Advance Wars Cheats


  • Data Clear

    If you would like to erase data, press L, Select, and right on the D-Pad immediately after turning the Gameboy Advance on. The delete data option will appear, and if you want to begin again, you can.

    Contributed By: Mana Knight.


  • Field Training Glitch - Unlimited Map Editing

    With this glitch you can edit Campaign and War Room maps. The changes are saved only in the in-game (during battle) save, not permanently in the cartridge.

    - Go to Field Training and play the Naval Forces mission.
    - Lose by letting Olaf destroy either your T-Copter or your Lander.
    - Go to the Design Maps, deploy an Orange Star unit and destroy it.
    - Your screen will be glitched now. You can go to a saved Campaign or War Room map and edit it. Don't forget to save the changed maps using the in-game save, not the Design Maps save.
    - To return to normal, just turn on/off the GBA.

    Contributed By: Roma_emu.


  • Unlockable Missions

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Olaf's Sea Strike MissionUse Andy on Mission 4, then defeat every enemy unit in Mission 6.
    Rivals MissionUse Sami for the Captain Drake, Naval Clash, Wings of Victory and battle Mystery missions.
    Sonja's Secret BattlesBeat Kanbei Arrives! in 8 or fewer turns, Mighty Kanbei! in 10 or fewer turns, and Kanbei's Error? in 12 or fewer turns.

    Contributed By: Kirby Still On Top, Frinx, and S.Lewis.

  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Advanced CampaignAfter you finish the main Campaign and buy the Advance Campaign, hold down the Select button before entering Campaign Mode and you'll play in Advanced Mode. You'll face stronger enemy opposition, but win more coins if you complete the mission
    Open Up New Gameplay ModesTo open up the War Room, Campaign, Design Maps, and Stats options on the main menu, you must first complete the final mission in Field Training.
    Special IntelTo access the field training mission called Special Intel, first you must clear all of the other Field Training missions. When you go back to field training you'll see it in the list of missions.
    Unlock CO DrakeYou must select Andy for these missions during campaign mode: Captain Drake - Naval Clash- Wings of Victory - Battle Mystery.
    Unlock CO EagleChoose Sami for Captain Drake, Naval Clash, Wings of Victory, Battle Mystery - At the end of the campaign, you will have a final battle, between Andy (you) and Eagle
    Unlock CO GritYou must select Max for Mission 4 in Campaign mode and complete the campaign. Grit will then appear in the Battle Maps section to be purchased for 50 coins.
    Unlock CO KanbeiYou must complete the Campaign. He will appear in the Battle Maps section to be purchased for 50 coins.
    Unlock CO NellOnce you have purchased all of the CO's and completed Advanced Campaign, Nell can then be bought in the battle maps section for 80 war coins
    Unlock CO OlafSuccessfully complete the Campaign Mode.
    Unlock CO SonjaUnlock and win Sonja's secret missions in the campaign (see other hints) and complete the campaign. Sonja will appear in the Battle Maps area to purchase for 60 coins.
    Unlock CO SturmOnce you have purchased all of the CO's except Nell from Battle Maps (Grit, Eagle, Drake, Kenbei, and Sonja), Sturm will appear on the list and can be purchased for 100 coins. Note - Sturm can only be used in Vs. mode.
    Use other CO's in multiplayerTo use other CO's in multiplayer, you first beat campaign and then go to battle maps where you can buy them.

Easter Eggs

  • Gold Menu Icons

    To change certain icons in the main menu screen from their original color to a flashing gold, you must complete the condition listed next to them:

    Records: Complete all 20 war room maps, regardless of rank.
    Rank: Obtain the final rank, rank 1.
    Stats: Get both rank and records gold, and this'll turn gold too.
    Field Training: Get an A-Rank in all 14 training missions.
    Campaign: Complete the Advance Campaign, regardless of rank.
    War Room: Get an S-Rank in all 20 war room maps.
    Battle Maps: You have to unlock and buy every CO, and buy all the maps.

    Design Maps, Vs. Mode, and the Multiplayer menu cannot be turned gold.

    Note: The gold menus do nothing for you; they're just there for pride.

    Contributed By: LiteYear.


  • Skip field training

    If you want to skip field training and get into the war campaign, map maker or etc., instead of winning every battle in field training, just go to the last one and beat it. It'll save time, and you can always go back to play it any time on the main menu.

    Contributed By: phoenixadvance.

Enemy/Boss Tips

  • Easier final battle against Sturm

    To make the final mission a lot easier, allow Sturm to capture the Airport just north of the Orange Star base, and make sure you have Missiles in range of the Airport panel. Sturm will spend 22000 per turn building a Bomber that you can immediately destroy before use, making him much less of a threat. With Sturm wasting 22k per day making Bombers, his army is much weaker and easier to manage, no matter which allies you end up having in this battle.

    Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising Cheats


  • Erase Data

    Like in the first Advance Wars, you can erase your save data by holding L+Right+Select before turning the game on.

    L+Right+SelectErase Data

    Contributed By: avataboo.

  • Nintendo Map

    At the Design Maps/Map or CO screen, highlight Map and hold A + L + R. The screen will go blank, then the Nintendo map will appear.

    Contributed By: SpikeDragon.


  • Gold Menu Icons

    To turn your menu icons from their regular colors into Sparkling Gold, do the tasks below for each icon.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gold Battle Maps IconBuy everything from Hachi
    Gold Campaign IconBeat all levels including secret ones in Normal Campaign
    Gold Design Room IconBuy all CO Edits from Hachi
    Gold Link IconThis will automatically turn Gold after the other 5 have
    Gold Versus IconBuy and play every map at least once (win or lose)
    Gold War Room IconBuy and Beat every war room map with any grade

    Contributed By: XxThunderxX.

  • Lab Map Locations

    To gain Neotanks , you have to capture a specific city in a specific map to get the lab map, and then beat a hidden mission. You have to do this in each country.

    Orange star
    Flak Attack: City north of your HQ, within range of your units starting positions.
    Secret Level: Test of Time

    Blue Moon
    Toy Box: South-Western most Neutral city, AKA: the one on the weird island.
    Secret Level: Neotanks!?

    Yellow Comet
    Show Stopper: South-western most neutral city.
    Secret Level: Sea of Hope

    Green Earth
    Sinking Feeling: Southernmost city on the western island
    Secret Level: Danger X9

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Secret Level: Danger X9To gain NeoTanks in Green Earth - Sinking Feeling: Capture Southernmost city on the western island
    Secret Level: NeotanksTo gain NeoTanks in Blue Moon - Toy Box: Capture South-Western most Neutral city, AKA: the one on the weird island.
    Secret Level: Sea of HopeTo gain NeoTanks in Yellow Comet - Show Stopper: South-western most Neutral city
    Secret Level: Test of TimeTo gain NeoTanks in Orange star - Flak Attack: capture city north of your HQ, within range of your units starting positions

    Contributed By: megabassxz.

  • Unlock COs

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CO AdderBeat Campaign Mode once
    CO ColinBuy Grit or Olaf
    CO DrakeBeat Green Earth Campaign
    CO EagleBeat Green Earth Campaign
    CO GritBeat Blue Moon Campaign
    CO HachiBeat Hard Campaign Mode
    CO HawkeBeat Campaign Mode once
    CO JessBuy Drake or Eagle
    CO KanbeiBeat Yellow Comet Campaign
    CO LashBeat Campaign Mode once
    CO NellGet an overall rank of A in Campaign Mode
    CO OlafBeat Blue Moon Campaign
    CO SenseiBuy Kanbei or Sonja
    CO SonjaBeat Yellow Comet Campaign
    CO SturmGet an overall rank of S in Campaign Mode

    Contributed By: megabassxz.

  • Unlock Gallery

    To unlock the Gallery, beat the Campaign. To unlock the all pictures, beat the Hard Campaign. The gallery is found in the Sound Room.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    GalleryBeat Hard Campaign

    Contributed By: Super Yamcha.

  • Unlocking Hard Mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Hard ModeBeat the game on easy, then go to Hachi's store and buy Hard Mode for 1000 points. To play press Select when starting a new campaign.

    Contributed By: CO Max.

  • Unlocking Sound Test

    To unlock the soundtest, beat a normal campign with an any rank to purchase the soundtest. It costs 5000 points.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    SoundtestBeat normal campaign

    Contributed By: Psycho13.


  • Campaign mode - in-game hints

    In campaign mode, if you are stuck on a level, just yield and the characters will give you hints on how to beat the level.

    Contributed By: dementor110.

  • Easy Gold Multiplayer

    An easy way to get the Gold Multiplayer tab is start any map and then immediatley yield. Repeat this for all levels. With 3 & 4 Player Maps, play as 2 or 3 people and yield for them all. It will count as a played and that much faster to get the Gold then playing them all.

    Contributed By: Super Glitch.

  • Special Design Map

    Go to ''Design Mode'' and click on ''Map''. Then hold the L and R buttons while it's loading. Once you get there, you should see a map with three Japenese letters on it made out of mountains that spell out Nintendo.

    Contributed By: Firedemon4.

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