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    FAQ/Walkthrough by maxtrap2

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    MegaMan Battle Network 5 Walkthrough Guide
            By Max of MaxTrap3@aim.com
    Please Press Ctrl + F and type in the chapter you want for a fast find or find
    it yourself.  Yes, I admit the guide is a bit messed up.
    Table of contents
    0a. description
    1a. Dad gets caught
        First Boss
        Liberation Mission 1
        On Patrol
        Oran Isle
            Liberation Mission 2
            Liberation Mission 3
            Ship Trouble!
            Party Pooper
            TomahawkMan / NapalmMan
            Liberation Mission 4
    0a. description of guide
    This guide is about MegaMan Battle Network 5 Team ProtoMan.  However
    similarities this guide relates to Team Colonel I don't know or care.  This
    guide is a walkthrough of MegaMan Battle Network 5 Team ProtoMan and tells you
    how to succeed in the game if you're ever stuck on it or you're just pathetic
    in this game and need help.  This guide's sources are strictly forbidden not to
    be stolen or you will be sued in all ways possible, regardless of age (except
    if you're 2 or below).  Thank you and good luck beating this game (you'll need
    0b. script
    This script is for people who cannot see this guide correctly.  That person
    must enter this code on Microsoft Word or Frontpage to load this guide.
    Script was deleted or corrupt.
    'ight?  This is it.  Don't copy this line though, LOL.  This is the only thing
    you can copy without permission: THE SCRIPT.
        0c. limits
    If you must copy from this guide, please try your best to IM MaxTrap3 on AIM
    (AOL Instant Messenger).  If you don't have AIM, you can download it either on
    download.com or aim.com.  I would appreciate if you have my permission to copy
    and paste from this page.
    0c. MegaMan controls
    Those who purchased this MegaMan Battle Network 5 used, or are so lazy that
    they would never take even one full minute just to read the instruction
    booklet, these are the controls for MegaMan Battle Network 5 Team ProtoMan:
    With Lan:
    + - control pad = move Lan
    A - A button    = talk or examine objects
    B - B button    = cancel
    L - L button    = talk to Navi
    R - R button    = jack in Navi
    S - Start       = Menu
    Sl- Select      = Nothing
    With Navi:
    + - control pad = move Navi
    A - A button    = talk
    B - B button    = cancel
    L - L button    = talk to Lan
    R - R button    = jack out
    S - Start       = Menu
    Sl- Select	    = Nothing
    In battle:
    + - control pad = move Navi
    A - button      = select chip/use chip
    B - B button    = deselect chip/ fire buster/hold to charge
    L - L button    = Nothing
    R - R button    = Nothing
    S - Start       = go to OK in chip selection
    Sl- Select      = Nothing
    0d. HP
    In MegaMan Battle Network 5 Team ProtoMan, HP is a VERY important issue!
    After every virus battle or SP Navi battle, you DO NOT rejuvenate HP (do not
    recover).  It is always handy to pack MiniEnergy or a FullEnergy SubChip to use
    if you have lower than 50 HP or so.  You can increase your HP by buying HP
    Memory from Net dealers or find them on your own.
    1a. Dad gets caught
    Now that you have memorized how to play MMBN5TP, you are ready to lose, I
    mean play.  You begin off in your room run an errand for mom.  She gives you
    StewRec and you have to go to the Kitchen computer in ACDC area 2.  Go there.
    Before that are Mettaur viruses though.  Once you go there, give the Navi the
    StewRec and then jack out.  Soon, you get invited to SciLab with your friends
    Mayl, Dex, and Yai.  You go there, and then go to your dad's lab.  Dad tells
    you to get some kind of pass but after you go behind some wall, a smoke bomb
    came in and made everyone faint.  Then, masked rejects came in and saw to it
    that everybody fainted and then told their "master" to come in.  if you played
    MegaMan Battle Network 4 Blue Moon or Red Sun and beat Continue 1, you should
    be dumbfounded and surprised.  Dr. Regal walks in and tells one of his idiotic
    goons to pick up Dr. Hikari.  Also, he told another one to confiscate Mayl,
    Yai, and Dex's PETs.  Luckily, the ill-minded Dr. Regal couldn't see Lan
    because he's behind a wall.  He leaves and then you faint back.
    You find yourself at home and you jack in and find ACDC area red.  Go to
    ACDC 2.  You'll see a door you can't penetrate.  You see a HealNavi and you
    battle him.  He uses Mettaur x2 and a Bugtank.  Then you jack out.  Then get an
    E-mail.  The E-mail explains SciLab is under attack.  Not holding back, Lan
    realizes he has to go save SciLab but his mom will definitely disallow him so
    he made an excuse that Lan was going over to Dex's to play.  You see Mayl in
    the front of the station.  Talk to her for Roll R (30).  Go to SciLab and then
    go in the building.  Go straight and find a room.  It's locked.  Go to your
    dad's lab and then go to the computer on the right-top corner.  The pass is
    there.  Now, use it to go inside the room!  Inside the room, find some place
    you can jack in, and then the actions starts!
    In the computer you have to solve puzzles.  These puzzles aren't that
    hard.  They're just riddles.
    1)276.  Go to the 7 and press A.  Replace the 2 with the 7.  Replace the 6 with
    a 2.  Then, fill in the empty square in the middle with 6.  The answer is 762.
    2) PNA.  Go to N and then press A.  Replace the P with the N.  Replace the A
    with the P.  Put A in the middle.  The answer is NAP (I really need one after
    Oh, you can get a HP memory after this!
    3) TWR OLA.  Take the A and replace L with A.  Replace R with L.  Replace O
    with R.  Replace T with O, and fill the empty slot with T.  The answer is OWL
    Go past OWL and press the switch.  And then go past RAT and go to the Main Comp
    4) AOLK CHLD.  Take the D and replace A with D.  Replace H with A.  Replace C
    with H.  Replace the left L with C and put the left L at the empty right
    square.  The answer is DOCK HALL.
    Go past HALL to press the switch then, go past DOCK to go to the next puzzle.
    5) EAP IOM HRT.  Take H and replace the E with the H.  Replace M with E.
    Replace T with M.  Replace I with T.  Replace A with I, and put A on the 7th
    square (empty and on 3rd platform).  The answer is HIP TOE ARM.  Go past HIP
    and ARM for switches and unlock both.  Then, go past TOE.  And try to find you
    next and final puzzle.
    6)12345. You don't have any hints.
    Go to your dad's lab.  Check the sofas. It should have Work Memo.
    6)12345. Take 5 and replace 1 with 5.  Replace 4 with 1.  Put 4 at the end
    empty square.  Take 3 and replace 2 with 3 and put 2 and the middle empty
    square.  The answer is 53214.
    1ab. First Boss
    You go up some big staircase and see no one at the main control panel.
    You check and check and then some guy said "congratulations" and a manner of
    speaking.  ProtoMan comes in against you.  MegaMan asks what the hell is he
    doing but ProtoMan tells him he's here to fight MegaMan.  Get ready for your
    First Boss!
    HP: 300
    Difficulty: Easy
    Type: Sword
    Weakness: None
    Attacks: HeroSword 20 |Sword|
             StepSword 30 |Sword|
    Strategy: ProtoMan is fast so be careful.  Using MiniBomb or Quake1 would be a
    bad idea.  Use Chips such as Cannon or FireHit to beat ProtoMan.
    Reward: Nothing
    It could be Colonel too.
        1ac. worthiness?
    After defeating ProtoMan, keep on going North until you see a door.  Go in.
    Chaud is there.  He explains there was no infiltration.  It was just to see if
    Lan and MegaMan are worthy enough to join Team ProtoMan (I don't get why Lan
    can't make Team MegaMan). Now go home and go to bed.
    1ad. Liberation Mission 1
    After sleep, Chaud E-Mails you.  Now go to ACDC2 back to that door.  Talk
    to ProtoMan.  He'll slice that door and then Save the game.
    ProtoMan teaches you about "Liberation Missions".  Dark Panels stand in the
    way of Dark Holes which needs to be Liberated (purified or whatever that suits
    a dumb person like you).  You can press L to look around the place.  And R to
    switch Navis.  Just keep on purifying Dark Holes until the shield around the
    Darkloid Navi is expired.  Then, you can destroy the Navi.  Be careful there's
    a guardian Mini-boss:
    HP: 120
    Difficulty: Easy
    Type: Fire
    Weakness: None for some reason
    Attacks: Cross-flame
    Strategy: Beat him up.
    Oh yes, Dark Hole Liberations always have a Guardian in them, so be careful.
    Destroy all the Dark holes and then destroy the Darkloid!
    HP: 400
    Difficulty: Medium if you don't know crap about him
    Type: Water
    Weakness: Elec
    Attacks: Snowball |Water| Rolls 2 snow balls at you.
             Super Roll |Water| Rolls and then 2 Puddles drop.
             Bad Breath |Water| Blows on your side of field turning panels to Ice.
    Movement: Slow
    Strategy: Just kill him.  You can use Electric Chips like "Thunder" to easily
    delete BlizzardMan.  Trust me, 2 turns should be enough for even a baby, or a
    Rewards: Phases 1-5= BlizzardMan SP B 130
             Phases 6-15 = BlizzardMan B 100
             Phases 16 and up = 1000 Zennys
    Now ACDC area is safe.
    1ae. on Patrol
    After the battle with BlizzardMan, you have to go to ACDC 3 to patrol it, so
    go!  It'll be easy to get there from Dex's, and he'll be looking for his
    shorts.  Inside is RegUp1 to increase your MB space.  There's also a free HP
    Memory.  But still, you shouldn't have the Pass code yet so you can't go past
    it so just go there the old fashioned way, from Mayl's or your computer!
    Once at ACDC3, try to go the next area (go up from where you faced
    BlizzardMan and then left), you'll see a gold program.  Talk to him.  Then, you
    call Chaud and he'll thank ya.  After this, you go on a little vacation!
    1af. Oran Isle
    Meet everyone in front of the station.  The boat ride took 2 hours
    (sheesh!).  Now you check out the beach.  Go to Dex.  Then, Dex blabs some crap
    I don't care about and the girls already got dressed.  Then, they go and take a
    bath in seaweed water and then Yai gets rabies and swims idiotically.  Then,
    after that, Yai had a piñata game and ended up beating the crud outta Dex!
    After all that, they built a Sand castle and then went hungry.  But, then
    however, Chaud phoned you and told you to go to Oran3 but you can't!  Oh well,
    too bad too sad!  There are Machine Guns blocking the damn way, so you just
    Jack out and have fun.
    Oran Isle HTML sketch (sorry!  This is my best one!)
    |   Hay| Water_____________
    |	Water fall Jack In       |__
    |Beach                       | >OldMine
    |    X              Bamboo|¯¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|             _____|
           |   |¯¯¯¯¯|  |
           |   |     |__|
    Now, you have to find a rod, bait, line, and hook.  Go get the bamboo, the
    water fall, and then go to the little inlet near the bamboo.  Go the corner.
    Now, go see Dex.  He'll tell you to fish.  Now, go to the hay and then keep on
    going up until it's a dead end.  That's where you'll fish.  10 min. later, not
    even a nibble, and Dex already got 5.  30 min. later, still nothing for poor
    Lan and Dex had already gotten 12!  Then, Lan sees a big one and catches it…
    NOT!  He misses it.  That means the score is 0 to 17 (Lan to Dex) so you have
    to start the fire at Dex's house, I mean to cook the fish, LOL!
    Now, get the X for the driftwood and the hay (man, that was easy!) and
    also take the branch next to the Jack In.  Now kill Dex, I mean see Dex.  After
    the fish, Dex said he found a path that leads to a "forest".  Now you get an
    E-mail.  It contains the NaviCust, a device that lets you power-up or bug-up
    your Navi (invented in MegaMan Battle Network 3 White & Blue Versions $ 15-$20
    now).  The NaviCust looks like this:
    [][][][]     4 x 4 sq.
    Put in all the programs and then go in the OldMine entrance.  Mayl, Yai, and
    Dex will fall down to Hell and then you have to save them.  Go in the front
    entrance.  Go down the entrance using the weird looking elevator and find a
    door.  Talk to the door but you can't open it.  Go back up using the elevator.
    Then near the exit (front entrance is a way up.  Go up and find a small little
    inlet and then jack into the Jack in thing that looks like the one where you
    jack into the Oran area.  Jacking into there would direct you to Oran Area 1
    and you would find a red navi if you keep on going down.  You need to buy
    MineKey from him for 2000 Zennys and then Jack Out.  Open the first set of
    doors.  Then keep on going up the stairs until you see another set of doors.
    This one has viruses.
    You must beat the viruses to proceed.  Once you have, keep on going up
    until you find another door.  You guessed it, there's another set of viruses.
    Those viruses should have a boxer virus, I think.  After that door, find an
    elevator.  It should lead you to a place with a weird looking entrance.  There,
    you meet and ugly-looking woman.  She makes you say please and then you jack
    into the computers blocking you and then you have to solve the puzzles.
    Sorry, but I forgot what these puzzles look like because I already beat
    the game.  You'll have to solve them on your own but I'll be more than happy to
    give you the boss' stats.
    1ag. MagnetMan
    After solving all four computer puzzles, you must face the boss:
    HP: 500
    Difficulty: Medium
    Type: Elec
    Weakness: Wood
    Attacks: Magnet Missle: Shoots a missle that does 20 damage to you. |Elec|
             Dark Hole: Traps you in a magnetic hole.
    Energy Ball: Shoots an electric-type blast at you in an incredibly
    slow rate. 30 damage.
    MagPanel: He uses this in the beginning of the fight at light speed!
    Turns the whole field's edges into Magnetic Repelling Panels.
    Movement: Slow
    Strategy: When he does Magnet Missle, it turns so be careful.  Use chips like
    Boomer or Lance to defeat him easily.  He barely comes to the front so don't
    bother using Sword, WideSword, or WideBlade.  LifeSword helps too so try and
    use it with your AreaGrab S.
    Rewards: Nothing
    After you defeat him, he joins Team ProtoMan.
    1af. Liberation Mission 2: Oran 3
    After MagnetMan joins Team ProtoMan, almost immediately after your friends
    are saved, Chaud gives you a call.  The next Liberation mission is at Oran 3 so
    Save and go!  Once you're there, MagnetMan uses his cheap MagnetBarrier to
    destroy the Machine Guns covering it.  Now, Save again and then enter Oran 3.
    Inside Oran 3, you will find the boss is ShadeMan (Vampire fellow from
    MegaMan Battle Network 4).  So begin liberating.  There's also a new MiniBoss.
    HP: 100
    Type: Neutral
    Weakness: None
    Attacks: Area claw 30.
    Strategy: When he uses Area Claw, use swords or Rapid MegaBuster Fire.
    Rewards: Nothing.
    Liberate all the Dark Holes and then kill the boss:
    HP: 500
    Type: Neutral
    Weakness: None
    Attacks: Bats: Shoots bats at you. 20.
    Super Sonic: Uses a sonic blast on you: M = MegaMan    S = ShadeMan A
    =Free Area R = Range
          Blood sucker: comes on your area anywhere and then sucks your HP. 60.
    Strategy: ShadeMan changed from Battle Network 4.  Now, you don't have to use a
    DarkChip to defeat
    ShadeMan.  Just hit him a couple of times with some of the Navi Chips
    you got like Roll.
    If you fail to defeat him with MegaMan, ProtoMan/Colonel, or
    MagnetMan/KnightMan, helps             too.
        Rewards: Magnet Soul
    Magnet Soul: Charge: Magnet Bolt: pull enemy toward then shock enemy. 60 |Elec|.
                 Chip Charge: Thunder.  A regular slow thunder. ??? |Elec|.
                 Strong against Water.  Weak against Wood.
                 Bonus: Step on MagPanls easily.
    1ag. Apologies
    I am sorry but from this part until CloudMan's Liberation mission, I forgot
    what I did because I played through it carelessly.  But, I will give you
    CloudMan's Liberation mission stats though.  I remember you have to meet
    GyroMan and defeat him so he becomes you ally.  Don't worry this won't be hard.
    1ah. Liberation Area 3: SciLab 3
    Alright, before this mission, put Lance in your folder if you have it.  If not,
    put any Grass type chip you got so far like at least a Boomer.
    All the Guardian bosses (mini-bosses) are a little bit stronger now.  The
    BigBrute's HP should be 140 or more.  The Tinbird's I don't really care about.
    This Mission is easy even regardless of the new Barrier Panels which even
    GyroMan can't cross.  Oh yeah, GyroMan, your newbie teammate can fly through
    Dark Panels as they were your own and if you Pass on that panel, Mini-bosses'
    attacks won't affect GyroMan, but he really sucks in battle.
    GyroMan (review)
    HP: (when you battle him) = 500
    HP: (when you use him) = 300
    Moves: (when you battle him): Propeller Boomerang - sort of like MagnetMan's
    magnets but they can diagonally turn w/ wind element.
           Tornado: shoots a 3 sq. tornado at your field.
           Bomb Squad: goes and bombs your area.
    Moves: (when you use him): Charge Shot: Tornado: shoots a 3 sq. tornado at
    opponent's field.
                               Special Chip: Bomb Squad: bombs 1 row on enemy area.
    Now for the boss in this liberation mission:
    HP: 700
    Version: 1
    Element: Elec
    Weakness: Grass
    Offense: Water
    Moves: Cloud shot: when his dark clouds shoot a thunder ball.  Kill it with a B
    button shot.
           Cross cloud: A cloud comes to your field and shocks you.
    Thunderstorm: Turns into a tornado and then attacks you in your area.
    Cancel it by destroying all his clouds (the last cloud will be CloudMan).
    Reward: Gyro Soul and 1-5 phases: CloudMan SP C, 6-9 phases: CloudMan C, 10 and
    above will be 3000 Zennys.
    You liberated the SciLab area now.
    And MegaMan will be kidnapped.
    1ai. Ship trouble
    Aye, now after the battle with CloudMan, you'll just have to go home, sleep for
    a while, then do some stuff.  Next, just get Colonel/ProtoMan as a Navi, since
    MegaMan got kidnapped.  Go to Oran 2.  There should be a door where it leads to
    the End Area.  Now, go to SciLab 4.  Talk to an Official Navi and battle 3
    Handi Viruses.  You can get a TimeBom with them.  Now head to the End Area via
    Oran area 2.  Go to End Area 2.  You'll see Heal Navis along with Dark MegaMan.
    Now you jack out.  Now go to Mission Control.  When the ProtoMan/Colonel says
    you have to find a person with a ship invitation, go to Oran Isle and speak to
    Tesla / Princess Pride.  She'll give you the invite to the Queen Bohemia.
    Next, go home and go to sleep if you have to (I'm just guessing though).
    Now, go straight to the Queen Bohemia.  You'll enter and then go to the right
    exit.  Talk to the blond gay-looking guy and he'll ask you to participate in a
    Stamp Contest.  Say "Yes".  Now, you must find the 3 stamps:
    The first one is at the edge of the outside yard of the ship (where there's a
    lady being hung).
    The second one is inside the captain's room steering boat.  Either that or the
    wheel that's outside the captain's room.
    The third one is back in the hallway of the ship.  Look at the two sofas and a
    desk right across the portrait.
    Once you got all the 3 stamps, go back to the gay-blonde and then he'll give
    you something.
    Now, there should be turbulence, that or your game is glitched.  Go straight to
    the hall and at the left of the hall should be a locked door.  The code is
    11922911.  Enter and you'll find 4 computers.  The one in the far left is the
    one that is jack-inable (if that's a word).  Jack in and find a criminal.
    There's also a Battery program and a + 2 MB.  You may have to battle the
    HealNavi.  Once you delete him, jack out and you'll find mental retard who will
    say "uh-oh".  Now, head to the middle room of the hallway of Queen Bohemia.
    1aj. Party pooper
    Once you're at the party, you'll get to see ProtoMan/Colonel and other Navis
    gaze at a 10,000,000 zenny program (even you can't afford it with an Action
    Replay or Gameshark code).  Some loser says it's cheap too!  After that some
    guy steals it.
    If you have a Gameshark or action replay you can enter these codes now:
    *(m) GS*										*(m) AR*
    9288FE526AA3                                  a1722b2e 3f1b0039
    F040F48E800C					   996695b7f 873db9ae
    *(m) GS*										*(m) AR*
    Go to www.gameshark.com!                              a1722b2e 3f1b0039
    					                           1a32537e 0de825eb
    And the final code is:
    Name: Infinite Oxygen
    Code: C174547BE671
    Capability: Gameshark and AR ONLY!*
    *If your game becomes screwed up due to this code, I hold no blame for it.
    Now, let's get back to the regular guide.
    At the party, once the guy steals the program, so check all the mirrors, and
    speak to EVERYONE!  Now answer these answers:
    1) It is the mirror!
    2) The reflection.
    Now get out of the party room and back into the Engine room.
    At the end of the Engine room is a ladder with a door, am I correct?  Check it
    and then you'll be sent straight to the Deck.  Talk to the dead Gay-blonde.
    Enter the Captain's room.  You'll find that Dingo, the leader Netbattler of the
    ship is behind this!
    1ak. Ship Computer
    Now jack in Colonel into the ship computer.  You'll need to find the special
    Ship keys to open the purple doors.  They are easy to find in ShipComp 1 so try
    to find them yourself!  After the first door is always a second.  So repeat and
    dive in the pool right near it.  Find the key and then teleport back.
    ShipComp 2:  Now there's a door with 3 Keyholes empty.  So you'll have to find
    3 ShipKeys.  After that, go straight to ShipComp 3.
    ShipComp 3.  Now this can be pretty complicated.  Only you have to find 1
    ShipKey.  Find it and battle TomahawkMan / NapalmMan.
    1al. TomahawkMan / NapalmMan
    M = Safe squares
    X = If the enemy attacks, where it hits; range.
    T / N = TomahawkMan or NapalmMan.  Where he could be.
    [ ] = Clear square.
    Name: TomahawkMan
    Type: Grass
    Weakness: Fire
    Offense: Thunder
    Attacks: Anvil Slash 40-80: Range on bottom.
    [M][X][X][T][ ][ ]
    [M][X][X][T][ ][ ]
    [M][X][X][T][ ][ ]
    	       Meteor 40-70: Attacks random squares.
             There are more attacks but I give up entering them.
    Name: NapalmMan
    Type: Fire
    Weakness: Water
    Offense: Grass
    Attacks: Machine Gun Fort: Vulcan guns that are invulnerable to anything but
    metal shoot you.
             Cross-Napalm: Shoots a cross Napalm at you: range on bottom.
    [M][X][M][ ][ ][N]
    [X][X][X][ ][ ][N]
    [M][X][X][ ][ ][N]
             Destructional-Napalm: FINISHER!  Shoots ultimate Napalm at you! Range:
    [X][X][X][ ][ ][N]
    [X][X][X][ ][ ][N]
    [X][X][X][ ][ ][N]
    Rewards: NapalmMan or TomahawkMan join your team.
    1am. End Area 2 Liberation Mission 4
    Now enter End Area 2 via End Area 1.  The boss there is Dark MegaMan.  He will
    use all your chips so be careful!
    For once, I will give you the map to the Liberation area.
    C = Team Colonel Navis
    X = Darkloid Navi
    d = Dark Panel
    M = Mini-boss
    0 = Dark Hole
    D = Dark Panel w/ item
    b = Bonus Panel
    1 = Barrier Panel 1
    2 = Barrier Panel 2
    k = Key 1
    K = Key 2
    # = Dark Panel Shield
    [d][ ][ ][#][#][#][ ][ ][b]
    [ ][ ][d][d][d][d][d][ ][ ]            [ ][ ][d][ ][ ][d][ ]
    [d][d][d][d][d][d][d][d][d]            [ ][k][d][d][d][D][d]
    [d][D][d][d][0][d][D][d][d]            [d][d][d][d][d][d][ ]
    [d][d][d][d][d][M][d][d][d]            [ ][d][d][0][d][d][d]
    [ ][ ][d][d][d][d][d][ ][ ]            [d][d][D][M][d][K][d]
    [ ][ ][ ][d][d][d][ ][2][2]            [d][d][d][d][d][d][ ]
    [b][ ][ ][d][d][d][ ][2][1]            [ ][ ][d][ ][d][ ][ ]
                            [M][d][d][d][d][d][d][d][ ][D]
                                     [d][d][0][d][D][d][ ]
     	                    [d][d][d][d][d][d][ ]
    	                    [ ][d][ ][d][d][d][ ]
    						     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
                                     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
    Well. This is one big Liberation mission but it isn't hard.  Sure there are
    harder viruses and the Mini-bosses are even more upgraded.  You can beat 'em!
    Oh yeah, I forgot about the new Mini-Boss:
    Name: Bladia
    Type: Sword
    Attacks: Sword slash: Shoots one down row.
    Rewards: 1-3 purified Panels.
    The boss is Dark MegaMan:
    Type: Neutral
    Weakness: None
    Offense: Random (your chips)
    Attacks: All your chips plus a MegaBuster - 1.
    Strategy: Duh!  This is you!  You should know how to defeat yourself!
    Rewards: Tomahawk Soul.
             5-9 Phases: FullCust *
             10-13 Phases: AntiDamage M
             14 and up: 4000 Zennys
    Now, you get back MegaMan and Baryl / Chaud gets back their own Navi.
    1an. New Teammate
    After the battle with Dark MegaMan, a new teammate stops by.  It is either
    Higsby and NumbrMan, or Raika and SearchMan.  Depends on what version you have.
    Now, get Folder 2 from Baryl / Chaud and then storm to End Area 4!
    1ao. End Area 4
    End Area 4 is like a maze, but you can master the format.  Just go down the
    ramp, go north and the left path, then go east, then keep on going north. After
    you reach the square, go left and find an alley-like place.  Go down and then
    go left.  Go down the left down arrow and then find the up ramp and then go up.
    Now go east and then north to the entrance of End Area 5.
    Unfortunately there's a purple door so you'll need to jack out.
    1ap. Dad's Lab & the hacking
    After you jack out, go to Dad's lab.  You'll see Higsby but he walks away (the
    nerve of that guy!).  Meh, just go into dad's lab then.
    Now talk to the big screen computer.  The computer's on and you have Dad's ID
    but it still won't work.  Now, get out of SciLab and go to Higsby or Raika at
    the place where you enter the ship port.  He'll tell you to meet him at your
    dad's lab.  Also, be sure to buy Dark Sword at the old man near the sign for
    500 Zennys for Proto Chaos (TP only!).
    Go back to Dad's Lab!
    Now, go to the big computer and Higsby will come to hack it.
    You'll get Gramp's letter. Now, go home and talk to Mom.  After that, near your
    room entrance is a wide window so check it.  You should see a doghouse unused
    for a long time.  After that, go to the Old Mine.
    At the Old Mine. You'll need to do these steps:
    Go to the first door that needed MineKey.
    Cross the second door that needed MineKey and had viruses.
    Cross the third door that needed MineKey w/ viruses. (OldMine 4)
    Once you get through that door, you should see a ramp and an entrance.  Enter
    Jack in to the weird looking machine.
    Talk to the Mr. Program.
    Go to the top-right corner and press A.
    You should find something that looks like Order Points in the Liberation
    You should be automatically teleported to the entrance of old mine after you
    get the Memory Data.
    Now, go to End City.
    Talk to the man in front of the castle.  And Higsby or Raika, of course.
    Go to End Area 3.  Now, go to the neat temple at End Area 3 and you should find
    NumbrMan.  Now jack out.
    Talk to the man in front of the castle and then search his desk for a Sub
    Memory for more SubChip holding.
    Now, go in the Castle and then go the roof.  Check the fish on the right (I'm
    hungry). You should find another riddle.  Now go behind the left fish and then
    search there for a HP Memory.
    Get out of End City.
    Go to ACDC Area 3.
    You can get there easily from Dex's house.
    Talk to an official Navi that should say, "Looking for something? (say YES).  A
    code? Hmm.  'The 3rd ACDC' must refer to ACDC 3.  The way to Oran.  We're
    standing right near what you're searching for.  I hope you find it!"  or
    something like that.
    You should realize that you and the official Navi are standing of a 3x3 square.
    O = Official Navi
    M = MegaMan
    V = The answer: Vision burst
    [O][M][ ]
    [ ][ ][ ]
    Go to the Vision Burst square and then press A at the wall.  Now you should see
    ACDC in web format.  Now, speak to everyone.  Then, evil Navis will enter and
    you'll have to delete them all!
    HealNavi 1:
    HealNavi 2:
    HealNavi 3:
    BugTank EX
    BugTank EX
    WuNote EX
    HealNavi 4:
    Handi EX
    Handi EX
    HealNavi 5:
    HealNavi Omega:
    Powie EX
    Powie EX
    WuNote EX
    The purple ones have no order but these are their viruses.  HealNavi Omega is
    the blackest HealNavi or the leader.
    Now jack out and see Baryl.
    Go to MissionCtrl.
    Baryl says he sees so you go home and go to sleep.
    Then, in a demo, MegaMan shoots a lady navi.  Ow.
    1aq. Ninja Challenge
    Now go to End area 3.
    Going there from End City's Statue is most reasonable.
    Now, go to the temple in End Area 3.  Check the part that looks like a
    Now jack out.
    Go to the roof of the Gargoyle Castle.
    Unfortunately you can't!
    Talk to the samurai hologram with no armor.  Jack into the katana in the same
    room and battle the NormalNavi to get Katana Data.
    Jack in to the Armor in the MumRoom and also the Helmet and battle the
    NormalNavis for their datas.
    Give the 3 Datas to the naked samurai and the cell doors will open.
    Go upstairs now.
    Now, talk to the Copper Samurai to move the jade Buddha.  Say "Yes" to the
    challenge.  He'll give you a WoodSword.  Now Save and then go to the cross.
    Slap the karate Peter Griffins 100 times and then the Buddha statue shall move.
    Now, you can finally jack into the Gargoyle Computer.  Go to the roof, and then
    go to the panel on the left fish.  Before that, you'll see a man who quit and
    was defeated.  Jack in the left fish and begin!
    You'll need a Red Ninja for the Spear Traps.
    You'll need a Blue Ninja for the Pool Traps.
    You'll need a White Ninja for the Ceiling Traps.
    HINT: Be sure to make a Loop De Loop to retrieve the ninja that you do want
    when you’re forced to cross with a wrong one.
    Be sure to listen to the Mr. Programs!
    After this, you'll face NumbrMan / SearchMan
    Also, up to the 2nd or 3rd puzzle, you need to avoid the unneeded ninjas.
    This might take some time.
    After that, the boss will be either NumbrMan (TC) or SearchMan (TP).
    You should check the MegaMan Battle Network 4 Boss Guide for these.
    After that go to End Area 5.
    1ar. Liberation Mission 5 - End Area 5
    Go to End Area 5.  The boss there should be CosmoMan.  He has 1000 HP.  And
    also, there are more hard viruses.
    No sorry.  This Liberation Map is too hard.  You can just check the Liberation
    Area Faq on GameFaqs or on Google.
    Type: Neutral
    Weakness: None
    Offense: None
    Attacks: Ring.  Throws a ring at you with a range of 4 Squares.
             Cosmo ball.  Shoots metallic balls with ring at you.
             Meteor.  Shoot at your side of the field forming a crack.
             Cosmo Prism. FINISHER!  Also a Program Advance.
    Rewards: Number / Search Souls.
             1-9 Phases - CosmoMan SP
             10 + 5000 Zennys
    Fun Fact: Infinite Money without cheating.  At CosmoMan's mission, the first
    item square is 1800 Zennys!  Use this for more money!
    1as. Hikari Report
    After the battle with CosmoMan, Baryl tells you about the Hikari Report.  Now
    go straight to the Vision burst of ACDC Town.
    You'll find that Gow, the dog is gone.
    Jack out and speak with mom.  Now you have to wonder where Tadashi (Lan's
    Grandpa) took the dog.  Go to the Old Mine and then at the entrance, go up the
    ramp.  Talk to the old man and then go back to where you got MineKey (located
    in the chapter MagnetMan).
    The Old man's navi will give you 1 Old key.
    Go to SciLab 3 and then to the place where CloudMan was in the Liberation
    mission and then go down.  Unlock the Pass cube and then go through the
    teleporters which brings you back to ACDC Area 2.  Speak to the Official Navi
    which is actually a Program.
    Now go to OldMine and jack in the last Drill Computer (#4).  Find a Mr. Program
    there and he'll tell you where the next Vision Burst is.  It should be right
    near the place where you're supposed to use the Stop Key.  Talk to it, answer
    Yes, and then go to the corner of the device which stops the rocks.  It will be
    a Vision Burst of Oran Isle.
    Talk to everyone.
    Then, evil Navis come and you have to battle 1 Ninjoy with 2 Handi EX viruses.
    Then, Gow flees.
    Gow is inside the bamboo sticks.
    Then BlizzardMan captures Gow and escapes.
    Go to SciLab!
    Go to MissionCtrl.
    Jack into the SciLab HP there.  You should've found it already.
    Go the big part of the area and you'll see HealNavis.  Get ready to battle!
    Battle 1:
    Marina EX
    Battle 2:
    Battle 3:
    WuNose EX
    After this, you must find a New MissionCtrl.
    1at. New MissionCtrl
    The New MissionCtrl is at Higsby's.  Just go to his shop and talk to him.  Of
    course, nothing comes without a price (except free stuff).  Go to End Area 3
    and go behind the temple and press A to get a hidden data.  Return to Higsby
    and give it to him. He'll gladly give you the new MissionCtrl: His shop's
    basement?!?  Now speak with Baryl / Chaud.
    Now go to End Area 5!
    1au. Colonel's "Deletion"
    At End Area 5, you'll see ToadMan.  After some chit chat, CloudMan comes for
    revenge.  Doesn't this guy ever quit?  He then, battles Colonel and he gets
    deleted.  You two pathetic fools jack out safely.
    Now go home and go to sleep.
    1aw. DarkColonel
    After you sleep, Ribbita comes in the morning (or Jasmine).  Now, go to the
    Undernet!  Don't worry, it's not that scary.  Try your best to go to Undernet 3
    regardless of the ghosts in the Undernet.  There, there are confusing arrows.
    At the left, just follow the arrows.  Oh yeah, Colonel or ProtoMan SP (omega)
    is there at Undernet 3 so face him for the chip!  There, you face ToadMan or
    \ToadMan / Meddy\
    Type: ToadMan - Water
    Type: Meddy - Recovery
    Weakness: ToadMan - Electric
    Offense: ToadMan - Fire
    Weakness: Meddy - None
    Offense: Meddy - High HP opponents
    Attacks: ToadMan - Same thing in MegaMan battle network 1 or 2.
    Attacks: Meddy - Capsules.  Stay in the back to dodge.
                     Heal Ball.  Shoot you 20-40 to heal.
                     Bomb Connection. Two bombs try to connect and explode.
    Strategy: ToadMan - ToadMan hides in his Water Panel so just use a Geddon chip
    to reveal him.  Then, attack him 'til he dies.
    Strategy: Meddy - She should be pretty easy considering she's at Version 1.
    They both have 800-1000 HP.
    After that, KnightMan becomes watchguard and you start Liberation Mission 6.
    1ax. Liberation Mission 6 - Undernet
    Alright this is the last liberation mission to beat the regular storyline.  The
    boss is DarkColonel.  He is alive very well and now you face him, again.  If
    you have Team ProtoMan the boss is Dark ProtoMan.
    Sorry no map.
    \Dark Colonel / Dark ProtoMan\
    HP: 1000
    Type: Sword
    Attacks: ProtoMan - Dark Shield = Dark ProtoMan's DarkSoul serves as a shield.
    Step Sword = Invades your side of the field to attack you
    with WideSword.  Sometimes, his DarkSoul does it, too.
    HeroSword = Uses a 3 forward sword at you.  Sometimes, his
    DarkSoul does it too.
    Dark DeltaRay = DarkSoul and Dark ProtoMan teams up and
    uses DarkSword as DeltaRay in 3 Sword.  FINISHER!
    Attacks: Colonel - Cross Slash: on your field is a shockwave slash.
                       C-Cannon: Tank Cannon on your field.
                       Another attack that appears to be his finisher.
    Rewards: Colonel or ProtoMan comes back.
             1-10 Phases - Z Saber Z (Zero on picture)
             11-15 Phases - ProtoMan B / Colonel C
             16 and up - 6000 Zennys
    After this, CosmoMan takes Colonel so he doesn't come back… yet.
    1ay. All the way until the final boss…
    Now, go home and go to sleep.  After sleep, it's "Everybody go crazy day".  All
    the people in ACDC as well as the other people in the neighborhood are evil!
    The first signal is behind the tree but SearchMan or NumbrMan is guarding it.
    The second signal is at SciLab, once where you enter near the info booth.
    Guardians = KnightMan or MagnetMan.
    The third signal is at the ship battle arena.  Guardians = NapalmMan or
    The final signal is where you battle NumbrMan or SearchMan first (the Gargoyle
    Computer).  Guardians = ShadowMan or GyroMan.
    The one that sources all of them are at Undernet 4 (where you battled the Dark
    Team Lords).  This is when Dark Colonel or Dark ProtoMan goes free.
    Now, go back home and go to sleep!
    Now it's the big day!  You finally strike the Nebula Base.  Just go to ACDC
    Park and join your team for the helicopter ride to the volcano.
    However, you have another DataDisc.  Alright go to SciLab 3.
    This will be quick, if you get there from SciLab HP.
    At SciLab 3, go up on the first square.  Keep on going straight until the dead
    end.  Now go left and up and see the large 5 x 3 square?  Go to the top of it
    and go the middle square.  Look at the background with MegaMan.  Press A on
    your GBA, GBA SP, or DS.  It will be another Vision Burst.  This one is of
    SciLab.  Look at it and then after you get out, just go home.
    Go to sleep.
    Today is the big day.  Now take the damn helicopter ride to the volcano and
    begin to kill Nebula.  Just speak to Baryl or Chaud.  Now, you arrive at the
    Nebula base.
    Go to the back door since the front door is locked.
    Now, solve the puzzles at the machine barriers.  Sure, you'll lose every
    teammate you have as you go along but still, it's worth it, right?  The bosses
    are just every boss you faced in the Liberation Missions except Dark Colonel or
    Dark ProtoMan.
    Now, go in the room where Regal's always laughing and stuff.  You see those PET
    cases on the right of the room?  Examine the top one and you can jack in it.
    Talk to the dead navi.  After you talk to him, jack out because he is really
    dead.  Examine the middle PET case.  You will rob all three of your friend's
    PETs.  Well I wouldn't say rob, let's just say "borrow".  Wait, that's the one
    on the bottom.  The middle one unlocks the final door!  Now save the game like
    a good boy or girl.  And walk in the final room for your final battle.
    Now take a little walk, then just you will be ambushed and your teammates come
    out to save you.  Now keep on going until you reach THE LAST BOSS!
    \Nebula Gray\
    Type: Fire
    Weakness: None
    Offense: None
    Attacks: Phoenix fire.  Same effect as Death Phoenix or the Regular Phoenix
             Tag Flame.  Breathes fire on your field and then chases you.
    Head Bomber.  Headbutts your field for extreme cracking business and
             Arm robber.  Uses an arm which sucks your HP and heals Nebula Gray.
    Rewards: Why the hell would you need a reward? You beat the story mode!  And
    also a Colonel or ProtoMan icon, LOL =).
    You've beaten the story mode.  After this, collect 140 or more standard chips
    and then enter the Nebula Area, the land of Chaos and Undernet 2 (you get there
    from Undernet 3 though).  You can get to Undernet 3 easily now by jacking in at
    the Nebula base's BBS chart.  The Nebula Area portal will be opened by golden
    Mr. Programs and also with an evil sense of humor.
    The chaos lord is also there along with the legendary chip everyone wants:
    LifeAura D (called LifeAur D for some weird reason).  You find this info at the
    Nebula Area FAQ at gamefaqs.com.
    Copyright 2005 by Max (of MaxTrap3 @ aim.com).  Please don't IM me or share my
    SN because I can be a cruel idiot while talking to strangers.
    This guide can be translated and sent through request at AIM or AOL.
    Do not steal from this guide.  AT ALL without my permission.
    There's no Nebula Area chapter, HA HA!
    For the Nebula Area Chapter or help, check the Nebula Area FAQ at GameFaqs,

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