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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Sound Defense

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/16/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _    _  _____  _____  _____  _    _  _____  _    _   _______
    | \  / ||  ___||  ___||  _  || \  / ||  _  || |  | | |  _____|
    |  \/  || |__  | | __ | |_| ||  \/  || |_| ||  \ | | | |
    | |\/| ||  __| | ||_ ||  _  || |\/| ||  _  || |\\| | | |
    | |  | || |___ | |__||| | | || |  | || | | || | \  | | |
    |_|  |_||_____||_____||_| |_||_|  |_||_| |_||_|  |_| | |___
    B   A   T   T   L   E      N   E   T   W   O   R   K |____ \
    ___  ___   _                                              \ \
     |  |__   /_\  |\/|                                        | |
     |  |___ /   \ |  |                                        | |
                        ___  __       __        ___            | |
                       |    |  | |   |  | |\ | |__   |    ____/ /
                       |___ |__| |__ |__| | \| |___  |__ |_____/
    Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Colonel FAQ/Walkthrough
    Copyright 2003 Jim Avery
    Due to the abuse of my e-mails to send me mind-blowing amounts of spam
    (as well as questions that are answered in my walkthrough), I have
    been forced to stop all my e-mails.
    Table of Contents
    1 - Version History
    2 - Basic Info
      2.1 - Characters (N)
      2.2 - Gameplay
      2.3 - Battle System
      2.4 - Liberation Missions
    3 - Walkthrough (I)
      3.1 - The Story Begins (through Liberation Mission 1)
      3.2 - To The Beach! (through Liberation Mission 2)
      3.3 - Cloud Cover (through Liberation Mission 3)
      3.4 - Megaman's Rescue (through Liberation Mission 4)
      3.5 - Double-Crossed (through Liberation Mission 5)
      3.6 - The Scoop On Nebula (through Liberation Mission 6)
      3.7 - SoulNet
      3.8 - Nebula
    4 - Frequently Asked Questions
    5 - Thanks To...
    6 - Legal Info
    (I) = Incomplete
    (N) = Not started
    1 - Version History
    Version 0.1 (1:02 PM EDT 6/12/2005) - First part of the walkthrough is 
    done, through the first Liberation Mission. Enjoy.
    Version 0.2 (5:37 PM EDT 6/15/2005) - Done through Liberation Mission 
    Version 0.3 (9:33 PM EDT 6/30/2005) - Done through Liberation Mission 
    3. My foot's asleep.
    Version 0.4 (2:59 AM EDT 7/1/2005) - It's June, and Liberation Mission 
    4 is complete.
    Version 0.5 (8:26 PM EDT 7/1/2005) - Liberation Mission 5 finished.
    Version 0.8 (1:23 AM EDT 7/2/2005) - Liberation Mission 6 finished. 
    Almost done...
    Version 1.0 (6:09 PM EDT 7/2/2005) - The main story is complete. Now to 
    work on the ToP version.
    2 - Basic Info
    You should probably look at this before you plunge headlong into 
    battles and stuff.
    2.1 - Characters
    (coming soon)
    2.2 - Gameplay
    Gameplay in this game takes place in two areas: the real world and the 
    Cyberworld. In the real world, you control Lan, who runs around talking 
    to people and interacting with objects. The majority of play takes 
    place in the Cyberworld, in which you control Lan's Navi, Megaman. When 
    Lan jacks into an object connected to the net, control switches to 
    Play as Megaman is similar to Lan's, but occasionally, Megaman will run 
    into viruses, or other Navis, that want to battle. After almost every 
    battle, your time, as well as your Busting Level (which measures your 
    busting level on a scale from 1 to S) is displayed, and you get a 
    reward of money, battlechips, or a health refill.
    In this game, the tournament system has been abandoned in favor of the 
    "Liberation Mission" system. Occasionally during the game, you will 
    have to encounter one of these; an area of the Net needs liberating, so 
    you and members of your party (you will be gaining several as the game 
    progresses) need to take turns liberating individual squares until you 
    can take on the boss of the area. Check out the "Liberation Missions" 
    2.3 - Battle System
    Occasionally, Megaman will have to battle viruses or another Navi. When 
    this occurs, the Cyberworld will disappear and a battle field will 
    appear. Half of the battlefield is for Megaman to move around in, and 
    the other half is for the enemy/enemies.
    In the top-left corner is your health, and the health of your 
    opponent(s) is above or below them. Your main weapon is your buster, 
    which you use by pressing B. This slowly drains your opponents' health, 
    but the most useful weapons are your battlechips.
    As soon as the battle starts, your chip screen will show up. Here, five 
    chips from your folder will appear for you to select. You can only 
    select chips with the same chips code (* is a wild card), unless they 
    are the same chip. Once you've selected your chips, select 'Run' and 
    you can use the chips against your enemies with A. When the custom 
    meter at the top of the screen fills up, press L or R to bring up the 
    chip screen again.
    During the course of the game, you will acquire certain Souls, which 
    you can use in battle. To use a Soul, select a chip of the 
    corresponding type (fire, water, etc.), then hit the Unite button. When 
    you're done selecting chips, you'll undergo a Soul Change, and Megaman 
    will acquire some attributes of the Navi whose Soul he has. You can use 
    the Soul for three turns; you could use it indefinitely as long as you 
    don't bring up the Chip window three times.
    An interesting new bit is the emotion marker. Usually, it's at normal, 
    but if Megaman is damaged enough, you'll get desperate. At this time, 
    after a certain bit in the story, you'll be able to use Dark Chips. The 
    last one happens when you get bashed around a bunch; the marker goes 
    red, and your next chip attack does double damage.
    Dark Chips are very powerful, but when you use them, 1) a glitch will 
    affect Megaman, 2) you'll grow a little darker, and 3) you'll 
    permanently lose 1 HP. Also, if you've used a Dark Chip in a battle and 
    your HP gets to 0 in the same battle, you won't die, but you'll go 
    berserk and lose all control of Megaman who will move around and use 
    chips independently. Eventually, if you use Dark Chips enough, you'll 
    turn evil, and can use DS Chip, but can't use certain regular chips.
    If you damage an enemy with a chip attack right before it attacks, the 
    enemy will be stunned momentarily and you will go Full Synchro. While 
    in this state, the next chip you use that does damage will do double 
    damage. If you hit the enemy when it flashes red, you'll score multiple 
    Counters and will be able to use x2 Attack chips. If you have Full 
    Synchro at the end of a battle, it carries over to your next battle, 
    unless you jack out.
    When you win a battle, the result screen will appear. This displays 
    your busting time, and also your busting level, which is how well you 
    busted the enemy on a scale from 1 to S. Last, you get a small reward, 
    which is either money, a battlechip that is specific to the virus or 
    Navi you just fought, or a health refill. Occasionally, you'll see a 
    GMD in battle. If it survives the battle (it has 1 HP), you'll get 
    whatever's inside. Remember both sides can damage it.
    2.4 - Liberation Missions
    Liberation Missions are new additions to the MMBN series. Each one 
    takes place in a specific area of the net, such as ACDC Area 3. 
    Specific panels have been infected by viruses, and you and your party 
    need to liberate them.
    During the course of your adventure, you will gain party members for 
    your Liberation Missions. Each has special charge attacks, and they 
    each have a special chip that can be used in battle. Additionally, they 
    have other abilities that they can use; some can fly over infected 
    panels, others can take out several panels at a time.
    When you select a panel to liberate, you go into battle against 
    viruses. You have exactly three turns to delete all of the viruses (the 
    Custom Window opens the instant it's full) and if you don't you'll have 
    to try again. The panel configuration is no longer limited to three 
    rows for you, three for them. Occasionally, you may even be in the 
    middle with enemies on both sides; at that point, you can use L/R to 
    turn around. The number of rows you have depends on the number of 
    infected panels around you; if you're taking on a lone panel, you'll 
    have a lot of rows.
    When you liberate a panel, you can then walk on it and go forward to 
    other areas. There are also some mini-bosses wandering around, and you 
    defeat them the same way you would liberate a panel. Additionally, 
    there are Dark Holes panels that contain a mini-boss and viruses; 
    liberate this panel and all the ones around it go as well.
    The goal of Liberation Missions is to defeat the boss Navi near the 
    end. During the whole mission, you and your opponents have been taking 
    turns having their parties do stuff, and the boss Navi can heal 
    himself/herself completely each turn. Your best bet is to have your 
    entire party attack in the same turn. Once the boss Navi is defeated, 
    the Liberation Mission is over and maybe you get a prize! 
    3 - Walkthrough
    This walkthrough is NOT spoiler-free. It is, in fact, the very 
    3.1 - The Story Begins (through Liberation Mission 1)
    A brief glimpse into the past...
    -- Get Up And Get To Work --
    Megaman will wake Lan up while he's doing homework. As you're about to 
    jack in and goof off, your mother will call. Check your mail for some 
    brief game info, then head downstaies and talk to mom. She wants you to 
    deliver StewRec. to KitchenComp. Head upstairs and jack in.
    -- OMG Teh Net --
    Run forward and you'll have a few tutorial virus battles.
    [Virus Battle: Mettaur, Mettaur]
    You'll learn the basics of battle in this one. Equip your Cannons and 
    blast them.
    [Virus Battle: Mettaur, Mettaur, Mettaur]
    You'll get some info on support chips and strategy here. I recommend 
    AreaGrab's and WideSwrd's.
    [Virus Battle: Mettaur, Mettaur, Mettaur]
    This final tutorial will tell you about Counters and Full Synchro.
    Well, that's that. Head into the next warp to go to ACDC Area 1. Follow 
    the wider road all the way to ACDC Area 2 (talk to Roll if you like), 
    then continue following the wider road until you reach the large square 
    at the end. Talk to Glide and Gutsman, then take the path that branches 
    off to the upper-right. Follow the zig-zag path to the warp to 
    KitchenComp, then talk to the Navi in the center to complete your 
    -- We're Off To See The Wizard --
    I'M NOT HIGH, ignore the section names. Anyway, you'll get e-mail from 
    Lan's dad, he has something to show everybody. You'll jack out, so head 
    outside and enter the pink-roofed house next to Lan's. Talk to Mayl 
    inside, then leave and head into the large house in the upper-right 
    area. Talk to Yai inside, then head out, head left and enter the first 
    house you come to. Talk to Dex inside, then go to the front of the 
    subway entrance. You'll all get in.
    -- SciLab --
    Head up the stairs and enter the SciLab doors to see an odd scene with 
    a black car. Once inside, head up all the stairs and into the elevator 
    at the top. Dr. Hikari wants to show you all something, but he's 
    forgotten his ID Card. As Lan is getting it, some Navis will infiltrate 
    the net, and a smoke bomb will go off. Some masked men will enter, 
    followed by an old friend, and they'll take Dr. Hikari away. Also 
    everyone else's PETs will be taken.
    -- Later... --
    You'll wake up in bed three days later to hear the bad news. You'll 
    jack into the Net, so head to ACDC Area 1 to find it in a state of 
    emergency. Head to the square at the end of ACDC Area 2 and talk to the 
    evil Navi to fight.
    [Virus Battle: Mettaur, Mettaur, BugTank]
    Nothing special. MiniBombs can help take out the BugTank early, but 
    make sure to throw them when he's still.
    The Navi will talk more of Nebula's plan, then leave to ACDC Area 3 
    which has been blocked off. Mail will alert you to another SciLab 
    attack and you'll jack out. Go downstairs and lie to your mom, then 
    take the Metroline to SciLab (talk to Mayl first to receive Roll R and 
    MaylCode). Enter SciLab and inspect the door that the freaked scientist 
    exited to find you need ID. Head to dad's office and inspect the corner 
    of the computer area to get ID, then head back to the previous door and 
    go through. Jack into the main computer.
    -- MainComp (Regular Mission 1) --
    Follow the relatively straightforward path until you reach the program 
    and the numbers. Talk to it to find out how to rearrange data, then go 
    up to the numbers. Inspect the middle one, then the left one, then the 
    right one, then the middle one again. The numbers should say 762 and 
    you can go on through.
    Go straight along the path to the end to get a Thunder P, then back up 
    and take that right. Head up and take a left at the fork, then 
    rearrange the data so it says NAP (inspect the middle, then the left, 
    then the right, then the middle as before). Continue forward, left and 
    up. At the upper-left fork, go down for an HPMemory, then go back and 
    the other way to get to a larger data section.
    This data needs to say OWL RAT. Inspect the tiles in this order:
    123 456
    1. 4
    2. 1
    3. 6
    4. 5
    5. 3
    6. 4
    Take the left path and hit the switch, then take the right path to get 
    to MainComp 2. Follow the path to more disorganized data. This should 
    say DOCK HALL. Move them in this order:
    1234 5678
    1. 8
    2. 1
    3. 6
    4. 5
    5. 3
    6. 8
    Take the right path and hit the switch, then go to the left path and 
    take a right at the fork. More data that should say HIP TOE ARM.
    123 456 789
    1. 7
    2. 1
    3. 6
    4. 9
    5. 4
    6. 2
    7. 7
    Take the left and right paths and hit the switches, then go down the 
    middle path. Take the upper path to get a FullEnrg, then get on the 
    conveyor belts. Take the path down (get Spreader E) and continue to 
    more data, except the program can't help you this time. Control 
    switches to Lan, so head to Dr. Hikari's office and inspect the sofa in 
    the lower corner to get WorkMemo. The order is 53214.
    1. 5
    2. 1
    3. 4
    4. 5
    5. 3
    6. 2
    7. 3
    Save before proceeding. You'll head forward to find the culprit, a Navi 
    named Colonel. Prepare to battle.
    [Navi Battle: Colonel]
    HP: 400
    Attacks: Swings sword and a V- or /-shaped group of panels takes 
             Fires a cannon that damages the back row.
    Strategy: You're certainly going to get practice moving off of lit 
    panels, and you need to move fast. Whenever he pulls out the cannon, 
    get out of its way and get off the back row. Basically, avoiding his 
    attacks takes practice more than anything. Helpful tip: he'll move four 
    times, then use his sword attack, so that can prepare you to move.
              Ditch your Swords and such, since he rarely moves to the 
    front row (unless you use an AreaGrab). Instead, use your projectiles 
    like Cannon, AirShot and Vulcan1. Also, you can use Buster+1 chips and 
    charge shots to take out larger chunks of HP. You're going to have some 
    trouble getting in Full Synchro in the short time he attacks so I 
    wouldn't bother with it. Roll is helpful in this battle.
    -- A+ --
    You've passed? o_O You'll jack out, so head through the door in this 
    room to meet Baryl, Colonel's operator. The whole attack was staged as 
    a test of your skill, and you did well, so you can join the team of 
    Navis to stop the evil Nebula. You're going to liberate ACDC Area 3 
    tomorrow. Go home and go to bed. The next day, you find out you're 
    operating both Navis, w00t. Head to ACDC Area 2 and talk to Colonel to 
    destroy the door. Make changes to your folder and save, then head 
    forward to begin.
    -- ACDC Area 3 (Liberation Mission 1) --
    BlizzardMan is controlling this area. Colonel will show you the ropes 
    of Liberation Missions, so go up and take out the middle panel (since a 
    1-turn liberation will take out all the panels). Afterward, you'll 
    learn about Darkholes. Take Colonel forward and liberate the next panel 
    along the way, then use Megaman on the mini-boss on your next phase.
    [Mini-Boss Battle: BigBrute]
    This guy blows fire in a + pattern. He moves around a lot, too, so 
    you'll want to use fast-moving chips. If you stay toward the front, you 
    can move back when he uses fire and use a slower chip if you like.
    Use Colonel to liberate the DarkHole since he's more powerful; his 
    charged shot is quite helpful. If you can, use CopyDmg on BigBrute and 
    use some power shots on the cannons. Next phase, use LongSwrd to take 
    out two panels, then continue on. Use Order Points well to take out 
    groups of panels if you need to, but concentrate on the other DarkHole 
    and the other BigBrute. Once you get to BlizzardMan, use a spare phase 
    to heal if you can, then attack.
    [Navi Battle: BlizzardMan]
    HP: 400
    Attacks: Rolls snowballs at you.
             Rolls at you as a snowball and then snow falls.
             Blows icy breath at you.
    Strategy: When he rolls snowballs, you should be able to move to the 
    free panel. Again, make sure not to be on lit panels.
              He doesn't move nearly as fast as BigBrute, so you can use 
    some slower chips, especially when he's standing still for an attack 
    (as long as you can dodge it). Make sure not to stand too close to him 
    unless you're about to Sword him for the win.
    If you didn't fail anything, you should just barely make it within the 
    target number of phases to get a BlizMan B chip. You'll be 
    congratulated by Colonel, then you'll jack out.
    3.2 - To The Beach! (through Liberation Mission 2)
    Looks like Dr. Regal has more up his sleeve than we think...
    -- Patrol --
    You'll be in the park lamenting the loss of your friend's PETs; Yai 
    will suggest you go to the beach. After everyone leaves, you'll get 
    patrol orders from Baryl. Read your e-mail, then head to ACDC Area 3 
    (the golden program allows you to redo the Liberation Mission) and go 
    to where BlizzardMan was. Take the upper path and talk to the program 
    to find that everything's cool.
    -- Fun In The Sun --
    Check your e-mail to get DexCode, then head to the Metroline to head to 
    the island. You'll marvel, then when everyone splits up head down the 
    stairs and talk to Dex. You'll talk about the forbidden Houdini Suit 
    Change (WEAK - in the JP version you were going to peek on Yai and 
    Mayl), then Mayl and Yai will show up. You'll swim around, Yai will lay 
    the smackdown on Dex, etc. Once Dex leaves to get fish, Baryl will e-
    mail you with a mission to scout out Oran Area.
    -- Scout --
    Go up the stairs and jack into the traffic signal thing. Looks like 
    we're on alert here, too, what's new. Head down and left to the main 
    road circle; take the right path. Follow it up all the stairs and 
    continue on the main road to the large platform; Colonel will meet up 
    with you there. Holy crap, those defense cannons are huge. Naturally, 
    you run right into it, and what did you think was going to happen, 
    morons. You'll jack out.
    -- Fishing --
    Inspect the nearby bamboo for a Bamboo rod. Go down the stairs to the 
    right and inspect the corner where two walls meet for FishLine. Go back 
    up and head down the other stairs and inspect the waterfall for a Worm. 
    Now you need a spot; cross the bridge and go forward to begin fishing. 
    You're not very good at it. Once you're done, head right to grab the 
    Board on the sand, then go up the stairs and inspect the barren tree 
    for a Twig. Head left and inspect the lump for DryGrass. Go back to Dex 
    and you'll eat, then you want to explore.
    -- Navi Customizer, The Bane Of My Existence --
    Yup. Check your e-mail to receive your NaviCust and a tutorial. Once 
    done, head up the stairs and along the tracks into the next area. After 
    some oohing and aahing, everyone else will fall through a trapdoor. 
    They're okay, though. Enter the mine and take the left path up and out, 
    then jack into the signalmabob. Talk to the Navi and pay him 1000Z for 
    the MineKey. You'll get a pointless call from Dex and jack out.
    -- Mine Continued --
    Head back down and take the path going up. Walk to the elevator and 
    turn it on, then inspect the door to open it. Check the boxes for an 
    HPMemory, then continue along the relatively straightforward path to 
    another door. Inspect it to battle.
    [Virus Battle: Mettaur, ChampyEX, ChampyEX]
    Never move down a row if you're on the back row; if you remember that 
    you should be good.
    Nothing on the path ahead until the next door.
    [Virus Battle: Cactikil, Cactikil, Mettaur]
    Try to get rid of the Mettaur quickly so you at least have one clear 
    row. After that it's a piece of cake.
    Looks like the SubPETs are acting screwy. Exit this area and go into 
    the closest door, then jack into the machine and grab the Tornado R. 
    Exit and head up the ramp and enter the next door. Guess what.
    [Virus Battle: Bugtank, Bugtank, WindBox]
    The WindBox is your first priority. That's a general rule for the 
    entire MMBN series, actually.
    Dex and the others are now locked in somewhere; also another quake and 
    oh no Dex is going to die. Well, I guess Mayl's going to die too, we 
    better save them. Continue to the elevator and head into the next room 
    to find...Princess Pride? Woo, didn't see that coming. She's mining 
    MagnoMetal, apparently, and needs your help to stop the drill to save 
    your buddies and Dex.
    -- DrillComp (Regular Mission 2) --
    Talk to the program to get DrilProg, which lets you smash boulders with 
    A. Smash the boulder in front of you, then continue along the path 
    until you reach the conveyor belt. RUN up it while smashing boulders 
    until you can get to the other path. Head down to get an Invisibl *, 
    then head up and right to get an HPMemory. Head left and run quickly 
    past the falling boulders, then break all the boulders in your way. 
    Head up the conveyor belt and get off at the second branching path, 
    then smash the last boulder in the way and hit the switch.
    -- DrillComp 2 --
    Jack into the next drill PC. Go forward and break the boulder, then 
    head down and run up the conveyor belt until you can get off onto 
    another path. Head down for a Charge+1 program, then go up and quickly 
    run across the conveyor, then take a right at the fork and run across 
    another conveyor. After that, run down a conveyor belt to another path, 
    then head down and go up another conveyor. Go down to get a RockCube *, 
    then head down one last conveyor. Bust the rock at the end, then head 
    up and hit the switch.
    -- DrillComp 3 --
    Jack into the next one. Head up the conveyor belt and get off at the 
    third stop, then go down another conveyor, break the rock at the end 
    and get off. Get on the closest conveyor and go up, then talk to the 
    program to get StopKey. Head as far down as you can, then head right 
    and get on the rightmost conveyor. You'll have to dodge the rocks to 
    get to the end and use the StopKey. Once that's done, head back to 
    where the program was and go up the now empty conveyor to hit the 
    -- DrillComp 4 --
    Jack in one last time. To get across these conveyors, punch the gold 
    rocks until you can run past the gray one and make your way across from 
    there. Anyway, once you're across, go up another conveyor, then take 
    the next one down (go up first for an HPMemory) and get off at the 
    first stop. Take yet another conveyor up and break the rock at the end, 
    then run quickly across the next two conveyors.
    Go down the long one at the end, then head right and do some more 
    boulder dodging to get to the end. Grab a LongSwrd S from a BMD along 
    the way, then turn off the rocks and run up the conveyor normally. Save 
    before approaching the switch, since you'll be finding an old friend 
    [Navi Battle: KnightMan]
    HP: 600
    Attacks: Fires his wrecking ball at you.
             Fires his wrecking ball in the air and debris falls.
             Jumps forward cracking panels.
             Circles his wrecking ball around himself.
             Uses PanlGrab.
    Strategy: You'll notice he's gone all gray. When he's like that, all 
    attacks are negated, pretty much. You'll need to wait for his color to 
    attack him. His wrecking ball attacks aren't hard to avoid. What's 
    annoying is when he's cracking the panels. Try to be careful, perhaps 
    get rid of cracked ones ASAP. He comes forward which is good for 
    Swords, but if you stay close he'll circle himself with his wrecking 
    ball and that hurts. Stay out of his way, is the biggest tip.
    Yay! KnightMan comes to and turns off the drill. You'll jack out, so 
    continue on to find your pals and Dex. You'll jack into the door, so 
    run forward and press the switch to activate security. Boulders will 
    try to pwn you, but KnightMan will save you. You'll unlock the door, 
    and everyone will leave, and you'll ask Princess Pride for help against 
    Nebula after Baryl calls.
    -- Shift Focus --
    Back outside, head back to the signalmabob and jack in. Take the long 
    route back to the platform with the guns. KnightMan will block their 
    fire as Colonel destroys them, then head forward. Save and adjust 
    folders before joining them on your second Liberation Mission.
    -- Oran Area 3 (Liberation Mission 2) --
    Knightman joins your team for this mission, and whoa, Shademan has 
    returned to take this area. The target number of phases is nine. Before 
    you start, hit L to get to the map and determine a path to Shademan.
    Knightman is the new weakest character, since his charged shot only 
    affects panels immediately around him, so leave DarkHoles to the other 
    guys. There are four minibosses, two BigBrutes and two TinHawks. Also 
    there are three Darkholes. You may need to use Order Points (or 
    liberate squares in one turn) to make the target number of phases.
    Anyway, head straight forward, liberating as few panels as possible to 
    get to the DarkHole and the minibosses. Knightman is very effective 
    against minibosses, since his charge shot does a TON of damage (like 
    80+) and minibosses get very close. Colonel is best for DarkHoles, 
    though. Take out all the obstacles around here and continue on.
    Liberate the panels ahead until you come to the next bunch of 
    DarkHoles. Use Megaman and Knightman on the minibosses (one-turn 
    liberates should occur at least once to clear the area) and leave the 
    DarkHoles to Colonel. Eventually all the DarkHoles will be gone and 
    you'll be able to take Shademan on.
    [Navi Battle: Shademan]
    HP: 600
    Attacks: Creates bats that fly at you to attack.
             Swipes at you with his claws (only hits one square ahead).
             Fires a sonic pulse that hits the square in front and the row 
    two squares ahead.
    Strategy: This guy moves and attacks very fast. Your dodging skills 
    will have to be good to leave unscathed/alive. If you use an AreaGrab 
    you should be able to ward off everything but the bats.
              Anyway, the best time to attack is right after he has 
    attacked, but you can't use chips that move slowly since he'll move 
    away too quickly. Charge shots are all right, but try not to use 
    something like Tornado since you just won't get there in time.
    Success in 9 phases (I got 13 :P) will result in a ShadeMan S chip. 
    Princess Pride will allow Knightman to join the team, and we get Knight 
    Soul! Wiggy. Everyone leaves, and back in the real world you'll all say 
    goodbye to Princess Pride.
    3.3 - Cloud Cover (through Liberation Mission 3)
    Dr. Regal wants something out of Dr. Hikari...
    -- Close Encounter of...That Kind --
    After saying thanks to Yai for the ice cream, you'll walk home with 
    Mayl, empty talk and all that. Some weird guy will come up to Lan and 
    ask if he's Lan, then ask if he'll demonstrate his power. Lan decides 
    to trust this spooky stranger and jacks into the squirrel. A Soul 
    Unison tutorial will occur (I REFUSE to say DublSoul), then take the 
    following warps: right, forward, left, right, forward. You'll 
    find...Shadowman? Odd. Jack out and the operator will insult you, then 
    -- Return To The Island, I Guess --
    You'll get mail from Baryl, looks like Oran Area isn't clear yet. Go 
    home and jack in, then head to ACDC Area 3. Go past where Blizzardman 
    was and then take the left path at the fork. Once you're in Oran Area, 
    you'll get a call from Baryl; six agents remain in Areas 1, 2 and 3. 
    Let's start with Area 3; head up the stairs and follow the road there, 
    then follow the right wall of Oran Area 3 until you see a dark Navi.
    [Virus Battle: MettEX, MettEX, BugtnkEX]
    This battle should pose little problem with only one MettEX attacking 
    at a time.
    Head forward and take the right path to find another one.
    [Virus Battle: CactklEX, CactklEX, MettEX]
    A little more irritating, since all three rows can be attacked. Try to 
    take one of them out quickly.
    Continue toward where Shademan was to find the last one in this area.
    [Virus Battle: Batty, Batty, WindBox]
    Try to take out the WindBox first, it'll cause problems with the Battys 
    hitting the rock.
    Head back to Oran Area 1 and follow the main road in the other 
    direction, toward Oran Area 2. On the way you'll run into the fourth 
    [Virus Battle: Bugtank, ChampyEX, WindBox]
    Again, the WindBox is your primary foe. Eliminate it and the rest of 
    the battle gets easier.
    Head into Oran Area 2. run along the main road until you find the fifth 
    [Virus Battle: CactklEX, CactklEX, MettEX]
    A little more irritating, since all three rows can be attacked. Try to 
    take one of them out quickly.
    Continue along the main road to the final Navi.
    [Virus Battle: Bugtank, BugtnkEX, VacuumFn]
    The VacuumFn is your enemy this time. Take it out quickly because those 
    Bugtanks hurt.
    -- Road To Scilab --
    Now you need to restore Oran Area and find a road to SciLab 3. Return 
    to Oran Area 3 and head to the exit at the other end. You'll be 
    accosted by a Nebula Navi.
    [Virus Battle: BattyEX, MettEX, BattyEX]
    Try not to have all three rows hit at once. Lure the MettEX up or down 
    if you can before deleting something.
    Once done, you'll restore the Net and enter Scilab 1, and Shadowman 
    will appear. In Scilab 1, head up and left, then when the path head 
    back right, follow it to the waffle grid (criss-crossed paths). Go to 
    the right corner and follow the path up and left until you find the big 
    platform. In Scilab 2, head left and up, then run toward the line of 
    clouds. You can't do anything now, so you'll jack out and Shadowman 
    will call you weak. Go to bed.
    -- Repairmanmanmanmanman --
    The next day, you'll find that Knightman has been rendered helpless by 
    Shadowman. Get yourself to Oran Isle and enter the cave. Near the very 
    top, you'll spy Mr. Famous, and he's packing a new Navi (see if you can 
    spy the translation error!).
    [Navi Battle: Gridman]
    HP: 700
    Attacks: Creates two clones that rush at you if you stand on their row.
             Rushes at you if you stand on his row.
             Throws a football that bounces after you.
             Throws a football that hits a 2x2 area.
    Strategy: The dashes are easy enough to avoid, but you may encounter 
    some annoyance from the football. Anyway, pretty much all chips are 
    effective against him, so have at him. For your victory, you'll get a 
    GridMan F chip.
    Continue on into the drill room. Talk to Princess Pride to find that 
    Knightman's programming has been split into several parts. Jack into 
    each section of the drill and get to the very end to get the program in 
    each (don't worry, the conveyor belts are off). Once done, you'll jack 
    out. You'll muse over who did it, and Shadowman's operator will show 
    up. Apparently, your team is slow. He'll leave.
    -- Answers --
    Back outside, head back to SciLab and enter Baryl's room. Apparently, 
    Dusk is the operator and he's a hired hitman. Anyway, Oran Area will be 
    attacked soon, and you can't jack in from Oran Isle. Go home and jack 
    in, then head to ACDC Area 3 and enter Oran Area from there. You'll run 
    into Shadowman, and for Pete's sake you need to chase him.
    -- Chance Of Clouds (Regular Mission 3) --
    Head down the stairs and there are clouds. o_O Talk to the program to 
    get a vacuum so you can clear away the clouds (also he can clear out 
    your vacuum - treasure this luxury while you can). Anyway, suck up the 
    clouds in this area until you find Shadowman, who will run off again. 
    Talk to the program to clear out your vacuum, then head into the next 
    area. There's another full-clear program here, so clear out all the 
    clouds you want and make your way to Shadowman. He'll run off to SciLab 
    1, so make your way to Oran Area 3 and enter SciLab 1.
    After you get past the first two white clouds, talk to the program to 
    find out you need to suck up white, then gray, then white clouds. Suck 
    up those clouds, then suck up the white cloud and talk to the program 
    for a partial clearing. Suck up the gray cloud to the right and go back 
    for a complete clearing. Go back to where you were and suck up the 
    clouds to find Shadowman, who'll run off. Clear out with the program 
    there and go to SciLab 2.
    Suck up the first two clouds, then the white one, then clear out 
    partially. Take out the leftmost grey cloud, then the white one, then 
    the gold one. Clear out partially, then go back to where there were 
    three thunder clouds. Suck one up, then suck up the gold cloud and get 
    a complete clearing. Get the other two thunder clouds, then finally we 
    find a fully-fledged clearing program (to the left of the first one we 
    see). Clear out the clouds to the northeast to find Shadowman again. 
    Finally, finally, we can fight.
    [Navi Battle: Shadowman]
    HP: 500
    Attacks: Clones himself.
             Sends a wave of fire along a row.
             Throws a shuriken at you.
             Appears in front of/behind you and slices with a sword.
    Strategy: This guy is fast. MrkCan1's work quite well, since they lock 
    on, and you can attack him after he has attacked. Remember to shoot out 
    the clones since they attack as well, and that shuriken moves very fast 
    so be on your toes. You'll also need to be on your toes to move up or 
    down if Shadowman appears behind you, or else never leave the back row. 
    It's easier to dodge if he's in front.
    Looks like you passed, again. o_O Shadowman and Dusk are now ready to 
    join your team, which is why he's here in the first place. He'll run 
    off to clear the weird clouds. Go join him and he'll take them out 
    (whoa, he can walk on them). Save and edit your folder before heading 
    into the next Liberation Mission.
    -- SciLab Area 3 (Liberation Mission 3) --
    You'll be introduced to Key Panels, which require the proper key to 
    unlock. This is where Shadowman comes in; he can float over Dark 
    Panels, and therefore find the key you want. Anyway, liberate the 
    panels leading up to the BigBrut2, then take it out.
    [Mini-Boss Battle: BigBrut2]
    Basically a more annoying version of BigBrute, with more HP. Should be 
    easy enough.
    Once you clear out the DarkHole and get the minibosses off the path to 
    the right, send Shadowman over all the panels and have him liberate the 
    item panel at the end. He'll get the BarrierKey1 for it. Head along the 
    newly cleared path and get to work on the next large batch of dark 
    You can take a shortcut going off to the side. Defeat the DarkHoles and 
    minibosses around here, and first chance you get have Shadowman go to 
    the back of the area to get BarrierKey2. Head past the barrier area and 
    take out the last BigBrut2 and DarkHole, then head for CloudMan.
    [Navi Battle: Cloudman]
    HP: 700
    Attacks: Creates a bunch of clouds that fire thunders at you.
             Creates a cloud in your area to electrocute you.
             Turns into a tornado cloud and attacks your area.
    Strategy: Shoot out the clouds to get rid of them, then attack 
    Cloudman. He doesn't move very fast. Remember to move so you're never 
    adjacent to a cloud, and that'll take some time before they all leave. 
    Beware the tornado as well. If you need to, clear out dark panels 
    around him so he doesn't have so many panels.
    Once done, you'll be rewarded with Shadow Soul. But oh no! Megaman will 
    be captured by a dark cloud. He'll be on a rack near Roll, Glide and 
    Gutsman, and be infused with a DarkChip...
    3.4 - Megaman's Rescue (through Liberation Mission 4)
    -- R&R --
    Lan will wake up, and Baryl will invite him down to the sea. Head to 
    SciLab, go up the first set of stairs and head off to the right. You'll 
    talk to Baryl and get irritated (in the JP version, I think Lan punched 
    Baryl), then he'll walk off. You'll decide you want to save Megaman. 
    Head to Baryl's office and he'll install Colonel onto your PET. Now you 
    can play as Colonel!
    -- END City? --
    Colonel still has his C-Cannon in battle, but your NaviCust won't do 
    squat with him. Anyway. Your next mission is in End Area 2, the net for 
    End City; you can get there from Oran Area 2. First off, though, go to 
    Higsby's and inspect the shelves to find a Django D chip for 7300z. BUY 
    IT, it is awesome. Anyway, go there and head to the upper level and 
    inspect the large door to find it's locked. Head to SciLab Area 3 and 
    go past it to get to SciLab Area 4.
    -- A Maze If I Ever Saw One --
    Go forward and take the second right, then, after the conveyor panel, 
    take a right, then a left, then go forward to an orange Navi. He'll 
    offer to give you the key to the door if you can survive a virus 
    [Navi Battle: Handi, Handi, Handi]
    These battles are annoying because you need to spend a lot of time 
    destroying bombs as opposed to damaging Handis. If you can, destroy the 
    middle bomb and use a WideSwrd.
    -- DarkMega? No Sir --
    He'll give you SciKey. Head back to the giant door and go through to 
    End Area 1. Hm. Red. Anyway, go down the first staircase and go down 
    and left, then use Unlocker to get Collect. Go back up and then go down 
    the second staircase. Head southwest until you can't anymore, then head 
    up to some more squares. Go northeast to the stairs and go up, then 
    approach the exit to encounter Dark Megaman. Looks like he's having an 
    internal struggle, but Colonel wants to destroy him. When the twelve 
    Navis show up, though, it's time to leave.
    -- We Need Help --
    Head back to Mission Control. You guys need a Navi with some serious 
    blasting power. In the meantime, you need to get on the Queen Bohemia 
    and make sure Nebula doesn't get the booster program being auctioned 
    off. More self-conflict. Whine whine whine. Anyway, go to Oran Isle and 
    talk to Princess Pride; she'll get you an Invite to the party. Go back 
    to ACDC Town and look at the fat person in the park. Sorry, that was 
    just really bugging me. Anyway, go to bed.
    -- Lifestyles Of The Rich And Pompous --
    Go to SciLab and head to the port. Talk to the official near the Queen 
    Bohemia, then get on board. You need to check for suspicious persons; 
    Snakeguy looks kind of suspicious. Anyway, look! It's Fatso! Yea, still 
    bugging me. Anyway, head right onto the deck. Talk to the official 
    there to take part in the Mystery Stamp Rally. You need to find three 
    stamps. Inspect a nearby table to find a Numberman machine number: 
    -- Tetra's Trackers --
    Head toward the front of the ship and inspect the golden maiden there 
    to get the Maiden Stamp. Go up the stairs and into the control room, 
    then inspect the steering wheel for the Wheel Stamp. Head back to the 
    first room of the ship and inspect the pink chair for the Sofa Stamp. 
    Head back to the official to get a weak 1000 Zennys. On a more 
    interesting note, the rich guy has been beaten in a Navi battle. The 
    victor is named Dingo and you're about to take him on when you 
    encounter turbulence. Nebula has struck!
    -- Now Please Stop Asking --
    Head to the first room and go to the left to the engine room door. 
    Enter the security code, 11922911. Jack into the control panel farthest 
    to the left to find a Nebula Navi. Chase him through four areas (BMD 
    with Battery in second, RegUP2 in the third). You'll find him and 
    you'll both jack out; the operator will run off. Colonel will advise 
    you to bide your time, which in my opinion would help him to accomplish 
    whatever he's trying to do, but whatever. Leave and head to the Fiesta 
    Room. Talk to everyone in the room to start the auction; the starting 
    price is 300,000,000 Zennys (when you consider Battlechip prices I 
    guess that's not too bad to these guys). The guards are now Booster-
    powered, but the lights go out and the system disappears!
    -- Detective Co-Lan --
    Sorry for the god-awful pun. Anyway, the guy in the engine room didn't 
    do it; looks like we got a case on our hands. Inspect the food, then 
    the tables, then the mirrors. If nothing happens, talk to everyone and 
    inspect everything. I'm not sure. Anyway, when Colonel asks, say it's 
    the mirror, then the reflection. Leave and talk to the girl outside, 
    then head to the engine room. Inspect the ladder to get on deck, then 
    you'll spy a K.O.'ed official. Head into the control room to find 
    Dingo. As if we didn't know he'd be involved. Sounds like UberCorp 
    destroyed Dingo's village and he wants revenge. You've got to stop him. 
    Anyway, you'll jack in. 
    -- Ship Comp (Regular Mission 4) --
    It appears they've cut out the original first ship area - play the JP 
    version for that added section. Anyway, this area is just ridiculous; 
    you always run out of oxygen and are losing HP. Talk to the program to 
    learn about being underwater, then go forward and head down the slope. 
    Follow the fairly straightforward path to the end to receive a ShipKey; 
    enter the war and unlock the door to go on. Head down a second slope 
    and go along another straightforward path to another ShipKey. Enter the 
    warp and unlock another door, then go to Ship Comp 2. By the way, you 
    can jack out after unlocking doors to replenish HP if you like.
    This section is more annoying. One door, but three key fragments. Head 
    down the slope to the main hub. There are three paths to take from 
    here, each containing a different fragment at the end. Head down each 
    and get the keys (still straightforward paths, although you need to 
    take the slope at the end of the upper-right path), then go through the 
    door and on to Ship Comp 3.
    Only one key for this area, but it's not fun to get. Go down the slope 
    and head up-right against the current to get an ExpMemry, then go with 
    the current to the next part. Go to the end and go with the next 
    current, then head up from there and go past the two annoying currents 
    to the third good one. Head up again here, then right to another good 
    current. Go past the several tornadoes and take the right path to be 
    blown to an Attack+1 NCP. Go back and take the left path, then enter 
    two more good currents to get the ShipKey. Unlock the door to meet 
    [Navi Battle: Tomahawkman]
    HP: 700
    Attacks: Throws a tomahawk which circles your area.
             His totem pole sends meteors at you.
             His totem pole makes him invincible.
             His totem pole replenishes his HP briefly.
             Swipes the closer two of your rows with a tomahawk.
             Turns into a ball and attacks a single square, breaking the 
    Strategy: The tomahawk and meteors are easy enough to avoid, but you 
    can stop whatever the totem pole's doing by attacking it; easy enough 
    with Colonel's charge attack. It's a little hard to see the tomahawk 
    swipe coming, for some reason, it's pretty clear when he winds up with 
    the tomahawk. Anyway, he moves medium-fast, so slow chips won't work 
    that well.
    Luckily, Colonel swiped the booster during the battle. He'll also 
    convince Tomahawkman to join your anti-Nebula force. Time to take on 
    End Area 2, so go to the exit of End Area 1 and Tomahawkman will take 
    out all the Navis with one swing. Head forward to start the fourth 
    Liberation Mission.
    -- End Area 2 (Liberation Mission 4) --
    You've got Colonel, Knightman, Shadowman and Tomahawkman for this 
    mission, and you're taking on Dark Megaman. Head forward and use 
    TomahawkSwing on the indented panel to take out a wide area for 
    maneuverability, then use Shadowman on the BigBrut2, then Colonel or 
    Knightman on the DarkHole. Anyway, the BarrierKey1 and BarrierKey2, 
    along with a DarkHole, is in the section to the upper-right. They're 
    the uppermost and lowermost item panels in that section, so have 
    Shadowman get them and bring someone in to get the DarkHole.
    The odds are the minibosses will gather around you before you can do 
    much. You've got a couple of new ones, too.
    [Mini-Boss Battle: TinHawk2]
    Same as before, more HP, a tad faster.
    [Mini-Boss Battle: Bladia]
    A massive Swordy from old times. He stays still for so long I was able 
    to delete him before I could see his attack. MrkCan1's and Colonel's 
    charge attack get past his defenses.
    Take out the DarkHoles with some powerhouse Navis and make your way 
    toward Dark Megaman. If you use Order Points correctly and get some key 
    1-turn liberations (much easier in this mission), you can make it to 
    Dark Megaman well before the target of 10 phases. Take some time off to 
    replenish HP, then take him on.
    [Navi Battle: Dark Megaman]
    HP: 800
    Attack: Fires his MegaBuster.
            Fires a Cannon.
            Fires a MiniBomb.
            Fires a Tornado.
            Uses a massive sword attack.
            Uses a Quake.
            Uses a MrkCan1.
            Other chips I may have missed.
    Strategy: The MegaBuster is his weapon of choice, which is good because 
    it's really difficult to be able to avoid most of his attacks. Stay 
    away and don't be on his row when you don't have to be, is my best 
    advice. This battle isn't too hard, though, regardless.
    If you make it in the target numbers or phase (not difficult here), 
    you'll get an AntiNavi M. Back in a normal area, Megaman will finally 
    find the strength to expunge the dark power from his body. Oops, I just 
    skipped the cutscene, darn it. Ah well. Good things happen, I'm sure, 
    like you get Tomahawk Soul.
    3.5 - Double-Crossed (through Liberation Mission 5)
    Dr. Regal's annoyed that they've got Megaman back, and he'll discuss 
    with Cosmoman the destruction of the team.
    -- Higsby? Seriously --
    Baryl will bring all the operators together to get to know each other 
    and to introduce the new member of the team...Higsby? Looks like 
    Numberman's our new compatriot. Baryl is aiming to liberate End Area 5 
    now, as well. A mysterious person will e-mail you about Chaos Unisons. 
    Talk to Baryl to get Folder2, then jack in at Oran Isle and head to End 
    Area 2. Go to the end and head into End Area 3.
    -- End Area 3 --
    Head left in this area until you can't anymore, then go up and follow 
    the path around to the stairs. Go left and take the second staircase 
    down, then head up and right to another staircase and go up. Follow the 
    path to another staircase and go down, then follow the straightforward 
    path to End Area 4.
    -- End Area 4 --
    Go down the stairs, then go forward and take the second right all the 
    way to the conveyor. Go up and take the upper conveyor, then head left 
    to the corner, then head up and take the first left. Head down and walk 
    past the conveyor to a different one, then go up and take the 
    staircase. Head down-right, then up-right. Wow, that's a huge gate. 
    Numberman will show up, followed by the rest of the team. But wait! 
    Higsby's lent Numberman to Ms. Mariko as a bodyguard, so the mission 
    will happen tomorrow instead. Ah well.
    -- 1337 |-|4<>0R5 --
    Lan wants to visit Dad's lab, so go to SciLab and enter Yuichiro's lab 
    (you'll spy Higsby there too). Inspect the large computer to discover 
    it's protected. Run outside and head toward the port to spy Higsby. 
    Talk to him, then run back to the computer. Numberman will hack it, 
    then reveal a text file from Lan's grandfather about someone named Gow.
    -- Gow Wow --
    Go home and talk to Haruka, then look at the doghouse through the glass 
    door in the living room. Head out to the mine next. Do you remember a 
    small room with nothing but a machine near the top? Jack into the 
    machine and examine the rightmost panel. Looks like something you're 
    seeking is in End City. You'll jack out, so head to the now-available 
    End City.
    -- End City --
    Head to the other corner of End City and talk to Higsby. He doesn't 
    seem to remember helping out...whatever. Talk to the guy behind the 
    counter (you may need to try entering the castle first), then go to the 
    south corner and jack into the bronze statue. Head into End Area 3 and 
    get to the second part of the raised section as you did before. Go to 
    the stairs to find Numberman doing something with the castle system. 
    He'll run off.
    -- The Castle --
    Jack out and talk to the one guy, then enter the castle. Go up the 
    numerous floors until you get out on the roof. Inspect the eye of the 
    left fish to receive a DataDisk, along with a cryptic disk. With OldKey 
    and TextData in hand, jack in somewhere and go to ACDC Area 3. Follow 
    the path until you find a 3x3 area of panels; inspect the very edge of 
    the middle panel on the upper-right side. A door will open up; go ahead 
    and run in. You'll appear in...ACDC?
    -- A Link To The Past --
    After some investigation, it appears that Megaman has entered a 
    digitized memory of the past; Dr. Hikari's just had twin boys. Talk to 
    everyone in ACDC to move on, and watch out, because viruses exist here. 
    Once you've decided to leave, you'll spy some evil Navis looking for 
    something. Go talk to the black Navi to fight.
    [Virus Battle: PowieEX, PowieEX, WuNoteEX]
    Your main problems are going to be cracked panels and those bloody 
    bushes. Shoot out the bushes as soon as you can to get the battle over 
    with faster.
    With him gone, head up the street to find the other Navis. The battles 
    from right to left:
    [Virus Battle: Marina, Marina, Shakey]
    For Pete's sake. Anyway, the Shakey needs to go first, since it crosses 
    all the panels and is a real bother. After that, remember to shoot the 
    bubbles to get rid of them faster.
    [Virus Battle: HandiEX, HandiEX]
    The bombs are weak as all get out, but watch out for X bombs that will 
    harm your area. Use a buster shot on the bomb and then a chip on the 
    [Virus Battle: Shakey, Shakey, MetFire]
    As before, the Shakeys are your priority. Try to end this battle as 
    quickly as possible, as meteors and Shakeys are a horrid combination.
    [Virus Battle: BugTnkEX, BugTnkEX, WuNoteEX]
    The WuNoteEX will be the most annoying virus here; if you have CrakBoms 
    or something (Django would be nice), try to take it out. BugTnkEX's are 
    no problem by now, I'm sure.
    [Virus Battle: Shakey, BomBoy, BomBoy]
    Wow, I really hate BomBoys. If you're lucky enough to start with a 
    Django chip, the battle's over right away. Otherwise, try to get row-
    hitting chips to take out the BomBoys, since those bombs are incredibly 
    -- Double Agent --
    Once you're done, Numberman will show up. Sounds like he's joined 
    Nebula (he never learns, I guess - we should lock him up). He'll head 
    off, so jack out and go to Baryl's office. Talk to Baryl, then go home 
    and go to sleep. There'll be a sequence where Numberman is accompanying 
    Ms. Mariko's Navi, but Megaman destroys it. o_O
    -- Prepare For Battle --
    Screwy things are going on in End Area 3. Jack in and head there, then 
    inspect the large castle thing in End Area 3. A Navi comes along and 
    says you need to fix the castle net first. Jack out and head into the 
    castle, then head to the second room to find the door locked. Inspect 
    the holograph, then jack into the rightmost katana on top. Talk to the 
    Navi to fight.
    [Virus Battle: DrixolEX, DrixolEX, Eleogre]
    You've seen DrixolEXs before, and they're easy to avoid right? Anyway, 
    the Eleogre electrocutes your columns, so try to stay off lit panels.
    You'll get KtnaData. Go back a room and jack into the third armor from 
    the left. Talk to the Navi.
    [Virus Battle: NinJoy, NinJoy]
    Agh, these things are back. Anyway, when you attack, they appear in 
    your area and swipe. Hit them with your buster, then move to the back 
    row and use a chip attack.
    You'll get ArmrData. Jakc into the leftmost helmet and talk to one last 
    [Virus Battle: Zomon, Zomon, Batty]
    Zomons use alternating WideSwrds and LongSwrds on you, so stay back and 
    when they move up, get out of the way. Otherwise, not much trouble.
    He'll give you HelmData. Go back to the holograph and inspect it to 
    give it back its regalia. Go through the door.
    -- Samurai Training --
    In the X room, talk to the samurai statue to agree to a fighting game. 
    Walk into the center to start it; you need to hit 100 samurai foes 
    before they hit you once. It's PURE EVIL, I TELL YOU. Remember that 
    you'll always want to hit the samurai that is closest; you can 
    interrupt strings of samurais to hit someone else. When you complete 
    the challenge a billion years later, continue on to the roof. 
    Apparently, the castle's going to explode. Go to the panel in the left 
    fish and jack in.
    -- Gargoyl Comp (Regular Mission 5) --
    Talk to the program to find out what's going on. You'll need to bring 
    the correct color ninja program to the switches to turn off the traps. 
    Go forward and take a left to grab the red ninja. Go back and head the 
    other way, then take a left to get past the first trap. For the next 
    part, circle the area clockwise until you can pass by the conveyor 
    belts with the white ninja. Go on one, go around the blue ninja and at 
    the dead end, go right for a Speed+1 NCP, then go the other way to 
    bypass another trap.
    Head to the next square and talk to the program about multiple-ninja 
    traps. Go down and grab the blue ninja, then head left and keep looping 
    around counterclockwise until you can go up the up-right path with the 
    blue ninja. On this square, circle around once to get the blue ninja 
    through, then disable the trap and head forward. Grab the red ninja and 
    head up, then circle around the next area to bring the red ninja along. 
    When you hit the white ninja, take a left to get an HPMemory, then go 
    back and up with the red ninja to disable the trap. Go into area 2.
    What the heck? They cut out area 2 as well? Geez. Anyway, at the square 
    head down-left for a GMD, then head down-right and grab the white 
    ninja. Keep going and trade for a red ninja, then go back. Take the 
    uppermost path and you'll trade for a blue; go around and get your red 
    back to continue. Head up and avoid the blue ninja, then once you're 
    past the square, head right and take the path with the conveyor 
    pointing down-left. Keep taking this large loop until you're followed 
    by two red ninjas when you pass by the conveyor down. Take the very 
    last conveyor up and avoid the ninjas on your way to the trap. Go 
    disable it and continue.
    When you see the trap, head up and left and grab the blue ninja. From 
    there, go up and get the white ninja, then circle around to get the 
    blue ninja again. Go up and left to the red ninja, then head left and 
    loop around continually until you can bring the white ninja to the 
    trap. Grab the HPMemory and get the blue ninja from here. Head left 
    again and grab the other blue ninja, then return to the first trap and 
    disable it to continue.
    From here, go left and avoid the ninjas until you can get the red 
    ninja. Head back right to a square and circle around to bring the red 
    ninja along. Go up and left, then head into a corner (exchanging with 
    the blue ninja), then turn around and continue with the red ninja. Head 
    left and circle around the right side of the rectangle until you can 
    continue down with the red ninja. Head down and right for a second red 
    ninja. From there, head left past the conveyor belt, then head up-right 
    avoiding the ninjas until you get the third red one. Go back and head 
    to the trap to disable it.
    Continue to the green program and head left, then up and go on the 
    conveyor. Head down and left until you see the conveyor that can take 
    you back to the really long conveyor; don't pick up any ninjas. Once 
    there, head up-left to find a white ninja and pick him up. Go back to 
    that one conveyor and head down; you'll grab the red ninja, so circle 
    around so you can bring the white ninja down-right. Exchange it for the 
    red ninja, then head down-left and grab another red ninja. Go up and 
    around and grab the white ninja again, then circle again and get that 
    red again, then continue right and walk into the white ninja, then 
    back. You have two white ninjas, so head down-left to disable the trap 
    and get the blue ninja.
    Go up-right, then left, then down-left to the large loop you were in a 
    second ago. Head up and back to the squares with the red ninjas from 
    before. Grab the red ninja and circle around to continue with the blue 
    one. Head up-right and then up-right again for a blue ninja. Go up-left 
    to a large rectangle. Head up-right on the conveyor and then go up-left 
    past the red ninjas to a third blue ninja. From there, head left and 
    stay as far up as you can to avoid red ninjas; once at the end, go 
    down, then up-right to the trap. Disable it and go forward to find the 
    control panel and Numberman.
    [Navi Battle: Numberman]
    HP: 600
    Attacks: NumTrap - a mine is placed and if you step on it a large 2x2 
    weight flattens your area.
             Throws a dice bomb that explodes in a 3x3 area.
             Creates three balls with numbers on them.
    Strategy: Best just to get rid of NumTraps as soon as they show up, 
    really. The dice bombs you need to avoid. As for the balls, the numbers 
    correspond to their HP. He's unusually fast, so you'll have to be quick 
    to hit him. Try some time-stopping chips.
    Once you defeat him, Numberman and Megaman will show up. o_O  Looks 
    like they were playing your parts all along, and you'll pwn them 
    easily. Numberman will rush off to End Area 4 to get rid of the door. 
    Follow him and he will. Shadowman will stay behind, so adjust your 
    folder, save, and liberate!
    -- End Area 5 (Liberation Mission 5) --
    Looks like some random panels are booby-trapped this time. Anyway, your 
    enemy is Cosmoman and you've got nine phases. Numberman can take items 
    out of nearby item panels without battling, isn't that convenient. Easy 
    BarrierKeys, if you ask me. There are more minibosses here.
    [Mini-Boss Battle: Bladia2]
    A higher-HP version of Bladia. Easily taken out with Colonel.
    Your first order of business is to clear off the left wall so you can 
    get to the small area on the left that has BarrierKey1. Use Numberman 
    to get at it easily; it's the middle panel on the back row. Then, plow 
    through the center and take out the DarkHoles in the middle area. Head 
    right to find where Cosmoman is; the right item panel in front of him 
    has BarrierKey2. This will unlock a large area to the left; the item 
    panel closest to the middle here has BarrierKey3, which finally unlocks 
    the way to Cosmoman. Take out the DarkHoles there. Through this 
    mission, NumberCheck and TomahawkSwing are invaluable for getting 
    places. Once you get the final BarrierKey, go take on Cosmoman.
    [Navi Battle: Cosmoman]
    HP: 1000
    Attacks: Will throw a ring into your area that attacks a 2x2 area.
             Creates large rings that sweep across your area.
    Strategy: It's easy enough to avoid his rings, since they always spin 
    on the row of and behind the yellow panel. Also the large ones aren't 
    hard to dodge. He's medium-fast, so some chips are a bad idea unless 
    he's attacking. If you can catch him throwing a ring, you'll go Full 
    Synchro and paralyze him, which is a great opportunity. Colonel's 
    charge shot, as always, works very well.
    If you really work at it, you should barely make it within the target 
    number of phases to get CosmoMan C. According to the Colonel, the Net 
    is free, and you just need to work on the Undernet. You need to 
    recuperate first, though, and that door'll be tricky to get past. 
    Everyone'll jack out, and you'll get Number Soul.
    3.6 - The Scoop On Nebula (through Liberation Mission 6)
    Dr. Regal's slightly irritated about losing the Net, but he's closer to 
    getting the Hikari Report, it would seem...
    -- The Truth Slips Out --
    Back in the park, Mayl asks if you're doing dangerous stuff, and Lan 
    admits it. Dex and Yai show up to offer services, and Ribitta shows up 
    looking for a story; more specifically, an Undernet story. She'll run 
    off and Baryl will call. Head to Baryl's office and he'll ask you to 
    look into the Hikari Report. He'll also tell you about VisionBurst, 
    which was when you went into ACDC on the net. Go back there and head 
    into your backyard to find Gow gone. Colonel will show up and ask you 
    to find out about the dog.
    -- Hide And Gow Seek --
    Jack out and talk to Haruka to receive a photograph of Gow. You'll also 
    get CasPCode in an e-mail. Go to Oran Isle and head toward the mine, 
    but don't go in; take the slope on the side instead. Talk to the old 
    guy up there and he'll say that his Navi has something of Gramps's; 
    unfortunately, it's in an obscure area of Oran Area 1. If you go into 
    the mine, though, you can buy NebulaID from somebody.
    -- Larkman --
    Go to End City and jack into the horse. Head backward through End Area 
    2 and go down the stairs in End Area 1. Head up and left to the dead 
    end and walk past it onto an invisible platform. Follow the warp into 
    Undernet 1. Go in a little circle to get down the stairs, then enter 
    the warp and talk to the nearby Navi, Larkman, to fight.
    [Navi Battle: Larkman]
    HP: 900
    Attacks: Fires a bird at you that loops around to attack. 
             Several panels light up and Larkman flies over them.
             Swoops down at you.
    Strategy: This guy moves fast, so you'll probably have to wait for him 
    to attack before attacking him. Or use time-stopping chips. You'll get 
    a Larkman S chip for your victory.
    -- Well That Was Fun --
    But back to business. Go to Oran Isle and enter the mine, then take the 
    first left and jack into the light thing at the top. Talk to the Navi 
    inside to get OldPCode. Jack in somewhere and head to SciLab Area 3; 
    opposite the exit to Area 4 is a security cube; unlock it and go in, 
    then go through the next warp to reach ACDC Area 2. Talk to Gramps's 
    Navi there to receive PastKey and a cryptic clue.
    -- Return To The Past --
    Go back to Oran and head to the drill room. Jack into the fourth 
    computer and head to the machine that stopped the rocks. Stand next to 
    it and examine the upper-right edge of that path. You'll open a door to 
    a memory of Oran Isle. Talk to everyone (MagnoMetal seems to be a key 
    topic), and Gow will appear with a Nebula Navi. Prepare for battle!
    [Virus Battle: NinJoy, HandiEX, HandiEX]
    No real problem. Take out bombs as normal and such.
    You'll try to get Gow but he'll pwn you. Inspect the bamboo to be 
    doubly pwned, and Gow will be captured by Blizzardman, who leaves. In 
    other news, SciLab's under attack!
    -- Attack Of The Darkloids --
    Head to Baryl's office and jack into his computer. Head toward the warp 
    to find Colonel and some Darkloids and Shademan. Shademan leaves, and 
    more Darkloids take his place. Prepare for battle!
    [Virus Battle: Marina, Marina, MarinaEX]
    The sheer volume of bubbles here makes shooting them impractical. Lucky 
    you, though, no water.
    [Virus Battle: Zomon, Zomon, VacuumFn]
    Get that VacuumFn! If you've got Fast Barrier in your NC, though, it's 
    not a problem.
    [Virus Battle: Eleogre, WuNoteEX, Shakey]
    As usual, Shakey has to go right away.
    Turns out Gow wasn't a VisionBurst, but is related to the Hikari 
    Report. After jacking out, you'll discuss Nebula's plans, and you need 
    to strike in the Undernet. But first, you need a new HQ.
    -- Location, Location, Location --
    You'll get e-mail from Mayl with a RollSP R chip. Anyway, leave SciLab 
    and head to ACDC Town. Go into Higsby's shop and talk to Higsby; he can 
    give you a large space, but you need to recover a data file the 
    Numberman dropped in End Area 3 while looking at something cool. Head 
    to End Area 3 and inspect behind the castle thing on the net to get it. 
    Return and talk to Higsby and he'll show you the secret area. Baryl 
    will agree, it's nice. But someone's trying to get into the Undernet!
    -- Sacrifice --
    Head yourself to the purple wall in End Area 5. Toadman will be there, 
    trying to break in. Suddenly, Cloudman will show up and destroy the 
    door, but Colonel will take care of him. Or so we think...as Toadman 
    hops toward the Undernet, Cloudman will try for another attack, and 
    Colonel will throw himself in the way. When the light fades, he's gone.
    -- The Abdication --
    Back at the base, everyone's reeling from the news, and Ribitta is 
    quite sorry. Baryl, though, wants Lan to lead the next mission; he'll 
    give you a day to think it over. Go to bed. Early next morning, Ribitta 
    shows up asking to join the team as her repentance. As you hem and haw, 
    she'll call you spineless and head off to the Undernet herself.
    -- The Undernet (Regular Mission 6) --
    Head to End Area 5 and enter Undernet 1. A guy will tell you that 
    Toadman passed by and that there are ghosts. If a ghost is on your head 
    when you enter battle, it'll give you a bug. Anyway, go up the first 
    stairs you see, then go down the stairs past it. Go forward and take 
    the second stircase up, then the next staircase up. Take two more 
    staircases down, then head right and go up two more staircases. Go left 
    and go up one more staircase to make it to Undernet 2.
    Go into the conveyor, then head left to the warp, then up past the 
    warp. Take the first right, then head down and go past the first warp 
    into the second one. Go up the stairs here and then down the next 
    stairs. Go right, then up, then into Undernet 3.
    Go forward and into the right conveyor, then left a bit and down one 
    conveyor. Head right into a conveyor, then go up-right until you reach 
    the second 3x3 square. Go up, left, down into the square next to that 
    one, then go down, left and up to find the large staircase. You'll also 
    find Toadman, and clearly he's irritated about something.
    [Navi Battle: Toadman]
    HP: 700
    Attacks: Sends a paralyzing music note at you.
             Throws a small frog into your area to change panels into 
             Punches you.
    Strategy: The bloody guy keeps changing lilypads, so he's hard to pin 
    down. Your Megabuster works well, as do time-stopping chips. The music 
    note can be hard to dodge sometimes, though, so beware, he follows up 
    with a punch.
    When you win, the rest of the team will show up, hoping you'll lead the 
    next mission. You, of course, will accept. Tomahawkman tries to take 
    out the door, but falls short. Toadman, however, gets the job done. 
    Head forward to your last Liberation Mission!
    -- Undernet 4 (Liberation Mission 6) --
    Your team: Megaman, Shadowman, Tomahawkman, Numberman, and Toadman. 
    Your enemy is...Dark Colonel? Well then. This level is very 
    straightforward, it's basically one long path to Dark Colonel. Take out 
    each DarkHole as you go by it. BarrierKey1 is in the item panel at the 
    very top of the first path, and BarrierKey2 is at the very bottom. Dark 
    panels are sort of scattered, so it's possible to get past places only 
    taking out a few. Try for a lot of 1-turn liberations. Your target is 
    10 phases. Good luck!
    The key problem here is that the blasted Dominerds are back. Unless you 
    have some piercing chips, you will need some high-power chips to take 
    out Dominerds quickly when their mouths are open. Django works well. 
    The other thing is that your two powerhouses, Colonel and Knightman, 
    are not here, so you'll have to find someone else for DarkHoles. 
    Tomahawkman isn't too bad. Also Toadman is really good; his charge shot 
    is him moving in front of an enemy and punching for a good deal of 
    damage. Very effective. I won't bother listing minibosses here, you get 
    [Navi Battle: Dark Colonel]
    HP: 1200
    Attacks: Slashes in a /, then a V of some sort.
             Drops a RockCube that turns into a small army thing that 
             Uses his C-Cannon.
    Strategy: Slashes are harder to avoid. He's faster and has more HP. 
    Otherwise, not much different, except the rock, which is easy to avoid 
    (unless used in conjunction with a slash). Shadowman is excellent here, 
    his charged attacks do 100 damage each.
    Cosmoman will comment on DarkPower, and will take Colonel away. You'll 
    managed to get Toad Soul, though. According to Megaman, they need to 
    get Colonel back before taking on Nebula.
    3.7 - SoulNet
    Regal has the Hikari Report, and with it, he plans to complete SoulNet. 
    He talks about NebulaGray and the microservers, whatever those are. I 
    guess we're about to find out, since he's getting the TV cameras out.
    -- Let's Do The Mind Warp Again --
    Back in Electopia, Regal apparently plans to free the Electopians. 
    Haruka will give you an Amulet to protect you. Walk outside to see two 
    people acting weird. You'll get mail that talks about the microservers 
    that are warping minds. Jack into the tree behind Mayl's house and 
    inspect the microserver to be attacked by Numberman.
    [Navi Battle: Numberman Alpha]
    HP: 900
    Attacks: NumTrap - a mine is placed and if you step on it a large 2x2 
    weight flattens your area.
             Throws a dice bomb that explodes in a 3x3 area.
             Creates three balls with numbers on them.
             Uses AreaGrab.
    Strategy: Same as before, but more resilient and harder-hitting. You'll 
    have to use charge shots on the number balls, most likely.
    You'll destroy the microserver, and Higsby will turn back to normal. 
    You'll jack out and get an e-mail about Toad Soul, then go talk to 
    Baryl at Higsby's. He'll tell you to check other places.
    -- The Microserver Takedown --
    Go to SciLab and board the Queen Bohemia. Go to the Netbattle machine 
    to find Dingo, who needs, I tell you NEEDS, to battle.
    [Navi Battle: Tomahawkman Alpha]
    HP: 900
    Attacks: Throws a tomahawk which circles your area.
             His totem pole sends meteors at you.
             His totem pole makes him invincible.
             His totem pole replenishes his HP briefly.
             Swipes the closer two of your rows with a tomahawk.
             Turns into a ball and attacks a single square, breaking the 
    Strategy: Harder, better, faster, stronger. God, did I just quote Daft 
    Punk? I need help.
    Dingo's hopping mad, so Lan will jack in and Megaman will destroy the 
    microserver. Head into SciLab and jack into the white machine. 
    Knightman is defending the microserver here.
    [Navi Battle: KnightMan]
    HP: 900
    Attacks: Fires his wrecking ball at you.
             Fires his wrecking ball in the air and debris falls.
             Jumps forward cracking panels.
             Circles his wrecking ball around himself.
             Uses PanlGrab.
    Strategy: You know the shtick. If you got AirShoes from behind the 
    Nebula door in End Area 4, it's useful here.
    Knightman and Princess Pride will return to normal. Head to End City 
    and jack into Gargoyle Comp; go to the end to find the microserver and 
    [Navi Battle: Shadowman]
    HP: 700
    Attacks: Clones himself.
             Sends a wave of fire along a row.
             Throws two shurikens at you.
             Appears in front of/behind you and slices with a sword.
    Strategy: Same.
    Looks like he was never affected, he just wanted to battle, since he 
    destroys the server himself. A phone call from Baryl reveals the 
    microservers are now gone, but you need to take out the source of the 
    signal that started them in the Undernet.
    -- Restored To Light --
    On the way out of the castle, talk to a guy hidden near the Buddha 
    statue to get a lotto code, 45654128, which nets you an HP+400 NCP. 
    Return to End Area 5 and enter the Undernet. Make your way to Undernet 
    4 (yay, the ghosts are gone) and head to where Dark Colonel was to find 
    a large server. Inspect it to try and destroy it, but Dark Colonel will 
    come along and take care of it himself. He'll then push Megaman, but 
    then Toadman will try to heal Dark Colonel from afar. Protoman will 
    show up and discuss the plan; Toadman will turn his heal to full power 
    and expel the DarkPower, Protoman will knock out Colonel and Megaman 
    will destroy the DarkPower. You'll get Colonel Soul and everyone will 
    -- The Door To The Past --
    Back at the base, Baryl has found where the Nebula base is, and Colonel 
    will be ready to go tomorrow, so that's when the big strike is. Go home 
    and Haruka will give you one of Gramps's DataDisks. After going 
    upstairs you'll get a Colonel Soul e-mail; jack in and head to SciLab 3 
    and head to the very back. Inspect the edge of the middle panel of the 
    back row to find a VisionBurst. Go in and you'll find two scientists 
    talking about SoulNet and SoulServer...Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. Okay, 
    Dr. Hikari, but Hikari means light, and now it relates to other Megaman 
    games. Looks like SoulNet connects people's souls to the net. After 
    Light and Wily leave, you'll jack out, so go to sleep.
    -- Face Destiny --
    Go downstairs and talk to Mom, then go to the front of Higsby's shop 
    and talk to Baryl. Apparently, the base is on Mt. Belenus (Mt. Fuji in 
    JP version - they were in Japan, though), and you'll be going by 
    helicopter. Before you go, your friends will show up to see you off. 
    Off you go!
    -- Mt. Belenus --
    Holy crap, that base is huge. Anyway, Dusk will run off to investigate, 
    later calling to report that the back entrance is the one to take. As 
    if you didn't know. Follow the path past the first set of stairs to 
    your team, then go up these stairs and enter the door there. You'll 
    find tow doors into the factory; Baryl and Ribitta will check out one, 
    and the rest of you will check the other; he'll give you a GigaChip, 
    CrossDiv C.
    -- The Lair Of Evil (Final Mission) --
    Head through the larger door into the DarkChip factory. Follow the path 
    to a laser door, which you and Princess Pride will jack into. To get by 
    the next few puzzles, you need to alternate using Navis like in 
    Liberation Missions.
    Hit Select and change to Knightman, then follow the winding path to the 
    right until you find a cannon and a purple switch; Knightman will 
    destroy the cannon, so step on the switch to disable a purple door. 
    Switch to Megaman and go up the long conveyor, then head left and 
    follow the path past the blue door to a blue switch. Step on it and 
    switch to Knightman, then head down and way left and up through where 
    the blue door was.
    Head up and right past the long conveyor and you'll eventually come 
    across another purple switch and cannon. After stepping on it, switch 
    to Megaman and go up another long conveyor. Head right from there to 
    get to another blue switch; step on it, then lead Knightman up through 
    where the blue door was. Head left past the long conveyor and take the 
    long path up that you come across to find the final switch. With that 
    down, lead Megaman through the last door to encounter Blizzardman.
    [Navi Battle: BlizzardMan Alpha]
    HP: 1200
    Attacks: Rolls snowballs at you.
             Rolls at you as a snowball and then snow falls.
             Blows icy breath at you.
    Strategy: Should be essentially the same strategy as before. You'll 
    need to be a bit quicker, of course.
    Blizzardman will open a hole to the Dark Galaxy and try to draw you in; 
    Knightman will take your place. Back out, head toward the next laser 
    door. A Nebula agent will try to stop you, but Dusk will KO him. You'll 
    jack in with Shadowman this time.
    Switch to Shadowman and head right, then take a left at the fork and 
    you'll come across a dark cloud and a purple switch; he'll destroy it, 
    so step on the switch and switch to Megaman. Go forward ont eh conveyor 
    belts and take a left; before the switch, take a right for a RegUP3, 
    then step on the switch.
    Go back to Shadowman and have him head back to the start and take the 
    left instead. Take a left at the split to find the cloud and step on 
    the switch. Return control to Megaman, then return to the central 
    conveyors and go up again. Once you see the next door, take a right, 
    then a left, and this path will take you to the switch. Have Shadowman 
    follow the same path, but take the stairs up to the last switch. Bring 
    Megaman past the last door and prepare for Shademan. Shadowman will 
    come to help, but the Dark Galaxy will pull him in before he gets the 
    [Navi Battle: Shademan]
    HP: 1000
    Attacks: Creates bats that fly at you to attack.
             Swipes at you with his claws (only hits one square ahead).
             Fires a sonic pulse that hits the square in front and the row 
    two squares ahead.
             Moves behind you to attack.
    Strategy: He's still incredibly fast, so use some nice time-stopping 
    chips, like CrossDiv. If you use a Django chip on him, his health goes 
    steadily down.
    Shademan will talk about joining NebulaGray, then explode. I guess 
    Shadowman's okay. o_O Continue along and inspect the next laser door to 
    have you, Higsby and Dingo jack in for a triple mission.
    Take Tomahawkman to the right and destroy both X doors to step on the 
    teal switch. Take Numberman past the mechanical door and go on the 
    conveyor, then head left and take out two more mechanical doors before 
    the green switch. Have Megaman go up ONE central conveyor, then go 
    right. Take the third path up, then head right to the blue switch.
    Take Tomahawkman and bring him throughb the former blue door, then up 
    the central conveyor. Go up and follow the path to the teal switch. 
    Switch back to Megaman and return to the central conveyor. Go up it and 
    then head left, then loop around (go down) to find another blue switch. 
    Take Numberman forward to another mechanical door, then step on the 
    green switch.
    Take Tomahawkman off the switch, then head left straight to another 
    door. Step on the switch behind it, then have Megaman take the final 
    conveyor to Cloudman. Apparently, NebulaGray is a dark star in the Dark 
    Galaxy. Whatever. In other news...
    [Navi Battle: Cloudman Alpha]
    HP: 900
    Attacks: Creates a bunch of clouds that fire thunders at you.
             Creates a cloud in your area to electrocute you.
             Turns into a tornado cloud and attacks your area.
    Strategy: Shoot out the clouds to get rid of them, then attack 
    Cloudman. Remember, he's really slow, so if clouds are gone you can get 
    some good shots in.
    After the light fades, Numberman and Tomahawkman have been sucked into 
    the Dark Galaxy. Cloudman explodes, and you're sad. When you come to 
    the final laser door, Baryl and Ribitta will show up to help out.
    Take Colonel forward, past the stairs (not up them) to the dark 
    waterfall, then left to the door that he'll destroy. Step on the 
    switch, then switch to Toadman. Head right to the dead end, then up to 
    the switch and step on it. As Colonel, go right, down and around to the 
    switch, then have Toadman go up and take out the dark waterfall and hit 
    another switch. You can finally bring Megaman forward to the next 
    Now take Colonel back to the stairs and cross over to Ribitta's side. 
    Head up-right from there and destroy the door and step on the switch. 
    Bring Toadman over to Baryl's side and go up, then take out the dark 
    waterfall and hit that switch. From there, bring Megaman forward onto 
    that switch, then bring Colonel and Toadman over to hit their switches 
    so Megaman can get to Cosmoman. The Dark Galaxy will take Colonel and 
    [Navi Battle: Cosmoman Alpha]
    HP: 1200
    Attacks: Will throw a ring into your area that attacks a 2x2 area.
             Creates large rings that sweep across your area.
             Turns into a portal and objects fly at you.
    Strategy: Still not that big of a problem, frankly, except when he does 
    his portal move. Shoot out the objects coming at you.
    Regal's about to complete SoulNet. You'll jack out, and Regal's done 
    with SoulServer and will soon transfer NebulaGray. Dr. Hikari's upset 
    with himself for not destroying the Hikari Report.
    -- The Office Of Evil --
    Run forward into Regal's office to find him absent. Jack into the 
    rightmost case and talk to the felled Navi to find that Roll, Glide and 
    Gutsman were taken to the Dark Galaxy, and that you can get upstairs. 
    Jack out and inspect the middle case to open a door. The entire team 
    will see you off as you head up to take on Regal. Inspect the left case 
    to get back the PETS of Mayl, Yai and Dex. Save before entering the 
    door, as there is no turning back.
    -- The End Of All Things --
    You'll find Yuichiro tied up, and Regal working on SoulNet. The team 
    will help Yuichiro out, but Regal will activate SoulNet, and hatred 
    will fill your team. Not you, though; Regal suspects it may be 
    MagnoMetal protecting you. Your Amulet fits the bill. Regal, though, 
    has spread SoulNet and SoulServer around the world, and once he 
    installs NebulaGray, the world will turn evil. You won't let that 
    happen, though, right? I thought not. Jack in!
    -- SoulServer --
    Follow the long and winding road to the middle of SoulServer. You'll be 
    surrounded by four flames from Blizzardman, Shademan, Cloudman, and 
    Cosmoman. They'll be stopped, however, by the whole team, including 
    Roll, Glide and Gutsman. Continue along until you reach the end.
    -- NebulaGray --
    You'll discover NebulaGray, a program that amplifies man's evil soul. A 
    huge number of ghosts will gather around it to form the giant monster 
    that you must battle. Give 'em hell, son.
    [Final Battle: NebulaGray]
    HP: 2000
    Attacks: Small flame strings come out of the ground constantly.
             Fires a fireball at a square that causes flames to follow you 
             Uses a DarkChip - Megaman appears and uses a chip.
             NebulaGray flies into a panel, cracking a 3x3 area.
             A lot of hands come out of NebulaGray and try to grab you.
    Strategy: I cannot stress the value of AirShoes here, since panels will 
    definitely be cracked a lot. Also, if you have BblWrap, it's quite 
    useful. Anyway, the flame attacks are only annoying until you learn to 
    dodge them. AntiDmg actually works on the fourth attack listed.
             Once NebulaGray is below 1000 HP, he'll start using the 
    attacks below the fourth. For the fifth attack, I advise you not to 
    panic and concentrate on the hands. Django and CrossDiv still work like 
    a charm. I beat this guy faster than any final boss since MMBN.
    -- ENDING --
    The NebulaGray monster will explode, but the DarkPower will envelop 
    Megaman. Lan will remove his Amule and attempt to talk to Hub, and a 
    voice will tell him to keep at it. Suddenly, there's a flash of light, 
    and Hub will be standing there, the DarkPower gone. He'll use something 
    on the DarkPoewr, and it will disappear. NebulaGray gears up for one 
    last attack, but Colonel will fight it off. Everyone else will give 
    their souls to Megaman, who stands up and fires...when the light fades, 
    NebulaGray is gone.
    Regal's base is exploding, and Regal is musing over the loss of his 
    world. Baryl walks up and introduces himself as head of the Netopian 
    Net Army or something like that. In other news, the volcano will soon 
    destroy SoulServer. As you and the team leave, Yuichiro stays behind 
    for a bit to tell Regal of the good power of SoulNet; Regal laughs it 
    off. Yuichiro collapses, and Wily comes up to restart SoulNet, 
    overpowering it to erase ten years off of Regal's memory. Wily then 
    speaks to Baryl and leaves.
    Lan narrates: the volcano erupted, Yuichiro got home safe and all that. 
    At Baryl's office, Baryl announces the end of Nebula, as well as Team 
    Colonel. With Regal's memory erased, he's working at SciLab again. 
    Everyone will leave, and you'll wax philosophical, then your friends 
    show up to talk and play like old times.
    Roll credits.
    Megaman, Roll, Glide and Gutsman are in the ACDC Town VisionBurst. 
    Suddenly, Gow shows up. Yuichiro will advise you to continue the fight 
    for freedom and invite you to a party. You jack out and Gow barks.
    4 - Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What is the code to get into the engine room on the Queen Bohemia?
    A: 11922911.
    Q: I just got Gramps's letter and I don't know what to do!
    A: Go home and talk to Haruka, then inspect the doghouse via the glass 
    door in your living room. Then jack into the machine near the top of 
    the OldMine, in a room by itself. Inspect the eastmost square.
    Q: [insert story event] isn't happening! What do I do? By the way, I'm 
    using a cheat device.
    A: Cheat devices have been known to wreak havoc on game data. Your best 
    bet is to try again without the device and hope it works. If it 
    doesn't, I'd hate to be you, because you'll probably have to start 
    Q: When are you going to finish the FAQ?
    A: I don't know. Please don't ask.
    Q: Can I host your walkthrough on my website?
    A: E-mail me that question and I'll give you my answer.
    Q: You forgot to mention this./I have a tip for doing this./How do I do 
    this, because it's not in your FAQ, but should be?
    A: E-mail me concerning any of the above situations. Remember to put 
    'MMBN5' somewhere in the subject line so I know what you're talking 
    about. Always double-check to make sure my FAQ doesn't answer your 
    question, because 90% of the time, based on what I've seen, it does. If 
    you e-mail me asking a question that's not in my FAQ because that 
    particular section is incomplete...just don't, because the odds are my 
    answer is 'I don't know.' Soon I will know all, and you can e-mail me 
    5 - Thanks To...
    GameFAQs for posting this on their website.
    Nintendo and Capcom for making the game.
    6 - Legal Info
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
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