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    Crossover Battle FAQ by Nightmare1oo

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/29/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Megaman Battle Network 5 and Boktai 2 Crossover Battle FAQ
    By Nightmare1oo(GFAQS)/CaptainCrunch(NOA)
    This FAQ was made because I thought many people would like
    to know what a Crossover Battle is, and to cut down on Crossover Battle topics 
    on the boards. I made it to help people
    both in Boktai 2 and Megaman Battle Network 5 learn the basics.
    For now, I will list chips and protectors as I find more.
    1. Intro
    2. Contents
    3. Legal Stuff and Contact Info
    4. Setting up For a Crossover Battle
    5. Boktai 2 Section
    	5a. Boktai 2 Basics
    	5b. How to Unlock Crossover Battle
    	5c. Crossover Battle
    	5d. Crossover Points
    6. Megaman Battle Network 5 Section
    	6a. Megaman Battle Network 5 Basics
    	6b. How to Access Crossover Battle
    	6c. Crossover Battle
    	6d. Crossover Points
    7. Version Updates
    8. End
    3-Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is the property of Nightmare1oo/CaptainCrunch. The sites allowed
    to use this FAQ are:
    and YUMIL1988's(NOA forums) website
    If another web site has this FAQ, please alert me at my 
    e-mail address. To contact me, e-mail me at 
    Ckm8robby-at-alltel-dot-net. I check my e-mail nearly 
    every day, so i will contact you soon enough, but
    don't expect an immediate reply.  You can contact me for
    missing info, incorrect info, comments, questions, and the
    [4]-Setting up For a Crossover Battle
    To set up for a Crossover Battle, you will need the following:
    2-Gameboy Advances, Gameboy Advance SPs, Gameboy Players, or any combination.
    2-Wireless Adaptors
    2-People to Play
    1-Copy of Megaman Battle Network 5 (either version)
    1-Copy of Boktai 2:Solar Boy Django
    1. Insert 1 wireless adapter into each game device to be used
    2. insert the game paks
    3. start the games
    4. see each games' section on how to progress from here
    [5]-Boktai 2 Section
    This is for Boktai 2:Solar Boy Django
    [5a]-Boktai 2 Basics
    How to Play Boktai 2:
    If you do not know how to play, then you should not be doing 
    a crossover battle.  :p
    [5b]-How to Unlock Crossover Battle
    Go to the Link menu, then enter the following code:
    LRLRLLRRRRLL Select Start Select Start
    The Crossover Battle option will appear.
    [5c]-Crossover Battle
    Here it is, yay! First I will explain the crossover battle's 
    special controls.
    A button:not used       not used
    B button:use weapon     not used
    L button:use magic      select magic
    R button:not used       select weapon
    SELECT:not used		toggle blocking on/off
    START:not used		not used
    D-PAD:move		not used
    Now on to getting ready to go. First put Boktai 2 in your game system(not DS)
    then, attach your wireless adapter.  Power on, then go to the Link menu and 
    select CROSSOVER BATTLE.  Now it will be at another menu and you want to select
    CROSSOVER BATTLE here and wait while the other person does what they still need
    to. It will start at this point, after a confimation of the opponent.
    Finally, on to the part where I explain crossover battles.
    1st, you will be at the "interval" screen.  At this screen you will select your
    1 magic for this turn.  Each magic can be use once per crossover battle.
    You will also select your 1 weapon for the turn.  You can use each weapon once,
    except for the bare hands, which can be used as much as you want.
    Oh yeah, your selection of weapons and magic will be random each time,
    out of a special pool of crossover battle weapons and magic.
    SPECIAL MAGIC EFFECT- the plant magic will heal you instead of plants.
    Your MP will be restored to full at each interval phase.
    In the battle phase, you will fight Shademan.  I recommend doing the after-game
    quest first so you will have some experience fighting him.  His attacks include
    dashing at you, sending 3 bats at you, and summoning squares in the middle
    of the arena that will shoot beams at you.
     If Megaman sends a red disturb icon, Shademan
    will send many bats at you. If a green, then Shademan will be healed.
    If yellow, then you will get a status effect.
    If blue, then a shade crow will be spawned.
    If you hit shademan in the back, then you will send a red
    disturb icon(devastating attack).
    Hit shademan with an enchanted sword attack, and you will send a 
    blue disturb icon(mettaur spawn).
    Hit Shademan with an enchanted spear attack, and you will send a 
    yellow disturb icon(tuby spawn).
    Hit Shademan with an enchanted hammer attack, and you will send a 
    green distub icon(heal enemy's shademan).
    [5d]-Crossover Points
    During crossover battles, you will accumulate crossover points,
    which you can exchange for protectors.
    To exchange your points you must first purify Shademan and get the PET item 
    within the game. Then, if it is day, then go to the second floor of the inn,
    and talk to the doll, which will ask whether you wish to access.
    If night, go to the storage building, and talk to the doll, which will give 
    you the choice of using storage, or accessing. Either way, accessing is the
    one if you want to trade in your points. The protectors you can get are the
    Proto Power
    Toad Power
    Mail of Luna
    Cloth Armor
    Mega Power
    Guts Power
    Blood-Soaked Cape
    Thief's Clothes
    It is 60 points to trade for a protector. The protector you get is random each
    time, so you may get doubles.
    [6]-Megaman Battle Network 5
    This section is for Megaman Battle Network 5
    [6a]-Megaman Battle Network 5 basics
    If you don't know how to play, then you shouldn't be crossover battling.:P
    [6b]-How to access crossover battle
    After powering up the GBA with the wireless adapter in, push start at the
    start screen, then instead of selecting continue, select 
    crossover battle. You do not need to be at a certain point in the game to 
    do a crossover battle.
    [6c]-Crossover Battle
     Hoorah! The controls are exactly the same as in the normal 
    game, except on the Custom screen(which opens automatically), 
    there is a BLOCK button, which will send 
    all disturb icons back at Django, and no soul unisons.
    In the crossover battle, you will not have your normal folder or 
    NaviCustomizer, instead you will have the following:
    Navi Customizer:
    as far as I can tell, its just 2 attack+1s
    1-Sword S
    1-Wide Sword S
    1-Long Sword S
    1-Cannon A
    1-Cannon B
    1-Cannon C
    2-Vulcan2 A
    1-Guard1 *
    3-Batcannon1 *
    3-Batcannon2 S
    2-Batcannon3 R
    1-Batcannon4 Z
    1-Slasher B
    1-Tornado R
    2-Thunder *
    1-Invisible *
    1-Boomerang A
    1-Panel Return *
    1-Attack+10 *
    1-Protoman B
    1-Roll R
    1-Numberman N
    In the crossover battle, you will fight Shademan, who fights almost exactly 
    the same as in the game. He will teleport around, shoot bats at you, shoot
    beams, take swipes.
    If Django sends a red disturb icon, Shademan will use an attack that will hit
    you unless you are using invisible or guard1. 
    If a green, then Shademan will be healed. If yellow, then a tuby will be
    If blue, then a mettaur will be spawned.
    If you counter shademan, then you will send a red disturb icon
    (devastating attack).
    Hit shademan with batcannon2, and you will send a blue disturb icon
    (shade crow spawn).
    Hit Shademan with batcannon1, and you will send a yellow disturb icon
    (status effect).
    Hit Shademan with batcannon3, and you will send a green distub icon
    (heal enemy's shademan).
    Hit Shademan with all three hits of batcannon4, and you will send one of each
    (each hit is one icon)
    [6d]-Crossover Points
    As you crossover battle, you will accumulate crossover points, which you can 
    use for battle chips.
    To trade in your points, go to Oran Area 2. The Otenko Trader is in the right
    corner(as seen from the perspective of the GBA screen). You can choose to trade
    in 10,20,30,40, or 50 points. The more you trade, the rarer the chip will be. 
    This is a list of chips that my friends and I have found:
    Pulse Arrow 1
    Pulse Arrow 2
    Pulse Arrow 3
    Gun Del Sol 1
    Gun Del Sol 2
    Gun Del Sol 3
    Gun Del Sol EX
    Black Wing
    I will add more as I find more.
    1.0-added all info
    1.01-added my new email address and changed some minor things
    1.5-FAQ has been added to a new website, and have updated sites allowed
    ALL protectors and ALL chips now in the lists. :)
    Thank you for reading my first guide, and I hope you found it
    satisfactory. bye then. :D
    Oh yeah, thanks goes to my friends, whose obsessive need for
    crossover points gave me the info I needed to give some
    detailed information.

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