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    Renowned Folder FAQ by H0tSh0tZ1627

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/31/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Megaman Battle Network 5 Renowned Folder FAQ
         __ __                 __ __             ___        _      _    _
        |  \  \ ___  ___  ___ |  \  \ ___ ._ _  | . > ___ _| |_  _| |_ | | ___
        |     |/ ._>/ . |<_> ||     |<_> || ' | | . \<_> | | |    | |  | |/ ._>
        |_|_|_|\___.\_. |<___||_|_|_|<___||_|_| |___/<___| |_|    |_|  |_|\___.
                     _ _        _                    _         / ___/  
                    | \ | ___ _| |_ _ _ _  ___  _ _ | |__     / /   
                    |   |/ ._> | | | | | |/ . \| '_>| / /     \ \
                    |_\_|\___. |_| |__/_/ \___/|_|  |_\_\  ___/ /
                        (Ascii art provided in part by Xel23)
                               This FAQ was written by
                            H0tSh0tZ1627 (Kenny Shatzkes) 
    Legal Notice
    This FAQ is copyright 2005 H0tSh0tZ1627.  It is not allowed to be posted 
    anywhere, except on GameFAQs, IGN, and NeoSeeker.  It should not be on any other
    site unless you get my permission.  Copying this guide in anyway will just 
    cause you pain and punishment beyond imagination. Contact me at my email
    H0tSh0tZ1627@gmail.com if anything is needed.
    Version History
    - 1.5 (August 7, 2005)
    Added Ol' Faithful to FFF.
    Added Paroxysm to FFF.
    - 1.4 (July 12, 2005)
    Added Sprakk og Osten to FFF.
    - 1.35 (June 21, 2005)
    Moved Megiddo from RFF to FFF. 
    - 1.3 (June 20, 2005)
    Completed revisions to Megiddo.
    - 1.2 (June 19, 2005)
    Added GunSlinger to RFF.
    Added section IIIp. to MMBN5 Terminology and Tips.
    Added NC Setups contributed by user.
    - 1.1 (June 13, 2005)
    Added Neo-All or Nothing to FFF.
    Modified Rainbow after the Storm and Draconis.
    Moved Cutlass Reborn! from FFF to RFF.
    Notice: Megiddo is incomplete.
    Fixed flawed NaviCust Setups.
    - 1.0 (June 11, 2005)
    Finished Intoduction, The Essentials for Proper Folder Construction, the
      MMBN5 Terminology and Tips, and Navi Customizer Setups.
    Added Zombie S-Slasher, Rainbow after the Storm, Draconis, Megiddo, ErosiveEdge,
     Shadow Squall, Cutlass Reborn!, Alastor, Punji Strike, Crush Dance.
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. The Essentials for Proper Folder Construction
    III. MMBN5 Terminology and Tips
      IIIa. Navi Customizer
      IIIb. Program Advances
      IIIc. Dark Chips
      IIId. Soul Unisons
       A. Team of Blues Unisons
       B. Team of Colonel Unisons
      IIIe. Chaos Unisons
       A. Team of Blues Chaos Unisons
       B. Team of Colonel Chaos Unisons
      IIIf. Forte Cross Rockman Fusion
      IIIg. Karma System
      IIIh. DS Megaman
      IIIi. Full Synchro
      IIIj. Liberation Missions
      IIIk. SP/DS Navi Chips
      IIIl. Bugs and Glitches
      IIIm. Time-Freeze Counter
      IIIn. Flinching
      IIIo. Recommended chips for all folders
      IIIp. Folders recommended for different scenarios
    IV. Folders
      A. S-Slasher Reborn, Undead-styled aka Zombie S-Slasher
      B. Cutlass Reborn!
      C. Rainbow after the Storm
      D. Draconis
      E. GunSlinger
      F. Erosive Edge
      G. Shadow Squall
    V. Fun Folder Section
      A. Megiddo
      B. Alastor
      C. Punji Strike
      D. Crush Dance
      E. Neo-All or Nothing
      F. Sprakk og Osten
      G. Ol' Faithful
      H. Paroxysm
    VI. Navi Customizer Set-ups
    VII. Frequently Asked Questions
    VIII. Credits
    I. Introduction
    The basis and integral part of the Megaman Battle Network games are folders.
    Every folder created works in a variety of ways, sometimes good, sometimes bad,
    but there are some folders that are stronger, faster, and just simply better
    than the rest.
    That is what you will find in this FAQ.  The top folders Megaman Battle Network
    5 has to offer.  The best of the best.  The cream of the crop.  Unfortunately,
    Capcom decided to make folder building a bit more harder to accomplish in BN5,
    which explains why there are very few folders in this FAQ.  Along with each 
    folder, you will find a description of it, as well as how to utilize it
    to its maximum potential.  Everyone should also be aware that there is 
    ABSOLUTELY no such thing as THE best folder, or a folder thats invincible, 
    since all folders have their weaknesses.  Any folder, at any given time, can 
    lose a netbattle, even if it's far superior.
    If you choose to read on, you risk reading spoilers.  READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    II. The Essentials for Proper Folder Construction
    Many people throw a couple powerful chips together and think that they have 
    created a folder.  Sure, they have created a folder, but the likelihood of
    it being a good one are slim-to-none.  In order for a folder to be even 
    decent, it must follow the essentials for proper folder construction 
    (originally created by CrimsonKnight and Asakura Yoh during the BN3 days). All
    folders in this FAQ follow or come close to following all these guidelines.
    1. Basis
    The Basis is basically the theme of your folder.  This consists of the chips
    that will be dealing the main damage in your folder, and now in BN4 and BN5,
    Souls also play a factor into it.  A Basis should be able to do a fairly good
    amount of damage, or it wont be an effective one.  You should be able to take
    your opponent out hard, and fast with what you have in there.  Unfortunately,
    PA's can no longer be a basis of a folder, so you will have to dig in and 
    look hard to find combos that can help you out there.
     Example: Snakes in a Snakes folder.
    2. Support
    The Support aspect of your folder is by far the most important one.  Anyone
    can throw in a powerful Basis, but without Support, you may never be able to
    actually pull the Basis off.  Support is there to help you execute the 
    basis and make life easier for yourself.  Support chips can range from 
    AreaGrabs, to simple Lances, or even Seed chips.  They are a VERY essential
    part of every folder.
     Example: Geddon1 in a Snakes folder.
    3. Defense
    Many people, when building folders, forget about Defense.  Defense is a very
    important part of your folder, as at times, you will need to protect yourself
    when waiting to execute your basis/combo.  Without defense, you are a sitting
    duck, waiting to be roasted and deleted.  Defense chips range from Invis,
    Blinder, and Barriers.
     Example: Invis, Blinder, Barriers, LifeAura
    4. Fluidity
    Fludity measure how well your folder flows in a netbattle.  Many people
    believe that if you just have a unicoded folder, the fluidity will be fine.
    But there is more to fluidity than just coding.  A unicoded folder may still
    play choppy, and this can cause you to play the folder slower.  When 
    checking for fluidity, make sure you not only look at the codes, but also at
    the chips themeselves.  Do they work together well, or do they coincide 
    with one another?
     Example: A Tornado type folder may run slowly, while a Snake folder may run
    5. Utility
    Utility measure how well your folder will run in battle.  You will be facing
    many different situations while netbattling, and Utility measures how well
    you can take on those situations.  If you find your folder losing time after
    time, then your Utility is not effective.  This could be because of a 
    variety of reason, such as Fluidity, or a problem with your Basis.  
    6. Soul Unisons
    Soul Unisons are an integral part of about every folder.  In order to 
    activate a Soul Unison, you must sacrafice a specific type of chip.  When
    building your folder, make sure you have those chip types necessary to Unison
    with the soul you want.  Souls can play a big role in your folder, as each
    soul has abilities that you can integrate with your basis.
    III. MMBN5 Terminology and Tips
    If you are a beginner, or even an experienced netbattler, you may want to
    know certain aspects of folder making.  This section covers tips and
    techniques in which you can use to enhance you folder, as well as prepare
    for all situations you can see in a netbattle.
    IIIa. Navi Customizer
    As in the last two installments of the Battle Network series, the Navi
    Customizer is an important part of netbattling.  Programs for the NC are
    found in Mystery Datas over the net, and by buying them from various
    merchants.  Each program can either help or hurt Megaman in battle, and
    can also be integrated with your folder to produce a better effect.
    There are certain rules that you must oblige by when using the NaviCust.
    Textured programs are not allowed to go on the command line, and two blocks
    of the same color may not be adjacent to one another.  If you ignore these
    rules and do as you wish, Megaman will become bugged and glitched, and may
    greatly affect you in netbattle.  The BugStop program, however, stops the 
    bugs from happening, if you wish to use it.
    IIIb. Program Advances
    In previous Battle Network games, Program Advances were the basis of many
    renowned folders.  It gave an easy and effective way to deal lots of 
    damage quickly.  In BN5 however, Program Advances can no longer be the 
    basis of a folder.  There is a new restriction in folder building that each
    Program Advance may only be done once per battle.  Meaning, if you had 
    4 Sword, 4 WideSword, and 4 LongSword, hoping to get 4 Lifeswords, it wont 
    work.  You will be able to do the first LifeSword, and then you can only
    use each individual sword after that.  
    Program Advances however can still be used as support damage in a folder.
    It still can do lots of quick damage, and if it comes in code, it 
    wouldn't hurt to insert two of each chip, just in case.  But as a basis?
    Not anymore.
    To find info on all the Program Advances, check Zidanet129's Program 
    Advance FAQ.  
    IIIc. Dark Chips
    Dark Chips were introduced in the previous installment of Battle Network.
    They are extremely powerful, and thus you can bet they will have 
    drawbacks and consequences.  When you use a Darkchip, you will lose Karma,
    and if you dont, you can gain Karma.  When using a DarkChip, you also
    permenantly lose 1 HP from your Max HP, become glitched, and lose the 
    ability to Soul Unison.  In BN4, DarkChips were recommended not for use, 
    but in BN5, Capcom came up with a way that you can use DarkChips, without 
    experiencing its negative effects.  Go down to Chaos Unisons to learn more.
    For a more in depth look at Dark Chips, check The Dark Unknown's Dark Chip
    IIId. Soul Unisons
    Soul Unisons were first introduced in Battle Network 4.  They replaced the 
    old, but ever popular style system from BN2 and BN3.  To be able to Soul
    Unison with a certain navi, a certain game requirement must be performed, 
    for the most part, defeating the navi.  Once you are able to Soul Unison,
    all you have to do is sacrifice a certain type of chip to Unison with that
    navi.  Soul Unison's last for three turns, unless you have certain 
    programs in your NaviCust.  Each souls has its advantages and 
    disadvantages, and provide much help in constructing and executing various
    folders.  Refer to Zidanet129's Soul Unison Guide for a more in-depth look
    at the souls.
      A. Team of Blues Soul Unisons
       MagnetSoul - Sacrifice an Elec chip.
                    An Elec element soul.  Its charged attack is a Magnet Bolt
                    draws enemies to you.  Pressing <- + B, will freeze up 
                    enemies on the same row as you.  Can charge up Elec chips
                    for 2x damage.  Can stand on MagnetPanels without being
        Recommended for: 
       GyroSoul - Sacrifice a Wind chip.
                  A Normal element soul. Its charged attack is GyroTornado that
                  hits three panels ahead.  After using a Wind chip, the next
                  Wind/Normal chip will deal 2x damage.  In GyroSoul, you also
                  have Omnishoes.
        Recommended for: Rainbow after the Storm
       NapalmSoul - Sacrifice a Fire chip.
                    A Fire element soul.  Its charged attack is a FireVulcan,
                    that hits three times and is Fire-elemental.  All Fire-
                    chips get a boost of Fire+40 automatically.  Can charge
                    up Fire chips to throw a NapalmBomb, that deals 2x damage.
                    Can step over Magma panels and absorb them for +10 on the
                    next Fire Chip.
        Recommended for: Paroxysm
       SearchSoul - Sacrifice an Aiming chip.
                    A Normal element soul.  Its charged attack is a scope gun,
                    which fires a cross-hair at the enemy panel, then hits with
                    a 5-hit Vulcan.  You can use chip shuffle in the Custom
                    Screen to shuffle your chips three times.  Invisibiliy,
                    Blinder, and flinching is removed upon unison.
        Recommended for: All folders WHEN POSSIBLE.  Aiming chips suck.
       MeddySoul - Sacrifice a Healing chip.
                   A Normal element soul.  Its charged shot is a Capsule Bomb,
                   which throws a capsule 3 spaces ahead and explodes to hit 
                   one panel above and below it.  It also has a chip fusion 
                   ability where you can combine an attack chip with a
                   colored pill in the Custom Window to produce an added effect,
                   such as confusion and paralysis.
        Recommended for: Megiddo
       BluesSoul - Sacrifice a Sword chip.
                   A Normal element soul.  Its charged shot is a normal Wide
                   Sword.  It can charge swords to perform a Step-Sword 2 panels
                   ahead and do 2x damage.  Press <- + B to use Reflect.
        Recommended for: Cutlass Reborn!
      B. Team of Colonel Soul Unisons
       KnightSoul - Sacrifice a Break chip.
                    A Break element soul.  Its charged shot is the Royal
                    Wrecking Ball, which spun around you, confusing all who is
                    hit.  Can charge Break chips for 2x damage.  When using a
                    non-time freezing chip, you gain invincibility for the
                    duration of the chip use.  In KnightSoul, you also have
        Recommended for: Erosive Edge 
       ShadowSoul - Sacrifice a Hiding chip.
                    A Normal element soul.  Its charged shot is a Longsword.  
                    Charging a sword chip will make you do a Baskstab attack
                    on the opponent.  In ShadowSoul, your movement speed
                    increases, you have omnishoes, and press <- + B will
                    perform KawarimiMagic.
        Recommended for: Alastor
       TomahawkSoul - Sacrifice a Wood chip.
                      A Wood element soul.  Its charged shot is a 2x3 Silver
                      Tomahawk.  GrassStage occurs upon Unison.  Can charge
                      Wood chips for 2x damage.  Heals on Grass panels.
        Recommended for: Punji Strike
       NumberSoul - Sacrifice a Variable chip.
                    A Normal element soul.  Its charged shot is a DiceBomb
                    that is thrown 3 panels ahead and explodes in a 3x3 way.
                    Amount of damage dealt depends on the number rolled.  
                    All normal chips gain a +10 bonus automatically.  You 
                    also have 10 chips in the Custom Window.
        Recommended for: All folders.  10 Chips in the Custom Window is nice.
       ToadSoul - Sacrifice an Aqua chip.
                  An Aqua element soul.  Its charged shot is a homing elec note
                  that paralyzes.  Can charge Aqua chips for 2x damage.  Aqua
                  chips also gain Aqua+30 automatically.  You can also hide
                  in Ocean Panels.
        Recommended for: Ol' Faithful
       ColonelSoul - Sacrifice an Obstacle chip.
                     A Normal element soul.  Its charged shot is a V-shape 
                     slash that hits the enemy ahead.  When an obstacles is
                     placed on your side of the field, if the enemy moves into
                     the same row as it, the obstacle becomes a soldier and
                     paralyzes the enemy.  You can also ArmChange any non-
                     elemental offensive, non-time freezing standard chip to make
                     it the charged shot.
        Recommended for:
    IIIe. Chaos Unisons
    Chaos Unisons are new to the Battle Network Series.  Chaos Unisons are 
    actually quite ingenius.  In the previous game, people were afraid to use
    Dark Chips because the horrible negative effects it has on Megaman.  Chaos
    Unisons fix this.  By sacrificing certain elemental Dark Chips, you can
    Chaos unison into the ChaosSoul of that navi.  For example, sacrificing a
    DarkThunder will give you ChaosMagnet.  In this form, you have all the
    abilities of a regular Soul Unison, except now your charged buster becomes
    the Dark Chip you sacrificed.  You can use this charged buster to your 
    hearts content without experiencing negative effects, meaning no HP loss.
    Chaos Unisons only last for one turn though, as they are extremely 
    powerful.  For a more in depth look at Chaos Unisons, check The Dark 
    Unknown's Dark Chip FAQ, and Zidanet129's Soul Unison guide. 
      A. Team of Blues Chaos Unisons
       MagnetChaos - Sacrifice DarkThunder.
                     Charged buster becomes DarkThunder, a slow moving Thunder-
                     ball that does 300 damage.
       GyroChaos - Sacrifice DarkTornado.
                   Charged buster becomes DarkTornado, an 8-hit Tornado that
                   hits two spaces ahead.  Depending on the amount of glitches
                   you have, more Tornados can be made.
       NapalmChaos - Sacrifice DarkMeteor.
                     Charged buster becomes DarkMeteor, which randomly drops
                     Meteors on the enemies, breaking any unoccupied panels.
       SearchChaos - Sacrifice DarkCircle.
                     Charged buster becomes DarkCircle, which send out a cursor
                     that circles the enemy area.  When you press A, the cursor
                     will stop and hit that panel, as well the the next three
       MeddyChaos - Sacrifice DarkRecover.
                    Charged Buster becomes DarkRecover, in which you recover
                    HP... duh.
       BluesChaos - Sacrifice DarkSword.
                    Charged buster becomes DarkSword, a 2x3 sword that does
                    400 damage.  Basically a Lifesword.
      B. Team of Colonel Chaos Unisons
       KnightChaos - Sacrifice DarkDrill.
                     Charged buster becomes DarkDrill, which has a LongSword
                     range attack, but you can hit mulitple times.
       ShadowChaos - Sacrifice DarkInvis.
                     Charged buster becomes DarkInvis, which summons MegamanDS,
                     and uses random Chips you have used till the end of the turn. 
                     Possibly the cheapest thing in the game.
       TomahawkChaos - Sacrifice DarkLance.
                       Charged buster becomes DarkLance, which hits the enemy's
                       backrow with a bamboo lance.
       NumberChaos - Sacrifice DarkAttack+.
                     Charged buster becomes DarkAttack+, which when used, the 
                     next chip or PA gains a +50 bonus.  
       ToadChaos - Sacrifice DarkWideShot.
                   Charged buster becomes DarkWideShot, which covers the whole
                   field and stops after hitting something.
       ColonelChaos - Sacrifice DarkSound.
                      Charged buster becomes DarkSound, which when it plays, it
                      paralyzes all enemies without defenses.
    IIIf. Forte Cross Rockman Fusion
    A ForteSoul has been speculated to be in existance since BN4.  But in BN5, we
    found out that it wasn't a soul at all.  Instead, it is a Forte Cross
    Rockman Fusion.  It is a permenant effect on your Megaman, and he will always
    look as if he is in Forte Cross.  You are still able to Soul Unison though
    in Forte Cross.  Besides getting to look cooler, you get added effects also,
    some positive, some negative.  To get Forte Cross, you had to have bought
    a Team of Colonel game in Japan at the premiere of the Megaman movie.  
    In the box, you would find the E-reader card that would change Megaman.  
    Unfortunately, many people are not able to do this, and resort to cheating
    devices.  Each version of the game has their own Forte Cross:
     Team of Blues Forte Cross Rockman Fusion
       HP+200, Normal element, SuperArmor, Triple Buster, Charged Shooting
        Buster, MegaFolder -2.
     Team of Colonel Forte Cross Rockman Fusion
       HP+20%, Normal element, Floatshoes, Triple Buster, Charged Hell's
        Rolling, MegaFolder -2.
    IIIg. Karma System
    The Karma System was introduced in the last installment of the Battle Network
    system and works quite simply. If you use a Dark Chip, you lose LOTS of Karma,
    while if you dont use Dark Chips, you gain some Karma.  Karma in BN5 is
    measured on a scale of 1-1000.  The higher your Karma, the lighter you
    will see Megaman in battle, and vice versa.  There are also certain 
    advantages to having certain Karma.  When you have very low Karma, you can begin
    a normal battle with Dark Chips, and it takes less hits to enter anxious mode.
    IIIh. DS Megaman
    If your Karma is low, and you are in DarkSoul, you have a little advantage 
    here.  If your HP goes down to zero, you dont get deleted.  Instead, DS
    Megaman appears and uses chips you have used randomly.  You cannot control
    him and he cannot take damage.  After 20 seconds, Megaman comes back with 1
    HP.  For a more in-depth look at DS Megaman, refer to The Dark Unknown's
    Dark Chips FAQ.
    IIIi. Full Synchro
    Full Synchro is a very important part of this game.  While in Full Synchro,
    your next attack will be able to do 2x damage, which can be very helpful.
    In order to activate it, you must be able to counter an enemy when he is
    just about to attack.  You will know you entered Full Synchro if you see
    Megaman become a light blue and has a pink rind about him.  If you are hit
    while in Full Synchro though, you will lose it, and thus also lose the 2x
    damage.  Full Synchro is not possible while in Soul Unison.
    IIIj. Liberation Missions
    A new element introduced in BN5 is Liberation Missions.  You can think of
    these missions as a tactics based RPG, with a little mix of MMBN netbattling.
    Basically, you have a team of navis you can control, and each get their turns
    and liberating panels.  Whenever trying to Liberate a panel, a battle will
    occur and you will use that navi in battle.  The battle lasts three turns,
    and if you do not win the netbattle by then, then the panels are not 
    liberated.  Your mission is to get to the end, the boss, and depending on how
    fast you finish this mission, you will get a better reward.  Also, at the 
    beginning of each mission, your team will have a certain amount of Order 
    Points, which enable you to liberate panels in special ways.  To gain more 
    Order Points, you must find them in liberated panels.
    IIIk. SP/DS Navi Chips
    As in the previous Battle Network, Navi chips come in three forms: V1, SP,
    and DS.  The SP chips can only be used when you are light, and the faster
    you delete the navi, the more damage their chip will do.  If you delete the
    navi in 10 or less seconds, the chip will be at its max damage.  There are
    some navi chips that also have special abilities when button combos are 
    pressed, such as Gyroman (L+R).  DS navi chips do more damage depending on
    how much damage you take in that battle. 
    IIIl. Bugs and Glitches
    Bugs and glitches play a very important role in BN5.  In fact, certain chips
    revolve around the ideas of bugs, such as BugBomb, BugFix, and BugCharge.
    With certain chips, you can now cause bugs in your enemy's programming,
    helping you win the battle easier.  Having bugs yourself even helps you in 
    this game.  The more bugs you have, the more damage BugCharge will do.  This
    is the same with NoiseStorm also.  Now when you use ChaosUnisons, you will
    also experience a glitch the turn after the unison is gone.
    IIIm. Time-Freeze Counter 
    An important part of netbattling is the Time-Freeze counter.  In netbattle,
    when your opponent uses a time-freeze chip, you are able to counter it with
    one of your own time-freezing chips.  When you opponent uses a time-freeze
    chip, simply just press A when the screen freezes, to use your chip after
    uses his.  You will see a "!!" symbol above the enemy's head if you are
    IIIn. Flinching
    When building a folder in the past, we were always told to work with chips
    that did not cause flinching, or gave the opponent invincibility after
    it hit.  In BN5, we still try to do it, but it is now much harder to 
    accomplish this because most of the chips do cause flinching now.  Because of
    this, Blinder has become an essential part of every folder.  After using a 
    chip that flinches, simply use a Blinder quickly, and the opponent will be
    pulled out of the flinch.  Meaning you can hit him right after, plus he
    will be blinded, helping you in two ways.
    IIIo. Recommended chips for all folders  
    Fastgauge */Slowgauge * - Speeds up or slows down the folder.  Very important 
     in netbattles depending on preference. 
    Fullcust * - Also speeds up folder.
    AreaGrab * - Getting locked in is never good.  Grabs can help you there.
    Blinder * - Gets rid of flinching and provides a form of defense.
    Numberball * - Great backup power in * code. 
    DarkInvis * (ToC only) - A great last resort chip to use if you are in a tight 
    IIIp. Folders recommended for different scenarios
    S-Ranking SP/DS Navis - Zombie S-Slasher, Draconis, GunSlinger
    Netbattling - Basically all RFF folders. =P
    IV. Folders
    This is what its all about, isn't it?  Im not going to say anything more.  I've 
    said too much already.  Without further due, here we go:
    A. S-Slasher Reborn, Undead-styled aka Zombie S-Slasher
    S-Slasher Reborn, Undead-styled
    3 BatBeam 3 S
    2 Sword S
    2 WideSword S
    2 LongSword S
    4 AirHockey S
    3 SamuraiSword 1 S
    3 AreaSteal S
    2 Blinder *
    4 Invisible *
    1 FullCust * (Preset)
    1 ShadeManSP S
    1 ShadeManDS S
    1 SwallowManSP S
    1 SwallowManDS S
    Preferred Souls: Full Synchro
    Possible Souls: Blues, Knight, Shadow
    This folder relies on the powerful PAs that S-code has to offer, three to be
    exact.  LifeSword can do 400 damage, and cant miss with ONE AreaGrab, so its
    fairly easy to pull off.  The BigNoise PA can also do 400 damage, but 
    literally cant miss.  It hits the whole field, and it even pierces Invis.  The
    last PA in this folder is WildSwallow, which can also do amazing damage and hit
    multiple times.  AirHock is also in there for great support damage, as well as
    get you some easy Full Synchros to pull of 2x damage on those PA's.  The DS
    Navis should be used for the PAs, and the SP Navis should be used by 
    themselves.  But if you feel like it, you could always also use the SP Navis
    for the PA's also.
    - PA's in this folder are very accurate and can deal lots of damage quickly.
    - This may be the only folder that can actually still use PA's as a basis.
    - AirHock can give you easy Full Synchros and make those PA's 2x damage.
    - Without Customs in your NaviCust, it may be difficult to get the chips needed
    for the PA's.
    - If the PA's do miss somehow, then you can be in trouble with the lack of
    other damage.  
    - The extra chips used for the PAs are worthless without the PA's, making them
    just junk for the rest of the battle.
    Final Thoughts:
    For all you PA-loving netbattlers, this is the folder for you.  This is the only
    folder that can exploit PAs in BN5, and still be a great netbattling folder.
    All the PA's are fairly accurate, and in most cases, cant even miss.  Combine
    that with AirHocks damage and easy Full Synchro, which the PAs would then get
    a nice 2x damage, and this folder can be very deadly.  This folder is also 
    excellent for in-game Navis, as it will give you easy quick deletes.  I suggest
    though putting some Customs in your NC to make sure you get the chips needed
    for the PAs.  If you dont, you can be in for some waiting, and some trouble.  
    It just seems S-Slasher just doesn't want to die.  It keeps coming back every
    game to haunt people.
    Rating: Medium
    B. Cutlass Reborn!
    Cutlass Reborn! (C-Code)
    4 VarSword C
    4 Kunai 3 C
    3 LongSword C
    1 Cosmoman SP C
    3 Rockcube *
    3 AreaGrab *
    2 Timpani *
    3 Invis *
    3 Blinder *
    1 Numberball *
    1 DarkSword Z
    1 DarkInvis *
    1 Fullcust * (Preset)
    Preferred Souls: Blues
    Possible Souls: Shadow, Colonel
    Chaos Souls: Blues, Shadow
    Cutlass Reborn! (V-Code)
    4 VarSword V
    4 Kunai 2 V
    3 WideBlade V 
    1 NeoVariable V 
    3 CustomBolt 1 V 
    3 AreaGrab *
    2 Timpani *
    3 Invis *
    3 Blinder *
    1 Numberball *
    1 DarkSword Z
    1 DarkInvis *
    1 Fullcust * (Preset)
    Preferred Souls: Blues
    Possible Souls: Magnet, Shadow, Colonel
    Chaos Souls: Blues, Shadow
    The Blues-Fanboys folder, Cutlass Reborn!  This folder uses BluesSoul's step-
    sword ability very effectively, more so than any other BluesSoul folder.  
    Varsword can still be charged with BluesSoul for 2x damage, and you can still
    input button codes for it to pull off.  This means with one AreaGrab, you can
    have a nice 2x VarSword-Lifesword, that wont miss.  Kunai's will not miss if
    you step-sword into the center panel of the opponent's area, as it will hit
    all panels around it.  Timpani is in there to hold them in place, just in case
    they pull something tricky on you.  Support in each folder is different.  In the
    C-coded one, we have CosmomanSP, which can do some nice damage with two 
    obstacles on the field.  In V-code, we have NeoVariable, which can pull off ~900
    damage.  Numberball helps out each folder quite well also.
    - BluesSoul charges Swords very fast for 2x damage
    - VarSword and Kunai will not miss if you can master the tricks to them, making
    it much easier to defeat someone in BluesSoul in this game, than in BN4.
    - Obstacles, such as Timpani, help power-up CosmomanSp for support.  BluesSoul
    can powerup NeoVariable for even more damage.
    - Swords will not cause flinching in BluesSoul.
    - The folder is more the "quick-semipowerful hits" type folder, over the "heavy
    hitting" folder.  This can make it seem much weaker.
    - Timpani can easily be destroyed, which can make things a little more difficult
    for you.
    - Its BluesSoul!  You never know how bad it can be in a battle.  Many people 
    have learned to easily dodge its step-sword ability.
    Final Thoughts:
    Cutlass Reborn is the only folder that is able to utilize BluesSoul effectively.
    Most of the attacks will not miss with a little practice, which can make this 
    folder actually quite good in a netbattle.  The attacks also do not cause 
    flinching, meaning you can just charge up another sword right after, and hit 
    them again.  But remember, you never know what can happen in a BluesSoul folder.
    It can get really bad at times, since many folder render the step-sword ability
    useless.  Regardless, Cutlass Reborn! is a very fun folder, and can be quite
    powerful at times.  Blues-Fanboys, come and get it.
    Rating: Easy/Medium
    C. Rainbow after the Storm
    Rainbow after the Storm
    4 Tornado D
    3 Airshot *
    3 Invis *
    2 Blinder */D
    3 AreaGrab *
    3 Timpani *
    3 OceanSeed */D
    1 Django SP D
    1 DeathPhoenix D 
    1 LifeAura D / DarkTornado T
    3 Attack +10 *
    1 Attack +30 *
    1 DoublePoint * 
    1 Fastguage * (Preset)
    Preferred Souls: Gyro, Full Synchro
    Possible Souls: Shadow, Colonel, Number
    This folder uses the ever-popular Tornado + OceanSeed Combo.  In previous games,
    Sandpanels powered up Tornado.  Unfortunately, in this game, OceanPanels now
    power up Tornados for 2x damage, but unlike Sandpanels, once you hit a panel
    with a Tornado, the OceanPanel disappears.  The way you want to use this folder
    is to OceanSeed, stop them, and hit them.  You can either use GyroSouls 2x
    Wind/Normal chip ability to power up Tornado, or use FullSync.  Go into GyroSoul
    and throw an OceanSeed.  Hit the opponent with either a AirShot or WindRacket
    to get the propellers on GyroSoul's back spinning.  Now Timpani and use Tornado
    for a nice 4x damage.  Attack boosters further enhance Tornado's power to insane
    levels.  Maximum damage that can be dealt by a Tornado is 4160 in one shot.
    DjangoSP is in there for Backup, and DeathPhoenix can deal its own damage, AND
    bring back Django for more GunSol fun.  LifeAura also can help with defense, 
    especially since you have to be right in front of the opponent to hit him with
    a Tornado.
    - Tornados are as powerful as ever, and can take an opponent out in one hit.
    - OceanSeed not only powers up Tornados, but slows down the opponent so he cant
    reach the Timpani in time to destroy it.  
    - Blinder can actually even hide your Timpani from your opponent.  He will never
    know what hit him.
    - Tornado still doesnt cause flinching, making it powerful, and still keeping
    you safe.
    - Tornado folders require quite a bit of setup, and this folder is no exception.
    - The folder will move rather slowly compared to other folders, because of the
    lack of fluidity.  You may be waiting turns for a Tornado to pop up.
    - Timpanis can be destroyed, meaning your Tornados can miss easily if they are.
    - Tornado folders require you to be in front of the opponent, leaving you open
    for an attack if you have no defense at the time.
    Final Thoughts:
    This is the reincarnation of the famous BN4 folder, Ovarshine.  As in previous
    BN games, Tornado is once again powered up by a stage type, this time Ocean
    panels.  But this time, you could use a Soul to double the damage of the Tornado
    and not depend on Fullsync.  This can help a lot.  The damage potential in this
    folder is insane, and kind of unrealistic to really pull off.  The folder will
    run slowly in netbattles, and can take a lot of time to get used to, as you will
    have to get used to using Tornados fast and effectively.  Its just this folder
    is very high maintenance, and its either a hit or miss with it.  DjangoSP and 
    DeathPhoenix try to make up for this, but just like its older versions, Tornado
    folders are hard to use.  
    Rating: Hard
    D. Draconis
    4 Snake M
    3 Geddon 1 *
    2 Vulcan 3 M 
    2 WindRacket *
    4 Areasteal *
    1 Fullcust * (Preset)
    3 Invis *
    3 Blinder *
    3 Attack+10 *
    1 Attack+30 *
    1 Numberball *
    1 MeteoKnuckle M
    1 DarkInvis *
    1 DarkAttack+ *
    Preferred Souls: Full Synchro
    Possible Souls: Tomahawk, Gyro, Shadow, Number, Blues
    Chaos Souls: Shadow 
    The old Snake combo lives once again in this game. This folder is a very simple,
    yet effective folder to use.  Basically, you want to AreaGrab as much as you
    can, Geddon1 twice to break all your panels, then unleash powered up Snakes.
    The snakes will deal major damage, and with Powerups, they will deal even more
    damage.  MeteoKnuckle can deal a lot of damage, and since you are aiming for the
    column-lock anyways, it fits in very well.
    - The folder is fast.  It will be fine to use in both Netbattle and In-Game for
    quick, easy deletes.
    - The damage potential is insane, easily enough to kill any opponent.
    - Very accurate, since Snakes home in on the opponent and time freeze.  There
    is no way it will miss unless the opponent has an Invis up.
    - To obtain maximum damage, two AreaGrabs must be used.  ColumnLocks are never
    easy to pull off.
    - Getting Geddon chips when panels are already broken will just waste Custom
    Screen space, giving your opponent time to counter.
    - Experience netbattlers know how this folder works.  It may be harder to take
    them on after a few tries.
    Final Thoughts:
    The snake combo is probably one of the fastest killing combos in the existance
    of MMBN.  It does an insane amount of damage that can take out any opponent.
    There are few folders that kill faster when it comes to deleting in-game Navis.
    In netbattles, you should be able to win many times, but the experienced 
    netbattler will know what is coming and will be able to counter what you throw
    at him, making winning much more difficult.  But that doesn't take anything
    away from this folder.  Its accurate, powerful, and one damn good folder.
    Rating: Medium/Hard
    E. GunSlinger
    4 Thunder *
    4 DrillArm 2 S
    3 SabotenBall 2 S
    3 Invis *
    3 PanelGrab *
    3 Attack +10 *
    2 Fan *
    2 ColorPoint *
    1 Attack +30 *
    1 DoublePoint *
    1 SuperVulcan S
    1 Numberball *
    1 Forte/ForteAnother F
    1 Fastgauge * (Preset)
    Preferred Souls: Full Synchro
    Possible Souls: Magnet, Knight, Tomahawk, Shadow, Number, Gyro
    The Silver Bullet combo from BN4, has remained intact in this game, except now
    MetalSoul is not available.  The idea of this folder is the same as Son of a Gun
    from BN4: RowLock and Silver Bullet.  PanelGrabs and a Fan will help you rowlock
    the opponent.  Once you do that, you can use the Fan + Thunder to FullSync, add
    some powerups onto SuperVulcan, and fire away.  Maximum damage with SuperVulcan
    would be 2880 damage, nothing to laugh at, and enough to kill any opponent.  
    Other attacks in this folder follow the rowlock theme, such as DrillArm, and 
    SabotenBall, which can serve as nice backup damage, as well as utilize the power
    ups in the folder.  Forte is in there for desperate situations.
    - High, piercing damage in this folder.  
    - The rowlock in the folder sets up everything you need, so there is high
    - You can always use NumberSoul to find the chips needed for Silver Bullet.
    - Maximizes damage on your SP/DS Navi chips.
    - Netbattling with this folder is much harder to do.
    - Relying on a single mega chip/combo, is never a good thing to do.
    - The rowlock is never full-proof, and if the opponent gets rid of it, then
    its not looking good.
    Final Thoughts:
    The most popular combo in BN4 by far was Silver Bullet.  Basically, SuperVulcan
    with a lot of powerups meant a lot of damage, enough to kill anything.  The 
    damage presented in this folder is overkill, but this folder is not really meant
    for netbattling.  A human opponent can always get rid of your rowlock and dodge
    your row aligned attacks.  THIS is the folder you want to be using though, for
    SP and DS navis.  It can give you fast, easy deletes of them, to make your SP/DS
    chips as strong as they can be.  
    Rating: Hard
    F. Erosive Edge (ToC/TC only)
    Erosive Edge
    4 DrillArm 3 I 
    2 Ball *
    4 WaterTornado 3 I
    3 Thunder *
    1 Numberball *
    1 Attack +30 *
    3 Fan *
    2 PanelGrab * 
    2 AreaGrab *
    2 DoubleCrack *
    3 Invis *
    1 FullCust * (Preset)
    1 DarkDrillArm D
    1 DarkInvis I/*
    Preferred Souls: Knight
    Possible Souls: Toad, Number, Shadow
    Chaos Soul: Knight, Shadow
    Erosive Edge is a folder you look at when you want to turn offense into defense.
    The folder utilizes KnightSoul and its amazing abilities.  What you want to do
    is set a simple rowlock up on the opponent.  This can be easily done in several
    ways with this folder: AreaGrab, PanelGrab, Fan; AreaGrab, DoubleCrack, Fan.  
    Once you have the opponent lock, the battle is basically over.  KnightSoul is
    able to charge Break chips for 2x damage, and the chip we will be using in this
    folder is DrillArm3.  DrillArm3 can hit for multiple times as well, and with Fan
    on the field, you can get a total of 5 hits out of it.  So what you do is charge
    up a DrillArm, wait for the Fan to pull the opponent to the front, then step
    in front of him and let the Drill go.  You will get 5 hits for a total of 800
    non-flinching damage.  Plus, you dont have to worry about getting hit, as 
    KnightSoul gives you invincibility as long as the chip is in use.  To finish
    off the opponent, you can use one of the other support chips that wont miss, or
    just charge up another DrillArm3 and let it fly.
    - Can do amazing, non-flinching damage without the worry of getting hit by an
    - The synergy in the folder is great, as all chips will hit easily once the 
    opponent is in the rowlock.
    - 800 damage on first turn is nothing to be laughing at.
    - Requires a bit of setup in the beginning to obtain maximum damage.
    - Relies heavily on KnightSoul to do maximum damage and protect you.
    - If the Fan is somehow destroyed, you will not be able to obtain maximum damage
    with this folder.
    Final Thoughts:
    Erosive Edge is an excellent folder.  It can do 800 damage a pop, and does
    not cause flinching whatsoever.  Once you have the rowlock, the opponent will
    not be able to do a thing.  You will be protected by KnightSoul, and will just
    keep charging up DrillArm3's and letting them fly at the opponent.  The opponent
    wont be able to do anything to stop it.  The problem with this folder is its
    reliance on KnightSoul for protection and damage, and its reliance on the 
    rowlock.  Either way though, the folder is pretty fast, and very powerful with a
    little practice.
    Rating: Hard/Insane
    G. Shadow Squall
    Shadow Squall
    4 NoiseStorm N
    4 GrabRvng N
    3 AreaGrab *
    2 Metagel N
    2 Fan *
    4 Invis *
    1 Doublepoint *
    2 Colorpoint *
    3 Attack +10 *
    1 Attack +30 *
    1 DarkPlus *
    1 DarkTornado T
    1 DarkInvis * / Blackwing W
    1 Fastgauge * (Preset)
    Preferred Souls: Dark
    A folder for all you DarkSoul users.  The synergy in this folder is just great.
    Right away, start snacking your opponent by using some of them DarkChips.  Each
    DarkChip themselves can do massive damage, as well as set up your usage for 
    NoiseStorm.  NoiseStorm produces more Tornados on the field for each bug you 
    have, and each DarkChip will give you a nice glitch/bug.  Doublepoint/Colorpoint
    and let the NoiseStorm go!  The range is great that the chip is almost
    guaranteed to hit.  Besides that, you can now use a nice GrabRevenge, since you
    lost area from the point chips.  If you are worried of getting yourself locked 
    in, you have plenty of grabs in AreaGrabs and Metagels to keep you safe.  
    - There is extremely high synergy and fluidity in this folder.  Everything sets
    up something else.
    - NoiseStorm has great range, so its easy to hit, and very powerful.
    - GrabRevenge is super-piercing and can do some nice damage.
    - DarkChip usage, as always, can literally take out the opponent with ease by
    - Plenty of Grab chips so you wont be locked in.
    - Its a DarkSoul folder.  That means no Soul Unisons for you.
    - You will have to weaken yourself to use this folder, since each Darkchip you 
    use makes you lose 1 HP permenantly.
    - Although you can do damage while locked, its never safe to be.
    - You cant power up the GrabRevenges with power-ups.
    Final Thoughts:
    This may be one the most powerful folders for BN5 as of yet.  Kind of sad that 
    it is a DarkSoul folder though, so many people will not be able to use it.  But
    for those people who love DarkSoul, this is what you want.  The power this 
    folder brings to the table is insane, and VERY fast.  The fluidity is great as
    everything works together and sets something else up.  Plus, you dont have to
    worry at all about defense with GrabRevenge in the folder, with it being
    super-piercing and all.  This folder is amazingly powerful, and perfect for you
    power-hungry dark soul netbattlers.
    Rating: Insane  
    V. Fun Folder Section
    A wise man once said, "Things can be renowned for how kick ass they are to use, 
    not how much ass they kick."  Actually it was Asakura Yoh, but who cares =P.  
    But with that, you have arrived at the Fun Folder section.  In this section, 
    you will find folders that aren't particularly strong, but can still pack a 
    punch, and are just plain fun to use.  Enjoy having fun with these folders, as 
    well as winning a couple netbattles here and there.
    A. Megiddo (ToB/TP only)
    4 Meteors 3 P
    4 GrabRevenge P
    3 Invis *
    3 Barrier100 P
    4 Recover 80 *
    2 AreaGrab *
    3 Timpani *
    1 Attack +30 *
    1 Doublepoint *
    2 Colorpoint *
    1 Fastgauge * (Preset)
    1 Poltergeist P
    1 DarkRecover *
    Souls: Meddy
    Preferred Souls: Meddy
    Possible Souls: Meddy
    Chaos Souls: Meddy
    Megiddo is an exceptional folder.  The main combo is particularly easy to pull
    off, and once you do, the battle is over.  What you want to do is use MeddySoul.
    Place a paralyze pill on Meteors3 and let it go.  Each Meteor, instead of 
    flinching the opponent, will paralyze the opponent, meaning he will have to 
    take ALL 800 damage from the Meteors, plus be paralyzed.  What to do now?  Hit 
    him with something else!  GrabRevenge him again if you want or even use another
    Meteors with a paralyze pill.  Plus, the Point chips can even powerup your 
    Meteors!  Timpani can serve as a means of holding down the opponent too, as well
    as be fodder for Poltergeist.  
    - The opponent is paralyzed the whole battle, meaning he has no chance to 
    counter anything you throw at him.  
    - Two-turn delete is VERY possible with this folder.
    - 800 PARALYZING damage from a Standard chip?!  Amazing.
    - The folder relies heavily on getting the ParalyzePill to come up in the
    Custom Window.  This is not a guaranteed thing, and if you dont get it, you are
    giving time for your opponent to easily delete you.
    - The folder is short on AreaGrabs, so you may be locked in, which is never a 
    good thing.
    Final Thoughts:
    Megiddo is an excellent folder, especially for MeddySoul.  Its fast in that
    once you paralyze the opponent with one of the many methods, the battle is over.
    Easy win.  Meteors combined with Meddy's Paralyze Pill leads to an amazing combo
    of 800 PARALYZING damage, which can even be chained!  The problem with Megiddo
    beforehand was its reliance on too many things.  Now with a piercing
    GrabRevenge, its much better.  Plus, the folder does not rely SO much on 
    MeddySoul anymore.  GrabRevenges can still do a lot of damage without MeddySoul,
    and your defense will be holding you for a while.  Not bad... eh?  The one 
    problem with this folder is its reliance on the Paralyze Pill.  If you dont get
    the Paralyze Pill in the Custom Screen, you might be in for some trouble.
    Rating: Hard/Insane
    B. Alastor
    4 VarSword C
    3 Kunai 3 C
    2 Colorpoint *
    1 Doublepoint *
    3 Fan *
    2 OceanSeed *
    3 AreaGrab *
    1 ColonelSP C
    1 CloudmanSP C
    3 Invis *
    3 Blinder *
    1 Numberball *
    1 DarkInvis *
    1 CrossSlash C
    1 Fastgauge * (Preset)
    Preferred Souls: Shadow
    Possible Souls: Blues, Number, Gyro, Magnet
    Chaos Souls: Shadow
    Now its your turn, Shadow-Fanboys. This folder uses ShadowSoul quite effectively
    especially since this is ShadowSoul we are talking about.  What you want to do
    is use the Point chips to lose area.  What?  Lose area?  Why do that?  By losing
    area, you set up a powerful chip in this folder, CloudmanSP.  Lock yourself in
    the backrow and use a Fan to move the enemy to their front row. Now use Cloudman
    for a nice 1020 PARALYZING damage.  Easy.  OceanSeed can also slow down the 
    opponent, making Backstabbing with swords in this folder fairly easy.  You have
    plenty of backup power in this folder in ColonelSP, Numberball, and CrossSlash.
    Its kind of needed with ShadowSouls *ahem* amazing abilities.
    - OceanSeed slows down your opponent, ensuring your Backstab will not be dodged.
    - CloudmanSP is a powerful paralyzing chip, and can take out your opponent in
    one go.
    - Plenty of backup power in this folder makes up for the weak abilities of
    - Charging up swords with ShadowSoul gives you no benefit besides a BackStab.
    Its kind of weak.
    - Locking youself in to use CloudmanSP can be dangerous at times.
    - If you lose OceanPanels, the opponent may be able to dodge the BackStab much
    Final Thoughts:
    This is the only folder known thats able to exploit ShadowSouls abilities, and
    still be able to win netbattles.  Lets face it, ShadowSoul sucks.  Its not good
    at all.  But this folder finds a way to make it halfway decent and effective.
    The backup power in Navi, Mega, and Giga chips can really help you out, and make
    up for the lack of power ShadowSoul has at its maximum.  Overall, its a fun 
    folder that I know many people have liked so far.  I know many Shadow-Fanboys
    will be using this folder in netbattles, so have fun guys!  (This folder was
    mainly put in so we can get people to stop asking for a ShadowSoul folder.)
    Rating: Easy
    C. Punji Strike (ToC/TC only)
    Punji Strike 
    2 Sword S
    2 Wide Sword S
    2 Long Sword S
    3 Saboten Ball 2 S
    3 Air Hockey S
    3 Woody Nose 3 S
    3 Area Grab *
    1 Fast Gauge * (Preset)
    2 Blinder *
    3 Invisible *
    1 Full Custom *
    3 Attack + 10 *
    1 Attack + 30 *
    1 AreaGrab * / DarkLance W
    Preferred Souls: Tomahawk
    Possible Souls: Blues, Knight, Shadow, Number
    Very simple setup for a very effective folder.  What you want to do is AreaGrab
    once.  By doing this, you are setting up the whole folder.  Unison into 
    TomahawkSoul and start the assault of powered-up Wood Chips.  WoodyNose3 will
    do a nice 320, non-flinching, damage in TomahawkSoul, which is very rare in
    to find in this game.  Plus, with one AreaGrab, WoodyNose cannot miss.  
    SabotenBall2 will also do some hefty damage in TomahawkSoul, and you can combine
    the attack with AirHock.  AirHock will do maximum damage with only one AreaGrab,
    so again, you are perfectly set-up.  Let the AirHock go to stun the opponent, 
    then let the SabotenBall2 go right after.  Two attacks at once, that can do
    massive damage.  Lifesword is also in there as means of support, and again,
    with one AreaGrab, it wont miss.  GrassStage upon unison also can give you
    grass healing.
    - Very good synergy in this folder, maximum damage can be dealt fast.
    - Setup only requires ONE AreaGrab!
    - Attacks can be combined at once for quick deletes.
    - Nothing in this folder causes flinching!  Except for Lifesword...
    - GrassPanels can be exhausted quickly, and if you miss with the SabotenBalls,
    you could be in some trouble.
    - Napalm and Fire folders can annihalate you quickly, as GrassStage + Tomahawk-
    Soul, will make you take 4x fire damage.  
    - SuperArmor may give this folder some trouble, as they can step out of the 
    AirHocks stunning power.
    Final Thoughts:
    The great thing about this folder is the lack of setup needed to obtain maximum
    damage.  Every attack in this folder only needs one AreaGrab to make it
    effective.  With TomahawkSoul, this folder can deal so much damage, its not even
    funny.  TomahawkSoul + SabotenBall + Powerups, can litterally wipe out any 
    opponent.  The one problem I see in this folder is a lack of being able to hold
    your opponent down for SabotenBall.  It relies on hitting with AirHock to stun,
    and also deal major damage, and then letting the SabotenBall go, hitting two 
    attacks at once.  When it works, it can be very powerful, but when it doesn't,
    you may be in for some trouble.  Overall though, its a fast, and VERY fluid 
    folder and can win you many netbattles.
    Rating: Easy/Medium  
    D. Crush Dance (ToC/TC only)
    Crush Dance
    4 SabotenBall 3 N 
    3 GrabRevenge N 
    3 Invis * 
    2 Blinder * 
    2 Wind * 
    3 Thunder *
    2 MetaGel N
    2 ColorPoint *
    1 DoublePoint *
    3 Attack+10 *
    1 Attack+30 *
    1 Numberball *
    1 NapalmMan SP N
    1 DarkInvis *
    1 Fastgauge * (Preset)
    Preferred Souls: Tomahawk
    Possible Souls: Shadow, Gyro, Colonel, Toad, Number, Napalm
    Chaos Souls: Shadow
    Another SabotenBall folder, but this one is a little different from the others.
    In this folder, you want to power-up your SabotenBall3 with the Point chips.
    What you want to do is use the put out a Wind and Thunder.  Thunder will stop
    them and the Wind will push them all the way to their back row, meaning you can
    use the Point chips to lock yourself the backrow, and now you have 4 panels in
    between you and your opponent.  This means the Sabotenball will bounce, and hit
    4 times.  With a Doublepoint, and TomahawkSoul, SabotenBall3 will do 960 damage
    if it hits all 4 times.  Now that your panels are given to the opponent, you can
    use a nice couple GrabRevenges on them to hurt them even more.  NapalmManSP can
    also do some nice damage, as GrassPanels will be all over the field once you
    unison into TomahawkSoul.
    - High fluidity and synergy in this folder.  Everything sets something else up.
    - SabotenBall3 can be deadly when powered up and when you get the 4 hits.  It
    can basically take out the opponent all by themselves.  
    - With GrabRevenge, you dont have to worry about opponent defenses, as it is
    - Grass-Stage healing is always nice to have.
    - GrassPanels can be exhausted quickly, and if you miss with the SabotenBalls,
    you could be in some trouble.
    - Napalm and Fire folders can annihalate you quickly, as GrassStage + Tomahawk-
    Soul, will make you take 4x fire damage.
    - Locking yourself in is never good, and put you into some trouble at times.
    - Winds can be destroyed, meaning you will have to use some skill
    with SabotenBall if they are. 
    Final Thoughts:
    Crush Dance is a very fun folder to use in a netbattle.  To actually be able to
    manipulate where your opponent will be, making them stay there, and then 
    hitting them with a powered up SabotenBall, can be a heck of a lot of fun, as 
    well as painful for the opponent.  Defenses of the opponent will quiver as 
    GrabRevenge terrorizes them to no end.  Of course, this folder has its weakness
    and a big one it has.  The folder relies a bit on the obstacles helping you
    with the enemy's position.  If the opponent destroys these obstacles, you are
    going to need some skill to hit with the SabotenBall.  It is not impossible,
    but it will take some practice on your part.  GrabRevenge and others will hit
    regardless, so this folder overall is pretty strong, and overall, a lot of fun
    to beat people with.  Come on people, SabotenBall is just fun to use.
    Rating: Easy  
    E. Neo-All or Nothing
    Neo-All or Nothing
    1 NumberMan N
    1 NumberMan SP N
    1 Numberball N/*
    3 Vulcan3 N
    2 AirShot *
    3 ThunderBall 1 *
    2 GrabRevenge N
    4 Invis *
    2 Fan *
    3 AreaGrab *
    3 Navi+20 *
    1 Attack+30 *
    2 ColourPoint *
    1 DoublePoint *
    1 FastGauge * (Preset)
    Preferred Souls: Full Synchro
    Possible Souls: Number, Gyro, Magnet, Shadow
    All or Nothing was one of the most fun folders back in BN4.  Now its back in BN5
    with hardly any change whatsoever.  Basically, this is a luck folder.  Either 
    you do massive damage and win, or you fall short and lose.  Get NumberMan as 
    fast as you can and power him up.  Use Vulcan3's and AirShots to grab FullSynch,
    then get in the middle panel and fire NumberMan. If they have a shield, barrier,
    Invis, PopUp, or anything else to stop you from hitting, then you're probably 
    screwed.  There is one back-up NumberMan, as well as the Nmberball, which can do
    much damage.  Even with them, though, you're screwed if you miss once.  The 
    folder bases its entire attack on the chance that NumberMan will hit a high 
    number.  He usually gets at least a 4, but you're still basing your battle on 
    luck.  That's what makes the folder so fun.  Win or lose, you're gambling it to 
    win it all or go away with nothing.
    - The folder deals MASSIVE damage, and it's pretty fast.
    - Great accuracy, since it does hit in a 3x3 way.
    - Numberball is there as back-up damage in case you miss or get a bad hit.
    - The folder is based entirely on luck.
    - If you miss with your Numberman, then you're screwed.
    - An unlucky NumberMan will waste your attack boosters and again, you are 
    Final Thoughts:
    Just as the name says, this folder goes for broke.  If you win, you'll do it 
    quickly and easily.  If you lose, well that will happen quickly and easily, 
    too.  Take a chance and roll the dice, or try a more reliable folder.  I 
    really suggest you at least try it out, though.  Just don't blame me if you 
    develop a gambling addiction.  Go blame Silent Ji for that.
    (Yes, this was taken from the previous FFF, since it is virtually the same
    Rating: Hard/Insane
    F. Sprakk og Osten
    Sprakk og Osten (ToB/TP only)
    4 ElemRage K
    2 Quake K
    3 LavaSeed K 
    4 GrasSeed * 
    4 WindRack * 
    3 Fan *
    2 AreaGrab *
    3 Invisibl * 
    4 MarkCannon1 K 
    1 FullCust * (Preset)
    Preferred Souls: Gyro, Search
    Possible Souls: None other
    Sprakk og Osten (ToC/TC only)
    4 ElemRage K
    2 Quake K
    3 LavaSeed K
    3 GrasSeed *
    3 WindRack *
    3 Fan *
    2 AreaGrab *
    4 Invisibl *
    3 Attack+10 *
    1 Attack+30 *
    1 FullCust * (Preset)
    1 DarkInvis * 
    Preferred Souls: Number, Shadow
    Possible Souls: Knight
    Chaos Souls: Shadow
    Sushi brought back an old BN4 idea and has adjusted it to BN5, except this time,
    its a bit faster and stronger.  The main idea of this folder is using ElemRage's
    power up on elemental panels.  Get into a soul, Gyro preferrably, and start 
    throwing those seeds, a LavaSeed from your backrow, and then a GrassSeed from
    your center column.  Now place a Fan on your side of the field, and once the 
    opponent is brought to the front, hit him with an WindRacket.  This gets the
    propellers on GyroSoul's back spinning for 2x damage, and stuns the opponent for
    a second.  Now, QUICKLY get into the opponents row, and use an ElemRage, while
    standing on a LavaPanel.  The enemy will be pulled through the ElemRage, three
    panels, two hits per panel, 2x damage from GyroSoul, and dont forget the 2x dmg
    from Lava over Grass.  To sum it up, thats 6 hits of 90x4 damage, a total of
    2160 for one combo.
    - Immensely high damage for one combo, that can be done four times.
    - With Search and Number Souls, it should be fairly easy to get the chips
    necessary to pull the combo off.
    - If you can pull the combo off in one go, you basically win.
    - Setup is required in this folder, and it relies heavily on Fan.  Fan could be
    destroyed, which can hurt the folder.
    - The combo is not the easiest to pull off, and may require much practice to
    time the ElemRage, so flinching does not occur.
    - FloatShoes is NECESSARY in this folder, so you are not hurt while standing on
    LavaPanels.  This can take up much space in your NC, unless you use ShadowSoul.
    Final Thoughts:
    Remember all of Sushi's Element_______ folders from BN4?  Well, this is just a
    reincarnation of that.  The one thing this folder has going for it is the high
    damage potential.  I mean, 2160 damage for one combo that can be done 4 times?!
    Thats insane.  The problem with this folder is its difficulty of getting all
    the hits with ElemRage.  Netbattles bring different circumstances, and its not
    going to be easy to get all the hits, especially since the opponent is not
    paralyzed.  Fan can also be destroyed, which is also a very big problem.
    Nonetheless, its a very fun folder to use (with a GREAT name =P) and can lay a
    powerful punch on an opponent every so often.
    Rating: Hard
    G. Ol' Faithful (ToC/TC only)
    Ol' Faithful 
    4 Geyser S
    4 WideShot3 S
    4 SideBubble1 S
    4 DoubCrak *
    2 Areagrab S
    3 SeaSeed *
    4 Invis *
    3 SloGauge *
    1 FullCust * (Preset)
    1 DarkWide T
    Preferred Souls: Toad
    Possible Souls: Shadow
    Chaos Souls: Toad
    This is one of the better ToadSoul folders that have been built for BN5.  In
    this folder, ToadSoul can charge up the large amount of Aqua based chips for 2x
    damage, which require hardly any setup whatsoever.  Geyser will do 400 a pop,
    WideShot3 will do 220, and SideBubble1 can do 360 if both bubbles hit.  Yes,
    all of these chips cause flinching, but factor in Slowgauge and the time it
    takes to charge the chip in ToadSoul, and flinching isn't too much of a problem.
    SeaSeed helps you hide in ToadSoul, and slows down the opponent to help hit
    them with damage.  
    - With ToadSoul, charging Aqua chips for 2x damage can produce A LOT of damage.
    - Between the defense chips and Ocean hiding, you are VERY well protected.
    - With the many Aqua chips in the folder, you almost guaranteed ToadSoul on the
    first turn.
    - Fastgauge would hurt this folder, as flinching will then become a problem for
    - ToadSoul + hiding in OceanPanels = bad for you against Elec attacks.  VERY bad
    for you.
    - The folder is quite dependent on ToadSoul, meaning if you lose it, its game
    over for you.
    Final Thoughts:
    This a rare one: a ToadSoul folder.  The main problem with ToadSoul was that
    most Aqua chip cause flinching, producing a problem for netbattles.  In this
    folder Slowgauge is used to make the turns longer, meaning more time to hit the
    opponent with a 2x powered Aqua chip without worrying about flinching.  And with
    the amount of defense you have, you are very well protected against attack while
    waiting for the opponent to get out of flinch.  The folder is very reliant on
    ToadSoul, so make sure you have a SoulTime+1 in your NC for this folder.  If you
    lose ToadSoul, you wont be able to produce much damage, and you lose out on some
    defense thats very much needed.  Other than that, its a fun folder that can pack
    quite a punch.
    Rating: Easy
    H. Paroxysm (ToB/TP only)
    4 BlackBomb Z
    4 GrassSeed *
    4 VDoll Z
    4 MarkCannon2 Z
    3 AreaGrab *
    2 DublCrack *
    4 Invisible *
    1 FullCust * (Preset)
    3 AntiFire *
    1 DarkMeteors F
    Preferred Souls: Napalm
    Possible Souls: Search
    Chaos Souls: Napalm
    NapalmSoul has the ability to charge Fire chips for 2x damage NapalmBombs.  This
    folder uses this strategy to the best extent possible, and it can do a lot of
    damage.  Charging BlackBomb will produce a 420 damage NapalmBomb.  If you have
    GrassSeed out on the field, the NapalmBomb would do 840 damage.  If a VDoll is
    out on the field, with GrassSeed, and the Napalm misses the opponent, depending
    on the position of the opponent, you can get 1680 damage.  But getting a good
    840 damage with hardly any setup whatsoever, can make up a powerful folder.
    MarkCannon is in there to freeze up the opponent to setup, and AntiFire is in
    there to unison in Napalm.  And if somehow you are in great need, NapalmChaos is
    there for you.
    - NapalmBomb can deal a high amount of damage, without hardly any setup at all.
    - Even if the opponent Invis, if the NapalmBomb hits the VDoll, the damage will
    go to the opponent, since VDoll super-pierces.  
    - Unlike many other folder, pulling off the main combo to its max potential is
    not that hard.
    - Lack of support damage can hinder the folder is you dont get a BlackBomb in
    the custom window.
    - There is a lack of defense, but the speed of the folder should make up for it.
    - The folder is quite dependent on NapalmSoul, meaning if you lose it, its game
    over for you.
    Final Thoughts:
    One of the only good things about NapalmSoul is its ability to charge Fire chips
    for 2x NapalmBombs.  Paroxysm can use this ability to kill the opponent fast,
    whether he is using Invis or not.  VDoll super-pierces, so the opponent will be
    taking damage, most likey 840, whether they like it or not.  As with many
    folders, the folder relies on the soul it uses: Napalm.  If you lose NapalmSoul,
    then you will be in a BIG problem, as BlackBomb will do absolutely nothing, and
    with the lack of support damage, all you have is MarkCannon to deal damage. The
    folder though is fluid enough that that should never happen.  Its a great folder
    that is quite fun to use, and has a lot of potential in netbattle.
    Rating: Easy/Medium
    VI. Navi Customizer Set-ups
    Navi Customizers can help you greatly in battle, in-game or during a netbattle.
    In this section, you will find generally good NaviCust setups that can help
    - General/Internet 'Roaming' NaviCust Setups:
    [4][ ][1][ ][4]
    [ ][1][1][1][3]
    1 = SaitoBatch
    2 = Rapid MAX
    3 = Charge +1 (x3) 
    4 = Attack +1 (x2)
    [6][ ][2][2][2]
    [6][4][ ][ ][1]
    1 = Shield
    2 = HP +50
    3 = Custom +2
    4 = Bugstop
    5 = Charge MAX
    6 = Rapid MAX
    7 = AutoRun
    8 = Attack +1
    [ ][2][2][4][4]
    [2][2][2][4][ ]
    [5][5][ ][1][1]
    1 = Reflect
    2 = Custom +2
    3 = Undershirt / AutoRun
    4 = ChargeMAX
    5 = SoulTime +1
    1 = DarkMemory/DarkLicense =P
    [2][2][1][ ][3]
    1 = SoulCleanser
    2 = HP +100 (x3)
    3 = Charge MAX
    1 = HP +500 (x2)
    2 = BugStopper
    3 = Charge +1 (x3)
    1 - Custom2
    2 - Shield
    3 - AutoRun
    4 - BugStopper
    5 - AttackMAX
    6 - ChargeMAX
    7 - HP+50 (any color)
    1 - SuperArmor
    2 - Custom2
    3 - AutoRun
    4 - BugStopper
    5 - Rapid+1 (any color) or Attack +1 (x3)
    6 - AttackMAX
    7 - ChargeMAX
    - Navi Battle NaviCust Setups:
    [4][4][3][3][ ]
    1 = SuperArmor
    2 = Custom +1
    3 = SneakRun
    4 = SoulTime +1
    5 = Charge +1 (x4)
    6 = Elemental Attraction NCP (OilBody/Fish/Battery/JungleMode)
        HP +50 and blank
    - Netbattle NaviCust Setups:
    (Can also be used in General - Viruses have Mole/Invis)
    1 = BodyPack
    2 = Rush
    3 = SoulTime +1
    4 = HP +50 
    5 = Charge MAX
    [6][1][ ][4][4]
    [2][2][2][3][ ]
    1 = BugStopper
    2 = Reflect
    3 = Rush
    4 = SuperArmor
    5 = HP +50
    6 = Charge MAX
    7 = Rapid MAX
    1 = Beat
    2 = Custom +2
    3 = BugStopper
    4 = Shield
    5 = Charge +1 (x3)
    6 = HP +400
    VII. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: These folders seem weaker compared to other BN games.  What happened?
    A: Capcom decided to screw up BN5.  Thats basically it.  Go down the the third
       question for more details. 
    Q: I have a folder that I think is pretty strong.  How do I submit it?
    A: Post it on the message boards at either GameFAQs or NeoSeeker.  I am plenty
       on the boards there and I will recognize a good folder when I see one.  The
       reason why I am not telling you to email or AIM me, is because of the crap I
       know I will find in my email inbox if I do.  Sorry guys.  
    Q: Amazingly, there were more folders back in the BN4 FAQ.  What happened?
    A: BN5 happened.  With the new restrictions, on top of limited chip codes, and
       the fact that most chips cause flinching, not as many folders can be good.
       It is much harder to build a folder now than ever.
    VIII. Credits
    Credits for folders in this FAQ:
    Myself (H0tSh0tZ1627) 
    Credits for NaviCust Setups in this FAQ:
    Myself (H0tSh0tZ1627)
    Lourde Incarnadine                 
    Other important people:
    Me of course.  I am important!
    Dark RPG Wizard 06, for the inspiration for creating the RFF and providing 
     the current format.
    Asakura Yoh and CrimsonKnight, for creating the Essentials for Proper Folder
    Asakura Yoh, for handing over the FAQ to me. Yessir, thats important! =P And
     also thanks for helping name various folders in the FAQ.
    TheDarkUnknown for reviewing the folders and giving his constructive criticism.
    Lourde Incarnadine for pointing out flaws in the original NaviCust setups 
    Xel23, for providing the original "Megaman Battle Network" Ascii.
    Zidanet129 and SilentJi for being consultants.  Thanks guys!
    The MMBN5: Team of Blues, and Team of Colonel Boards.  Even though I can't
     stand you people at times, you guys are still great.
    Capcom for making such a great game SERIES.  Although Im starting to wonder if
     this even is true anymore.
    Nintendo, because they are beautiful.  I love you guys!!! 
    CJayC, for creating GameFAQs.  I love you man.
    Anyone else I missed.
    Fin. =P

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