U have to defeat the 5 black nebula navi's to open the door, Whwre are they?

  1. Where are the 5 navi's?

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  1. there is one in crane comp. here is the guide.......

    Alright to get here you must turn on the Crane in the Abandoned Mine. When you
    enter from Oran Isle, just head up the hill and enter the Mine. You should be
    in the Abandoned Mine Interior 6. Just head to the other exit and turn on the
    Crane. Next head to Oran Isle Area 2 as Rockman and head to where the Giant
    Door you had to open with Blues/Colonel. Head to the West path and follow it
    into the Crane Comp. One of the Five is standing in the South-East. You can
    also get a Regular Up +2 in the South corner and 1000 Zennys in the North-

    This Heel Navi will send Aqua Viruses

    i had to copy and paste this.

    number 2:

    on the second floor close to end are 5 when you get to the multiple pathd go down. a warp will take you him. he sends fire viruses.

    number 3:

    remeber the area where you were protoman/colonel?

    go to server comp (japense name i didn't find the english one) kagakoushu is somewhere near where a hp memory was. he sends sukara-sukera EX viruses

    number 4:

    This guy is located almost right next to the warp connected to End Area 1.
    Just enter from End Area 1 and take the turn then another turn to meet him.

    This Heel Navi will send Elec Viruses.


    This guy is located right before you enter Undernet 3. Before you enter
    head to the West and under the hill is the Heel Navi.

    This Heel Navi will use viruses such as Cata-Parudo EXs.

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