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    CO Quote FAQ by ackmondual

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 08/14/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ADVANCE WARS 2 FAQ             for Gameboy Advance
    version 0.6
    -=-=-=-Table of Contents-=-=-=-
    Version History
    Contact Info <may change>
    Abbreviations and terms definition
    Contents for COs
    General differences from the first AW
    Weather movement chart
    Orange Star COs
    Blue Moon COs
    Yellow Comet COs
    Green Earth COs
    Black Hole COs
    CO quotes from campaign mode
    Final Notes
    -=-=-=-Version History-=-=-=-
    -Added Weather Charts for all weather conditions and COs
    -Wrote full info for all Blue Moon COs
    -Added another Hard Campaign quote
    -Added dividers for more visual clarity
    -Corrected a lot of FAQ context material
    -Corrected some minor grammar errors
    0.4    8/11/03
    -Wrote full info for all the Orange Star COs
    -Provided all CO's 'COP quotes'.
    -Provided full list of CO Campaign level victory quotes
    -Wrote material on every proposed section to date except the introduction
    -=-=-=-Contact Info-=-=-=-
    ayao at peepers dot org
    I originally had plans to just list as many CO quotes as I could that were 
    found in AW2.  Instead, I ended up going into the COs themselves, as some of 
    the FAQs were had CO information but were fully devoted to walkthroughs and 
    other aspects of the games.  Other more CO specific FAQs had general 
    information but not much else.  As informative as those FAQs are, this FAQ is 
    intended to provide as much specific information on the COs as possible through 
    facts, observations, and opinions from other fellow gamers.
    -=-=-=-Abbreviations and terms definition-=-=-=-
    COP - Commanding Officer Power
    COPs - Commanding Officer Powers, referring to both a CO's COP and SCOP.  Looks 
    like COP, but you'll be able to tell by context which one I'm referring to
    SCOP - Super Commanding Officer Power
    AW - Advance Wars (the first one)
    AW2 - Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (If you didn't already knew what AW 
    stood for, then hopefully you'll know what this stands for)
    Direct units - recon, tank, anti-air, medium tanks, Neo-tanks, B-copter, 
    bomber, fighter, cruiser, and sub units.  Note, infantry and mechs are NOT 
    considered direct units for this FAQ.
    Indirect units - artillery, rocket, missile, and battleship units.
    Soldiers - infantry and mech units only.
    Transports - APC, T-copters, and lander units.
    Air units - T-copter, B-copter, bomber, and fighter units
    Naval units - lander, cruiser, sub, and battleship units
    Innate skill level - The state when any CO doesn't have either one their COPs 
    "Weak in rain/snow" - refers only to in terms of movement penealties
    star CO - term used to describe "super COs"; those advantageous attributes 
    without any negative ones to counteract them.
    Normal CO (under the 'Weather Movement Chart' section only) - All COs except 
    Olaf, Drake, and Sturm (who have different movement charts)
    -=-=-=-Contents for COs-=-=-=-
    The name of the CO will be surrounded by asterisks, or stars.
    x/y:  Number of stars required to use COP, indicated by x, and number of stars 
    required to use SCOP, indicated by y.
    All of the COs special skills, bonuses, and penalties which are innate will be 
    listed here.  The general order for this list is attack bonuses/penalties, 
    defense bonuses/penalties, and other bonuses/penalties.
    CO Power (COP):  Details on a CO's CO power.  Unique attributes are always 
    listed first (those unrelated to attack and defense bonuses, such as movement 
    bonuses, automatic damage to enemies, etc.), followed by any attack and defense 
    bonuses.  All bonus percentages listed in this format, such as "+20%" indicate 
    bonuses obtained in addition to any bonuses from their innate skill level.  All 
    bonuses listed in this format, such as "1.4" indicate bonuses obtained when 
    compared to a *Normal* CO, like Andy (who breaks even at 1.0 for all his 
    attributes) at his innate skill level.  The previous was an example of Max's 
    power increases for when he uses "Max Force".  +20% power after invoking it, 
    and +40% when compared to Andy.
    Super CO Power (SCOS):  Details about the CO Super ability.  If all attributes 
    from the CO Power also apply to the CO's SCOP, then it will be listed as so: 
    [Same attributes inherited].  Same thing here as with the COP.  All bonus 
    percentages listed in this format, such as "+40%" indicate bonuses obtained in 
    addition to any bonuses from their innate skill level.  All bonuses listed in 
    this format, such as "1.6" indicate bonuses obtained when compared to a 
    *Normal* CO, like Andy (who breaks even at 1.0 for all his attributes) at his 
    innate skill level.  The previous was an example of Max's power increases for 
    when he uses "Max Blast".  +40% power after invoking it, and +60% when compared 
    to Andy.
    COP Quotes:  A list of what some of the stuff each CO says just before they 
    activate their CO Power or CO Super.
    War Room Quote:  Their victory quote in the war room.
    Differences from the first AW:  What changes were made to the CO from the first 
    Advance Wars to its sequel.  These include all aspects that affect gameplay as 
    well as miscellaneous notes.
    Comments:  My comments on the CO.  Of course, being some of it is of my opinion 
    from my matches, it may not necessarily be applicable towards your playing 
    -=-=-=- General differences from the first AW -=-=-=-
    Here's a list of the general differences
    -Regardless of which CO you're playing as, using COP or COS does *NOT* 
    automatically give all units a minimum +10% attack and defense bonus.  
    Furthermore, some units may not even get ANYTHING AT ALL.  Instead, this will 
    depend on the CO you're using.
    -Most of the defense bonuses/penalties are gone for their innate skill level.  
    In AW2, almost everyone can be expected to have normal defense (+0 defense)
    -Although the Weather Charts provided below also applied to AW, the "Regular 
    Snow" movement chart has been modified.  Movement costs for treads and tires 
    across woods terrain has been reduced from 3 and 4 to 2 and 3 respectively
    -Some of the COs (portrait and full body) look way better now
    -The other characters now look more "realistic" and less blocky
    -=-=-=-Weather Movement Charts-=-=-=-
    There are 4 different movement charts in this game.  Which movement chart 
    applies to you is dependant on 2 things: The CO you're using and the current 
    weather conditions.  Without further ado, here they are:
    BTW: -The chart names are of my own and are not what it's actually called in 
    the game.
    -Also the following types of terrain: road, shoal, bridge, city, HQ, base, 
    airport, and seaport (all modes of movement except sea and transport) have a 
    movement cost of 1 across all COs and all weather conditions.
    -Air of course is independent from ground and naval terrain.
    -A star (*) next to the movement cost indicates a higher penalty for when 
    compared to the "regular clear" chart.
    -An exclamation point (!) next to the movement cost indicates a higher penalty 
    for when compared to the "regular clear" chart.
    Chart type:                Regular clear
    Which COs are influenced:  All normal COs in clear, Olaf in clear/snow, Drake 
    in clear/rain
    Movement Chart:
                inf  mech  tread  tire
    Plains:       1     1      1     2
    Woods:        1     1      2     3
    Mountains:    2     1      x     x
    Rivers:       2     1      x     x
              trans  ship  air
    Sea:          1     1
    Reef:         2     2
    Seaport       1     1
    Air:                     1
    Further Notes:
    Your standard movement chart.  Play this game or AW several times and you 
    should already have this memorized.
    Chart type:                Regular snow
    Which COs are influenced:  All normal COs in snow, Olaf in rain, Drake in snow, 
    and Sturm in snow
    Movement Chart:
                inf  mech  tread  tire
    Plains:      *2     1     *2    *3
    Woods:       *2     1      2     3
    Mountains:   *4    *2      x     x
    Rivers:       2     1      x     x
              trans  ship  air
    Sea:         *2    *2
    Reef:         2     2
    Seaport      *2    *2
    Air:                    *2
    Further Notes:
    Infantry in general and most ground units across plains take the highest 
    beating in movement range.  Soldiers in general will be really hard pressed to 
    cross mountain ranges.  Sea and air are affected in a major way as well (they 
    have some of the highest movement ranges in the game but are now halved), 
    making those modes of travel very hindering, not to mention annoying.  Of all 
    the weather conditions, snow is definitely the most crippling to your army's 
    movement and deployment.  This would be a good time to be Olaf.  Immunity to 
    its effects AND dishing it out regularly.  Otherwise, random snow doesn't occur 
    much on its own.
    Chart type:                Regular rain
    Which COs are influenced:  All normal COs in rain
    Movement Chart:
                inf  mech  tread  tire
    Plains:       1     1     *2    *3
    Woods:        1     1     *3    *4
    Mountains:    2     1      x     x
    Rivers:       2     1      x     x
              trans  ship  air
    Sea:          1     1
    Reef:         2     2
    Seaport       1     1
    Air:                     1
    Further Notes:
    Only ground vehicles take movement penalties, and only across plains and woods.  
    The 2 previously mentioned terrain types are rather abundant unfortunately, but 
    then again, unless you're playing as Drake (won't have to worry about rain) or 
    vs. him (That will be an issue), then random rain occurring frequently 
    shouldn't be too bad.  Note that vehicle across woods is actually higher in 
    movement cost than when in snow.
    Chart type:                Sturm special
    Which COs are influenced:  Sturm in clear/rain and Lash in clear/rain with 
    either COPs activated
    Movement Chart:
                inf  mech  tread  tire
    Plains:       1     1     !1    !1
    Woods:        1     1     !1    !1
    Mountains:   !1     1      x     x
    Rivers:      !1     1      x     x
              trans  ship  air
    Sea:          1     1
    Reef:        !1    !1
    Seaport       1     1
    Air:                     1
    Further Notes:
    Black Hole magic?  Eh.  If you're in an area with lots of higher movement cost 
    terrain, then this'll either be good if you're playing Sturm or lash under the 
    conditions indicated above, or bad if you're anyone else.  Take note of which 
    category you're in and adjust your strategy accordingly.
    -=-=-=-ORANGE STAR-=-=-=-
    ***Andy***   3/6
    -All units at +0 attack and defense
    COP:  Hyper Repair
    -All units receive +2 hp up to 10 hp
    -All units receive +10% defense bonus   1.1
    SCOP: Hyper Upgrade
    -All units receive +5 hp up to 10 hp
    -All units get +1 movement
    -All units get +20% attack bonus   1.2
    -All units get +10% defense bonus   1.1
    COP Quotes:
    "It's time for a tune-up!"
    "Never give up, and never lose!  I'm on my way!"
    "I'll win for sure!"
    "I'm not worried!  I can fix anything!"
    "This is how I do battle!"
    "I'm all revved up!"
    War Room Quote:
    "All Right! And I'll win next time, too!"
    Differences from the first AW:
    -All units now receive no attack bonus from Hyper Repair.
    -Looks less dorky and rather slick now.
    Same old Andy who actually got better.  This is mainly due to his SCOP, which 
    can really turn the tables in many situations.  His SCOP takes exactly twice as 
    many stars, but the benefits are more than doubled over his COP.  Because of 
    this, always save up for Hyper Upgrade unless you absolutely need the extra 2 
    hps early, as the SCOP is "more bang for the buck".  If you must use his COP, 
    then consider waiting to use it AFTER all your units have attacked.  Since only 
    a defense bonus is offered it may be more beneficial to let them heal after 
    they have received any counterattack damage.  He'll do well in any situation 
    where specialization of specific skills isn't required.  
    ***Max***   3/6
    -All direct units get +20% attack bonus (1 time reminder, does NOT include 
    -All indirect units get -10% attack penalty
    -All indirect units get -1 off their maximum range.
    COP:  Max Force
    -All direct units get +20% attack bonus   1.4
    -All direct units get +10% defense bonus   1.1
    -All direct units get +1 movement
    SCOP: Max Blast
    -All direct units get +40% attack bonus   1.6
    -All direct units get +10% defense bonus   1.1
    -All direct units get +2 movement
    COP Quotes:
    "Roll, tanks, roll!"
    "Now you're gonna get hurt!"
    "Hey!  Give up while you still can!"
    "I'm no show-off!"
    "Wanna test might?  I won't lose!"
    "That's enough!  Get outta the road!"
    War Room Quote:
    "Wahoo! Easy as pie!"
    Differences from the first AW:
    -All direct units +50% attack bonus toned down to +20%
    -All indirect units now have normal defense ratings (from -10% to +0)
    -All direct units +24% attack bonus toned down to +20% for Max Force 
    -Movement bonuses for direct units no longer apply to transports as well for 
    both the COPs
    -Lost his blue face paint streaks
    -Body pose seems more like an oversized orangutan
    Going strictly by the numbers, they toned down Max quite a lot.  Does this mean 
    that he's worthless?  Not necessarily.  It just means you won't be able to 
    "mindlessly march in and stomp out the enemy" like in AW.  That's right, where 
    as before there were cases like Max could pit his tanks against another CO 
    enemy's MDtanks, without the aid of COP, now it won't work out.  This time 
    around, you'll have to think things through more thoroughly.  Also, his 
    indirect units aren't AS bad anymore, as they now have normal defense.  The low 
    firepower and range are still very restricting factors to his indirect units 
    (especially for his artillery), but you should still use them, though you 
    shouldn't rely on them that much.  Finally, while his COPs will never add up to 
    the power he had with "Max Force" from the AW, they still serve their purpose, 
    and that is to ploy through enemy battalions with ease.  This is most difficult 
    where there are narrow choke points and passage ways to go through, as now he 
    won't be able to maximize the numbers of his own group of units.  Treat his 
    COPs kinda like you would for Grit's.  They provide your enemy with a sense of 
    security by being behind the "red line" of safety, then bam!  Not only are they 
    now within range, but they get hit harder than normal.  As far as which COP to 
    go for, use his COP if your opponent goes for greater quantity, less powerful 
    units.  Otherwise you'll want that extra +20% attack power to help take down 
    his more powerful units, under higher duress situations.
    ***Sami***   3/8
    -All soldiers receive +30% attack bonus
    -All direct units receive -10% attack penalty
    -All transports receive +1 movement
    -All soldiers capture property 50% faster than other COs (rounded down to the 
    nearest point)
    COP:  Double Time
    -All soldiers receive +15% attack bonus   1.5
    -All soldiers receive +1 movement 
    SCOP: Victory March
    -All soldiers receive +40% attack bonus   1.8
    -All soldiers receive +2 movement 
    -All soldiers of any health can capture any property in one turn
    COP Quotes:
    "You're not bad!  Now it's my turn!"
    "In a test of skill, I'm unbeatable!"
    "All right!  Time to end this!"
    "Infantry... Assault!"
    "Ready or not, here I come!"
    "Stay cool, stay calm... He who panics loses"
    War Room Quote:
    "Mission accomplished! Awaiting orders!"
    Differences from the first AW:
    -All soldiers +20% attack bonus raised up to +30%
    -All soldiers now have normal defense ratings (from +10% to +0)
    -All soldiers +28% attack bonus toned down to +15% for Double Time.
    -Movement cost of 1 soldiers across all passable terrain has been removed for 
    both of the COPs.
    More firepower, but lower defense of course means that she's now better suited 
    to take down enemies, but will not be able to capture property as easily.  This 
    is more so true with her, since the lower the hp on her soldiers, the less of 
    the 50% capture bonus you'll be able to take advantage of.  Nothing to take 
    lightly, as one of her strengths still lies in capturing property with greater 
    ease than the other COs.  In addition, it's like some levels were intentionally 
    made with properties that would be captured faster with +1 movement on all her 
    transports.  Coincidence? :) Her COPs can REALLY wreak havoc if properly used.  
    Sure, it's only good for soldiers, but the Huge bonuses means that her mechs 
    will be able to go head to head against even MDtanks (make sure they make the 
    first strike), even Ttanks (you'll need much more than 1 mech, say... at least 
    5 of them) and that that her infantry will be able to mop up enemy infantry 
    with greater ease than before.  Should you finally save up for her SCOP, then 
    now you really have options (provided again that you have enough soldiers in 
    the right place at the right time).  To wipe out half a dozen enemy units with 
    "inferior" soldier units, to capture half a dozen plus buildings, or end it all 
    in one fell swoop of their conquered HQ, he he he.... I'd go with any of the 
    captures, (after all, that Is why you waited out for her SCOP right?).  
    Obviously, being able to nab the HQ would be a delight, but always be willing 
    and able to settle for a bunch of properties instead.... especially if they're 
    your opponents. :)  In the short run, wiping out his entire tank battalion may 
    provide instant gratification and reprieve, but that's only short term compared 
    to nabbing some extra daily funds for yourself (and much more so if it also 
    nabs some extra daily funds AWAY from your opponent).  You may even want to 
    save it up for a few turns, just so you can maximize its effects when you use.  
    If no such opportunity presents itself, Then go ahead and clear out the battle 
    ***Nell***   3/6
    -All units have about 10% - 20% chance of doing an extra +1 hp of damage, after 
    rounding up that damage.  
    >>Up to and including 2 stars of terrain defense will severely reduce the "luck 
    (e.g. 55% damage does 5 - 7 hps of damage.  On woods terrain same damage does 5 
    -6 hps of damage)
    (e.g.#2 67% damage does 6 - 9 hps of damage on plains terrain.)
    COP:  Lucky Star
    -All units have about 5% - 20% chance to do up to an extra +5 damage, with a 
    similar chance of doing damage in between that normal damage (rounded up or 
    down) and that +5 range.
    >>Extra damage potential seems to go down for lower health units
    SCOP: Lady Luck
    -All units have evenly distributed chance of doing about an extra +3 to +10 , 
    while having 10% - 20% chance to do indifferent damage (no more than doing an 
    extra +1 to +2).
    >>Again extra damage potential seems to go down for lower health units
    <Can anyone offer factual, hard numbers information on how her luck levels get 
    "calculated" across all her modes?  If so, please offer your ideas on this.  
    Email me above, and also include your alias so I may credit you>
    Differences from the first AW:
    -Luck at her innate skill level seems toned down from +4 hp of luck damage to 
    -Lucky Star seems toned down as well.  In terms of how well it works now, lucky 
    star from AW was about between Lucky Star in AW2 and Lady Luck.
    COP Quotes:
    "Luck IS a skill!"
    "C'mon now! Let's have a little fun!"
    "Lucky me!"
    "Hmm... Time to get serious!"
    "Pretty good offense. I'm not too bad, myself!"
    "I'm just getting started!"
    War Room Quote:
     "Nicely fought! See you again."
    She's a mixed bag, her units can either kick ass or fall flat on their faces 
    and end up with nothing special.  Her extra luck factor at her innate skill 
    level isn't all that reliable, as there isn't a really good chance it'll come 
    at any given moment, but nicely enough, she'll always do at least the minimum 
    specified damage.  Same rules of unit counters should be applied for Nell vs. 
    normal COs as if it were Andy vs. normal COs.  You wouldn't get favorable 
    results from, your 2 tanks vs. someone else's MDtank, and that's the way it is 
    with Nell's innate skill level.  As for Lucky Star, It ups the luck factor 
    noticeably.  You can now actually send weaker units to attack stronger ones.  
    Unlike her innate skill level, sending out groups of tanks vs. MDtanks or 
    infantry vs. Ntanks will work out more to your advantage.  Sure, you're likely 
    to lose those units to superior units, but with her extended luck factor, you 
    can expect to do large, accumulating damage.  Not bad for several infantry 
    whose attacks would've gotten "laughed off" by a single Ntank at 12x the price 
    of a group of infantry.  SCOP, nothing new here.  Same concept brought up to an 
    even higher level.  Now, even an infantry has a slight chance of taking out a 
    full health Ntank!  However, it'll usually end up doing moderate damage.  
    Again, not bad, considering the favorable advantage to you in a resource war.  
    Finally, both COPs can continue working even after your turn has been executed.  
    This is due to any counterattacks that are invoked will still retain the 
    extended luck factor from both COPs, but again, the most favorable results will 
    occur with near full health units or higher.
    from <unknown> :(
    <If you have a record of the message of where I got this from, topic: "Nell vs. 
    Flak - 2 similar COs", then please email it to me so I may properly credit you.  
    Sorry, but I forgot to record your name at the time, and the topic has been 
    purged as of now.  This is the only way I know of to confirm that you would 
    indeed be the person who posted this info>
    Yes, they are similar, but you've missed out on a few points.
    Firstly, Nell's firepower doesn't increase with her CO powers like Flaks do. 
    Nell's luck increases, meaning that an infantry can take on a Neotank and come 
    off better. Flak's firepower increase means that infantry still to nothing to 
    Neos, but Neos will easily kill other Neos.
    Flak is the most underrated CO in the game, but he is still outclassed by Nell
    ***Hachi***   3/5
    -All units and their repairs cost 90% of original price
    COP:  Barter
    -All units and their repairs cost 50% of original price
    SCOP: Merchant Union
    -[Same attributes inherited]
    -Any type of ground unit can be deployed at all captured cities.
    COP Quotes:
    "This brings back memories!"
    "How's Business?"
    "Come by and buy something!"
    "Runnin' away won't prove anything! Stand your ground, soldier!"
    "No need to get all worked up!"
    "You can call me Hachi, the best CO there ever was!"
    War Room Quote:
    "Done already? Better luck next time!"
    Differences from the first AW:
    From the innate skill level, he's very much like Colin.  "Dependable wares at 
    discount prices".  Use this to spam or pump out units quicker than your 
    opponents.  Getting that extra discount, especially on expensive units 
    (bombers, Bships) can turn the tides of a long, drawn out war.  COP-wise, his 
    COPs just make him even "richer".  Bombers, battleships, Ntanks, at prices 
    cheaper than another standard CO's MDtank?  That's wicked!  Of course, the more 
    bases there are, the more you'll be able to exploit this power.  Making a 
    "victory fleet" of Ntanks and rockets can quell even the most stubborn of enemy 
    forces.  If there aren't a lot of bases, then there's always his SCOP.  An 
    excellent tactical advantage to have in the ways of deploying powerful tire 
    movement units past plains and woods, or getting the right units to the battle 
    front or to neutral cities 3 - 6 days sooner than your opponents would have 
    been ready for.  Perhaps best of all, this SCOP only costs an extra 2 stars 
    from his COP!  IMO, if Barter requires 3 stars, Merchant Union should've been 
    at a cost of at least 6 - 7 stars.  He's cheap, he's Hachi.  Go with it!
    -=-=-=-BLUE MOON-=-=-=-
    ***Olaf***   3/7
    -All units at +0 attack and defense
    -All units are unaffected by snow
    -All units follow the "regular snow" movement chart when raining
    COP:  Blizzard
    -All units receive +10% defense   1.1
    -All allied, non-Olaf COs are fully affected by Blizzard
    SCOP: Winter Fury
    -[Same attributes inherited]
    -Does +2 damage to all enemy troops
    -Damaging aspect won't affect allied units
    -Can't kill units
    COP Quotes:
    "Blue Moon is indestructible!"
    "Ho ho ho.  Do you think your pitiful troops can stand the cold?"
    "Neither man nor machine can withstand the fury of nature!"
    "You're going to regret challenging me!"
    "Let the winds of war bring snow!"
    "You've got courage to face me, I'll give you that much!"
    War Room Quote:
    "Olaf's troops know no match!"
    Differences from the first AW:
    -All units now receive no attack bonus from Blizzard
    -His blizzard and Winter Fury (as well as snow in general) now have lower 
    movement costs over woods terrain
    Minus the COPs, Olaf is another Andy clone (gameplay-wise that is....) but with 
    different weather preferences.  It's nice to get no weaknesses in the more 
    crippling snow weather, but then that had to be balanced out by giving him 
    'normal CO' snow weaknesses for when he's in rain.  Still works out though, as 
    he still has Andy's lack of weaknesses, but is normal in 2 out of the 3 weather 
    conditions.  His COPs on the other hand, work much differently.  Instead 
    helping out by improving his own units, he directly hinders/damages enemy units 
    (and maybe even allies in the process) and unlike Andy's COP which lasts for 
    more than 1 turn, the usefulness of Olaf's will largely depend on the map 
    you're playing (and of course whether or not he's Olaf as well).  Any map with 
    ALOT of roads, bridges, and properties along with no air or naval maneuvers (or 
    no special need of them) will make this COP as useless as, well, Sonja's COP.  
    However, if this isn't the case, then this can be VERY disruptive to your 
    opponent.  On air maps, many players (including yours truly) will make extended 
    use of bombers and Tcopters for transport.  For naval maps, landers play an 
    essential role in getting all types of attack units to islands under the escort 
    of Bships.  On ground, various tanks, APCs, ... well you get the picture.  The 
    point is that the difference between victory and defeat in Turn Based 
    Strategies is often a matter of "getting the right units to the right place on 
    time".  With snow slowing down your enemy on all three modes of his military, 
    this gives you perhaps one of the most overlooked commodities:  time.  This is 
    just as difficult if not more difficult to counter than the other conventional 
    COPs, as to do so requires advance planning.  Being able to secure a batch of 
    captured properties because his reinforcements weren't able to get there in 
    time is but one shining example of this CO ability.
    ***Grit***   3/6
    -All indirect units receive +1 maximum range
    -All indirect units receive +20% attack bonus
    -All direct units receive -20% attack penalty
    COP:  Snipe Attack
    -All indirect units receive +1 maximum range   +2
    -All indirect units receive +30% attack bonus   1.5
    -All units receive +10% defense bonus   1.1
    SCOP: Super Snipe
    -All indirect units receive +2 maximum range   +3
    -All indirect units receive +30% attack bonus   1.5
    -All units receive +10% defense bonus   1.1
    COP Quotes:
    "Don't get me all riled up!  I wanna take things nice and slow"
    "Once you're in my sights, there's no gettin' away!"
    "Reckon it's time to take you down!"
    "No need for all the fuss.  Just calm yourself down!"
    "You can run, but you can't hide!"
    "Where's the fool who wants to help me with target practice?"
    War Room Quote:
    "Not bad, y'all!  Don't be a sore loser!"
    Differences from the first AW:
    -All indirect units +0 attack now raised up to +20% bonus
    -All soldiers now have normal attack ratings (from -20% to +0)
    -Indirect units +2 maximum range is now toned down to +1 for Snipe Attack
    -All indirect units +64% attack bonus toned down to +30% for Snipe Attack
    Grit da man.  At least I like him much better from the first AW.  While his COP 
    got quite a downgrade, especially in the power department, I feel this was SO 
    rightly justified in keeping his COP from totally dominating everyone else 
    (+64% AND 6 - 9 max range?).  His soldiers are now on par with those of many 
    other COs and his improved power for his innate skills will help out overcoming 
    his weakness with direct units.  As many of you who played AW already know, 
    good distance and low maneuverability for the enemy are Grit's friends.  The 
    former establishes a nice "no man's land" with his more powerful and more 
    further reaching indirects, thus allowing you to take out more of his units 
    first before his units (direct and indirect) can assault yours.  The latter, in 
    the form of chokepoints to minimize the number of enemy direct units that can 
    attack at one time or fields of plains and woods to slow down both direct and 
    indirect units from again making the first strike is something that many Grit 
    players have done and enjoy.  In more open areas, you'll want some decent 
    roadblocks or "meatshields" to keep enemy tanks and air from coming in and 
    tearing apart his indirects.  Doing this while "leap frogging" your indirect 
    units forward is a good tactic to move forward while putting the pressure on 
    your opponent.  Although he ain't helpless without indirects, you certainly 
    wouldn't want to be without them if you can help it.  Another thing, while his 
    rockets do rock, do make it a point to utilize his artillery.  With the extra 
    range and firepower from Grit, you could almost think of them as cheaper, more 
    mobile rockets.  This is compared to a normal CO's rocket.  It's got as much 
    power if not more compared to a normal CO's rockets, almost the same range, but 
    less than half the cost and twice the movement across plains and woods. Back to 
    his COPs, only a difference of +1 range is offered for twice as many stars.  
    Even though this extra +1 range can put the hurt on some really faraway enemy 
    units, I'd rather be able to re-use his COP again quicker as just the +1 range 
    from that is usually sufficient to get the job done.
    ***Colin***   2/6
    -All units and their repairs cost 80% of original price
    -All units receive -10% attack penalty
    COP:  Gold Rush
    -Current funds is increased by a factor of x1.5
    -All units receive +10% defense bonus
    SCOP: Power of Money
    -All units receive an attack bonus indicated by the formula below:
    (Current damage without SCOP / 30) * (total money / 1000) = added bonus damage
    Current damage without SCOP + added bonus damage = total damage
    >>From what I can tell, this is correct within 3% accuracy.
    -All units receive +10% defense bonus
    COP Quotes:
    "Let me show you the power of money!"
    "When the time comes, I do my duty!"
    "Money buys power!!!"
    "This is not a drill... I won't give up so easily!"
    "People of Blue Moon!  I need your help!"
    "Don't underestimate me because I'm new!"
    War Room Quote:
    "Whew... I won! I really won!"
    Differences from the first AW:
    Speaking strictly in terms of innate skill level, he's very similar to Hachi, 
    only that his wares are even cheaper but are slightly weaker in attack power, 
    but not that much.  Are his tradeoffs worse than Hachi's?  Hard to say.  I've 
    seen experienced players pull off Colin and Hachi with good results, so it is, 
    for one thing, a matter of good planning.  Another of course is to exploit that 
    "more inexpensive" deployment cost advantage.  Over all normal COs, an extra 
    $500 or so may not seem like much, and it really isn't in small numbers.  Get 
    to his power units (bombers, Bships, Ntanks) and you'll be saving $4400 - $5600 
    per unit.  On low resource maps or in tight matches, that could be all you need 
    to pump out more units than your opponent.  Ideally, you'll want to outnumber 
    your opponent's firepower, not necessarily 2:1, as that would be difficult 
    under many circumstances.  Instead, try to opt for something in the likes of 
    3:2, or just build better quality than he does.  If you see MDtanks coming your 
    way, then for $1760 more per each of his MDtank, you can get Ntanks.  90% 
    attack on "higher tiered" and power units is still a force to be reckoned with.  
    Just remember, he may have normal defense, but a 10% firepower penalty will 
    take its toll over time, so keep pumping fresh units into the frontline.  
    With his COP, there IS a rare occasion where you may want to use AFTER you've 
    made all your moves, or at least all your unit joins and get some money back, 
    but that's really practical only if a good number of expensive units are 
    joined.  Even so, regular joins is something that isn't really recommended 
    anyways in both AW and AW2, so while this does get you some instant dough, to 
    build whatever you need Today, only consider this (or both of the maneuvers) if 
    you're Really desperate.  Finally, we have his SCOP.  Where as his COP is used 
    to get money, his SCOP is used to turn whatever money he has into benefits.  
    Since most people who use COPs in general will want to be able to finish off 
    full health units in one hit, or at the very least, severely damage them, 
    here's my general guidelines to getting the most out of Colin's SCOP:
    Regardless of either of your health levels...
    >>if your unit does about x damage to some enemy unit   
             | you'll want around least |
             |                          | to be able to (vs. a full health unit)...
    20%        $50k - $70k                hurt him some more
    20%        $100k                      almost kill it
    20%        $120k                      finish it off
    30%        $30k - $40k                hurt him some more
    30%        $60k                       almost kill it
    30%        $70k                       finish it off
    40%        $30k                       almost kill it
    40%        $45k                       finish it off
    50%        $20k - $25k                almost kill it
    50%        $30k                       finish it off
    60%        $15k                       almost kill it
    60%        $20k                       finish it off
    80%        $5k                        almost kill it
    80%        $10k                       finish it off
    Either COP you decide to use, remember that they both operate on multiplying 
    factors, so you'll be able to get better results out of both of them as your 
    money goes up.  Of course for the COP, you need to USE it to get money and for 
    the SCOP, you'll probably want use the SCOP so that you can attack with the 
    bonus damage and then build More units without having to lower your attack 
    bonuses, the idea is to strike a balance between the two.  Use the above table 
    to help you determine when using SCOP would be good.  If you can't even meet 
    the minimum money requirements, don't bother wasting your SCOP, as the damage 
    levels will be pathetic.  If you are waiting to save up money to really cut 
    loose on his SCOP, one thing you could do is to invoke his COP to let That 
    extra money go into your SCOP attack bonus on your next turn or two.
    -=-=-=-YELLOW COMET-=-=-=-
    ***Kanbei***   4/7
    COP Quotes:
    "I do not worry about that which MIGHT happen!"
    "Who shall taste my wrath?"
    "Prepare yourself! Kanbei is here!"
    "Your numbers mean nothing!  Nothing can stop me!"
    "My mind is honed for battle.  That is the essence of a samurai!"
    "You fought admirably, my foe!  Allow me to show you my strength!"
    ***Sensei***   2/6
    COP Quotes:
    "Nothing good ever comes from war... when this is done, let's go home."
    "You put up a good fight, but this is the end!"
    "I've still got what it takes to defeat you youngsters!"
    "Ha ha hah!  This will be a crushing victory!"
    "See what experience can do for you!?"
    "Paratroopers! Prepare to jump!"
    ***Sonja***   3/5
    COP Quotes:
    "I see right through your plans!"
    "Now you're gonna get it!"
    "Father, Sensei, citizens of Yellow Comet! Lend me your strength!"
    "I'll show you there's more to combat than power alone!"
    "Watch me, and learn!"
    "Number of enemy troops...location... Got it! This is so easy!"
    -=-=-=-GREEN EARTH-=-=-=-
    ***Eagle***   3/9
    COP Quotes:
    "All units, ready for attack! Don't even give them time for regret!"
    "Do you think you can keep up?"
    "Heh Heh... Impressive! You had almost overtaken me. Almost!"
    "The Eagle soars above you!"
    "I have no interest in underlings. Begone!"
    "Speed is the lifeblood of battle!"
    ***Drake***   4/7
    COP Quotes:
    "I'm a nautical know-it-all!"
    "Panic is for landlubbers!"
    "Prepare to be washed away!"
    "Anchors aweigh!"
    "Time to show you how we do things at sea!"
    "Wave good-bye to your troops!"
    ***Jess***   3/6
    COP Quotes:
    "Battle should never be taken lightly. I always give 100%! Always!!!"
    "It's simply a matter of being the best!"
    "I'll survive this battle, too! Believe me!"
    "All at once now! Press on!"
    "I won't let this chance pass me by!"
    "You're a formidable opponent, but that doesn't mean I'll lose!"
    -=-=-=-BLACK HOLE-=-=-=-
    ***Flak***   3/6
    COP Quotes:
    "Try this on for size!"
    "Grrrrrraaaaaaa!  I'm outta control!"
    "Stay outta my way!"
    "Why think when you can fight!?"
    "I'm gonna smash you good!"
    "Crushing stuff's what I do best! You got a problem with that?!?"
    ***Lash***   4/7
    COP Quotes:
    "Ooh!  You're so annoying!  I'm gonna have to get rid of you now!"
    "You're no fun... I don't like you at all!"
    "I've had enough!  I'm bored now!"
    "Can you survive my attack?"
    "You want to match wits with me? You're so silly!"
    "Tee hee! C'mon! Let's play!"
    ***Adder***   2/5
    COP Quotes:
    "He he he...  kneel before Adder!"
    "A battle with me is a greater honor than you deserve!"
    "Heh heh heh... it only hurts for a moment."
    "The look of terror on your face... It's absolutely delicious."
    "Heh heh heh... I'm going to enjoy breaking you!"
    "Heh heh heh... Can't a guy have a little fun!?"
    ***Hawke***   5/9
    COP Quotes:
    "Impressive... I will remember your skill!"
    "Victory goes to the better combatant. It's a simple truth."
    "This is the end."
    "To be defeated is to lose everything. Are you prepared for that outcome?"
    "I give you credit for pushing me this far."
    ***Sturm***   0/10
    COP Quotes:
    "Prepare to embrace darkness!"
    "You will tremble before my power!"
    "Fear is all you have left..."
    "You shall not survive!"
    "Burning earth!!!"
    "Such power... I regret crushing it."
    -=-=-=-ADVANCE WARS 2 CO Campaign level quotes-=-=-=-
    L1 Cleanup: ANDY "That's just a taste of my skill!"
    L2 Border Skirmish: SAMI "That big thug! Next time he won't get away!"
    L3 Orange Dawn: MAX "Flak, huh? Dumb name, tough CO."
    L4 Andy's Time: ANDY "I did it! Did you see that!?"
    L5 Flak Attack: MAX "As long as I'm here, Orange Star is safe!"
    L6 Lash Out: SAMI "Lash... She's going to be a handful."
    L7 Test of Time: ANDY "I can't wait to try out a neotank!"
    L8 Liberation: ANDY "Wahoo! I beat the bad guys!"
                   MAX "Take that! Orange Star is free!!!"
                   SAMI "Whew... I wonder how our allies are doing."
    Hard Campaign level quotes:
    L5 Sea for All: ANDY "That creep! Next time I see him, he's in trouble!"
    L6 POW Rescue: MAX "Ha! It'll take more than that to beat me!"
    L7 Mountain Ops: SAMI "This is just the beginning!"
    L9  Toy Box: OLAF "I'll continue fighting until my country is restored!"
    L10 Neotanks!?: GRIT "This ain't for show."
    L11 Reclamation: COLIN "This is just the beginning!"
    L12 Neotanks!?: COLIN "The new weapon plans!  We really got them!"
                    GRIT "Well now... This should make things easier."
                    OLAF "With this new weapon, no one's a match for us!"
    L13 T Minus 15:  10 "OLAF I won! ...That is...we won!"
    L14 Nature Walk: GRIT "I hope they don't come any tougher'n that"
    L15 Two-Week Test: COLIN "I'll continue to do my best!"
    L16 Factory Blues: OLAF "Glory to Blue Moon!"
                       GRIT "Maybe now i can get some shut-eye."
                       COLIN "I only won because of everyone's help!"
    L17 Silo Scramble: 23 93s  "KANBEI Raise your voices in victory!"
    L18 Sensei's Return: SENSEI "Ho ho! Guess that's that."
    L19 Show Stopper: SONJA "Perfect planning wins the day!"
    L20 Sea of Hope: KANBEI "Kanbei's army grows mightier with every day!"
                     SONJA "We can't afford to take Black Hole lightly."
                     SENSEI "A new type of tank... Glad we got those plans."
    L21 A Mirror Darkly: SONJA "I never lose, Lash"
    L22 Duty and Honor:  KANBEI "No enemy can stand before Kanbei!"
    L23 Foul Play: SENSEI "Ah, time for a nap."
    L24 The Hunt's End: KANBEI "Splendid! Kanbei is pleased!"
                        SONJA "And so, peace returns to Yellow Comet."
                        SENSEI "Now we can take things nice and slow again..."
    L25 Sea Fortress: EAGLE "There is no one who can defeat us."
    L26 Drake's Dilemma: DRAKE "That was some rough sailing!"
    L27 Sinking Feeling: JESS "This should make things a little easier for us."
    L28 Danger x 9: EAGLE "These tanks will cement our victory."
                    DRAKE "With these new tanks, nothing scares me."
                    JESS "I'll be happy if these help save allied lives."
    L29 Navy vs. Air: DRAKE "Blow me down... we finally won."
    L30 Rain of Fire:  JESS "Looks like I survived another day."
    L31 To the Rescue: EAGLE "I will not permit the enemy a moment's rest!"
    L32 Great Sea Battle: EAGLE "Next is the enemy Citadel."
                          DRAKE "We did it! Green Earth is free!"
                          JESS "We made it... I'm glad that's done."
    L33 Hot Pursuit: ANDY "I'll win next time, too!"
                     MAX "Ha ha ha... Piece of cake!"
                     SAMI "Next time's for real. I won't lose focus."
                     OLAF "We do not know what it means to lose!"
                     GRIT "Yaaaawn... My, oh my. One more nut to crack."
                     COLIN "I'll do my best next time, too!"
                     KANBEI "My blade is eager for the next challenge!"
                     SONJA "Our enemy is tough, but we won't lose!"
                     SENSEI "My chute's all packed for the final jump!"
                     EAGLE "This is the beginning of the end."
                     DRAKE "I'm just glad I survived that..."
                     JESS "For our troops' sake, we must end this!"
    L34 Final Front: ANDY "I'll never lose to the likes of Sturm!"
                     MAX "He can keep trying, but he'll never beat us!"
                     SAMI "That just about wraps things up."
                     OLAF "In the end, Olaf stands victorious!"
                     GRIT "I sure hope this really is the end."
                     COLIN "Now that was a learning experience."
                     KANBEI "A long and difficult war it was."
                     SONJA "Now we rebuild the continent!"
                     SENSEI "Old soldiers don't die. They fade away. Bye!"
                     EAGLE "We're the best. No one can defeat us."
                     DRAKE "Smooth sailing at last. It's over."
                     JESS "I can finally send my troops home."
    -=-=-=-Final Notes-=-=-=-
    My thanks to:
    Nintendo - for all the neat stuff they made during my childhood and up to now
    Family and friends - no explanation needed here
    The Advance Wars 2 message board - for all those tidbits of info that helped me 
    create this FAQ.
    Readers - for supporting this FAQ
    Contributors - for their free FAQs that created the gamefaqs and online FAQs 
    community that it is today.
    The only sites that can host this guide are:
    - GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com>
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