    98AF3020 8E6126A6 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    BCF46A82 9A85AF70 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    CAC0272C BFC52306 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    E0D8C2A4 78CA1216 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    C1D02A5A 6220DB12 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    AD881913 FFA753E8 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    5382348F A40CAF6D - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    137A8A06 26BEBC5B - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    BDC1C9CA A322E242 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    A4DB8DDD B5583554 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    B143308A D29B8462 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    AED8F52C C0A82849 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    F19FF6CF 39A39AB0 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    2F70EDD7 BA609D2C - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    5A1A26EE 02C74F9F - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    E38E9DE9 079C9FD8 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    EC75CC4F 27BD7E72 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    D9D35EF1 6F36B26D - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    A1871902 8DC7114E - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    7F74DFA2 CAEAC61F - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    79F642AE 493D9DE2 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    4B7109F1 AC73FF44 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    D74F7A4B A2EA1099 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    EBC336BA FB4370C1 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    F7F29C57 E71C648E - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    CB154267 C53BEB54 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    ED3E4702 CED0E3AD - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    83DF0FAA B14E775C - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    C94FE9D8 E859AC97 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    631F3256 1B03E63B - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    3ACB95D6 6EAE49E0 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 22 Card Codes
    6B026406 8F53337E - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    287A037F F7594850 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    2D6C3144 674D7193 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    A657E0CE 7F0F5AC5 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    17AC42E4 F5D0BA7F - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    889BF7C6 4A8F4EEF - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    4BDBE20A DF8DF0E6 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    75BD0AD5 64830C8E - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    ECD549A9 8F3FFAC0 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    F75D521E D7F9C31E - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    6A107BE2 4ED3AE8B - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    977865CE 2A5D0BAC - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    5145A317 696BC0F3 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    F6803552 92369446 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    5F3C3016 D0448012 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    536F1CA8 2429250F - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    C71C1652 3543356B - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    F10415E9 E4C2920F - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    1CEBCDD6 129425CE - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    F2B00909 ADA8F0AD - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    3829ED98 154B7D7C - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    DD94CD59 EADDB22B - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    88AD1C62 4073C386 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    7317D333 3EB2F60D - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    879149D2 9ADA69FA - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    D0EF850D 5C855F04 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    7702D269 87E571D3 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    876594CF F5CDF4DE - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    5829FE59 746AAA6F - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    7148B645 F1AB0276 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    F0441646 9686214A - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    284A32EB 19CF967B - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    E65ABD08 D58E8F87 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    F4CF5135 D997B187 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    6E4B0291 F2F2C0E1 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    3A0B264F 1BEE3ADA - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    7043BF3A 1155ABC7 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    CD1D248F C29ED565 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    5294E5B8 2A16051A - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    872DA7D9 B3100B9F - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    23700AAF 6840145D - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    C2416692 2636AC8A - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    6C9EF3D2 7B0EA05A - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    2FFCC119 57D98106 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    CB504E27 38009428 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    BB6B009D B7EC82FA - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    56041238 0981DD6A - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    6F1C53F8 ECA60F04 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    658B5999 31F0ABC3 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    3598E2E0 BCA52DD0 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    719C8C8D B54301D7 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    F60DF2EA 45C1BAAA - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    3401954A 8277C5F8 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    180EC6E7 2F86C1E1 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    DA9528B7 8EE564C8 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    4DA22ED0 1344E4AD - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    668FCD91 5DD52328 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    FE7ECD98 7B9C0A65 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    7120A1D8 64D183EB - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    CC727A3C 8C24AD93 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    D87B9A1D 5B43F825 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    9FE78500 2887DD22 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    0938C04C 52E96E79 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    0377D5C4 404A0374 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    6552266D E644FA1F - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    CBCF0839 A7A9F58C - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    4C139C30 76C1251D - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    6C2DEED4 E0236F2B - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    62326377 EE94E5FA - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    02D545D2 B3B9E73D - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    4801F343 293B5F97 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    60F3B258 744DA3C6 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    3D23A16F 7CF619D2 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    34271437 3124D3A1 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    020FD638 27727D16 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    13ACA901 1196C3F4 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    A3664BF2 3E7EF890 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    3AE3BD6F 9CAFBC17 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    83F19EBF 0C26BC08 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    91495675 715537D8 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    3E1E3659 41711F07 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    D0511702 F438F305 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    8EA512CC CA4D0C8E - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    0575CA18 D172B426 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    BE5721B5 BEB47257 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    4B5BCBB1 FF060803 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    22112DA0 1F552EF6 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    491E362B 944AE82C - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    6CAE8188 33F88B82 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    92188AC7 3F6724D0 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    628DE126 CD6FC938 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    C9103C39 447C4DF6 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    692822A4 560EAFCD - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    6A5758F0 64105572 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    0BBA8663 7D04B3D2 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    D4098868 08B0C392 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    EC5196B8 24CE77B2 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    B631FCFF FA00AD89 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    A8DB1EDD 9A54D9E1 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    3A6A03BB F68C6B12 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    E2DFC27D 65CFE315 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    D5D8AEBF E6A1AAA6 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    B9DD4027 A11E3F0B - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    0CA08170 4F89270E - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    3510647D 945FE615 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    95921640 2B0F8BE1 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    9FE7F167 674F23BF - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    942C2B3D 56C8DAF7 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    ADEF92E7 F2C84D85 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    9E453AD3 7DBF9EA3 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    079A697A 45B444A0 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 23 Codes
    21CA6EB0 35BAEDE7 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    699048DC F253ECB7 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    AE404082 BCBE0D7E - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    CF4C22DA 9A296449 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    A88BA5CC 53EF25DA - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    D26024CD ADAD6C1F - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    9C10F569 5735298E - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    0DB434F5 4D29E614 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    4F8537A2 6B9B9EB4 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    46E0CD35 99A470CA - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    FB2A5100 861A1981 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    6C0095F6 E2212129 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    2AD220C8 0141AB65 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    1E29B935 2B6D3847 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    28638684 2B219323 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    CDAF89DB B1CBD7D0 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    A3A9B866 51692D43 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    66C84B90 FBDE049A - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    FF9C95FA 5DEACB4F - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    F7FE5EA4 FC82B4AD - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    FA850FEC 7DBDDFF2 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    17A63540 CF1E4B8A - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    AD4A5BFF 29F93ED7 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    8C612222 AA0A88F5 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    D145FB06 68D5D1C0 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    CA4CCE6F 9E456BAC - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    EF41DD53 B8807E46 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    F476240E 47696833 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    2449A0CD 1D6962F4 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    287D6393 A86DC1BC - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    90D0337C 3267A240 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    763BC552 1CA86A17 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    EDEF96FD 348BFCD7 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    3449A6EE 03DF5449 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    0E147DA0 044DD1CE - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    DAD0B753 ADBDDEA2 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    FD11328B 342B4F6F - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    7D35A85E 1316AA16 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    7ED19F04 E8B7691B - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    7078DFFA 1E35A871 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    C831B36B A2401DB3 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    D22C6EBA FD1D44EA - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    06646E5D 52C688DB - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    F2234959 4259BAD8 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    021ABBC0 E3416FA6 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    5929CDBD C9D89312 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    28C78D37 5E86D111 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    DC00FFEA 4C2689B4 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    C393B554 1D48A211 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    BA835CCD 70814E9A - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    3B44CBE9 D43658D4 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    8FE31E2A 9C33C975 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    52255EEB EDFAF8BD - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    38300C35 15F4BF57 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    37F95AD9 9C9B5F22 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    35405BDB 59D0CDFE - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    ED4A888F 2DFAFEAA - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    F6F46213 3365377B - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    8F90B7C8 48104A34 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    64640A5C 73D4650C - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    E5A25D82 B5A4AC17 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    D57A98E1 1F042F96 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    B82BA253 BD7EF4B6 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    A31A5E0B E00564FA - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    BD8811F0 366CDE42 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    AF2033FF 2D1C0788 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    71D6B3B4 B8D1C2CE - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    CBE519AC D1026716 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    8A9CD598 124C409C - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    2F09248F E01A1B9F - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    1FF30519 B31E1BFE - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    7ED7E6CC 93D97B91 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    95FA8769 3C589CAC - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    FAA6BF73 E73DDEC7 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    A2A9BB99 1D8FA751 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    09672645 ACBF3102 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    E625954D DF9F1454 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    9586A69A 35D24511 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    FAE97198 048CBEBA - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    8F41601A 95060CD2 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    F0612C8A 05F9C618 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    F855E61B CBA5E853 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    4BC8ADA6 DD3E2C4A - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    63DE74EA 31372713 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    BDBF246B 1FF4310D - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    1F65A2F1 BB15475C - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    7E0DBCD2 5A5F95B6 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    453B0DE1 A04BED0B - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    13776CE3 53405F78 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    C9694285 CC496FB3 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    61367B8D FB8CEB2A - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    CD3CB585 A91F02C3 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    C94A1275 2E12FDC5 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    F3A156B4 CA50A42F - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    8B3CDF78 04053128 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    2A7F1CA1 EA336170 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    F65F9B96 7A268BDB - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    4EE3F8FC E62C41E3 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    D877E01C B830ECC0 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    1D2F8A4C 85D2BE04 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    C4634C86 9E957698 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    7C587049 F4D56F06 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    EE100FC3 8BF5930C - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    B0F0C137 60D83752 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    D697EFE2 81966F42 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    A35D38FA 173A6278 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    BECA1329 F9AD04B9 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    11AB4A5F 883FB62C - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    6C156CA5 A5232247 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    9CA6C62D DB727A43 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    A6458E83 5993772A - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 24 Card Codes
    BA452F2D B4A74D40 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    C67D41F3 BDC09AB4 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    EE3EF342 B26FA049 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    38B005FF 12648A49 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    7311EF95 F9108FDA - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    DB7C1A5A 0EAD1482 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    126A9008 F6982D5A - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    9E7B29FC BD31952E - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    EDA0C5C6 003BA2D5 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    3CE85A18 F30FFD0A - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    38B23D0A AD73D0D7 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    94E71258 730B242B - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    1B9D0EC7 A04B1320 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    63A80EF4 64241841 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    7A3CB707 2EC7504B - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    505E7C38 A923F59A - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    E45D5081 BF44CCE7 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    07924E84 7688107F - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    9F9EDB12 B9EC7488 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    FFF2B4CD 3B947F7D - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    8BAC2101 87C67047 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    DE05C8DF 92BBC496 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    4125BF37 AF43BC7F - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    ED725CFC EEF6DB34 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    F8E72E27 AEBDA035 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    5B14C64C 8EFF736F - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    6555E995 0C8C9724 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    82C82131 E9C5DB92 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    03C0A439 16B9D909 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    C3166065 8D7A0DCD - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    EDD9A8F7 FA80F516 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    397DCFF5 71112D5E - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    78F5E8BB E8B42DDA - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    0C9FD889 45EC4CAC - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    FFC43F39 C2293E9D - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    90413F29 526BCD92 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    902E12D6 B569FC88 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    7BC0787F B9B49257 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    13FD2687 936B1B5A - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    D4F4518B D00C3655 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    CCFEFABF 6CA020C0 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    998E98B2 3BFF07CD - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    D19C40B7 1CFD4298 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    DD9C4E90 6DBF0317 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    3ABB15E4 EB7DADDE - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    3B7B861D F3E7C36B - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    9F1A606B C71A65AE - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    4154D1AD 383DA44B - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    FC0C106C CD31329C - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    D09B15B4 76AD69DB - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    4A2B8863 21C16756 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    5974AD0D FBA1067E - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    0B087418 0709523C - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    A0AE860E 2F180108 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    CFD8B216 D78AEDE8 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    EE88BAF8 7F790D35 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    E46ACDF4 C486106E - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    8A200C1E DE4CA805 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    B1E4E30E B680CA8F - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    008C87A2 0BAFAD6A - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    CAD6D45A 44A22335 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    9B084C68 5B2A4D45 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    C11565BA FBC3B29F - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    2FD66BB4 EB92CE05 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    9F063C36 2F67AD25 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    BB2A07FD FF684B9F - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    35EA7B65 12DF4E77 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    039F7CB7 1E782C69 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    CAF92CFA 690D079E - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    680E99FE B5F4BC8D - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    4E717D14 D4B2C6D9 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    6C53E222 67171717 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    FD5E7925 C768E76D - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    1F51D185 3002CD89 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    6574B4FF 58EBBA14 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    474A44F1 5B42857A - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    84FE063B 442D63E9 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    834CB94F 38461A23 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    8C484DB2 B7CAC0F5 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    8135F93F A82CBAA2 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    923D0D72 F1657839 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    48AA67FA 8428955B - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    F71CE0F3 8CDB8605 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    0DEC6FD8 FC496478 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    92045693 AF2CA880 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    CF32508B 81F6E399 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    B097EB86 5BE5827F - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    6AE09824 59B44340 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    1CA7C44F 7FB95EE3 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    895375C7 78C67913 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    603B85D5 49F55503 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    DD3448FB 877EAF91 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    72C73F91 1E42D41A - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    CAC675AB 471A44CE - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    335C9849 55200F91 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    E77CBE75 E5E0361F - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    57050195 241D2A3E - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    7CAB9162 04FD9DC5 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    854EC834 B6182F6D - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    17BD69E7 3B539DB0 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    9913EA31 D668F1E1 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    15D439DA 27CCF647 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    EDD69FDE E74579C1 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    F58D5D81 D8CF8502 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    8D930F65 716291BE - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    4DF0EF1A B66BFDD8 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    209A6882 F87C4377 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    5F67D24D 8FAB8805 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    5A510DA1 362B5178 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    77584292 F4FFFF96 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    3AE930F8 A4F25872 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 25 Card Codes
    286C69A1 4CE886C3 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    D8683761 AE326A5F - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    6427C823 A13244C4 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    13808658 A5BDC874 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    48DEECA4 F5637DB9 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    7D8B65F5 C9C742FA - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    8A51AEA9 779E2124 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    0FF2C845 7525D771 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    12B21B61 92556BB0 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    4496B3A2 447EBD14 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    F7899BA7 7143E5AA - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    3802F108 9F20BF5B - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    8808A8BC D3453A5B - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    18C18DA8 4491152C - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    801CB77C 41BD1ED3 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    E5511F48 C6B64930 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    B85DEABF 7EC07A91 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    C34211F3 B2F26224 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    5B56C90C 8B8D6FD9 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    CCE621EF 43DD65F1 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    3B2AFF58 90C47A90 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    B788E269 CB35F34A - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    741598FC 00C68202 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    C4524CE9 7187B51B - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    82E94CD3 A3FF948E - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    0AF6E711 22F7D0D1 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    3526088A B16D5084 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    123F306F C4EF90A1 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    1051209B 0B406E35 - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    D1C9425E 172CF42C - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    DB018672 8E52241C - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    F15D4560 803905CF - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    44A0F00D B356AA94 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    E18FA0E3 E438E144 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    3FB68981 7EE2E334 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    C7F3A88A 318FB2D0 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    0F1B0187 07720013 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    D97D79AE AFCED717 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    0DE56E84 479C2AAF - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    F870AA15 CBBB3B84 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    0260B6C2 1F70E073 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    D1256CF8 DBB546F6 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    A291BC21 6334247B - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    68D349D9 CC3BE5E3 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    931B8674 3B6508D7 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    0DB72292 2BDF0A2D - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    DAEA1052 7BA0398D - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    A2A2AE5D 29FF6071 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    583CE599 BAE7AA1B - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    3BC5C675 FB7104B1 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    29BB73DE 09B98ECE - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    70F9D865 39ED9DA5 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    D4DB011F 88216D49 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    09875D0F A18DBA62 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    EEF2FFCE 3129AE6E - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    4B89361B 81755562 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    BFBA87C8 13CB65D2 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    4AD1289C FB3A2AEC - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    9876D715 82EB8F20 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    06458080 E0732E9E - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    D2499498 41C13F07 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    4803D267 AD4BDBFB - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    ADD9D3F2 AC318AA2 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    166957C1 EB82BA85 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    C7671E8A B0712347 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    60BEBA57 338AB6A0 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    6DF0B5FC 7351AE09 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    264C92C3 91DAA3B1 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    9A4251D1 E13E53AC - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    C6F1565A 5C9BB0B3 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    B64D76F5 5AE29D81 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    5225F8BE 1C5D2AB3 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    9CDB8C30 4E3B118A - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    867158DB 1BD908B7 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    CDDC8717 C606B8D7 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    A4F2C0C4 E7842B5F - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    54F5CB27 387C9748 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    CF59A5E1 127C7B24 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    1026A33E A628624B - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    6BBEC55F 42CE1BFE - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    EC31F010 77E86309 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    273D8BA4 788E7F58 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    50C21F31 08D07C1F - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    C320D856 B55F221C - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    EE1760C0 0AC88D82 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    A2811E0D B5FA05B9 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    2D03E055 B949B4C9 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    21B041B2 0A3FD935 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    A24E870B B5A814FB - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    092BF7A7 3B705D4C - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    397E2A01 BDDF79E5 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    9C285E4E 960869C3 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    300321F7 FF9D67A1 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    7939225A 2CCF7E7E - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    ECFA67D2 57626C92 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    736FC431 A1BCB1D2 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    3FD2A7A6 098E85FC - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    F7831E81 6EFF8638 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    85076009 33148D6C - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    19AEC653 E65F691C - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    C9D1117D 4B221483 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    732A42B3 36C5B4FC - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    FA7EA442 A1FB43C9 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    BAC736EB 2F318A56 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    7BB9AF22 011BF47C - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    BBC35368 5EE5F7C8 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    D46503CA EA947FEF - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    3CB845A7 47CDDAF7 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    80F00F7E C162C85D - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    038A56C6 6F89CD7C - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    B356A1E6 156EFF43 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 26 Card Codes
    2A0D0D50 9128B570 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    0D357945 3C3321E2 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    9CC344A3 BB37421C - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    B67D41E2 3C2360A5 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    8A4E5240 E32E0535 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    C944B59D F87F40F1 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    3338C557 54263E0A - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    85E45864 1233235C - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    E31F8445 8A20AC69 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    7E6C3268 C3AEF216 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    ACD3E5C2 F067834A - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    1F271A04 76BD10A5 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    57801DA8 0AF38E39 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    2C1259C8 0728CBDB - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    CAB6C721 341E069B - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    13935C9B B3D945D6 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    C9567207 652A1155 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    AC75EAB9 CEA8FE21 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    499994CC F5CB89AE - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    AA49985C 48EE7EFD - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    B9D84899 855B7B33 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    EE3045F6 52105637 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    DBAD9796 F2E7EF33 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    AEF7654D 1C6A1564 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    1B295201 A2E0D0E2 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    39A6A78A 75550D70 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    F765F971 537C7AE4 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    AADB0793 AA9739FC - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    E3532BF7 F04A38DE - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    EAFC3D58 333EE35C - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    31AC46CA ED2ECE78 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    BD2FAD78 B609473C - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    19E156F6 8334C93B - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    672F3CF3 FCD9FE8C - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    57DFAE8B 9CB98CA7 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    D4F8C273 3D77926F - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    6D41C3C4 DB26F48F - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    4C837399 4C79C365 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    3BBD2076 8F1B10DD - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    08EFC8A7 9A68D684 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    045F9AA0 B34757EE - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    17A7C9CA 6085A7FB - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    68FADAC3 E67E174B - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    39C59B2A 72A46E48 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    B4823631 AD67B9AF - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    891A806E 510708C7 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    2D06741D B327B408 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    0D3B559D 7C1768BB - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    F27B2240 372A27A9 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    35839018 9D95D25B - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    E2DCB72C 047E4EFC - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    50186CBA A787B850 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    4A1A0BAE 59760F3B - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    D84DC33A B5CA375B - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    D3B60190 04962C89 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    8FFBE631 2848B0CD - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    AD7D16C3 FF89F342 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    64259877 40DED5B3 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    3C752019 5F0CCF87 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    B53D144A B34B0455 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    4A736708 ABE28D81 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    07D46CF2 72FA85A7 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    42561627 F4CB4BCE - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    63EEB348 667E07A5 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    33B731F0 2CED6020 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    DA8C8FA5 298B9EF7 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    54E719AA B814B378 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    1D371C25 6AB6F0DB - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    E76F40E9 014F1262 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    C7EBB2D2 E7546216 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    968AF19F 96E302FD - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    D7302231 224217FB - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    2D8E7B79 2BB88C2F - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    EB2CF74B 2CD0A8E9 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    899C1453 52EED467 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    FEE287C2 F0E271D4 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    988D36AD 9B72319A - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    CFF7ED9B 75987700 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    C5206670 6628155F - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    CFB64411 90016459 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    816421AA 8C5A7193 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    10939EE3 3F565E09 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    BFA2FF9D CB8E5F4F - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    463F23F0 F05D489E - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    853F06A3 C6F618EE - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    6B01EC9F 8FF531F8 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    FE683159 4E5B74EF - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    16F3181C 63EAD79C - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    20BEC92D C4336D6D - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    00DA13E8 A894668F - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    AD113ADE C204BF59 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    FD811967 0C314E10 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    36B10CF8 7B037B80 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    CDBA3BB6 D1C383FB - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    F403C9B5 6E79765D - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    184B0B08 C6557903 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    EB0FE4CA 87C3DDBF - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    9C637892 7001562C - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    E9EFE91B 4E74ECA1 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    746AC18B 6B839288 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    9F8B4E8D 2D57C8A7 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    DD4E3537 F2A3F8B4 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    9DC66052 7E1DCB19 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    9CA6C37A 3A783499 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    DE9588FF B0776D5A - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    ABE718B4 274AB057 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    192CE6CD CD193F9A - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    46E1A09E 7333F858 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    1DD1CA51 0C5BE332 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    AA7A45A3 032FCED9 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    3F196273 ACCA7855 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 27 Card Codes
    A9234814 1B687B1C - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    05285042 3EDEACCD - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    CE6E7AF6 CD4FAED7 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    A361E94B 50EA549A - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    E759E069 A0F66129 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    548BF177 ABF267B9 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    F1CC4592 93F6CDDA - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    9DF4D469 910AF373 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    17D25F28 E4190D0F - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    3205C07E CC482AC0 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    38BAF988 A359C501 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    8D8F4F22 92DAB934 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    F8EFA754 3EBD0A8B - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    889473E1 49799438 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    D65F706C 95BC1EB1 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    A7F0B663 2B9852C7 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    D829F5D9 3E70D891 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    59F54DEB EA3D7CA9 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    6D4C6DFC D35B6868 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    A2B4907E ABAF2DE5 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    00BE069E AA52106A - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    C1E14AEF BC58A85D - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    094D16E1 69590C45 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    D4FB8993 8EACCD68 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    805A4153 13433E92 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    C0944752 CFF794C5 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    ABBC8D91 D2B98A30 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    ECA2DDE8 6E96CE63 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    7BF0901F E494990C - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    3B76F16C F8F72176 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    3D45D910 975059B0 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    5F0F0B2D 11E9C59C - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    D7E17F46 EED879C3 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    F7354C87 28CEFD54 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    A1DDB7FB EFB9871D - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    4F1DAB8C BBB7EB6A - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    09C85284 041CF8EA - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    F7EDB1E4 DCC50382 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    DCF45E7B BBE25950 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    C781CA91 18A5D7CE - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    CBC84CB5 14C7804B - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    6B5AF9B3 46DD2F1A - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    2480D0BB 5EB40F29 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    FABD4FDB A6CC3E41 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    D9F748DB A8493E65 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    EA6F96E9 10A7EC5C - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    6B6312A8 FD06C6C7 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    EAC56AAA 4E621D59 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    C4D38AF1 E6BFC788 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    0C7BC4DD 1EF6D6AB - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    6211F477 941F8D84 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    A706F45E 8726D47B - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    E42D7471 797D97B2 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    E3715C03 C0DE08DB - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    89FB5FF8 DC573B75 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    1BF9645A BC0E1147 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    AD031402 BD96E269 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    6F4D6E3C 3FAFF287 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    099C2658 1EFFCB71 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    9AF0C173 D6B5F8F7 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    CFBBF903 5969E9AC - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    37FCF1FE 29539BE5 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    C94A5A16 63B45F76 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    FFF9D755 FE2FF478 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    D62DFFAB C5C4ACF4 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    34ED77F3 093D62A0 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    8B134936 DA53ECF6 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    F642D870 1E3598A3 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    7094122E 7C93098A - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    1627EF6F EF2E72E5 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    BF7DBEE7 AC706714 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    90FE9B71 4A2DED2D - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    3ED46855 148D5A0C - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    0C49B047 E9361435 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    9B3A30A4 1BAD5B69 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    25685CA3 402B0797 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    D2DA6C07 ACDC6412 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    3149A695 A60C0775 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    104C3FFA 3833E2B0 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    D2C63957 5C0D5848 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    9D10BCFB A2405AC8 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    C2663147 A1781AC0 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    96BDB687 5AE18104 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    81347911 7B0E1607 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    39D11E79 5ED3847E - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    C46548D5 2FF7D9B7 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    80A80A16 248CCD89 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    107E101D A15DC741 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    8B618781 17075F34 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    ED63109B 47F32FF0 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    A54F7CBE 276C792E - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    F470EB59 2010125B - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    0463FA87 648DBB78 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    45283EDB DA22A6CC - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    E94D65C2 4EDE43C4 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    2B921812 3248B3D7 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    12A6099D E243F275 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    22DE5589 5DE5ECD6 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    C5DD9E1C A7F4B5E3 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    E3F7DBD9 BEC19E68 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    63AB8FB9 11BC2E04 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    B29166A4 67A57CC3 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    AD2EB8B0 4424ED2B - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    3C8C34CB 9BB1B67B - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    28EEFFBA EB27A341 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    53ABA83C 15BBDC0E - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    3A182384 DCDC9EF1 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    AA918B50 2C1804B0 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    E3F005F3 9DDE9F7F - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    E0AB07D0 C32CB6DF - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    B4E738E2 C376BF89 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 28 Card Codes
    75D0165E 84BF4F82 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    207D52C9 CD57EC54 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    7A1EE952 B98EEA85 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    3333B437 30CC5852 - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    5BCFA531 76572764 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    6E621210 F3834428 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    62FBDC02 841EDF9B - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    6971738F 4016A586 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    A6D959E2 E8A9F988 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    91F9E79E 0C39372E - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    E2640231 883D9FE8 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    C14C6AC5 E37BF7E2 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    92373D61 2B16C8F2 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    7E31EED9 53A68E38 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    41425DD3 2E18DD21 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    2AF30EA6 3211AB73 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    B13A5E59 7053F45C - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    A02226CC 139D9014 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    9B3BAF5E 141CEEBB - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    426541EF 3FAAD7AB - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    E22A6F28 0B2CBF48 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    7118E8B2 7DF48832 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    DC59A06B 6CAD3412 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    E24ADAC8 83206A37 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    43F56C9F A11AD5DB - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    4851FFE3 D956EF85 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    35273450 8EB10E0E - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    A537E2DB 5F6176CA - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    53F664FB 9078DC6E - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    49CAC4C2 C26CEE2F - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    EABEB54E 209FDF86 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    57894899 D1207E6D - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    285B12E3 7184962B - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    A200A6BC 1C205DB4 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    3F8E35F0 75D60B5C - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    08DD8B44 D2934449 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    2AF65B76 82134315 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    6E4EF727 51159DAE - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    E2F6E4BC DCC01EBB - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    E8082D25 95086BD9 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    F8425295 213CBD9A - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    0A9CF27F 361DBFE1 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    F650A08F 69AE9060 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    43071BFA 95F4D8E1 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    A689656B C1095B21 - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    5997DE0A D70204B1 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    F84D341E 4A25E32F - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    4E82E875 F0E38F71 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    7EEB4BB2 1E49C2EB - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    9C15183E AD7F054C - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    CC3DF07D AE183044 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    8AF68A48 C8689ECE - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    52714938 7A64E19A - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    EB219D52 5F854D1E - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    E6B758D7 357BB282 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    137F13FE 7D5A69A2 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    47F278CE 545AB15B - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    AF7C2A73 F131A822 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    0346875F 480938AC - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    DA2044CF 4BBD2CA0 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    E52B672D 6D43E815 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    50131166 CC024369 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    E5DC1E35 15D05D77 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    3C7A931B 569EA803 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    C98F83C4 2D87A828 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    3FA9AD09 6F0E2A13 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    52043046 1162EE1D - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    D2DCD20F 0094A905 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    D6FE1D1A 5B550093 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    3EF2C1EF 5627D13A - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    A4F0F5D2 E8C4DF63 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    E173CD84 414F9380 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    24FBDAB9 E4579D27 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    2706F690 85BC19ED - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    3F46173F D5121001 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    70A35E89 22C5F928 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    4334EB83 DEBD352E - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    08EC3D98 160DC16F - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    B35F82E4 1B556B7E - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    45E46476 50A1DB34 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    D58A6209 12F57643 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    B43D4CED B3CA2D2E - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    59B68955 35B316C6 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    F91191E9 16246D2D - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    3FE73BDA C0FDDE10 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    8D074074 9909625A - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    54101242 A13CC71A - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    F78A27F4 A835AEB1 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    A3493B78 B6CF932C - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    72672E24 1D6CD1D1 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    6AA8A7E6 67F4AB63 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    EC9944CC BBA8840B - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    BFC4E177 AD116A4F - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    90FCE212 EFCF34C7 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    070424D7 8668E69A - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    8E41C992 2825F2E0 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    35694CCA BD53E6A5 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    1AC11014 58A89D91 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    1A216C44 B8C59B1F - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    65427EA0 3A71275A - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    2CF7B705 77FB33C2 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    D965D7DB B7EDE2E2 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    B36A707F 8D97CA42 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    47638BF4 ECE113D5 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    814FD5FA 23E82CB5 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    13194F6F E6C6AD28 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    3F33C7BB 4E6EFC7A - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    850F9F58 7085BE9F - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    E7772058 7C424D1C - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    F65130E5 ED29D41A - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    513BB8F8 0A7AF8D0 - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 29 Card Codes
    6B49A13B 53FBF330 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    D6459EDC 46EAB314 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    1C1B75ED 7D97A916 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    B9452E5F BF034B9D - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    6016E986 E2D9CF3F - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    A387F00E FC4A691B - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    FB0FF7B7 0460FD81 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    9A4D07E0 E4265EEE - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    CFD5CD20 7B8D528D - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    5B20FC3C E726FBCE - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    0E5B1CA3 1A3CCB40 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    AEEE6B12 6B1A74FE - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    4FC8BA4E 6356E674 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    C2542A4C 343275A5 - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    8B775405 3C00FB11 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    1DBD6705 4DBA0F5A - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    5E05BD1D 08C10D70 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    DE4AD2E3 C3652D22 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    0DC7360B 430167F7 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    4EF3B38F 68C92E2E - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    7CAD0D20 B4BFB331 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    00AC07FC CC986291 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    770BA9E5 54296C77 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    7A279169 16D40E5A - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    775CABFB 98157E17 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    53BE6E58 96B9453C - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    2C4C43A1 3E79FA71 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    3CE0A15E AEBCBFFB - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    7B5C4458 EDCD662C - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    86D39363 86BCB79D - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    FCEBDB97 EFA0780E - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    2DAF54D4 DD490215 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    B8696C0D D2724C00 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    F1C46458 FE1E6A95 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    D67D579F 3334F3D5 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    70F67198 847C6E7E - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    1CE9C9E4 9FBF96DD - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    18BF88CA 0F72B7CA - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    E5DEC59A 038A2330 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    17611B8F 1A438DB4 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    2D189136 A299490B - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    A9D99B97 A3D0126C - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    6AA73CB2 646296F7 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    2BC8E015 FABDFE29 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    D94C99E3 B8420A0E - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    7711C3A1 D5B12248 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    89F0B7E2 700C508B - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    7D5C0C55 F9E11FBF - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    1F5362D9 B5B0A9CE - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    7A43A15B 766C5FD3 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    BB6DBF55 F79CA31E - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    51EFE8D8 5EB779A6 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    33CD9981 698E9694 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    6CF68D0B 08DC87F1 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    95ED4B06 443BDEA4 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    99117D63 518B026F - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    FB25B80A 3A1B6F67 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    464A46AB 27490201 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    0DB48A7B 5518A9A7 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    187F413D FE18B752 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    C7CFF80C D3C2A46B - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    27DE4898 484D1C3A - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    EF4FBC6A F92F636C - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    9239891F 5DC12BD2 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    CCE1FED2 3DB294C2 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    A5D15E52 4ED66DC6 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    F8885D09 54EEFD64 - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    1863EB34 6DA606E6 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    E3C14BF8 37125170 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    DB839A97 83724FDD - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    920CAC15 78ADAB4D - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    FBEBB3BF 1D17D3B7 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    3190E5FF DC5072F2 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    25AF542E 8CE8431B - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    D0E87C37 F2F9579E - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    6B72000E 7748FD95 - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    361193DE A375AE62 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    641065FB EA603854 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    C48031F3 804A9FC9 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    6B1D2399 F8B9C273 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    1483EF50 2E402E79 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    2DBCBEE2 792AB7D9 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    25BCD2BE 4ED84138 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    C9731EFF C39D58FB - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    514ACDAD C0BFF67B - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    15E993CE 11329745 - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    1460D502 A06DC0B4 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    6855CCC6 EDBEA815 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    486D96C0 289F8DE3 - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    64452AB7 9EBF6DD2 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    3103F375 A2DE511F - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    924A1875 2D44F5AD - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    6498B36B 289665E4 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    4CBAE671 E6C68637 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    EE6F100E 7DFC7C09 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    76EB6AAD 5B9D2708 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    10CBA700 D458624A - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    1970492F 2A494C51 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    B979D424 D15CF58F - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    15C5BE8C DE3065F1 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    03FC3AA8 4E464D85 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    298B6A35 89DE613A - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    B48CA0E9 1F135A39 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    B6E2AB0B A1D05FA0 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    A3FD1C4D 82E2C7D9 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    6221857F FA1B87BF - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    058EB5EE 42CA2264 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    71D67B76 E71DC43C - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    68F01B42 AD347603 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    537255DE 4F7BCF13 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    07B60C67 0061DB8C - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 30 Card Codes
    5E548492 33029F42 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    ED72C2EE 48265D70 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    C9FD6D4C 918B95CD - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    B9DBDC01 A9623BDB - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    3C75AA17 9412D72E - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    690DEE04 43964F23 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    1DDCA860 6C4A8AE3 - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    F6E0295E 85513C38 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    D3F211B3 531CC1C4 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    1C9B1EA2 99180C31 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    DA882B73 F886C522 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    06470AB4 63AE7D47 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    196DFC6A 3580DBB5 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    ACEB8356 A6D211CF - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    33B4EE19 179A3EA2 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    A544390E A5934E56 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    7A248C63 5930413D - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    A936D93B CE65C348 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    317AD3D9 3F628C82 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    8EBCFC1C 20CE2584 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    BDACA0C4 8A528CC7 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    815EF1C7 F719A9DC - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    4EB6A0DC 79EA8AA9 - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    2E6C1728 4DEEA28D - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    6AAA5DC2 BE47245A - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    C8A9A7EF 3ED86A79 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    38FF2ECE 8CFF224B - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    446BE934 B34E21F2 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    D837B7B9 AB82FF9B - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    3F3ED402 C085564F - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    0FDDC262 A92EBDAE - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    910847D3 19AD72B9 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    80F958FE 95EC1A46 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    0533B990 359A51F4 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    E53A4CC2 C91CD256 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    12FBACE6 FE68929B - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    BF1AB99B 6EDDC342 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    E0AF12D4 21B76092 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    039B9E12 AB145E65 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    FE79B574 6B1454CC - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    FCEB0AF9 26A8A167 - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    2B8943BE 07CFC05C - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    95DB7D9A BE0185EA - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    61265A88 3A739DD8 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    E2922B28 3B7715FC - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    10A46A15 01BFE041 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    EAA10AD8 E3D21A12 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    91CFBC1F FA6AE4B3 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    8DD89332 AD580EDB - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    8B8FC707 7494D64B - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    31A62DA8 2613E4EC - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    CC58AD90 6DF5988D - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    51380B75 81820541 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    419CC06C 195615F0 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    EA026556 AE76D0E5 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    7098EBFF 39D83C00 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    9CE6D76A D2BFB532 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    AB0D0129 4532A222 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    BEA5A9CA 415D1CF8 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    AC77EF1B CF868496 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    EEBC48CC E7B63747 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    5A42132B 0FD297CC - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    DF7AFDD6 5F2FE99A - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    473E77A6 D5E55F2A - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    79031027 F1E2053B - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    6DE99CBF 96F9F7EE - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    60AD18D2 5087CDCD - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    0C7ACAC8 2E93F930 - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    2B96AB96 126BC6BB - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    54859245 A81F9042 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    C8771E76 434DA7DE - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    4868ED4B 0CFF763C - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    B5494282 7B88235A - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    EB0320F6 76125074 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    F667AF70 FC66A477 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    4F946470 3FB2886A - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    5284DBC9 7802CDF7 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    6E7EEF84 111252B1 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    34BC46DF 20F5BE78 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    B325BD87 EA65586B - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    765C130E 2EA5E8A5 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    23F0697D AC823E25 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    FF6CD097 81B84061 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    F18709F2 0F1319AE - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    A6DC818E FD4FD2E3 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    D05F811C EF53C21F - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    94BACCFC 7C684938 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    1EB7B988 A0E07D83 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    FA2B9FE0 DFAD347B - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    6F3DA280 9669CBCB - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    F2B3B5BF 9E5CD1B9 - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    B75F249E 758C31F9 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    437BCF5D 528C9BC4 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    21C4DEB4 8668D152 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    F16E57F2 254DC662 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    8C6BED8F D58621A3 - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    C5323870 F7E69C7F - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    29B6E6F3 05357C57 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    91EE3A7F E6C2B900 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    1E62E142 4BBB4F2F - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    2C69E185 6A9414EA - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    CF90B1E5 EC600E20 - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    5C3C3227 891C4BE5 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    48B13326 729BD4D2 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    AAEA2351 D7FD1940 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    2A4FEA51 A335856A - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    7CF307B0 23DE758F - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    EECA6A82 11443BAB - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    E6AF8BDE AF2E815C - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    D63AC5A4 0940ADD1 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    27C72297 5E811BCA - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 31 Card Codes
    51363443 8993301E - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    54DC478E 9BC79E0F - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    8F33CDA4 F5B86D14 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    908185F3 412BCA2E - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    BB6B1B22 8E2F8E85 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    879CFCA4 147D3926 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    7DACF42C 5E53236F - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    FBF5A1CE 4BDC0C89 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    1FC562F4 A415139C - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    C14ABCB1 C0AB9214 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    AC6CC356 4497B413 - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    B1AFFB09 A9ABA63F - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    FCB90C41 B820FD76 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    F3A03923 9D25101B - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    B981563B 3DF8130A - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    260330A1 D21071D7 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    6CCF29B1 D0C3B868 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    C0BB6795 CDE90D27 - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    FFCDA573 8E478BEF - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    321E187B A054D9B5 - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    8F6097D6 C5853AF1 - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    0D37C5AE 5593EA08 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    C58FCA3A 0FBEE88D - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    BBBC1677 2D602777 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    DFBAE21C 1E1837CC - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    4A012E00 692906EF - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    449F0BB5 DB9903A3 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    7132EA9D 6D983E8E - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    F520E1A9 661A163F - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    D8EC507E 31D57D8F - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    AE2E7DEB 90D13B4D - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    72AEB8BE 67AF753C - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    A5613216 CFCEA0C6 - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    4C11E3C4 1C602401 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    1F7249D7 4DCF3775 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    95DA492A A8F33382 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    A5D8EF68 06454601 - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    E059E53C 819FBFB5 - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    80D4AD80 BF76B145 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    EA083371 8F394018 - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    3B3EA36B 5462FFFE - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    23C867BF 4B90F976 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    9697D5F3 531CB625 - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    9C726D41 873FCF86 - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    348B0F3A 8EC0992A - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    37B41EA3 30AE30BD - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    A4421EBD D71AC403 - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    10DF6D1C 5C549E85 - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    49EA1534 932E31C5 - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    4AAE7199 D55A0BCD - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    A8E50DA5 7A53046A - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    AA0591E3 4847D33D - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    9BA75748 3DDDBEA5 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    77AA7068 C041A863 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    294FFCC1 600E5F53 - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    FEEDED60 E63AB714 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    0800E2EE 63B1528F - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    C6611239 133DD9CB - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    1C849D8A 98AAB062 - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    3C978E82 D365C0E0 - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    480864BB 5F8B6272 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    B7C6B1B5 C5F0B3A1 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    2F644FE0 C14A3444 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    9DBF2361 6AD41DD5 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    78D6ACF9 AC698002 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    173A3507 2F03A172 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    BEE3DE10 B2FCEFEB - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    03EA49B2 46BAF50B - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    836073A6 4C67EBB1 - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    7781DD43 62176A23 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    979B5148 7B04CD41 - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    0FD75850 E3C91BD5 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    166B0EAC F8A10E6B - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    62306026 A67CD6B5 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    60122264 78BE0111 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    B8EFB36E 7DAB051E - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    261E0048 20239782 - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    048170BF CC6114BF - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    F64D72EC 307DD763 - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    39D448B5 9230429C - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    93DB995D 9FE58D24 - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    2F4AAE2F 4F4BEB54 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    C734D79A DD84F93C - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    70C5B1B0 9E396A72 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    9394CB07 46B71920 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    0EA9C007 64EF8DCE - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    827CEE6A B0A73F36 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    A0BD9995 B5C4776D - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    9F8A251A C0CEE91E - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    447B15F8 AB0AADFF - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    ED60610A A554007C - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    7014ACF2 1E758FC3 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    B395C42F 1A9A2AF6 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    46E03287 75EE679A - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    898B61AC DCD4C204 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    406DFC64 7E90746B - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    A427842A 6EDD4B38 - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    2911610F 5F4476D9 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    BAC38F4B 12C6F5C8 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    7400DBD6 5A0E1C92 - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    9BBE67B0 2B353841 - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    8426191C 964C152D - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    873B6964 77035C91 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    7D423C0D 770BE800 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    888684EA C4CFB0C7 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    C4829375 5761DBFD - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    8B9314E6 99066478 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    E1A401DA EFE53677 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    0DBBE000 205EEF24 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    F89C11E3 1A441E07 - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    1645A3A0 F74354FF - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    Slot 32 Card Codes
    733C9F72 F5119ED4 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+<Guard, [FlotShoe])
    9E94287B 41CFCF14 - VolGear (HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1, BstBlank)
    562C9DFD A9DAAE80 - Ghost (Flotshoe, BvInvis, [HP-80])
    32D5D482 B683339C - Swordy (BvLongS, [Attack-1], [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    386482A0 356DDB35 - Fishy (FlotShoe, Airshoe, [MoveBug])
    4325199B D6CAC196 - Piranha (HP+100, AquaBody, Speed+5, Fish, [Tango])
    66E4AE8B 6195FBEC - Ratty (FstGauge, [HP-20%])
    F2651A1C B2FC7235 - Billy (ElecBody, BvThundr, [UnderSht])
    BF850F60 FCC48018 - Candela (Firebody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    8AC92E62 5DF1CC69 - Anaconda (HP+130, WoodBody, [Rush], [Beat], [Tango])
    2D57C14D 1575CE8A - Mushy (WoodBody, CSconfus, [MoveBug])
    160CD74A 6F9DBC83 - Spikey (Firebody, BvHeatS, [Speed-1], [Charge-1])
    7E9A3C7C 51599481 - Puffball (WoodBody, BvShield, [BatHPBug])
    80314E06 318F6E4A - Yort (HP+30, BvYoYo, [B+<])
    8676C69C FD4F9571 - Dominerd (B+<CurS, [HP-50])
    C24B7AFB E7E0EB90 - Null (HP+150, AquaBody, AutoHeal, [SprArmr], [BvChrgS])
    411537A8 BAB0BD19 - BrushMan (SwmpBust, MoveHoly, [HP-30%])
    92AAB2CC AEC1901D - Scuttlst (Fbarr100, [Custom-1], [CustDmg])
    10170846 FF496FB7 - SnowBlow (HP+120, BvVacuum, [SloGauge])
    022325E1 D7B1F28B - KillrEye (ElecBody, CSstun, [BatHPBug])
    4B12E223 08B9420B - Quaker (HP+150, CusHPBug, [ChpRecov])
    3B86D620 513D5B42 - Boomer (BvBoomer, B+<Shld, [B-Buster], [CusHPBug])
    9A68B455 D6AAB82D - Lark (HP+100, AquaBody, BvWshot, [DmgBlind])
    AA4B4BFD 36153E86 - Moloko (Fbarrier, [CSeffect])
    855D7300 602578F9 - Melody (HP+90, Movebug, [SprArmr])
    8D3DB907 93517DB9 - Zomon (HP+60, BvKatana, [BstBlank])
    13A6F7BA 246F3FF3 - Catack (HP+100, SprArmr, [AirShoe])
    862AF180 0F9F2E23 - Champy (HP+100, FireBody, Speed+1, Charge+1, [CSeffect])
    9097E4A7 6157B78A - Whirly (HP+80, AquaBody, WtrBust, [MoveWatr])
    2C6ED263 08169999 - Cactikil (HP+60, WoodBody, SprArmr, [Flotshoe])
    A112E534 19B1AB40 - Roll (CSchpdst, Fbarrier, BatHPBug, [HP-5%])
    5F9A7EFF 46FC34E1 - GutsMan (HP+300, UnderSht, [Fbarrier])
    A7428129 65BEF03A - FireMan (HP+30%, FireBody, BvFireAm, [AddBustr])
    C3AAB4AA 3A492CB3 - Bass (HP+200, Attack+5, Speed+5, Charge+5, [SoulTm-2])
    AD34CA41 D44ACCC3 - QuickMan (Speed+5, Charge+5, FstGauge, [HP-10%])
    5CABFEEA 3759E729 - SnakeMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, Millions)
    23F4C925 D17D346C - BubblMan (AquaBody, Fbblwrap, SneakRun, [HP-50])
    2B2287BC FBDD256A - FlameMan (HP+10%, FireBody, ChpRecov)
    1CB1EDD5 6A1C2EF7 - MetalMan (HP+300, Attackx2, SprArmr, CSbreak, [Custom-2])
    ED1A77AF 0C9CDEFA - ShadeMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-70], [SoulTm-1])
    67AA4B2A 091A35CC - SparkMan (HP+140, ElecBody, CSblind, [NrmGauge])
    3AE0ACD2 7ED1EED6 - JunkMan (HP+150, BvPoltr, [BstBlank])
    9AB28023 2103687D - GyroMan (FlotShoe, AirShoe, Beat, [HP-5%])
    5CA4E6B8 ED9960DD - Meddy (ChpRecov, Tango, DmgBug, [CusHPBug])
    B00764D0 B6FE5F9B - CosmoMan (MegFld+1, GigFld+1, [HP-20%])
    27F102B0 35E421B0 - Chaud's Custom (Custom+1, B-Sword, BvWideS)
    4434CC09 4D16185D - Mr. Match's Custom (HP+300, FireBody)
    6B8B40DB 09752C3C - Count Zap's Custom (HP+300, ElecBody)
    65F4DDC3 96EC258A - Anneta's Custom (HP+30%, WoodBody)
    F7298AC3 4D2DEB94 - Chillski's Custom (HP+30%, AquaBody)
    B8478F77 492D1B82 - BugTank (HP+80, BvMiniBm, [CustDmg])
    054E0570 1E998CF2 - Powie (HP+50, CShole, [EmoBug])
    DD626FA3 CC3853C1 - Froshell (HP+140, B-Bomb, [Fbarrier])
    E578D10F 5401F9C4 - HardHead (BvCanBal, EmoBug)
    117B1A8B FEE6563B - Cloudy (AquaBody, CustDmg, CusHPBug, [SprArmr])
    1F14C50A A9A55C82 - Gaia (HP+100, CrakBust, [FlotShoe], [AirShoe])
    829D77E7 887847D5 - Popper (WoodBody, ChpRecov, [MoveGras])
    D607A5E6 45255AF5 - Fan (BvTrnado, [HP-50])
    2C7FFCE9 A841C4DF - Drain (ChpRecov, BatHPBug, [HP-80])
    F513CA46 4C50389A - Rush (Rush, [Beat], [Tango])
    EE19C372 CE2FD3F2 - Bunny (ElecBody, BvZapRng, [SprArmr], [StatGrd])
    7B9E86D3 A522B1D7 - Flamey (HP+160, FireBody, B-Crack, [MoveHole])
    BF8F3E6C 06F07214 - Shrimpy (AquaBody, BvBubSht, [Attack-1])
    562E9E65 AEC9F7B5 - RedUFO (CSchpdst, [ChpRecov], [MoveBug])
    B73C22AE F0C42F69 - Ninjoy (BvMonBld, SneakRun, [HP-10%])
    28EA0DD0 1BB61241 - LavaGon (HP+150, FireBody, AirShoe, [Fbarrier], [MoveHole])
    DDD4F8D0 7275DA5B - Protecto (GigFld+1, [UnderSht], [BvChrgS], [B+<])
    77FB870A 6139D3EE - Basher (FireBody, Attack+1, CShole, [Speed-3])
    AF675668 0C6B7B0E - Pengi (HP+150, AquaBody, [MoveIce])
    C2520442 4760F5F5 - EleBee (ElecBody, CSblind, [BvChrgS], [Fbarrier])
    262C5E91 51A3524F - AlphaBug (ChpRecov, [BatHPBug])
    3BC2F8CA A6DAEB66 - N.O (HP+100, AutoHeal, BatHPBug, [StatBug])
    5886A668 C9F7F414 - EleBall (ElecBody, FlotShoe, Battery, [AddBustr])
    9E27AC47 6F865B48 - Dharma (Undersht, BvAirHoc, [HP-15%])
    75B37A44 F46EF842 - Weather (GrasBust, CSlava, [MoveIce])
    1447E00C 93CB7D1B - Elmperor (CSswamp, StatBug, [AddBustr])
    35D6FB4A 3050B52C - CirKill (BvCircG, [MoveBug])
    7810AFDF CE716278 - Drixol (Speed+3, Charge+3, BvDrlArm, [DmgConfs])
    0474B86E 9097257A - Batty (AirShoe, BvPulsar, [HP-5%])
    A2EC4B87 1FD90729 - Appley (WoodBody, StatGuard, [BstBlank], [EmoBug])
    2AF48575 BF37670B - WoodMan (HP+25%, WoodBody, StatGrd, [AddBustr], [BvChrgS])
    60078C49 61FCDA80 - ElecMan (HP+200, ElecBody, AutoHeal, [B+<])
    1D1D840D B73CBB81 - ProtoMan (HP+100, BvWideB, B+<Shld)
    83333B3E FDF36D06 - BombMan (HP+150, FireBody, BvBlkBom, [Custom-1])
    7825D05E 6AEC7583 - MagicMan ([HP-200], Custom+1, SoulTm+2)
    3980D9DF 5581505B - HeatMan (HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2, CSlava, [BvChrgs])
    8C2E0F89 52EF1502 - GateMan (HP+150, Custom+2, [NrmGauge])
    F914FAA3 96C963D2 - FlashMan (HP+20%, ElecBody, CSstun, [B+<]
    B727DEEF 9BEAEB3D - DrillMan (HP+200, AirShoe, BvDrlArm, [MoveHole])
    F9BB8EF1 70F51485 - KingMan ([HP-150], Custom+2, MegFld+1)
    2B75A180 170D874E - AquaMan (HP+170, AquaBody, BvSeaSed, [UnderSht])
    1B43149D 3B260D70 - WindMan (HP+120, AirShoe, [Attack-2], CSbrrdlt)
    6CB4665C 440AF621 - LaserMan (HP+250, CSreset, [SoulTm-1])
    36520171 F6AA1026 - Colonel (HP+280, BvCcann)
    6A68D23F CA7D2DC7 - TmhkMan (HP+200, WoodBody, Attack+3, SprArmr, [MegaFld-1])
    D054AE09 C41F563C - Lan's Custom (NormBody, MegFld+2, [B-Buster], [BvChrgS])
    D97E1FA4 CDBFF6DB - Dex's Custom (HP+150, Attack+5)
    10EF2296 EB164A58 - Maddy's Custom ([EmoBug], [StatBug])
    E8D444AD B4B37F80 - Yahoot's Bug Repair (MoveBug, PanelBug)
    4134829A 515C394C - Tora's Tactics (Rush, Beat, Tango)
    BC66F0D4 DF92B52D - LiveVirus (HP+10%, FlifeAur, [CustDmg])
    3905A8F9 EFFE267F - Gospel (HP+600, [EmoBug], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug],[StatBug])
    AD74040F 0F7CE4F7 - Serenade (BvRflect, ChpRecov, [HP-20%])
    B3C7ECB9 91EB1F18 - Alpha (HP+100, GigFld+2, [Custom-3])
    2D1C30E8 C3E78C14 - BassGS (HP+300, CSHPBug, [StatBug])
    D6D4ABF0 2128AFB9 - Duo (HP+40%, MegFld+1, GigFld+1)
    EB3B832D D4B77F37 - BassXX (HP+400, FlotShoe, AirShoe, Fbarr200, [BatHPBug])
    3EF0C5D8 C03C7B96 - NebulaGray (BvDarkS, [HP-30%], [BatHPBug], [CusHPBug])
    45F59A7F 6D943293 - Dad's Repair Program (BugStop)
    AB3AF148 3274F6BC - Hub Hikari (Attackx2, Custom+3, MegFld+2,GigFld+1,[HP-50%])
    155A80AD 296E73FA
     - Bass-Cross Megaman (HP+200, NormBody, SprArmr, TriBustr,
                                            BvSBustr, [MegFld-2])
    **Mystery Data** (mstd8)
       .´  ¦  `.
     .´_   ¦   _`.
        `. ¦ .´
    Pick up mystery data unlimited times (TS):
    4439CDA0 4786AEBB
    Chip in Green Mystery Data (all TS):
    Note - The GMD's itself must contain a chip.. Or you will just get money.
    Standard Chips
    2F70131A 59107429 Cannon
    F2199503 FDAE1C5C HiCannon
    40624D67 CD8B12D0 MCannon
    0EA26A3B C8F1BE41 AirShot
    9BD1AE9F 74C7055E AirHoc
    7D209641 BEE091B3 Boomer
    ABFBE279 2A02A880 Silence
    8E1CE83C C516E843 Tornado
    5E8BA321 63871700 WideSht1
    320ECB60 6C63F303 WideSht2
    6817D501 8F95B963 WideSht3
    90438AF0 F903F157 MrkCan1
    B03763C7 FCEEFB5D MrkCan2
    F527877A C6B512E5 MrkCan3
    90394E65 BC2137FF Vulcan1
    BA98E3FA 3489F346 Vulcan2
    C72C5DC0 AD17016C Vulcan3
    4E462745 36F82E11 Spreader
    7EAC4315 A1978946 Thunder
    499837E6 C80F53BA IceSeed
    E0B6A71C A2AF0428 Pulsar1
    46141A96 9DBAFEBB Pulsar2
    82E19120 4AA744F5 Pulsar3
    BEE631FA 193924AA SpShake1
    B444E24D 07BBED7F SpShake2
    AC7CEDA4 8DDCF8DA SpShake3
    2BB73703 19AA6263 Static
    0AA346C6 B4E70AB1 LifeSync
    7488DFE5 2809FAB7 MiniBomb
    47DFD6AB 54DF64C7 EnergBom
    80670F0A D326C567 MegEnBom
    8C2217CA 27793B2E GunDelS1
    2EF6C933 CD6D9B9E GunDelS2
    7D29D889 84FD86DF GunDelS3
    F66BDAA3 5C378A9C Quake1
    80CA7C30 72A4D7A8 Quake2
    C89D5C12 78AFFE64 Quake3
    406150C0 19941652 CrakBom
    B4F786EE E68D8006 ParaBom
    19AC859C AB4AF050 ResetBom
    2015FF5C 31464BC6 BugBomb
    50EB2F4B CA4276CF GrasSeed
    A9C0C6E1 CEDC5C11 LavaSeed
    495861DD 63E60D67 CannBall
    01A09C34 1724BFE7 Geyser
    841CBBF1 F4D14F43 BlkBomb
    E69882BD 147B0191 SeaSeed
    961782B5 423A097C Sword
    E7836A43 CABFA816 WideSwrd
    9BDF7E70 8BD3E026 LongSwrd
    87B3EDC0 64B33C36 WideBlde
    62C6BE4B 55BD9D37 LongBlde
    B18E0E36 9613A4B5 WindRack
    F71B1A64 DA57CC6A CustSwrd
    B38CB8EE A95FC67D VarSwrd
    C0ABE1B1 F8065EB5 Slasher
    BA4683ED C0BE02D2 MoonBld1
    16C13A80 F1D142CC MoonBld2
    F6101D36 87F10860 MoonBld3
    F100069E 04CFA7C1 Katana1
    7DEAD54E 5EC3F2E9 Katana2
    132F32B8 7E5DE91D Katana3
    176C4B20 79C46832 TankCan1
    DD3900C2 7319099F TankCan2
    CEFB9E56 4C9EAC6D TankCan3
    C485478D E064FCC7 RedFruit1
    207DF556 2D74E8FE RedFruit2
    653B288A C858FFB2 RedFruit3
    C97164F1 29BC9F0B Skully1
    1BF3543C ECA7AC14 Skully2
    469D002C 17970CF5 Skully3
    8147E23A 206A038B DrillArm1
    61ADE43C 8A7511B7 DrilArm2
    16915B95 3A564A7F DrillArm3
    F5F643EA 2316AD86 TimeBom1
    45D87F07 61B94FFA TimeBom2
    28B12437 2412C4C1 TimeBom3
    550BEC58 DAEAD05A Voltz1
    8E9127A2 3DE9C3FA Voltz2
    0A85C281 240C992C Voltz3
    EF8D0721 E54EA3D8 Lance
    8EB7EE47 6DABD33A YoYo
    6BC1D786 9C33FF9A Wind
    4549112D 0132BDB3 Fan
    76DF3930 A97BC3BB BoyBomb1
    2E184C56 4D8BC434 BoyBomb2
    4C4AFA4C AFEED264 BoyBomb3
    3AFD24A3 A98A5C77 Guard1
    D66D631E 25A54569 Guard2
    047B71B4 EBA6651F Guard3
    C9741B6B EEA151B5 CrakOut
    AB7317C3 E8D80014 DublCrak
    9280E502 ADDF53E9 TripCrak
    76BC0715 E445E32D Magnum
    C6D70775 8783CE6A MetaGel
    C5141346 42D225AE Snake
    BD8822FF 26157F47 CircGun
    B11FA709 4D87357F Mine
    461A7A3F FA456761 RockCube
    327BC264 7B66ACFD Fanfare
    BDF06F98 B3EFE59E Discord
    DBC7CB3E E3F115B1 Timpani
    0B858AE5 5D98C386 VDoll
    6CE38A9F 658B9247 Astroid1
    26781796 4362CA70 Astroid2
    4AE824F6 A8E58303 Astroid3
    FAD4F5D3 C6E323E6 Recover10
    E5AAC6FF 2BC6A634 Recover30
    584031F8 FB07F05B Recover50
    AF0B5AD0 DEA8A617 Recover80
    F266E01B 5BB7078D Recover120
    90339888 EB4F9CFC Recover150
    01352591 32D88034 Recover200
    C2E924E1 EEA5785C Recover300
    846AFE66 620A30BC BusterUp
    EC4B1ADB 4CA23BE0 PanlGrab
    E56A5633 5421A2F2 AreaGrab
    0BAB36F2 415FD480 GrabRvng
    2ABB1854 A021DC18 GrabBnsh
    EEEE1FDA A1DBF747 SloGauge
    24F39552 BFB3BFE8 FstGauge
    B6EE05DC 59F27EEB PnlRetrn
    A09FF202 EB31D31E Geddon1
    E5061F5F 75588923 Geddon2
    F5486529 EB22602E Geddon3
    3B9101E3 690598C1 Rainyday
    53312BFF 0D5BED03 ColorPt
    9EF13917 2724A54D ElemRage
    1E79CCCB F2210DF0 Blinder
    EC1895B0 0CC342FD AirSpin1
    E9927E8A F2EEBCD6 AirSpin2
    C1F49BCC 7AF7E902 AirSpin3
    E9FC2F26 6EAAC693 Invisbl
    FEF46A2C 1CAC3A68 BblWrap
    14A4AFF5 6BD7B6FA Barrier
    6E7405AA D57F27D8 Barr100
    22BC613A 793D0B45 Barr200
    001C36E1 05BE6B28 NrthWind
    ADFCD96D 1ABDFCB1 HolyPanl
    770743AB C7D20874 AntiFire
    94F41FBD A037367D AntiWater
    A0D0B3CB CE5146F5 AntiElec
    83544BA7 C29E489A AntiWood
    B6D2CA42 CC6B937E AntiNavi
    F8A6BA9F 94D59C7B AntiDmg
    3369E7D9 7038EB16 AntiSwrd
    415BD267 0F2024E0 AntiRecv
    C832B575 7E6E6D24 CopyDmg
    7D8FADFE B4251D34 Attack +10
    3793AAEF 2DBCCCEC Navi +20
    5643797A BFA436D1 FireHit1
    B8158E8F 3E8CBA38 FireHit2
    FD9FC897 9AC652ED FireHit3
    DAAB07E5 1C7DA39A HotBody1
    F8E92193 E9DB9479 HotBody2
    EE32CE98 ECC7935B HotBody3
    A3B779FA 9E58B324 AqWhirl1
    4EAC31EE 4774F502 AqWhirl2
    D111E9A9 5B628416 AqWhirl3
    7746106F 4204CFE6 SideBub1
    5FC7CEB1 6C717494 SideBub2
    2B6BEBA6 03B6F076 SideBub3
    B8687E7E 42BD322C ElcReel1
    07D7B0F9 AC9CC37D ElcReel2
    CD2AED60 06638C4A ElcReel3
    1FD78067 78730097 CusVolt1
    64B427CC 2D7FC0F6 CusVolt2
    D020E04F 288ECF2C CusVolt3
    013EA5D8 16AA83B7 CrsShld1
    14191FBF 12718EAE CrsShld2
    02D9E681 20EB35CB CrsShld3
    0AB5FDF9 1B72E4F7 WavePit
    A5FFE73B 02F799CE RedWave
    08C40D5F 934708BC MudWave
    5CDB75F8 66A268D0 CactBal1
    679A835B B01B6487 CactBal2
    247FE1D7 A51C3176 CactBal3
    687EE545 B7DDE058 WoodNos1
    67D84E46 47C64A08 WoodNos2
    343CBACA 7ADDDD81 WoodNos3
    Dark Chips
    3A2ACED1 D20849F9 DarkCirc
    468B2414 59C2EB2A DrkSword
    AB14A03E 69AE159F DarkInvis
    4B2F274E 49ACE10E DarkPlus
    872BB134 AD259B29 DrkLance
    8F03FE81 E2661B98 DarkWide
    630624E9 08DCB7EA DarkThnd
    08A1A2FF 6CC7AC94 DrkRecov
    0FDC7F9A 5098A19C DarkMetr
    8AB09FD3 5E1B35D5 DarkDrill
    7FFEB059 A1BB4886 DarkTorn
    E0CB1716 79BF99EE DrkSonic
    Mega Chips
    0B9C391E 052F1E15 LifeAura
    99972B29 89AC7274 Muramasa
    E4DF7A3D 78A928B7 Guardian
    CB0E0B6E 3B566F23 Anubis
    A62D49EF EF7A8A53 Attack +30
    96A491AD 48D99BAB BugFix
    22F8D2A6 5ABD3420 DublPoint
    33456805 099C3C0B Snctuary
    50B6DC55 E4C06081 FullCust
    45BA4761 55B4D3A0 Meteors
    A344321D 0BC399A1 NumbrBl
    216E8385 AF443464 Jealousy
    3AAE3725 3EF2E5A4 Poltrgst
    CC0D4170 0A576605 BlakWing
    A1794B2D 342A531F Otenko
    7B14D3A1 E8649658 JustcOne
    3B7F0F1D 2A5B0B3E NeoVari
    8434E665 34622D1B Z Saber
    DAB8C730 BF1C616D GunDelEX
    FC6267F2 C703845B SuperVulcan
    511BBF98 55D92482 Roll
    996F755C 64CCDAAC RollSP
    E7F53347 B45B0790 RollDS
    5F4D9CF0 D0185B0A Gyroman
    9C1E272E 323C9BE6 GyromanSP
    7DD481F2 95213D9E GyromanDS
    ECED33F1 F0FE2ECD Napalman
    029B2C58 49FDD484 NapalmanSP
    3AB763AD 27770A79 NapalmanDS
    686BF058 CC0C70CF Searchman
    47A26A52 31C0A104 SearchmanSP
    A66D05B4 6A5B497C SearchmanDS
    C5F88F16 F9C0A85D Magnetman
    72AE1140 D86875E8 MagnetmanSP
    14F5E40C 480CC528 MagnetmanDS
    F21FAC6C 2BDAC959 Meddy
    2DACF717 CBDA5B36 MeddySP
    6F811E10 5079502A MeddyDS
    D45BCA4B 23619549 Protoman
    E4764293 D2419BC8 ProtomanSP
    DADA7C55 41ACFB8B ProtomanDS
    13E6EB17 B9E05C5F Numberman
    9EF68102 A420D5D4 NumbermanSP
    16D967D4 528AC468 NumbermanDS
    7D3E16B6 E570147B Colonel
    FE463524 3DB46C44 ColonelSP
    F9F6E75F 8A062D7D ColonelDS
    ED8C1AB4 865496EB Shadoman
    439FE600 C87FFBE3 ShadomanSP
    3C192625 5FAAAD2A ShadomanDS
    525C43B0 D636FE43 TmHwkman
    D1673B2C ECE9106F TmHwkmanSP
    97BE5B57 7716A538 TmHwkmanDS
    29F0B11D 5FE39081 Knightman
    34EA456C D7DDB713 KnightmanSP
    4A862510 0DD57B1F KnightmanDS
    A2E6B6BF 179012BA Toadman
    6D32CBFA 867559D6 ToadmanSP
    C28BD594 F425230F ToadmanDS
    974FDF72 8A297285 Shademan
    F16111FD D1DF928A ShademanSP
    B0CE05C2 93993ED7 ShademanDS
    5C83E42D 6D8839F5 Blizman
    EF31E554 0A339BC8 BlizmanSP
    F1EEEC56 2F1C00BF BlizmanDS
    3E560310 1ABE9601 Cloudman
    90226421 EB0C363D CloudmanSP
    DD6C1965 3524DE84 CloudmanDS
    B9604052 F13945E8 Cosmoman
    A2CF4F0F 355639EB CosmomanSP
    6323E129 83CA24A5 CosmomanDS
    185223DB B4916D81 Larkman
    BAC2D5A0 907F678F LarkmanSP
    ABA256B4 C79F246F LarkmanDS
    183CE823 4B89FEA0 Gridman
    8B12E56A AEF11C8E GridmanSP
    15AEE7BE 14887F46 GridmanDS
    A4F32207 76FCE06B Django
    0620D37F 144455A6 DjangoSP
    585AC8FF 0073ED53 DjangoDS
    Giga Chips
    25B657D3 05CC5010 Bass
    C212FE9B 17B221B6 DeltaRay
    79CA16B5 69B43F88 BugCurse
    66D1E7B7 4F87E5A6 MetrKnuk
    D81BB8FC 1308C342 OmegaRkt
    8F43C356 C3069F18 BassAnly
    4F4E6B4E C4F7708D HolyDream
    763DEBBF BCCCE3F1 BigHook
    35A1331D 46FE3493 CrossDiv
    B8911506 0B785BB7 BugCharg
    49B51A3B 034892F7 Leaders Raid
    564CD8B6 094C721B Lord of Chaos
    94F9CCE9 17393FED Phoenix
    CBDFC4C7 C558EF7D DethPhnx
    77A5A4CE 3657235A FinalGun
    Secret Boktai chips:
    A1794B2D 342A531F
    DAB8C730 BF1C616D
    **Chips in Folder Modifiers** (cfmd9)
     /. ____  |
     | |    | |
     | |____| |
     | '----' |
     |        |
     ]  ____  [
    Gator Shark's Instuctions and Warnings-
    Please read all of these rules and instructions carefully before using
    these codes.
    This code can only modify Folder1 or Folder2. It cannot alter the Extra Folder.
    The new chip will replace the current chip in slot 1 of your Folder. Make
    sure that there is only a common surplus chip there, and not some rare chip.
    That is sort of like the advice given for using the Chip Trader. I recommend
    stocking up on bargain chips, and using those. You can move the chip after
    you've done the modifying. The MB capacity may not be correct yet, so please
    wait until you edit the folder again before assigning that chip as the
    "Regular" chip.
    Don't try to get more chips than you can currently handle (Mega or Giga chips).
    This means, if you can only have 5 Mega Chips, don't try to put in 6. If you
    violate this, you won't be able to jack-in until you fix the problem. This
    doesn't mean that you can't have more than 1 of the same chip. It just means
    that the total # of chips in that Class shouldn't exceed your limit.
    BTW, Standard-Chips are gray, Mega-Chips are blue, Giga-Chips are red, and
    DarkChips are purple. It seems that only Mega chips and Giga chips are
    affected by this rule.
    Although I've been very careful to be accurate, it's possible I could have
    made mistakes. Should this ever happen, and all your chips dissappear,
    DO NOT SAVE. Turn off your game, and begin again. If it continues to happen,
    and you've checked for errors, contact me and I will be sure to fix it.
    There is a Button Activator that needs to go along with every code.
    Right now, the button combo is "L+Up". You MUST insert this line first before
    EVERY chip code line.
    Entering Codes:
    1.) Enter your desired name for the code.
    2.) Enter the Activator.
    3.) Then, enter the chip you want from the list below (chip letters are
        written beside their corresponding code).
    4.) Repeat. Enable only ONE at a time.
     Activator [L+Up] - Must be placed before every chip code
     7047FD35 35F775D9
    Using Codes:
    1.) Enable desired code and start the game.
    2.) Select the folder you want to modify (either Folder1 or Folder2).
    3.) Next, choose "Edit Folder".
    4.) When the chip you want to replace is in the first slot of the Folder,
        press L+Up.
       -After this, the old chip should now be the new chip you wanted.
    5.) Save, and repeat this process if you like, to gain other chips.
    Chip Codes (ALL codes hacked by **GATOR SHARK**):
    [Standard Chips]
    Cannon  A, B, C, *
    A0A2DD14 41089984 - A
    7E720269 E72F6CD2 - B
    12788FD2 28CA1452 - C
    DAF7249D FEFA4C20 - *
    HiCannon  D, E, F
    9D862321 8ABB9083 - D
    72877B37 D476F422 - E
    CFB22E0E 58F0D3E1 - F
    MCannon  F, G, H
    55C603E1 CAEAD6F3 - F
    7F07852F 76D4E388 - G
    D2DAC861 9708DB57 - H
    AirShot  *
    9C47A303 F1DD79A9
    AirHoc  Q, R, S
    EC13A695 726076C7 - Q
    EAF27370 053257D1 - R
    43FF1AAB 3D20B921 - S
    Boomer  A, L, V, *
    9572A490 A323554A - A
    9F57E6F6 44500ED5 - L
    768F9242 03D92A75 - V
    8C1339FA 0FFAF836 - *
    Silence  C, J, N, *
    B803671F 7574C18F - C
    4FF32218 8E961EA1 - J
    E396EFA0 D3D27839 - N
    B0994B8B 32582A0B - *
    Tornado  D, L, R
    B35332DE F0A2D5DA - D
    9173B0FD C5BA8C51 - L
    5124AC6C 5DE19011 - R
    WideSht1  L, M, N
    09F8EF34 298E3DFB - L
    644A6BB5 0B4CDC6E - M
    5E2E303F 022CB984 - N
    WideSht2  E, F, G
    35358BF2 FC24DD69 - E
    19117323 772B4DF7 - F
    048F52B4 AAD75E94 - G
    WideSht3  S, T, U
    D072F202 5AB20AA9 - S
    F9D0CD8E 58B29997 - T
    8379ABD2 F45C3477 - U
    MrkCan1  K, M, S
    881CC495 6A34BEEF - K
    0A748A76 42D5CDD4 - M
    93EE9DFC C4DDEF3A - S
    MrkCan2  D, F, Z
    0C66E6A2 0B8B8B0C - D
    879A0FF8 1482AAC9 - F
    CE8D0647 DD89C937 - Z
    MrkCan3  E, R, Y
    F02591C3 178DDF94 - E
    C3E78E6C 93401554 - R
    1AB8F689 47BCDE1E - Y
    Vulcan1  C, D, E, *
    3AC9340F 803BAD44 - C
    F769427A 24BD73F9 - D
    A64063A0 2C5D9546 - E
    1BC04769 A77AC0C7 - *
    Vulcan2  A, B, C
    33035734 CF9F40DD - A
    E6CA8620 689F19B3 - B
    CECDD604 F26FEF53 - C
    Vulcan3  L, M, N
    4473A1FE DA9CF22F - L
    7DEBC426 9E0F2F69 - M
    A410626F 18FA47D0 - N
    Spreader  C, D, E, *
    BF13BD8A E1E06B74 - C
    2060D65D 66DF7B44 - D
    D7B43554 CD418607 - E
    E5E4F0C7 202805AB - *
    Thunder  B, L, P, *
    514B4463 F679FEF2 - B
    0DD297EB 4614DA1F - L
    0D37D7CC ECCC3F94 - P
    65C8909A 2E8785EF - *
    IceSeed  A, K, Q, *
    E8387CBA BE86B824 - A
    9261E066 F866DD06 - K
    D6DDE550 609AB803 - Q
    D99B9BCE 89C8B777 - *
    Pulsar1  F, P, T
    55295D37 930D7EF0 - F
    640E1403 04C479D1 - P
    9F58D69F 52F1E156 - T
    Pulsar2  E, G, M
    F0753B6C FC1CAC8C - E
    2638AD09 7406C6CA - G
    72FA617C 36D497F3 - M
    Pulsar3  C, R, S
    A21E5C88 27F9D6DF - C
    F3AEF556 C77AA2CD - R
    66E62BBF BBF9FDA4 - S
    SpShake1  G, H, I
    02AC81FE B5E82391 - G
    9FB0F4BA 4DB183E8 - H
    71BB69CC A97E2964 - I
    SpShake2  B, C, D
    5960C2D6 86955F87 - B
    B72B4101 7FB14D5E - C
    76BFD14E 9EB470B6 - D
    SpShake3  S, T, U
    675E86A7 4BA0D00B - S
    07EB3D59 B6A53B36 - T
    56A9ABF3 72772D4D - U
    Static  N, S, V
    33A876AF 8C6A6A6D - N
    0B9E2A7C AF0EE723 - S
    3BB6C449 66D14661 - V
    LifeSync  B, R, S, *
    AF3269C7 74DD303A - B
    C31DECFA 5FB0312A - R
    1C6101B1 52377667 - S
    9CBB54D0 A598E61F - *
    MiniBomb  B, G, L, *
    92321782 B1BBE05C - B
    53768856 2372D911 - G
    A5C906DF ACD5F46A - L
    093E917A 52DDEEB9 - *
    EnergBom  E, P, W
    5E0345B2 478B2D05 - E
    99F1F180 1D59FE21 - P
    3A4AE15D 914F2BFD - W
    MegEnBom  C, K, Z
    06EB0513 53F9B82F - C
    4F8D6386 BA5182B2 - K
    C8301CCE 516E7943 - Z
    GunDelS1  A, S, U, *
    DBCEA569 FA387071 - A
    1ECE2319 0DB0CB45 - S
    BA48F2ED 21319752 - U
    2DD9E1BF A22E469B - *
    GunDelS2  G, U, Y
    D1C15124 E4B65A20 - G
    0C81AC89 4ACE903A - U
    BF89DC5B 7074B925 - Y
    GunDelS3  D, M, O
    68EF5AA4 72F5777E - D
    587CC5F5 846C9BD7 - M
    BABC3ACA BEB688F4 - O
    Quake1  A, K, P
    6BC34C29 3C3120E7 - A
    46FF996F 197AC354 - K
    4A2B72CF 30AD2F96 - P
    Quake2  B, L, Y
    E889F967 7EE6D8A9 - B
    113571DF 23577EBC - L
    465D5D36 E020FA83 - Y
    Quake3  F, H, N
    506F649E 22825390 - F
    65897E1F E3576B92 - N
    CrakBom  C, R, V, *
    18C3D172 E9025945 - C
    51E961B2 8987FD3D - R
    7A2661C2 FA8D67ED - V
    BFEF1C0B C6986692 - *
    ParaBom  H, N, P
    ECB0163F E4AD46B7 - H
    A00C7DF1 1EBDEFE3 - N
    7B0A914C F3B9C303 - P
    ResetBom  D, I, O
    4543C239 E33A56F3 - D
    DDD1D0E0 5A51D706 - I
    3265D70B 1CAED6CF - O
    BugBomb  A, R, T, *
    CE38B9D8 C820DABB - A
    B2F258DA EC42F426 - R
    1D4E5611 333A37AE - T
    84344F43 37DF77F3 - *
    GrasSeed  A, M, W, *
    DBAA77EC 9BD683E3 - A
    FD1970F7 3F3C5403 - M
    A4A7E4DE 388749D5 - W
    FE82F777 E218EA51 - *
    LavaSeed  H, K, P
    D79026DB 12F0BA4F - H
    02A14379 80E95F78 - K
    0B884AF4 C6A297BC - P
    CannBall  C, T, Z, *
    470046BE 27D9E225 - C
    A618E4F2 8B293E64 - T
    A31D159A 979CF9EF - Z
    E7B3763A 547CBECA - *
    Geyser  G, M, S
    AC6BECB8 B96917E6 - G
    26C0DC13 2F55B033 - M
    14204C32 E3E20A7C - S
    BlkBomb  L, R, Z
    87EA8202 158005F1 - L
    0CC35D00 DF0D035E - R
    4DB73632 96EAC2FC - Z
    SeaSeed  D, J, M, *
    521ABCC3 6D105AC6 - D
    390146E1 B511EFAC - J
    4329A1F0 067FD218 - M
    8C859D4C 3F8F94D4 - *
    Sword  C, L, S
    F5F2F90A 426AE54A - C
    95748015 15A43B82 - L
    19DBFABF DADC7708 - S
    WideSwrd  K, S, Z
    5DFF30C9 F48623A2 - K
    7542AE59 DC204169 - S
    5794F4C3 B53A899D - Z
    LongSwrd  C, M, S
    2F79362D 97188A1C - C
    0BEBB582 D1ED3299 - M
    9C3A23EC 46749E2A - S
    WideBlde  A, L, V
    0434A29A 891E6D6B - A
    F69D0459 E4256011 - L
    CC01BC0B 6B7AD27A - V
    LongBlde  E, L, P
    D633AB7B 5EC19C00 - E
    97EAB623 242CDEBD - L
    15F17DB2 A8841B8A - P
    WindRack  B, F, J, *
    0AD59BFB 733181C4 - B
    5F4F18E9 37162668 - F
    BD289CD5 320D32D6 - J
    3A7ED555 F8248185 - *
    CustSwrd  E, L, R
    2B332E74 65FB436C - E
    40EF1F22 D6137D9F - L
    5743537B 2B3B76B6 - R
    VarSwrd  B, C, V
    88C048D4 0C9A4D9B - B
    99B66607 DAB4A8FB - C
    405DC359 C34AE330 - V
    Slasher  B, I, R
    B4F635DE 93C062EA - B
    5C38884C 35BB5C5C - I
    47CAC0CB 146CFBA1 - R
    MoonBld1  E, N, Z
    570D65C1 75D4DD0B - E
    10F67640 D552005B - N
    A7714E34 02039CA3 - Z
    MoonBld2  G, O, V
    8AF1680D E012E159 - G
    7F4F76CB 409F0809 - O
    D1FA232A CF7894F4 - V
    MoonBld3  C, L, T
    795F5A43 DAC7F36A - C
    39845A35 2EB24AF2 - L
    B42DFD0A A426CFFA - T
    Katana1  D, H, S
    4DF6FB42 A59EFBA5 - D
    B3C8A851 1D5F7D78 - H
    58393530 6BDF9251 - S
    Katana2  B, R, W
    D2BC9494 08DC08C6 - B
    8AEAC593 C541F4E9 - R
    FDD1689E 4AC2622E - W
    Katana3  A, J, Z
    8421686F B95304A3 - A
    69D7D496 8DA6F10A - J
    2ADB4BEE 03C3DD19 - Z
    TankCan1  A, E, P
    DF48DE27 7D9AA427 - A
    25D98A5A 2D69DCA2 - E
    E94B73B4 AD84992E - P
    TankCan2  B, T, Y
    8406A3F1 050CB969 - B
    416CFA7D 224F85D9 - T
    8925689E FFB46FD1 - Y
    TankCan3  F, M, R
    6BDF2277 FDE65E0E - F
    61883998 6E864564 - M
    799AC2AE 60326987 - R
    RedFruit1  E, K, Z
    547BDEEF 452004F3 - E
    774B5015 EAF8569F - K
    D863BA77 9309CAC5 - Z
    RedFruit2  F, T, W
    55ED5398 A46F0334 - F
    337A5DFC 7821C9F7 - T
    599B51F6 EA1E7C4B - W
    RedFruit3  H, O, U
    0CE7511B D3063F4C - H
    CF2ACA79 A37A49FB - O
    B382F0ED B3F78EA4 - U
    Skully1  C, K, S
    324A789C 07241E25 - C
    212EDF14 BD9D1EB9 - K
    7D824821 2378DD3E - S
    Skully2  A, H, V
    02829E4B 262C7995 - A
    061B5CCA 7D1B313C - H
    0E5E556B 19C9AB2A - V
    Skully3  G, N, U
    EFFA42F5 BA782270 - G
    D87BD520 51AF6314 - N
    3DD2C69F C87CB411 - U
    DrillArm1  A, J, W
    7ED06F4A FF38DFBE - A
    A0977DAD 05F0AF88 - W
    DrilArm2  D, L, S
    CA243349 4E57F39B - D
    576D4FFF B6F21543 - L
    82D706E4 4F5BCEE6 - S
    DrillArm3  I, P, Z
    882343E9 1684F4D0 - I
    55EAEA23 BB821D8F - P
    45E0F1D0 F4B696B7 - Z
    TimeBom1  H, N, T
    43B7E1A5 3041B160 - H
    D734A1EC C644BEDE - N
    510CDC68 879C5E76 - T
    TimeBom2  D, H, Z
    A057B3A9 BACC7F69 - D
    6E45C64F E23F789F - H
    9FCB1DF2 9C244B70 - Z
    TimeBom3  F, H, S
    A8B3E05C 02671B8F - F
    D3AEC3B9 E0E7829C - H
    69C2641C C4971751 - S
    Voltz1  K, O, Y
    4310A273 3BC3C695 - K
    8E41F800 32FAFA1C - O
    C92083F5 A9F47219 - Y
    Voltz2  J, U, Z
    9827E303 F34C04EE - J
    9ED48A45 0DF2A7C2 - U
    F3B6C205 7535555D - Z
    Voltz3  A, H, V
    939E2E02 31ACA4ED - A
    8F5D9CCF 722BE1CF - H
    A1F92EA8 313EBCBA - V
    Lance  C, L, R, *
    A9E60822 63E85625 - C
    353B525F 441D1089 - L
    B857BF85 2537395E - R
    F6927D60 BECF2171 - *
    YoYo  D, E, F
    6B491358 08483DEE - D
    A6D3AD9E 3A7B565A - E
    A52CEC69 8BF82F0A - F
    Wind  *
    94ABB5F2 07A6FD8F
    Fan  *
    671FD2B5 F07FFEE9
    BoyBomb1  C, F, S
    C6217DB5 A27FEAC8 - C
    71AD59DE 7E9D8022 - F
    0230272D FC8394AF - S
    BoyBomb2  H, P, W
    7453C2B8 70BE3A33 - H
    BCD8D5AF 7FD73727 - P
    180D1860 A2824819 - W
    BoyBomb3  B, Q, Y
    FA27DC79 3CB683C8 - B
    2D0278BA 87290AF8 - Q
    FF63F883 78C9E175 - Y
    Guard1  A, D, K, *
    C3D7DEE1 3A83B8FE - A
    3285B712 B0D3F15B - D
    D4E170A8 AEA72E74 - K
    F577407C A807E5E6 - *
    Guard2  B, L, Q, *
    ABB4289F 39F79834 - B
    7EFF2F77 98E00DB4 - L
    674DC171 0C0F80B2 - Q
    1FC3D722 13B5C9C9 - *
    Guard3  C, M, S, *
    819B8EEB ED5DDE27 - C
    87541C24 FCA6DD8B - M
    3BD794B1 3A4EBB80 - S
    7F36CD90 C5580992 - *
    CrakOut  *
    D41C18D3 1145E60F
    DublCrak  *
    A8685A1B 5F804176
    TripCrak  *
    28FF22BB 05AB7C27
    Magnum  E, O, V
    30D10105 E5659548 - E
    B1E20690 CD6FDAE5 - O
    11B7C35C CD8CA60B - V
    MetaGel  F, N, T
    802A1028 2D201783 - F
    2FDEC125 A59A4C82 - N
    A879E3F1 DF9DE4C0 - T
    Snake  C, M, Z
    D765E154 DC670128 - C
    184E5C88 7C050B89 - M
    B3A69F8C 577EB08E - Z
    CircGun  A, C, F
    278E6ECC 95D9D409 - A
    D853DCDA 7C1FF101 - C
    6483981B C75E9536 - F
    Mine  H, P, T
    D3F22555 45FC6874 - H
    50D6F3FB 246E40D7 - P
    C68F84BA E1F9A5AD - T
    RockCube  *
    9FA29530 F4A6847D
    Fanfare  F, P, Z, *
    7E52087F 54467B83 - F
    54E12EFB 2974A240 - P
    CA7A60B6 D5E3F2FF - Z
    D3C22432 8CAE0E89 - *
    Discord  B, J, Q, *
    BDFF8D80 D87A1EBE - B
    6B0A5675 64B8D29A - J
    A5E31D3E 600AC38F - Q
    0E2A7548 FAB7BF8B - *
    Timpani  A, L, V, *
    2A477036 50C56B8F - A
    31DEBCFB D0D33453 - L
    18CF74D1 F6F480A8 - V
    DC431E91 F65BD5EA - *
    VDoll  O, T, Z
    81100E25 BFE3B420 - O
    F825DE31 E443BF1B - T
    07BDE2EF E63DBE5D - Z
    Astroid1  A, Q, T
    99DBD45B 06088A74 - A
    229A08F6 29B005EB - Q
    1BBE2E8A A5072C6E - T
    Astroid2  E, M, U
    2B8278DA DBD0A65B - E
    D962B58A EB0B3E7E - M
    33C40F21 2EDC4CA1 - U
    Astroid3  C, P, Y
    3C96F9C5 203D8FF7 - C
    86535C6B 95F8A1A4 - P
    7832322D AD762265 - Y
    Recover10  A, C, L, *
    B1624319 5FEB0F87 - A
    5FD25311 BACCAD4F - C
    35B442B2 C997B5AD - L
    2733D88F 50384D21 - *
    Recover30  C, H, L, *
    68E5250C 7D9DA3B1 - H
    D0645816 F5BE953E - L
    DB5E9FB3 C15E36E7 - *
    Recover50  B, H, O, *
    77A70249 28C633CB - B
    971019AD 5580C4A2 - H
    AC1BA028 6A6432F9 - O
    EA35EAA8 1BAE0E48 - *
    Recover80  B, K, O, *
    5A2F84BF EE32624B - B
    9B4447E9 323FABAF - K
    5998C65E 99A9E9C7 - O
    AA8BF6CF 4F6A4CAF - *
    Recover120  K
    2EEC9D18 A32D76B5
    Recover150  Q
    9D26D53D C1093362
    Recover200  I
    870FE81A 01FBA4ED
    Recover300  Y
    2B49DFA0 64771564
    BusterUp  *
    BD364234 D61AD98F
    PanlGrab  *
    E66686AC 3C877B1A
    AreaGrab  A, L, S, *
    D01952C1 A7648B99 - A
    C37EF8CB 09BF98CA - L
    997F2A26 FF17E154 - S
    F4B013CB 4200D83C - *
    GrabRvng  F, N, P
    61F8E5AC A574C841 - F
    6CCB19D2 B9B05350 - N
    ECD12DA0 EC1C45FF - P
    GrabBnsh  D, L, R
    A3C59B2F 1B3FA7D3 - D
    7DAC1CC6 A69A14E4 - L
    5F11802A 8E1C8175 - R
    SloGauge  H, Q, W, *
    98A8D5D5 84F4CDDA - H
    E63FF394 8D79CB84 - Q
    F452EDC1 B1E877ED - W
    EB4D77E1 A5A6A897 - *
    FstGauge  H, Q, W, *
    846A2C9E FCD52D6E - H
    234C41EF 6E25D124 - Q
    C1D3931C 6B6002F4 - W
    7CF184B6 9A9A0A81 - *
    PnlRetrn  *
    2AB1427A 1552B9A4
    Geddon1  M, P, Z, *
    22065C43 4847DE02 - M
    FC51F7FE E48D8121 - P
    CA4EDDC5 8348707B - Z
    7FC498C3 6240504C - *
    Geddon2  H, T, W
    4D3824DB 04D2F670 - H
    1757D60C EE4502A4 - T
    2E491651 BB30035E - W
    Geddon3  A, O, V
    3B1978D2 45F53AAC - A
    42D74B56 E6C048BD - O
    718D2156 85A01AAB - V
    Rainyday  B, G, L
    ED8A4860 9989A2EE - B
    E0CA960A 45D6773E - G
    591030B4 C4B5D2F8 - L
    ColorPt  *
    62670A39 610443E1
    ElemRage  E, K, W
    D1B4D165 A1788C53 - E
    2CB74D53 D872E78D - K
    90663F6E 5E750081 - W
    Blinder  A, D, H, *
    53F8C010 E1DC2E83 - A
    C2918B01 8593078D - D
    7246B21C 06375DB7 - H
    DC3B06D1 54A7457D - *
    AirSpin1  C, E, O
    C53F3F40 BCFE65C0 - C
    B5435558 CA9E4B07 - E
    ADDF34B1 0D52E824 - O
    AirSpin2  B, H, W
    87F52EA5 8541DB46 - B
    04E61706 5C3966AC - H
    2ABF2B0B D1F77CE5 - W
    AirSpin3  A, G, J
    273AD4DE 9B4B9A5D - A
    C2360741 F62DC037 - G
    BAB67395 7240F01F - J
    Invisbl  *
    AAA87706 9B9BA5F2
    BblWrap  Y
    BDD2CA7B 727B1B08
    Barrier  B, L, S, *
    B2B0C8EA 45566F1A - B
    1EEE63AC B9C3174D - L
    780E0F2B 982D5DFE - S
    F856DEB8 AF07D62D - *
    Barr100  P
    8B42E37D 219FB1BD - P
    Barr200  W
    E9ED61D7 0CD72422 - W
    NrthWind  D, Q, V, *
    446888CC 63F52CA1 - D
    225E3983 CA2EB0B0 - Q
    9DD83F23 15D685F9 - V
    EBAC48C0 57272C51 - *
    HolyPanl  A, N, U, *
    0AEEE9F1 8CF5DE40 - A
    543AC7BE E13A8FA7 - N
    D73C504B 17547AE7 - U
    8E253084 E4967F7D - *
    AntiFire  E, K, T, *
    5CFE4516 E7FE8870 - E
    EB5B8447 2F9A1B8F - K
    A9EFD71B 72739423 - T
    30E2417C 3BCF6C4C - *
    AntiWater  D, G, Q, *
    3A49A44E CB063472 - D
    2AB2A12E B87CB4E6 - G
    350EEBFA 7E0B0115 - Q
    B5DA8187 920A01B2 - *
    AntiElec  A, N, Y, *
    86957EBD 91EB7163 - A
    46852876 D047BC88 - N
    CBC18F97 12778262 - Y
    D0769113 7FA2D54C - *
    AntiWood  M, S, Z, *
    9BD95439 5F03FE8D - M
    94A1904F 9DB0D818 - S
    08AF7A36 874BC86C - Z
    65E20586 0F4403D0 - *
    AntiNavi  M, T, V
    CFC0AA95 3180E322 - M
    E482AA9F 43DA1449 - T
    55AE6B49 AC4DE354 - V
    AntiDmg  C, F, M, *
    2AF6979A D0C061FF - C
    76466482 234ED64A - F
    6BFC7B20 B713463C - M
    2162FBB9 6EE43DC7 - *
    AntiSwrd  D, O, R
    A154BC46 1FD14013 - D
    EC723F59 4F874684 - O
    720077CD AABB1299 - R
    AntiRecv  B, J, P
    CE71BA61 120B696E - B
    E3A1A4D1 ED0F0FCC - J
    B6E67AC8 8B90BC6C - P
    CopyDmg  *
    862A005F 755AD8A6
    Attack +10  *
    3E5768BA B1E8B54F
    Navi +20  *
    2675B993 7F44E2D0
    FireHit1  O, P, Q
    D36046BE 36C3201E - O
    32C12185 5E52FB6D - P
    BFEEC0E1 43FC06AF - Q
    FireHit2  H, I, J
    C5E9D53D A1C0A82B - H
    BC47497E 6F7D3E8E - I
    62E8D94F A0A8A124 - J
    FireHit3  E, F, G
    D8C09202 AF95D5AD - E
    49E737F9 0A0D78C1 - F
    BBE7E84E 2027CD24 - G
    HotBody1  A, F, P
    51425F65 00579CD3 - A
    705136AC 91DD5DD2 - F
    9963998A F352F439 - P
    HotBody2  C, R, W
    8991DAC9 CE030008 - C
    158C4942 75958CDF - R
    79C10B1C AF74143A - W
    HotBody3  J, M, S
    A338A9F9 2043A6C7 - J
    2A6D9F6F 05C950BD - M
    D303E322 79D6E9F4 - S
    AqWhirl1  B, F, N
    B9FCA3DB 6423CE1C - N
    62584E22 FAE65270 - F
    95EB0415 262C9AA8 - N
    AqWhirl2  A, H, O
    713C30E4 2F85BEA6 - A
    53116842 4369E731 - H
    336E8C2E 9DE45970 - O
    AqWhirl3  D, I, R
    D21B4BA5 39AD8210 - D
    F8D4C26C 4720924D - I
    8C9D1580 A27F35C8 - R
    SideBub1  D, Q, S
    3001574A 2B2243A8 - D
    2C0E5CE8 7E595AB3 - Q
    504201B3 2FF9B407 - S
    SideBub2  H, L, W
    662F74AE FF0BD944 - H
    297D0913 202711CC - L
    99C05F86 98803933 - W
    SideBub3  E, N, P
    3FCEC4D6 31B4AA5F - E
    56D60ECB FD0CF6E0 - N
    CB4029EE 2C545D37 - P
    ElcReel1  C, V, Z
    E2E13A1D 05B84A84 - C
    714CC992 B4ADD9BD - V
    16525ADF F6B6E576 - Z
    ElcReel2  B, Q, Y
    3C678D63 25DDA668 - B
    57655A55 80A280DF - Q
    841458C2 A7E08DA1 - Y
    ElcReel3  E, L, R
    881E5541 C152DBBD - E
    7A020CE8 57D7912C - L
    02801BE3 732AF88F - R
    CusVolt1  A, V, Y, *
    5B59257E 38E081AB - A
    8D5E4FC8 370B07FC - V
    9685E3B1 664B2A45 - Y
    53E70ECA 7B3E170E - *
    CusVolt2  C, E, G
    A624913B 814C92A3 - C
    29B139F8 A766C37A - E
    BDAEE7C5 5A778E50 - G
    CusVolt3  G, M, P
    393BC5F3 95364BFF - G
    D2BC4517 67D48960 - M
    00F62056 F4FF0AD9 - P
    CrsShld1  B, F, V
    8D4BA79B ED48453E - B
    15326C02 BE463545 - F
    7741E161 9EA9DA39 - V
    CrsShld2  C, M, R
    B8E0608B 171305EF - C
    28EED45A 4DFCB239 - M
    F35ED2A5 A3CC5E48 - R
    CrsShld3  D, O, Z
    950F47E7 C479A009 - D
    6AAC82E8 49C622B6 - O
    BFB2045D 06AE0E11 - Z
    WavePit  B, E, Z
    57B6A160 BB8B9BBC - B
    875AA85A 7F87833C - E
    A325D934 04E461A7 - Z
    RedWave  A, F, H
    5301386D DBD90929 - A
    681D9309 39358684 - F
    4C18A883 E7DF65D1 - H
    MudWave  D, N, W
    B86C5053 DCC2B52A - D
    AC5F2F01 E7796F26 - N
    1D5654D0 D4141A5B - W
    CactBal1  H, I, J
    CAAD4382 94D0ABA7 - H
    62096E4E 5CB371BD - I
    B079884B EC01C51E - J
    CactBal2  Q, R, S
    8B1AA530 BE77B2B4 - Q
    DFF4C99A 2E18E64F - R
    E155C272 91103AA3 - S
    CactBal3  L, M, N
    4812BEE7 7070B248 - L
    0D134E27 94809FA2 - M
    3DA8BEAC D44E2832 - N
    WoodNos1  F, R, W
    8091ECD8 736A9E35 - F
    5DF2C6A2 6E6D2C7E - R
    85D74F45 3BD3FE11 - W
    WoodNos2  J, T, Z
    EDB5317E 58BBB7AB - J
    BC37B0E4 3D02CF37 - T
    81761DDD EBDC3C17 - Z
    WoodNos3  I, S, V
    B5FD59D1 DB8F9790 - I
    913C5A78 AF9B0DCA - S
    07EF9E65 711DED6A - V
    [Bat Cannon Chips]
    BatCan1  *
    8CE8D532 060378E1
    BatCan2  S
    1B78C43A 7D3328C0
    BatCan3  R
    320E87D1 82EBD5E8
    BatCan4  Z
    A5542FED AF6A1B72
    [Dark Chips]
    DarkCirc  R
    18D05B76 DB6C221D
    DrkSword  Z
    4A4E937F 584223A7
    DarkInvis  I, *
    18DE5F74 EBFA5393 - I
    A9B1C49E CC81C40C - *
    DarkPlus  *
    FB51ACA2 7F6D488C
    DrkLance  W
    3A697FEE D6158218
    DarkWide  T
    D6F5AF00 B189AF25
    DarkThnd  M
    4E66EE9C E3DBF126
    DrkRecov  H, *
    1A5FD596 36EF10FC - H
    B6BA455F 8AA77F57 - *
    DarkMetr  F
    7F302F8C 4B2C3049
    DarkDrill  D
    4CAA64E6 66F18236
    DarkTorn  T
    CB302DBC 4FE47624
    DrkSonic  E, *
    784E5782 567C6B95 - E
    47EA6128 F78F8C26 - *
    [Mega Chips]
    LifeAura  D
    A0B4C954 C0EBE91D
    Muramasa  M
    B918A713 A85ED429
    Guardian  O
    10DA0EFD 3280A257
    Anubis  A
    54BC540D A5EB848B
    Attack +30  *
    3DFD5301 2D021A57
    BugFix  H, *
    3572AC6A 1BBC7D3C - H
    E3BCEC81 DA5BE86A - *
    DublPoint  *
    9CB6B309 ACE395C2
    Snctuary  S
    12114D63 0CA4164F
    FullCust  *
    E7D22CF2 8F0C51E5
    Meteors  R
    FBA17524 507DC90E
    NumbrBl  N, *
    8763CFDE CA4E1087 - N
    4F5C48E5 BC359ED9 - *
    Jealousy  J
    9EF4FF87 5EC6E39C
    Poltrgst  P
    57E0A545 28F4F586
    BlakWing  W
    32CFE446 D6D7D14A
    Otenko  O
    JustcOne  J
    6BEE624B 600B96FB
    NeoVari  V
    B949C990 6667137C
    Z Saber  Z
    FD0AE8E0 118413F4
    GunDelEX  G
    A8AB75D9 76C5DA0E
    SuperVulcan  S
    E7861EE2 BFF808C7
    Roll  R
    7C719174 251ADE55
    RollSP  R
    4FBAF70C 3E38BDAC
    RollDS  R
    25D5C9D3 50197C7D
    [Team Protoman Navi Chips]
    Gyroman  G
    74E53A77 A51BB08C
    GyromanSP  G
    GyromanDS  G
    FAB695A3 BC7A25CC
    Napalman  N
    12DA44BC 99FB5E44
    NapalmanSP  N
    48F1DC5D 854CB461
    NapalmanDS  N
    53E1899C C686B45B
    Searchman  S
    7E59889D 71D73D6A
    SearchmanSP  S
    B17AA76B 870515BB
    SearchmanDS  S
    F141C434 1CBCA58C
    Magnetman  M
    8E6876EC 76A3094A
    MagnetmanSP  M
    96009BF7 64C93E9D
    MagnetmanDS  M
    0496FAA5 99C7D19B
    Meddy  M
    DD284EC4 B6F78FD6
    MeddySP  M
    8382EE69 69E4B0BD
    MeddyDS  M
    0A7F5423 B442E3FA
    Protoman  B
    CD5D4D90 5FEE417A
    ProtomanSP  B
    FA0B38DA 04838B56
    ProtomanDS  B
    7BFDB178 1ECCEE9A
    [Team Colonel Navi Chips]
    Numberman  N
    3033831C F2F09E31
    NumbermanSP  N
    594EF69D 53E9E8FF
    NumbermanDS  N
    5095CF81 DBD5990A
    Colonel  C
    4C8077F0 C16C4886
    ColonelSP  C
    737E9E70 6944704F
    ColonelDS  C
    114A1EBC F3C63F6E
    Shadoman  S
    9F36A027 FD0E7FB0
    ShadomanSP  S
    D936E7C8 BF7691DC
    ShadomanDS  S
    625C9DA5 748B0615
    TmHwkman  T
    AED4701D A052A6BA
    TmHwkmanSP  T
    67908B98 B7C14C54
    TmHwkmanDS  T
    4591FCFA E79FC5E8
    Knightman  K
    44C98A8E D6670521
    KnightmanSP  K
    B8A2FA44 31CE7A8A
    KnightmanDS  K
    5F990B8C 93975F62
    Toadman  T
    8C54FB95 15FB886C
    ToadmanSP  T
    D58286C8 33418E18
    ToadmanDS  T
    E9279C1C F4C39F44
    [Boss Navi Chips]
    Shademan  S
    E769F7E3 E3D4139A
    ShademanSP  S
    7749E2A6 228591FB
    ShademanDS  S
    F8A38630 88E6B522
    Blizman  B
    5C5836B5 658F55F9
    BlizmanSP  B
    50068579 F8927195
    BlizmanDS  B
    EF645697 7040C8AD
    Cloudman  C
    C1FA733F BB44E992
    CloudmanSP  C
    8C65302C BF2A6B5C
    CloudmanDS  C
    25A737C1 35A5ED64
    Cosmoman  C
    17D4A64E 640B907A
    CosmomanSP  C
    D196AE1A 268ED16F
    CosmomanDS  C
    08936B78 B12497A0
    Larkman  S
    LarkmanSP  S
    44C97C4E A95A2195
    LarkmanDS  S
    5802F452 2685AB08
    Gridman  F
    F7E1F2DF C8261207
    GridmanSP  F
    4CC1F3C6 EE3CA7A2
    GridmanDS  F
    B540D609 872F3EC1
    Django  D
    9727264B 738F9DBB
    DjangoSP  D
    2362C1E5 5E0485F6
    DjangoDS  D
    2FAAA810 5A150E5E
    [Giga Chips]
    Bass  F
    7134DCD8 C4DE9432
    Delta Ray  Z
    F7CD9AB1 A6A06FFB
    BugCurse  C
    FC74DCAB E07A0256
    MetrKnuk  M
    D0E7637D DB936BB6
    OmegaRkt  R
    A3E230AD ABE8DFD3
    BassAnly  F
    5D5B6C29 152E4238
    Holydream  H
    3640E98C 388B114E
    BigHook  G
    52CC2F15 4B6A8588
    CrossDiv  C
    3FD9D293 E4C6495B
    BugCharg  B
    09E74D37 DFF15577
    LdrsRaid  L
    BAFC738F F39EA7EB
    ChaosLrd  X
    650CEE24 6B8D52A3
    Phoenix  P
    6C5042D0 F908417D
    DethPhnx  D
    596AAC07 6199192D
    [P.A. Chips]
    GigaCan1  *
    99D31320 236479E3
    GigaCan2  *
    94F26F86 AEF7745E
    GigaCan3  *
    0987E020 7BD8C00C
    InfVulc1  *
    3DF57E56 06E62BBA
    InfVulc2  *
    56FF8DDB 18CD8D6B
    InfVulc3  *
    5808E515 E42E78EC
    Boxer1  *
    B25FE0FC A7034EE5
    Boxer2  *
    54675533 0D87B15E
    Boxer3  *
    B3486DD1 00732DA6
    SuperSpr1  *
    ABA467DE 095669C4
    SuperSpr2  *
    8531A320 C4487A62
    SuperSpr3  *
    465AB26C 5368B13B
    ShakPar1  *
    5955EBFB 9ED61FBC
    ShakPar2  *
    240847E8 FF88FA6C
    ShakPar3  *
    56F56ABA DA97F362
    CacDanc1  *
    3F195CC2 FF4003A8
    CacDanc2  *
    B7054F40 9E19419D
    CacDanc3  *
    A2FCA2F8 C88EE8C6
    H-Burst  *
    2164A7F1 F2F066A9
    LifeSrd  *
    99CFB553 24CCF2A8
    GreatYo  *
    CA90E4D3 6C37B82B
    PitHoky  *
    D0F4398F 41097F45
    PoisPhar  *
    B3A3C4D6 6C6D1206
    CsmoPris  *
    282CDDE3 36245EF9
    WildBird  *
    CC320E21 60DF4B6D
    Football  *
    4D901EE1 75C4974B
    BigNoise  *
    2EFEED27 934EAED3
    TimeBom+  *
    AF5DF196 FCA6DF30
    BodyGrd  *
    70631081 D3C09CE4
    PileDrvr  *
    6D058484 EBA59E4F
    **Chips in Pack Modifiers** (cpmd10)
       .-'  _.-|
      ."".-'   |
      |  |    _/
      |  \_.-' |
      |  |     |
      |  |   _.'
      |  |.-'
    Gator Shark's Instructions-
    Please read all of these rules and instructions carefully before using these
    This code puts any chip in your Pack.
    I have divided up each code into two parts. Both parts are needed for the
    code to work. The first line is the Chip. The second line is the amount of
    those chips you get. This allows you to actually specify how many chips you
    want, instead of always getting 99. You can enable as many chip (+quantity)
    codes as you like. Please understand that these codes will not register the
    chip in your library.
    If the chip also exists in your Folder, please choose an amount greater than
    the total number of them that are in there. For assurance, if you have just
    1 folder, use 5 or above for the quantity. If you have 2 folders, use 9 or
    Don't complain to me that my codes don't work if you hadn't followed these
    instructions! Neither code will work by themselves.
    The code is in 2 parts. There is a Quantity Mod that needs to go along with
    every code. You MUST insert this Quantity line AFTER EVERY Pack Chip code
    9FB9918B 2AFAB3D1 <-- WideSwrd Z
    474ABF53 9F9D0D3B <-- 6
    Entering Codes:
    1.) Enter your desired name for the code.
    2.) Enter the chip you want from the Chip list below.
    3.) Then, choose from the Quantity list, the line for the number of those
    chips you want.
    4.) Repeat.
    Using Codes:
    1.) Enable desired codes and start the game.
       -Now, the chips are in your pack.
    2.) Edit a folder and press Right to see the Pack.
    3.) After affirming that the chip is in there, Save.
    ALL codes hacked by **GATOR SHARK**
    Pack - Chip List(1):
    Standard Chips
    Cannon A       2DCCDEDA 3EA8EBDE
    Cannon B       34BDB342 544B18E0
    Cannon C       9F4464AD 1ADCD1F1
    Cannon *       427896EF BC8F6791
    HiCannon D     87AEC518 7D79F1C8
    HiCannon E     71CD31A4 8819B083
    HiCannon F     DE91B738 E02B17DB
    MCannon F      F4D3FE83 45639CF4
    MCannon G      4018B190 16E3C2CC
    MCannon H      6D8C1455 7BA03B4E
    AirShot *      6F62A198 24A61546
    AirHoc Q       3523F254 BE35E0FE
    AirHoc R       92A82D42 1193E3BD
    AirHoc S       D2FCB1A6 A8E2F7E7
    Boomer A       39AA9DBC D7282D60
    Boomer L       00A384BF 24E6B387
    Boomer V       3C776AE6 AC601941
    Boomer *       3AADB7AE FD3385E8
    Silence C      2E4ECC78 CA17F17F
    Silence J      5C357D99 41F80DF6
    Silence N      D66161B4 A9FD4C72
    Silence *      B9C560F7 143347F7
    Tornado D      F8C994BB 80E92A97
    Tornado L      9B5C0DCC E92870DE
    Tornado R      573B2B88 749F6E25
    WideSht1 L     0FFFA9F7 15E7483C
    WideSht1 M     7AA905D6 6B00E294
    WideSht1 N     ADA81589 6FB2892C
    WideSht2 E     AD9056E5 1189C43B
    WideSht2 F     CEB5EE11 3EDE423C
    WideSht2 G     2B5F8E8C 51A28CE2
    WideSht3 S     E6C6E935 E4B1E1C7
    WideSht3 T     D696612B 24B60857
    WideSht3 U     A410C74E 9262C467
    MrkCan1 K      DAF5EE5F EBCE395B
    MrkCan1 M      B4570008 144A4E94
    MrkCan1 S      63B5BE24 7AE7C0F4
    MrkCan2 D      FACFC021 D8068194
    MrkCan2 F      85FB2D33 E1D5C774
    MrkCan2 Z      75FDF240 6E70D20E
    MrkCan3 E      2783C809 2EF19B9E
    MrkCan3 R      F734BEB7 F6B2C0C3
    MrkCan3 Y      1C4B65CD BA2E3755
    Vulcan1 C      60D920EE 80981311
    Vulcan1 D      579C8039 E324FDBE
    Vulcan1 E      67E315CC 9227F7CD
    Vulcan1 *      70BDF4E1 3A08A56E
    Vulcan2 A      75CCC8A4 4AABC718
    Vulcan2 B      F6C96FC9 DA24BAD1
    Vulcan2 C      0A21982C 0511D214
    Vulcan3 L      AE19D718 76D04BDB
    Vulcan3 M      CB3B3934 7184544E
    Vulcan3 N      BC8E01EC 82491766
    Spreader C     64FFF0D5 98219D00
    Spreader D     995EF846 B5E51967
    Spreader E     74C8B415 6F1B58A7
    Spreader *     52F59BDA 715BF213
    Thunder B      DC44D18D D94F84FF
    Thunder L      7E2E7C55 32B17319
    Thunder P      6E6481FE 00169B51
    Thunder *      2E1E3A27 66F372B4
    IceSeed A      07FC3909 926EA03B
    IceSeed K      C3D8A291 D9C895B6
    IceSeed Q      8D7B1457 EA1377C2
    IceSeed *      250DC8A2 F8BF947F
    Pulsar1 F      4071BE2B 14DCF227
    Pulsar1 P      589A9135 2EB21943
    Pulsar1 T      8014AFA9 C10911B2
    Pulsar2 E      7BC658FF 190F0E3B
    Pulsar2 G      110A8B0B 716A5644
    Pulsar2 M      BB1002C8 7F264F28
    Pulsar3 C      93E42CB3 2F982350
    Pulsar3 R      E0FEBC49 1B52EA54
    Pulsar3 S      26DE4891 0521D323
    SpShake1 G     8B21A207 92B62A89
    SpShake1 H     26E47833 8F7418E0
    SpShake1 I     3B11A812 E8B35763
    SpShake2 B     EEF63F47 B0493793
    SpShake2 C     740912B6 B8FFA382
    SpShake2 D     158DA299 AF0F59F0
    SpShake3 S     D1D27A59 1795F34D
    SpShake3 T     04BE398C B9325D5D
    SpShake3 U     EE889911 2C99D701
    Static N       8FA74E75 38EBB2CB
    Static S       42810E92 D804863F
    Static V       A06E9F44 7897D65B
    LifeSync B     62382300 AF261797
    LifeSync R     8AECEBD1 B277C9DF
    LifeSync S     706A59FE 9A6B7937
    LifeSync *     B4006E60 C60A80C9
    MiniBomb B     E3458FD8 64582121
    MiniBomb G     DB1577C6 D69A084B
    MiniBomb L     5D07B86E 71D5636D
    MiniBomb *     8EF5C391 6BDDC7F1
    EnergBom E     EA6F328D C9F74A44
    EnergBom P     573DB79A 2B130D9F
    EnergBom W     D5B15994 3E7556C3
    MegEnBom C     0D84788A 4F04AA47
    MegEnBom K     2594E408 9C7C3717
    MegEnBom Z     EE065D88 86CE137D
    GunDelS1 A     ACE49DDA EA4A9979
    GunDelS1 S     BC84B1CB A6F8E745
    GunDelS1 U     7B9408AB F9F798F8
    GunDelS1 *     2B8F4A5A 147AC1A8
    GunDelS2 G     28C1EBDA 0CCFB659
    GunDelS2 U     60D61D10 9C54221F
    GunDelS2 Y     218B9E19 4CF8C170
    GunDelS3 D     513F7E21 C69C97A3
    GunDelS3 M     90E395C1 B661392D
    GunDelS3 O     A59D76A9 5F490696
    Quake1 A       0B75463F 53C89E74
    Quake1 K       DD1B5935 7B7FA92A
    Quake1 P       90CC4532 37B7B809
    Quake2 B       B7CF73CB 996127FF
    Quake2 L       55281265 4FF7CA2E
    Quake2 Y       4E92905F D26C5494
    Quake3 F       5018AD71 46C2B088
    Quake3 H       29553E83 9FC75A86
    Quake3 N       C5A885D6 A0A21DF6
    CrakBom C      E588F07C 40286083
    CrakBom R      C55A05B2 744F28B9
    CrakBom V      BF613DA6 12F070E0
    CrakBom *      39528C26 231DB3D6
    ParaBom H      EE94FDDB E6D861B6
    ParaBom N      D90228C8 4F7A9132
    ParaBom P      BDE4DCF7 897EE0B6
    ResetBom D     23F43982 F3A4A6AB
    ResetBom I     BCC35041 EB7F9A2F
    ResetBom O     074983E5 CB88FEA6
    BugBomb A      3F81B117 04AD131F
    BugBomb R      CDA68DB2 7342B1F6
    BugBomb T      6BAF1BA1 ED54625F
    BugBomb *      54EDD9EF 53848C34
    GrasSeed A     48D0EFDA F14F5F0F
    GrasSeed M     DAAFDE0C BF981720
    GrasSeed W     EDC64462 8A0E602C
    GrasSeed *     ACB89F76 7012073A
    LavaSeed H     7B50D3A4 F2CA09B2
    LavaSeed K     23D141DC 92AC964D
    LavaSeed P     7E55349F 8FB351AA
    CannBall C     4C73DDA4 D1B0F87F
    CannBall T     B07C1692 FD6B37DF
    CannBall Z     449B5EC3 7B6DBA27
    CannBall *     E4989617 BA11DFBC
    Geyser G       48183503 A14095D2
    Geyser M       327F15BB 8DD015EB
    Geyser S       86C08491 EFAE1DF4
    BlkBomb L      F8A3D62B 05F0F565
    BlkBomb R      B283EF2C 54EB1881
    BlkBomb Z      E5C16EDC 4B81F526
    SeaSeed D      A34C31C9 B012C8DF
    SeaSeed J      28D83353 A6D70C91
    SeaSeed M      11744DE1 FFEC3503
    SeaSeed *      E579B36D 6B113B1A
    Sword C        8C0D747B 470A7C7A
    Sword L        49FAC7FF 0CA3E386
    Sword S        1D8F17E0 8C586051
    WideSwrd K     C9EC1CA1 77EBB58D
    WideSwrd S     60F03F21 A322C019
    WideSwrd Z     9FB9918B 2AFAB3D1
    LongSwrd C     1266264B 71228814
    LongSwrd M     22EA004D 04A0321E
    LongSwrd S     E7392775 7DA32FD3
    WideBlde A     7CD9D7D6 112EEE1E
    WideBlde L     8151A350 4AE8F3F3
    WideBlde V     F5953064 CB6A313B
    LongBlde E     D6FC1D14 4F0CFDB3
    LongBlde L     9E8C0458 EFCCBAAC
    LongBlde P     84C31AA1 46C1D48D
    WindRack B     9A19170B 8702B032
    WindRack F     71B4CCA0 D624303E
    WindRack J     C87F1FC8 C0450305
    WindRack *     437EF6B4 66CB0255
    CustSwrd E     5B877176 00CD0B35
    CustSwrd L     FDAAEDE5 0F6C6C45
    CustSwrd R     367F1610 26657ECD
    VarSwrd B      28D49E17 2B44BA84
    VarSwrd C      28699BC7 7B01ECC3
    VarSwrd V      9547A662 26DF11B9
    Slasher B      8A7AA55E 6D32CC6E
    Slasher I      97ED2585 86B9CCEC
    Slasher R      32684253 FD6B2C74
    MoonBld1 E     1D8CC63C 79951758
    MoonBld1 N     FC06B4EA 219430EC
    MoonBld1 Z     42DA1CA3 3E6C9EB2
    MoonBld2 G     E27F0432 3472F3B0
    MoonBld2 O     F332053B 08A5908A
    MoonBld2 V     5AE2C1CE B33887B6
    MoonBld3 C     EE71842C A319FD30
    MoonBld3 L     7108837B E4F98621
    MoonBld3 T     4D586E5F DCA021B9
    Katana1 D      40C2A856 0DC81BEB
    Katana1 H      C19A9B6C C4B374E1
    Katana1 S      EB35F54E 6DC9E45C
    Katana2 B      AE9A8E13 1507F6B0
    Katana2 R      C36528CF 1CF8F942
    Katana2 W      1D59100C 564B5015
    Katana3 A      217A8FE0 874436CD
    Katana3 J      1F5B78A1 1AFE7273
    Katana3 Z      0DA1E26D A9753914
    TankCan1 A     36542AB8 413249D6
    TankCan1 E     2C758ADF 62FC28C2
    TankCan1 P     50178264 70617E34
    TankCan2 B     3C399C03 3223DD59
    TankCan2 T     AB260ACE 111840DE
    TankCan2 Y     289F7E49 745B3D13
    TankCan3 F     61224970 76165E3E
    TankCan3 M     B90D6DE7 8EF51999
    TankCan3 R     0CC87C60 7CAFF8DC
    RedFruit1 E    DD07BB11 6F04BECA
    RedFruit1 K    6BF140E0 64540EBE
    RedFruit1 Z    487BD415 50EBFA78
    RedFruit2 F    2F02B932 3A833F5D
    RedFruit2 T    A697AB7F 2CE009E2
    RedFruit2 W    9961A1DC 28115C2D
    RedFruit3 H    0B1AD443 E0A83AA6
    RedFruit3 O    EE670045 D4E0B877
    RedFruit3 U    FB7F8C6C 65010BA4
    Skully1 C      65ED4BCD 18E27B63
    Skully1 K      B7564F6E 86F74971
    Skully1 S      39C3972C E057B7C0
    Skully2 A      39C3AF7A E6AEC993
    Skully2 H      999BF23C 1C6C296E
    Skully2 V      2231C037 1E8358E7
    Skully3 G      3A2C4444 B1BF6A5D
    Skully3 N      E7DA84F0 FC3FC0DC
    Skully3 U      02CF1A00 585D7AD5
    DrillArm1 A    BD9DE573 B5A5AA9E
    DrillArm1 J    6E9B55C2 63FDB5DD
    DrillArm1 W    C58C7DC7 8A705E64
    DrilArm2 D     E082B90A 15D432DC
    DrilArm2 L     94222224 D4AC9443
    DrilArm2 S     2E5A6B64 15FE55BF
    DrillArm3 I    3D96C878 48E8F444
    DrillArm3 Z    000A2737 63F56B42
    DrillArm3 P    1940DDCC 7429E5E9
    TimeBom1 H     D2F370EB B5A47A65
    TimeBom1 N     EF39B555 8CE77086
    TimeBom1 T     0288D102 34452694
    TimeBom2 D     938FA5A9 11CF075D
    TimeBom2 H     60B781A0 FC77A39D
    TimeBom2 Z     1B1F0EF0 9CD553A6
    TimeBom3 F     667B1C3C 3D527752
    TimeBom3 H     0B358118 918B59B7
    TimeBom3 S     BBDC3A82 03540459
    Voltz1 K       9805FC19 71399B5A
    Voltz1 O       E03A5523 1B5BEB32
    Voltz1 Y       D2264796 A0503448
    Voltz2 J       EF2D8102 A539EB95
    Voltz2 U       B27DC3A9 E386217D
    Voltz2 Z       3882FD9F 2A76C560
    Voltz3 A       C1F23098 366EBF71
    Voltz3 H       2287558E 74BCDB96
    Voltz3 V       4ECB9EF8 70BB5FAB
    Lance C        681F5936 EB338CF4
    Lance L        CD58DD3C D5B86597
    Lance R        67187D9E 55A664B0
    Lance *        33BF09A2 62685A6A
    YoYo D         0C361B7E FDEE7680
    YoYo E         40C2FB92 591AF68F
    YoYo F         B36E3247 F91DFE28
    Wind *         E4676EC9 DF3DC2D0
    Fan *          5F029D60 A84049AB
    BoyBomb1 C     1B3EAEE8 F1105293
    BoyBomb1 F     31D66E96 D452FBB9
    BoyBomb1 S     6D503875 D8521A3C
    BoyBomb2 H     452FF03E 34B27154
    BoyBomb2 P     C8282824 00BDCFDC
    BoyBomb2 W     16DE440E 8351A2C5
    BoyBomb3 B     091B6BA0 19EEF482
    BoyBomb3 Q     8E3C556E BCACDB56
    BoyBomb3 Y     D5374072 8F2EF69F
    Guard1 A       1409052C 801F86E0
    Guard1 D       4864FA81 848D9BC4
    Guard1 K       60DB9A9F 1181E08D
    Guard1 *       8804F45F 2670B963
    Guard2 B       DAEE354B 0C603E46
    Guard2 L       EE05F521 FFB14332
    Guard2 Q       F04343A6 A3B46B88
    Guard2 *       D139E929 8327E826
    Guard3 C       D0A718F2 196A2FDC
    Guard3 M       77F1E2F2 FA76B8E7
    Guard3 S       E6FD624B 1C068A57
    Guard3 *       1BF5975C 3A53B1D5
    CrakOut *      AFCE1C13 52AB710D
    DublCrak *     944C89C2 D42F1291
    TripCrak *     A7B3215F B457806B
    Magnum E       9276953D 7C7608C1
    Magnum O       CC9487C0 91B462D5
    Magnum V       2FDB276A 3451070A
    MetaGel F      7E0628B3 DA5D7C15
    MetaGel N      6B03A11D AA482906
    MetaGel T      051E0D76 3F8FF60F
    Snake C        A422CF67 2A37587A
    Snake M        2E42D713 FA73609F
    Snake Z        BE843370 F88C4B5D
    CircGun A      87C6DE5B B824BCC3
    CircGun C      C179ED1A A9808A51
    CircGun F      1E6F0D91 9B82D708
    Mine H         1683D1F2 88C7BC58
    Mine P         2EC7B672 8B1D7E2E
    Mine T         8B2841D9 D7781C8A
    RockCube *     A0F0952F 7B34F866
    Fanfare F      15EE65E1 37334DBA
    Fanfare P      D9447FD0 EDD0D601
    Fanfare Z      E709A481 466E6025
    Fanfare *      BF030032 DA998D2E
    Discord B      AFE92969 C9F11C8D
    Discord J      8A0A5D38 4950EA9D
    Discord Q      861F1183 190A88EF
    Discord *      7EDE64AC 75BAD1B2
    Timpani A      897092E5 870A9CBC
    Timpani L      A51289FD 1ECCD2F6
    Timpani V      159C1246 3B150144
    Timpani *      760A8E99 CDF38D53
    VDoll O        EB531040 E719AC36
    VDoll T        A7BC3057 AE963EDE
    VDoll Z        CEB92755 5AF2DBDA
    Astroid1 A     FBCDD300 9A3BF5A0
    Astroid1 Q     BCBC4F40 6CCEAB6E
    Astroid1 T     4C6DC0E1 0C5205D8
    Astroid2 E     5EB1968A 91E30357
    Astroid2 M     D6D521EC 25C785D1
    Astroid2 U     3C38886D 5F1DEC73
    Astroid3 C     CF02EEAA 581CE5D4
    Astroid3 P     4B30793F 151FB844
    Astroid3 Y     22B64280 5DBFBF4D
    Recover10 A    40E37F7D 14D46D41
    Recover10 C    742356E7 DEDDD830
    Recover10 L    9305AD61 C0846CE1
    Recover10 *    8D7406F3 002277F1
    Recover30 C    98A3E7D8 11BB5653
    Recover30 H    0E05EECA E23A53B4
    Recover30 L    BF68EC54 20FA7E8B
    Recover30 *    A559615E 181CF861
    Recover50 B    89DC1BF7 C871EC88
    Recover50 H    5BD153B5 EA52DDD9
    Recover50 O    754BA079 A2D5046E
    Recover50 *    DFB111AA 8EFD6779
    Recover80 B    E9842878 E4167855
    Recover80 K    D9AC276D 9D585274
    Recover80 O    1C540073 200A895F
    Recover80 *    B707AC76 AA9C0523
    Recover120 K   567F1C8F 96EB917D
    Recover150 Q   5ED94822 53F529EA
    Recover200 I   AA99B3D1 41729288
    Recover300 Y   435A909D F6AB0E83
    BusterUp *     727EA07F 1F88F064
    PanlGrab *     20D97EB3 EF742D6B
    AreaGrab A     FBDC218F 5AF4E1F4
    AreaGrab L     4FC796D9 E2B1DBF4
    AreaGrab S     5DD656EE 2F32EDEF
    AreaGrab *     1694567B 7B76D021
    GrabRvng F     709A822B 11D104C1
    GrabRvng N     1BD1D15D DABA784B
    GrabRvng P     4215FB4C 54F5A360
    GrabBnsh D     BDDDEED0 594BBB0D
    GrabBnsh L     7E2C3DBE 3265FA46
    GrabBnsh R     3BAC4A71 51402D89
    SloGauge H     92645C45 FFC0E06A
    SloGauge Q     14DD45CC 5F4FD7D2
    SloGauge W     BE043B2A 9CDBB482
    SloGauge *     AE063DBD 5A49EBBE
    FstGauge H     273B51D9 AA5FF5BC
    FstGauge Q     DBE08775 B889D028
    FstGauge W     EBD98F1A 48F28C0A
    FstGauge *     95C854E5 7A2E0708
    PnlRetrn *     BAC3AC73 F2F16400
    Geddon1 M      FCA73A10 1A5F9934
    Geddon1 P      4B4AD8B8 A984C0EC
    Geddon1 Z      E8A2178C 88DB7465
    Geddon1 *      564F190E F516408A
    Geddon2 H      DBB4E17C 67688BE2
    Geddon2 T      458BDE36 58E34389
    Geddon2 W      D8742A81 72B34A13
    Geddon3 A      5B11CD1B F120E553
    Geddon3 O      4C8C44D9 B0E17328
    Geddon3 V      7E5ADB46 A770E8C2
    Rainyday B     2A0B5F21 E299274A
    Rainyday G     02853A4F 52C7964F
    Rainyday L     6813133D CCE52E4E
    ColorPt *      4FF93C29 AD985DF3
    ElemRage E     770E8A3B 22BB8B48
    ElemRage K     1E594AE1 0414519B
    ElemRage W     65805419 6516E3BE
    Blinder A      3A62D9A8 60D92E7F
    Blinder D      5EF80780 2C3F144A
    Blinder H      C56EB287 0F0A4489
    Blinder *      98053E7C D0FA4AA4
    AirSpin1 C     A32A9746 1194C083
    AirSpin1 E     3F419DB7 112F4C49
    AirSpin1 O     B5F15C7F 5806E976
    AirSpin2 B     AB486F55 B3F316F7
    AirSpin2 H     2836A091 1842D464
    AirSpin2 W     C8ABABFA 79A6CC7B
    AirSpin3 A     F8A3D09D 341895F2
    AirSpin3 G     0BA3343E B4AF5B6F
    AirSpin3 J     C088C8BF C03E297D
    Invisbl *      D3E3276A 7391768D
    BblWrap Y      18BA87FE ACA738CE
    Barrier B      23688F6E FC4EC5E4
    Barrier L      07242AD3 0F88B0FE
    Barrier S      D0890FF9 C3913869
    Barrier *      745999B4 F4AAD825
    Barr100 P      53DDF890 2429698F
    Barr200 W      3A8F12D5 D1E95B6B
    NrthWind D     8FDD6A9F BD4A87DB
    NrthWind Q     3D7E4910 DDDDAAD9
    NrthWind V     AE744777 EF4DAFE2
    NrthWind *     53B86378 1AD7CA13
    HolyPanl A     79E821C1 F51EF5D5
    HolyPanl N     5F58AE6F 4BE8387B
    HolyPanl U     8FDEE8F1 531828C0
    HolyPanl *     EBEBD6C2 1C8D3437
    AntiFire E     C05E80A9 7030C98D
    AntiFire K     FA6D622D C9B30225
    AntiFire T     D8FEB856 C1838E07
    AntiFire *     D9680A3E 7A289716
    AntiWater D    8D8D63DB 7BF18C03
    AntiWater G    5358DAFA 7151CB8C
    AntiWater Q    49A4B29A EF9B289D
    AntiWater *    23A61638 FB17A85C
    AntiElec A     E92B77D3 7C5427CB
    AntiElec N     23EF428A A04D9F22
    AntiElec Y     8315EC6F 6E209C0D
    AntiElec *     7428533C 1C91D2F5
    AntiWood M     D068E1FE 7F739F7D
    AntiWood S     6D5D4DE4 E2C81BA3
    AntiWood Z     40AE4028 C5485F33
    AntiWood *     7CC11AB9 F54EABC9
    AntiNavi M     6F566CDA 84529E15
    AntiNavi T     E6DFD916 F313E99B
    AntiNavi V     438ABB4E 6B7D52E1
    AntiDmg C      FC3553E9 F0D2FD2C
    AntiDmg F      994D9F2C 05CB0359
    AntiDmg M      131D0A12 987873C2
    AntiDmg *      0B5B31D6 0EA521FA
    AntiSwrd D     02BC2670 3BDF3D0B
    AntiSwrd O     EC6C21E6 2F95CBE0
    AntiSwrd R     579DC948 991A2C85
    AntiRecv B     C319F304 BDB8F3A3
    AntiRecv J     981670A2 BC4C8597
    AntiRecv P     207B6342 CBE59FD3
    CopyDmg *      9EC71B06 711D279A
    Attack +10 *   341E7EF1 76EDAB22
    Navi +20 *     38B8D2D7 CADAB7CB
    FireHit1 O     8789D196 E8927044
    FireHit1 P     2457724D 4B8DD05A
    FireHit1 Q     4C5B7060 57C83355
    FireHit2 H     7016C4DC 1D5D00CF
    FireHit2 I     1DF2556B 935BE8A3
    FireHit2 J     C513183B AC43F5E2
    FireHit3 E     C993A084 C32D822F
    FireHit3 F     4DF42F07 25EAD7C3
    FireHit3 G     1D0C615E 2B98CDE6
    HotBody1 A     9E5D3953 85D396BD
    HotBody1 F     4CC7AF01 2EB941B1
    HotBody1 P     BB1DAAF3 54EA7EE8
    HotBody2 C     E2162055 D63036BB
    HotBody2 R     8B7AEE09 019D8B58
    HotBody2 W     EFB7FF6E C8D78824
    HotBody3 J     B1BC2EAE 460757CD
    HotBody3 M     85ABCD43 ACB9D873
    HotBody3 S     61B41D38 5DE60C20
    AqWhirl1 B     3D4C3AD0 ED8C07C8
    AqWhirl1 F     345C30CC B2E1C697
    AqWhirl1 N     F8E2F328 DBCD24F4
    AqWhirl2 A     D049197A B7BBF7FC
    AqWhirl2 H     F3FEC18E BE4AF9FD
    AqWhirl2 O     7A5B8B3E 1E3B845D
    AqWhirl3 D     353EB9AB 645D76EE
    AqWhirl3 I     CA0D4109 4A348EE5
    AqWhirl3 R     0585FA00 045D632F
    SideBub1 D     DD9E6171 C0BC6726
    SideBub1 Q     4F88A39D CC0878FB
    SideBub1 S     0864ADA7 E37E21BA
    SideBub2 H     6130A25C 110893FA
    SideBub2 L     5BC9C5EA 49103B76
    SideBub2 W     BB4536A3 434E3009
    SideBub3 E     E0166245 9EA65822
    SideBub3 N     B1E49491 80F5D9CF
    SideBub3 P     DA170173 2AA4EBA4
    ElcReel1 C     C0E13DF5 7233F7D6
    ElcReel1 V     06677BBC DCF8F857
    ElcReel1 Z     693E9228 86243526
    ElcReel2 B     26BFA902 610963E7
    ElcReel2 Q     99F569A4 91F553D8
    ElcReel2 Y     DDFCA8FC 8E7FB546
    ElcReel3 E     8E2C4AB6 281F665A
    ElcReel3 L     57CD05B6 96A6B270
    ElcReel3 R     BCCE0C2F 8F7C467F
    CusVolt1 A     89167618 D1C7590F
    CusVolt1 V     CC5F54DE 940DFF26
    CusVolt1 Y     99D9E718 AB17EADD
    CusVolt1 *     2C0BF128 981E09C5
    CusVolt2 C     55FECB4D 4C36747C
    CusVolt2 E     29451F0C 6AF61642
    CusVolt2 G     A76B037B D85EBFF8
    CusVolt3 G     4C604525 3BF90E21
    CusVolt3 M     A82E259C A6CF0255
    CusVolt3 P     71E7C488 06ADFFD8
    CrsShld1 B     C7C075C9 AFF1CF71
    CrsShld1 F     AD804099 773304B6
    CrsShld1 V     D72FEFDC DE0CB5EA
    CrsShld2 C     E0C64444 E8A4416B
    CrsShld2 M     F8B4AAFC 70BA16DA
    CrsShld2 R     99C47DC2 B5404977
    CrsShld3 D     24BE81CE 40D63618
    CrsShld3 O     0FEE73BF E5C29A38
    CrsShld3 Z     B4706551 A2B48C6C
    WavePit B      62C219A2 9457712A
    WavePit E      399F8719 BC0C74CD
    WavePit Z      66767541 BCAEC8F2
    RedWave A      A44B25A2 4BCAE027
    RedWave F      A0EB1715 61245AA9
    RedWave H      0DE2FED4 8E39B83C
    MudWave D      278464CF C58BDBFA
    MudWave N      BEC92B3B 00E54370
    MudWave W      DA02E1E2 BC5A8F22
    CactBal1 H     F12BF869 EE824F9A
    CactBal1 I     DF46C893 DCD84359
    CactBal1 J     79D5186A D2E4B906
    CactBal2 Q     89B78A43 E5B6DD15
    CactBal2 R     27053144 BD95F584
    CactBal2 S     B1AB048D 6717786E
    CactBal3 L     2047CA1E 4825A544
    CactBal3 M     52EF154B FBE41794
    CactBal3 N     2BA91CB4 985CC65B
    WoodNos1 F     69C13F83 C01F7AA0
    WoodNos1 R     06912DF9 5EBE2E1C
    WoodNos1 W     82FB707C 5770B45E
    WoodNos2 J     B567991F A8D08C72
    WoodNos2 T     1EA85360 8B163AB8
    WoodNos2 Z     F32DEC1D 4198FF41
    WoodNos3 I     7C7A8E4C CF5F126F
    WoodNos3 S     390F0EFE 133FBE18
    WoodNos3 V     D45EE35D EB8CDA94
    Dark Chips
    DarkCirc R     C155914F 06BCB859
    DrkSword Z     B19727A8 5A9D3490
    DarkInvis I    E274BE41 C6D667CE
    DarkInvis *    AB50D3B4 B0F8B21A
    DarkPlus *     C80A05AB 27926CE1
    DrkLance W     688EE9D6 240DADE2
    DarkWide T     307244BA 7EBFBE92
    DarkThnd M     5E505D48 1DC3762B
    DrkRecov H     70E85F5A AA271860
    DrkRecov *     0422B48B 76FE04B3
    DarkMetr F     CD6E562F 30BB9C6F
    DarkDrill D    0A49D71E 127B42D9
    DarkTorn T     38B8E04F 72EBC9B6
    DrkSonic E     611B36FE 2F7C046B
    DrkSonic *     CD628701 72544FEB
    Mega Chips
    LifeAura D     FF89F1ED 942FE033
    Muramasa M     AC9A1D9F 0C47FD3E
    Guardian O     5BDDE7ED 19BE46FD
    Anubis A       81BD49BB 50C8F4AD
    Attack +30 *   7C124EE3 8A5DD2C5
    BugFix H       F28D738C F3707D09
    BugFix *       45AA05CD 3D5147D7
    DublPoint *    B3402F9B F53A447A
    Snctuary S     B56430EA 4F5C7151
    FullCust *     183B8946 2A4DAB39
    Meteors R      E273FF33 EAA91EEB
    NumbrBl N      8A34D32F 47DE9453
    NumbrBl *      FB43008C 9C4738DE
    Jealousy J     63439AE4 42AFC03D
    Poltrgst P     481DCA00 8A565723
    BlakWing W     18F28000 9B8349F4
    Otenko O       17FE6E1F EA3A1490
    JustcOne J     05A5C8BB 5A33A0BD
    NeoVari V      0CD397F2 7095BC9C
    Z Saber Z      FB51BF3F 1BC2B67A
    GunDelEX G     1C6D03B3 22544AF1
    SuperVulcan S  A952B89B 65DD3385
    Roll R         749D9363 C0246EEE
    RollSP R       E69FE76D 77D04696
    RollDS R       3C6F1530 10F0AB4D
    Gyroman G      081F57E5 CF8FE175
    GyromanSP G    D2F1E747 2EB897AE
    GyromanDS G    457E2D5B 3B1C7616
    Napalman N     656C9AF3 FA0CE103
    NapalmanSP N   B4B6F35F C5305FCF
    NapalmanDS N   6023644B 95998736
    Searchman S    2D8D708E 56D8E6AB
    SearchmanSP S  7D281F88 DFD6BAEA
    SearchmanDS S  06066432 E5BC3F1A
    Magnetman M    4634BCDF 0319FD97
    MagnetmanSP M  E2A64989 0501FAFD
    MagnetmanDS M  5F0AAE2D B71D1EB0
    Meddy M        1969FFC3 F130CCB2
    MeddySP M      2E23FF55 186D02D4
    MeddyDS M      6F60ACF0 018EA59E
    Protoman B     10DC54DD A8068663
    ProtomanSP B   E7C36BBB DB45A927
    ProtomanDS B   2AD4D6CF 1A14877E
    Numberman N    52F4BCF3 E85729F2
    NumbermanSP N  6B3DDF3D 37777D3B
    NumbermanDS N  CE971CBC B510D43C
    Colonel C      DC7656B4 E1D82FFE
    ColonelSP C    A8C0247F 63CF8945
    ColonelDS C    0462B792 111BD5FB
    Shadoman S     F7DCE440 3447E11B
    ShadomanSP S   921B3135 00C93377
    ShadomanDS S   6ADA5120 2B568698
    TmHwkman T     822FCA02 5FAA5D43
    TmHwkmanSP T   14DC3755 4AF7B844
    TmHwkmanDS T   70C83F42 58D38B76
    Knightman K    C0CFE7F6 C3B9858F
    KnightmanSP K  BDB61C83 CDE0F2E5
    KnightmanDS K  A2F8E9D5 CDD5803B
    Toadman T      ED7DE365 C24E3394
    ToadmanSP T    491B3D9D 2FF516CE
    ToadmanDS T    B9672568 1B7D0801
    Shademan S     599E087F 1C6CB386
    ShademanSP S   3E0DD81B 3135EE13
    ShademanDS S   3502CDB8 586F3D6F
    Blizman B      7B10F66F 50174AC0
    BlizmanSP B    C1DE4679 61A21835
    BlizmanDS B    838813D1 E13AF7EE
    Cloudman C     542123C4 3A678B77
    CloudmanSP C   DCE3C621 8E58058F
    CloudmanDS C   7F0FFCE1 6527036A
    Cosmoman C     71AF0FFB F06A6526
    CosmomanSP C   F2327852 77BD990F
    CosmomanDS C   B94B90BA B76F00B6
    Larkman S      1F45CF2D 2C3F5184
    LarkmanSP S    8C396F6A AEEB061D
    LarkmanDS S    4EED45C7 3AC09B6E
    Gridman F      349E2726 2A20E50C
    GridmanSP F    0F019E96 75E15B1C
    GridmanDS F    6988921E 48AA1E32
    Django D       4DB383B6 8CD8FE12
    DjangoSP D     04F2765A 6C108469
    DjangoDS D     DA10A0DF 7AD276D8
    Giga Chips
    Bass F         41F1801A 1971A750
    DeltaRay Z     778828F2 1CACFE25
    BugCurse C     3F70FB87 5CFA3C16
    MetrKnuk M     3EA71516 59631B80
    OmegaRkt R     AF39A207 F60CF396
    BassAnly F     78125F4F 4765B8D0
    HolyDream H    9E68047C EEDAC0C1
    BigHook G      1AF2B5F7 0FC7D8FE
    CrossDiv C     AFFB48BB 81894A25
    BugCharg B     9C725AB5 84307C90
    LdrsRaid L     D8AA9424 D4B02199
    ChaosLrd X     B56108F8 393955CA
    Phoenix P      36FB138A D093AD73
    DethPhnx D     3ACAB6D4 0DF07803
    Weird Chips (Useless ??)
    Author's Note- These do NOTHING!
    CannMode *     4E1E92B5 DDAC41C7
    CannBall *     F60DFAF9 292597BD
    SwrdMode *     59702E65 91272578
    YoYoMode *     17228D7F 821385B7
    DrilMode *     56132464 E42EA736
    LCrsShld *     66C14F92 8C09600F
    LStepSwd *     8D6956A0 2F426146
    LCounter *     AE0A1AA5 0698D04C
    ElemPowr *     04E27DC1 56E99567
    FinalGun A     CD010ACE 4F7C4CE7
    FinalGun B     5CCE3A99 CE3612AB
    FinalGun C     B549F733 C3D67FC7
    FinalGun *     8B9330D2 CA03F0F5
    Pack - Quantity(2):
    5743BA21 1AC70825 - 0
    AFE50012 51F287C4 - 1
    2FAA910A FD52CB45 - 2
    6EBDF216 33E17143 - 3
    49F9A2D5 83C74815 - 4
    F80C9B58 74630DA7 - 5
    474ABF53 9F9D0D3B - 6
    B90635C3 D823B45E - 7
    FBD5A36D BA06B978 - 8
    ECD0704C BCBE6FFB - 9
    223B1EF7 5DF56E56 - 10
    8925CA99 D28BC9C0 - 11
    D9DFAA24 FDA70F99 - 12
    5FCAB64F BBAB825B - 13
    4DFF04AF 37D2F704 - 14
    880A8816 B75DBD30 - 15
    EAA69265 FDF8F4AF - 16
    EDF7D81F C3E4EEDA - 17
    18E275A3 2B3DA628 - 18
    B2C5C04A 1B10B455 - 19
    254D35CD FC3D358D - 20
    6EFC9517 0B903B93 - 21
    2D071425 D7385E86 - 22
    683E28EF 9B9533EB - 23
    5DA2C19D C6FC39E5 - 24
    FC45D060 B0861F4A - 25
    26C58862 123775B3 - 26
    A811520D A80BC52F - 27
    8C4B4D24 5AB1AB4C - 28
    62422979 048E0F54 - 29
    DB554D5F 0BF3F566 - 30
    C2A8CD1D B138E827 - 31
    D5ABB9BA 589FE2C7 - 32
    88C10D1B 9A7DE719 - 33
    E331BD73 D17A1F02 - 34
    9205A67B 6E694028 - 35
    7F5408ED A34414D5 - 36
    EC2AFC79 BEE9E843 - 37
    968008C6 079A6EA5 - 38
    F5FFC5D1 42F60EA6 - 39
    C3028D4A C9B6DDB4 - 40
    622891E3 D89B1A5D - 41
    74B2754C 1F360F7F - 42
    1DB01F39 96E36CD5 - 43
    337B7DD0 A8CAD3E1 - 44
    65131FE2 B46E6B9A - 45
    9CC12F06 450FC206 - 46
    3D8AF3A6 87D71BCF - 47
    DC71C7F2 55E03CA2 - 48
    A731B7A9 B24AF77D - 49
    AD7FD4CC F587B763 - 50
    D156F06C 1BC2CF3D - 51
    45211F2B 08FF53E5 - 52
    72A34260 0356FF16 - 53
    F01A392F EF6809D4 - 54
    7B4FE204 11786D4A - 55
    CAFA2873 5DAA0EE8 - 56
    D379A1A8 61C4E3C8 - 57
    102433A0 2FF96FD8 - 58
    03EB647C 40CF8C29 - 59
    FAF7DCD3 EA1901E0 - 60
    3E787023 3AFD5730 - 61
    F5704856 5A55D12B - 62
    DE39D3F8 0F220D46 - 63
    CCBB0F59 287D1C02 - 64
    9873BED1 470C8B2B - 65
    AFC4C242 DEBBFCB0 - 66
    383AFFE6 967CAA5E - 67
    1DE6F089 9F5EB3D6 - 68
    952E905F 9E098C9F - 69
    09B628C5 15918F5A - 70
    5BB42781 8CFA6E24 - 71
    E889B399 773712C0 - 72
    74CC7BE3 8C475914 - 73
    2D8D80A5 C782932D - 74
    93896741 3082B38D - 75
    5CB919FA 9DCB5D6F - 76
    D51C8F3C 24576132 - 77
    C01AB0A0 E5608A12 - 78
    4FB10200 D6BF2F12 - 79
    118679E8 AD1C4A88 - 80
    F92F7496 F6CF7054 - 81
    DE917E79 3C0AE979 - 82
    8097B591 66B1101A - 83
    94A61D22 853E0351 - 84
    083C8578 BB15F1E3 - 85
    623466E1 B137F2B9 - 86
    5C93A28E 48AA2B80 - 87
    AA718479 A7C07842 - 88
    0A64F91B 57250D1E - 89
    9B569A62 7193B75F - 90
    AD696DBD AE34C7F8 - 91
    1511A1D4 07A30175 - 92
    B517EB15 52BB3F79 - 93
    3E199CD0 A6D3DF47 - 94
    23B747AA 29EBCBBA - 95
    C336B322 511CB134 - 96
    118BC385 43D7FC98 - 97
    2C1B2C39 58DA60B4 - 98
    684503F5 FB4AA2B3 - 99
    **Chips, Folder, Programs and Memory** (cfpm11)
    Have 99 of all chips
    Author's Note- Will NOT fill your library (Rin & GS):
    9018093F 5BAA048F
    B8A0DDA3 D09B5EC8
    8AB50B78 048668FB
    6F6CBD84 512A58A4
    54E3C961 C88B727D
    8AB50B78 048668FB
    41F1801A 1971A750
    9FE2141F 86805CB6
    Full Library (TS & Rin):
    9C63395B 21E43B4E
    61CC2984 2424D070
    9AB54C4F 9F4BF74C
    3B2E88C0 F3687015
    7B1B7E84 AA1CA0E7
    9280957E 6C77E6D3
    18CB1A99 CD301F84
    77E3F6B6 E7D1DA13
    FBE62E3A 8A06A870
    F666E14F F03E6A41
    5336C04A 83E477A4
    78429C77 38E2F724
    52C8B5AA F1F12890
    D8425F8F ED46E24A
    1050B5D4 16C89303
    30 Mega Chips per Folder (TS):
    D6804425 595C699C
    30 Giga Chips per Folder (TS):
    D6804425 595C699C
    99 Regular Memory (TS):
    1AFC4B77 5F3A75B1
    All Customizer Programs [Team Protoman] (GS):
    CAF0557A 91B3B30F
    5EEC402C 6B7E2916
    9352BA2D 457F2670
    All Sub Chips [Team Protoman] (GS):
    B013795E 9854908D
    290E5E16 04FA5F18
    D4E0539C A0B1B03D
    All Customizer Programs [Team Colonel] (GS):
    CAF0557A 91B3B30F
    5EEC402C 6B7E2916
    E5B12984 41DA2928
    All Sub Chips [Team Colonel] (GS):
    B013795E 9854908D
    290E5E16 04FA5F18
    64ADAB10 FD62748B
    **Miscellaneous** (misc12)
    All Icons (TS):
    5D28BF22 B2E301F8
    Fight Bass XX in ACDC 1 (TS):
    Tsunami's Note- Turn off before leaving ACDC Area 1 or the game WILL freeze!
    C1770C2E 52034E2A
    VacuProg Empty (GS):
    0DD70005 C7EE5332
    Inf. Air in Ship Network (TS):
    4BEBD0F6 6BA0A761
    Chip trader only takes one chip to use (TS):
    B1D2F289 124E380D
    99 Ninjas in Minigame killed (TS):
    22E7983B A01E29BA
    Have Navi Customizer (TS):
    4E0372D9 FFB73871
    All SP navis defeated with time of 00:00
    Author's Note-Will NOT open gates in Nebula Area 6 (TS):
    4E271994 044014EB
    FC4ECBA3 030771FF
    Most objects are intangible and you can walk through walls (TS):
    Tsunami's Note-You MUST use stairs to gain altitude or doors and people will
    not function right
    Glitch: If you go to Nebula’s dark chip factory and talk to the guy that
    Baryl knocked out, he will say some alphanumeric junk and you will get into
    a battle with a powie and a cannon. This may or may not erase your game.
    FD99F746 582B8BC8
    Tsunami EXE- His codes were the basis for the first version of my guide.
    VidgamerX- Dude, your E-Reader codes ROCK!!!!!!! Thanks.
    Gator Shark- For the (AWESOME!!!) chips in folder/pack codes,
                 ASCII art and other extra fixes.
    RinTinTin Van3000- For his extra code contributions.
    Nintendo- For being the coolest company alive.
    Capcom- For making me a Megaman fanboy of the worst sort back during
    the Maga Man X days.
    GameFAQs.com- For saving me some serious $$ over the years by providing quality
    FAQs and guides so I don't have to go out and buy them.
    Datel- For making the Action Replay.
    Finally, all those nagging GameFAQ posters who never failed to keep posting
    code requests and annoyed me enough to get off my lazy butt and write
    this guide.
    If you wish to contest the credits of a code, contact me at
    Akgamewiz1@yahoo.com. Be forwarned, I WILL NOT change a thing unless
    substantial proof is shown.
    Copyright 2005 Alec Gohl.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    Question? Comments? Just plain BS? E-mail me at AKgamewiz1@yahoo.com

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