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    FAQ/Walkthrough by chaosgene

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                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
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    1.    Walkthrough                                    |    1WALKT
    1a.   Nebula's Reprisal                              |    1ANARL
    1b.   Initiation                                     |    1BINON
    1c.   -ACDC 3 Liberation Mission                     |    1CACLM
    1d.   Vacation Destination                           |    1DVNDN
    1e.   -Oran Area 3 Liberation Mission                |    1EOALM
    1f.   Cloudy Skies                                   |    1FCYSS
    1g.   -Scilab 3 Liberation Mission                   |    1GSLLM
    1h.   Getting on Board                               |    1HGOBD
    1i.   -End Area 2 Liberation Mission                 |    1IEA3L
    1j.   Mixed Messages                                 |    1JMDMS
    1k.   -End Area 5 Liberation Mission                 |    1KEA5L
    2.    Battlechips                                    |    2BACHP
    2a.   -Standard Chips                                |    2ASDCS
    2b.   -Mega Chips                                    |    2BMACS
    2c.   -Giga Chips                                    |    2CGACS
    2d.   -Dark Chips                                    |    2DDKCS
    2e.   -Secret Chips                                  |    2ESTCS
    2f.   -Program Advances                              |    2FPMAS
    3.    FAQ/Misc.                                      |    3FAQMC
    4.    Everything Else                                |    4EVYTE
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              | Walkthrough                                    1WALKT |
    Heh, I figured since this is going to be the biggest part of my guide, I might
    as well make the header as awesome as humanly possible. Anyways, I suppose that
    I should add a few preface notes. Well, this guide was started by playing the
    Japanese version of the game and then slowly updated to better fit the English
    versions (the English versions being the NA and EU releases. They differ from
    the Japanese one a good bit but not from each other at all, save for the title
    screen). As such, this guide could be used with any version, I hope, and
    regional differences should be clearly marked. Also I'm sure that there a quite
    a few inconsistancies in this, namely in chip names and such. That's because it
    literally hurts my my brain to type out the condensed names so I just expand it
    out off the top of my head, sometimes with the spaces, sometimes without. Of
    course that shouldn't matter too much; I'm sure you get the idea. Well I think
    that covers about everything. Let's go on to the rest of the guide.
    + Nebula's Reprisal                                                    1ANARL +
    Oh dear. It seems that our hero starts this game asleep, as always. Megaman, of
    course, is forced to wake him up, pestering him about homework and what-not.
    Lan eventually gets up and is just about ready for some morning internet
    surfing when his mom calls him down. Now you get control over him. Also you've
    just gotten some mail. It's apparently from Netbattler institute or something.
    The three things that it teaches you about are jacking in, changing your
    folder and subchips. But enough reading let's get on with the game.
    Head downstairs and talk to your mom, Haruka. She has a bit of an errand for
    you to do. You've got to deliver this stew recipe over to the Navi of a friend
    of her down in ACDC 2. So go back to your room and jack in to your computer
    via the R button.
    BUT WAIT! Somehow a few Mets have managed to sneak in. Time for some warm-up
    busting as they put it, also known as a tutorial battle.
    Battle 1
    You're up against two Mettaurs or however you spell it. Lan runs you through
    some basics like where chips show up, their damage, and enemy HP. Simply select
    two Cannons and hit OK. Then they go ahead and talk about the Mega Buster, 
    Megaman's HP, where the chips show up, and the custom bar. Each Met easily dies
    after one Cannon shot so just don't miss.
    Battle 2
    Oooo, three Mets this time. How intimidating. As in the previous games, they'll
    talk about not all chips just attack, blah, blah, blah, you can use Area Grab
    and Wide Sword since they're in the same code, blah, blah blah. I think you
    know the drill. So select the Area Steal and Wide Sword in that order and hit
    OK. Use the Area Steal and move to the rightmost column and launch your Wide
    Sword attack. Then take down the last Met with your buster or enter the Custom
    Screen again.
    Battle 3
    Last battle, three Mets. Megaman will now teach you about countering, Full
    Synchro, and the emotion window. The gist of it is that if you get hit a lot,
    then Megaman's emotion window will show up anxious. If you operate well and get
    some counter hits, he'll go into Full Synchro. In Full Synchro your chips will
    do double the damage. You'll start off with Full Synchro so just select the Air
    Shots and a Cannon. Hit the Mets when their pickaxes are just pulled back to
    counter it. Just sustain your Full Synchro each shot and it'll be over fast.
    Now that that mess is all cleaned up it's time to head off to the internet.
    Upon entering ACDC 1 follow the large green road a little ways and get the
    BMD on the second left square area. It contains the subchip Mini Energy. A bit
    further there's a Navi to the right of the road that sells subchips. I might as
    well put one of these up:
     ACDC 1 Subchip Dealer
     MiniEnergy                100z
     SneakRun                  300z
     Unlocker                 4000z
    Just ahead is Roll spouts some insanity I think is about her just wandering
    net for fun or something. Just keep following the green road until you get to
    the next area. Of course there is another BMD on a branch on the right side of
    the path that contains 800 zenny.
    Once in ACDC 2 continue following the road. You'll probably want to get the
    BMD off to the left containing Copy Damage on your way. There will be a big
    square where Glide and Gutsman will be loitering. Go to the right and follow
    the straight to get right to the Kitchen Comp, where you want to be. Right
    before that you can drop in on a net dealer:
     ACDC 2 Chip Dealer
     HP Memory                1000z
     HP Memory                3200z
     HP Memory                5000z
     Vulcan 1 C                500z 
     Spreader *               3200z 
     HiCannon E               5000z
     LongSword C              6000z
     CustomSword E            6800z
    Right now on to the Kitchen area. Simply go on to the center and talk to the
    pink Navi there. Megaman will fork over the recipe and the Navi will leave.
    Then you'll get some mail. Papa's got something you'll want to see at the lab
    and he wants you to bring everyone. You'll promptly jack out. Now that you're
    back to reality, go downstairs and talk to your mom. Then leave the house and
    talk to Mayl, Yai, and Dex. Also there's a scientist that peddles subchips
    near Yai's place:
     ACDC Subchip Dealer
     MiniEnergy                100z
     Untrap                    500z
     LockEnemy                6000z
    Furthermore, you can jack into the doghouse next to your house and nab a BMD on
    the right corner containing a RegUP2. Anyways, once you've talked to those
    people, head towards the entrance of the metroline. After 30 minutes everyone
    shows up and you all go to get whisked off into the metroline. And there you
    are in front of Scilab. Bah, there's a subchip dealer here, too, somewhere just
    a bit off to the side:
     Scilab Subchip Dealer
     FullEnergy               1000z
     Unlocker                 4000z
     LockEnemy                6000z
    Head up the the front gate and a cut scene will trigger where everyone heads on
    in. Following that, the screen ominously pans back down to the street, where an
    ominous car waits, with an ominous voice saying, "It's time. Commence
    operation." Ominous, eh? Now you're inside that crazy looking building.
    Actually you might want to go out and jack into the top chip motif, as they
    call it. There's an HP Memory smack dab in the middle of it. And you can jack
    into the glowing terminal off to the side and grab the Ocean Seed * chip in the
    bottom corner and a BugFrag up top. Now head all the way up the stairs to the
    elevator. It's time to meet daddy.
    Lan comes up happily greeting Yuichiro. Then the rest of the gang comes in.
    Now what did he want to show us all, eh? Well apparently he was shuffling
    through some old data when he found some program. Just as he's about to show us
    it, he realizes that he left his ID card at the desk and sends Lan to go get
    it. Then suddenly the alarm goes off. ONE TENTH OF THE INTERNET IS OCCUPIED BY
    A STRANGE MASS OF NaviS YOU SAY?! Then it cuts off. Then a smoke bomb rolls on
    it and renders everyone unconscious. Then three strange ninja-looking guys come
    in. One of them ascertains the situation and tell the boss to come on in. Some
    badass looking guy tell them to take Yuichiro. Then one of the ninja's asks,
    "Master Regal, what do we do with the children?" Gasp! It's really Regal come
    back from the dead! He instructs them to take the children's PETs; they won't
    be able to do anything without them. Of course, they missed Lan's PET since
    he was off the the side. Soon they leave and the scene draws to a close.
    + Initiation                                                           1BINON +
    Lan finds himself in his bed with his mom besides him. It seems that he was
    sleeping for three whole days after that incident. He then asks Mama about
    Papa. He figure out for himself that Regal has taken him. Lan wants to go and
    look for Yuichiro right away, but Haruka and Megaman convince him otherwise.
    Instead he's willing to just do some reconnaissance at home via the internet.
    What on earth is happening to the net? Well that's up to you to find out so
    on over to ACDC 2 and talk to the Heel Navi over there. He'll explain that
    Nebula has taken over this area of the internet and promptly attack you. He
    sends two Mettaurs and a Bugtank, nothing too hard. After the battle the Navi
    rambles on and eventually says that the scientist they captured has finally
    waken up. He runs away behind a door that you can't seem to open. Following
    this, you get some mail. Someone has entered the Scilab main system, so guess
    where you have to go.
    You'll be automatically jacked out so just go downstairs, talk to Haruka and
    leave. Head for the metroline and talk to Mayl first. She'll give you a Roll R
    chips and the P code for her security cube. So now dash off to Scilab and enter
    the building. An official type guy will come dashing out of the door on the
    stairs in a panic.
    Go up to Yuichiro's office and grab an ID card by examining the computer.
    Also you can jack into that computer and grab a RegUP2 on the right side and
    at the top there's a PMD with a Bug Fix H in it. You can use it to enter the
    room with the main system in it. Now go ahead and jack into that huge computer.
    Now that you're in there, just follow the path until you find a program and a
    bunch of numbers. Talk to the program to get started. The little puzzle
    throughout this area is arranging little tiles to get the password right. These
    first ones are relatively easy number puzzles. The anwer to this one is 762.
    So pick up the 6, move to the middle, put the 7 where the 2 is, and put the 2
    at the last spot. Great, now you can advance.
    Follow the road and where there's a fork, keep going straight to get a BMD with
    a Thunder Ball P in it. Also, I should mention that these entire areas are
    covered with GMDs as well. However, since they can be in different places, I'll
    not even mention their locations. Now go back and take the other way until you
    reach the next puzzle. This time there's some actual word puzzles. In the
    Japanese version the answer would be inko and in the English speaking versions
    its nap. What you'll want to do is take the middle one, then take it to the
    left space, put that one in right space, and finish by putting the last one
    into the middle.
    Go left down the path and then take a right. Next take the left path and get a
    BMD with an HP Memory in it. Now backtrack and follow the other route to find
    not one, but two sets of word puzzles. The riddle involves animals. You'll
    end up with usagi and tanuki in the Japanese version and owl and rat in the
    other versions. So take the right one on left set and put it on the left slot
    of the right set. Put that one in the leftmost spot. Now put this one in the
    rightmost slot. Now go to the center one of the right set, and finish by
    putting it in the remaining empty spot. Now go down the left path and hit the
    button there. This will open up the door that was behind the right puzzle. Now
    go down that path and you'll be at Main System 2.
    Ah, after just a short walk, we've already reached the next puzzle. Again it
    has two sides to it and each side has four characters. The Japanese answers are
    Cannon and Minibomb. The English answers are dock and hall. So start off by
    taking leftmost character. Put it in the second left slot of the right set.
    Then put that one in the further left slot of the right set. Put that one in
    the second right slot of the left set. Now take that one and place it in the
    rightmost slot. Finish up be placing it in the empty slot.
    Now the left path is blocked by a gate so head on down the right path for now.
    Flip the switch and then head back to the left path. Go to the right and you'll
    find the next puzzle: 3 sets of 3 characters. You'll want to turn it into
    migite, koyubi, and mabuta or hip, toe, and arm. So first take the left one on
    the right set, then go the left of the left set, then to the right of the
    center, after that put it on the center of the right set, put that in the
    right slot of the right set, put that one in the left center slot, then go to
    the center of the left set, and put the character you now have into the blank.
    Now press the switches behind the left and right puzzles and continue down the
    middle path.
    Walk past the oneway tiles at first to get the Full Energy subchip from the BMD
    at first, then ride the tiles and go straight down the path; be sure not to end
    up going backwards by taking the single oneway panel to the right. The BMD on
    the path has a Spreader E waiting for you. Keep on going until you find the
    next puzzle. Thank god it's just numbers again. You'll need to find the memo
    under the sofa in Yuichiro's office. The password on it is 53214. First move
    the 2 and the 3's positions. Then take the 1 and put it where the 4 is. Place
    the 4 at the 5's slot and finish by puttin the 5 in the empty slot. 
    Continue up the path towards the main system's control panel and a cutscene
    will occur. The trespasser then shows himself. He's named Colonel and he's
    looking forward to seeing your skill. Battle operation, set! Execute!
     HP: 400
     Screen Divide: 20
     [ ][X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [X][ ][ ][ ][C][ ]
     [ ][X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [ ][ ][X][ ][ ][ ]
     [ ][X][ ][ ][C][ ]
     [X][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [X][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [ ][X][ ][ ][C][ ]
     [ ][ ][X][ ][ ][ ]
     The slash can be centered anywhere depending on Megaman's position.
     Colonel Cannon: 20
     [X][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [X][<][<][<][C][ ]
     [X][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     If it hits nothing, the back square it hits and the two above and below it
     will explode. If it hits Megaman, he gets flung back.
     Colonel is a rather largeset Navi with a big sword to match. He's not at all
     fast and pretty easy to counter hit. This shouldn't be two hard for you. His
     Screen Divide, as I think and hope it's called, is quite awkward since it can
     home in on you where ever you stand, but you can just move up or down once the
     panels glow yellow to dodge it easily, because it has quite a noticable delay
     time. Same goes with Colonel Cannon.
    After the battle, Megaman wants some answers. All Colonel says, though, is,
    "Megaman... You have passed." If you want some answers you're going to have to
    go into the room right beyond the one you're in now, so high-tail it over
    there. In that room you'll meet a man named Baryl. Apparently, all that stuff
    about an intruder in the main system was all a test that you passed. You are
    now eligible to enter a team of Net Navis intended to combat the Darkchip
    Syndicate Nebula. Lan accepts this invitation with hopes that he'll be able to
    save his father. Lan and Megaman now make up the first members of Colonel's
    Anti-Nebula Corps! Shrugs. Team of Colonel sounded a bit better. Your first
    mission will be tomorrow, something called a liberation mission, intended to
    liberate areas from Nebula's grasp. But that's tomorrow, for now just head home
    and get some bed rest.
    Rise and shine sleepyhead. Today's the day. Soon after waking up you'll receive
    a message from Baryl about today's liberation mission. Nebula has some barriers
    set so the only one person can be controlling the Navis in the infected area.
    This means that you'll have to operate Megaman and Colonel. But enough about
    that, just hoof it to ACDC 2. Colonel will be waiting in front of the
    mysterious door. Talk to him and he'll slash the door and enter ACDC 3. Follow
    him to start the liberation mission. The little blurb that Megaman says is that
    you can't change your folder in the middle of it. So make sure your folder is
    ready and head in.
    ACDC 3 Liberation Mission         1CACLM
    Alright looks like I'm going to have to tell you the basics. In a Liberation
    Mission you have sole control over several Navis, in this case two: Megaman and
    Colonel. Movement is as normal with the control pad and the B button to run.
    The Start button will trigger the give up menu with the right option meaning
    'yes' and the other 'no.' The L button will allow you to freely look around the
    map, simply press L again to stop that mode. That mode also shows the current
    phase, or turn, you're in and the target amount of phases that you're aiming
    for, in this case 7. Lastly the R button will switch the Navi you're using.
    Now to actually do some liberating go up to one of the Dark Panels and hit A.
    The A button brings up a little menu. The options, in order, are Liberation,
    'Special,' and Pass. Liberation does exactly what it sounds like, liberate a
    panel. The next option doesn't actually say special, it's simply the Navi's
    unique liberate command. Sometimes these commands will liberate an extended
    number of panels or it may have other effects. Megaman's special would be Long
    Sword which liberates two panels directly in front of him and Colonel's is
    Screen Divide, which basically is like a Wide Sword, liberating the panel in
    front of him as well as the ones diagonally in front of him. These come at a
    price, however. Each of these powers cost one Order Point to use. The amount of
    Order Points you have can be found in the top right corner. You can have a
    maximum of 8 Order Points and you start off with 2. The Pass command will stop
    action for that Navi and heal him a bit. Also the one Navi will also have Save
    command just above the Pass Command. This obviously saves the game.
    As I was saying, head up to the Dark Panels and hit A. You can go ahead and do
    this with either Navi. You should liberate either the top or the left panels in
    order to advance. If you decide to stand in the middle of all of them, you'll
    find yourself in a pincer attack. If you are in one, then you have enemy's on 2
    sides of you. You use the L or R buttons to switch direction. Obviously, L and
    R don't bring up the custom menu if they're being used for something else. That
    is because virus battles in last only 3 turns and the custom menu pops up as
    soon as the meter is filled. Furthermore, if you can defeat all of the viruses
    in just 1 turn, you'll get a 1 Turn Liberate, which will liberate all panels
    around you as well as the one you targeted. So just liberate the panel on the
    left only. The next panel in the way has a strange little square on it. That is
    called an Item Panel. Basically if you liberate one of those you'll also get a
    nifty little treasure inside of it. It may be a battlechip or maybe some zenny,
    BugFrags, or Order Points. Just liberate it. It's got some zenny for you. It
    doesn't really matter what order you used your navi in right now. 
    And I should tell you about Colonel. He's got 200 HP. He also sports a chip
    that will show up at the white space in the menu. It's a Colonel Cannon C. It
    does 80 damage with the same effect as the one he used against you. It can
    knock back or do the back panel explosion. Also his charge shot is Screen
    Divide. It's range is like this. 
     [ ][ ][ ][X][ ][ ]
     [ ][C][ ][ ][X][ ]
     [ ][ ][ ][X][ ][ ]
    The interesting thing about it is that it can be center at any range in front
    of you. It auto-aims itself to hit the enemy. If there is nothing in front of
    you, the front of it will simply appear 3 spaces ahead of you as shown. It does
    does 50 damage.
    Back to the actual mission. Now that both of your Navis have moved, it's now
    the Darkloid Phase. They won't actually do anything so it's back to you. Now
    that little thing in front of you is a Guardian. They generally hang out around
    Dark Holes to protect them. These Guardians can move about at places where
    there are Dark Panels and attack you if you get in range. This Guardian is
    called BigBrute. Its attack is is Beast Breath. It's range is only the panels
    adjacent and diagonal from it and it can do 20 damage to all the Navis standing
    on that tile. Of course you're out of range so there's no worrys. Approach it
    as you would any Dark Panel and liberate. It's got just 120 HP so it'll be an
    easy battle. Now it's on to the Dark Hole with your other Navi. The viruses
    inside will be 2 Cannoguards and another BigBrute. Hopefully, you got a 1 Turn
    Liberate against the Guardian or else you'll have to tackle this battle in a
    Pincer attack. Once you liberate a Dark Hole all panels around it will be
    liberated as well, so you'll get the item panel containing 3 Order Points.
    Next turn, select Megaman and use Long Sword on the two panels up next. Finish
    the battle and you'll get a Heart from the item. This will heal you if you got
    hurt. Now off to the side is a so-called Bonus Panel. Trying to get it will
    take off one turn of your time so don't bother. Using a Bonus Panel will
    trigger a roulette with the following items in it: HP Recovery, Major Hit, 1
    Phase Invincibility, Battlechip, and Order Point. HP Recovery heals the Navi
    that picks it up, Major Hit hurts the closest enemy, 1 Turn Invincibility makes
    you invincible during battles this phase, Battlechip give you a chip, Order
    Point give you 5 Order Points. I sure hope that that explanation wasn't too
    neccessary. Go up to the next panels liberate away. The left item is some Order
    Points and the other item is a Battlechip. Try for a 1 turn liberate if you
    want both. But if you use Screen Divide, you'll get the chip anyways. 
    Phase 4. All you have to do is kill the Guardian and then liberate the Dark
    Hole. Now that you have liberated all the Dark Holes, the panels around the
    Darkloid are vulnerable meaning that you can kill him. Next phase you can get
    the Bonus Panel and then move in for the kill. Take out the Dark Panel in front
    of Blizzardman with one of your Navis and attack with the other.
     HP: 400
     Snow Ball: 20
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [<][<][<][<][B][ ]
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     Blizzardman rolls a snow ball down one row and then another one down an
     adjacent row trying to follow you.
     Ice Breath: 20
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [ ][X][X][B][ ][ ]
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     Blizzardman moves to the front row and attacks two panels.
     Snow Roll: 30
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [<][<][<][<][B][ ]
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     Blizzardman rolls himself towards you. After he leaves the screen, two mounds
     of snow randomly fall on your area. They each have 5 HP. He only uses this
     once hurt enough.
     * Blizzardman is aqua element.
     Blizzardman is quite a bit harder than Colonel. His attacks have little
     so scoring a Counter Hit can be difficult. It's not like these bosses have
     that much HP yet so just pound away with your weak attacks. If you have so
     Thunder Balls this will be cake for you. Sadly if you can't beat him in one
     phase he'll heal 280 HP. Also, his field attack is Snow Ball, which hits
     everything within 4 squares for 40 damage.
    Now that the liberation mission is complete, you'll get a prize depending on
    how quickly you went through it. If you followed what I did, never failed to
    liberate any panels, and killed Blizzardman with just that one Navi, you'll end
    up with a Blizzardman SP B. That is the fastest possible time and the best
    reward. Here's how the rest of the rewards break down:
     Phases to |Reward
     complete  |
         5-    |Blizzardman SP B
        6-7    |Blizzardman B
         8+    |1000 zenny
    Ah, today's mission complete. The ACDC area is all fixed. Colonel jacks out
    and so does Megaman. Then it flips over to a scene with Regal at his
    headquarters. He talks about stuff in a badass manner, calling the Officials
    dogs and such. A lackey of his also mentions that preparations are complete.
    Regal is confident in this next strategy he has.
    + Vacation Destination                                                 1DVNDN +
    The next day starts up with Dex, Mayl, Yai, and Lan talking. First they
    talk about their missing PETs and then conversation swings to having a
    vacation, swimming at the beach. So they all leave to prepare. Then Baryl calls
    with the request of you patrolling the ACDC Area for any remnants of Nebula.
    jack in and head over to ACDC 3 now. First thing you might notice upon reaching
    it is that there's a gold program there. If you talk to it, you can replay the
    liberation mission there if you want to try for another prize. Far into it the
    area, there's a FunarceComp with a BMD on the right corner. It has a RegUP1.
    Also there's an HP Memory up top that you'll want to get. You can only enter
    the FurnaceComp if you've turned on the furnace in real life at Yai's house.
    What you actually want to do in ACDC 3 is talk to the program on the path where
    the next area would be. Talk to him and he'll say that reconstruction is doing
    A-Okay.So now that business is taken care of, it's time for pleasure.
    Head over the the metroline. Everyone's mad that you're late but you're going
    all the same. After 2 hours, here they are at Oran Isle. Dex runs off all
    hyper like, and Yai and Mayl retreat back into the boat to change. Then go
    to the beach to trigger the next cutscene. They all have their little fun
    swimming and such. After all that's over, you'll receive some mail from Baryl.
    Your next mission involves going to Oran Isle area 3, so go to the speaker
    and jack in. 
    Oooo, all creepy and red. First thing you should find is a BMD for Earthquake 1
    A if you turn left right away. Follow the big path down for a while and then up
    the slope. Then continue following the path. The first branch will have a warp
    to a elavator computer. At the bottom you'll find a BMD with a RegUP1. The
    second branch off of it will have a netdealer:
     Oran Area 1 Chip Dealer
     HP Memory                2500z
     HP Memory                6000z
     HP Memory               10000z
     AirWheel 1 E             3400z
     Recover80 *              7800z
     CircleGun C              8200z
     StealthMine P            9900z
     Guardian O              10500z stock: 1
    Anyways, just keep following the main path and you'll reach a large square. A
    cutscene will occur. Nebula has prepared defenses to stop Megaman and Colonel's
    advance. If only you had someone to guard you from the vulcans... but whatever.
    Colonel give up for now and you can continue with your little vacation.
    Right now you plan on fishing so you need to assemble a fishing rod by finding
    a string, hook, rod, and bait. Go the the bamboo to get a nice bamboo rod to
    use. Now head down the stairs right next to there and search the cornner of the
    dock to find a fishing line just waiting for you. Now search the waterfall at
    the other coastline to get some worms. Now talk to Dex. Then head across the
    little bridge to the dead end to start fishing. Lan almost gets a huge one
    but it gets away. So he comes back empty handed and Dex's bagged 12 fish. Now
    you have to run off and start a bonfire for them. And there was some strange
    tremor that happened, but that seems to be irrelevant for now. First off, grab
    the planks that are lying in the corner. Then get some branches from the dead
    tree. Then get some dried grass for the pile of dried grass right near your
    fishing spot. Now talk to Dex.
    Cutscene with you eating fish, blah, blah, blah. After their feast, Dex
    decides to explore the island. Yai and Mayl follow him and Lan is left all
    by his lonesome. Once you get control again you also get some mail. Read it; it
    has the Navi Customizer in it. Then you go through the tutorial. The basic
    points of it are solid blocks have to lie on the command line, textured ones
    must not be on the command line, blocks of the same color must not be touching,
    and you can only have 4 different colors of program. The blocks you have are
    UnderShirt (white), Attack+1 (pink), and Speed+1 (white). Put them all on and
    hit run. Hurray for customizing Megaman. Yeah, and you also got your sucky
    folder that you can't change with it. 
    Continuing with the story, now you have to head in the inner part of the island
    where it was once blocked. All the gang is already there gazing at the giant
    mountain. Then they inexplicably fall down a hole. Looks like you'll have to
    save them. First check the overturned cart to the side to get a RegUP1. Go
    into the cave behind that hole and go the the elevator and examine it. Select
    the first option and it'll bring you up. Up there, there's a door in the way.
    Now go back down and up the slope. There will be a loudspeaker type thing. Jack
    in. Now you'll be in Oran 1. Talk to the Navi you see there. Pay 1000 zenny to
    buy the key you need. Then you'll get a call from Dex saying that they're
    all fine but stuck in their little pit.
    Anywho, you've got the key so go back up the elevator and open the door.
    Examine the boxes just beyond there to get an HP Memory. Now go out the cave
    and back into another. There will be another door in the way. You'll get pulled
    into a virus battle with a Mettaur and 2 ChampyEXs. Not very difficult. After
    the battle some more earthquakes start up. Dex and the rest are still fine and
    so are you, so just keep on going on. Just keep going on and there'll be yet
    another door. Another virus battle. If you actually care, it's a Met and 2
    Uwa~! More tremors! This one looks like it lasted a bit longer, too. Then you
    communicate with Dex again. The only thing is that Dex's Sub PET is acting
    up on him. The transmission just ends without you really learning anything. Go
    on ahead and they'll be two ways you can go. Go into the passage and jack into
    the big thingy. It's apparently an Air Filter. There's a Tornado R chip at the
    top. That's all the good it's for now. Now just head up and into the mountain
    again. Another another door. This time it's two Bugtanks and a WindBox.
    After the battle guess what. That's right. We get signal!! Dex says that they
    are trapped in a cavern with an electronic lock that they can't get open. And
    they figure out that the cause of the earthquakes is a giant drill, sticking
    out of the ceiling of that cavern. Time seems to be of the essence, so advance
    by going down the elevator and then into the next room. Oh, look it's Princess
    Pride. She's down here drilling for some MagnoMetal for the development of new
    PETs, but Knightman's gone cuckoo and she can't stop the drill which is slowly
    heading towards your friends skulls. So you have to jack into the four Rock
    Drill Comps.
    First one. There's a rock in the way so talk to the program to get some
    program. It lets you punch the rocks with the A button. Follow the path until
    you find a conveyor belt with rocks going down it. Just go up through it,
    breaking the rocks as they coming. Each should only take one hit. Once past the
    conveyor belt, make a right turn and get the BMD with an Invisible *. Then head
    upwards and bust down that grey stone. Then go right for a BMD containing an
    HP Memory. Then go the other way and try and time it right so that you don't
    fall at this next place. If you do fall you'll end up at the platform behind
    the one-way tile. Then there's another one. Next tear down those three stones
    and run up the conveyor belt. The grey stones will take two hits to bring down.
    Now take the right way and just keep going. Break a grey stone and then you'll
    end up at a kind of control panel. Go and examine it and that computer thingy
    will retract. The drill has slowed down a little bit but it's still going.
    Second area. There are black stones here. Going up the conveyor belt, those
    black stones are probably just a bit too much so just hang out until one
    passes. Head down and smash that brown rock to get to the BMD which has a
    Charge+1 (yellow) NCP. Now go the other way clearing whatever stone may lie
    in the way, then across the conveyor belt. Head up and past across another
    belt. Then go down a belt with brown stones and head downward. Now it's up
    another belt. The BMD right near here has a RockCube * in it. Go down another
    one and you'll have to destroy a brown stone to get off of it. Now hit the
    control switch. The drill still hasn't stopped.
    Third system. Start by heading up. Go all the way to the last left exit of the
    conveyor belt blocked by a rock to get a BMD with the NCP HP+100 (white). Just
    keep going and go down another belt and tear down the grey stone to get off.
    Ignore the black stone for now and head up the conveyor belt and talk to the
    program at the end. He'll give you a key. Now go back down the belt and break
    the black stone and the brown stone after that. The BMD at the bottom has a 
    Full Energy subchip in it. Now you have to zig-zag your way up this conveyor
    belt. Now you should reach a control panel to stop the stones on the conveyor
    belt that was beyond that program before. You should probably just fall off the
    edge to get there just a little bit faster. You should have a clear path to
    the control switch now. And still death is fast approaching your comrades.
    Now for the last one. Head upwards and you'll see a rather intimidating
    gauntlet to run. Go all the way across not to the conveyor belt that extends
    down further than the rest. Now go past another belt. At the next belt first go
    against the flow to get a BMD with an HP Memory in it. Then go down and get off
    at the path blocked by the rock. Head up another belt and across another two.
    Now go down this belt. Now it's time for more zig-zagging. On the left side,
    there's a BMD with a Long Sword S. After you're done zig-zagging stop the rocks
    at the control panel. Now head up the belt and you'll reach the area with the
    switch. Unfortunately Knightman's in the way and he doesn't seem to want to
    listen to you.
     HP: 600
     Kingdom Crusher: 20
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [<][<][<][<][K][ ]
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     Throws mace arm straight forward.
     Crack Roof: 20
     Throws his mace arm upwards making 3 waves of 3 tiles fall randomly into your
     Royal Wrecking Ball: 40
     [ ][ ][X][X][X][ ]
     [ ][ ][X][K][X][ ]
     [ ][ ][X][X][X][ ]
     Swings his mace arm all around him in a clockwise manner starting from behind
     Panel Steal: 10
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [ ][ ][X][K][ ][ ]
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     Once Knightman reaches the front of his area, he'll use Panel Steal to advance
     * Knightman has a Stone Body defense. He brings it down to attack or move. It
       can be pierced by breaking chips and some others.
     * Also, Knightman has super armor, meaning that hitting him does not stop him
       from finishing his attack.
     * When Knightman advances, he jumps randomly cracking about 7 panels.
     Knightman is quite the irritating boss. Kingdom Crusher is easy to dodge alone
     be can be difficult if you were watching the debris instead of him. And all
     of his attacks can hell to dodge when half of your area is cracked or broken.
     And if he gets to the front, that basically means that you can't use your
     front column safely anymore. This all means that the quicker you kill him, the
     easier. He's quite easily to counter since his pattern is pretty easy to see.
     If you have some Area Steals Drill Arm works wonderfully on him. Same thing
     with Air Hockey. Earthquakes can also pierce his guard. That's all the
     breaking chips you have so far. You might have some Gun Del Sol 1 chips from
     the ACDC 1 liberation mission. He won't move so it's quite effective.
    After the battle Megaman and Pride talk some sense into Knightman. He engages
    the switch himself and jacks out. Then Megaman jacks out since Lan is so
    eager to see the condition of his friends. So exit out the passage and take the
    elevator in the next room. Then go into the next room and approach the door.
    Lan will jack into the lock automatically. Now go into the center of the area
    and examine the switch. It engages a security mechanism and rocks tumble at
    Megaman. Suddenly Knightman comes to block them. Knightman and Pride have saved
    the day! People leave and you get a call from Baryl. The time to act is now,
    since Nebula is gearing up to take back the ACDC area. Lan gets the
    brilliant realization that he could use Knightman as a guard for their team.
    Princess Pride accepts this position and now head back vulcans at that area.
    On the way there, the portal just before the netdealer will be open now. It's
    the ElevatorComp. At the bottom you'll find a BMD with a RegUP1. Up top
    there's a HolyPanel *. Once you get back to that place Colonel's already
    waiting for you. Megaman tells him that he's found a way to break through
    Nebula's defenses. Then Knightman teleports in. The three Net Navis rush in
    range of the vulcans and Knightman takes point position and blocks the assault.
    Then once he sees the opportunity, Colonel uses his Screen Divide attack to
    destroy the vulcans. Now its time to go into the next area for a liberation
    Oran Area 3 Liberation Mission    1EOALM
    Darkloid: Shademan
    Target phase: 9
    Shademan is back from the dead rather inexplicably and he's been distributing
    Dark Chips. His special field ability is allows him to attack you no matter
    where you are for 60 HP worth of damage. Anyways the new guy on your team is
    obviously Knightman. He has an interesting special ability that you don't even
    have to use. He's naturally immune to all field attacks and if a team member on
    an adjacent panel is targetted, he'll block it. Knightman currently has 400 HP
    and super armor. His charge shot in battle is his Royal Wrecking Ball and it's
    breaking and does 80 damage. His chip is Kingdom Crusher which also does 80
    damage and is breaking. The range for these can be found in the Knightman boss
    section just a few ticks up. Futhermore, Knightman seems to move just a little
    bit slower than other Navis do. And in this mission Colonel's HP went up 100
    points for a total of 300.
    Alrighty then, first phase. Use Megaman and Long Sword into the place. Next use
    Knightman and liberate the Item Panel. That will give you 3 more Order Points.
    Lastly move Colonel so that he is two squares away from the Item Panel and use
    Screen Divide. Now in the Darkloid phase the enemies will probably just slowly
    approach you. Shademan will attack one of your team members. Just hope it's
    Knightman to stay in good shape.
    Phase 2. Ignore that bird thing for now. It's called a TinHawk and it's field
    attack is Hawk Attack. It has a range of 3 and does 20 damage. Anyways, select
    Colonel and get the Bonus Panel. Order Points could be useful I suppose and the
    invulnerability won't hurt either. Now head down to the end of that place, face
    to the left where the BigBrute is and use Screen Divide. Next liberate the Dark
    Hole with Knightman. The BigBrute will die with it. Then use Megaman to
    liberate the Item Panel. In the Darkloid phase all your Navis will be protected
    by Knightman so Shademan and the TinHawk won't be able to do anything.
    Phase 3. Take Megaman and use Long Sword to liberate two panels, the further
    one being an Item Panel. It'll give you 3 more Order Points. Now use Colonel to
    liberate the next panel. Finally, use Knightman to liberate the right panel up
    ahead. In the Darkloid phase Shademan will lash out at one of your guys and the
    BigBrute will hit Knightman for no damage. Also the TinHawk we've been ignoring
    will attack one of your back two guys.
    Phase 4. Use Megaman attack the BigBrute and try for a 1 turn liberate. If
    you're unconfident in your ability to do so just liberate the other panel with
    Knightman instead. It doesn't actually matter. Now use Colonel's Screen Divide
    center between the two Dark Holes. Then use the last Navi to liberate the left
    of the two dark holes. Then Darkloid phase. Nothing much to describe there.
    Phase 5. I suggest using Knightman to liberate the Dark Hole. Then use Megaman
    to take out one of the Dark Panels in the way. Lastly bring Colonel up front
    and Screen Divide to get the item and clear the way. The item will be a Heart.
    Then it's back to the Darkloids.
    Phase 6. We're putting 3 below par here. All that there is to do in this phase
    is take out one Dark Panel in front of Shademan and then just attack with the
    other two Navis. Use the two Navis that you just feel most comfortable with.
    And here's Shademan's stats:
     HP: 600
     Noise Crush: 40
     [ ][ ][X][ ][ ][ ]
     [ ][ ][X][X][S][ ]
     [ ][ ][X][ ][ ][ ]
     Shademan appears two squares in front of you and uses this attack. He can even
     enter your area. Also paralyzes.
     Claw: 80
     [ ][ ][X][ ][ ][ ]
     [ ][ ][X][S][ ][ ]
     [ ][ ][X][ ][ ][ ]
     If you're in the front column Shademan will use this attack.
     Seeker Bat: 40
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [<][<][<][<][S][ ]
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     The bat can turn up or down once. The bat can also potentially appear on other
     panels, not just the one in front of Shademan. It has 3 HP. 
     Blood Suck: 10 X 4-6
     Shademan appears either in front or behind you and sucks away your HP and
     heals his own. You can get free quicker by randomly mashing on the control
     pad. He only uses this when hurt enough.
     Ah, Shademan's back. Good thing he doesn't have that bat defense thing
     anymore. I think that he's the easy boss yet. He has no really annoying
     attacks and he's pretty easy to counter hit. Just dodge Noise Crush by
     stepping back on and the Bats can be easily avoided or killed. If for some
     reason you can't kill him in one phase, he'll heal 300 HP. Prizes are as
     Phases to |Reward
     complete  |
         8-    |Shademan SP S
         9     |Shademan S
        10+    |2000 zenny
    After the mission, Knightman is pressured into joining the team by both Colonel
    and Pride. Then Megaman connects with Knightman's honorable, steel soul, and
    Megaman's soul resonates with it, giving you Knightsoul. Then back in the real
    world Pride is apologizing for all the trouble she caused for them, but all is
    forgiven. Lan and them enter the boat and leave. 
    Oh yay another Regal moment. Regal is interrogating and torturing Yuichiro
    about something. Then he calls for Cloudman. He wants him to destroy that
    meddling team, particularly the blue one.
    + Cloudy Skies                                                         1FCYSS +
    Lan's back from his nice little island expedition, and is just about ready to
    head home. Suddenly, he encounters some strange samurai type guy. This guy
    wants to see your power, and after much chiding, Lan decides to jack into
    the squirrel to face off with his Navi. Once inside you get email from Baryl
    involving Soul Unison. You got Knightsoul at the end of the last scenario and
    the gist of it is that you can select a breaking type chip and hit the unison
    button to unite. One limitation to Soul Unison is that you can offer up your
    regular chip to unite. Knightsoul gives you the ability to charge breaking
    chips for double the damage and the charge shot is Royal Wrecking Ball. Also
    you're invulnerable when using chips in the front row. 
    Back the the issue at hand here. The Navi of crazy samurai man is somewhere out
    in the squirrel, but the place is like a damn maze. It's somewhat comparable to
    the Water God comp of EXE 4 minus the lost, dead Navis, and it at least doesn't
    lead you around in circles. Still, I've prepared the following diagram:
                8          16
                |          |
                |          |
          6     7     13   14     15
           \   /       |  /     _/
            \ /        | /     /
             4     5  11    12  
              \   /    |  _/
               \ /     | /
                3     10
                |     |
                |     |
                2     9
                 \   /
                  \ /
    You obviously start at one. You want to get to area 16. To get there, you have
    to go right, straight, left, right, straight. I couldn't have just written
    those directions, however, there are some goodies in some BMDs in the following
     3 - 100z
     4 - 200z
     5 - Charge+1 (white)
     6 - GunDelSol 1 A
     8 - HP Memory
     10 - 300z
     11 - 400z
     13 - RegUP1
     15 - FirstBarrier (blue)
    So go ahead and get all of those things before or after, whenever you feel like
    doing so. Once you reach Squirrel area 16, you'll see a familiar face,
    Shadowman. Megaman and the ninja talk about stuff and then it flips back to the
    real world. Apparently, you just walking through a squirrel told them that
    Lan is weak and relies too much on Megaman's ability. Soon enough he leaves,
    though. Then you can some mail from Baryl. You're supposed to search out for
    remnants of Nebula in the Oran area.
    Now that you have control again there are a few things worthy of pointing out.
    First and foremost, Higsby's is now open for business. So far the main counter
    has these:
     Higsby's Main Counter
     Yoyo D                   5800z stock: 3
     Blinder D                6500z stock: 3
     IceSeed A                7300z stock: 3
     GunDelSol 2 G            8400z stock: 3
     SuperVulcan S            9800z stock: 1
    Also, the middle of the shop you can buy chips from that stand. It has infinite
    stock and all the chips are in * code. Here's whats there so far:
     Higsby's Bargain Bin
     Minibomb *                300z
     Vulcan 1 *                400z
     Barrier *                 600z
    Lastly, you can examine the racks to the left to find some chips for sale every
    scenario. At the bottom rack, next to the businessman, you can get a BubbleWrap
    Y for 4200z.
    Another little tidbit is that you can now get Dark Chips. The Dark Chip system
    has changed a bit since EXE 4. Now they are actual chips that you can put in
    and take out of your folder. Here are the locations of some that you can get
     DarkSound E - 2000z from the Ameroupean behind Higsby's.
     DarkThunder M - Mr. Quiz in front of the vending machine at Scilab. The
     answers choices are number 2, 1, 3, 2, 2.
     DarkSword Z - 500z from old man in front of bulletin in Scilab.
     DarkTornado T - 500z from scientist in OldMine 6.
    I believe that's all that you can get for now. But there's still more you can
    do now! Near the top of the mountain on Oran Isle, Mr. Famous is waiting!!!
    The Navi that he has now is Gridman, a football themed Navi. Challenge him if
    you wish.
     HP: 700
     Tackle: 40
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [<][<][<][<][G][ ]
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     Both Gridman and his linemen can use this. 
     Punt: 60
     Gridman punts his football into the sky. It then can fall anywhere in a 2x2
     square in your area. 
     Pass: 40
     Gridman throws the ball into your area. It bounces 3 times in your area.
     Touchdown: 80
     Goalposts appear on the left side of the screen and Gridman runs across the
     field. If he gets across, an explosion hits all of your panels. A charge shot
     or chip will stop him.
     * Gridman has super armor, meaning that hitting him does not stop him from
       finishing his attack.
     * Gridman can have up to two defensive lineman out at once. Each has 50 HP.
     Gridman is one of the winners of the Create-a-Navi contest for this game. Just
     something I thought I'd tell you. Anyways he's not all too difficult. If you
     need to get rid of his linemen just go in front of them and they'll tackle off
     the screen, then you can just move in front of Gridman and hopefully he'll try
     to tackle you, since tackle has a very long window to counter hit with. His
     other attacks are easy to dodge, too. Well, Touchdown can be difficult some of
     the time.
    Okay, I think I've exhausted every single possible sidequest for now. Anyways,
    you need to head over to the Oran area, but you need to do so from ACDC,
    since the speaker thing won't let you in. So get to ACDC 3 and go into the
    Oran area from there. Once you enter, Baryl will phone you saying that there
    are 6 Nebula Navis scattered through Oran 1, 2, and 3. Here's where you can
    find them:
     Area 1:
     * On the main path on the lower part
     Area 2:
     * On a square on the main path
     * Near the big door at the end
     Area 3:
     * Right in the middle, really hard to miss
     * On a smaller branch to the right
     * In the back, near the exit
    And I noticed that I never actually commented on Oran area 2 yet. One thing to
    pick up there is a Vulcan 2 C. You'll be able to see where the BMD is. Also if
    you flipped the switch in the mines for the crane, you'll be able to access the
    CraneComp near the big door. Inside there's two BMDs. The one on the bottom has
    a RegUP2 in it. The top one has 1000 zenny in the Japanese version and a Yoyo F
    in the English versions. Also worth mention is that Knightman has a battle
    image data right about where the vulcans used to be. You can fight Knightman V2
    by talking to it. I'm sure I'll have a proper boss section including his stats
    later. Also in towards the back of Oran 3 there's a NCP dealer:
     Oran Isle 3 NCP Dealer
     HP+50 (white)            1300z
     SoulTime+1 (pink)        3200z
     MegaFolder 1 (green)     4700z
     SelfRecovery (pink)      5500z
     HP+200 (white)           6000z
     SuperArmor (red)         7800z
    Once you've killed all the Nebula Navis, you'll call Baryl, and he'll tell you
    to go to Scilab area 3 to continue fixing up the net. So at Oran 3 head out the
    back exit. Then a Nebula flunky will show up to try and stop you. After you
    beat that battle, Megaman heads off to the Scilab area and Shadowman apparently
    stalks him. If you to the right right away you'll find a BMD for a Custom 1
    (blue). Anyways, find your way through here by heading towards the left and
    keep going on until you find the way to the next area. In Scilab 2 turn left to
    get an HP Memory from a BMD. Further in and also to the left there's another
    BMD with the NCP Shield (green). Anyways in the centerish of the place there'll
    be a bit of an obvious middle type area running diagonally. Head to the upper
    right of this and you'll find a cutscene. Your path is being blocked by clouds
    and Megaman can't get across. Then Shadowman shows up pretty sure that he could
    overcome this obstacle. But whatever just go to sleep. 
    Once you wake up you get mail from Pride. While mining some crazy ninja came up
    to Knightman to fight. Well, apparently the ninja messed him up big time, so
    now you need to help fix up Knightman. Go head over to the island and go to the
    drill area now. Talk to Pride and she'll tell the story in more depth. Anyways
    jack into the drill comps one by one and go to the place where the switch is
    and get the program that's waiting for you there. Those would be Knightman's
    thought, speech, movement, and attack programs. Don't worry, all the conveyor
    belts have been deactivated. Once you get the 4 programs Pride will use them to
    restart Knightman. Then samurai guy, or whatever his name is, comes in. He rags
    on the team, saying that they have power and technique but no speed. After his
    insults he eventually leaves. Now you're going to have to the Scilab office
    where Baryl is.
    "Hey, did you see a ninja pass by?" That's just about what Lan says to Baryl
    right off the bat. Then they get to talking. You learn that the operator's name
    is Dusk, despite the fact that Shadowman's operator has always been named Mr.
    Dark in the English versions.. They travel all over and kill who they're told.
    After all, Dark is an assassination specialist. And, of course, Shadowman's
    speed is top class throughout the entire world. Anyways, then an alarm goes
    off. Go back home and jack in. You're going to have to walk to the Oran area
    from the ACDC area. Right there in Oran 1, Shadowman awaits you. If you want to
    learn Dusk and Shadowman's true intentions for pestering your going to have to
    catch him. And away he goes.
    Head down the slope and you'll so lots of clouds. Talk to the program there and
    it'll give you a Mega Vacuum. You can use it to suck away the clouds. And like
    real vacuums the bag must be emptied when full. The bag's capacity is shown on
    the right of your screen. Just go up next to a cloud and hit A to suck it away.
    White clouds will only take up 1 unit in your bag. Thundery black clouds will
    take up 5 units, or half of the bag. Gold clouds also take up 1 unit and they
    are basically like GMDs, giving you a chip, particularly a ElecReel 1 Z or a
    Thunder L, zenny, BugFrags, or a virus battle. Grey clouds take 3 units of
    your bag. Right now if you need to empty the bag, just talk to the program that
    give it to you in the first place. Anyways, just keep going on ahead, emptying
    your bag when neccessary. Eventually, you'll see Shadowman again, and he'll run
    off into the direction of Oran 2. There'll also be another emptying program
    near there. Just go ahead to area 2.
    Here in Oran 2 there's an emptying program right here at the beginning. Just
    bust through emptying as neccessary. Someways in there will be a program that
    can empty your bag only once. Then past that program there will be another
    program that only can empty 3 units. Moving on forward, you'll see Shadowman
    once more just past the skull door. He'll talk about moving to the Scilab area
    and ninja hop off. Just turn left there and you can find another emptying
    program, but you really just want to go back through Oran 1 and then to 3 to
    get to the Scilab area.
    Just dash all the way to Scilab area 1. At the very start, there's an emptying
    program. You'll need to get all the way through so just muscle your way
    through, which will probably mean lots of emptying. In the middle there's a
    program that can half empty your bag. Just past that there will be an infinite-
    emptying program. Just a little bit past that, Shadowman waits just near the
    exit. Guess what, he runs again. Tear down the next 3 clouds and go into Scilab
    Now this is where things get tricky. Emptying in this area is very limited so
    you really have to think before you suck. First take down the grey and black
    clouds in your way. Then continue heading right and tear down a white cloud to
    find an emptying program. It'll empty 4 units, giving you half full bag. Or
    half empty if you look at it the other way. All pychology aside, next you
    should suck up one of the grey clouds in the way and then head down to the
    left. Suck up the white cloud and then the yellow one to get to another
    program. It'll empty your vacuum 6, giving 4 units of space. Now head back to
    the center of the area and suck up the black cloud. Then turn right and suck up
    the yellow cloud and talk to the program, which will then empty your entire
    vacuum. Now just suck up the two black clouds and get to the center area. On
    the leftside square there will be a program to empty as many times as you want
    so the worst is now over. Just push your way up to the top of the area, to a
    square where Shadowman is at. This game of tag is over. It's time to fight.
     HP: 500
     Firebomb: 30
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [<][<][<][<][S][ ]
     [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     Shadowman and his shadow clone will use this attack at the same time.
     Backstab: 30
     Shadowman appears either in front or behind you and uses a normal range sword.
     Both Shadowman and his shadow clone can use this attack.
     Shuriken: 30
     Shadowman jumps into the air and hurls a shuriken at you. He only does this if
     you're attacking him while he's doing Firebomb.
     * Shadowman can have a 1 HP shadow clone out that can do all his attacks.
     Shadowman is quite easy in this battle. His HP is low compared to some other
     Navis that you've already faced. Just dodge his attacks by moving up or down
     and makes sure you don't miss with your chips. 
    Now that you've defeated Shadowman, Dark tells him that they make the grade.
    Okay, what grade? Everything was a test and now his going to help you. Now
    Colonel teleports in and says how he and Baryl knew about everything. In the
    end the two rush off and you get your control back. Now head to the clouds that
    you couldn't breach the other day. Shadowman says that he can get across. Then
    the music starts off and this crazy ninja starts doing some kind of enchantment
    to let him get across. Then he slashes the dark chip with his Muramasa and the
    clouds disappear. Then Knightman shows up and they all run off into the next
    area. It's liberating time!
    Scilab 3 Liberation Mission       1GSLLM
    Darkloid: Cloudman
    Target phase: 9
    Alright now time for some info. This area sports a new type of panel known as a
    Barrier Panel. You can't liberate these panels normally. If you want to open it
    up you need to find the key waiting for you somewhere in an Item Panel. Also I
    should brief you on your new Navi. Shadowman is a bit of a light-weight in
    battle with only 250 HP. His chip is SplitUp, quite the bad translation of
    BunshinGiri. It does 80 damage and makes Shadowman's shadow clone appear in
    front of the nearest enemy and use a Long Sword. His charge shot is his
    Shuriken which does 60 damage and strikes the nearest enemy. Where he really
    shines is on the field. Shadowman uses his mad ninja skills and is able to walk
    over all normal Dark Panels. This opens up a wide array of new possibilities.
    Furthermore, his field techinique is Sneak Attack. It attacks Guardians and
    Darkloids for 150 HP of damage but is unable to kill them. It can leave them at
    1 HP at best. It has a range of 2 panels in front of him.
    Colonel has leveled up quite a bit. He now has 350 HP, his Screen Divide charge
    shot does 60 damage now, and his Colonel Cannon chip does 100 damage. Knightman
    now has 500 HP, but his attack damages remained the same. That's all you need
    to know for this mission, so let's get started.
    Phase 1. Start with Shadowman and get the Bonus Panel. Anything's useful,
    especially Order Points. Just hope you don't get a heart I suppose. Then
    liberate the panel at the center. Then use Megaman to Long Sword the two panels
    in front of the Guardian. Then use Knightman to attack the BigBrute2, as it's
    called. Now have Colonel take care of the Dark Hole. That wraps up your turn.
    Nothing eventful happens in the Darkloid phase.
    Phase 2. Now you can really put Shadowman's skill to use. Zig-zag across the
    map right and left until you reach a place with a single Item Panel and a blank
    panel. And that would be the Barrier Key. Now you have a straight path to a
    large mass of Dark Panels. Use Megaman to Long Sword straight into it. Next
    use Colonel's Screen Divide, which should exhaust all of your Order Points. Now
    finish up your phase by using Knightman to take out the TinHawk.
    Phase 3. Use Megaman to liberate the one panel between you and the Dark Hole.
    Then follow up with Colonel to clear away the Dark Hole. That will take away
    the BigBrute and open up the way to the back. Have Knightman run all the way
    back there and liberate the middle Dark Panel. Then bring Shadowman back there
    and have him liberate the Item Panel in the back center. That will give you the
    second key. Hopefully you'll be able to get a 1 Turn Liberate on one of those
    battles so that you can get the Order Points from the other Item Panel. In the
    Darkloid phase, Shadowman will end up taking 40 damage from the BigBrute's
    Beast Breath. Apparently, Knightman can block for him since he was attacked
    Phase 4. Have Megaman go down and take out the panel in front of the Dark Hole
    to the right side. Now have Colonel take out that hole. Now have Shadowman 
    liberate the Dark Hole in front of the BigBrute on the route towards Cloudman.
    Finish up with Knightman killing the BigBrute. In the Darkloid phase another
    BigBrute will emerge from the hole.
    Phase 5. Here you have a bit of a choice. You can finish the mission in this
    phase, using two of you Navis to fight Cloudman. You can go ahead and choose
    which ones you want to use. Use one of your Navis to take out the Dark Hole and
    then another to take out the panel in front of Cloudman. Then you fight him:
     HP: 700
     Thunder Burst: 40
     One of his clouds shoots a little thunder ball straight forward. Stuns.
     Cloud Shock: 60
     A whitish cloud appears and shocks on all sides of it. 
     Dark Cloud: 60
     Cloudman disappears and a large cloud appears on your area trying to run into
     you. Cloudman is hiding in one of the clouds, so just shoot it away. Used when
     at low health.
     * Cloudman has 4 clouds in his area that have 1 HP that use the Thunder Burst
     * Cloudman is Elec element.
     Cloudman's one of the tougher bosses. His clouds respawn fast so you don't
     have that much time to attack him. Also the only time that you can counter hit
     him is when he's starting the Cloud Shock attack. CactusBalls work quite
     well against him due to weakness. He heals 350 every phase. His field attack
     is Dark Cloud which has a range of 2 and deals 50 damage and paralyzes a Navi
     for one phase. Rewards:
     Phases to |Reward
     complete  |
         7-    |Cloudman SP C
        8-9    |Cloudman C
        10+    |3000 zenny
    You are winner! Wow the Scilab area looks really bright. Anyways, Colonel tells
    you what a good job you've done, welcomes the new team member, etc. Also you
    resonate with Shadowman, too, meaning that you'll be able to use Shadowsoul.
    Then a shadow appears under Megaman. Before anyone can do anything, a cloud
    falls on him. Then it drifts up taking that Navi with it. The scene flips to a
    bunch of Heel Navis and Megaman strapped down. Off to the side is Glide,
    Gutsman, and Roll. A Heel Navi tells them how they plan to make Megaman work
    for them. They insert a Dark Chip into Megaman. The Dark Warrior, Dark Mega
    has been born.
    + Getting on Board                                                     1HGOBD +
    Lan awakes and gets a phone call from Baryl. Of course, since Megaman has
    been kidnapped, it's just a generic PET voice, or something like that, that's
    alerting him. Baryl tell you to get over to the Scilab harbor. Scilab has a
    harbor? It's the first we've heard of it. Go over there and it's just past the
    Subchip dealer. Before you go talk to Baryl, talk to the Indian-looking girl
    up top. She's the Quiz Master. The answers are 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 3, 2, 3.
    Your reward will be a Dark Lance W. Also a lady should be selling a Dark Meteo
    F for 3000 zenny on the bottom pier. Okay now talk to Baryl. Baryl says that
    he needs to take replacement Navi for the next mission. Lan says that he
    can't operate any Navi but Megaman. Then Baryl slaps him and goes on about how
    the team needs his power. If he wants the replacement Navi, go to the command
    room. Then Baryl leaves for there. Follow him up there. Lan will go ahead
    and accept Baryl's offer of a replacement Navi. Lan forks over the Navi.
    Baryl installs the Navi saying that it'll definately serve him well. He hands
    back the PET and the replacement is none other than Colonel. With all that
    trouble sorted out, Baryl informs you that your next mission will take place
    in End area 2. You're supposed to get to End area from Oran area 2.
    Before I go on about the actual storyline, I'll have to point out that you can
    do an interesting little sidequest right now. And the Scilab Harbor on the
    north part of it, there's a boy partly obscured by building. He'll challenge
    you to a game of Hide & Seek. Go ahead and accept his challenge. First he'll
    be in ACDC 3, disguised as a program near the FurnaceComp. Next, he'll be in
    the chip sculpture at Scilab as an official navi on the left side. Next he'll
    be in DrillComp 3 as a Heel Navi. Now go into the FurnaceComp from ACDC 3. Make
    sure that you've already turned the furnace on in Yai's home. Now he's in the
    real world, in OldMine 3 to be precise, right near a rock formation. Your
    reward for all of this? An AntiDamage *. Quite nifty. 
    And another thing, you can be a Django D chip from the rack a Higsby's for
    7300 zenny. Now go to the island and jack in. Oh yeah, Colonel has 400 HP now
    if you couldn't tell. His attack damages are still the same. Now go to the big
    door at the end of Oran 2 and examine it. Now you need to go to the Scilab area
    to find out a way to open it. Also you'll see Shadowman's Battle Image Data on
    your way to Scilab 3. At Scilab 3 where the liberation mission was, there's a
    dealer near the back selling stuff for BugFrags:
     Scilab 3 BugFrag Trader
     AutoRunning (red)           8b stock: 1
     WindRacket B               12b
     Millionare (green)         22b stock: 1
     MagmaSeed P                26b
     FloatShoes (blue)          40b stock: 1
     Poltergeist P              60b stock: 1
    You want to go past that guy all the way into Scilab 4. On the right there's a
    BMD with a MegaFolder1 (green). Talk to the official Navi in the back, near the
    skull door and a battle will start. Once you win he'll give you the Scilab key.
    Also there should be a female Navi somewhere there that sells you a DarkWide T
    for 1000 zenny. Now head back to the big door in Oran 2. Open and enter the End
    Ew, nasty red color. Just try and find your way forward. Actually if you go off
    of a little jut on the southern end, you can find an invisible path to a Heel
    Navi that sells you a DarkDrill D chip for 3000 zenny. Also there's a chip
    dealer somewhere here.
     End Area 1 Dealer
     Vulcan 3 L               5800z
     MegaCannon G             7600z
     Barrier 100 P            8800z
     WideBlade V             10000z
     Jealousy J              12000z stock: 1
    Somewhere else there's a BMD with a RegUP2 in it. There's an invisible path
    right behind that that leads to a warp to Undernet 1. But there's nothing
    there for you now, but keep it in mind for later. Anyways, if you wander
    aimlessly enough you'll eventually reach the large path again and following
    that, a cutscene will take place. Colonel senses someone coming and then
    Dark Megaman shows up. He's protecting this area for Regal. Somewhere in the
    middle of this conversation, the good side of Megaman takes some control and
    asks Colonel to attack him. Of course Lan can't possibly bear attacking his
    Navi, so they lose their chance and the road is then blocked by dozens of Heel
    Navis. Then you jack out of that place.
    Cripes, that's a pretty scary place to be, eh? Report back to the command room
    and talk to Baryl. Lan confesses to not allowing Colonel to slash Megaman.
    Baryl doesn't think that they could take him down even with Knightman and
    Shadowman. We need an ally with some serious power to take them all out at
    once. So since you can't do anything about that for now, Baryl has another task
    for you. You're to go to a part on the luxury liner, Queen Bohemia. Lan's going
    to have to protect the Booster System that's being sold there from Nebula. And
    Baryl also says that Lan should be ready to kill Megaman next time he sees him.
    Bah, whatever, like Lan would ever do that no matter what he says. Now you have
    to find someone with an invitation to the Queen Bohemia party. Go over to Oran
    Isle and talk to Pride. She'll give you the invite you need. Also go down to
    the mountain, into the cavern where your friends were to find the Quiz King.
    Answers are: 2, 3, 2, 3, 1, 3, 3, 2, 3, 2, 2, 3, 2, 3, 2. You get a NCP
    Chivalry (blue). Now go to sleep.
    Next day, Lan wakes up ready for the party, so go to the harbor. Talk to the
    official guy in front of the boat and then enter the infamous Queen Bohemia. A
    cutscene about some suspicious looking guy takes place, but all you can do is
    kill time before the party really starts. Jack into the netbattle machine to
    get HP+50 (pink) NCP at the bottom corner. Now go to the right and talk to the
    blonde guy to get a stamp card. Collect the stamps at the following places: the
    front of the boat with the mermaid figurehead, the steering wheel in the
    Bridge, and the sofa in the hallway. Return to the man who gave you the card
    and he'll give you 1000 zenny. Then off to the side, a businessman is fretting
    over how he lost. He spent 10,000,000 zenny custimizing his Navi. That Indian
    operator is Dingo. Obviously, he's really good at what he does. Lan challenges
    him but the boat starts shaking. The battle will have to wait. Oh and before I
    forget, subchip dealer:
     Queen Bohemia Subchip Dealer
     FullEnergy               1000z
     SneakRun                  300z
     Untrap                    500z
    Now go back down the hallway to the other side. That's the door to the engine
    room. Hmm... needs a password I see. Well the stamp guy has a nice little clue
    for you. It turns out to be 11922911, quite the nice little palindrome. Now
    head in and examine the last big thing and then jack into it. There's a Nebula
    Navi there but he just runs off. Here things get a bit funny in how much CoA
    has bastardized the game. For one the entire place looks different. In the
    Japanese version, you'd have to fight a virus in the end in order to advance.
    In the English release you don't have too. Also they alter a BMD in this place
    and I'll explain why they did later. Anyways on with the guide.
    This first area is the RadarComp. In the Japanese version, the BMD in here
    would have 400 zenny in it. In the English versions, there's a BMD with a
    SpinWhite inside. The next area would be the AirConComp. It has a BMD with a
    BatteryMode (yellow) NCP. The next area is the ScrewComp. There's a RegUP2
    inside here. Now at the EngineComp, you meet the Nebula Navi that you've been
    searching for. Before you can fight him, his operator tells him to jack out.
    You do the same. The operator was in the same room but he runs off. Then an
    announcement comes up. The party has begun. You'll catch him later there, but
    don't pursue him now. So then you're should be heading to the party next. But
    before you do anything, jack back into the machine and go back to the end room.
    There's a BMD in there with a SubMemory. 
    Go back into the hall and this time into the main party room. You can jack into
    the thing on the stage and but you can't get the BMD in there yet. Talk to
    everyone in the room and they'll be a cutscene. The man is introducing
    Ubercorps' new Booster System. It's apparently worth 300,000,000 zenny. Then
    it gets stolen. They've captured the Nebula guy but they can't find the
    program. Someone else did it? Let's find out who. Examine the 3 mirrors in the
    room. Then when Lan's having his soliloquy, select the third option, meaning
    that something's up with the mirrors. Then select the second option, refering
    to the mirror's reflection. The guy must have jacked by reflecting the infared
    beam off of the mirrors. But whatever, it really wasn't that black guy. Go over
    to the engine room and look at the ladder at the left. You'll end up on the
    main dock and you'll see some guy passed out. He says that the culprit ran into
    the steering room. So go in there now. Apparently, Dingo is the culprit. He
    stole the Booster System to prevent Ubercorp from destroying his village. If
    you want it, you're going to have to go through a nice little water dungeon
    The thing that you'll see on your side is your Navi's breath. When your breath
    runs out, you slowly take damage in chunks of 1 HP at a time. Down in the water
    there are also eddies and bubbles. The eddies will trap you momentarily and
    take away your breath, while the bubbles restore your breath. Also you can find
    currents down there as well. Simply hold the control pad in the direction
    against the current to withstand it, otherwise it will blow you away. 
    For some strange and ungodly region, Capcom of America has decided to edit
    entire areas out of the games in their translation. What does this mean for
    you? It means that if you're playing the English versions, you only have 3
    ShipComp areas to go through instead of 4. So basically the walkthrough
    starting from here is just for the Japanese version. Just scroll down a bit
    more for the English guide.
    Just go down the path a little ways and you'll see that there's a locked gate.
    You'll need to go down into the water to open it somehow. Somewhere down there,
    there's a key in a BMD. It's not much of a maze, anyways so you'll be able to
    get it by yourself. Right behind the BMD is a warp that will send you topside
    again. On the next dive, go take a left turn, and then a right one. That will
    lead you to a BMD with a Yoyo F in it. Then go back the other way and get the
    Key and go through the warp.
    Go down again in the next place. Turn left and left again to get a BMD with a
    Spin White in it. Then turn around and head straight. At the fork take the
    right path and you'll get the Key. Then cross over to the other side to get out
    of this forsaken place. Beware of the eddies, though. Now continue to the next
    Head down the water and follow the path. At one point a current will begin
    pushing you back. Continue down the path and take a right and another right to
    get some much needed air. Then turn around and head straight and traverse
    against another current. They'll be a BMD that you can't get yet in the first
    route to the right, so just go to the second one and don't get flung back. Then
    continue and there will be more air bubbles for you. Then go forward and take
    the right side for the Key and move to the left for the warp.
    Next one, you start by going left down the path. Then go past the current and
    down and you'll be able to see some precious air. Go past the two currents and
    allow the one on the right to blow you down. Then the BMD will have a RegUP3
    for you. In the donut square go around the long way to get some air. Now the
    Key and the warp will be apparent.
    Area 3 (or 2) now. Enter the water and go right first. Go up on the donut with
    the moving eddies and go left first and grab that air. Then head up and let the
    current take you across. Follow the path and then you'll find a BMD with a
    SubMemory and some bubbles. Then continue and let the current take you. Go left
    and past the eddies there. Then go up the slope and get the key. After that go
    against the current first to get a GrassSeed A, then take the warp. Of course
    this lock requires 3 keys, so another dive is neccessary.
    Go back down the right path. This time when you reach the air, keep going on
    past it, past some moving eddies. Don't let the currents get you and grab the
    BMD with the key. Now don't go down the warp. Instead let the next current
    sweep you to another place. Now head straight and zig-zag down the path. There
    will be some air just slightly off of it, but you'll want to keep on the
    zig-zag, resisting the currents. Then maneuver past the moving eddies. Then
    grab the Key and warp on out.
    Last area, last dive zone. Well first off turn left and get the BMD past the
    current. It has an ExpansionMemory in it. Then head the other direction. Get
    hit by a current and then go right at the next square, and take the left route
    there. Get the bubbles and then head up. Follow the path and head up the slope
    for another breath of air. Then continue down the path and get hit by another
    current. Then continue down and let yourself be carried by the really big
    current at the very end. You'll find a BMD with an Attack+1. Then go back via
    a current and head downwards. There'll be some air bubbles there for you. Then
    continue letting the first small current in that dead end carry you. Get hit by
    one last current and then your home free. Now go through the gate and face your
    foe. His name is Tomahawkman.
     HP: 700
     Tomahawk Swing: 40
     [ ][X][X][ ][ ][ ]
     [ ][X][X][T][ ][ ]
     [ ][X][X][ ][ ][ ]
     Pretty much a standard Dream Sword type attack.
     Tomahawk Boomerang: 30
     [<][<][<][<][T][ ]
     [V][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     Throw his axe like a boomerang. It turns whenever it needs in order to hit
     Tomahawk Dive: 60
     He jumps into the air and dives at you. Only used at low health. 
     Totem Meteors: 20
     The red totem segment turns around and meteors randomly rain in your area.
     * Tomahawkman has super armor, meaning that hitting him does not stop him from
       finishing his attack.
     * Tomahawkman is wood element.
     * Tomahawkman has a totem pole in the back of his area. Every so often one of
       the segments will turn around and do something:
       - The top red one does the Totem Meteor attacks.
       - The middle green one gives him invulnerability.
       - The bottom white one give him a regen effect.
     Hmm... this was easier than I thought it would be. The boomerang is easy to
     dodge, same with the dive, his swing gives you ample time to counter hit him,
     and the meteors don't fall that fast. Was this supposed to be hard? The only
     thing even slightly irritating is the green totem, since it can potentially
     make your attacks useless. Did I mention that he moves slow? Easy, easy, easy.
    You've got the Booster System back now. Then Lan gives Dingo a nice lecture
    on whether or not his village would approve of his actions. Then Colonel
    invites the two to fight with them against Nebula. And so the party ends. Now
    you're supposed to go back to End area 1 and back to the blockade of Nebula's
    forces. Tomahawkman shows up and takes them all down in one mighty Tomahawk
    Swing. Now go on to area 2 for a nice liberation mission.
    End Area 2 Liberation Mission     1IEA3L
    Darkloid: Dark Megaman
    Target phase: 10
    Well let's kick this off as I always do, naming useless numbers. Shadowman now
    has 300 HP. His charge shot Shuriken does 80 damage and SplitUp remains at
    80. SneakAttack's potential damage seems to have increased to 200. Colonel is
    the same as when you were using him before. Knightman has 550 HP now. Kingdom
    Crusher now does 100 damage and Royal Wrecking Ball can also do 100 damage. The
    new guy, Tomahawkman, has a low 300 HP. His chip is TomahawkSwing T, which
    does 100 wood element damage in a LifeSword range. Unfortunately, it has a
    drastically long delay time, but I guess that's why he has Super Armor. His
    charge shot is Tomahawk Boomerang which does 60 damage and is semi-smart and
    homes onto enemies. His field ability is TomahawkSwing which Liberates 6
    panels in LifeSword type range. That's some dynamic power there. So dynamic
    that you don't get the item in Item Panels that you liberate with it. 
    Phase 1. Start with Knightman and have him liberate the panel in front of the
    BigBrute. Next have Colonel kill the BigBrute. Hopefully you got a 1 Turn
    Liberate since those Guardians are so easy. Then take Shadowman and liberate
    the Dark Hole. Now have Tomahawkman come in and move in front of the BigBrute
    and Tomahawk Swing the panels towards it. Now all of those scary Guardians
    slowly approach you.
    Phase 2. Get the Bonus Panel and hope for Order Points if you want a really
    easy time. That's what I got so I'm basically writing this as if you did get
    them. If you want just save and load until you get them. Extra Order Points
    never hurt. It just means that you can use Screen Divide more often and such.
    Now have Shadowman kill the BigBrute in front of the Dark Hole. That shouldn't
    be to hard even for a wussy like him. Now have Knightman take out the Dark
    Hole. Have Tomahawkman move next to the BigBrute and Tomahawk Swing to the left
    so that both the Dark Hole and the Item Panel would be able to be reached on
    the next move. Then take out the Dark Hole with Colonel. In the Darkloid phase
    the TinHawk will attack one of your guys.
    Phase 3. Move Shadowman to the large square to the right. Walk across the
    panels and liberate the Item Panel on the top corner. That would be Barrier Key
    1. Now get Tomahawkman to go over to that large square and Tomahawk Swing so
    that the Item Panel next to the BigBrute is liberated. Now take out the
    BigBrute and the Dark Hole with Colonel and Knightman, in any order you wish.
    Phase 4. Have Knightman liberate the bottommost Item Panel. It contains Barrier
    Key 2. Shadowman go in and take the two Bonus Panels in the formerly blocked
    area. With any luck one of them will kill the Bladia Guardian. Then cut into
    the Dark Panels with Tomahawk Swing. If you haven't killed the Bladia, still no
    problem. Well you'll just have to try for a 1 Turn Liberate on it which might
    be difficult since it can parry your attacks. Either way the gist of it is that
    you should use Colonel to make the Dark Hole accessable for Shadowman. End of
    Phase 5. Buwahaha. Last phase if you can finish Dark Megaman with three of your
    Navis. Start with Tomahawk Swing and liberate the panels in front of Rock. Once
    you select Liberate, the Navi will prepare to attack, but Lan still thinks he
    might be able to talk sense back into him. But it's useless. Time to fight.
     Dark Megaman
     HP: 800
     Any chip you've ever used.
     Buster Shot: 1
     Yesh, this guy moves really fast. You can only counter him on his chip attacks
     and those are usually too random to predict. He tends to use the buster in
     large chunks at a time so that's when you should strike. It's a good thing I
     made it so that you could have 3 Navis to attack him in one phase, eh? He
     heals 400 HP per phase and his field ability is MegaBuster dealing 50x3 damage
     to everyone within 2 panels. 
     Phases to |Reward
     complete  |
         8-    |FullCustom *
        9-10   |AntiNavi M
        11+    |4000 zenny
    After the battle Lan tries to talk some sense into Megaman and it almost
    works. Then the good side loses ground and Dark Megaman nearly blasts the Navis
    with a DarkCannon, which they spell as DrkCanon despite the fact that the chip
    isn't even in the bloody game! Lazy bums. Then the good side comes back. Then
    the evil half comes back. Repeat until he gets purified. Then Megaman is
    returned to Lan's PET. After that Colonel tells them to rest. Tomahawkman
    resonates with Megaman's faithful soul for a change and you have another soul. 
    Regal cutscene time. He monologues about the whole business over Megaman
    triumphing over the darkness. And he talks about the research papers that he
    wants from Yuichiro. You also get a glimpse of another Darkloid, Cosmoman.
    + Mixed Messages                                                       1JMDMS +
    Now this cutscene takes place in the Scilab command room. There are three
    points to this meeting. First is to meet the fellow members of the team. The
    second is to meet the newest recruit into the team. And it's none other than
    Higsby. He's joined the team to become a man? Ummm, good for him, I suppose.
    Of course his Navi is Numberman. And the third point of the meeting is the
    briefing of the next mission. It's going to be to liberate End area 5.
    Meeting adjorned.
    Now that you're back in control, check your mail. The bottom two brief you
    about your new souls. Shadowsoul is activated by sacrificing an Invisible-type
    chip. When in Shadowsoul, you move faster and back+ B activates Kawarimi
    Magic. The charge shot is a Long Sword. It can also charge sword chips to use a
    back stab style attack with no damage increase. Tomahawksoul is activated by
    sacrificing a Wood-type chip. Upon unison, all panels will become grass panels.
    When you use a Wood element chip while standing on a grass panel, the panel
    becomes normal and the chip does double damage. The charge shot is Tomahawk
    Swing. Also you're immune to status changes, heal on grass, and take double
    damage from fire.
    The last E-mail is about something new to this game called Chaos Unison. For
    every normal Soul Unison you have, you can do the Chaos Unison for it by
    sacrificing the appropriate Dark Chip. Then you have all the normal abilities
    of the Soul Unison, but the charge shot is different. The charge shot will do
    whatever the Dark Chip does, meaning that the damage potential for this is
    immense. However, there is a catch. When you're charging the glow will change
    from purple to blue. If you release the B button when it's purple the attack
    will be a success. If you release when it is blue, you'll lose your Unison and
    Dark Megaman will appear on the opponents side of the field and attack you.
    He's completely invulnerable will attack you will his buster and chips. So if
    you have good timing, Chaos Unison is awesome, since you won't lose any HP for
    doing it. Too bad it only lasts for one turn.
    After all that is taken care of, talk to Baryl and he'll give you a second
    folder. Now you're supposed to go to End 4, but I've got some things to say.
    First off, at Higsby's can by a NumberBall N at the shelves for 9500 zenny.
    Then go the the Queen Bohemia and jack into the thing that the Booster System
    was in. The BMD that you couldn't get before has an HP Memory. Now go to the
    steering room and jack in. At the first dive zone of area 2 should have an HP
    Memory down there, too. Now go ahead and jack into the thing at Oran Isle and
    head towards End area. If you want you can go into the Undernet again and this
    time they'll be someone waiting for you, a Navi that you can challenge by the
    name of Larkman.
     HP: 900
     Bird Wind: 80
     [<][<][<][<][L][ ]
     [V][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     Larkman throws a little thingy that moves in a straight line, hits the back
     row and hooks around to hit you, meaning that the return could potentially be
     in the middle row instead.
     Lark Swoop: 120
     [ ][X][X][ ][X][ ]
     [ ][M][ ][X][ ][ ]
     [ ][X][X][ ][X][ ]
     This attack is centered around Megaman's position.
     Lark Dive: 80, 120, 150 ?
     Larkman swoops down in a straight line starting from 4 panels ahead of you
     all the way to 4 panels behind you. This attack is can seem to do a variable
     amount of damage based on how close to the ground he is. I'm really not 100%
     on this.
     I don't find Larkman all that annoying. His projectile attack is easily
     dodged by moving down and then back up to the original row. The swoop can be
     dodged by a simple step forwards or backwards. He's a bit irritating to
     counter hit, but you should be able to kill him nonetheless. Well, actually he
     is pretty fast now that I think of it, but still nothing too bad.
    Okay, I swear that was the last non sequitor of this scenario. Go through End 1
    to End 2. In that area there will be a Heel Navi that will give you a
    DarkRecover H if you battle him. Then continue on to End 3. It's a bit of a
    maze and I'm pretty sure that my instructions usually suck so just pull through
    yourself. Somewhere in there, there's a BMD with an HP Memory. You need to get
    to the upper path somehow. Once you're up there go down the second slope. Then
    you'll go up another ramp, and down another. Then go past the giant pagoda and
    boom you're at End 4.
    End 4 is creepy and evil-looking like all those other places used to be.
    Somewhere quite deep inside is a BMD with a SpinYellow inside. Just keep going
    around until you find a ramp up to the large road. From there you'll find a
    four way intersection. Head on the path leading to the upper right. Oh, big
    door in your way. Megaman tries to open it but then Numberman says leave it to
    him. Then the rest of the team shows up. Numberman is working on the door when
    Higsby tells him that he needs to protect Mariko's Navi. So the mission is
    being postponed until tomorrow.
    Now what you have to do is head into Papa's research lab. As you approach it, a
    cutscene starts up. Megaman notices Higsby off to the side. Wonder what he's
    doing there? Whatever, just go in and examine the large computer thingy that
    everyone was gathered around that one time. Lan's having trouble accessing
    the data that he wanted to look at, so you're going to need to talk to someone
    smart to figure things out. So head outside to the bench and talk to Higsby.
    He'll agree to help you out. Now head back into the room and approach the
    computer again. Higsby hacks it or something and there's an old note in there
    from Grandpa Hikari to Yuichiro. You'll end up taking a copy of it.
    Now there's a bit of a word game behind all of this. If you take the right
    characters out of the original letter as the symbols in the end of it specify,
    you'll come out with doghouse out back. Now head back home into the house. At
    the window inside the back of a doghouse is visible. Examine it and they'll be
    another clue. Something about an island and clean air, eh? I know exactly where
    this is leading. Head over to Oran Isle. Earlier in here I'm sure I mentioned
    an air cleaning thing near the top of the mountain. It's the thing in the room
    with just the thing in it. Jack into the thingy and go to the far right corner
    and hit A. Congratulations, you just found a MemoryData. Hmm... Gow loves big
    fish. It refers to the fish Gargoyle at End City. Just get out of here and go
    to the new Metroline destination of End City.
    Nice big place they've got here. Towards the end of the stands there, there's a
    place where you can jack in. There's a MetaGel T in there. Now go and find
    Higsby somewhere out there. Talk and Lan will thank Higsby for everything,
    and Higsby soon storms off. Now talk to the man at the counter. You can't go
    into the giant pagoda thing because of hacking or something. Lan volunteers
    to help out. So now head down to the lower area where you can jack into the
    statue. Also there's a subchip dealer:
     End City Subchip Dealer
     FullEnergy               1000z
     Unlocker                 4000z
     LockEnemy                6000z
    Once you jack into the statue, you'll be in End 2. Now just go straight and
    you'll enter End 3. You want to get back to the big crazy Pagoda thingy. Once
    you approach the slope that leads to it, Megaman spots Numberman doing
    something fishy. He says nothing and just jacks out. At any rate, Megaman does
    some fiddling and fixes everything up. Just jack out and talk to the man behind
    the counter again. Now you can enter the pagoda.
    Just breeze into the place and go past everything for now. Just go up the
    stairs until you reach the rooftop. Examine the area behind the left fish for
    an HP Memory. Now examine the eye of the right fish. Is this the big fish that
    Gow likes? I guess so since there's a DataDisk inside of it. Inside of that
    there's an OldKey and TextData.
    Now leave this crazy Japanese looking place and return home and jack in. The
    Data Disk mentions ACDC 3 in it so head over there. On a protruding square,
    you'll see an official Navi. Talk to him if you wish but he's of irrelevance.
    Go to the square on the north side and hit the A button. This place matches all
    the clues in the note so Megaman uses the Old Key Data and a door materializes.
    Now enter the door.
    Megaman has found himself in what appears to be the real world. Both Lan and
    Megaman are a bit amazed by it. Soon a passerby comes by and Megaman asks her a
    question. The woman responds by saying that the Hikari family just has gotten
    twin sons named Hub and Lan. Now you should look around by talking to everyone
    here. Even though it looks like the real world, it's still the internet so
    there are viruses afoot. Once you're done talking to everyone, Megaman starts
    trying to head out. However, Nebula Navis have come into here. Now you have to
    kill them. There's 6 of them out there. 
    Once they're all taken care of, Megaman and Lan decide it's time to return to
    the main internet again. Just before the leave, Megaman senses someone else
    coming through the door. A Nebula boss? Geh, Numberman? He says that he's
    followed Megaman here and that under Regal's orders, he's been watching your
    actions. Numberman and Higsby are members of Nebula. Apparently Numberman loves
    Dark Chips. But he doesn't fight you now. He runs off back through the house.
    If Numberman is a traitor, Baryl should know about this as soon as possible.
    Jack out and head to the Scilab command room and talk to Baryl. He takes the
    news surprisingly well. Just head home and sleep now. As you sleep a cutscene
    happens. Numberman is walking with what looks like Mariko's Navi when Megaman
    teleports in and assaults her. Then he disappears.
    Lan gets to wake up this morning to the oh so sweet ring of his PET. There's
    some mail about communications abnormalities that are somehow linked to the
    communication system in End 3. Go over to End City and jack in. You're heading
    for the big pagoda thingy again. Now go and examine the control pad type thing
    on its front side. Megaman will try to fix up the system when an official Navi
    pops in and asks him whats he's doing. When Megaman explains, the official says
    that if you want to fix it you have to go jack into the Gargoyle. That's where
    main server is.
    Now head into the pagoda. You won't go far before you realize that the way is
    blocked. Examine the hologram. It used to be a warrior but seems disarmed now.
    Let's get him back his equipment. You can jack into one of the katanas in this
    room. At the very top there's a BMD with an HP Memory in it. What you want to
    do here is talk to the Navi in the center. You'll get KatanaData from him
    after a virus battle. Now go into the other room and jack into one of the suits
    of armor. Inside there's a BMD on the left with an HP+100 (yellow) in it. And
    the Navi in the center ArmorData after a battle. Lastly is the helmet. The BMD
    in the right has a RegUP2. On the left, there's a BMD with a MegaEnergyBomb C
    in it (English versions only). The Navi of course will give up his HelmetData
    after a battle. Now go into the other room and examine the hologram. Lan will
    give him the data and he'll suit up for war and open the door.
    In the next room if you follow the path, your way is blocked by a green statue.
    Examine the brown statue near the front of the room and you can start a
    minigame to move the statue. The point of this game is to kill 100 little ninja
    robot thingies. Use the control pad change direction and the B button to
    strike. Once you're ready approach the center of the crossroads thing to begin.
    Once you're done with that, the green statue moves and you can continue.
    Now you can just keep going and head to the rooftop. Once you reach the roof,
    a cutscene will take place. Some suit is really scared with the situation of
    the Gargoyle server. So just go up to the right fish's control panel and jack
    in. Now talk to the program. He'll give you an explanation about all of this
    craziness. Basically you need to get the right ninja programs to disarm the
    traps. Now start by going to the left and touch the red ninja to make it follow
    you. Now go down the other direction and approach the spears. The red ninja
    use its speed to dash across and press the button to disarm the trap.
    Next you'll mandatorily pick up a white ninja. Now just go take the routes that
    make you avoid touching any other programs, or else you'll switch them. Then on
    the right you can get a Speed+1 (pink) and on the left is a spike trap that the
    white ninja can disarm. Now continue and talk to a program you see. He
    introduces the idea of picking up multiple ninjas at once. First take the white
    ninja and then circle around and replace it with the blue ninja. Now go
    straight throught the red ninja. From there take the one way panel and go back
    around. Then pick up the blue program again and make sure that you're heading
    right and not straight. Then take the white program and circle around and take
    the blue one back and continue to disarm the trap.
    In the next section take the red ninja and when you reach the blue ninja,
    circle around once so you pick up the red ninja again. Then at the white ninja,
    turn to the left and pick up the HP Memory in the BMD. Now switch the white
    ninja you're holding with the red ninja and go onwards to the trap.
    Same dealy with the BoatComp with this area. English speakers have one less
    area to go through.
    Now you're in the next area. Start by going on the leftmost one way panel. Then
    grab the white ninja up ahead. Go straight through the blue ninja, and the red
    one too. Then you'll go through a blue one and then end up right back where you
    started. Then go up the same way you did before and you'll find the white ninja
    just where you left it: in front of the trap for it to disarm.
    Now this next little section is tricky. The spear trap at the end of it calls
    for a red ninja and there's only one red ninja out there. Head in the general
    direction of down and that care not to touch ANY of the ninjas. You'll see the
    red ninja right next to a BMD with a RegUP2. Get them both obviously. Now
    head back up and you'll eventually see a blue ninja standing in the only path
    further up. Go through him and then take the one way panel back and pick up
    red again. You'll have to repeat this twice because of the white ninja in the
    way. But soon you'll be able to whiz right through the spears.
    The next trap will require a white ninja. But to get to the white ninja, you'll
    have to unlock a trap that needs a blue ninja. So grab that first blue ninja
    that you see. Then take the one way panel and go around the red ninjas. Now
    disarm the water trap there. Now pick up the white ninja behind there and go
    onward. At the red ninja in the way, just head into the dead end and then back
    in the right direction. Then go around the remaining ones and disarm the trap.
    Also you can get the BMD MegaEnergyBomb C in it if you go through the one way
    panel up ahead.
    This next section is a bit trickier. It requires you to get TWO red ninjas to
    disarm the trap. If you touch a ninja of the same type, then it gets added on
    instead of being replaced, so that's how you do this. First things first is to
    pick up that red ninja near the beginning. Then go the way of the white ninja
    and circle around again so that you keep the red one. Do the same basic thing
    at the next one too. Then you'll find the second red ninja you need. Now just
    continue on to the traps and out to the next area.
    Onward to the 3rd area of all of this. The first trap has two spears on it so
    you'll need two red ninjas. Start by taking the path on the right side of the
    screen with the blue ninja in the way. Go through the one way panel and then
    head upwards and grab a second blue ninja. Now follow the path past all of the
    one way panels. Go past through the white ninja and get a BMD with a HP+100
    (pink) in it. Then head back and take the left one way panel so that you'll now
    have 1 blue ninja and one red one. Avoid the white ninja ahead and go basically
    back where you started. Now on the left hand path go through the white ninja.
    Now up to the red ninja ahead. You'll have to pass through it a few times so
    that both of the ninjas on you are red. Then go back through the blue, back and
    forth, a few times until you're back on the outside with 2 red ninjas. From
    here go the way that you did the first time and down the path with all the one
    way panels again. Take the last one way panel heading right. From there just
    breeze right to the trap.
    Alright, it looks like we're going to need 2 blue ninjas for this next place.
    Of course that's too easy so they hid one of those guys behind a spike trap. So
    start things off by going straight down the center. Then just keep going,
    switching with the red ninja then with another white ninja. Go a little further
    and you'll see the spike trap. Behind it is a BMD with an HP Memory in it and
    a blue ninja, both of which you should get. Now go back the way you came and
    leave the blue ninja where this red ninja is at now. Then grab the white ninja.
    Go to the right side path where you'll see a red ninja. Get it and go through
    the one way panel. Now go back around and take your blue ninja. Go through the
    one way panel and then take the left path to get your second blue ninja. Done
    with this area now.
    Finally the last area of this nightmare. This trap up ahead will require a
    total of 3 red ninjas to clear. Urgh, right? Go up ahead and circle around the
    blue ninja and head to the left. Then avoid the white ninja and get the red
    ninja. With the ninja in hand, backtrack and take the one way panel going to
    the right. Now you'll have to get the white ninja by staying in the circlar
    area, then go and exit through the one way panel with your red ninja. Now head
    upwards and switch twice with the blue ninja so that you retain the red ninja.
    Now switch twice with either and head downwards to get another red ninja.
    Follow the path to the upper right and on the last prong off there will be a
    third red ninja waiting for you. Now disarm that damn thing.
    FINALLY! LAST FRICKING TRAP! Erm... sorry about that. Anyways, this trap will
    require the work of 3 blue ninjas. Just keep following the path and don't touch
    any red ninjas strewn about. Head somewhat downwards and you'll see a one way
    panel. Go there and circle around the red ninjas and go through another one way
    panel. Then head upwards. In the next little square, head upwards and circle
    around the 1 red ninja and grab a BMD with a RegUP2. After that, go through
    the one way panel and grab both of the red ninjas and then get the blue one up
    top. Now exit that little circle via the one way panel on the right. Now go
    downwards and back through the one way panel that you've used earlier. Go
    around the red ninja and pick up the blue one by going past it once and again.
    Now head towards the left. Now head upwards and grab the white ninja. Go back
    the way that you came from and head to the downwards-left direction, through a
    red ninja. Go through it twice so that you keep your white ninja on you. Then
    go to the left, through a one way panel. Follow that path all the way down
    through a red ninja. Then you can get a BMD with a Slasher R in it. Now just
    follow the path to the right and switch with the white ninja at the dead end.
    Now you can disarm the trap just next to that and pick up a blue ninja. Now
    it's time to do some backtracking. Go backwards and pass through the red ninja
    twice and go upwards and take the one way panel. Now go up and there's another
    blue ninja, right where you left it. Continue upwards and the third will be
    where you first picked up a white ninja. Now backtrack some more, heading right
    and being wary not to drop any of your ninjas. Disarm the trap at the beginning
    of the section and head towards the server thingy. Then as you're trying to fix
    it up Numberman comes ready for battle. He accuses Megaman of attacking
    Mariko's Navi, and Lan accusing him of working for Nebula. Eh, time to fight:
     HP: 600
     Dice Bomb: 20 x # on die
     [Y][Y][Y][ ][ ][ ]
     [Y][X][Y][ ][N][ ]
     [Y][Y][Y][ ][ ][ ]
     The bomb lands on X and the explosion reaches all the area's of Y. If the die
     lands on you, you only take 20 damage. 
     Number Trap: 60
     Places a mine randomly in your area. If you step on it something that looks
     like a eraser falls on a 2x2 area.
     Number Ball: 40
     [<][<][<][<][<][ ]
     [<][<][<][<][<][ ]
     Numberman summons 3 Number Balls that move towards you. The numbers on them
     represent their HP. One will have relatively low HP, one will have medium, and
     one will have alot. He generally does this attack 3 times in a row.
     Area Steal: 10
     [ ][ ][X][ ][ ][ ]
     [ ][ ][X][ ][N][ ]
     [ ][ ][X][ ][ ][ ]
     I think you know what this does.
     Count Bomb: 30
     Sets a 3 second CountBomb that attacks your entire side of the field for 30
     damage if it goes off. Low HP.
     The only new trick that Numberman seems to be packing in this game is that
     Number Trap, and it's not very potent of an attack. That math triangle thing
     in the previous game was harder to dodge. Anyways, he's got less HP than other
     Navis that you've fought so this will be easy. The only thing that might make
     him difficult is if your buster is too sucky to take down the Number Balls.
     Just dodge and attack.
    After the battle the two Navis are trying to sort things out. Why did Megaman
    attack Mariko's Navi and why did Numberman join Nebula? Well, you find out when
    two imposters show up for the party. Anyways, they've just been messing with
    the team and such, but they're deleted promptly. Now that that's over with,
    head over to the big door in End 4. The gang's all there and Numberman finishes
    up opening the door. Colonel instructs Shadowman to stay outside and keep watch
    for enemy reinforcements. Now to start up the liberation mission.
    End Area 5 Liberation Mission     1KEA5L
    Darkloid: Cosmoman
    Target Phase: 9
    Alright, then the little thing that they introduce to us is Traps. In this area
    some of the Item Panels can contain traps in them that hurt you. Also, even
    though Tomahawk swing would normally destroy what's in the Item Panels, the
    traps will still be set off. This brings me right to the next subject,
    Numberman. He's got 300 HP and and his charge shot is Dice Bomb, which does 10
    times the number on the die. His chip is NumberTrap N. It sets the mine 2
    squares in front of you, and makes the eraser thing fall if touched. What I
    really wanted to start about was his field ability. It's called NumberCheck.
    It has the same range as Tomahawk Swing, 2x3, but what it does is, it gives
    you all the items in the Item Panels affected by it. If the item contains a
    trap, it gets disarmed. Pretty nifty.
    And onto the rest. Colonel has 450 HP. ColonelCannon does 120 damage and his
    charge shot does 70. Knightman has 600 HP. KingdomCrusher does 100 damage and
    his charge shot does 100 as well. Tomahawkman has 350 HP. TomahawkSwing does
    100 damage and his charge shot does 60. Done with all the briefing, now let's
    get started.
    Phase 1. Start with Numberman and have him Number Check in front of the
    Guardian. This should disarm one trap and give you 3 more Order Points, giving
    you 4. Now have Tomahawkman use Tomahawk Swing in the row between the Guardian
    and the Bonus Panel. This should allow Knightman to get the Bonus Panel and
    attack the guardian next. Now have Colonel liberate the panel just below the
    Dark Hole. Be sure not to get a 1 Turn Liberate, or else you'll trigger the
    trap. Now finish the phase with Megaman liberating the Dark Hole.
    Phase 2. Now take Colonel and Screen Divide the left side to that you start
    getting closer to the branch. Don't get a 1 Turn Liberate or else you'll
    trigger the trap. Now have Megaman Longsword into that branch off. Now here
    comes a bit of a dilemma. The Barrier Key is in the center Item Panel in the
    back there. However, the Item Panel in front is trapped. Also, we've only got
    one Order Point left to work with. So I'm going to have to say trip the trap
    with Knightman. This will paralyze him. Then, in order to conserve that one
    Order Point, have Numberman liberate the next panel. Now have Tomahawkman,
    liberate the Item Panel. If you get a 1 Turn Liberate, you'll also get some
    zenny and a Battle Chip.
    Phase 3. Have Tomahawkman liberate a panel in the center that opens up the area
    where the Barrier used to be.  Take Numberman and go all the way to the right
    side. Then use NumberCheck at the very side facing down. You'll get a Heart and
    more Order Points. Now have Colonel liberate the panel in front of the right
    Dark Hole, and after that have Megaman liberate the hole. Of course Knightman
    can't do anything. In the Darkloid Phase, the Hawk will attack Tomahawkman. 
    Phase 4. Start him Numberman and move him near Cosmoman and Number Check the
    two right most Item Panels. One will be Order Points and the other will be
    the second Barrier Key. Now take Megaman and Long Sword toward the Dark Hole
    from the right side. Then have Colonel liberate the Dark Hole. Now bring
    Knightman into this next section and have him liberate the panel in front of
    the Dark Hole near the right corner, the one panel closer to the Guardian. Now
    have Tomahawkman take care of that Dark Hole. In the Darkloid Phase, the Bladia
    should try and attack one of your guys but Knightman will stop it.
    Phase 5. Let's start things off with Numberman again. Go into that section that
    Knightman and Tomahawkman are in and go into the place where the Dark Hole used
    to be. Just about there you should be able to Number Check 4 Item Panels. You
    will find one trap, a Heart, some Order Points, and the BarrierKey3. Now take
    Megaman and Long Sword the panels in front of the last Dark Hole. Don't get a
    1 Turn Liberate, though. The Item Panel will give you some more Order Points.
    Have Knightman take out the Dark Hole. Now take Colonel and liberate a Dark
    Panel near Cosmoman which should give Tomahawkman access to him. Have
    Tomawkman use Tomahawk Swing towards Cosmoman. In the Darkloid Phase, Cosmoman
    will use Cosmo Planet on Tomahawkman dealing 80 damage.
    Phase 6. Well last phase time. You can even use all 6 members of your team to
    take this guy down. And since the panels to the side of Cosmoman are gone, you
    will have 2/3 of the field in the fight. Before you fight him, though, pick up
    the Bonus Panel with whoever's hurt most. You might just get a Heart for him.
    Or even invulnerability, which will make things really easy. On to the fight:
     HP: 1000
     Cosmo Ring: 80
     Cosmoman throws up a little ring and it lands and expands into a 2x2 area.
     Cosmo Planet: 80
     He sends these planet thingies with rings around them like Saturn. If you hurt
     it enough, the rings disappear for easy dodging.
     Cosmo Shield: 80
     [ ][X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     [X][R][X][ ][C][ ]
     [ ][X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
     Cosmoman blocks one of your attacks and then counters by having a giant meteor
     fall down, centered on Megaman.
     Cosmo Gravity: 80
     * C is the black space type thing
     Cosmoman disappears into a black space type thing and hurls junk at you
     rapidly. Used at low HP.
     Cosmoman is a very irritating Navi to fight. The ring is no problem, but the
     Cosmo Planet is insane. Some of the time you HAVE to waste chips in order to
     bring them down, if you need to avoid damage. And that gravity attack is damn
     near impossible to dodge flawlessly. And half of the time when you try to hit
     him, he'll just block it and counter. If was able to kill him easily by using
     Tomahawk Chaos. Since he generally stays in the back row, Dark Lance easily
     owns him. Of course, since you have 6 Navis anyways, it shouldn't be too hard.
     He can heal 300 HP each phase.
     Phases to |Reward
     complete  |
         7-    |Cosmoman SP C 
        8-9    |Cosmoman C
        10+    |5000 zenny
    Yippee, you liberated another area. With this all the normal internet areas are
    liberated. But there's still the Undernet... Everyone is more or less pumped
    for the challenge except for Numberman. It doesn't matter anyways; not even
    Knightman can get the entrance to the Undernet open. And of course Megaman
    is touched by Numberman's smartness or something. Numbersoul GET!
    Then of course Regal has to go over the days failures. He's lost all of the
    surface internet areas and he still doesn't have Hikari's report. Damn, sucks
    to be him.
    To be continued...
    + Battlechips                                                          2BACHP +
    My section on Battlechips. Right now I'll just put up a list of them. Expect to
    see diagrams, damage, location, etc in later updates. Also I'm putting the
    condensed English names as found in the game first and then the Japanese name
    out in the parenthesis, which, in many cases, would just be the expanded name.
    Standard Chips                    2ASDCS
    001. Cannon        (Cannon)
    002. HiCannon      (HiCannon)
    003. M-Cannon      (MegaCannon)
    004. AirShot       (AirShoot)
    005. Vulcan1       (Vulcan1)
    006. Vulcan2       (Vulcan2)
    007. Vulcan3       (Vulcan3)
    008. Spreader      (SpreadGun)
    009. MrkCan1       (MarkCannon1)
    010. MrkCan2       (MarkCannon2)
    011. MrkCan3       (MarkCannon3)
    012. Pulsar1       (PulseBeam1)
    013. Pulsar2       (PulseBeam2)
    014. Pulsar3       (PulseBeam3)
    015. TankCan1      (SenshaHou1)
    016. TankCan2      (SenshaHou2)
    017. TankCan3      (SenshaHou3)
    018. WideSht1      (WideShot1)
    019. WideSht2      (WideShot2)
    020. WideSht3      (WideShot3)
    021. ElcReel1      (ElecReel1)
    022. ElcReel2      (ElecReel2)
    023. ElcReel3      (ElecReel3)
    024. CactBal1      (SabotenBall1)
    025. CactBal2      (SabotenBall2)
    026. CactBal3      (SabotenBall3)
    027. GunDelS1      (GunDelSol1)
    028. GunDelS2      (GunDelSol2)
    029. GunDelS3      (GunDelSol3)
    030. ElemRage      (ElementRage)
    031. Thunder       (ThunderBall)
    032. Tornado       (Tornado)
    033. Static        (NoiseStorm)
    034. MiniBomb      (MiniBomb)
    035. EnergBom      (EnergyBomb)
    036. MegEnBom      (MegaEnergyBomb)
    037. CrakBom       (CrackBomb)
    038. ParaBom       (ParalyzeBomb)
    039. ResetBom      (ResetBomb)
    040. Quake1        (EarthQuake1)
    041. Quake2        (EarthQuake2)
    042. Quake3        (EarthQuake3)
    043. BugBomb       (BugBomb)
    044. CannBall      (Hougan)
    045. BlkBomb       (BlackBomb)
    046. Geyser        (Kanketsusen)
    047. LavaSeed      (MagmaSeed)
    048. SeaSeed       (OceanSeed)
    049. IceSeed       (IceSeed)
    050. GrasSeed      (KusamuraSeed)
    051. Sword         (Sword)
    052. WideSwrd      (WideSword)
    053. LongSwrd      (LongSword)
    054. WideBlde      (WideBlade)
    055. LongBlde      (LongBlade)
    056. CustSwrd      (CustomSword)
    057. VarSwrd       (VariableSword)
    058. Slasher       (IaiForm)
    059. WindRack      (FuujinRacket)
    060. MoonBld1      (EngetsuKunai1)
    061. MoonBld2      (EngetsuKunai2)
    062. MoonBld3      (EngetsuKunai3)
    063. Katana1       (SamuraiSword1)
    064. Katana2       (SamuraiSword2)
    065. Katana3       (SamuraiSword3)
    066. YoYo          (Yoyo)
    067. DrilArm1      (DrillArm1)
    068. DrilArm2      (DrillArm2)
    069. DrilArm3      (DrillArm3)
    070. AirHoc        (AirHockey)
    071. Skully1       (SkullChain1)
    072. Skully2       (SkullChain2)
    073. Skully3       (SkullChain3)
    074. AqWhirl1      (AquaWhirl1)
    075. AqWhirl2      (AquaWhirl2)
    076. AqWhirl3      (AquaWhirl3)
    077. AirSpin1      (AirWheel1)
    078. AirSpin2      (AirWheel2)
    079. AirSpin3      (AirWheel3)
    080. FireHit1      (FirePunch1)
    081. FireHit2      (FirePunch2)
    082. FireHit3      (FirePunch3)
    083. HotBody1      (HeatBody1)
    084. HotBody2      (HeatBody2)
    085. HotBody3      (HeatBody3)
    086. SideBub1      (SideBubble1)
    087. SideBub2      (SideBubble2)
    088. SideBub3      (SideBubble3)
    089. CusVolt1      (CustomVolt1)
    090. CusVolt2      (CustomVolt2)
    091. CusVolt3      (CustomVolt3)
    092. Boomer        (Boomerang)
    093. Astroid1      (Meteors1)
    094. Astroid2      (Meteors2)
    095. Astroid3      (Meteors3)
    096. SpShake1      (SpaceYura1)
    097. SpShake2      (SpaceYura2)
    098. SpShake3      (SpaceYura3)
    099. Voltz1        (InazumaKing1)
    100. Voltz2        (InazumaKing2)
    101. Voltz3        (InazumaKing3)
    102. WoodNos1      (WoodyNose1)
    103. WoodNos2      (WoodyNose2)
    104. WoodNos3      (WoodyNose3)
    105. Lance         (BambooLance)
    106. WavePit       (TsunamiHole)
    107. RedWave       (AkaTsunamiHole)
    108. MudWave       (DoroTsunamiHole)
    109. RainyDay      (ComeOnRain)
    110. Snake         (ComeOnSnake)
    111. Magnum        (Magnum)
    112. CircGun       (CircleGun)
    113. TimeBom1      (CountBomb1)
    114. TimeBom2      (CountBomb2)
    115. TimeBom3      (CountBomb3)
    116. BoyBomb1      (Boy'sBomb1)
    117. BoyBomb2      (Boy'sBomb2)
    118. BoyBomb3      (Boy'sBomb3)
    119. Mine          (StealthMine)
    120. RockCube      (StoneCube)
    121. Wind          (Toppuu)
    122. Fan           (Suikomi)
    123. Fanfare       (Ouenka)
    124. Discord       (Discord)
    125. Timpani       (Timpani)
    126. Silence       (Silence)
    127. RedFrut1      (RedFruit1)
    128. RedFrut2      (RedFruit2)
    129. RedFrut3      (RedFruit3)
    130. VDoll         (Waraningyou)
    131. Guard1        (MetGuard1)
    132. Guard2        (MetGuard2)
    133. Guard3        (MetGuard3)
    134. CrsShld1      (CurseShield1)
    135. CrsShld2      (CurseShield2)
    136. CrsShld3      (CurseShield3)
    137. CrakOut       (CrackOut)
    138. DublCrak      (DoubleCrack)
    139. TripCrak      (TripleCrack)
    140. Recov10       (Recovery10)
    141. Recov30       (Recovery30)
    142. Recov50       (Recovery50)
    143. Recov80       (Recovery80)
    144. Recov120      (Recovery120)
    145. Recov150      (Recovery150)
    146. Recov200      (Recovery200)
    147. Recov300      (Recovery300)
    148. PanlGrab      (PanelSteal)
    149. AreaGrab      (AreaSteal)
    150. MetaGel       (StealJelly)
    151. GrabBnsh      (StealPunish)
    152. GrabRvng      (StealRevenge)
    153. PnlRetrn      (PanelReturn)
    154. Geddon1       (DeathMatch1)
    155. Geddon2       (DeathMatch2)
    156. Geddon3       (DeathMatch3)
    157. SloGauge      (HeavyGauge)
    158. FstGauge      (QuickGauge)
    159. BusterUp      (BusterUp)
    160. Blinder       (Blind)
    161. NrthWind      (SuperKitakaze)
    162. HolyPanl      (HolyPanel)
    163. Invisibl      (Invisible)
    164. Barrier       (Barrier)
    165. Barr100       (Barrier100)
    166. Barr200       (Barrier200)
    167. BblWrap       (BubbleWrap)
    168. AntiFire      (Kakigenkin)
    169. AntiWatr      (Daikouzui)
    170. AntiElec      (Hiraishin)
    171. AntiWood      (Mayoinomori)
    172. AntiDmg       (Kawarimi)
    173. AntiSwrd      (Shirahadori)
    174. AntiNavi      (NaviScout)
    175. AntiRecv      (BadMedicine)
    176. CopyDmg       (CopyDamage)
    177. LifeSync      (LifeSynchro)
    178. Attck+10      (Attack+10)
    179. Navi+20       (Navi+20)
    180. ColorPt       (ColorPoint)
    Mega Chips                        2BMACS
    001. SuprVulc      (SuperVulcan)
    002. NeoVari       (NeoVariable)
    003. Meteors       (Ryuuseigun)
    004. NumbrBl       (NumberBall)
    005. Guardian      (Ojizousan)
    006. Jealousy      (Jealousy)
    007. Poltrgst      (Poltergeist)
    008. BugFix        (BugShuusei)
    009. FullCust      (FullCustom)
    010. LifeAur       (DreamAura)
    011. Snctuary      (Santuary)
    012. Attck+30      (Attack+30)
    013. DblPoint      (DoublePoint)
    014. Muramasa      (MuramasaBlade)
    015. Anubis        (PoisonAnubis)
    016. BlakWing      (BlackWing)
    017. JustcOne      (JusticeOne)
    018. Z Saver       (ZSaber)
    019. Roll          (Roll)
    020. RollSP        (RollSP)
    021. RollDS        (RollDS)
    022. Colonel       (Colonel)
    023. ColonelSP     (ColonelSP)
    024. ColonelDS     (ColonelDS)
    025. ShadoMan      (Shadowman)
    026. ShadoMnSP     (ShadowmanSP)
    027. ShadoMnDS     (ShadowmanDS)
    028. NumbrMan      (Numberman)
    029. NumbrMnSP     (NumbermanSP)
    030. NumbrMnDS     (NumbermanDS)
    031. TmhwkMan      (Tomahawkman)
    032. TmhwkMnSP     (TomahawkmanSP)
    033. TmhwkMnDS     (TomahawkmanDS)
    034. KnightMn      (Knightman)
    035. KnigtMnSP     (KnightmanSP)
    036. KnigtMnDS     (KnightmanDS)
    037. ToadMan       (Toadman)
    038. ToadManSP     (ToadmanSP)
    039. ToadManDS     (ToadmanDS)
    040. BlizMan       (Blizzardman)
    041. BlizManSP     (BlizzardmanSP)
    042. BlizManDS     (BlizzardmanDS)
    043. ShadeMan      (Shademan)
    044. ShadeMnSP     (ShademanSP)
    045. ShadeMnDS     (ShademanDS)
    046. CloudMan      (Cloudman)
    047. CloudMnSP     (CloudmanSP)
    048. CloudMnDS     (CloudmanDS)
    049. CosmoMan      (Cosmoman)
    050. CosmoMnSP     (CosmomanSP)
    051. CosmoMnDS     (CosmomanDS)
    052. LarkMan       (Swallowman)
    053. LarkManSP     (SwallowmanSP)
    054. LarkManDS     (SwallowmanDS)
    055. GridMan       (Footman)
    056. GridManSP     (FootmanSP)
    057. GridManDS     (FootmanDS)
    058. Django        (Django)
    059. DjangoSP      (DjangoSP)
    060. DjangoDS      (DjangoDS)
    Giga Chips                        2CGACS
    001. CrossDiv      (CrossDivide)
    002. MetrKnuk      (MeteoKnuckle)
    003. BassAnly      (ForteAnother)
    004. OmegaRkt      (OmegaRocket)
    005. BugCharg      (BugCharge)
    006. Phoenix       (Phoenix)
    Dark Chips                        2DDKCS
    001. DrkSword      (DarkSword)
    002. DarkTorn      (DarkTornado)
    003. DarkCirc      (DarkCircle)
    004. DarkMetr      (DarkMeteo)
    005. DarkThnd      (DarkThunder)
    006. DrkRecov      (DarkRecovery)
    007. DrkSonic      (DarkSound)
    008. DarkInvs      (DarkInvis)
    009. DarkPlus      (DarkPlus)
    010. DrkLance      (DarkLance)
    011. DarkDril      (DarkDrill)
    012. DarkWide      (DarkWide)
    Secret Chips                      2DSTCS
    001. ProtoMan      (Blues)
    002. ProtoMnSP     (BluesSP)
    003. ProtoMnDS     (BluesDS)
    004. GyroMan       (Gyroman)
    005. GyroManSP     (GyromanSP)
    006. GyroManDS     (GyromanDS)
    007. SerchMan      (Searchman)
    008. SerchMnSP     (SearchmanSP)
    009. SerchMnDS     (SearchmanDS)
    010. NapalmMn      (Napalmman)
    011. NaplmMnSP     (NapalmmanSP)
    012. NaplmMnDS     (NapalmmanDS)
    013. MagnetMn      (Magnetman)
    014. MagntMnSP     (MagnetmanSP)
    015. MagntMnDS     (MagnetmanDS)
    016. Meddy         (Meddy)
    017. MeddySP       (MeddySP)
    018. MeddyDS       (MeddyDS)
    019. Otenko        (Otenko-sama)
    020. GunDelEX      (GunDelSolEX)
    Program Advances                  2FPMAS
    I do hope that you know what a Program Advance is. But, of course, I'll have to
    tell you. If you load chips together in the correct order, they'll fuse
    together and form a new, more powerful attack.
    001. GigaCan1      (GigaCannon1)
         Cannon A      (Cannon A)
         Cannon B      (Cannon B)
         Cannon C      (Cannon C)
    002. GigaCan2      (GigaCannon2)
         HiCannon D    (HiCannon D)
         HiCannon E    (HiCannon E)
         HiCannon F    (HiCannon F)
    003. GigaCan3      (GigaCannon3)
         M-Cannon F    (MegaCannon F)
         M-Cannon G    (MegaCannon G)
         M-Cannon H    (MegaCannon H)
    004. InfVulc1      (MugenVulcan1)
         Vulcan1 C     (Vulcan1 C)
         Vulcan1 D     (Vulcan1 D)
         Vulcan1 E     (Vulcan1 E)
    005. InfVulc2      (MugenVulcan2)
         Vulcan2 A     (Vulcan2 A)
         Vulcan2 B     (Vulcan2 B)
         Vulcan2 C     (Vulcan2 C)
    006. InfVulc3      (MugenVulcan3)
         Vulcan3 L     (Vulcan3 L)
         Vulcan3 M     (Vulcan3 M)
         Vulcan3 N     (Vulcan3 N)
    007. Boxer1        (MadBoxer1)
         FireHit1 O    (FirePunch1 O)
         FireHit1 P    (FirePunch1 P)
         FireHit1 Q    (FirePunch1 Q)
    008. Boxer2        (MadBoxer2)
         FireHit2 H    (FirePunch2 H)
         FireHit2 I    (FirePunch2 I)
         FireHit2 J    (FirePunch2 J)
    009. Boxer3        (MadBoxer3)
         FireHit3 E    (FirePunch3 E)
         FireHit3 F    (FirePunch3 F)
         FireHit3 G    (FirePunch3 G)
    010. SuprSpr1      (SuperWide1)
         WideSht1 L    (WideShot1 L)
         WideSht1 M    (WideShot1 M)
         WideSht1 N    (WideShot1 N)
    011. SuprSpr2      (SuperWide2)
         WideSht2 E    (WideShot2 E)
         WideSht2 F    (WideShot2 F)
         WideSht2 G    (WideShot2 G)
    012. SuprSpr3      (SuperWide3)
         WideSht3 S    (WideShot3 S)
         WideSht3 T    (WideShot3 T)
         WideSht3 U    (WideShot3 U)
    013. ShakPar1      (YuraParade1)
         SpShake1 G    (SpaceYura1 G)
         SpShake1 H    (SpaceYura1 H)
         SpShake1 I    (SpaceYura1 I)
    014. ShakPar2      (YuraParade2)
         SpShake2 B    (SpaceYura2 B)
         SpShake2 C    (SpaceYura2 C)
         SpShake2 D    (SpaceYura2 D)
    015. ShakPar3      (YuraParade3)
         SpShake3 S    (SpaceYura3 S)
         SpShake3 T    (SpaceYura3 T)
         SpShake3 U    (SpaceYura3 U)
    016. CacDanc1      (SabotenDance1)
         CactBal1 H    (SabotenBall1 H)
         CactBal1 I    (SabotenBall1 I)
         CactBal1 J    (SabotenBall1 J)
    017. CacDanc2      (SabotenDance2)
         CactBal2 Q    (SabotenBall2 Q)
         CactBal2 R    (SabotenBall2 R)
         CactBal2 S    (SabotenBall2 S)
    018. CacDanc3      (SabotenDance3)
         CactBal3 L    (SabotenBall3 L)
         CactBal3 M    (SabotenBall3 M)
         CactBal3 N    (SabotenBall3 N)
    019. H-Burst       (HyperBurst)
         Spreader C    (SpreadGun C)
         Spreader D    (SpreadGun D)
         Spreader E    (SpreadGun E)
    020. LifeSrd       (DreamSword)
         Sword S       (Sword S)
         WideSwrd S    (WideSword S)
         LongSwrd S    (LongSword S)
         Sword L       (Sword L)
         WideBlde L    (WideBlade L)
         LongBlde L    (LongBlade L)
    021. GreatYo       (YoyoGreat)
         YoYo D        (Yoyo D)
         YoYo E        (Yoyo E)
         YoYo F        (Yoyo F)
    022. PitHoky       (JigokuHockey)
         AirHoc Q      (AirHockey
         AirHoc R      (AirHockey
         AirHoc S      (AirHockey
    023. PoisPhar      (PoisonPharaoh)
         BugBomb A     (BugBomb A)
         Geddon3 A     (DeathMatch3 A)
         Anubis A      (PoisonAnubis A)
    024. CsmoPris      (CosmoPrison)
         Astroid3 C    (Meteors3 C)
         Astroid3 C    (Meteors3 C)
         CosmMnSP C    (CosmomanSP C)
         Astroid3 C    (Meteors3 C)
         Astroid3 C    (Meteors3 C)
         CosmMnDS C    (CosmomanDS C)
    025. WildBird      (WildSwallow)
         Katana1 S     (SamuraiSword1 S)
         Katana1 S     (SamuraiSword1 S)
         LarkMnSP S    (SwallowmanSP S)
         Katana1 S     (SamuraiSword1 S)
         Katana1 S     (SamuraiSword1 S)
         LarkMnDS S    (SwallowmanDS S)
    026. Football      (FootMegaBall)
         MrkCan2 F     (MarkCannon1 F)
         MrkCan2 F     (MarkCannon1 F)
         GridMnSP F    (FootmanSP F)
         MrkCan2 F     (MarkCannon1 F)
         MrkCan2 F     (MarkCannon1 F)
         GridMnDS F    (FootmanDS F)
    027. BigNoise      (BigNoise)
         Pulsar3 S     (PulseBeam3 S)
         Pulsar3 S     (PulseBeam3 S)
         ShadMnSP S    (ShademanSP S)
         Pulsar3 S     (PulseBeam3 S)
         Pulsar3 S     (PulseBeam3 S)
         ShadMnDS S    (ShademanDS S)
    028. TimeBom+      (GigaCountBomb)
         TimeBom1 H    (CountBomb1 H)
         TimeBom2 H    (CountBomb2 H)
         TimeBom3 H    (CountBomb3 H)
    029. BodyGrd       (BodyGuard)
         AntiDmg M     (Kawarimi M)
         AntiNavi M    (NaviScout M)
         Muramasa M    (MuramasaBlade M)
    030. PileDrvr      (PileDriver)
         GunDelS3 D    (GunDelSol3 D)
         GunDelS3 D    (GunDelSol3 D)
         DjangoSP D    (DjangoSP D)
         GunDelS3 D    (GunDelSol3 D)
         GunDelS3 D    (GunDelSol3 D)
         DjangoDS D    (DjangoDS D)
    + FAQ/Misc.                                                            3FAQMC +
    Well, here are some odds and ends that I'm just going to plop right here at the
    end. Actually I don't have much in the way of miscellaneous things to write,
    seeing as this guide is still in its earlier stages of developement. Also,
    since this guide has yet to been sent in, nobody has actually asked me any
    questions. So for the Frequently Asked Questions section I'll be putting in
    some common questions I see on the message boards and some questions that I
    anticipate I'll be getting.
    Q: At the start of your guide, you mentioned differences between the Japanese
    version and the English versions. What are they?
    A: The biggest difference between the language versions is that some of the
    areas are removed. In Japan, there were 4 areas to the BoatComp. They removed
    area 1 leaving only 3 for the English versions. In the GargoyleComp, they
    removed the 3rd area, which also left 3 for the English versions. Also they
    simplified areas in the SquirrelComp and the boiler room of the ship. And the
    simplified the HPs of Yai, Dex, Mayl, and the End City one. And they to shift
    around some BMDs to accommodate for the missing areas.
    Q: What are the differences between Team Colonel and Team Protoman?
    A: Not too much other than the Navis and the Gigachips. Team Colonel's Navis
    are Colonel, Knightman, Shadowman, Tomahawkman, Numberman, and Toadman. It's
    Gigachips are CrossDivide, MeteoKnuckle, BassAnly, (what the hell does Anly
    mean anyway?) OmegaRocket, BugCharge, and Phoenix. TP's Navis are Protoman,
    Magnetman, Gyroman, Napalmman, Searchman, and Meddy. The Gigachips are
    DeltaRayEdge, BigHook, Bass, HolyDream, BugCurse, and DeathPhoenix. The
    storyline's of them are only slightly different to accommodate for the
    different Navis.
    Q: How do you open those purple skull doors?
    A: You need the Nebula ID. You can buy it from a Nebula agent for 3000 zenny
    at the 7th scenario at the OldMine on Oran Isle.
    Q: I found this Heel Navi that says he unlocks something if you kill 5
    A: Those guys show up near the end up the game. If you kill all of them, you
    unlock a door in the Nebula Hole area. Their locations are as follows:
    - End Area 4, through a warp point.
    - Undernet 2.
    - CraneComp, accessed from Oran Area 2.
    - End Area 1.
    - ServerComp, accessed from Scilab 4.
    + Everything Else                                                      4EVYTE +
    Update Info
    Dates are in mm/dd/yy
    Version 0.6 - 06/28/05
    First real useful version. Completed up to Cosmoman's scenario and has chip and
    PA info as well as the FAQ.
    Contact Info
    Email: chaosgene@gmail.com
    Contact me if you have something to really offer. Don't actually expect me to
    check my email all too often though.
    ©2005 James Nguyen

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