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    FAQ/Walkthrough by yangxu

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 01/21/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by yangxu (jyanglaststar@gmail.com)
    1. Introduction/Updates
    2. Town Map
    3. Menu Options
    4. Character Information
    5. Walkthrough
    6. Optional Quests
    7. Costume List
    8. Cheat Codes
    9. FAQ
    1. Introduction and Updates
    Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon series is more like a spinoff 
    from the "official" Tales series, it does not have many stories 
    involved with the real Tales games, however, it does have all the 
    characters from these games (even hidden characters), and inherits 
    different systems from the mainstream (eg. battle system, cooking 
    system, etc). But what makes the Narikiri series unique is its 
    costume change innovation, the two protagonists from the game can 
    change costumes during the course of the game which not only give 
    them new looks, but also different skills and abilities. It is 
    reasonable to say that Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon series is 
    very similar to Final Fantasy X-2 where costume change is applied as 
    Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 is the newest addition to the 
    Narikiri Dungeon series, like Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2, 
    both games are on the Game Boy Advanced system. What makes 3 different 
    from 2 is its new strategy factor, the game is now played like turn 
    based game (eg. Fire Emblem) with battles that still have the Tales 
    series' touches. Many people prefer 2's system (which is like an RPG) 
    but 3's new elements are also accepted. Personally I would give 3 a 
    9/10 because of the new system, tons of new and cool costumes being 
    added into the game, as well as hilarious dialogues among the Tales 
    characters from different series.
    Note: The first game in the Narikiri Dungeon series is actually 
          called Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon, NOT Tales of the 
          World: Narikiri Dungeon. The game is on the Game Boy Color 
          system, it has different protagonists, uses semi-turn based 
          Linear Motion Battle system during battles and does not have 
          th cooking system incorporated. Thanks AresInvincible for 
          providing information on this.
    version 0.1
    January 4, 2005
    -introduction, town map, menu, walkthrough for the first 2 missions     
    version 0.2
    January 5, 2005
    -fixed some grammatical errors in the walkthrough, added walkthrough
     for missions 3 to 9, completed the FAQ section, fixed the mistake
     in the introduction section (thanks to Kajitani Eizan)
    version 0.3
    January 6, 2005
    -fixed the mistake in calling "Rengadan" as "Triple Blossom" (thanks
     Chuc for this correction), corrected the major error in Mission 9 
     of the Walkthrough (thanks a000a, mastersord, Hell jirachi and Zero 
     Hiei for the correction, confirmation and explanation), fixed some 
     errors in text format, added walkthrough for missions 10 - 14, 
     added a section regarding Judas/Leon in the FAQ, completed the 
     Costume List (a big thanks to mastersord, all credits go to 
     mastersord, he created the list as well as the hacking guide)
    version 0.4
    January 10, 2005
    -fixed a lot of spelling errors (both Japanese and English), changed 
     Barbatos' skill name (thanks to Maxi for the correction), changed 
     Dhaos' skill name (thanks to a000a for this correction), added some 
     side notes, corrected mistakes in the introduction (thanks 
     AresInvincible and Niu for providing the correct information), added 
     walkthrough for missions 15 to 20
    version 0.5
    January 21, 2005
    -corrected mistake in walkthrough for mission 19, Chelsea and Johnny 
     are the couple that join the battle if Ice Carven was the mission 
     preceeding it (thanks to Cindy for this correction), corrected 
     the information in mission 18a, apparently Valkyrie's costume can be 
     obtained in Ice Carven (thanks Alfred for this correction), changed 
     "Akizamene" to "Akisazame" (thanks a000a for this correction), added 
     walkthrough for mission 21 to 23, added a Cheat Code section (thanks 
     mastersord and others for all the codes), added some information in 
     the Optional Quest section, added explanation regarding the steps of 
     getting Tales characters' costume as well as a list of items that can 
     be stolen from bosses in various stages in the FAQ Section (a big 
     thanks to Alfred), updated the section regarding the English 
     translation for this game in the FAQ
    2. Town Map
          Town Library ---- Research Facility ---- Forest Meeting Area
              |                                          |
              |                                          |
              |                                          |
          Osachi Road ------------------------------ Dawn Bridge
              |                                          |
              |                                          |
          Twilight Bridge                               /
              \                                        /
               \                                      /
                \                                    /
          Narikiri Shop ------------------- Security Department
                /                                    \
               /                                      \
          Maho's Grocery --- Minacru Town Square --- Sakura's Restaurant
               \                                       /
                \                                     /
                 \                                   /
                  \                                 /
                   \                               /
                    \                             /
                     ------------------- Dreams and People Hotel
                    /                            |
                   /                             |
                  /                              |
          Minami Bridge                          |
                /                                |
               /                                 |
          Lemi Ruin Entrance              Asunaro Mansion
    Note: some names are really hard to translate, so I give the 
          general meanings instead.
    3. Menu Options
    Main Menu
    This is the menu that comes up when you press "B" or "Select" Button:
    1. Party
        -Direct Attack
        -Indirect Attack
        -Magic Proficient
        -Map Specials
       -Battle Position
    2. Information
       -Narikiri Catalogue
       -Monster Encyclopedia
       -Character Encyclopedia
       -Stone Tablets
       -Hero's Legend
    3. Skill
    4. Status
    5. Tactic
    6. Item
       -Recovery/Utility Item
       -Loot Costume
       -Remove Equipments
    7. Costume
       -View Available
    8. Custom
    9. Save
    You can press left or right button on the direction pad anytime to look 
    at your parties
    Each option in the menu has submenu with a list of options, I'll be 
    completing it later
    Preparation Menu
    This is the menu that appears when you have confirmed to go to a 
    certain map for battle
    1. Start Mission
    2. Mini Map
    3. Winning/Losing Condition
    4. Enemy List
    5. Party
        -Direct Attack
        -Indirect Attack
        -Magic Proficient
        -Map Specials
       -Battle Position
    6. Costume
       -View Available
    Battle Menu
    This is the menu that comes up when you select a character on the 
    battle map using "A" Button:
    1. Move
    2. Skill
    3. Item
       -Recovery/Utility Item
       -Loot Costume
       -Remove Equipments
    4. Cooking
    5. Status
    6. Battle Position
    7. Tactic
    8. Costume
       -View Available
    Command Menu
    This is the menu that comes up when you press "B" Button on the battle 
    1. End Turn
    2. Mini Map
    3. Winning Condition
    4. Enemy List
    5. Retreat
    6. Custom
    7. End Game
    Shop Menu
    1. Narikiri Shop:
       -Make Costume
       -Enhance Status
    2. Maho's Grocery:
        -Recovery/Utility Item
        -Loot Costume
        -Recovery/Utility Item
        -Loot Costume
    3. Catman's Shop
        -Recovery/Utility Item
        -Loot Costume
        -Recovery/Utility Item
        -Loot Costume
    4. Character Information
    coming soon...
    5. Walkthrough
    coming soon...
    Mission 1 - First Encounter in the Ruins
    Winning Condition: Defeat Elrane
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters) 
                      is defeated
    Well, well, well, looks like troubles come to find our protagonists. 
    Anyway, head to the Research Facility after the scene with Dr. Brown 
    and another scene will take place, another professor, Dr. White, who 
    apparently comes from the future (100 days later), appears before you 
    and introduces characters from Tales of Destiny, Tales of Eternia, and 
    Tales of Symphonia to you. You'll be taken to the first mission 
    automatically after the conversation. You should recognize this place 
    right away, if you've played Tales of Destiny 2 (not the US version), 
    this is the ruin where Roni and Kyle first meet Reala.
    On the field map, you'll see four characters, each of them represents a
    party, the character sprite changes depends on who you set as the
    leader of the party. After the winning and losing conditions scroll by, 
    Refill will fill you with the basic commands on the map, just select a 
    character and a menu should appear on the left side of the screen, 
    select the first one, which is "Move", and Refill will talk some more; 
    move your selected character to the spot you like within his/her 
    movement range (this is shown by dots as you move your character across 
    the screen, Red means unreachable destination, Yellow means there are 
    obstacles that might block your pathway, and Grey means the character 
    can move freely without any concern).
    After you moved all your parties, press "B" on your GBA to call out 
    the command menu, select the first option "End Turn" to finish your 
    turn. If you feel like you need to correct the character's position on 
    the map, just select that character and choose "Move" again to assign 
    new designation.
    Sooner or later, you'll run into enemy, which is represented by the 
    black evil thing on the field map, battle will commence and you'll 
    have to defeat all of them to win. You shouldn't have any problem at 
    all killing those weaklings with Reid or Stahn, if you prefer leveling 
    up your main characters, make sure you change their default costumes 
    to something else (refer to Battle Menu for more information), for me, 
    I changed Frio (male protagonist) into a swordsman and Kyaro (female 
    protagonist), into a scholar. With Refill in your party, the battles 
    should not be very devastating as she knows when to heal you to keep 
    you alive.
    There are locked doors with treasure chests behind them on the field 
    map, if you want to obtain those items, you can unlock these doors by 
    putting Frio into a thief costume and put him right next to the door so 
    an exclamation mark appear. When you end the turn, a dialogue with 
    "yes/no" option will appear, simply select yes (the green bubble) 
    and Frio will use his thief skill to open the door.
    Once you've reached a "Y" shaped platform with a staircase connecting 
    the bottom part of the map, move your main characters' party to the 
    platform (where an exclamation mark appears) and end the turn. If you 
    have already assigned the scholar costume to your protagonist, a second 
    set of staircase should appear to get you to the boss.
    Choose whichever party you like to engage in a boss fight
    BOSS FIGHT: Elrane
    Name: Elrane
    HP: 2000
    Elemental: Holy/Light
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Not much to say, I just used my leveled up party (main characters 
    party) with Frio as the swordsman to continuously strike her, she 
    hardly casts spells so it should be a very easy boss fight.
    After the battle, watch the scenes that take place (primarily Tales 
    of Destiny 2's plot) and you'll be taken back to the Research 
    Facility. The protagonists will rest for a night and will be waken 
    up by Dr. Brown, who bursts into the room the next morning telling 
    you something terrible happened and asking you to come to the Research 
    Facility right away.
    Before you do so, make sure you talk to everyone you see in town to 
    increase their affections for you so you can obtain their costumes 
    later on. Also, buy some recovery items such as apple gels or orange 
    gels, they will come in handy when you run out of hp or mp in battles. 
    Oh by the way, Refill will give you some costumes when you come out 
    from your house, you probably don't have the money to make those right 
    now, but you will be able to in the near future.
    When you are ready, head for the Research Facility and start the next 
    Mission 2 - Lemi Ruin Dungeon 1F
    Winning Condition: Rescue Dr. White
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters) is 
    When you arrive at the Research Facility, Dr. Brown will immediately 
    take you to the next mission, so say "yes" to go there.
    There is not much to say in this map, Make sure you move your party to 
    the stone tablet in the first room, so Refill can get worked up and get 
    into her ancient artifact mania mode... you can also move your party to 
    those statues in the first corridor to get Refill in her maniac mode 
    again... -_-
    Kyle's (blonde guy) party is extremely strong, Kyle himself is very 
    fast, so he can slash enemies more often than the other people; Roni, 
    who accompanies Kyle, is a powerful fighter who also knows healing 
    spells. So if you plan to use those two to clear the map, go right 
    ahead. As for the protagonists' team, with Refill's healing spell, 
    you'll manage to beat all the enemies on the field map without any 
    problem, it might take a bit longer than Kyle's party that's all.
    Most treasure chests that can be accessed on this map are empty, so 
    don't waste your time opening those, the ones behind a wall require 
    special key that you will obtain later in the game to break its seal, 
    so don't bother with them either.
    The mission is over when you defeat the enemies hamburgering Dr. White 
    in front of the blue gate, and you will be taken back to town. After 
    some conversation and a goodnight sleep, Dr. Brown will burst into your 
    room like last time to announce the urgent situation.
    When you are out of your home, Refill will tell you that you can now 
    arrange your party as you like, this is done in the preparation screen 
    before each mission, you can refer to the Preparation Menu section to 
    see how to assign members to different parties.
    When you are ready, head for the Research Facility and start the next 
    Mission 3 - Temple of God's Eye
    Winning Condition: Defeat Barbatos
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated
    After the conversation with the two professors, you are taken to the
    preparation screen, in here, you can add/remove party members as you
    prefer, I highly suggest that you stick with your default party to
    make the game easier to handle.
    Choose "yes" when you select "Start Mission" from the Preparation
    Menu to launch your next assault.
    Several things require your attention in this mission:
    First, the grey gates (gates with two doors) can only be opened when
    you have your two parties in front of them (both stand at the place
    where the exclamation mark appears)
    Second, individual doors with treasure boxes behind them can be
    opened with a thief in your party, so make either Frio or Kyaro your
    thief to gain access to those treasure chests. They contain some
    equipments that you can utilize to boost your defense.
    When you open the final gate, a short scene will take place, Philia
    and Mary will then join as a separate party to help you out. Choose
    the party you prefer and walk up to Barbatos to trigger a boss fight.
    BOSS FIGHT: Barbatos
    Name: Barbatos Goetia
    HP: 3000
    Elemental: Dark
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: Light/Holy
    If you played Tales of Destiny 2, you probably had a taste of how
    cheap this guy can get, fortunately, this battle is not as crazy as
    the one in the original story; however, this is still no walk in 
    the park.
    Barbatos has two particular spells he casts often, one is called
    "Negative Gate", which creates a dark energy aura around your 
    character and damages them multiple times; the other one is called 
    "Bomb Strike", where several fireballs are summoned to strike those 
    in range. The one you really need to watch for is the first spell,
    because Barbatos can cast it even if you strike him during
    his chanting, and if you heal yourself at any time using healing
    spells, he is more likely to counter this with his "Negative Gate" 
    and reduce your hp to a even lower number. But do heal yourself 
    when necessary, use items such as apple gels and orange gels to
    replenish your hp and mp (don't tell me you didn't stock up before
    you came here...).
    In terms of physical combat, Barbatos does quite a lot of damage
    using his huge axe, but a downfall to his attack is his speed,
    so use this as an advantage and go nuts with your normal attacks
    and skills. If you have Farah's costume available, let Kyaro wear
    it, it'll reduce the battle time for you before your finger gets
    A scene will take place after you defeated Barbatos, and you will
    be taken back to town again.
    Dr. Brown will burst into your room the next morning yelling
    the terrible things that he discovered, so let's get going. When
    you are on the town map, make sure you visit every house and talk
    to everyone you see. If you go to the Town Library, Refill should
    be there giving you some information on her discovery, and you
    should receive "unicorn" from her, an item that will transform
    your female scholar to Refill!
    Be sure to stock up enough healing items, when you are ready, head 
    for the Research Facility.
    Mission 4 - Sacred Palace Blessed by God
    Winning Condition: Defeat demons infesting this palace
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated
    Dr. Brown will brief you on your mission and you'll be taken into
    the preparation screen. Make sure to add Mary to Kyle's party, it
    will come in handy when you battle enemies in this stage. If you
    prefer Philia over Refill, you can add her to your main party.
    Take a look at the map when the mission starts, what do you see?
    TREASURE CHESTS!! And they are not locked behind those annoying
    doors/seals (dance around if you want to celebrate)... BUT, wait
    a minute, how do you reach the two on the platform with no
    connection to the outer land? Sorry to disappoint you, but at the
    current state, you cannot reach these two, so ignore them and 
    grab the ones you can open.
    About half way through the map, a short scene will take place,
    you'll see Collet and Lloyd head into the room where the boss is
    located, worry about them later. Clear the ordinary enemies on
    the map to gain some exp. One thing worth mentioning is, you will
    face silver hooded enemies from now on, they are stronger than
    the black hooded ones, so fight them with more caution.
    When you are done with your treasure hunting and clean sweeping,
    heal up and head for the room where the boss sits. You will see
    Collet and Lloyd blocking your path, apparently they are being
    controlled by Thanatos, so you'll need to give them a good knock
    on the head to get them back to normal.
    BOSS FIGHT: Lloyd and Collet
    Name: Lloyd Irving
    HP: 2200
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Name: Collet Brunel
    HP: 1900
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    This battle is quite hard if your characters' levels are low, Lloyd 
    is fast with his blades and Collet is annoying with her constant long 
    range attacks. I suggest you take your time with Lloyd before moving 
    onto Collet, as he is the one doing most damage to your party. I have 
    a swordsman and a fighter in my party, with Refill casting healing 
    spell to restore hp. Try NOT to use healing items such as apple gels 
    or orange gels, because there is another boss fight coming up, and 
    you need those to keep you alive in the next battle.
    For the swordsman, I use "Majinken" from far away to interrupt Lloyd, 
    giving my fighter a chance to deal some damage to him, from time to 
    time, I rush to the frontline with my fighter for a good physical 
    combat. With enough patience and proper healing, Lloyd should go down 
    With the main threat gone, Collet should be a piece of cake, just
    pummel her with normal attacks and she should fall soon after.
    Another short scene follows, and you'll have to face the second boss,
    BOSS FIGHT: Thanatos
    Name: Thanatos
    HP: 4000
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Oh no, another boss fight right after the first one, they don't even
    allow you to heal before the battle begins... well, that's Namco for
    you. Anyway, Thanatos can be quite cheap at times, if you are hit
    with his spikey hair, it might render your character fainting for a
    short while, and if he happens to connect that with "Freeze Lancer"
    or some other spell, you can say good-bye to your party.
    And did I mention he can teleport? If you hit him enough times, he'll
    teleport away from you and start to chant his spell, so keep an eye 
    on that and hit him as soon as possible to break his chanting. 
    Sometimes he uses his "Dragon Tail" attack right after his 
    teleportation, this is one devastating attack and is very hard to 
    evade, multiple spikes emerge from ground and strike you, causing 
    severe damage; use your healing items would be a good idea. My friend 
    Maxi also points out that "do not use moves that have a long recovery 
    time (eg. Kyle's "Chirihakareha")" against this boss, because you 
    will be wide open to his attacks.
    I have yet to find a good strategy against Thanatos, I used normal
    attacks combined with skills to pawn him down, and it works out okay. 
    If you have any effective strategy against this boss, feel free to
    mail me and I will credit your contribution here.
    After the battle, Thanatos disappears with the return of Lloyd and 
    Collet, who have regained their senses. You'll be taken back to town
    for a goodnight sleep. THE END. No, no that's not what I mean. As
    you might have expected, Dr. Brown rushes into your room AGAIN to bug
    you about the upcoming mission, so dress up and get going.
    Talk to everyone in town to raise their affections, then stock up 
    your inventory with healing items and go to the Research Facility.
    Mission 5 - Castle's Underground Prison
    Winning Condition: Defeat Dhaos to rescue Klarth
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated or Arche is defeated
    After Dr. Brown's babbling, make another party of three in the
    preparation screen, I put Lloyd, Collet and Philia together. Start
    the mission when you are ready to go.
    On the field map, you should see many switches near the folded 
    bridges, you must position the characters in front of these switches 
    to make the bridges appear. This is a very easy puzzle, so I will not
    go in details on which switch you should hit exactly, just hit them
    all once if you want.
    The prison doors in this stage can be unlocked by your thief or the
    normal keyset, if you have any. To be more economic, simply set one 
    of your protagonists to dress in a thief costume to obtain your
    treasures. When you reach a prison with a pink haired girl (Arche) 
    inside, you MUST unlock the door with your thief, otherwise she'll 
    just stay there forever. As soon as you set Arche free, you can use
    her to travel across the river on her broom to hit the switch near 
    the boss. The bridge should then fall, choose your best party to 
    engage in the next boss fight.
    BOSS FIGHT: Dhaos
    Name: Dhaos
    HP: 4500
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: Natural, Dark, Light/Holy, Earth, Water, Wind, Fire
    Weak Against: Thunder/Lightning
    The infamous boss from Tales of Phantasia returns, but his power is
    reduced significantly.
    Rest assured for those who played Narikiri Dungeon 2, the Dhaos in 
    this particular battle does not use Dhaos Laser. From what I've seen,
    his only skill is "Tetra Assault", which doesn't do much damage and
    can be stopped if you hit him from behind.
    I used Kyle's party to fight Dhaos, the reason being that Roni and
    Mary (if you followed my advice to put her in) both have lightning
    elemental skills, which do two times the damage to Dhaos, together
    with Kyle, who swings his sword faster than the others, the trio can
    finish Dhaos in two to three minutes.
    Dhaos will fade after you win, and Klarth, who's locked up in the 
    prison behind Dhaos will come out to thank you, he'll then join your 
    force along with Arche.
    You'll return to town to rest, in the morning, Dr. Brown wakes you up
    with his passionate screaming about the terrible discovery he made.
    As always, talk to everyone and stock up your items before you visit
    the Research Facility.
    Mission 6 - Lemi Ruin Dungeon 2F
    Winning Condition: Reach the deepest region on the field map
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated
    You are asked to pay another visit to Lemi Ruin Dungeon, except this
    time, you can go a floor deeper than your last visit. The mission
    starts you off on 1F, so make your way to 2F by moving one of your
    parties to the staircase located at the top right corner of the map.
    Again, the treasure chests on 1F and 2F behind those walls require 
    special keys to unseal them, so ignore those for now. Your ultimate
    goal is to reach the room where Dhaos and Elrane stand. Battle your
    way through and you'll be greeted by these two.
    BOSS FIGHT: Dhaos and Elrane
    Name: Dhaos
    HP: 3500
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: Natural, Dark, Light/Holy, Earth, Water, Wind, Fire
    Weak Against: Thunder/Lightning
    Name: Elrane
    HP: 3200
    Elemental: Light/Holy
    Strong Against: Natural, Light/Holy
    Weak Against: n/a
    Tough battle. You are now facing two powered up bosses in one fight, 
    so don't attack so openly like the last battle with Dhaos.
    Elrane becomes quite powerful in this battle, her normal attack does
    80 to 100 damage to your character while her "Prism Sword" does 350
    damage to anyone it strikes. But she's not the one you need to worry
    the most, the person that could eliminate your entire party is no
    other than Dhaos.
    Dhaos is no joke in this fight, aside from his "Tetra Assault" skill,
    he has some powerful moves that can instantly cut your hp by half, one 
    is his "Dhaos Corridor" skill, which he punches the ground to create 
    an impact that damages everyone around it; another one is a spell move 
    called "Tetra Spell", which he casts four elemental spells 
    consecutively, dealing damage to those in range. I have not seen the
    infamous "Dhaos Laser", but DHAOSLASAH has confirmed its existance:
    "In the second battle with Dhaos I have confermed he DOES use Dhaos 
    Laser... though it took me 45 minuets to get him to use it.. he 
    obviously uses it as a last resort when his health is REALLY low. I had 
    him at aproximently 20[hp] maybe..." So watch out for that if Dhaos' 
    hp approaches critical, and give DHAOSLASAH a round of applause for his 
    hard work :)
    Since Elrane and Dhaos tend to stay close together, I recommand moving 
    your male/female behind and attack their backs, if you can pincer the 
    two bosses between your party, the battle becomes fairly easy. I used 
    my main characters' party in this fight, like I said, I used my male 
    swordsman to sneak behind the two bosses and strike from their backs, 
    while my female fighter keeps them busy with her fists. Be warned that 
    Dhaos is still capable of doing his "Dhaos Corridor" if he finds his 
    chance, so prepare to heal when necessary.
    If you succeed in beating them, the two bosses will leave and will
    never return again. So pat yourself on the back for winning a tough
    battle. You'll be transported back to town to rest, and before you
    know it, Dr. Brown will be in your room again with his angry face 
    saying something that has to do with your next mission.
    Do your daily routine (eg. talk to people, buy items, etc) and prepare 
    to go to the next mission. Note that Narikiri Shop and Maho's Grocery 
    are selling new root costumes, buy two of each type for your two
    protagonists if you have the money.
    Mission 7 - Blown Away in Time 1
    Winning Condition: Save the two heroes within 30 turns
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated or 30 turns run out
    After the briefing from the two professors, make sure you have Kyle 
    and Mary in your active parties and off you go.
    The goal in this mission is to let Mary have a chat with Rutee and
    let Kyle have a chat with Reala. If you use characters other than the
    correct ones to contact with the two heroes, you'll engage battles 
    with them, it's not a big deal, if they are defeated, they'll just 
    appear in a new location. Note that the maze has no border, meaning 
    that it is repeated when you scroll left to right or up to down; note
    also that there is turn limit, if you cannot convince the two heroes
    with the corresponding characters in your party within 30 turns, your 
    mission fails. But don't panic because 30 turns is more than enough
    to get your treasures, pawn the enemies and rescue the heroes.
    Once the mission is over, you are back in town. One night of sleep
    might not be sufficient to restore your tired bodies, but that's not
    what Dr. Brown thinks, bursting into your room to wake you up with
    his stylish yelling is certainly something for a morning call. In 
    any case, talk to everyone in town and stock up your items. If you 
    talk with Roni, you should receive his costume. Also, if you pay a 
    visit to Maho's Grocery, there are several new healing items available 
    for sale, these include: lemon gel, pine gel, life bottle, and so on. 
    Buy a few of each if you got extra cash (remember, you don't have to 
    head on with the next mission, you can always revisit places you've
    been to for exp and gald.)
    Mission 8 - The Palace of Despair
    Winning Condition: Rescue Farah and Keele
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated
    In the preparation screen before the mission, you can rearrange your 
    parties with new characters available, namely Reala and Rutee. I 
    recommand putting Rutee, Klarth and Reala together, and replace Philia 
    with Arche if you have her in any of your teams. Reala is a powerful 
    magic caster who has higher class healing spells as well as offensive 
    spells, Rutee is a fast sword user, she also knows healing and ice 
    elemental spells, and Arche is a half-elf who is undoubtly the 
    strongest spell caster in this game, she knows most of the high class 
    offensive magics that deal more than 4000 damage to enemies on screen, 
    so train her up if you want easier boss fights later ;)
    Ah... the musics, the backgrounds, the demons' faces... doesn't this
    place look familiar to those who have played Tales of Eternia? Yes, 
    you guessed it right, it's Shizel's Castle, but Namco decides to give 
    it a new name. Anyway...
    In this mission, your goal is to defeat enemies that hold Farah and 
    Keele as hostages. However, if you come in contact with them, Farah 
    and Keele are forced to attack you along with the enemies, so make 
    sure you heal up before you approach them. The enemies move around 
    on those moving platforms, you might want to predict where they are 
    going before chasing them, it'll save your time.
    When you finished battling those demons that held our heroes as 
    hostages, Farah and Keele magically appear before the sealed gate, and 
    if you approach them, they attack you! What kind of friends are they!? 
    An eye for an eye, let's kick some butt.
    BOSS FIGHT: Farah and Keele
    Name: Farah Oersted
    HP: 3300
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Name: Keele Zeibel
    HP: 2300
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    This battle is not exactly hard, but you can die easily if you aren't 
    Let me start with Keele, since he's the weaker of the two, 2300 hp 
    should not be a problem (An hp less than a normal enemy? Common...), 
    so have your swordsman attack him first in order to stop those 
    annoying spells like "Aqua Edge", "Wind Cutter", and "Fire Ball" from 
    damaging you. Keele can cast those low level magics very quickly, be 
    sure to constantly strike him to interrupt his chanting.
    Farah is probably going to be the one that causes most problems, she 
    uses skills such as "Shouteiha" ("Palm Strike" if you want the 
    official translation from the US version) and "Rengadan" ("Sonic Fist" 
    in US) constantly, which deal at most, 400 damage to your characters. 
    Try your best to defend against these attacks (the "L" Button), if you 
    are low on hp, don't wait for spell casters to replenish it for you, 
    use an item, it's much much faster.
    For this battle, I used Kyle's party (Kyle, Roni and Mary). Because 
    all three are swordsmen (axemen for Roni and Mary), I don't have to 
    worry about them being attacked, they can defend themselves 
    reasonablely well. My Roni can cast "Heal" extremely fast, so the 
    healing is not a problem for me. I control Kyle myself, and I go nuts 
    on Keele first to take him down. Farah is kept busy by Mary and Roni, 
    when I finished Keele, I backtrack her and give her some good slashes 
    to end the fight.
    Our Tales of Eternia "heroes" decide to run away after the battle, 
    chase them! And when you reach the top, something interesting happens, 
    we have clones of Farah and Keele. Isn't this amazing? The two 
    villains who stole the time machine laughed at your stupidity because 
    the ones you fought were merely people dressed in Farah and Keele's 
    costumes, the ones on the ground are the true heroes need to be 
    rescued. The four villains run away leaving our injured friends 
    behind, let's give them a hand and go home.
    Sleep, waken up by Dr. Brown, daily routine, yes, yes... you know what 
    to do after each mission now. Head for the Research Facility when you 
    are ready, and you'll be given a choice to choose which side of the 
    gate to assault.
    Mission 9 - Gate of Rebirth
    Winning Condition: Rescue the three heroes
    Losing Condition:
    -if you choose to assault east gate: Party with Narikiri Characters 
                                         (main characters) is defeated
                                         or Judas is defeated
    -if you choose to assault west gate: Party with Narikiri Characters
                                         (main characters) is defeated
                                         or Leon is defeated
    As you can see from the losing conditions, the choice given to you has 
    something to do with which side of the gate you want to attack, the 
    only difference between the two is the character that'll come to your 
    aid during this stage. If you want Leon (from Tales of Destiny), pick
    the lower choice (assaulting west gate), if you want Judas (from Tales 
    of Destiny 2), select the upper choice. One thing you need to keep in 
    mind is, whoever you choose to help you in this mission will leave 
    once the mission's over, and you'll get the one locked in the cage 
    instead. For example, if you choose Leon to help you during this 
    stage, Judas will join your force later and vice versa. If you have 
    troubles understanding what I wrote, please refer to the FAQ section, 
    Hell jirachi and ZeroHiei both provided simpler and easier explanation 
    regarding this issue. 
    I guess you're probably thinking "who's the better of the two, Judas 
    or Leon?". Personally, I prefer Judas, he has more powerful moves than 
    Leon (including a secret desperation move, but it's only executable 
    when his hp is red). This doesn't mean Leon isn't strong, his "Marian" 
    does insane damage at level 65. I guess it's just personal preference, 
    choose the one that looks cooler in your opinion :)
    Watch the scene when mission starts, then assign your four parties 
    to attack enemies at the four corners on the map (don't forget to grab 
    your treasures along the way), some NPCs are being held as hostages, 
    too. When you defeat the enemies before them, they'll thank you and 
    See those round panels on each of the four corners? If you move your 
    parties near them, exclamation marks appear indicating they are 
    interactive, so let your characters step on them to turn off the 
    electric barrier that's locking the three heroes at the centre of the 
    screen. Note that when the panel is triggered, an enemy will appear 
    near you, if you can't step on all four panels in one turn, enemies 
    that appear will attack you from behind, leaving you in a pincered 
    position. If you move around after stepping on the panel, you'll need 
    to reactivate it again, which causes another enemy to appear.
    After you released the three heroes from the cage, an enemy will 
    ambush you, Leon and Judas will jump out to take care of it, and a 
    battle ensures. There's a message before the battle starts saying that 
    you must not let any of the two characters die in this fight, so watch 
    their healths when you attack, it should be a very quick battle. As a
    side note, do you notice the change in BGM? That's right, it's the BGM 
    played during the last battle against Leon in Tales of Destiny, it's 
    called "Leon - Victim of Fate". Some scenes follow when the battle's 
    over, Leon/Judas, Dymlos and Atwight will then leave, and Leon/Judas 
    will join your force. Mission complete!
    Mission 10 - Lemi Ruin Dungeon 3F
    Winning Condition: Reach the deepest region on the field map and 
                       capture Honey and Klait
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated
    Do your daily routine after the babbling from Dr. Brown, then head to 
    the Research Facility for your next mission. Be sure to put Judas into 
    one of your parties, he is arguablely one of the strongest swordsmen 
    in this game.
    Here we are again, in the Lemi Ruin Dungeon. Nothing much to say, make 
    your way to the third floor, and ignore those treasure chests on the 
    A scene takes place when you reach the third floor, Honey and Klait 
    used some trick to make ordinary enemies to look like their clones, 
    Since we nailed so many of them on our way, who cares if they look 
    like Honey and Klait or not, let's roll! Some of the enemies are 
    fairly strong, try to use parties with characters capable of healing 
    when you engage in battles with them. There are treasure chests 
    lying on this floor, but one of them is a Pandora's Box, so attack 
    with your skills and magics to destroy it. When you defeated all the 
    fake "copies" of the two villains, the real couple will appear, and a 
    short scene will follow soon after. Honey and Klait then retreat to the 
    room behind the gate and leave a whole bunch of traps in front of them. 
    I haven't found a way to dispose these traps safely, so I just make one 
    party the white mouse to clear them from blocking the way and move the 
    other party toward these two cowards for revenge.
    BOSS FIGHT: Honey and Klait
    Name: Honey
    HP: 2000
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Name: Klait
    HP: 3000
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    This boss fight is pathetic, I don't know how to describe these two, 
    not exactly bosses if you ask me. The battle is probably here for 
    comic relief or something because it ended before I even had the 
    chance to take down all of their skills.
    Honey seems to have a move called the "Sexy Dynamite", which causes 
    massive explosion around her if enough time is given, this may be 
    the only attack that's considered devastating to your party, as it 
    deals 1000 or more damage. But that's only if you stand there and 
    refuse to attack, she has absolutely no chance of successfully 
    performing this skill if you constantly strike her with your 
    characters. Another skill she uses is the "Poison Kiss". As the name
    suggests, her noxious kiss poisons one of your party members (I 
    guess it's not hard to imagine that -___-b)
    Klait appears to be even weaker than his teammate, he has a skill  
    known as "Lion Kick", which hardly does any damage, and a move that 
    never succeeds: "Skunk Finger", which he attacks and poisons you at 
    the same time. Sounds like Hercule from Dragon Ball Z...
    I don't think you need a strategy to beat this couple, just follow 
    the attack pattern you normally use on ordinary enemies and they 
    should go down quickly. You should receive Klait's costume for your 
    Once the battle's over, the couple will be sent to jail in the 
    security department in town, be sure to pay them a visit and laugh at 
    their faces. ^_^
    Do your daily routine the next morning, there are some new costumes 
    offered at the two shops in town, buy them if you have the cash. If 
    you happened to make trickster and dancer's costumes in the Narikiri 
    Shop, you should be able to further upgrade them to Genius and 
    Collet's costumes. Let's go to the Research Facility for our next 
    Mission 11 - Mayor's Mansion
    Winning Condition: Disable the two copy machines
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated or Harold is defeated
    There are three new missions given by Dr. Brown, it doesn't matter 
    which one you choose to play first, you'll have to finish all three 
    anyway. This walkthrough will cover each mission in order, from the 
    bottom mission to the top one.
    As soon as the mission starts, you'll see a scene with a girl chasing 
    her malfunctioning robot around, after a few laps, the robot decides 
    to attack her, so she hides behind you for protection, a battle will 
    then take place. Just hack this metal junk a few times and it'll 
    collapse. It Feels good to be the hero that saves the girl, right? 
    What do you think you'll get in return? A kiss? A present? One night 
    together in a hotel? Na... you get a punch, that's right, a punch from 
    the very girl you saved. Want a reason? Because you destroyed her 
    precious machine, it looks like she loves her machine more than she 
    loves you. Anyway, the girl introduces herself as Harold, the genius 
    who invented a whack load of bizzare stuff.
    She tells you that in this mansion, the two copy machines have gone 
    harvoc and she needs to stop them with her smart brain (more like 
    oversize... pfff), but there are enemies around, so you need to 
    accompany her as her bodyguards to get rid of anyone in her way. You 
    got your objective, let's move.
    There are six rooms with the copy machines, only two contain the real 
    ones, the other four have duplicated copies only. Here are the 
    locations for the two real machines:
    1. Loacted in the room at the top left corner of the map, it should be 
       the second machine (cylindrical thing with electricity) from the 
       left you need to disable.
    2. Located in the room at the bottom right corner of the map, it
       should be the one on the right in the first row (top)
    WARNING: When you put Harold in front of the machine for deactivation, 
             as soon as you end your turn, two enemies will pop up near 
             the entrance of that room, make sure one of your parties is 
             guarding that position; furthermore, it takes two to three 
             turns to completely disable the machine, don't move Harold 
             during these turns, there will be two more enemies appearing 
             near the entrance during the the second and third turn of 
             deactivation, make sure your party is still there protecting 
    Have you noticed the distinctive figure standing at the centre of the 
    map? That's the boss of this stage, let's fight her.
    BOSS FIGHT: Shizel
    Name: Shizel
    HP: 5200
    Elemental: Dark
    Strong Against: Dark
    Weak Against: Light/Holy
    Shizel is not a particularly strong boss, but she has some annoying 
    moves. For one, she forms this ball-like object in her hand and pushes 
    it towards you, and it doesn't disappear when it hits, meaning that it 
    will go across the screen damaging your entire party. The damage 
    ranges from 150 to 180, and may it hit multiple times. If that's not 
    enough for you, She also has a move similar to the first one, except 
    this time, she casts lightning (doesn't require chanting) and pushes 
    that towards you, it doesn't go across the entire screen, but it does 
    hit you multiple times. This causes around 160 to 180 damage to the 
    characters that it hits.
    For the spell portion of this boss battle, Shizel can cast "Fire Ball" 
    relatively fast, but it doesn't do much damage. The spell you need to 
    watch for is her "Indignation", which is a high class lightning attack 
    that can probably kill your characters if you are within its range, so 
    make sure you strike her as soon as you see her doing her chanting.
    This battle shouldn't last too long, I already have Kyle's costume 
    made by now, together with my female fighter and Keele, I finished her 
    off with normal and skill attacks in less than three minutes, so I 
    don't think you'll have any trouble pawning her, either.
    If you defeated Shizel and disabled the two machines, a scene offering 
    Meredy will take place, she'll join your force along with Harold! Time 
    to go home and rest.
    Do your daily routine and head to the Research Facility for your next 
    Mission 12 - Catmen Village
    Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated or enemies have reached elder's house
    Remember Tales of Eternia's Catmen Village? It is in this game, too. 
    Before the protagonists can have a good look at the village, the 
    village chief appears and tells you that enemies are coming to take 
    over the village. As heroes, it's your duty to protect the helpless 
    village from disaster. To help you end the battles faster, the elder 
    provides some traps for you so you can lay them on or near the village 
    paths where the enemies might walk on. There are two types of traps, 
    the animal trap and the bomb, it doesn't matter which one you choose. 
    I recommand putting them on the four staircases outside the village, 
    this way, it's certain that enemies will step on them before they 
    fight you. When you are done with that, let the show begin!
    The first wave of enemies will appear on the bottom left corner, just 
    wait till they enter the village then send your parties to fight them. 
    When you finished the first wave of attack, the second wave 
    immediately starts, four enemies on the bottom right corner and... 
    four beside the elder's house to the left!!! Looks like the enemies 
    know how to ambush to surprise you. But worry no more, because Max 
    (Fog in Japanese) is here, with a blast of energy from his cannon, Max 
    finished two enemies alone, amazing! Two catmen will join Max's party, 
    and you can continue with your game. Go ahead and fight the enemies 
    near the elder's house with Max if you want, I prefer using some other 
    party because you don't want the two NPCs in his party to get exp, do 
    When the second wave of attack is over, a scene will follow, and 
    another surprise is waiting for you, Max will then join your force. 
    Be sure to train him up sometime, as his "Elemental Master" can pawn 
    any boss with ease.
    Stock up your healing items in town and go to the Research Facility 
    for the next mission.
    Mission 13 - Elven Village
    Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated
    If you played Tales of Phantasia or Tales of Symphonia, you'd know 
    that half-elves are banned from Elven Village, therefore, Genius, 
    Refill and Arche will be removed automatically at the preparation 
    screen if you have them in any of your parties. Stick Meredy, Keele or 
    Max in if you have a party of two because of this.
    At the start of this mission, Cless, Stahn, Nanaly, and Mint will join 
    your force, but only the first three will fight as a party, Mint will 
    stay behind to treat injured villagers or teammates. Note if you place 
    your party beside Mint, she'll cast "Nurse" and it'll restore your 
    party's hp.
    This mission is extremely simple, simply defeat the enemies you see, 
    save the two hostages and you're done with the task.
    The two hostages and the village chief will thank you for your kind 
    help and they offer you items in their treasure storage room... four 
    in total! However, the last item obtained from the treasure chest is 
    a bit...... see for yourself -___-b
    There is now a catman sales person in the Forest Meeting Area in town 
    that sells rare items and costumes, be sure to buy them. Finally, head 
    to theResearch Facility for the next mission.
    Mission 14 - Human Ranch
    Winning Condition: Disable all copy machines
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated or Zelos and Sheena are defeated
    Remember the good ol'times in Tales of Symphonia when you faced the 
    nasty bosses that take advantages of the people with EX spheres 
    in those Human Ranches? Well, the ranch made its return to Narikiri 
    Dungeon 3, but the machineries that turn people into EX spheres are 
    gone, they are replaced by those copy machines you saw Mission 11 
    instead. And this time, they are not making copies of themselves, 
    rather, they make copies of Zelos and Sheena! If 90% of world's 
    populations consists of only Zelos and Sheena, that would be quite 
    boring, so let's disable those evil copy machines once and for all.
    When the mission starts, the "real" Zelos and Sheena will join your 
    force as an extra party, they are quite strong, so go ahead and 
    use them in battles if you want.
    The treasure chests' doors can be unlocked by thieves or normal 
    keysets, but be ware of Pandora's Box. 
    Four more enemies will appear at random turns, you can deal with 
    them first to level up your characters or you can head directly 
    into those rooms to fight the cloned Zelos and Sheena. Because 
    enemies seem to pop up indefinitely, If you think you have enough 
    healing items, repeatedly fighting cloned enemies is a good way to 
    level your characters up (they give 30 to 40 exp per battle).
    BOSS FIGHT: Zelos and Sheena
    Name: Zelos Wilder
    HP: 3500
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Name: Sheena
    HP: 3200
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Not exactly a boss fight, but you'll be facing clones of these two 
    over and over again in this stage, so I think it's better to give you 
    some information about them.
    If you think your Zelos is strong, wait till you see the clone. The 
    cloned version can do practically anything your Zelos can perform, he 
    can cast spells like "Air Thrust", he can use skills such as 
    "Raijinken" ("Lightning Blade" from Tales of Symphonia's English 
    version), "Majiken Souga" ("Double Demon Fang"), and "Fuuraijinken" 
    ("Super Lightning Blade"), and he can heal. Zelos can connect his 
    normal attacks with a skill, they should do about 300 to 400 damage.
    Similarly, Sheena's clone can do pretty much everything the "real" 
    Sheena does, besides her normal "Sanrikifu" ("Power Seal") and 
    "Sakurikifu" ("Pyre Seal"), she can also summon Corrine to deal heavy 
    damage to your characters.
    You should have at least one Tales character's costume by now, if you 
    have Kyle or Stahn's costume made, put it on Frio and use skills like 
    "Shishisenkou" ("Beast"), "Renkuuzen" ("Tempest") or "Koushouken" 
    constantly. If you have Farah or Mary's costume, put it on Kyaro and 
    make her use "Rengadan" ("Sonic Fist") or "Shishisenkou" ("Beast") 
    repeatedly. This way, you can keep the two opponents busy and deal 
    some damage at the same time; this methid will also give your magic 
    caster enough time to cast whatever spell she/he has. Use items to 
    heal if your healing spell doesn't arrive in time, if you wait for 
    your spell caster to finish chanting, you are probably in heaven 
    already as Zelos is a fast swordplayer.
    An easier way to deal with these two is sending the "real" Zelos and 
    Sheena to fight them, make Zelos use "Majiken Souga" ("Double Demon 
    Fang") continuously and make Sheena summon "Undine" or "Corrine" one 
    after another will grant you quick victory. 
    When you disabled all the copy machines except for the last one, a 
    conversation between the "real" and cloned Zelos will occur and you'll 
    need to make a choice to decide which one is real. Regardless of what 
    you choose, you'll engage in a battle with Zelos and Sheena, use the 
    same strategy above to defeat them.
    A scene happens after you defeat the last pair of clone, the "real" 
    Zelos and Sheena then leave, Frio disables the copy machine and... 
    another Zelos and Sheena appear!? And they claim that THEY are the 
    REAL Zelos and Sheena... errr, if the ones standing before you 
    are the originals, then who are the people that helped you just now? 
    The question is for you to figure out :P
    Go home, rest, stock up, talk to people in town and get ready for your 
    upcoming mission.
    Mission 15 - Traitor's Fortress
    Winning Condition: Defeat all heroes that become your enemies
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated or 30 turns run out
    The mission title should tell you something about your party members, 
    yes, some of them become your enemies in this stage. For what reason? 
    We'll soon find out.
    Make sure you replace any character that's missing in your party with 
    other members in the preparation screen, also, take out any spell 
    casters in your party, because they won't be able to cast anything in 
    the next stage, head out when you're ready.
    It looks like Klarth, Harold, Philia, Refill, Genius, Kratos and Keele 
    are being tricked into thinking that your parties are enemies 
    disguised as humans. So much for trust and friendship -__- (an unknown 
    voice: "Trust only in your cards... you can do it, Yug-....!"). Okay, 
    whatever. Unlike the "Blown Away in Time" mission, this map has its 
    borders, so you should create a plan to divide your parties in order 
    to take on each hero individually.
    I've broken the character battles into sections, depending on the 
    hero you face, you can look at the corresponding section for 
    strategies against him/her.
    SECTION 1: Battle Against Spell Casters
    This section refers to heroes that are mainly spell casters, namely 
    Klarth, Harold, Refill, Genius, and Keele.
    Name: Klarth F. Lester/Harold
    HP: 3300
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Name: Keele Zeibel
    HP: 3200
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Name: Genius Sage/Refill Sage
    HP: 3400
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Name: Narikiri Girl/Narikiri Boy (Swordsman)
    HP: 3600
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    The female Narikiri bodyguards are a pain in the butt, not only are 
    they strong and fast, they are also very proficient at using their 
    skills to make combos that leave you unable to counterattack. From 
    what I've seen, their skills include "Majinken" ("Sonic Blade"), 
    "Aksazame" ("Swarm"), "Kourenken" ("Burning Sword"), "Shinkuuhazan" 
    and "Senkuureppa". The last two are extremely powerful attacks, and 
    can be life threatening if the heroes cast spells in between. The male 
    swordsmen are somewhat less pushy than the females, they seem to stick 
    with just one skill - "Raijinken" ("Lightning Blade"), so it shouldn't 
    be hard to deal with them.
    Speaking of heroes, they are not as active and fast as the swordsmen 
    accompanying them. If there is a spell casting hero you need to watch 
    for, it's Klarth (not exactly a spell caster, he's a summoner). Klarth 
    may not appear to be that strong when he's in your team, but when he 
    becomes your enemy, one single summon could potentially eliminate your 
    party members that have hp below 800. Therefore, when you encounter 
    Klarth's party, use the character you control to destroy him first, be 
    it normal attacks or skill, as long as you attack him, he won't have a 
    chance to summon the spirits. 
    Keele, Genius and Harold are magic users that hardly do anything 
    devastating, Keele has "Fire Ball", "Aqua Edge" and "Freeze Lancer" 
    which he uses often; these don't do much damage, but as I said, if he 
    casts anything when his swordsman attacks, it can be deadly. Genius 
    usually chants "Aqua Edge", "Fire Ball", and sometimes "Aqua Laser"; 
    Harold doesn't seem to use magic much, because her primary skills are 
    lightning elemental combat skills, but she does cast "Cure". When you 
    encounter any one of these heroes, focus on the swordsman first, if 
    you can pull some combo on him/her and take him/her out, the major 
    threat is gone. Magic caster is nothing but a piece of dead meat when 
    no one is fighting in the frontline.
    Refill is probably the easiest hero you'll face primarily because she 
    is a healer. Although her swordsman constantly pulls of "Raijinken" 
    ("Lightning Blade"), with the three swordsmen in my party, we pawn 
    them like there's no tomorrow.
    SECTION 2: Battle Against Swordsmen
    This section refers to heroes that are mainly swordsmen, namely Kratos 
    and Philia.
    Name: Kratos Aurion
    HP: 3800
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Name: Philia Philis
    HP: 3500
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Name: Narikiri Boy (Swordsman)
    HP: 3600
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Name: Narikiri Girl (Witch)
    HP: 3100
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    These two battles are relatively harder compare to the battles in 
    Section 1. What makes the fights difficult is the fact that both 
    heroes know sword skills as well as spells, and when they are combined 
    with the two nameless Narikiri guys, they can harm your party members 
    severely within a short period of time.
    Kratos and his witch make a deadly combo. He can keep you far away 
    from his witch to allow her spells to be casted. The witch knows "Fire 
    Ball", "Wind Cutter" and "Aqua Edge", they are simple spells, but they 
    inflict heavy damage (around 180 to 200 per hit). Kratos himself has 
    skills like "Fuuraijinken" ("Sonic Lightning Blade") and "Majinken 
    Souga" ("Double Demon Fang"), he also knows "First Aid" and "Healing 
    Wind", if he uses any of his offensive skills while you are recovering 
    from the witch's spells, you are toast. 
    Philia and her swordsman are not as devastating as Kratos' party. She 
    hardly uses any skill other than her "Philia Bomb". The swordsman 
    accompanying her, however, attacks with many types of swordplays, 
    including "Majinken" ("Sonic Blade"), "Akisazame" ("Swarm") and so on.
    My strategy against these two heroes is blitzkrieg. Rush them, don't 
    give them any chance to fight back, if you have three swordsmen in 
    your party, let the computer handle the heroes while you take on their 
    apprentices. The witch has low hp, and you can run pass Kratos to 
    directly assault her, so focus everything you have on her, then come 
    back to attack Kratos. For Philia, just keep using your skills to push 
    her back into her swordsman, if the other two people in your party 
    connect their attacks well, you should be able to damage Phila and her 
    swordsman at the same time. 
    When you've defeated every hero on this map, watch the conversation 
    with the two Narikiri heroes from the future, and you are done with 
    this stage. Whew...
    Stock up and head on with the next assignment after a goodnight sleep.
    Mission 16 - Lemi Ruin Dungeon Bottom Floor
    Winning Condition: Reach the deepest region on the field map 
    Losing Condition: Frio and Kyaro are defeated
    You'll notice that as soon as the preparation screen shows up, some 
    message will appear on the bottom saying that you must have only Frio 
    and Kyaro in the main party and no one else. You'll also notice that 
    it's mandatory to dismiss any other active parties available... Sounds 
    like a special mission. Excited? Then let's get going.
    Yeah yeah yeah, I know you are getting bored visiting the same crappy 
    dungeon over and over again, so am I. But this time, we are on a 
    special mission, so rub your eyes and get ready to see what event will 
    happen on the last floor.
    Your only party in this stage is Frio's party, but you'll have to face 
    an enormous amount of enemies... I know what you are thinking, "That 
    is so NOT fair!!" Well let me tell you something lads, life is never 
    fair... just kidding. It's true that you'll be encountering endless 
    enemies throughout the dungeon, but they are simple battles (at least 
    for the first three floors). How simple? Have you ever gone back to 
    the location where Mission 1 takes place? If you go there when you are 
    level 20 or higher, the enemies will seem like a bunch of losers to 
    you, because they are too weak; one or two slashes and they are down. 
    That's what you'll be facing in this stage, so if there's someone that 
    needs to cry out how the game is unfair and all, it's the enemy in 
    this mission.
    So make you way to the last floor and look around: treasure chests 
    enclosed by those stupid sealed walls again. Interestingly, I got the 
    keys to unseal these walls for some reason (probably off the enemies I 
    fought), if you stand near the seal and a "yes/no" option pops up, 
    congratulations, you got the special keys as well. But don't rush and 
    unseal whatever you see, because the keys are quite rare at this 
    time. Instead, from the staircase, move left to the third treasure 
    chest on the bottom row (or, the second treasure counting from the 
    LEFT), unseal the wall blocking your path and open the treasure chest, 
    what do you get? KOS-MOS' costume!! Cheer for five seconds and make
    your way to where the blue and pink screws are standing (Oh, my bad, 
    they are humans wearing the futuristic hats...). Anyway, watch the 
    model show these two have prepared for you and you are done with this 
    Get some rest, buy whatever you need, and head for the Research 
    Mission 17 - Magic Technology Research Centre
    Winning Condition: Obtain the Key of Light
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated
    Your next mission aims to obtain the Key of Light from the enemies in 
    the MagiTech research Centre (reminds me of Final Fantasy 6 somehow), 
    so "Take Up The Cross" and move out! Oh, be sure to put all your 
    characters back in your active parties, if you don't, you'll be 
    fighting tough enemies with Frio and Kyaro alone, and that's not fun.
    At the start of the mission, we see an automated magic cannon firing 
    at our heroes, Frio dodged it in time because Kyaro yelled at him to 
    watch out, but the beam striked our cute Suzu (boo for Namco, bullying 
    an eleven-year-old girl). Fortunately, she's okay (amazing defense!). 
    I'm sure you want to get revenge at those jerks that control the 
    cannons. Apparently, they are laughing on the platforms. So charge at
    Move your cursor to the top of the field map, then scroll it from left 
    to right, you should see four magic cannons. Right now, these cannons 
    are grey in color, one turn later, the cannons' colors will change to 
    yellow, after that turn, red, and in the next turn, the cannons fire 
    their beams that damage anything in their paths, and the cycle repeats 
    until you finish the mission. You can move freely when the cannons are 
    charging (grey and yellow colors), but don't put yourself in the line 
    of fire when the cannons are ready to shoot after you end your turn 
    (red color). It may take some turns before you are out of the cannons' 
    firing ranges, if your parties are in the middle of the corridor and 
    you see the colors turn red, check your sides to see if there are 
    dents, if the dents are available, move your parties there to avoid 
    being hit, if they aren't available, don't panic, let the beams strike 
    you, they'll probably reduce your hp, but they certainly won't kill 
    you (the maximum damage for these cannons is reduce your current hp to 
    1), if you have a healer in your party, just let him/her cast "Nurse" 
    or something to restore your lost hp.
    The wooden doors can be unlocked by thieves or normal keysets, so grab 
    the treasures if you have time. 
    When you reach the end of the second corridor, a scene will take place, 
    one of the people guarding the Key of Light reveals himself as Frio 
    from the future and turns on some switch that makes the cannons go 
    out of control, the people around him run away, but Frio decides to 
    stay and watch the fun. Due to the triggering of that forbidden switch, 
    the cannons firing rate has been altered, they now take only two turns 
    to release their beams. At the current location (where you are 
    standing), this shouldn't affect you because a wall's stopping the 
    beams for you, but you do need to take caution as you approach closer 
    to their range of fire.
    From time to time, enemy parties may be eliminated if they cannot 
    avoid the beams in time; however, enemy reinforcements also appear 
    randomly in those chambers. Take this chance to level up your parties, 
    as each battle gives around 50 to 60 exp, it's a great place to train.
    Make your way up to the staircase leading up to the platform where 
    Frio's future version is standing. As you lay your feet on the stairs, 
    Frio (future) grabs the Key of Light from the treasure chest besides 
    him and escapes. Great, all these works for nothing, it's the enemy 
    that gets the last laugh...... or is it? Suzu shows up and stops Frio 
    (future), she's quite determined to retrieve the key, and it seems 
    like Suzu will stake her life on that item. Frio (future) is somewhat 
    shocked by this, so he hands her the key and leaves. Suzu then joins 
    your force! Yay! Another mission well done.
    Be sure to stock up enough healing items for the next mission, you 
    will be given a choice to choose your next destination, however, both 
    missions' maps are not something  you'd want to stay and enjoy.
    Mission 18a - Ice Carven
    Winning Condition: Find the exit
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated
    When you reach the Research Facility, Dr. White gives you some 
    additional information regarding the objective of the next mission, 
    and you are given a choice to choose between the two areas: Ice 
    Carven or Burning Maze. You can probably tell the obvious difference 
    between the two stages: one relates to ice, one relates to fire. Note 
    that if you choose one route, the other will disappear once you 
    complete the mission, I don't have a particular preference for any of 
    them, so pick the one you like. 
    On the preparation screen, be sure to put someone that has spell 
    capable of healing the entire team (eg. Keele, Harold, Mint, etc) in 
    each of your party. The reason is because when you walk a certain 
    distance in Burning Maze or when you end your turn in Ice Carven, you 
    will be harmed from the intense heat or ice storm unless you have 
    water mants (for Burning Maze ) or fire mants (for Ice Carven) 
    equipped on all of your party members. I don't suggest equipping 
    those because they are a waste of accessory slot. 
    If you choose Ice Carven to play, follow this section of the 
    walkthrough, if you choose Burning Maze instead, follow Mission 18b 
    for explanation.
    Ice Carven is just a map with connected pathways, those leading to 
    treasure chests are often blocked by huge boulders, if you wish to 
    break them down, make one of your protagonists a fighter and place 
    him/her in front of the boulder to activate the special skill that 
    breaks it. I highly suggest that you ignore this, as most treasures 
    are nothing but items that you can buy from town shops, getting all 
    the treasures on this map is highly inefficient and time consuming. 
    Plus some boulders explode, you can hurt yourself if you break them, 
    it's very likely that your hp will reduce to 1 after this. Despite 
    all that, there is Valkyrie's costume located on the bottom right 
    hand corner of this map (you can buy her costume in the town shops 
    after you complete the game), thanks to Alfred who provided this 
    important piece of information.
    Take a minute and look at the map, trace the route that'll lead you 
    to the next screen. It's not complicated so I won't draw the map here. 
    When you reach the next screen, you find Woodrow lying on the ground, 
    he doesn't seem like he's hurt, but before you could have a proper 
    conversation with him, Celsius appears and you are forced to battle 
    BOSS FIGHT: Celsius
    Name: Celsius
    HP: 4500
    Elemental: Water
    Strong Against: Water
    Weak Against: Fire
    It's nice to have "Battle of the Spirit" back as this boss' BGM. 
    Anyway, Celsius is accompanied by two ice birds, but they shouldn't 
    be much of a problem. This battle is nothing like the battle from 
    Narikiri Dungeon 2 (I remembered using two "Elemental Masters" to 
    bring her down in that game...), Celsius is weak and her defense is 
    low, she'll make a good punching bag for you.
    Celsius uses "Shishisenkou" ("Beast") A LOT, and it does do heavy 
    damage to those it strikes, so strike her constantly to make sure she 
    doesn't throw this skill at you. If you have some one that can use 
    "Fire Ball", "Eruption" and "Fire Storm", cast them by all means, they 
    will bring Celsius down faster than melee combat.
    After the battle, Celsius goes back to sleep and Woodrow leaves to 
    look for Chelsea, you'll be taken to Mission 19 automatically with the 
    same parties in this mission (that's right, you don't return to town, 
    that's why I tell you to stock up your healing items). Scroll down 
    to Mission 19 for details.
    Mission 18b - Burning Maze
    Winning Condition: Find the exit
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters)
                      is defeated
    When you reach the Research Facility, Dr. White gives you some 
    additional information regarding the objective of the next mission, 
    and you are given a choice to choose between the two areas: Ice 
    Carven or Burning Maze. You can probably tell the obvious difference 
    between the two stages: one relates to ice, one relates to fire. Note 
    that if you choose one route, the other will disappear once you 
    complete the mission, I don't have a particular preference for any of 
    them, so pick the one you like. 
    On the preparation screen, be sure to put someone that has spell 
    capable of healing the entire team (eg. Keele, Harold, Mint, etc) in 
    each of your party. The reason is because when you walk a certain 
    distance in Burning Maze or when you end your turn in Ice Carven, you 
    will be harmed from the intense heat or ice storm unless you have 
    water mants (for Burning Maze ) or fire mants (for Ice Carven) 
    equipped on all of your party members. I don't suggest equipping 
    those because they are a waste of accessory slot.
    If you want to grab extra treasures in Burning Maze, be sure to put 
    your female protagonist in a witch costume and put either her or 
    Arche as a party's leader, that way, you can fly over hot lava 
    surrounding the pathways. Be ware that one of the treasure chests is 
    a Pandora's Box.
    The Burning Maze has no challenge in terms of map design, despite the 
    fact that they call it a maze, it's extremely straight forward. Make 
    your way to the chamber where a girl's lying on the floor unconscious 
    to trigger the next event.
    One thing to note is that directly down from where that girl is lying 
    is another chamber with two treasure chests, the one on the left 
    encloses Celsius' costume, be sure to grab that if you want it right 
    now (you can buy it from town shops after you beat the game).
    When you are near the pink haired girl, she wakes up and wonders where 
    she is, Kyaro recognizes that she's Chelsea, but Valkyrie interrupts 
    before you open your mouth for the next phrase, and she attacks you!
    BOSS FIGHT: Valkyrie
    Name: Valkyrie
    HP: 4600
    Elemental: Light/Holy
    Strong Against: Light/Holy
    Weak Against: Dark
    If you wish to steal Valkyrie's costume in this battle, be sure to put 
    someone with the "Item Steal" (eg. Collet) in your party. Thanks to 
    a000a and Alfred who confirmed this.
    Too easy a battle. I have Reid, Nanaly and Keele in my party and I 
    take her down before she could even use a single skill. This is 
    disappointing because back in Narikiri Dungeon 2, I was struggling to 
    survive from her "Valkyrie Strike" and "Ray".
    If you have Reid in your party, use his "Senkousouhazan"; if you have 
    Kyle in your party, use his "Chirihakareha"; if you have Stahn or a 
    fighter in your party, use "Shishisenkou" ("Beast"); if you use 
    characters other than these people, use whatever skills you think are 
    the strongest and aid them with magics from your spell caster (Fire, 
    Ice, Wind and Rock elemental spells all do good damage to her). 
    This battle should take less than a minute to finish.
    Once the fight is over, Valkyrie apologizes and leaves, Chelsea thanks 
    you and runs off to look for Woodrow. This mission is finished, but 
    you cannot go back to town, yet. Since the mission is fairly short, 
    Namco decides to throw you into the next mission to lengthen the 
    play time, so scroll down and get ready for Mission 19!
    Mission 19 - Arena Challenge
    Primary Winning Condition: Defeat Kongman
    Primary Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main 
                              characters) is defeated
    Since you are taken to this stage right after Mission 18, there is no 
    time to change your party members, but rest assured, the battles in 
    this stage are not hard. What you do need to watch for are the 
    objectives of this mission, they change as you progress through the 
    Kongman wants to challenge you with some fights, if you can defeat him 
    fair and square, he will hand over the Tabidachi Key to you along with 
    some other treasures as prizes. You know you are strong, so fight to 
    claim your prizes!
    You start on either the bottom left (if you picked Burning Tower) or 
    bottom right (if you picked Ice Carven) corner of the map; regardless 
    of what position you begin with, move two of your parties to the 
    opposite direction of your starting location and initiate your attacks 
    at the enemies on this map.
    There are two Pandora's Boxes in this stage, and you cannot access to 
    those treasures in the four rooms at the top, so don't bother drooling 
    over those :P
    Move your one of your parties in the central corridor to the throne and 
    challenge the baldy.
    BOSS FIGHT: Kongman
    Name: Kongman
    HP: 6000
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    This guy looks bulky and all, but he is just a rabbit compare to you, 
    so chew him alive! Just kidding. Kongman punches hard and uses skills 
    such as "Ronbu Shoulder", "Great Upper" and "Heruzuhariken", but a 
    downside to all of that is, he is SLOW. Use that as your advantage 
    and slash him as much as you can, then end your attacks with a skill 
    that can temporarily leave him open for the next chain of attacks. If 
    you listened to me before the last mission, you should have a healer 
    that's capable of chanting magics that cure the entire party, so your 
    healing problems in this battle should be solved. It might take you 
    a while to bring him down, but since it's a 3 on 1 fight, winning it 
    shouldn't be a piece of cake, right?
    When the battle concludes, some events involving Frio (future) happen 
    again. Apparently he recruits some thieves and bandits to help him 
    obtain the Tabidachi Key, along with the treasures in the rooms. But 
    since these are your prizes, you better protect them till you defeat 
    all of Frio's (future) henchmen.
    Secondary Winning Condition: Obtain the Tabidachi Key
    Secondary Losing Condition: Enemies steal the key or party with 
                                Narikiri Characters is defeated
    Before you continue with the second part of this mission, you are 
    asked to lay traps on enemies' pathways again, so lay them wherever 
    you feel it's necessary. I recommand you putting two on the fourth 
    staircase on each side of the central corridor. Since the enemies are 
    aiming for the rooms where your prizes are located, they must pass 
    that fourth staircase before they go any further.
    Your four parties are all placed near the throne, because you need to 
    protect these treasures inside the rooms, you have to divide your 
    parties into two groups, one that protects the left section and one 
    that protects the right. Try to move your parties as far as possible, 
    since your enemies proceed relatively quickly, if you cannot defeat 
    them before they open the treasures, you lose the mission.
    At the end of the second turn, more enemies appear on the bottom left 
    corner. Kyaro complains that it's unfair to face so many enemies at 
    the same time. Fortunately Woodrow and his faithful follower come to 
    your aid (Woodrow's subordinate varies depending on the previous 
    mission you played, if you choose Ice Carven, Chelsea will be his 
    helper, if you choose Burning Maze, Johnny will accompany Woodrow). 
    All that's left now is to clean up the enemies on this map, so fight 
    your best.
    The treasures will be opened one by one when you finished your task, 
    and you'll obtain the Tabidachi Key. Frio (future) then comes and 
    challenges you for another competition and leaves. 
    Kongman will join your force along with Woodrow/Chelsea/Johnny, 
    mission complete!
    When you return to town, try to make some of the special costumes you 
    received from the Tales characters, then stock up your items and move 
    to the Research Facility.
    Mission 20 - Blown Away in Time 2
    Winning Condition: Obtain the Key of Future within 30 turns
    Losing Condition: Enemies obtain the Key of Future before you or 30 
                      turns run out
    Well, your next mission requires going back to that repetitive maze 
    with heroes to convince again. Except this time, your main objective 
    is to grab the Key of Future rather than to convince the heroes. But 
    with 30 turns on your hand, you should have enough time to complete 
    both tasks simutaneously.
    Begin by putting Woodrow or Chelsea (whoever you have) and Genius in 
    your active parties at the preparation screen. Frio (future) will 
    then explain the rules when you reach your destionation. You should 
    hear two short melodies played during his speech, the first one 
    represents your success rate in obtaining the key while the second one 
    represents his. Obviously you don't what to hear the second melody, so 
    when the competition begins, move the parties with Woodrow/Chelsea and 
    Genius to look for heroes on this map while split your other parties 
    to grab treasures and fight enemies (one of them should have the key). 
    You should act fast, I finished this tage on the 25th turn, I've seen 
    people failing this mission because they cannot find the key before 
    Frio (future). 
    Now, to recruit the lost heroes on this map, if you have Chelsea in 
    your party, use her to convince Woodrow; if you have Woodrow instead, 
    use him to convince Chelsea. Presea can be convinced with Genius. If 
    for some reason, you obtained the key before you could have a chat 
    with these heroes, don't throw your precious console on the floor and 
    start trashing it, you can always revisit this stage and convince them 
    When you win the competition, Frio (future) comes over and complains 
    that he runs out of energy when searching for the key, he says you 
    are quite strong and should be able to defeat the evil Jababa. Who is 
    this Jababa? Is it something similar to Mojojojo in The Power Puff 
    Girls? That will be revealed when the seal is broken on the 100th 
    Anyway, Suzu visits you the next morning and says that she wants to 
    be in your party in the next mission, the reason? You'll find out 
    soon enough.
    Mission 21 - Advanced Ancient City
    Winning Condition: Explore the deepest area of this map
    Losing Condition: Frio's team is defeated
    Make sure you have healing items stocked up to full, then head for the 
    Research Facility. Your next two missions involve two divisions each 
    led by Frio and Kyaro, the reason Suzu requests to join Frio's team 
    is because Kyaro needs to lead her division, leaving an empty spot in 
    Frio's team. Go ahead and put her in, if you don't want Suzu to be 
    your female partner, you can choose someone else. But be sure that you 
    don't add your strongest characters to only Frio's division, you'll 
    need to save some of them for Kyaro's division as well.
    When you are ready, launch for your next destination: The Advanced 
    Ancient City (also known as Abyss of Thor from Tales of Phantasia). 
    Observe the field map, see those round portals with green lights where 
    some of the enemies are standing on? As you advance deeper into the 
    map, more enemies will pop up randomly on those things as a result of 
    the first defense mechanism in this city. Well, if there's a first 
    defense mechanism, there must be a second one as well. What is it you 
    ask? Electric barriers. When you reach the middle portion of the map, 
    electric barriers will be activated, blocking certain pathways. When 
    that happens, look for another route to proceed. Namco likes trio, it 
    appears everywhere, your team is made up of three characters, Tales of 
    Rebirth's Black Wing/Claw/Teeth/etc is made up of three members, so 
    the creators decide to stick the third defense mechanism to make this 
    a trio, too. This is activated when you are just about to reach the 
    deepest area on this map. It's nothing surprising, just a few more 
    enemies that pop up and some extra electric barriers that prevent you 
    from going over certain routes. Your destination is that blonde guy 
    standing on the top left corner of the map, so just trace the correct 
    path that leads you there after you've triggered all three defense 
    I don't think this blonde guy is unfamiliar to you, unless you've 
    never played Tales of Symphonia. Yes, he's the weakest final boss of 
    all Tales series, Yggdrasil; and today, you will be pawning him again 
    to get back the pride you had back when you defeated him in Tales of 
    BOSS FIGHT: Yggdrasill
    Name: Yggdrasill
    HP: 12000
    Elemental: Light/Holy
    Strong Against: Light/Holy
    Weak Against: n/a
    Don't hesitate because of his 12000 hp, compare to his original 
    version in Tales of Symphonia, Yggdrasil appears to be even weaker. 
    He has "Holy Lance", which is a magic that strikes a party member 
    multiple times; "Auto Burst", which is pretty much like "Dhaos 
    Corridor", except this time it's Yggdrasil hitting the ground to 
    create an impact damaging those around him; and "Des Nel" (need 
    confirmation for this skill's proper name), which is an improved 
    version of "Auto Burst" where several beams are created after 
    Yggdrasil punches the ground. "Des Nel" is probably the only attack 
    you should be ware of, because this skill does not require chanting, 
    does not stop when hit, it strikes multiple times and has a wide 
    attack range.
    Having said all that, Yggdrasill is hardly devastating. As always, keep 
    attacking him so he doesn't use his skills as often, this will give 
    your spell casters a good chance to chant the necessary magics. 
    For me, I have Reid, Keele and Meredy in my party. I use Reid's 
    "Mokourengekiha" ("Omega Demon Hammer") to keep Yggdrasil busy, while 
    I manually command Meredy to cast "Rock Grave" ("Stalagmite") and Keele 
    to cast "Freeze Lancer", about two minutes into the battle, Yggdrasill 
    is taken care of.
    Congratulations! You just finished the first part of this double 
    mission quest, now you'll need to control Kyaro and her parties to 
    complete the second part.
    Mission 22 - Floating Fortress of Death
    Winning Condition: Explore the deepest area of this map
    Losing Condition: Kyaro's team is defeated
    Make sure to restock your healing items in town, and head for the 
    Research Facility to begin your mission. Assemble your teams at the 
    preparation screen, it's best to put a character that can heal in 
    each of your teams so you can always replenish your hp before, 
    during or after the battle. (I highly suggest you assemble a team 
    with Zelos, Kratos and Woodrow in it, you will see why later)
    Note: the following mission requires a team that has a witch as the 
          leader, if you didn't make a witch's costume for Kyaro, be sure 
          to put Arche as one of your team's leader.
    Floating Fortress of Death is somewhat similar to the Magic Technology 
    Research Centre, it has those magic cannons ready to fire at you, 
    but aside from that, it also has panels you must activate to open 
    bridges and turn off electric barriers. 
    Take a look at the map before you start moving your characters, the 
    red square panels are what you must activate. You'll need to fly over 
    the river with your witch's broom to trigger the first set. When you 
    do so, the second defense mechanism starts (the first one has already 
    begun at the beginning of the mission), it basically alters the firing 
    rate of the cannons and make them shoot faster. Some enemies will pop 
    up from time to time, but they are not much threat to you. Move your 
    witch's team to activate the switch behind the second river, it will 
    build a bridge for you but at the same time, trigger the third defense 
    mechanism, which causes the cannons to fire on every other turn.
    Take the left path when you cross the bridge (the other two are 
    blocked by electric barriers) and step on the red panel near the top 
    of the map to disable one of the electric barriers. Step on the next 
    panel will remove the final electric barrier and clear the path that 
    leads to the boss for you. Choose your best team and move close to the 
    blue haired guy for a boss fight.
    BOSS FIGHT: Barbatos
    Name: Barbatos Goetia
    HP: 12000
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    The cheap version of Barbatos has returned, along with his cheap 
    skills such as "Negative Gate", "Bloody Cross", "Execution", "Bomb 
    Strike" and "Genocide Braver". The first four are often casted to 
    counter your spells, but they are not as devastating as "Genocide 
    Braver", the reason is that "Genocide Braver" requires no chanting 
    process and cannot be interrupted no matter how hard you pound him, 
    and it does quite the damage to eliminate your party. If you are not 
    lucky, he may connect "Genocide Braver" right after he casted "Bloody 
    Cross", which really get on people's nerves.
    Despite all that, winning this battle is not impossible, but it is a 
    test for your patience and skill. My strategy for fighting Barbatos 
    is to use long range quick attacks. If you followed my suggestion at 
    the beginning of this mission, you should have the same party as mine: 
    Zelos, Woodrow and Kratos. This combination should grant you quick 
    While Woodrow and Kratos are chasing after Barbatos to deal melee 
    damages, I just stay where I am and use "Majinken Souga" ("Double 
    Demon Fang") continuously. Sounds kind of cheap? Well, when you are 
    facing against a boss that's cheap, you have to be cheaper. I leave 
    Barbatos no chance to cast any magic with Zelos' "Majinken Souga" 
    ("Double Demon Fang") and the battle basically concludes with this 
    skill and normal attacks.
    Once you defeated him, you will see a familiar face, some 
    conversations will take place and you will be joined up with Frio's 
    division. Your prize for finishing these two missions is the Key of 
    Hope... (I was hoping for some special costumes along with that, 
    but...) Grab the key and let's head home.
    Mission 23 - Lemi Ruin Dungeon Bottom Floor
    Primary Winning Condition: Reach the deepest region of the field map
    Primary Losing Condition: Any one of the four teams is defeated
    Some events happen when you return to town, apparently Frio (future) 
    and Kyaro (future) stole your Key of Hope and they requested that you 
    come to the bottom floor of Lemi Ruin Dungeon for their final 
    challenge alone. Big deal. Talk to the Tales characters in town and 
    listen to their brave declarations before the final mission. Yes, this 
    is the final mission... for now, at least. Stock up your items if you 
    need any, and let's get this mission done with grace, elegance and 
    At the preparation screen, you need to assemble three teams with any 
    Tales characters, for your main characters' team, you can only have 
    Frio and Kyaro in it, you cannot stick another Tales character in, 
    you won't be able to start the mission if you do that. If you think 
    your main characters' levels are too low, I suggest you train up in 
    Advanced Ancient City before you move on, otherwise, let the final 
    mission begin!
    I don't think I need to tell you what to do, just keep heading down 
    until you reach the bottom floor. At each staircase, you are asked 
    to leave one team behind to guard your back, which means, on the final 
    floor, you will only have Frio's party left. The enemies there are 
    somewhat strong for a two-member party, but if you fight with caution, 
    these battles should be a piece of cake. Note that the objective 
    changes as you enter the last floor.
    Secondary Winning Condition: Defeat evil Frio and evil Kyaro
    Secondary Losing Condition: Frio and Kyaro are defeated
    Make your way to the inner room, after some conversations with the two 
    future versions of the protagonists, the competition begins. You will 
    have to fight them three times, after each fight, you are allowed to 
    heal and change costumes, so utilize that to your advantage.
    When you are given the "yes/no" option, choose "yes" to initiate the 
    BOSS FIGHT: Frio and Kyaro
    Name: Frio (future)
    HP: 5000
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Costume: Black Narikiri Fighter
    Name: Kyaro (future)
    HP: 5000
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Costume: Black Narikiri Swordsman
    Remember the battle against the heroes that betrayed you? This is 
    basically the same thing except you are now facing two apprentices 
    with no hero. Still, the battle can get tedious if you have the wrong 
    costume selected. I highly suggest you use Reid's costume for Frio 
    and Valkyrie's costume for Kyaro. If you don't have any of the two, 
    Stahn or Kyle's costume, Farah or Arche's costume will also do, but 
    the battle will be longer.
    Frio (future) loves to use "Houhoutenkuu" ("Rising Phoenix"), and 
    Kyaro (future) loves to use "Majinken" ("Sonic Blade"). DO NOT 
    disregard her "Majinken" ("Sonic Blade"), not only does it deal heavy 
    damage if you refuses to defend, it will also leave you vulnerable to 
    Frio's (future) attacks. Never rely on the computer during this 
    situation, manually control the character the computer is responsible 
    for and select whatever necessary to help you out.
    Just stick with "Mokourengekiha" ("Omega Demon Hammer") if you use 
    Reid, this move will basically take care of everything in this and the 
    next two battles. With Valkyrie, stick with her "Valkyrie Strike" and 
    accompany that with your male character's strongest skill. For Stahn, 
    his "Shishisenkou" ("Beast") can knock away your enemies to buy your 
    spell caster some time, Kyle's "Chirihakareha" can serve similar 
    purpose. Be sure to equip a mystic symbol on Kyaro if you plan to use 
    Arche's costume, it will shorten the chanting time for spells. Kyaro's 
    level should be high enough to allow her to cast high level magics 
    such as "God Breath", "Indignation", "Fire Storm" and "Black Hole"; 
    any of the above magics work fantastically well against the two.
    A "yes/no" option will pop up following a short conversation after 
    this battle, if you want to heal up or change your costumes, choose 
    "no", when you fix up your injuries, just move Frio's party toward 
    the couple and end your turn; another "yes/no" option will appear, 
    choose "yes" to proceed on.
    BOSS FIGHT: Frio and Kyaro
    Name: Frio (future)
    HP: 6000
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Costume: Leon 
    Name: Kyaro (future)
    HP: 3000
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Costume: Mint
    This is an easy battle. Take out Mint if you can, she has very little 
    hp. Mint often casts "Barrier", "Picohan" and "Acid Rain", she can 
    also cast "Nurse" and "Cure" if you ignore her and focus on Leon, 
    which is not a bad strategy if you can finish him off quickly. Leon 
    can cast "Grave" and "Dark Lance" if give him enough time, he also 
    uses skills such as "Kogahazan" ("Demon Hammer") and "Kuushuuken" 
    ("Air Strike") and "Hienrenkyaku".
    Like I said in the last battle, you don't have to worry if you use 
    Reid's "Mokourengekiha" ("Omega Demon Hammer"); Valkyrie's "Valkyrie 
    Strike" and Kyle's "Chirihakareha" have similar effects, except they 
    strike less. 
    This battle should end in about a minute or so, after that, 
    another short conversation takes place followed by the "yes/no" 
    option; again, choose "no" if you want to heal and change costume, 
    when you are done, move Frio's party toward the bosses and select 
    "yes" to begin the last round.
    BOSS FIGHT: Frio and Kyaro
    Name: Frio (future)
    HP: 10000
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Costume: Yggdrasill 
    Name: Kyaro (future)
    HP: 10000
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: n/a
    Weak Against: n/a
    Costume: Shizel
    This is probably the hardest battle of all three (obviously -__-), 
    the reason being that both bosses can cast extremely powerful spells 
    with very little chanting. Yggdrasill can use "Grand Dasher", "Volt 
    Arrow", "Holy Lance" and "Auto Burst"; Shizel can use "Indignation", 
    "Fire Ball", "Prism Sword" and "Spark Wave", she also has that ball 
    or thunder pushing move. All of the above spells have the potential to 
    instantly KO your characters. 
    So what do you do? "Mokourengekiha" ("Omega Demon Hammer") for Reid, 
    "Valkyrie Strike" for Valkyrie, "Chirihakareha" for Kyle and 
    "Shishisenkou" for Stahn? Probably. But in this battle, I recommand 
    a swordsman, spell caster combination. Namely, any one of the above 
    swordsmen (preferablely Reid) plus Arche. The reason? Like I said, 
    if your enemies are cheap, you have to be cheaper. Arche has spells 
    powerful enough to take out the two bosses in two turns provided that 
    you buy her enough time for her chantings. My Kyaro is level 49, and 
    when she's put into Arche's costume, she can cast "Meteor Swarm", 
    which damages all enemies on screen for a good 500+ times 8. If you 
    can pull off two of that, the bosses are toast.
    If you manage to overcome this battle, then CONGRATULATIONS, you have 
    beaten the game! Frio (future) and Kyaro (future) will hand over some 
    items to you and fade away, watch the hilarious dialogue between 
    Jababa and the protagonists, then head back to town.
    Talk to all the Tales characters in town and they will disappear one 
    by one. When everyone has left, go to the Research Facility for some 
    final scenes. Watch the staff roll and save your game.
    You can now load your saved game and do some optional quests to unlock 
    more Tales characters and costumes. Look into the Optional Quests 
    section for more details.
    6. Optional Quests
    The optional quests in this game allows you to explore new maps, 
    unlock new characters and costumes, and face the new final boss after 
    you've completed the game once. I will explain them one by one in 
    detail here.
    Optional Quest - Blown Away in Time 1 Revisit
    Winning Condition: Save the lost hero within 30 turns
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters) is 
                      defeated or 30 turns run out
    When you go to the Research Facility, choose this mission from the 
    list and put Cless or Arche in your active party at the preparation 
    screen, you should see a blue haired archer (Chester) when you enter 
    the dungeon, bring the party with Cless or Arche to him and Chester 
    should join you.
    Optional Quest - Blown Away in Time 2 Revisit
    Winning Condition: Save the lost heroes within 30 turns
    Losing Condition: Party with Narikiri Characters (main characters) is 
                      defeated or 30 turns run out
    Go to the Research Facility and choose this mission from the list, put 
    Presea, Meredy and Farah in your active party at the preparation 
    screen. When you first enter the dungeon, you should see Chat and Rass 
    on the field map. Bring the party with Meredy to Chat and bring the 
    party with Farah to Rass to convince them. Regal should appear when 
    you convince either Rass or Chat, bring Presea to him will get him to 
    Optional Quest - Battle Spirits of Colloseum
    Winning Condition: Defeat all heroes
    Losing Condition: Frio and Kyaro are defeated
    This is not a field map mission, all you have to do here is to defeat 
    heroes from various Tales games to earn you prize. The people you will 
    be facing are listed in order:
    Name: Cless Alvein
    HP: 8000
    Name: Stahn Aileron
    HP: 8500
    Name: Reid Hershel
    HP: 9000
    Name: Kyle Dynamis
    HP: 7000
    Name: Lloyd Irving
    HP: 10000
    Name: Lilith Aileron
    HP: 12000
    All of them have the same stats:
    Elemental: n/a
    Strong Against: Nature, Dark, Light/Holy, Lightning/Thunder, Earth, 
                    Water, Wind, Fire
    Weak Against: n/a
    Isn't this cool? You get to battle protagonists from various Tales 
    titles. The fights are fun and challenging, be sure that you are 
    at least level 55 before you enter the tournament.
    I have several strategies against these people, you could devise your 
    own, otherwise, read on :)
    1. Gil and KOS-MOS combo
       Basically the cheapest combo out there. Use this if you want quick 
       victory (less than one minute per battle). Just apply Gil's "Shield 
       Bashou" and KOS-MOS' "R Drill" continuously, and you will be done 
       in no time. KOS-MOS' "R Drill" pauses everything on screen when it 
       initiates, so even if your enemy is attacking, he will be countered 
       by this, which allows the person receiving damage from the enemy to 
       get a chance to recover using healing items.
    2. Reid and Arche combo
       This combo is cheap, but has some challenge. As long as you can buy 
       Arche enough time to cast "Black Hole" or "Meteor Swarm", no one 
       can stand before you for long. Here comes the challenge, heroes 
       such as Lloyd, Stahn and Reid all know a skill called "Reikuuzan" 
       ("Tempest"), which acts as an anti-air move from afar, knocking 
       down anyone within its range. If Arche's interrupted by this while 
       she's chanting, she will have to start over again. Use Reid's 
       "Mokourengekiha" ("Omega Demon Hammer") to keep your opponents away 
       from her.
    3. Reid and Valkyrie
       Very effective team, both are swordsmen and both have chain attacks 
       that can render your opponents unable to counterattack. "Valkyrie 
       Strike" and "Mokourengekiha" ("Omega Demon Hammer") are your top 
       priorities for skill executions, I highly recommand that you choose 
       the skill for the person you are not controlling constantly so that 
       he/she doesn't slack off during these battles.
    4. Collet and Fighter/Swordsman (Thanks OverTheRainbow for this easy 
       This pair has flexibility, the fighter/swordsman stands for anyone 
       (be it Tales heroes or just your normal costumes) that has high 
       attack powers. Have Collet cast "Holy Song" on your party and start 
       hacking your opponents. My recommandations for fighter/swordsman 
       include: Barbatos, Dhaos and Gil. Barbatos' "Genocide Braver" is 
       quite strong even without the attack/defense boosts from "Holy 
       Song", but when "Holy Song" is casted, "Genocide Braver" can do 
       about 1.5x its normal damage, killing anyone in less than four 
       rounds. One thing to note is that after using "Genocide Braver", 
       Barbatos cannot attack for two seconds, just defend against the 
       incoming attacks from your opponents and you should be fine.
    7. Costume List
    coming soon...
    8. Cheat Code
    This section is created for mastersord's cheat codes, who hacked 
    almost everything in this game, and provided the codes, it's 
    absolutely amazing!
    A big thanks to mastersord, he's the one that composed the complete 
    Costume List with not only the numbering of each costume, but also the 
    hex codes for those who want to use cheat. If you want to thank 
    someone for this awesome list, thank mastersord, he's the man!
    Costume List Hack
    Generally speaking, you only need two generic codes to obtain costumes 
    for the two protagonists.
    For Frio:  32003160 00xx
    For Kyaro: 32003180 00xx
    where xx = 00 to 5F
    Which xx suits which costume is listed under the Hex Code column, use 
    it at your own risk, according to mastersord, "changing the gender of 
    Frio or Karo to the opposite (For example, turning Frio into Mary 
    costume), will make it so you cannot change your costume again until 
    you chage the code back to the proper gender". Therefore, don't play 
    with the code too much if you don't want your game to mess up.
    Costume #          Costume Name                               Hex Code
       1               Narikiri(M)                                   2C
       2               Narikiri(F)                                   2D
       3               Swordsman(M)                                  2E
       4               Swordsman(F)                                  2F
       5               Fighter(M)                                    30
       6               Fighter(F)                                    31
       7               Archer(M)                                     32
       8               Archer(F)                                     33
       9               Priest                                        34
       10              Priestess                                     35
       11              Ninja(M)                                      36
       12              Ninja(F)                                      37
       13              Sorceror(M)                                   38
       14              Witch(F)                                      39
       15              Merchant(M)                                   3A
       16              Merchant(F)                                   3B
       17              Dancer(F)                                     3D
       18              Wonder Chef(M)                                3E
       19              Wonder Chef(F)                                3F
       20              Carouser(M)                                   40
       21              Carouser(F)                                   41
       22              Doctor                                        42
       23              Nurse                                         43
       24              Musician(M)                                   44
       25              Musician(F)                                   45
       26              Scholar(M)                                    46
       27              Scholar(F)                                    47
       28              Catman(M)                                     48
       29              Catman(F)                                     49
       30              Magician(M)                                   4A
       31              Model(F)                                      4B
       32              Thief(M)                                      4E
       33              Thief(F)                                      4F
       34              Cless                                         01
       35              Chester                                       02
       36              Mint                                          03
       37              Klarth                                        04 
       38              Arche                                         05
       39              Suzu                                          06
       40              Stahn                                         07
       41              Rutee                                         08
       42              Leon                                          09
       43              Philia                                        0A
       44              Woodrow                                       0B
       45              Chelsea                                       0C
       46              Mary                                          0D
       47              Kongman                                       0E
       48              Johnny                                        0F
       49              Reid                                          10
       50              Farah                                         11
       51              Keele                                         12
       52              Meredy                                        13
       53              Max/Fog                                       14
       54              Chat                                          15
       55              Rass                                          16
       56              Kyle                                          17
       57              Roni                                          18
       58              Reala                                         19
       59              Judas                                         1A
       60              Nanaly                                        1B
       61              Harold                                        1C
       62              Lloyd                                         1D
       63              Genius                                        1E
       64              Collet                                        1F
       65              Rain/Refill                                   20
       66              Sheena                                        21
       67              Zelos                                         22
       68              Presea                                        23
       69              Regal                                         24
       70              Kratos                                        25
       71              Dhaos                                         26
       72              Lilith                                        27
       73              Celsius                                       28
       74              Amy                                           2A
       75              Shizel                                        50
       76              Barbatos                                      51
       77              Elrane                                        52
       78              Yggdrasill                                    53
       79              Thanatos                                      54
       80              Honey                                         55
       81              Klait                                         56
       82              Wadakatsu                                     58
       83              Wadadon                                       59
       84              Gil                                           5A
       85              Kai                                           5B
       86              KOS-MOS                                       5C
       87              Duragua                                       5D
       88              Valkyrie                                      4C
       89              Mr. Driller                                   4D
       S1              Mirald                                        29
       S2              Dymlos                                        2B
       S3              Gambler(M)                                    3C
       S4              Jababa                                        57
       S5              Black Narikiri(M)                             5E
       S6              Black Narikiri(F)                             5F
    Note S1 to S6 are special costumes, 89 + 6 = 95 costumes in total!
    Chanting Time Shortening
    Press B after starting spell to cast it
    74000130 03FD
    82010E7C 0000
    74000130 03FD
    82010FD0 0000
    74000130 03FD
    82011124 0000
    74000130 03FD
    82011278 0000
    It may be missing lines. This should work for any and all characters.
    It affects enemies as well if any are spell casters. Sorry, but it's
    unavoidable because the game assigns casting time for each character
    on screen to the same addresses in memory, almost randomly. My advice
    is to either balance your team, or button-mash B frantically in hopes
    of avoiding slaughter.
    This code should shorten casting time by a lot >D
    9999 TP
    start every battle with 9999 TP
    42002C86 270F
    00000027 0020
    82003166 270F
    82003186 270F
    Note 1: I only included 39 of the addresses because the full slider
    covers 41 addresses and I'm not sure what the other 2 addresses are
    for.  They could be bosses and we wouldn't want that!
    Note 2: You don't need to use this code with the max stats codes. TP
    and HP are already covered in that code set.
    Press B to refill TP to 9999
    74000130 03FD
    82010EC2 270F
    74000130 03FD
    82011016 270F
    74000130 03FD
    8201116A 270F
    74000130 03FD
    820112BE 270F
    Note: This will refill enemy TP as well, but for the most part, you
    won't be needing to drain their TP anyway
    All Items
    42002910 FFFF
    0000001F 0002
    Collection Stats
    154/154 Monsters
    42002760 FFFF
    00000017 0002
    95/89 Costumes
    42002794 FFFF
    00000007 0002
    37/37 Cameos
    320027A1 00FF
    420027A2 FFFF
    00000003 0002
    All Recipes
    8200282E FFFF
    82002830 FFFF
    All Tablets
    82002838 FFFF
    All Heroes' Legends
    32002720 000F
    Combo Counter at 255
    Press "L" to set the Combo Counter to 255
    74000130 01FF
    3200C6FB 00FF
    That will give you a pretty high exp bonus after every battle.
    Do not hold while results screen is up or after as it may cause the 
    game to crash!
    Item After Battle
    Press "L" to set after battle reward item
    74000130 01FF
    3200C710 00xx
    Need english translation to figure out value list. Sorry.
    Costumes Lv 99
    Sets costumes to lvl 99 so they have all skills
    3200317D 0063
    3200319D 0063
    Please test it, because it doesn't quite make sense to me
    Max Stats 
    For all costumes
    42003162 270F
    00000008 0002
    3200317D 0063
    42003182 270F
    00000008 0002
    3200319D 0063
    All Missions Available
    32002720 001F
    It may need modification
    Always 1 Turn
    *Credit goes to Phantom Revenge
    Always 1￾‹ turn (don't use it in the first fight)
    8200c720 0001
    Money Code
    *Credit goes to www.gamefaqs.com
    82002758 967f
    8200275a 0098
    All Working Costumes
    *Credits go to mastersord and Dreamers
    37/37 cameos & have all cameo characters
    320027A1 00FF
    420027A2 FFFF
    0000000F 0002
    Have all Costumes and working. (doesn't freeze when you scrool down)
    32002795 00FC
    42002796 FFFF
    00000006 0002
    Max Stats For All Characters
    Here are some max stats codes for all the characters, but not level 99 
    Cless Max Stats
    42002c82 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002C9D 0063
    Chester Max Stats
    42002ca2 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002CBD 0063
    Mint Max Stats
    42002cc2 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002CDD 0063
    Klarth Max Stats
    42002ce2 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002CFD 0063
    Arche Max Stats
    42002d02 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002D1D 0063
    Suzu Max Stats
    42002d22 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002D3D 0063
    Stahn Max Stats
    42002d42 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002D5D 0063
    Rutee Max Stats
    42002d62 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002D7D 0063
    Leon Max Stats
    42002d82 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002D9D 0063
    Philia Max Stats
    42002da2 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002DBD 0063
    Woodrow Max Stats
    42002dc2 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002DDD 0063
    Chelsea Max Stats
    42002de2 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002DFD 0063
    Mary Max Stats
    42002e02 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002E1D 0063
    Kongman Max Stats
    42002e22 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002E3D 0063
    Johnny Max Stats
    42002e42 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002E5D 0063
    Reid Max Stats
    42002e62 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002E7D 0063
    Farah Max Stats
    42002e82 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002E9D 0063
    Keele Max Stats
    42002ea2 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002EBD 0063
    Meredy Max Stats
    42002ec2 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002EDD 0063
    Fog Max Stats
    42002ee2 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002EFD 0063
    Chat Max Stats
    42002f02 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002F1D 0063
    Rass Max Stats
    42002f22 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002F3D 0063
    Kyle Max Stats
    42002f42 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002F5D 0063
    Roni Max Stats
    42002f62 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002F7D 0063
    Reala Max Stats
    42002f82 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002F9D 0063
    Judas Max Stats
    42002fa2 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002FBD 0063
    Nanaly Max Stats
    42002fc2 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002FDD 0063
    Harold Max Stats
    42002fe2 270f
    00000008 0002
    32002FFD 0063
    Lloyd Max Stats
    42003002 270f
    00000008 0002
    3200301D 0063
    Genius Max Stats
    42003022 270f
    00000008 0002
    3200303D 0063
    Collet Max Stats
    42003042 270f
    00000008 0002
    3200305D 0063
    Refill Max Stats
    42003062 270f
    00000008 0002
    3200307D 0063
    Sheena Max Stats
    42003082 270f
    00000008 0002
    3200309D 0063
    Zelos Max Stats
    420030a2 270f
    00000008 0002
    320030BD 0063
    Presea Max Stats
    420030c2 270f
    00000008 0002
    320030DD 0063
    Regal Max Stats
    420030e2 270f
    00000008 0002
    320030FD 0063
    Kratos Max Stats
    42003102 270f
    00000008 0002
    3200311D 0063
    Lv 99 & 999 Exp
    *Credits go to Nomia Karen and ForteGSOmega
    Works with all characters, as long as the characters fight
    Gain 999 exp after every battle
    42002C94 03E7
    00000029 0020
    Lv 99 after one battle
    42002C94 270F
    00000029 0020
    9. FAQ
    Please read through the FAQ before you email me or post anything on
    the forum, we do get tired answering repeated questions over and over 
    again, so try to make our lives easier, okay? ^_^
    1. Is this game in English?
       No, this game is only available in Japanese, reason being that many
       Tales games have yet to see their releases in North America, so
       it's wise for Namco not to spoil characters and partial stories
       with this game.
    2. Is there a fan group translating this game?
       Kajitani Eizan has released his awesome English patch for this game 
       and he will update as more translations are done. Here is his 
    3. Where can I find the rom for this game?
       Roms are illegal unless you own the original copy, and I do not
       provide instructions on how to obtain the rom for this game.
    4. I can't get the treasure chests behind those doors.
       There are two types of doors, one can be opened by thief, the other
       one can only be opened with a special key. If you couldn't open the
       door with a thief, then you'll probably need the special key,
       which can be obtained from enemies near the end of the game.
    5. How do I obtain ______ costume?
       Three methods to obtain costumes:
       -buy them in the shops in town
       -obtain them from different Tales characters
       -beat Jababa or other bosses
       -get them from treasure chests
       -steal them from enemies
       Regarding acquiring costumes for various Tales characters, Alfred 
       has offered his kind and detailed explanation on this issue, please 
       take a minute to look at this if you wish to learn more about 
       obtaining costumes by talking to characters in town or stealing 
       them from bosses:
       "It's random [as to when a] characters [will] appear [on] the map. 
        The key to getting [his/her] uniform should be getting [him/her] 
        to appear often. You can try completing short missions but leaving 
        the missions without completing them. This will cause the 
        characters on the map to be the same as what it was before you 
        [attempted] the mission. I seldom get Cless on the map, but after 
        many tries and many dialogues he finally bothered to give me his 
        I have [two] Philia [costumes], one given by her, another stolen 
        from her in [mission 15]. It's very much random, everyone will 
        come across the process where NPC like Cless, Philia [and] even 
        Kongman who don't [want to] appear (even until the end) because 
        the probability of these NPCs appearing is low. Statistically, the 
        NPCs that [have] given their [costumes] contribute to 37/40 [of 
        the cases]. The final 3/40 chance of appearing will be Cless in 
        most of our games, [or] Philia [and] Kongman in [others people's 
        Stealing seems to be a good solution even though you need to be 
        levels higher than your enemy to be successful. Get [three] 
        thieves in your party, disable all techniques except ["Steal"], 
        [and] equip half-mp consumption, too. [In] some [occasions] you 
        might even need to use recovery items for HP/MP, [it's] time 
        consuming for hand held GBAs.
        It's is no longer effective to use the characters often, they do 
        not affect their appearance in town."
       Alfred has also sent a list of items that can be stolen from bosses 
       in various missions, please thank him for everything he has done, 
       because it take A LOT of time to discover and write down all this 
       information. We should be grateful that we have helps from Alfred 
       and others who are constantly contributing important discoveries to 
       this FAQ.
       "I would like to add in some stuff, regarding boss steals and drop 
        Mission 1 Elrane: 
                - Stolen: 1/2 mp Consumption Accessory
        Mission 3 Babaratos: 
                - Stolen: 1/2 mp Consumption Accessory
        Mission 4 Thanatos: 
                - Stolen: Thanatos' costume
        Mission 5 Dhaos: 
                - Stolen: 1/2 mp Consumption Accessory
        Mission 6 Dhaos: 
                - Stolen: Dhaos' Costume 
                - Dropped: Dhaos' Costume
        Mission 6 Elrane: I never got her to drop anything or stole 
                          anything from her successfully
        Mission 10 Klait: 
                 - Stolen: Klait's Costume 
                 - Dropped: Klait's Costume
        Mission 10 Honey: 
                 - Stolen: Honey's Costume 
                 - Dropped: Honey's Costume
        Mission 11 Shizel: 
                 - Stolen: Shizel's Costume 
                 - Dropped: Shizel's Costume
       Starting from mission 6, items stolen from bosses are the bosses' 
    6. How do I reach Elrane in Mission 1?
       Have a scholar in your main characters' party and move your party
       to the platform with the round switch on it, an event should happen
       and the second set of staircase will appear to lead you to her.
    7. What's that stage with repeated maze and some Tales characters?
       Your goal here is to convince the Tales characters within 30 turns. 
       To make it clear, here's a list of characters you can use to 
       convince their friends:
       Kyle convinces Reala
       Mary convinces Rutee
       Farah convinces Rass
       Genius convinces Presea
       Presea convinces Regal
       Meredy convinces Chat
       Chelsea convinces Woodrow
       Woodrow convinces Chelsea
       Cless/Arche convinces Chester 
    8. How do I get Leon or Judas after Mission 9? Can I get both?
       Hell jirachi and ZeroHiei offered their simple methods for 
       choosing the correct route to obtain the character you want:
       "If you choose the top mission you get Leon. if you choose the 
        bottom mission you get Judas." - Hell jirachi
       "East lets you have Leon, West lets you have Judas. Also, in case 
        you need to check which one you're getting (if you can't read 
        Chinese/Kanji), simply click on the mission and then look at the 
        two pictures of Leon and Judas shown to you. The one that is 
        highlighted will be who you USE for that mission, and the other 
        one will be who you GET." - Zero Hiei
       I don't think there is a way to get both of them at the same time, 
       but you can obtain the missing character's costume later in the 
    9. How can I contribute to this FAQ?
       If you saw a mistake in this FAQ or discovered something new,
       please email me with the title "Tales games" so I can distinguish
       your mails from junk mails. I will gladly credit your contribution
       in this FAQ.
    10. Acknowledgements
    I sincerely thank the following people who helped me making this FAQ:
    -Kajitani Eizan, AresInvincible and Niu who correct many mistakes 
     in the Introduction section.
    -Chuc for providing the proper English skill name that corresponds 
     to the Japanese one in the walkthrough section relating to Farah
    -a000a who provides proper skill names, and correct information 
     regarding the Leon/Judas issue.
    -ZeroHiei and Hell jirachi who confirmed the character that will join 
     with the mission offering either Leon or Judas, as well as 
     giving the short and simple answer to this question in the FAQ 
    -mastersord who provides correct information on the Leon/Judas issue, 
     as well as making the awesome Costume List
    -Maxi who gives numerous corrections regarding the details in the 
     walkthrough, he also helps with the translation for some of the stage 
    -frio0728 for correcting the mistake of how far apart in time the 
     present and the future are related in this game
    -Cindy for correcting the characters that join on mission 19 after 
     mission 18a
    -Alfred for providing detailed explanation on how to acquire Tales 
     characters' costumes, items that can be stolen from bosses, as well 
     as locations for obtaining Celsius/Valkyrie costumes
    -OverTheRainbow who provides information on how to enter Druaga's 
     Tower as well as strategy against Tales characters in the arena
    more coming soon...
    11. Copyrights
    Unpublished work Copyright 2005 by yangxu (jyanglaststar@gmail.com)
    This FAQ is meant only for private use, and is protected by US 
    Copyright Law. This FAQ may not be changed or referenced without 
    permission from myself. Any change made to this FAQ by unauthorized 
    personnel will be punished under title 17 Chapter 5 Section 506(d) of 
    US Copyright Law.
    Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon,
    Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2, 
    Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3, 
    Tales of Phantasia, 
    Tales of Destiny, 
    Tales of Eternia, 
    Tales of Destiny II, 
    Tales of Symphonia, 
    Tales of Rebirth, 
    and all related names and characters are Copyrights of Namco.

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